Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 8 - Mad City: Blood Rush - full transcript

Captain Barnes begins to feel the effects of a recent incident and starts to go mad. Meanwhile Nygma is out of his depth in his relationship with Isabella, and Carmine Falcone throws his son Mario and Leslie Tompkin's an engagement party.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

On the count of three, instead of telling
me who you love, tell me who to kill.

- Kill Lee.
- You chose Lee because you love Vale.

If a person comes into contact
with my blood, it changes them.

Listen to me,
I would never do anything to hurt you.

Kristen? No!

You wanted to save Lee.
You knew he would do the opposite.

You love Lee. Which means we're done.

I have found someone. I have no choice

- but to confess my feelings to Ed.
- Da.

Is this is about the tests
they're running on Alice Tetch's blood?

Yes. The rats were exhibiting
manic tendencies. Violent rage.

- I assume they're, uh, working on a cure.
- Yes, but it could take years.

Nobody move!

What is going on?

I'm afraid your evening has been hijacked.

Glasses down!

Is that my dear sister I see?
She's in you, isn't she?

- Ms. Kringle?
- No, my name's Isabella.

You remind me of someone
that I used to know.

I met someone.
I think I'm in love!

I want to rejoin the GCPD.

Welcome back, Detective.

GCPD! Hands in the air!

Back away slowly.

- This ain't what it looks like.
- Explain it to me down at the precinct.

For now, you'd be wise to keep
your mouth shut...

Listen, uh, can we talk about this?

Uh, be reasonable, man.

Look, I didn't kill anybody, okay?

I'm the cleaner. That's it.

- You're just the cleaner.
- Yeah.

Just the guy who chops up the bodies
and dumps them in a vat of acid.

That's it.

What're you doing, man?

Okay? Just take me in, okay?

Oh, I bet that's what you want.
For me to read you your rights.

Make sure you get a lawyer.

Two, three years from now, I see you on
some corner, free as a bird.

Any other night, yeah. It would eat at me,

but, yeah, I'd do it.

Not tonight.

The Toad, he's the one you want.
He gave me the job.

See, something's gotten into me.

When I see a scumbag like you my blood
starts boiling in my veins.

L just wanna punish you, make you suffer.

Up until now,
I've been able to control it.

But it's getting stronger inside of me.


The Toad, I told you. He's the one.
Just arrest me.

Arrest me!

- We're past that.
- Please!

- Morning.
- We knew what we were getting into, right?

When we agreed to let my dad throw us
an engagement party?

On, we knew.

I mean, who are these people?

He's very proud of you.
And he wants all of Gotham to know that.

Well, he's succeeded,
because he invited most of the city.

- How are you so okay with this?
- Because I agree with him.

He should be proud. As am l.

How did I get so lucky?

What is it?

James Gordon is returning to the GCPD.

- When?
- He starts today.

- Um, how long have you known this?
- A few days.

I'm sorry, I should've told you sooner.

It's fine.

Is it?

I don't know, Lee.

We agreed
he wouldn't be part of our lives,

and now you're gonna be working with him.
That's a part of our lives.

Do you trust me? Because if you do,
then nothing else matters.

Of course I trust you.

And you're right, you're right.
It's all gonna be okay. It's just...

When I think about what happened
with Tetch

- and, and the things that Gordon said, I...
- So, don't think about it.

I'll try.

But if you accidentally shot him,
I'd be okay with that, too.

No promises.

I'll see you tonight.


- Lock this bum up.
- Get out! Come on.

I'm innocent, I tell ya!

Cover the alley.

- Look, stop pulling me so much.
- Hey, you're cute.

Hey, hey, hey!

There you are. We got a call,
Warehouse district. You coming?

That's it? No welcome back?

Please. If we had a big to-do every time
you came back to the GCPD,

we'd never catch any bad guys.
Andale, partner.

Oh, and, uh...
I believe, this belongs to you.

You coming or what?

Yeah. I'm coming.

What must be broken before it can be used?

- Eggs!
- Correct.

As always.

Mmm, Edward, you spoil me.

You make it easy.

I'm going to miss you.

I'm only gone two days.

Well, actually, your conference
ends at 1:45 on Monday.

With traffic, that puts you in at
5:30 into Gotham.

If you leave on time today,
which I'm sure that you will.

- Mmm-hmm.
- You'll be gone 44 and one half hours.

Less than two days.

I will hold onto that thought.

Cream! I forgot your cream.

Mmm, mmm, mmm!

So what does one do
at a librarians' conference?

It would bore you.

Nothing that you would say, do, or think
could bore me.

Oh. In that case,
let me read you my schedule.


Where did those glasses come from?

These? These are my back-up pair.
I normally wear contacts.

I thought you knew that.

Is something wrong?

Edward, what is it?

You look like you've seen a ghost.

