Grey's Anatomy (2005–…): Season 13, Episode 19 - What's Inside - full transcript

When Maggie takes on a big case, many of the doctors are worried she's not the right one for the job; Stephanie makes the mistake of treating one of Grey Sloan's own.

Curiosity killed the cat.

It also killed
a lot of ancient Greeks,

when Pandora
had to open that box

so Maggie could do this.

I mean, what does she get
out of it?

Even when we're pretty sure
it'll be bad for us?

The time with the oxy binges.

You had a secret baby.

Like watching your father
get murdered when you're 5?

Or like watching your mother
bleed out on the kitchen floor.

We're more alike
than we realize.

Come on.
We don't want to be late.




Hey, you guys carpool.

Yeah, it's nice...
For the trees.

Brody, hold up.
Not that one.

Let's go to exam 4...
Bigger, more comfortable.

You don't have to do that.

Well, if I can't pull strings
for my friends, then...

Hon, take the upgrade.

How do you all know each other?

Uh, Owen rebuilt my hand.

He gave me a new leg
and saved my hip.

Not my spleen, though.
He threw that out.

Yeah. We, uh, spent time
together at the Va hospital.

Uh, and each other's weddings.

How is Amelia?

We keep missing her
whenever we're here.

Um, she's, uh...
She's good.

Yeah? You guys
knocked up yet?

Leo, you cannot just ask people
if they're knocked up.

What? I mean, he used to
ask us all the time.

Because we would tell him
we were trying all the time

until we finally did it.

How's the baby doing?

Dr. Robbins placed
a shunt last week

to help with the baby's heart.

Yeah, so she's gonna make sure
it's all working...

Fingers crossed.

Chief ortho resident
to the E.R.

Chief ortho resident
to the E.R.

She's at 29 weeks now?

I placed a pericardio-amniotic
shunt last week. All right.

So, as long as the tumor
doesn't grow too fast,

we can push surgery till
the baby's bigger...

I mean, ideally until
after she's born.

Yeah, fingers crossed.

It wasn't a carpool.


Me and Minnick in the car.

Oh, yeah, I...
I got that.

We're sort of just
keeping it to ourselves.

Well, I got that, too.

That's why I said
the dumb carpool thing.

Give you an out.

Yeah, it's just people are
so full of opinions about Eliza.

You and her is between is
between you and her. Yeah.

You know, people should keep
their opinions... whoa.

Damn it!

It's grown.

I mean, it's nearly twice
the size of the heart.

Yeah. The shunt's gonna be no
match for a teratoma that size.

So, yeah, no.
We have to operate today.

- Yeah.
- Hey.

Hey, you're back! How are you?

I'm good.

You know, as good as...

What are we looking at?

Riggs and I are excising a fetal
intrapericardial teratoma

for the first time, so...
Ooh, me!

This is exactly what I need.

It's perfect.
I want it.


No, I know.

I'm your boss,
but I can't just take it.

No, I'm taking it.
I need it.

I-I'm sorry.
You can watch.

Unless you have any objections.

Uh, it... it...
It's your first day back,

and I think that... and it's a
pretty big operation, Pierce.

Yeah, yeah, exactly.

So send me the chart.

Well, it was nice
almost working with you.

- Yeah, next time.
- Mm-hmm.

Uh, hey, general consult?

Abdominal pain, bed 3.

Good morning.

Cross, you can't sleep here.

I'm not sleeping.
I'm your patient.

For real?

For real?

As Dr. Minnick would say,
"this one's all yours, Edwards."


Anyway, so, I wasn't sure
if Maggie was okay,

but I think she's fine,

and if she's fine,

then it's okay
for me to go to dinner.

If Maggie's fine,
you get to eat?

Dinner with Riggs.

You know, I was holding off

because I didn't know
if she'd be okay,

but I think she's fine,

so I think it's fine
if I go to dinner.

Mm. With Riggs.

When did you become
a grumpy old man

who doesn't like people?

I like people.

I don't like Riggs.

If you want to go to dinner
with the guy, go to dinner.

If you don't, don't.

But otherwise, pick up the pace.

Why are we stapling these again?

Minnick's got me teaching
NICU procedures to interns,

so the sooner I start, the
sooner I can get out of here.

Did I say you can come in?

Go outside! Wait.

