Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 7 - Mad City: Red Queen - full transcript

After coming in contact with a substance by the hand of Mad Hatter, Jim Gordon gets led on a psychedelic trip and must confront his past, present and future. Meanwhile, Penguin struggles with Nygma's new relationship.

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Previously on Gotham...

You are a cop in everything but name.

Saving Gotham's not my job anymore.

If a person comes into contact
with my blood, it changes them.

It affects every person differently.

I won. They really want me as mayor.
How did you know I would win?

I believe in you, Oswald.
Even when you don't believe in yourself.

- Miss Kringle?
- No, my name's Isabella.

You remind me of someone.
I'm Edward Nygma.

Past is the past.

I know that we can't change the past,

but there's a difference
between moving on and letting go.

Who do you love?

Or I shoot both of them,
which would be such a thrill.

- (Kill Lee. {GASPS)

I'm so sorry this happened.

Stop the press.

Tough guy Jim Gordon
sheds tear for Valerie Vale.

How're you feeling?

Like a bullet went through my insides.
You don't have any whiskey, do you?


You get a girl shot
and you don't even bring her booze.

You got a lot of nerve.

I never meant for you to get hurt.

You did. You wanted to save Lee.

I wanted to save you both.

Yeah. But you could only save one of us.

That's why you told Tetch to kill Lee,

because you knew he would do the opposite.

Oldest trick in the book.
At least tell me you caught him.

He's still in the wind.

Listen, Vale, it's not what you think.

It is.

You love Lee.

Which means we're done.

- If there's anything I can do...
- No.

No. Tetch was right.

You're nothing but trouble.

So, let me get this straight,

you're about to be in possession
of some kind of virus?


It's blood-based
and can be a little unpredictable.

It can take weeks
for symptoms to manifest.


This is an accelerant.

Mix it with the blood.

Wham! Bam!

That virus will hit him
like a semi going 90.


The Red Queen.

She's a blend of psychotropic plants.

Thought she'd be a big hit.

Turns out she's only good
at putting people in the looney bin.

I'll take her.

That stuff's no joke.

At first, it incapacitates you.
Then an hour into the trip,

it completely fries your brain.


I'm looking to sideline someone
before this evening's event.

That'll do it.

Hey, uh, what exactly are you planning?

This city tore my love from me,
so I'm plunging it into insanity.

And that's where
I discovered my love of books.

I never thought a fractured tibia would
launch my library career, but it did.

Fun fact, the tibia is
the second largest bone in the body.

Second only to the femur.

You have exquisite femurs.


- Oh.
- Morning paper. What time is it?

Oh, uh, it's just past 6:00.

Um, Edward,

these past 12 hours
have been the best of my life.

When can we meet again?

What can't you have
for breakfast or lunch?

Dinner. I'd love to.


Meet me at the mayor's mansion at 8:00.

I understand that one is
expected to wait 24 hours

before filing a missing person's report,
but, sir, I am the mayor!

Oswald. I am so sorry.

When you didn't come home,
I assumed the worst.

I'm so glad you're okay.

I'm better than okay.

I met someone.

I think I'm in love!

Hey! Hey, you can't be down here.

Oh, I disagree.

I don't understand
why we're doing all this, boss.

Wasn't plugging
Gordon's girlfriend enough?

Jim Gordon wasn't the only one
responsible for my sister's death.

Gotham ripped Alice from my loving arms
and turned her against me.

What better way to make this city pay

than by spreading
my dear, dead sister's legacy.

Oh, Alice.

Well. It's quite the operation
you've got going on in here.

Isn't it, Master Bruce?

- Do you need a hand?
- I got it.

Right. What time can we expect Miss Kyle?

6300, I think.

We'll see, won't we?

She's coming, Alfred. And, uh, Alfred...

Yes, yes, I know. I'll make myself scarce.

I'll give you
all the privacy that you need.

Within earshot.

And the lights on.

Well, I got bad news and worse.

Skip the preamble.

It was definitely Tetch
and his two dum-dums.

And? What about Alice's body?

