Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 15 - A Dark Knight: The Sinking Ship the Grand Applause - full transcript

Bullock and Gordon try to track down someone who is key in Sofia's control over Gotham. Meanwhile, Penguin, Lee and Nygma enlist an unlikely ally as they seek revenge, and Selina asks Bruce...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

I'm arresting you for the
murder of the boy you blew up

under the Crown Point Bridge.

You blew that kid sky-high.

You are lying.

You are a lying traitor!

I need you at the head of the GCPD.

Let them think you're a hero.

I screwed up, Harv.

Sofia hired the Pyg,

and I covered it up.

We all have to make sacrifices.

Thought it was all about family.

Never said it was a happy family.

My friend thinks we're here to rob you,

but I know you

torture plants in the name of science,

Roland Charles.

Lee Thompkins may have made Ed strong,

but I see the other you.

The Riddler.

I'm back.

What's that smell?

Uncle Penguin sent me to get you.

Come on, let's get ice cream.

The Narrows is under new management.

The Narrows is Sampson's turf.

And Sampson...

well, collects protection.

And people need to find out

what happens when you don't pay.

Please, my family.

Do I look like an animal to you?

I wouldn't hurt your family.

Unless they don't pay me.

Before Don Falcone died,

he warned me I had no idea

what I brought to the city.

I now know he was talking about the Pyg.

Somebody must have told him.

My guess, that person has evidence

that links Sofia to the Pyg's murders.

Why not come forward with what you know?

It has to be more than
just my word against hers.

Or are you afraid the truth
is gonna drag you down, too?

Harvey, we've been over this.

- When did you know? - ?I swear,

I had no idea until after it was too late.

And you can be pissed,

but this is bigger than both of us.

I need to know I can count on you.

Yeah, Jim.

I'll help you take down Sofia.

But then you're gonna have
to pay for what you done.

I personally guarantee it.

I know an ex-Falcone assassin.

Might have beans to spill.

Went by the name of Scandinavian Skinner.

Sit tight.

I have history with the Skinner.

You know you have, like,
no food in here, right?


What are you doing here?

What's-what's wrong?

Why does something have to
be wrong for me to come by?


I need help.

You mean money.

I stole something, fenced it,

and now I want to get it back,

and I'd steal it, but
the fence is difficult,

so I need money.

Why don't you just ask
Barbara Kean for the money?

'Cause I don't want to get her involved.

Look, I'll-I'll pay you back. I just...
I don't have time,

because if the fence sells
what I gave them...

But you still haven't told me
why you want to give it back.

Because it's what I stole
from Roland Charles.


Wayne scientist...

That Ivy killed.

I didn't know she was gonna do that, Bruce.

And I-I just...

You feel bad.

Look, if you don't want to help me,

then I'll just find another way.

Let me get some cash.

There's oatmeal raisin
cookies in the blue tin.

Why are you dragging me here?


Guy called, wanted me
to give you a message.


"I could lend you a hand, but
you won't find me helpful.

My name may sound tasty, but
the flavor is dreadful."

Is it "Knuckle sandwich"?



Hello, Agnes.

Or should I say the Skinner?

Detective Bullock.

I don't go by that name anymore.

I'm retired.

You kids, don't spoil your dinner.

Okay, Grandma.

I'm looking for someone

who might have been Don
Falcone's eyes and ears

when he was down south.

Why would I tell you that?

Because we have history.

That history got me four
years in the Gulag.

Either you help me,

or I tell your beautiful
grandchildren how their meemaw

used to skin people alive.

I wonder if they come
in double chocolate...

Hey, kids, you want to
hear a really funny story?

All right.

It's-it's all right.

Never mind.

Falcone only really trusted the bookkeeper.

The one who always smelled of fish.

Mr. Penn?

Yeah. Penn.

But good luck finding him.

I heard he vanished.

How is Martin gone?

Never mind.

Penguin is coming.

Go to Arkham and kill him now.


Oh, by the way,

a buddy of mine just got
out of the hospital

is looking for work.

You mind if he tags along?


Just make sure Penguin dies
choking on his own blood.

Why is Cobblepot in the infirmary?

Heard he mouthed off to a guard.

Then slipped and hit his head.


This is a surprise.

Hey, Oswald.

Good to see you, too.

I just had a few questions about

about a former employee of yours.

They got guns!

Open that door!

Get out of the way.

Clear out!

Move, move, move!

You two!

Don't come any closer.


Dude, I thought you stopped being a cop.

Guess it didn't take, huh?

Not so much.