You are this close

to telling the kids
to get off your lawn.

Stop acting like
it's something new.


Once we access the
fetus, we'll excise the tumor,

giving your baby
instant cardiac relief.

We'll take your baby
out of the uterus,

but only partially.

We'll remove the tumor,

then tuck her back in, safe and sound.
We know.

Dr. Robbins
explained all this

when she diagnosed the tumor.

But we were hoping
the surgery could wait

until Jenna was further along.

I mean,
is she even strong enough?

Of course I am.

I meant the baby.

I'm afraid
we don't have a choice.

Without surgery,
the baby will only get sicker.

Jenna, they wouldn't do
the surgery unless they had to.

She has to fight
before she's even born.

I can't help her do it.

We can.

Dr. Pierce and I can.

Well, what? What?

I-I thought Dr. Riggs
was operating on the baby.

So did I.

Actually, Dr. Pierce
took over your case.

She's the chief of cardio.

Well, why
the switch-up?

Is this another upgrade?

It is. Yeah, you're being bumped
to first class.

I would take it.

Excuse me.


I know what you're gonna say.

This is Pierce's first day back.

She can't just swoop in here
and steal this surgery.

We all steal surgeries.

Riggs has followed this case.
He's studied the procedure.

They know him.
They trust him.

Okay, Owen, I'm not...

I'm sorry, but Riggs
is the better choice here.

Well, then why isn't he the one
who's doing our surgery?

Listen, Leo...

Owen, tell me.

So, Dr. Hunt told you what?

I was talking to Dr. Robbins,
and I raised a concern.

We are going to stick
with the original plan...

Have Dr. Riggs
do the surgery.

I'm sure that
you're a great doctor,

but this is just
too big of a deal.

I agree.

It is a very big deal.

I know that Dr. Hunt
is your friend...

Owen is like family.
Even better.

So as your family,
Dr. Hunt is looking out for you.

But you should know
that his concerns

have nothing to do
with my surgical skill, do they?

No, of course not.

He's worried about me
because my mom died recently,

and he is worried
that I won't be able

to work through my personal
pain to get the job done.

But I can,
or I wouldn't be here.

Owen, is...
Is that what it is?

I'm just... Concerned.

Well, so am I.

This is scary as hell,

which is why
I don't need a doctor

that has a happy
and perfect home life.

I just need her to be the best.

That's me.

That's why I am
the chief of my department.

And, frankly, my part of the
surgery is a walk in the park.

Your baby's mass
is easily extractable.

The truly risky part
of this surgery

is when Dr. Robbins
has to open you up

to get to your baby.

Wait, what?
Uh... no.

Leo, Dr. Robbins
is good.

She is, and I am not worried
about her skill,

and she is not worried
about mine.

So I just want you
to have the facts

before you choose.

You, please.

And Minnick and I are meeting

with the attendees next week

to review their
procedural checklists.

Oh, yes, let me see this.

Hey, I'm excited to see
where this goes.

And I'm excited to see you
and Minnick working together,

that the trouble's behind us.

Um sure...

For the most part.

"The most part"?
What's the other part?

Uh, you have yet to say it.

What have I yet to say?

That you were wrong.

That I was what?

Enjoy your day.

I'm recently divorced.



So it's new...
Me and Minnick.

Oh, right.

Well, like... like I said,
it's none of my business.

I'm just, ah...

I wasn't ready for it.
That's all I'm saying.

I mean, I wasn't trying to
make it happen.

I mean, I thought that it would
happen sometime, but not now.

No. I-i know the feeling.

I, uh... I lost my fiancée
years ago,

and I wasn't looking
for anything, either.

And you're right.

You know, it's a surprise
when it happens...

Doesn't matter
how long it's been.

So, you're seeing someone, too?

Uh, yeah. Mm-hmm.
Well, maybe.

I mean, we're...
We're trying.

I am, anyway.


We'll see if it goes anywhere.

Well, I hope so.

Keep me posted.

Wait, I'm keeping you posted?

This is happening.

We're now friends, so...
You know what?

You don't even need
to keep me posted.

I'll ask you.

Why do I get a peds gown?

It's what they brought.

Fatigue, night sweats.

Do you think
it could be Crohn's?

So far,
it sounds like menopause.

Nice ducks.

Why are you here?

