Gotham (2014–…): Season 4, Episode 11 - A Dark Knight: Queen Takes Knight - full transcript

Carmine Falcone comes to town, making things complicated for Gordon, Sophia and Penguin. Alfred tries to get through to Bruce once and for all, Nygma struggles to gain control over the Riddle persona, and Tabitha attempts to make Grundy remember his past. Meanwhile, a familiar smile resurfaces in Gotham.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
- Previously on "Gotham"...
- SOFIA: Harvey is weak.

And how many more cops need to die

- because of his incompetence?
- GORDON: As of this moment,

I'm assuming the captaincy
of Gotham Central.

Nothing in Gotham is free.

You wanted a gangster
to help you get rid of Penguin.

This is what that help looks like.

PYG: The whole town
has gone hog wild for the Pyg.

GORDON: Turns out that Pyg's real name

- is Lazlo Valentine.

And he just escaped.

THOMPKINS: I haven't been looking
for a cure for your brain, Ed,

because I was afraid
that if I told you the truth,

you would go back
to being who you were before.

And I like who you've become.

BRUCE: I'm not the hero Gotham needs.

I took the dark path.

ALFRED: Yes, you did.

And it's gonna be
a long, bumpy journey back.


Hello, Victor.

Where's the boy?

SOFIA: Alive, for now.

If Oswald wants to keep it that way,

he will meet me
under the Crown Point Bridge.

OSWALD: You wanted a war,

you've got one!

We will wait for Mr. Cobblepot

to send instructions.


Where is Penguin, little man?

♪ ♪

This is Gordon.

I need forensics in West End Alley.

Black market doc.

Pyg was here.

Looks like he got a new face.

So, Penguin's out building
support amongst the gangs.

Pretty soon, every criminal in
Gotham is gonna be hunting us.

He's out building support
because we made him look weak.

We kill him, and all the gangs
will support me.

I'm still a Falcone.

Yeah, you mentioned that.
About a billion times.

He doesn't know where Penguin is.


I'll be right there.

Was that about Penguin?



We were an hour outside of Gotham

when I got waylaid by Victor Zsasz.

He took Sofia, gave me this.

I woke up in Virginia.

Damn it. I had a deal with Penguin.

MAN: There's more. We're getting word

Penguin had some meeting
under the Crown Point Bridge

late last night.

Gunfire, a car blown up.

- Sofia Falcone was there.
- All right.

We have to find Penguin. Harper?

- I'm good, Cap.
- Put out a citywide BOLO.

I'll find Sofia. What about the Pyg?

I heard he escaped from Arkham.

Tracked him to a black market surgeon.

He's already got a new face.
Lazlo Valentine is gone.

- But if we don't find him, what...
- Focus on the bigger problem.

We've got a war to stop, people.

So, you gonna tell us why
we're in your dad's house?

Why do you think?


You look tired.

Ms. Kean, it's good to see you again.


So, this is weird.

Why are you here, Father?

What did I tell you when you
asked to return to Gotham?

I know...

What did I tell you?!

- That I wasn't ready.
- Exactly.

And you came back anyway.

Perhaps I should've acted then,

but I was indulgent, curious.

Who is this daughter I raised?

Father, Penguin is weak.

If you help me, we can end this.

- I don't want Gotham.
- I don't believe that.

You love this city.

I used to, yes.

But I'm dying, Sofia.

Someone else can have Gotham.

What I care about now is my family.

And I am your family.

And I want this. I deserve this.

Gotham belongs to me.

Your actions have disgraced our family.

Tell me how sleeping with Jim Gordon,

the man who killed your brother,

helped reclaim Gotham.

I'm sorry. What?

I have done many things
I will have to answer for,

but I always knew the meaning of honor.

You have proven that you do not.


They can be such disappointments.

I kill him, and this is over! Please.

FALCONE: You know why
I came when Penguin called?

It's because you were going to lose.

If you were anyone but my daughter,

you'd be dead right now.

Come on. Here we go.

Oh. Morning.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
- In there.