You remember Wendell, don't you?


I don't know why you two are here,

and I don't care!

Walk away.


I'm afraid we can't do that.

We're not leaving here without the Penguin.

Harvey, do yourself a favor.

Give us Penguin, and...

live to get drunk another day, hmm?

As tempting as that sounds, no.

Let's go, let's go.

It's okay.

We'll come back.

He's escaped!

Oswald Cobblepot has escaped!



You're just... different.

Different how?

You were a complete douche
bag to me at the club.

And now... you're not.

Listen, Selina, about that night...

Oh, no, you're not gonna try
to apologize to me, are you?

No, I just wanted to say...

Save it.

Because you're probably gonna be
a douche bag to me later anyway.

Missed you, too.

Kitty cat.

Back so soon?

'Sup, Floyd?

I'm gonna need that stuff I
brought to you the other day.

You mean this stuff?

The stuff you tried to break
in and steal last night?

You think I wouldn't check the camera?


You remember what I said
about being a douche bag?

I'll pay double what you gave me.

This your bank?

How about I take the money...

...and I keep your stuff?

Next time...

...take the deal. ‭

Got it.

I knew that as soon as I rescued Martin

that she'd send her hit men.

How is Martin?

Snug as a bug in a rug.

Here, will you hold this?

So, do you want to know how I found him?

So, it turns out, Zsasz--
huge fan of the disco.

So, I dress up as an old Polish woman...

Perhaps another time.

Now that Martin is safe, we
need to focus on killing Sofia.

- We need a power base. - ‭I know.

That's why we're here.


Ed. You're back.

How are you doing?

Worlds better, honestly. Thank you.


Oh, no. What happened to your hand?

Sofia Falcone

smashed it with a hammer

and then threw me out on the street

and put Sampson in charge of the Narrows.

I see.

But, together, we can get that bitch back.

We could show her she can't just
take everything we've built.

Yeah, Oswald, she can't help.

What is this?

What is going on? What's wrong with you?

I let him out of his cage,

and he, in turn, helped me get out of mine.

You're him.

The Riddler.

Hi, Lee.

You know, I was really hoping

that you were still running the Narrows,

maybe could help us, but

guess not.

Yeah, so what's your
next brilliant idea?

Sofia will have turned the Falcone
mansion into a stronghold.

It will be impossible to get at her.

Oswald, you think I don't
have a backup plan?

I'm gonna have Victor Fries
put you in a block of ice.

I'm gonna take you to Sofia
like a chilly Trojan horse,

pretend to hand you over. ‭

Are you kidding me?

It's a fantastic plan.

Try again!

‭All right.

Let me help.

Look, all of your capos have
pledged their loyalty to Sofia.

Do you think I can't handle it?

I know you can't.

Look what she did to me.

I will pull the trigger
on that bitch myself.

That's some tough talk, but we
both know that's just talk.

Enough! Both of you.

If we want to fight Sofia, we need muscle!

I agree.

I can tell you where to look.

Don't you think he misses you?

Who is she talking about?


You down here, big fella?

It's your best friend and pal,

Edward Nygma.

Hey, guess what.

I'm smart again!

There he is.

Pale skin, nobody upstairs.

Who's my buddy?!

Correct. You.

Oh, boy. So we're corralling allies.

Penguin and I are gonna kill Sofia Falcone,

and we need a big galoot
like you for cannon fodder.

How's that sound?

What's your problem? Why are
you looking at me like that?

Oh, dear.

You're not the only one who got smart.

Okay, Butch, I helped you.

You remember? Hot.

Hot arm. Yeah. Ed put out fire.

But you're not Ed anymore.

And I'm not Grundy.

Where the hell is Ed?

He'll be here.

No. No, he's betrayed me, too.

I know it. I should... never
should have trusted him!

Calm down.

No, do not tell me to calm down.

You have no idea what I've been through!

Calm down. Ed will be here.

He will bring Grundy, and
we will make Sofia pay.

I can't wait any longer.

How did Nygma get in touch
with Penguin anyway?

I don't know.

Nothing's ever easy with you, is it?

It's always like, "Find Lee, and
then she'll point us to Ed,

"And then we'll find Penguin,

and he'll tell us where to find Penn."

Or we could just talk to Oswald right now.

Hey, you son of a...

What are you doing here?!

We're looking for an Arkham
escapee, about yea tall,

walks with a limp, mommy complex?

Those trumped up charges
you used to put me away

have lost their teeth.

Martin is still alive.

So produce him.