I paged him

because one cure for internitis
is pure humiliation.


Yeah, it's a special variety
of hypochondria.

Uh, cross here
has abdominal pain,

and it is nothing,
but he thinks it's everything.

It could be something.

Cross... You're an intern.

You're trained to find
the rare, special case.

It is the goal,
it's the mother lode,

but this is not that.

You're just not that special.

What... what if I am?


All right.

Dr. Deluca, would you like
to do the rectal exam?

No, no. No.


Okay, well then,
you can observe.

Cross, roll over, baby.

I mean, so Maggie's doing
fetal surgery. So what?

I got next.

I mean, she's jumping back in.
What's the big deal?

Well, maybe Maggie
should Wade back in

with a, you know, a valve replacement,
or... oh, is Maggie back?

Huh. How's she doing?

She's fine.

You sure about that?
She's fine.

What do you think you're doing?

You can't cut.

- For half a Turkey sandwich?
- You may cut.

Oh, no.

Seriously, though,
you guys should not

try to tell Pierce when
and where she can operate.

I've made that mistake
with April.

I know, and I hate it,

but these are my friends,
and it's their first baby.

Is this Jenna and Leo?

Yeah. The tumor
is growing too fast.

The baby needs surgery.
Oh, my god.

Oh, they asked for you.

You should...
You should go see them.

Anyway, Maggie can do it.

I mean, she's buried
her grief in one place.

She goes and visits it,
brings it flowers,

and then she
goes about her business.

It's weird.
No, it's healthy.

I mean, Owen,
do you hear yourself?

Yeah, I know, but
it's risky for Maggie, too.

I mean, what if
something goes wrong

with this
high-risk fetal surgery?

She just lost her mother.

She doesn't need this, too.

It wouldn't hurt to check in.

We work through stuff.

I have operated
through a miscarriage.

That's not normal.

Okay. So we check in.

Hey, we heard.

Open fetal surgery.

Exciting, huh?

Yeah, I mean, that'll be

the tiniest heart
you've ever operated on.

It'll be the tiniest heart
I have ever operated on.

You guys talked to hunt, huh?

Yeah, we're just checking in.

I mean, it's a big operation.

A-a risky one.

I mean, it's an ambitious
first day back.

We want to make sure
you're okay.

Would you stop?

How is this supposed to
help me be okay?

How is this supposed to
help me go in there

and do the impossible?

Now's the part where you guys

are supposed to tell me
how awesome I am,

like I do for you all the time.

We're sorry.
You are awesome.

Okay, don't.
And I was having a great day.

I found a special surgery
that I was excited about,

that I knew I could excel at,

and I wasn't worried
for one second

about whether I'd be able
to perfect it...

Not for one second
until you guys got here,

and now I am a little worried,

so thank you for your support.

I don't understand why you just
can't say the words.

I was not wrong. You were.
Well, how was I wrong?

You refused to acknowledge
that I am the chief.

Bailey, I made you chief!


Look, I can't acknowledge it
any more than that.

You could treat me like
I'm the chief, but you don't.

Uh... you treat me
like I'm your kid

that you got a summer job for,

and then you watch me
and you wait for me to screw up

and shake your head and assume
that I'm still learning.

Well, you are!

You think you have
all the answers?

Well, it took me years.

Yeah, and it'll take me years,

but I have to cut the cord
in order to do it.

And I can't keep
running every decision

past gnarled old man wisdom!

Oh, that's how
you think of me, huh?


Cross would like me
to remind you

that he's allergic to
iodine dye.

I would like to remind you
that I am allergic to cross.

I'd like an MRI next.

Do you have any idea
how expensive that scan is?

I have Obamacare,
I have a year left,

and I'm us...

Look, an MRI wouldn't hurt.

It would hurt me,

because there's
zero indication he needs one.

mesenteric ischemia...

It could be that.

Do you smoke?

My grandmother did.

Secondhand exposure.


No, no, no, no, no. No.

What? Is it that bad?

Yes, diverticulitis.

Is not even that bad.

I know.

Except it is,

'cause now I have to live in
a world where cross was right.


You watching to see
if Pierce melts down?

No. I'm just interested.
It's a very rare surgery.

A tumor inside a fetus?

Inside a womb inside a woman...

Yeah, it's like a nesting doll.

