Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 14 - A Dark Knight: Reunion - full transcript

Ivy picks her next target, leading Gordon and Lucius back to an old friend, as Selina tries to take matters into her own hands. Sofia wants full control of Gotham and turns to Lee about the...

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Previously on Gotham...

- The Doc, you know 'em?
- Oh, I know The Doc.

Sometimes we search for things

we don't wish to find.
Doc! Doc!

- I enjoy being the queen of Gotham.
- Glad we understand each other.

There are other ways

for me to hurt you.

Something's eating at you,
Jim, and you're not gonna

feel clean till you
get it off your chest.

That's done now.

I'm at Sofia Falcone's.

I just shot and killed the Pyg.

I see Arkham's treating you well.

- Good-bye, Oswald.
- I am held captive,

all my brilliance locked away.

You're still there.

And you're gonna help me
find a way out of here.

- I need a name.
- Ivy Pepper.

- I know Ivy.
- No she's changed, like, a lot.

Called Lazarus Water.

What are you going to do with it?

I'm going to make miracles happen.

Reel it in a little? Or
should I call your keeper?

Call Alfred. He won't answer.

- Why?
- 'Cause I fired him.

Where is the other guy who works here?

You mean Harvey?

He's out sick. You
want to leave a message?

I do.

All right. What should I say?


Because all of you, with your blood

and your flesh and
what you will become...

... you are the message.

He was a good man.

It doesn't matter that Mario is gone.

You'll always be my sister.

For Falcones, it's all about family.

I appreciate that.

So, sister to sister,

we're not really here
to look at photographs.

There's only one neighborhood in Gotham

that hasn't bent the knee.

The Narrows has never
submitted to an outside boss.

There's never been someone
like me ruling Gotham.


What do you want?

A tax.

30% on all income
coming from the Narrows,

legal and illegal.

Every family there lives hand
to mouth. They'll starve.

We all have to make sacrifices.

I'll need an answer
by the end of the day.

You want me to kiss the ring,
I'll do it to keep the peace,

but what you're asking
for is impossible.

You'll find a way.

Thought it was all about family.

Never said it was a happy family.

Thank you.

Thank you for meeting me.

My parents' foundation is having
their annual dinner tonight.

I thought we'd go.

Somehow, I don't think you
called me all the way down here

to talk about a fundraiser, did you?

Bruce, what exactly...

is it that you want from me?


Figuring this out. I can't do it alone.


Alfred, I need your help.



Listen, you can't just waltz
back in here and expect me

to go and clean your
smalls and cook your tea,

- after what you've done.
- Alfred, I'm not asking for that.

- I've changed.
- Oh, you have, have you?

See, it's one thing
saying that you've changed

and another actually changing.

So... show me.

Show me how you've
changed, I might reconsider.

Show you how?


that's for you to figure out, isn't it?

I'm asking... as a friend.

I am not... your friend.

I was your butler.

And you fired me.

He'll pay for the tea, miss.

Sure hope Lee is gonna figure
something out with Sofia.

Lee being the love of your life and all.

We're friends.

You know, those cuckoo pills

aren't gonna make me go away.

Well, they have stopped
you from getting out

and trying to kill Lee
again, so works for me!

Mail arrived.

Oh, who's it from?


"I want to apologize."

"Can we be friends again?" What?

What is he... I'm
never gonna forgive him.

Oh, I think it's a nice letter.

- Oh, shut up!
- Hey, Ed.

What has two eyes but can't see?

What has two... ?

Good Lord. This is new.

More aggressive.

Plants are literally
bursting through their flesh.

You! Get away from that now.


Same flower growing out of these bodies.

That's a weapon?


This must be what Ivy did
with the Lazarus Water.

Used it to increase the
potency of a toxic plant.

- The seeds made it airborne...
- Where's Bullock?

- What?
- He works here.

Harvey killed Ivy's father.


- Too late.
- No, we're not.



Aah! Damn it, Jim!

Jim, what the hell?!

- Hey, someone's paying for that door!
- Ivy Pepper.


Mario Pepper's kid... she's
been working on some biotech.

She attacked your bar.

It's bad.

Donnie, the bartender?

- I'm sorry.
- Oh, God.

Look, I got to think
that you were the target.

Jim, I only shot Ivy Pepper's dad

because I was saving your stupid hide!

- You can't put this on me!
- Guys.

- I'm not putting it on you!
- Guys!

In the interest of public
safety, we have decided

to share the footage, so in a moment,

the video we are about to show you

is from a tape received this morning.

And again, let me warn
you, it is very disturbing.

Plants love us.

They give us food, shelter,

the very air we breathe.

And what do we do in return?

Kill them.

Because that's our nature.

We cause pain.

Everyone I've known has
only hurt or betrayed me.

Maybe I've always known in
my heart what I needed to do.

But I finally have the power to do so.