Dear, oh, dear.

Oh. Good morning, Officer.

My name is Alfred Pennyworth.

Neighbors called in a noise complaint.

He's all yours.

Thank you.


Good morning, Master Bruce.


I do believe the party's
well and truly over.

Morning, miss.

Good morning, miss.


- I'm looking...
- For my daughter.

You can stop.

She's with me.


I didn't expect to see you.

I imagine not. I arrived this morning.

You heard Sofia's in danger.

Was in danger.

I made a deal with Cobblepot.

I take her out of Gotham today,
and she lives.

I made the same deal. He didn't keep it.

He will with me.

I'm glad I never killed you.

- Thanks.
- Don't thank me.

Killing you would have been a kindness.

You've no idea what you've
brought to your city.

I imagine when you find out the truth,

it will destroy you.

That's a comfort.

SOFIA: Another day,

another man sending me out of Gotham.

We're both just trying
to keep you alive.

Tell yourselves that.

But what I know is that
neither of you believed in me.

It could've been so different.

Good-bye, James Gordon.

I doubt we'll see each other again.

The sun never shines here.

Everything I did, I did for your love.

But that doesn't matter, does it?

What matters is that
after everything you've done,

I still consider you my daughter.

That's enough.

Mother planted those roses.
She loved them.

I want to take one with me.

♪ ♪

: Get down!

♪ ♪

Gotham is still reeling
from the violent death

of Carmine Falcone three days ago.

Falcone ruled the Gotham underworld

for nearly 30 years.

No arrests have been made,
and a strange quiet...

Pleasant night, Master Bruce?

There's a mess in the Rolls.

You'll need a bucket.

REPORTER: Which many had
attributed to the Pax Penguina.

Indeed, the don's claim
to the throne of Gotham...

- He shouldn't have come back.

REPORTER: a new breed of criminal,

leaving some to ask
does Gotham still need...

Yes, Victor?

You would've told me, right?

If you were gonna ice the old man.


Victor, I did not kill Don Falcone.

Well, everyone on the street
thinks you did.

So let 'em!

My hands are clean, you have my word.

REPORTER: With Don Falcone's passing,

it is unknown how
or indeed when the void of power

at the center of the city's
underworld will be filled.

♪ ♪

GORDON: Sofia.

I came to the hospital.

I told them not to admit you.

I am truly sorry about your father.

You know it was Penguin.

And if I had evidence
supporting that, I'd arrest him.

He is over there

waiting to see my face and gloat.

He is a liar and a murderer
many times over.

But you need evidence.

I have to bury my father.

Excuse us.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪




Your leave's almost up.

Be good to have you back.

We'll see.

So why haven't you arrested
the little weasel?

Penguin still owns the judges.

If I arrest him and it's not
rock solid, he'll walk.

So him whacking Falcone

and you sitting on your hands,
what good does that do?

It was Sofia who paid off
the mayor to make me captain.

I didn't ask her to.

Well, well.

She's been pressing me
to move on Penguin,

even before this.

I told you, didn't I?

That bill would come due.

I can't allow her to turn the GCPD

into her own private army.

We've come too far.

This has to be by the book.

Then forget Falcone.

Penguin's too smart to get
nailed for that, anyway.

What do you mean?

Get him to do something
you can really bust him for.

And then yank his ass
off the street once and for all.

- You're saying start a war.
- I'm saying get him to start one.

You know he's gonna come for her.

I don't give a tinker's damn
about Sofia.

The way I see it,
everything that's happened,

down to Don Falcone

lying in that box, comes from
you deciding months ago

to go after Penguin.

This is all on you.

So finish what you started.

Good-bye, old friend.

I will not forget
all that you taught me.

I had great respect for your father.

But once he's in the ground, you are...

Excuse me.

Not here!

What are you doing, Jim?

Finishing what I started.

Go back. Stop.

All right, all right.

: Testing, testing.

One, two, three.

James Gordon.

James Gordon?

What do you want, Oswald?