It's like nesting dolls.

It's fascinating.

Why are you here?

Uh, yeah. Same.

Why so many people?

It's pretty rare.
It's fascinating.


She's gonna do fine.

Brody, next step?

You'll open the uterus
and exteriorize the baby.

Good. Then?

Dr. Pierce will perform
a fetal sternotomy,

then excise the tumor.

This is kind of
the point of no return.

Are you seriously asking me
if I'm okay?

We're about to take this child
from her safe, warm home.

She's leaving the mother ship
into cold, dark space,

and I want to know
that we can bring her back.

I want to know
that everything is okay.


It's just run-of-the-mill diverticulitis?
Not even Meckel's?

For my sake, but it's not.

And 2243's ICPs are coming down.

Okay. Keep me posted.

They are friends of yours,

Owen met them at the Va.

Jenna and Leo were
in the same unit in Afghanistan.

She literally dragged him
out of a collapsed building.

Yeah, and then they got married.

Then they got pregnant,

and then the kid has
a tumor in her heart.

I thought you had a TMR.

Yeah, I thought you had
a ventral hernia repair.

I did, and I pushed it.

Robbins has you on standby?
No, I wouldn't say that.


Dr. Pierce, you are up.



That's the teratoma?

- Yeah, it's a big one.
- It's a monster.

Let's slay a monster, then.



Monster slain.

3-0 PDS.

And now I'm just jealous.

The baby's getting bradycardic?

All right, Pierce.

Dr. Pierce?

Uh, she's decompensating.

Dr. Pierce,
what's your move here?

Dr. Pierce,
you need to do something.

Dr. Pierce!

There's nothing
that needs to be done.

All right,
push 10 cc of saline now!

Why isn't she moving?
Come on. Is she freezing?

- No.
- She can't.


Come on, Maggie. Move.

The baby's
heart rate's dropping.

Well, go down there
and do something.


Just wait.

All right,
0.1 of atropine.

Don't push that iv.

All right, what's your plan
here, Pierce?

Do something!

I'm not asking, Pierce!

I hear you.

My plan is to give her a minute.

She just lost something huge,

something that has been
with her since day one.

Her heart just needs
to learn how to beat

without that extra load.

She just needs
a little time to adjust.

Heart rate's going back up.

Okay, little one, let's...
Let's get you closed up.

3-0 PDS again.

Pierce doesn't need backup.

He's actually not so bad
when he's quiet.


Lap pad.

Moving the bowel.

Wait. What are...

What are all these...

Huh. Has cross
traveled recently?

No idea. Why?

Because it would appear that
he has abdominal tuberculosis.

So, we just opened
a big box of Tb?

Wait... TB's transmitted
through the air.

Should we close?

Well, I've already been exposed.
I have the antibodies.

Also, I'm not a gutless wuss.

So, pick up some Metz.

I don't have
the antibodies. Do you?

Tb can kill you.
Cross may have killed us?

You're not gonna die

from someone else's
abdominal tuberculosis.

I mean, there's
a remote possibility,

but it's not
gonna kill you right now.

Right now, you get to fix
someone's Tb.

Isn't that worth it?

I'm sweating.
Are you sweating?

No. Stop it.

Are they sealing off the exits?

Okay. Never mind.
Go away, both of you.

Someone page Dr. Warren.

Laparotomy closed.

Fetus and baby stable.

Nice work, Dr. Brody.

And welcome back,
Dr. Pierce.


Tonight. Sabrina's restaurant.

Let's go have a drink
and have a conversation.

Like a date?
No, it's not a date.

It's two people hanging out
to see if we enjoy hanging out

before I tell Maggie.

Oh, so when it goes well,
then you'll tell Maggie.

It could either way.

We could end up
hating each other,

and then there would be
nothing to tell.

You don't hate me.
I could hate you.

I have before.


It's a date.
It's not a date.

Kepner, start talking.

AFB stain came back...
Cross definitely has Tb.

How did he get Tb?

Uh, where are your residents?

Kicked 'em out
for being annoying.

Plus, I figured the fewer people
in here, the better.


You good to finish and close?


All right, so what do we do now?

D-does cross
get quarantined?

No. That's pulmonary Tb.

Well, he's been walking around,
treating patients

while he's had Tb.

Yeah, there's protocol
for all that.