I'm giving your city back to the plants,

starting with the people who hurt me.

So if that's you...

your time is coming.

- Guess we know what she's up to.
- Yeah.

She's gonna kill everyone in Gotham.

Starting with me.

Preliminary reports indicate
that similar takes

have been delivered to
multiple news organizations...

Wait a minute. What's that there?

"Sully's Eatery."

That's in Ives Square.
House must be right across.

You should go to the precinct.

Hey, I'm not hiding like
some freaking coward.

All right? Four people are
dead because she wanted me.

Okay. Then we'll work on it together.
You can wear the badge.

Get this straight, Jim! I ain't
working for you now or ever.

I got more contacts in the
Narrows than any of you.

I'm gonna find her, alone.

Once I find my pants.

Doesn't make any sense.

There's no money here.

Okay, so it's about power.

I offered to bend the knee.

She's asking for something
she knew I couldn't give.

She wants...

She wants to punish me.

For what?

I don't know, but you
can't fight an enemy

whose motivations you
don't understand, Lee.

You... are the greatest
spies in all of Gotham.

You have eyes and ears everywhere.

The survival of the
Narrows depends upon you!

Whoever learns why Sofia Falcone

wants to destroy Lee
Thompkins will receive...

a complete set of encyclopedias.

Minus the "T."

- Plus 20 bucks.
- Yeah! Yes!

Go get 'em.

She wasn't bluffing.

With this many plants,

she could kill hundreds,
if not thousands, of people.

Search the other room for any
signs of where she's heading.

What are you gonna do to her?

Where is she?

I don't know.

I just saw the news.

She killed four more people today.

You knew where she was staying.

If you had told me,

- we could've saved lives.
- Or not.

I mean, you couldn't even stop her

from hypnotizing your own cops.

So why'd you come here?

- To try to reason with her.
- Have you heard a word she said?

- She's a fanatic.
- She's my friend.

I mean, what do you expect me to do?

She contacts you again, call me.

I'll try and find her
and bring her in quietly.

Otherwise, stay out of her way.

- Harvey?
- Hey.

- I got a lead.
- Great.

I knocked some heads, heard a
hot redhead was poking around

in that dive bar next door.

That is the place in the
Narrows for low-end muscle,

so I figured if she was
planning something big,

she might've gone there to recruit.

That's the back entrance.
That's where my contact said that...

Hello, Detective Gordon.

On the ground, now.

Harvey, call it in.

She's beautiful, don't you think, Jim?

Drop your weapon.

You don't look good.

Think you might be exceeding
your recommended dosage.

Are you experiencing...

"trembling extremities"? Check.

"Cognitive impairment"? Definite check.

Though, to be fair, how would you know?

Shut up!

Take all the pills you want,
Ed. I'm only getting stronger.

Soon, I'm gonna be out,

- and the fun begins!
- No.

I won't let you, 'cause
I know what you'll do.

Oh, you mean kill Lee?

Yeah, I guess I will do that.

And you can't stop me.

- There are things that I can do.
- Like what?

You need to face it, pal.

The only way you'll get rid
of me is to kill yourself.

I guess you are smarter than me.

- You wouldn't actually...
- Oh, yeah.

Oh, yeah.

I said drop the gun, Jim.

Do you believe in
fate, Detective Gordon?

I went out today to test my plants

on the man who shot my father.

He wasn't there.

It was disappointing.

Then, he found me,

and I realized I could make
him deliver his partner as well.


Stay strong, Harvey.
She's controlling you.

I kind of like it, Jim.

Sweet surrender.

You need help, Ivy. Let me find Selina.

- She wants to help you.
- Quiet.

I have to go.

Big plans tonight.
Lots of people to kill.

- Detective Bullock?
- Ma'am?

After you kill your partner,

be sure to shoot yourself
in the head, okay?

Copy that.

Harvey... Don't even try and
talk your way out of this!

I wouldn't.

But... quick question.

Is Ivy's hair more auburn or scarlet?

I, um... That's a good Que...

Think I didn't come prepared? Huh?

You always underestimate me.

That's not why I'm shooting you.

I just think we should,
uh... clear the air.

What do you want to
talk about? I'm all ears.

How you stole my job, for starters!

Was it really your job, though?

I mean, you only got it
'cause one captain died,

- and the other one went nuts.
- Like hell!

I paid my dues! I earned that
job, and you took it!

You mean like the time
you gut-shot Officer Patel?

That was... a mistake.

Hey, give yourself some credit.

Did shoot her from across the room.

Although you couldn't
face her later, remember?

You didn't have the courage to
meet her the next day, did you?

- You coward.
- Screw you!

We're not open.

- I wanted to see you.
- Why? Because you weren't

big enough of an ass
the last time I saw you?

Selina... I don't have
time for this, Bruce.

Something happened.