The eggheads here have
had her body on ice since it arrived.

Her blood's frozen, but still viable.
The second Tetch heats it up...

He has himself the virus.

How the hell did he even get in here?

The old-fashioned way.
Somebody let him in.

I got an unconscious lab tech
and a missing guard.

My money's on the guard.

Shouldn't you
be in the hospital with Vale?

She's fine. Give me the rundown.

Oh, so I take it you're
rejoining the force?

L just want to help. There's no reason
I need to be a cop to do that.

Well, as long as I'm captain of the GCPD,
you do.

I'm tired of giving you slack.

Get the hell off my crime scene
before I throw your ass in lock-up.

Biehls, Alban,
escort Mr. Gordon off of the premises.

If he resists, book him for obstruction.

I'll go on my own.

No, hey, hey, hey! Uh-uh. No.

I see that look in your eye.
Do not try to solve this by yourself.

Then help me.

If Tetch has Alice's blood,
we don't have much time.

No. I'm not gonna aid you

on one of your solo, bull crap,
kamikaze missions anymore!

Tetch murdered four people yesterday.

He shot Vale.
I can't just let him get away with it.

Nobody's asking you to.
But, Barnes is right.

Either be a cop, or don't.
What're you so afraid of?

Is that what you think? That I'm afraid?

You know, you should go to the hospital.
Be with Vale.

And let those of us who wanna
wear the badge do our damn jobs.

You are going to out quite the fine figure
at the Founders' dinner tonight.


Did you know that this dinner

has been thrown annually
for over 200 years?

It was started
by the first families of Gotham.

Only the most
powerful citizens are invited.

It's a shame I don't have a plus one.

I can't go anyway. I have a date.

With the woman
you claim to be in love with

after only knowing for a few hours?

Heart keeps its own time.

I'm partial to the purple.

The brocade brings out my eyes.

Are you sure you aren't
mistaking infatuation for love?

You did say she is
the spitting image of Kringle.

Isabella's beautiful and smart.

So, she bears
a passing resemblance to Kristen.

It's just the universe telling me...

Telling me I have a second chance at love.

Where did you say she works?

The Main Public Library.

You're right about the brocade.

Do you mind if I skedaddle?

I just need to
pick up a few things for tonight.

Who am I to stand in the way of love?

Missing guard from the lab.
Called in sick.

My gut says he's lying.

Well, he's certainly no candidate
for sainthood. Gambling, petty theft...

Might I have a word, Captain?

Bring him in. What is it?

L just heard from the head of virology
at the Biomedical facility.

Is this is about the tests
they're running on Alice's Tetch's blood?

- Yes, in the first trial...
- One of the rats ran off the rails

and murdered the rest. I know.
Doc Thompkins told me.

But, uh, she thought
it might've been an anomaly.

I'm afraid
the second study proves otherwise.

As in the first study, the rats showed
increased strength and agility.

But, by week two,
the rats were exhibiting manic tendencies.

Violent rage.

By the study's end, every trace
of their original demeanor had vanished.

I assume they're, uh, working on a cure.

Yes, but it could take years.

Well, we only have hours. Damn it!

If this virus gets set free...

- We have to find Tetch. Now.
- Yes, sir.

Watch closely, Dumfree.

Isn't science marvelous?

Gravity, a few heaters and voila!

The last drops of coagulated blood
become cocktail mix.


Bravo, Alice.

Truly, your best work.

- You're kidding me.
- Please calm down.

He said, "Kill Lee?"

He knew Tetch wouldn't.

How? How could he
possibly have known that?

Somehow he got inside Tetch's head,

and he knew that he would do
the opposite of what he told him to.

I see. So, why would Gordon offer up the
woman he's dating in place of my fiancée?

Mario. Stop it.

We have so much to be thankful for.
I just want to move past this.


But, Jim Gordon's the reason
you were in danger, to begin with.

I want him out of our lives.

Of course.

I came by to bring this to Vale.

I got to get back to the ER.

He's angry-

I get that.

He has every reason to be.

I figured you'd be out chasing down Tetch.

Barnes banned me.