And what's the protocol?


It's protocol, all right?
Just simmer down.

I'd like to know what it is.

I don't remember.

I'm trying to remember
what the protocol is,

and if you stop
with the questions,

I might remember it.

You're sure there is a protocol?

- I mean...
- J... stop.

Oh, there's a protocol.

Oh, hey, don't mind me.

I'm sure you have
all the answers.

I'll just be over here,
all gnarled up.

Do you know what
the Tb protocol is?

Well, in fact, I do.

Would you like me to tell you
what it is?

Yes. The...
The answer is y...

What... what is happening
right now?!

I feel like I need 10 showers.

It's Tb.
It's not gonna just wash off.

What is happening?
Are we being quarantined?

Are they gonna stick us
in a bubble room?

No, that's not happening.

Oh, I think it's happening.


No! No quarantine!

No, not you... the O.R.

No one new's coming in
until it gets fumigated.

Okay, well, what happens
with patient zero in there?

He gets heavy antibiotics
in an isolation recovery room,

and you two
get to go get PPD tests.

I'm gonna kill cross.

Oh, hey, hey.
Not so close, not so... easy.


That was something to watch.

And defied
all your expectations.

Come on. Nobody thought
you couldn't do it.

You just said I couldn't
all day.

Maggie, I think people
were just surprised,

you know,
that you were doing so well.

I'm not doing well.

I'm doing my job.

I... I feel awful.

But... I'm...
I am doing my job

while everyone is staring

and telling me
that I am not up for it.

I am doing my job because
that is what we all do, right?



When someone comes to us
for help,

we find a way,
we figure it out...

How to help them.

We don't give up.

We don't tell them that
there's nothing left to do.

Maggie, look...

So, why couldn't you
do your job?

My mother came to you for help,

and you said
that you would help her.

That is the job.

S-so why the hell
couldn't you do it?


Cross. Hey.


- Hey, cross.
- Hey.

Am I dead?

If you were dead,
I wouldn't be visiting.

Hey, have you left
the country recently?

Uh... Just a Baja cruise
with my mom.


Oh, and India
for a month volunteering.

Nobody noticed I was gone?

You got Tb, pal.



Wait. You fixed me, right?

Well, Dr. Kepner did.

Listen, I just wanted
to apologize

for giving you
a hard time earlier

and for sticking you
in a duck gown.

You're really sexy...

and pretty and smart.

W-w-wait... don't tell
Dr. Wilson I said that.

She and I have a little thing.

Goodbye, cross.

Enjoy your isolation room,

Thanks, buddy.

I just don't understand
that stubborn, stubborn man.

Everyone's getting along,
and he just wants to bicker.

It's like he enjoys
pressing my buttons.

It's like he likes to fight.


Hu... what?
Do you think he's right?

Uh, no.


But have you considered
that he might just be lonely?

No. I had not.

You do me.

So, we got to wait
another eight weeks

and then inject ourselves again

just to see if cross gave us Tb?

I mean, are you sure
we don't just hit ourselves

with a dose of rifampin
and get ahead of it?

Ah, it doesn't work that way,
I'm afraid.

And you know this.

You're a doctor... ish.

Ohh. Thank you.

That's a good catch today,

You know, undiagnosed,

cross' Tb would have
only gotten worse with time.

Yeah, I didn't catch it.
Cross did.

Well, how is that?

I thought it was internitis.

I made up my mind about it

before I even took
his temperature.

Well, it was still
a good outcome.

Yeah, despite me.

I was an obstruction
to his care today.

Cross advocated for himself,

and I just dismissed it

just like those doctors
used to do to me

when I was a little kid.

How did I get like this?

Edwards, there isn't a doctor
in this hospital

who hasn't found themselves
making the same mistake.

You were wrong today,
but you were able to admit it,

and you'll learn from it.

And, you know,
it's admirable quality.

Not everyone can do that.

You never went
to see Jenna and Leo?


They'd like to see you.
You don't have five minutes?

They're your friends, Owen,

from... Before.

They're your friends.


Hey, you saved a family today.

I did.

Well, things are
looking up for me, too.

I got a date tonight.

Is it someone in the hospital?

I didn't say that.

Your face did.
Who is it?

I'm not gonna say.

If she wants to, she can,
but it seems like she doesn't,

so I won't.