- I need to talk to someone.
- Okay, then go find Alfred.


You did.

And he wanted nothing to do with you.

Smart guy, Alfred.

Will you at least hear me out?

No, Bruce, because Ivy's
out there killing people,

and I need to find her and stop her.

So whatever problem you have

going on right now, you
need to figure it out.

I mean, say sorry to Alfred.

'Cause I'm sure whatever
happened was your fault.

According to my spies,

Sofia and Jim were
carrying on an affair,

till Jim ended it.

So, technically,

your ex has been sleeping with

- your dead husband's mafiosa sister...
- Okay, Ed, I get it.

If Sofia was sleeping with
the captain of the GCPD,

it was a power play.

And it failed.

I'm her next step.

Why don't I just give
her what she wants:

power over Jim Gordon.

You would do that?

I'm not trying to get back
at Jim, though he deserves it.

My job is to make sure

that the people of the Narrows are safe,

and I will do everything
in my power to ensure that.




I, uh...

I have to leave.

Harvey. Harvey, come on.

- Hey, come on.
- Okay. Whoa. Whoa.

Where am I?

You were hypnotized.
I need you to focus.

Did Ivy give you any clue
about who she's targeting next?

I can't believe I let her get to me.

Hey, you want to help?

Here's how. Did she say anything?

Something about, uh,

"They get rich by murdering plants"?

So she's targeting a
group of rich people?

At her place,

she was trying on fancy
clothes, fancy shoes.

A party?

She said she had big plans,

- couldn't be late.
- Come on.

- Yeah, black tie. Fancy-schmancy.
- No, no, no. Come on.

You know, like a charity
for hobos or something.

Wayne Foundation's
annual dinner is tonight,

over at Gotham Square.

All right. Get the Strike Force.

I want full body armor,
gas masks, nonlethal rounds.

- T-To fight plants?
- When Ivy got me, she was hypnotizing

- a bunch of low-end muscle.
- Go.

Could really use you there, Harv.

Jim, she got in my head.

I really, I just don't
trust myself right now.

All right. You can help out here.

Man the phones.

Hey, Jim.

I spent too long
putting this all on you.

What happened between us.

Fact is, I only got myself to blame.

I'll call.

And now, ladies and gentlemen,

please welcome to the
stage our host, Bruce Wayne.

Good evening.

Welcome to the third annual dinner

for the Thomas and
Martha Wayne Foundation.

This year, we disbursed $4 million in...


Uh, we-we disbursed
$4 million, and, uh...

My parents spent their
lives helping people.

I was so proud of them,

and I always wanted
them to be proud of me.

And then I saw them get murdered.

I survived because someone
in my life kept me going

He's been everything to me.

A teacher.

A protector.

He's been a father to me.

I hope... I hope he can see that.

And give me another chance.

Thank you.

Thank you.

That meant a great deal.

But I can't help you.

Not until you accept who you really are.

I know who I am. I've
seen what's inside me.

Darkness and anger.

But what's beneath that?

It's a heart that feels pain.

Your heart, it's what makes
you want to help other people.

Your heart is your strength.

Deny the darkness and you deny that.

But accepting that is something

that you must do on your
own. Do you understand me?

I was stupid for reaching out.

That was quite a speech.

Hello, all.

I'm Ivy Pepper.

No, no, no. Please.

Stay seated.

Can I just say...

this is crazy!

Well, this whole thing was your idea.

And you're the smart one,
as you always tell me.

Oh, very funny.

Okay, fine!

Fine! You win!

- What?
- You... win.

You beat me. Is that
what you want to hear?

That is very nice.

But I still have to do it.


Wait. Wait.

What if there's a way

to do this where nobody gets hurt?

- I don't believe you.
- So you're just gonna

kill yourself without hearing me out?

I'm telling you, Ed, there is a way

to save Lee without killing yourself!

Or killing us.

I'm listening.

Aren't these crimson flowers lovely?

You're a handsome man.

But you want more from life.

I can feel it.

Bruce! Is Ivy Pepper in there?

Ivy? No. I mean, I didn't see her.

Get out of here. Let's go!

Breach that door!


are going to turn this room into

the most gorgeous garden
the world has ever seen.

All you have to do...

is take a deep... breath.


A volunteer.


Drop your guns on the ground now!

Kill everyone.

You got this. I'm going after Ivy.

I'm getting you out of here.

- Come on, let's go.
- Listen, listen.

People need your help.

This is who you are.

Watch the doors.
I'm gonna go look for him.

Where'd you go, punk? You
can run, but you can't hide.

Hey! Hey!

- Drop it!
- No!

Hey. Hey!

You hear the news?

Crazy Ivy Pepper attacks
the Wayne Foundation dinner.

I'll be honest, the evening didn't
turn out quite the way I'd hoped.

You mean you didn't
get to kill everyone in there?

Something like that.

You got out.