No badge, no investigation.

That's never stopped you before.

They closed ranks. Even Bullock.

He says I'm refusing the badge
because I'm afraid.

Jim, I know what you did last night.

When you told Tetch to kill me,
you knew he would shoot Vale.

No. I'm sorry. That's not true.

At least have the decency
to be honest with me.

I am being honest. I wanted to save Vale.

Bullock was right, you are afraid.

Hello there.

Mr. Mayor. What an honor.
How can I help you?

I am attending
the Founders' dinner this evening,

and I wanted to brush up
on the history of Gotham's first families.

- Hmm.
- My Chief of Staff suggested I come here.

I think you might know him.

Yes. I know Edward.

We just met.


Well, I feel I've known him my whole life.

- How romantic.
- Oh.

Listen to me blathering on.
You wanted a book?

I'm so glad you appreciate Ed.

Really, I should thank you
for brightening Ed's spirits.

He has been so down
since he got out of Arkham.

Edward was in Arkham?

You don't know.

It was front page news.

I stick to books.

Don't people typically
go to Arkham for murder?

I make it a policy
not to gossip about staff, but...


Uncanny how much you look like her.

It's that swan-like neck.


Ed loves a neck.

Well, thank you for the book.
It was a pleasure meeting you.

Hey! Hey!


The tea party was part one.

I want to have a lot more fun.

I had my way with you.

Now Gotham's up for round two.

What the hell are you talking about?

Why, I'm going to
dismantle your beloved city

from the top on down.

And you can't stop me.

Enjoy the trip.

It's going to be a bumpy ride.

Watch where you're going.

Of course, Mr. Mayor.

So sorry.





Finally sleeping beauty stirs.

Where am I?

You got dosed, buttercup.

Welcome to your hallucination.

What are you doing in it?

Hell, if I know.

Now, we've got a lot be getting on with.

I don't have time for this.


See, that's the thing
about hallucinations, Jimbo.

You got to ride out the trip. Bummer, huh?

What exactly does this trip entail?

Well, no one gave me an itinerary.

But, knowing
what goes on inside your head,

I'm sure it'll be a chock full
of belly laughs.

Just kidding.
We all know fun isn't your forte.

This is where I face my inner demons, huh?

That's up to you.

Well, go on. Unless you wanna
stay in this tiny space with me.

I'll take my chances.



Jim... Jim...


You don't have much time.

What are you talking about?

You don't have much time.

Bruce! Bruce.

Where did Bruce go?


Never leave your unit behind.

I have to find him.

Bruce! Bruce!

I'm glad you came.

What did you mean when you said
I didn't have much time?

I just wanted you to follow me
so I could show you that.

Down there.

It's because of you.

Congratulations, Jim.

You did it. You're the hero
you always dreamed of being.

Bruce... Don't.

Your name was on the schedule.

Yeah, I told you.
It was my shift at the Bio-Lab,

but I came down with something.

The only thing you're coming down with,
pal, is 10 years at Blackgate.

Hey, hey, hey.
That's no way to treat a sick man.

Listen, Sullivan,
Tetch got in using an employee's key card.

Just show us your card
and you're free to go.

Screw you. I want a lawyer.

You pigs think you're such tough guys.

Honest citizens driven mad.

Tearing each other limb from limb
just because you decided

that this city's security
is not your concern.

Tell us what you know about Jervis Tetch.

Tell us what you know about Jervis Tetch.

Captain! Captain!

Hey. I thought I was supposed
to be the bad cop here.

A bruiser in a wrestling mask

paid me to hand over my key card
and take the day off.

Promised I wouldn't get in trouble.

Said the cops would be too busy
taking back control of the city.

And? Tell us something
that might actually help.

He was driving a catering van.

Why would the Tweeds need a catering van?

Wait. What's the date?


The date.

The 27th.

The Founders' dinner.

The Archbishop, the Comptroller, the Mayor
all in the same place.

Put together a unit.
And not a word to Gordon.

A drop of blood in each wine glass

makes mad men of the ruling class.

What the hell are you doing?