Excuse me.

It's just a pair of glasses.

I remember
you loved that style on me.

Oh, dear.

I haven't upset you, have I, Ed?

I would've thought you would've
been used to seeing people in mirrors.

You're just in my head.

Like that makes a difference.

But honestly, besides the fact
that she looks just like me,

you went from someone who files papers
in a police station

to someone who files books in a library.
That's super original.

You and Isabella are...

You're somewhat different.

Well, I'm dead.

And she's alive.

But how long will that last?

- Until you...
- l...

I would never hurt Isabella.

Bet you would've said
the same thing about me.

Face it, Ed. You're a killer.

It's only matter of time...

Okay, so.

A Uni ID'd the vic.

One Paulie Penopolus, aka Paulie Pennies.

- Clean up guy for the Gotham underworld.
- Bingo.

I'm thinking it was some kind of
business deal. Maybe an unhappy customer.

Perhaps a competitor?

Good place to start.
Hey, listen, seriously, Jim,

I'm glad you're back.

Me too, Harv. Feels good.

This wasn't just business.

We should call Barnes.

Do you know why I'm here?

Oh, yes. Yes, indeed.

She's in there, isn't she?

Inside of you.

Hello, sister dear.

Just tell me,

you grew up with your sister,
you've seen this virus first hand.

How do I beat it?

Hmm, I believe the way this works is

you give me something.
I give you something. Tick-took.

- How's about I let you keep your teeth?
- Or?

My sister's virus is a beautiful thing,

it makes the darkest parts
of a person sing.

What darkness in you

has Alice brought to life?

Tell me that, and I'll tell you everything
I know.


The guilty.

My anger at them.

Oh, but it's not anger I see.


Violent, bloody rage.

All right, Tetch, my turn.

Is there a cure?

Yes, there is a cure.

What is it?

You give in, and let my dear sister win.

You think I'm playing!

- Have you heard the voices?
- What voices?

The virus, even as it grows stronger,
waxes and wanes.

You may have the illusion you're winning.

Then you hear the voices,

those dark voices from deep within you,

whispering, whispering.

And, finally,
you'll see the world as it really is.

Then there will be no more Captain Barnes.

Only Alice.

My dear Alice.

You don't know me!

You've dirtied your hands, haven't you?

And now you're desperately
trying to make it right.

I can make it right.

You're back.

I'm back.

I suppose it was only a matter of time.

Once a cop, always a cop.

For better or worse,
this is where I belong.

- How's Vale?
- Good. I think.

Well, she's out of the hospital anyway.

- You two are not...
- No.

I'm not trying to make this awkward.

Why would it be? We're both adults.

- There's no reason we can't work together.
- I'm glad you feel that way. Mario agrees?

- He will. Eventually.
- Right.

Our engagement party is tonight.

I only bring it up
because a few people here are going.

- Now it's awkward, isn't it?
- A little.

You wanna know about the two bodies

- that, were found this morning?
- Yes.

I've only done
the preliminary examination.

But that John Doe in the acid?
His face had been removed.

Removed? How?

Scalpel? Razor blade? Whoever did it
knew exactly what they were doing.

- I'll have more for you soon.
- Okay.


I think you made the right decision,
coming back.

I know this doesn't
exactly look like just business.

But, right now, we're thinking

whoever paid Paulie Pennies
to dispose of the body

in the bathtub also might have killed him
to tie up some loose ends.


Jim, good to see you with a shield again.
And a tie.

- Captain. Good to be back.
- Bullock was just filling me in.

- Hell of a one to catch on your first day.
- Yeah.

It's the preliminary report from Lee.

John Doe had his face removed.

Trying to cover up his identity?

I don't know, maybe.
But the acid would've done that anyway.

I'm running point on this one.

- Honestly, Captain...
- That's cool.

Uh, look, I know I've been away...

Maybe that's why you've forgotten
how things go around here.

- I give you an order, and you follow it.
- Which, for the record, Captain,

I totally support.

I'm taking point on this.
I'm not giving you the day off.

Follow the physical evidence, Bullock.

- Report back to me.
- Aye aye.


I didn't mean to bite your head off.

It's just sometimes the ugliness here
gets to me.

No need to explain.
Let me know if you need anything.

And, uh...

Don't let the bastards
haze you too hard, rookie.

Yes, sir.


Here's the one you wanted, Captain.
Uh, mid-level felon. Goes by The Toad.

Yeah, that's him. Thank you.

"ED". Maybe she's right.

What if there's something about
Miss Kringle's... Kristen's...

Isabella's face.

What if there's something about her face
that unlocks this side of me?

What if I do hurt her?

- Oswald?
- Yes?

You're smiling.

- I was?
- Yes.


I was just thinking

how darned lucky Isabella is.

You love her, yet to protect her
you are willing to break up with her.