You know what I want.

Where is she?


You're seriously going to go
to war... for her?

I'm upholding the law.

No one gets to decide
who lives or dies in Gotham.

Can you not see, Jim,

she has manipulated you, lied to you...

The law is the law.

Now, either get over it
or face the consequences.

Let's try it this way.

Sofia Falcone is in this building.

Whoever brings her to me
will be richly rewarded.

I'm going to count to five...

Count as much as you want, twerp.

Yeah, we don't work for you.

This man is asking you
to risk your lives

to protect a gangster.

I am offering you money, huh?

And, bonus,

no one gets killed!

Hey, Captain, can we...?


- Get off of me.
- Come on.

Blood will run, Jim.

Mark my words!

Blood will run!

And it will be on your head!

Get off of me!

From the first day I put on the badge,

I was told things could never change.

Gotham was corrupt.

GCPD was corrupt.

Criminals and lowlifes ran things.

You just showed me different.

Penguin will be coming.

It's time we showed Gotham who we are.

Suit up!

♪ ♪

Move, move! Take 'em out!

♪ ♪

Just let us go.

You've obviously got your hands full.

Shut up!


They'll all be dead in a few minutes.

Listen, you stupid...

More left.

She means your left.

Then say that.

Your left! Your left! Your left!
Your left! Your left!

Hmm. Yay, teamwork.

SOFIA: You're winning.

So far.

But every gang in Gotham
owes Penguin allegiance.

I can't arrest them all.

So arrest Penguin.
Wasn't that the point?

As long as he's using proxies,
he's protected.

I have to keep pressing him.

When his back's against the wall,

he'll do something
he can't take back or explain.

And then I'll have him.

So you're baiting him into committing

a public atrocity.

What if he already has?

There's this boy
from my orphanage, Martin.

Oswald cared for him.

I hid him away for his safety,

but Oswald forced me

into telling him where Martin was,

and then put him in a car
and blew it up.

Why didn't you tell me this before?

Because I'm his enemy.
Who's going to believe me?

Also, I didn't see him plant the bomb.

- So you have nothing.
- I didn't say that.

Oswald never understood the way
people cared for my father.

And one of those people just called me.

How is Jim Gordon beating us?!

ZSASZ: Well, every cop
in Gotham is behind him.

I'm guessing he has
great leadership skills.

Victor, when this is said and done,

you and I need to have
a frank discussion

about chain of command.

But now...

go do something horrific!

Show the GCPD exactly...

GORDON: Oswald Cobblepot!

You're under arrest.

Have you completely lost your mind?

Nobody has to die.
We only want Cobblepot.

OSWALD: Well, see, Jim,
that's a problem,

as they work for me.

But just so I know, what's the charge?



Enough! I did not kill Don Falcone,

and I dare you to prove otherwise.

It's not for Falcone.

I'm arresting you
for the murder of the boy

you blew up
under the Crown Point Bridge.

What's so funny?


Well, everything actually,
'cause, 'cause, you see,

he's not dead.

I only faked his death

so that Sofia Falcone
couldn't use him against me.

She's the one who told you
I killed him, isn't she?

Then where is he?

He, uh... I don't know.

Victor took him out of Gotham. Tell him.

ZSASZ: What's to tell?

You blew that kid sky-high.


You sent that pipsqueak to kingdom come.


That's not true.

And I'll testify to that.

- What?
- Look...

I ain't taking the rap
for no kid murder.

- Hey!
- Get him out of here!

You are lying! You are a lying traitor!

Victor Zsasz is a liar!

No! I will kill you!


This... doesn't give you
a free pass, you know.


not now.

You did it, Cap.

You won.

Yeah, Captain!

Way to go, Captain!

So I'm guessing Gordon doesn't
know the kid's actually alive.

SOFIA: Jim Gordon played his part.

He showed the underworld
that Penguin was weak.

That he did.

End of the day,

he's a Cobblepot.

You're a Falcone.

SOFIA: Smile, ladies.

It's a new day.