Saving your life. Like you wanted.

The last thing I want
is your lips on my mouth.

Newsflash. Everything that is happening
is in your head.

Which means you made me give you CPR.

Just like you put me
in this really cheesy nurse's uniform.

That's easily rectified.

Seriously? One bad encounter with Bruce...

I don't want to talk about it.

Fine. Just don't fall into
a monosyllabic depression because...

We're at the next stop.
I have mixed feelings about this floor.

I'm afraid to ask.

I'm so glad you're home.
Mom thought you were gonna be late.

Ha! Mom owes me a quarter. Mom.

We made a bet that you were gonna be late.

Frankie had more faith than I did.
Now go on. Take those rolls to the table.

How was your trip?

Earth to Jim.

I'm sorry. You just look so beautiful.

Ew. You guys are gross.

Julie, one day, you're gonna love somebody
as much as I love your father.

- Never. Boys are dumb.
- Are not.

You feeling okay, honey?

I'm just glad to be here. With you guys.

I love you so much.

Does that mean we can get a dog?

You two. Does that mean we can get a dog?

- Sure.
- Yay! You're the best, Dad.

The best.

Just the best, Jim.

No. No, no, no, no! Come back.

You look like you need a drink.


Open the damn gate, Barbara.
I need to get back to them. To her.

If you're so desperate to
have Thompkins and the two kids,

why're you in that crappy apartment
playing Private Dick?

Let go of me. You don't know
what the hell you're talking about.

I know you're lost.
You wanna find your way home?

Play nice.

It's a long way to the basement.

So, the little minx was a no-show?

Well, it seems a frightful shame to
let this beautiful meal go to waste.

What say you, we wrap it up,
and have it for lunch tomorrow?


You always
bring your butler along on dates?

Right. I'll leave you to it.

Excuse me, miss.

You're late.

Stuff came up. Chill.

Alfred really out did himself.

I made all of it. For you.

What's With the attitude?

You stood me up.

L got busy-

Selina, if we're gonna do this,

whatever this is,
I need you to be honest with me.

This, me and you...

It's weird for me. Okay?

It's weird for me.

It's weird for me, too.

So, you gonna cut the cake or what?

Of course, I didn't want to
stand in the way of love, but...

This woman would've been a disaster.

It sounds as if
you did your friend a favor.

I'm sorry, I have been talking so much.
I never asked your name.


Just Kathryn?


How did you end up
at the Founders' dinner?

- If it's not rude of me to ask.
- Not at all.

I'm from one of Gotham's oldest families.

And I'm part of a group
which oversees things.

What sort of things?

Everything that matters in Gotham.

We've had our eye on you
for some time, Mr. Cobblepot.

Who exactly are you?

We'll contact you when the time is right.

Enjoy your evening.

Excuse me,
did you notice the rather severe

looking woman I was speaking with?
She said her name...

What is this? What is going on?

I'm afraid your evening
has been hijacked, Mr. Mayor.

I see the champagne didn't leave a mark.

I'm so glad.

For those of you who don't know me.

My name is Jervis Tetch.

I promise not to take up
too much of your time.

But the fact is,
you are the heads of Gotham.

And tonight.

The heads of Gotham will roll.

But first,

a toast.

A drink, to your health.

And if we don't?

Change, my friends, is nigh.

Drink the wine, or else you die.

Glasses down now! Glasses down!

On, my!

Is that my dear sister I see?

She's in you, isn't she?

What fun!

What fun!

Shut up! Shut up!

Last stop.

Don't be scared.

It's not easy to face who you really are.

I should know.

Do you ever wish you were
the person you used to be?

DO you?

Use this.

Or don't. It's up to you.

Good luck, Jim.



You looking for this?

- Dad?
- Hey! It's good to see you, son.

I'm always losing that darn thing.

Get in. We don't wanna be late.

Doctor. Doctor. Some help.
Doctor, he's unconscious.

- Doc: tor Calvi, he's in here.
- Jim'? Jim?

This was beside him.

"Red Queen." I've heard of this.