Nope. He is not safe

until Sofia Falcone has been dealt with...


I think you and I want
the same thing, Oswald.

We both want Sofia to go away.

Then turn around and walk away.

Let me do what I do.

No. I want her in jail, and
for that I need evidence.

I want your bookkeeper Mr. Penn.

What would he know about...?!

That little weasel was working for her!

Yeah, he was working for her,

for Don Falcone, everybody!

You might want to check
your management style, pal.

I'm gonna kill him.

- I'm gonna kill him. - Oswald? Oswald?

Calm down.

You show us where we can find Mr. Penn...

...and I'll let you walk away.

I don't believe you.

Sofia sent Zsasz to Arkham to kill you.

Her goons run the Narrows.

How long do you think it's
gonna take till she finds you?

I overheard Mr. Penn talk about
a place just out of town,

near the Tricorner-- the Spa Bo'sh Sumka.

Offers special therapy.

If he's hiding, he's probably there.


Thank you.

That's really nice.

Now put your hands behind your back.

Thank you.

No, we had a deal!

Harvey, what are you doing?

If you want to look the
other way, Jim, fine.

I didn't agree to squat.

- Come on. - No! No!

- I will not forget this! - Relax.

If your information on Penn is good,

at least you'll be free of Sofia Falcone.

Well, well, well.

Sofia's gonna be very curious

to know why you're looking for Penn.

Hey, Penguin.

You remember me?

Oh, God, no.

Wait. Is Penn important or something?

That's a yes. You see that?

That's his "Yes" face.

Get him in the car.

Guess I'll have to go dig him up myself.

Now, you boys want to come quietly?

Or do you want to do it the fun way?

The fun way. Nice.

- Lee? - ‭Shut up and get down.


Come on!

Let's get out of here.

We need to get to Penn before Zsasz does.

We need a car.

Migraines, still?

It's like I've been hit
in the head with a brick.

What is that stink?

Should've known.

Grundy smell like old dentures.

It's him.

I know.

I can smell him.

Hey there, Barbara.


Nygma tried to recruit me against Sofia.

He's working for Penguin.

I figured after all Ed did to you,

you should be the one to kill him.

Wait, Butch.

Don't just walk away again.

Tabby,I'm gonna find a way
to get back to the old me.

I promise.

I'll remove your spleen with a claw hammer!

Any ideas?

You okay?

I'm fine.

We send Nygma back to Sofia.

She will torture him to get to Penguin.

Lee has no more allies, boom.

Rebellion quelled, we're heroes.

Then what about Nygma?

He just gets to walk away?


When Sofia doesn't need him anymore,

she'll kill him.

Same end result, none of the headache.

Well, we did find Penguin,
but then he got away.

So why aren't you looking for
him instead of wasting my time?

Because I also found out that
Gordon is looking for Mr. Penn.

Find Penn before Gordon does.

Yeah, so, Penn, Penguin...

I mean, where are we, priorities-wise?

Do both.

Thank you for coming to my rescue.

Don't bother. Without you,
I can't get to Sofia.

Hmm, touching.

I cannot believe I'm doing this.

Believe it.

No Ed, no Grundy, we're
running out of time.

You know this cockamamy scheme
will probably get me killed?

If it puts Sofia in the
ground, I'm okay with that.

Last time you came to me

with one of your schemes
to regain the city,

you promised every resource I needed

to reverse my condition.

So that didn't happen.

An omission I regret

and will rectify if given the chance.


You cannot honestly tell me

you are happy here.

Tinkering away on whatever...

Don't touch that.

You need money for your research.

Sofia wants Penguin.

So you deliver him to her,
you can name your price.

I may have something.

Keep this on you; it's on a timer.

Best I can do on short notice.

If being frozen affects my
brain the way it did Nygma,

I cannot afford...


Not yet. I...

Don't care.

So, now are you going to return it?

Selina, you said...

Can you do it?

That's really why you came to me.

It wasn't about the money.

You did not kill Roland Charles.

I was there, though.

And what, uh, what am I supposed to say?

"I... I stole your jewelry.


Sometimes that's enough.

His strength of mind is impressive.

You are going to tell me
where to find Penguin.

Or I will make all of this
look like a pleasant dream.


I can be done with the
teeth, the eyes or the mind.

What am I?

I can be humorous

but I'm never funny!

What am I?

Tell me where he is.

I am telling you!

You're just too stupid to figure it out.

Ms. Falcone, you got a visitor.

Kind of in the middle of something.

Guy's got Penguin.

Bring him in.

Well, this is unexpected.