Mm. Noble.

Is it Kepner?

Is it Edwards?
Reaves? Wilson?

Is it hunt?
It's not...

Is it hunt?

Yeah... no. No.
My, god. Okay.

Um, Bailey?

Nope, she's married.

Yeah, the heart wants
what the heart wants.

All right, moving on...
Um, Shepherd?


V... your face
twitched at "Grey."

I did not twitch.

Is it Grey?
Is it Meredith Grey?

I never said that.
Oh, my god!

I mean, I understand why
you're into her.

She's hot.

Wait. She likes you?

What? Okay, I'm gonna try
not to be offended at that.

No, no, no, no. No.
It's just that Derek w...

Derek was epic for her.

They were the great love story.

I mean, that girl's heart beat

For Derek Shepherd.

It's just...
It never occurred to me

that she would ever be
with anyone else.

He was perfect.
He was everything.

I mean, that man
turned her world.


I spooked you.

Don't be spooked.

No. Don't be spooked.

Do not be spooked, okay?

This... this is good.

This is good,
because you know what?

Love is good, right?


Don't you look nice?

The babysitter is upstairs.
I'm going out.

Out? "Out" sounds like a date.
Out where?

I am going out.

And that is
a date-worthy outfit.

Who's your date with, Mer?

Okay. You're okay.

I want my mom.

I don't know what to...
What to do now.

I d...

What do I do?

It's okay.


I can't go.
Okay. Why not?

Because Maggie
came home from work early,

and she's very upset.

Oh, I thought
she was doing fine.

No, she's not fine.
She's a mess.

Can we reschedule?

I have... you can't be here.

Oh, come on.

"Come on"? Okay, you weren't
supposed to hear that.

Her mother just died.
I know.

But, come on, you and I both
know how grief comes and goes.

Look, Pierce will be
going through this

the rest of her life.

Look, I know you think
she needs backup,

but she can handle herself.

I have people to take care of,
and you are not one of them.

Get up.

What is happening?

Come on. Get up.

Come on.
We're dancing it out.

Oh, god. Really?
Yes, really.

It's this or cry.
Come on. Get up.

Oh, there she is...
The woman who knows everything.

I'm willing to admit
I was wrong...

Oh, really?

Under two conditions.

Name 'em.

One I'm willing to admit this

over dinner tonight

while we iron out
all of our differences

and move past this.

I could do that.

And, two, you also have to admit
you are wrong.

Well, how am I wrong?

Are you back home
with your wife?

Yeah, I didn't think so.

you have your work wife back...

Now get your real wife back.

I am not wrong.

Well, then, you buying dinner.


I don't want to... Talk

or discuss or dance or whatever.

Okay. Um, how about Diane's
medical records?

Your mom knew she was sick.

She knew even before I did.

By the time she came to me,
these were her charts.

All of this?

She was pretending that

she didn't know
she was sick, Maggie.

She lied to both of us.

She didn't want it to be true.

She thought
her doctors were wrong.

Yeah, I think you're right.

Oh, there's more. Uh.

How could
there possibly be more?

When did she do all of this?

After she found out
how sick she was.


My mother is afraid of heights.

she's insane.

She gave these to you?

She didn't come to see me
because I was the best...

She came here because she knew
that she was dying.

And you and I...
We're kind of like family.

She figured I would
do my best to take care of you,

she asked me to hold on to those

I think you needed them.

Put yourself in Pandora's shoes.

She's given a gift...

filled with things
she never even knew existed.

Of course she opened it.

Wouldn't you?

What are you looking for?

It's right here.

Well, damn.

13 seasons

of fun.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

13 seasons of drama.

This act

was a felony.

It was nice knowing you.

Shut up.

13 seasons of twisty turns...

It's bad.

You're falling for me.

I slept with him.

Like only "Grey's" can deliver.

Damn right.

"Grey's anatomy."

Thursdays on ABC.


You've each been chosen for my
very first criminal-law clinic.

In here,
you're not just students

but actual practicing lawyers.

You finally get to be me.

Thursdays on ABC...

At least they chose
a good photo.

Brace yourself for a mystery
so killer...

This could destroy us all.

Not everyone is gonna
make it out alive.


"How to get away with murder."

Thursdays, 10:00, 9:00 central

on ABC.