Made it back here.

You always were the survivor.

Well, you taught me that, Selina.

What's in the bag, Ivy?

It's the last of the Lazarus Water

I stole from Wayne Enterprises.

So you can go

and make more plants to kill people?

Yeah, that ain't gonna happen.

Are you gonna stop me, Selina?

You gonna remind me of the old days,

tell me I'm not this person?

No, I think we're past words now.

Well, Selina Kyle

turns out to be the hero.

I'm no hero.

One scratch is all it takes, Selina.

And there's no antidote this time.

And there's no more
jumping across rooftops

for little dead Selina.

I'll keep that in mind.

You're gonna have to fight me, Selina.

You can't run forever.

I wasn't running.

I was getting this.

This is what you're gonna use
to make all your little plants?

So I guess it's safe to say
that I shouldn't drop it.

Stop, Selina.

- I will let you leave.
- Let me?

You're not gonna turn me into some

geranium type thing?

That's so generous.


How can you side with them?

All the people who hurt us.

You think they're innocent.

They're guilty.

Every person in this city.

They spew out poison.

How are you not choking on it?

The only thing that I'm choking
on, Ivy, is your insanity.

You shouldn't have done that.

- Now you're gonna die.
- Ivy, look down.

- Well.
- Yeah.

So, what happens now?

- We kill each other?
- That's an option.

You always did think
you were better than me.

That's not true. I was your friend.

We were friends, Ivy.
You said so yourself.

That was a long time ago.

I'm a different person now.

This isn't what I want.

Don't get in my way again.

Lift your hands up. Got any weapons?

I'd almost think

this wasn't going to be
a friendly conversation.

Just being careful.

- They're clean.
- Okay.

Smart lady.

So you said you wanted 30%
of everything in the Narrows.

What if I told you

I had something more valuable to offer?

Such as?

Jim Gordon.

I know crimes he's
committed no one else does.

It would give you control over him.

Surely that's worth
more than 30% of this.

I have my own dirt on Jim Gordon.

But you can't use it.

Otherwise, you wouldn't be
sitting there threatening me.

Would you?


take my deal.

I have a better way
to bring Gordon around.

No! No!

Stay with me. Stay with me.

You're never gonna
get out of here alive.

- My people are gonna kill you!
- Your people?

Who do you think planted these guns?

You can come out.

How you doing, Doc?

I'm having Sampson run the Narrows.

You know, you should've killed
me when you had the chance.

Mm, the fact that you didn't

told me everything I needed to know.


Since we're family, I'm
only going to do one hand.

Throw her on the streets.

Let the Narrows see their queen.

The scene here remains
largely out of control

but Ivy Pepper remains at large.

Now, inside, we have a
team of investigators...



Where is she?


Sir? Excuse me.

Are you family?

I'm a cop.

She wouldn't tell us who do it.

She didn't have to.

Arkham doesn't get many volunteers.

You do know who I am, right?

pretty much covers it.


and sign.

I'll be back.

Hate that you were right about this,

but it'll keep her safe.

Hey, Ed?

- What has two eyes but can't see?
- Oh, this again.

Two needles.

Half of "Mississippi." Who cares?

You should, Ed.

I knew you'd come!

- I knew you'd understand my letter!
- How did you know I'd be... ?

What are you talking about?

- I'm not talking to you, Ed.
- I'm talking to him.

He read my letter!

Read the first word of each sentence.

"Please bring Ed to Arkham
so I can set you free."

What has two eyes but can't see

what's happening in front of him?

Ed Nygma!

No. I came here to save Lee.

He read my letter!


You're wrong!

I am Ed!

Edward Nygma! That is it!

Lee believes in me. She
sees me for who I am.

- But I see him, Ed!
- No.

Lee Thompkins may have made Ed strong,

but I see the other you.

The one whose name I wouldn't speak.

But because he has earned it,

and because I need
him, I'm saying it now.

No, please! Please don't.

- I need you...
- Please.


Shall we get to work?


how'd you make it off the roof, then?

A fire escape on the next building.

Why'd you run from Gordon?

I mean, you could've
told him it was you.

I don't know.

I just... couldn't.

I'm going to help people, Alfred.

And if that means accepting
every part of myself,

good and bad,

then I will.

I do.

That's what my parents
would have wanted.

Your parents would be very proud of you.

I'm proud of you.


If you... need a ride back
to Gotham, I can drive you.

Oh, I'm not going anywhere, sir.

I'm home.


I heard you saved the day.

Good job.

There's a reason you're captain,

and I'm a 50-year-old screw-up
pouring shots for barflies.

There's a reason, all right.

It's not what you think.

I screwed up, Harv.

I screwed up bad.

And I'm gonna need your
help to make it right.

Sofia hired the Pyg.

And I knew.

I knew,

and I covered it up.

And now I'm gonna take her down.