So, Sofia was as good as her word.

We got our club back.

Yippee. We get to serve drinks again.

It's just a base of operations.

But I am meeting with the designer later

to make it less... Penguiny.

Have fun.

Music to soothe the savage beast?

Something like that.


Oh, the front page is up.

Didn't expect you
to brave the light of day

for a couple more hours, Master B.

Tommy wanted to go to the horse races.

What's all this?

ALFRED: It's little project of mine.

I like to call it
Operation Save Bruce Wayne.


Few months up in the Alps,
you'll be tickety-boo.

Are you going to kidnap me?

No, I'm gonna appeal
to your better angels.

And if that doesn't work, I shall beg.

Please, Master Bruce.

If for no other reason, do it for me.

These past weeks, you know how much

I've thought about Ra's al Ghul?

About my parents?

Not at all, Alfred.

All you're offering me is pain.

Well, there is no life without pain.

There's no love, there's no joy.

I don't know about that.
I'm having a fair amount of joy.

You're bloody miserable is what
you are, mate. I can see it.

Alfred, I know you care about me.

But I'm asking you
to stop what you're doing.

I'm not who you thought I was.

I'm not who my parents
might've wanted me to be,

and I'm okay with that!

But I'm not okay with it.

- And I don't believe it.
- And that's your problem.

Now I'm gonna go meet Tommy.

I can't let you do that, Master Bruce.

You gonna stop me?

If needs be, yes.

You really think you can?

Oh, I know I can.

I just don't want you to make me try.


Don't do this, Master Bruce.

No, Alfred, we're doing this.

You're getting slow, Master Bruce.

You haven't been training,
have you, son?

- Got a bit of ring rust.
- Really?

Because you're the only one
breathing hard, old man.

Just stop it, will you?!

Stop it! Stop...

- Fine.
- All right?


Oh, no.

Master Bruce, I'm so sorry.

I-I don't know what came
over me, mate. I'm...


I am in control!

- I am in control!

Me. Ed Nygma.

: But why would you want that?

You don't understand.

We had so much fun when we were me.

Oh, no.

Tell me it's not that.

Not what?

I leave when spurned.

I give all. I take nothing.

I can raise you to a king
or make you to a beggar.

What am I?

Okay, I'm just gonna tell you,
'cause you're not gonna get it.

- Love.
- I am in control!

You're in love with Lee
Thompkins, you pathetic loser.

Shut up!


angry at mirror?

No, Grundy, I'm not angry at the mirror.


angry at... Ed?

That is...

surprisingly perceptive.

I need some air.

- ♪ Born on a Monday ♪

♪ Christened on Tuesday ♪

♪ Married on Wednesday ♪

♪ Took ill on Thursday ♪

♪ Grew worse on Friday ♪

♪ Died on Saturday ♪

♪ Buried on Sunday ♪

♪ This was the end ♪

♪ Of Solomon Grundy... ♪

♪ This was the end ♪

♪ Of Solomon Grundy... ♪

♪ This was the end ♪

♪ Of Solomon Grundy ♪

Where is Grundy?

I kidnapped you.

For the record, you're not light.

What pretty lady want?

When we were fighting,
you called me Tabby, remember?

Grundy want to go back to friend Ed.



Your friend.

Well, your best friend Ed

tied you and me to chairs,
electrocuted you,

and cut off my hand.

Look at the scar.

Ring a bell?

Remember me, Butch.

I'm Tabby.

I'm your Tabby.

Grundy sorry.

Yeah, I'm sorry, too.

Before, when you said my name,

I'd just hit you in the head.

Maybe that's the only way.

So you're gonna remember me, Butch.

Or I'm gonna beat your head in.

Pretty lady.

When I called, I wasn't sure you'd come.

I was going to anyway. We need to talk.

I agree.

I'm gonna ask you not to do
what you're about to do.

Which is?

Unify the gangs.

Put the Falcones back in charge
of the underworld.

Mm. But wasn't that our deal?

I'd replace Penguin.