Give me twenty 20 CCs of Haloperidol.

Right away, Doctor.

Jim? Can you hear me? Jim! Jim?

Come on, Jimmy. It's time to go.

- Something wrong?
- No.

I'm just glad to see you.
I missed you a lot.

No, sorry I haven't been around more.

I heard you got into some kind of trouble.
You want to talk about it?

When I was a kid, people would tell me.

"Your dad's a hero."

All I knew is you went to court
every day and every night,

you came home and you played ball with me
while Mom made dinner.

Then I got older.

And I understood you were a hero.

Only, for me, it wasn't just that
you'd been a great DA.

It was that you got up, day after day.

You faced down
the worst this city had to offer,

but you never brought that home
to Mom and me.

You protected us.

I wanted to be just like you.

Turns out, I'm the opposite.

I destroy everything
and everyone around me.

No. Come on, Jimmy. I'm far from perfect.

I've got plenty of darkness inside me.
I just don't dwell on it.

Focus on the good you can do.
That's what counts.

- That's what I'm trying to do.
- No.

You've been hiding behind
self-righteous, lone wolf nonsense

because you're afraid.

Why is that?

The badge holds expectations.
People want a hero. And I'm not.

You know what makes a hero, son?

A man who values protecting others
above protecting himself.

A man who knows his limits,
but isn't afraid to fail.

A man who knows when to ask
for help when he needs it.


I wasn't always that man.
But, damn, it didn't stop me from trying.

- I don't know how to be that man.
- Sure you do.

Just got to follow the code.

You remember what that is?


The code we Gordons promise to live by?

No. Why can't I remember?

Because you're lost, son.

You wanna find your way back home?

The answer you're looking for
is in my ring.

Ah, shoot! It's time for me to go.

No. I want to talk to you more.

I can't. Someone's coming for me.

No. Dad... No, Dad, please, don't go.

- No. Dad.
- I'm proud of you, Jimmy.

- Dad!


Jim, can you hear me? Jim?


Yeah, I can hear you.

It's Haloperidol, antipsychotic. You were
dosed with a pretty powerful hallucinogen.

- It was Tetch.
- I know.

Someone saw him leaving the hospital.

You know, you're lucky.
Another minute, we would've lost you.

Thank you.

It's my job.

Doctor Calvi?
We need your signature, please.


I'll get somebody to take IV out.

Half an hour, glass of orange juice,
you'll be good to go.

SO, While I did...

Kill my girlfriend...

Who does look rather similar to you.
It was not out of malice or intent.

It was an accident that I deeply regret.

And I was not gonna tell you this,
but then...


I know what you did.

You do?

I spent the afternoon
reading every article about you.

You know what I did and yet,
you still came on this date anyway?


That's not logical.

Love isn't logical.

I've lived my whole life
inside the pages of books.

Any other men I've dated,

they didn't compare
to the lovers I spent my life with.



Romeo and Juliet.

Othello, Desdemona...

All of whom died.


You're the first to measure up.

You're the one I waited for.

You're not scared of me?

Of course I am.

Can you feel how fast my heart's beating?

Well, Ed,
you would not believe the night...

Oswald, good evening.

This is Isabella.

We have met.

Would you excuse me? I am very tired.

"Dum spiramus tuebimur."

"While we breathe, we shall defend."

Come in.

You busy?

Just finishing up some paperwork on Tetch.

He and the Tweeds
are safe and sound in Arkham.

Hopefully, that's the last
we'll hear from them.


You did what I couldn't. I mean that.

A humble Jim Gordon. What do you know?

I hear Tetch sent you on quite a trip.

If it wasn't for Mario, I'd be dead.

Anyway, I'm not here about that.

I want to rejoin the GCPD.

Why the sudden change of heart?

I made a promise to someone
when I was younger.

I intend to keep that promise.


We need you here.

I need you here.

Welcome back, Detective.

It seems you left dinner
just in time.


And what did you think of our new mayor?

My gut says "Once a criminal,
always a criminal."

Well, keep an eye on him.

Judgment is coming, Kathryn.

For all of us.