Heard you were looking for Penguin.

He never was a great boss.

Well, well, Oswald.

Is he alive in there?


I want a hundred thousand.

Pay him.

I'm not even gonna ask.

Oh, by the way, I found out where Penn is.

Take him to the docks.

Shoot him and throw him in the river.

Watch Penguin.

Let's go get Mr. Penn.

Lovely, Ms. Gonzalez, well done.

Uh, Ms. B, pull a little harder.

That's, that's it, Mr. King, come on.

You can do it.

What fresh level of hell is this?

Who is hungry?



We're looking for Arthur Penn.

What are you doing?

Anonymity is a strict
edict here at the resort.

I bet.

What is going on?

That's him.



Oh, no.

Let's take a walk.

As you were.

Mr. Cobblepot.

You're working for her, too.

- I assure you... - O-Of course you are!

Where is she?

You don't understand.

Where is she?!

Is it done?

Sofia left before I could kill her.

She's on her way to stop Gordon.

Meet me at the Spa Bo'sh Sumka,
and we will kill her together.

Nygma was here.

Miss Falcone tried to
get him to turn on you.


He endured a tremendous amount of pain.

He wouldn't give you up.

Where is he now?

Her thugs took him to the docks.

To kill him.

I'd worked for Don Falcone for years.

Uh, before Mr. Cobblepot.

When Sofia came to Gotham,

Don Falcone asked me to keep
an eye on his daughter.

She found out.

So you made another deal with her?

You weaselly triple agent, you.

It's how you stay alive in this business.

And she let me live,

as long as i informed to her about Mr.

So that's how she was able to
stay one step ahead of Penguin,

with inside information.

Then what?

She asked me to put her in
touch with Lazlo Valentine.

The Pyg.

So I did.

But I told Don Falcone right away.

All right.

You're coming with us.

We need your statement for the record.

Get down!

Get Penn out of here.
He's all that matters.

We got to get you to the hospital.

Gunshot will draw attention.

Cops will be here soon.

I can make it till they arrive.

James Gordon.

We could have had a good thing, you and I.

You just had to go and ruin it.


That's an order.

Get Penn.

Get Gordon.

Get out!


Where's Sofia?

In there with Jim.

Take the car.

He's hurt. Bad.

Get in.

Can't catch a break today.

Let's go get a milkshake.

Jim, you really are such a disappointment.

Would it have been so bad being
in the palm of my hands?

Having me chip away at your
soul little by little?

Was it so important to
rob me of my revenge?

It wasn't about me.

I wasn't gonna give you the GCPD.

Of course it was about you.

Your pride, your arrogance.

Do you think that what I was asking for

was any different than what
my father had for 30 years?

You mean your father who you killed?


I killed him.

Because he disappointed me.

Just like you.

You know, Jim,

oddly enough, I still care for you.

Beg me for your life.

Ask for forgiveness...

and we can start over.


Go to hell.

James Gordon...

...this is where our story ends.




Stay with me, Jim.


Can you hear me?

Hey, I got a riddle for you.

What's got a bullet in its head

and sinks to the bottom of the river?


The real torture

is that those idiotic words
will be the last I ever hear.

Just do it!



Did you already kill Sofia?


She left the mansion to pursue Jim Gordon.

Why didn't you just stay at the home?

Wait till she came there and killed her?

Then I wouldn't have been here on time.

You gave up your revenge for me?

Trust is so very hard to find in Gotham,

but I trust you, Ed.

I have a strong desire to never,
ever see this pier again.

I agree.

Surprised you're alive?



How do you think?


She kept you alive till
the medics got there.

Even one-handed, she's a damn good doctor.


In a coma.

Amazing she's not dead.


When I get out of here, I'm gonna confess.

My connection to Sofia,

my role with the Pyg, all of it.

I got to come clean.


What do you mean?

Who would benefit from that?


You get to be the martyr,
feel better about yourself.

The GCPD loses its hero.


You want to pay your debt?

You live with it.

Just like I do.

So Sofia wins after all?

It's what the city needs.

Where's Lee?

She went back to the Narrows.

Said she had unfinished business.

Get him, get him some more!

Come on!

All right.

I'll go...

I'll go.

Oh, I know you'll go.

Just not yet.

Hold his hand.

No! No!


What are you doing? No!


No! No!

With Sofia gone,

Penguin's gonna try and take
control of Gotham again.

Maybe even try and kill us.

Can you just give me a second?

Barbara, we have to act.

We can't just stand around
here doing nothing.

I said shut up!