You'd be the law, I'd be the order.

No. And if you try and take over,

I will have to come after you.


You're nothing if not predictable.

Now I think it's time
you heard my proposal.

I'm not interested.

- I think you are.
- PYG: Surprise.

I know.

You thought I'd have a different face

'cause I killed that doctor.

That was just
to throw you off the scent.

SOFIA: That's not why
he's surprised, Lazlo.


Can I tell him?

You came to this beautiful woman

'cause you had a problem.

A Penguin problem.

Pax Penguina was gonna last.

But Sofia had an idea.

I'd heard of a contract killer

that was impersonating
serial killers, so...

What if there was a killer,

real vicious

son of a bitch, hunting
the police, all slice and dice?

I needed the police to turn on Penguin.

I knew a few cops would have to die.

So you sent this monster in my city.

I let him improvise.

I'll admit, got a little
carried away with the whole

cooking folks routine.

I really got into the role.

Now, the only hiccup

was that mess with her daddy.

It was you.

I gave him a chance, Jim.

And if he would have shown

one iota of appreciation for

everything I have done
for this family, for him,

he would be alive.

But I saw you shot.

There was another shooter there.

SOFIA: I had to do something
to throw off suspicion.

PYG: She wasn't about
to get herself plugged

by a bunch of yahoos in a car.

It was some pretty shooting,
if I do say so.

I missed all her vital parts.

I'm putting you in jail, and this time,

it's Blackgate!

- You're gonna rot in there.
- Jim, it's just...

That's done now.

My father had his moment of truth.

This is yours.

How many cops died
under the Pax Penguina?

Not one.

It was you who couldn't stomach it.

It was you who came
to the Falcones for help.

There is a direct line
from your decision

to a dozen police officers
who have been brutally murdered.

You're insane.

Why not just kill me?

Because, Jim,

I need you at the head
of the GCPD. I need...

Someone you can control.

You've been planning this
since the day we first met.

This isn't about Gotham.

This is revenge... for me killing Mario.

You want to arrest me, arrest me.

But I will talk.

And the cops that died,

the friend that you betrayed,
will all have been for nothing.

The GCPD will crumble.

Penguin, or someone worse,
will take over,

and you will lose Gotham forever.


take on the sin as your own.

Keep the GCPD, let them
think you're a hero,

but live knowing who you are,
what you've done.

That is my revenge.


GCPD. How can I help you?

Hello? Anyone there? Anybody?

This is Gordon.

I'm at Sofia Falcone's.

I just shot and killed the Pyg.

Oh, thank Christ.

You're safe.

Master Bruce, listen.

I don't want to fight anymore.

You win.

If this is how you want to deal

with what you've been
going through, then so be it;

I'm not gonna try and stop you.

But just know this.

You will remember who you are,

and when you do, I will be right here.

No. You won't be.

I went to my lawyer and had him
draw up emancipation papers.

You're no longer my legal guardian.

I won't sign 'em.

You don't have to.

Now I'm going out.

If you're still here when I get back,

I'll go to the police
and show them my face.

- Master Bruce, please.
- Alfred, you're fired.

Now get the hell out of my house!


Say something!

Say something.

I'm sorry.

I tried.

♪ ♪

♪ ♪


I was just, uh, dropping something off.

Oh, I, uh... heard you got the Pyg.

And Penguin.


So everything... turned out well.

You didn't even need me.

You got a second? Could we, uh...?

They, uh...

they believe in you.

Don't let 'em down.

♪ ♪

What the hell happened to me?

OSWALD: Traitors!

Every single one of them!

And her! I will kill her!

I will flay her alive!

Her and Gordon and Zsasz and...

- MAN: Hey, buddy?

Do not talk to me! You...

I get it, pal.

This place is full of loonies.

I just thought we could
help each other out.

And how can you help me?

Well, not to toot my own horn,

but I'm a very... resourceful fellow.

So, toot.

Toot, toot.

I know that laugh.

What do you say, pal?
I'll be your best friend.

Give me a smile.