Beautiful. Sad.

- But beautiful.
- So you think I should break up with her.

Oh, I'm sorry. I thought that's what
we were talking about.

- Oh. Certainly, I would never pressure...
- No, you're right.

If I did hurt her,
I would never forgive myself.

That life would put her in your path again
only to snatch her from you.

- Why?
- I can't do it.

- What?
- I can't break up with her.

- But you said yourself...
- I need you to do it for me.

Would you do that?
I would be forever in your debt.

Just be gentle.

Of course.

I'm looking for a punk
who supposedly frequents this rat hole.

Goes by "The Toad."

MAN". Who's askin'?

Captain Nathaniel Barnes of the GCPD.

How about you and I go down
to the precinct,

and you can answer some questions.

Blow, pig-

I wanna know about Paulie Pennies.

The body he was getting rid of last night.
Where did it come from?

Maybe you want me to open that mouth
for you?

Okay. Stop. I hired Paulie!

But I'm just the go-between!

I'm getting so sick of hearing that.

No one's responsible for anything.
Everyone's a middleman.

- I want a name!
- Symon. Okay?

And Dr. Symon. He's a big time
plastic surgeon!

So, what?

He likes cutting people's faces off
for kicks? Try again!

No! He's got a side business.

You get in trouble. You need a new face.
He gives you one!

A new face? Whose?

I don't know.
I just get rid of the bodies! That's all!

Oh, you think you're not guilty,
but you are.

Stop, okay? Stop! It's Symon.

He's the one you want!

You're a cop!

Symon, huh?

Take me to him.

Mayor Cobblepot?

Hello, Isabella. May I?

Um, of course.

Going somewhere?

Just for a couple of nights.

But, I was hoping to talk to Ed
before I left.

Um, tried calling him. ls he okay?

Hmm. Yes.

How shall I put this?

It's over.

Excuse me?

He is not going to see you anymore.
Do not try to contact him.

That door is closed.

Have a nice life.


on, my.

It is a shock.

But, besides your odd resemblance
to his ex,

a certain facility with riddles,

compulsion for order,

what is it that you two
really have in common?

Edward is a person of exceptional
intelligence and imagination.

He deserves to be appreciated
by someone on his own level.

And you, my dear, are simply not.

Best to end things now.

You're right.

I don't deserve him.

Glad we agree. Bye.

But I'm not gonna let him go.

He loves me, and I love him.

Do you know how rare that is, Mr. Mayor?

Of course, you do.

Because you love him, too.

I can see it.

I'm not even jealous.

- I don't think that you understand...
- It was my glasses this morning.

They reminded him of Miss Kringle.

He's afraid he's going to hurt me
like he hurt her.

Listen to me, you little idiot,

lam telling you one last time.

Let Ed go.


I will write to him.
I will make him understand

he has nothing to fear.
I'm not gonna let him go.

Very well.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

- You better not have been lying to me.
- I'm not.

This is his place.
You're not going to kill me, are you?

I'm trying.

I'm about to take the face.

Be here in an hour,
and we can do the transplant.

You haven't eaten today, have you?

Very good.

I have to thank you, my dear,
for taking such care of your skin.

Excellent elasticity.

Now, hold still.

Who's there? Quiet!

Or we will forgo any anesthesia.

- I said, who's there?

You're under arrest. Go for it.


- I surrender.
- Ma'am, you all right?

How many?

- Excuse me?
- How many have you killed?

How many faces have you taken?

I have the right to an attorney.

I wish to invoke that right, now.

Guilty! Guilty! Guilty!

- Who's there?
- No one. It's only me.

He's guilty. Guilty. Guilty.
Guilty. Guilty.

What is wrong with you?

What are you doing? Arrest me!

Guilty! Guilty!

I'm not resisting!



He's guilty!


The point Dr. Thompkins hopes
you pay particular attention to

is the level of strength required to
sever Paulie Pennies' head from his torso.

And what level would that be, Lucius?


Extreme strength, got it.

As for the other victim in the bathtub
we haven't gotten any hits on his prints.

But a puncture mark in his arm suggests

he was drugged
prior to having his face removed.

I'll run toxicology,
let you know what I come up with.

- Thanks, Lucius.
- Yup.

It's good to have you back, Gordon.

Lucius, you're in forensics, not the ME.

Is there a reason
Lee didn't bring this herself?

Dr. Thompkins is already gone for the day.
Her engagement party.


I hear it's gonna be quite the affair.

Beautiful women. Free booze. Canapés.

Harvey, you can go if you want.

I'd much rather spend time here
with my old partner. Much more fun.

Besides, I wasn't invited.


Bullock, book this piece of human garbage
for the murder of John Doe.

You got it, Captain. Come on.

Plastic surgeon.
Face man for the underworld.

He had a girl on the table.

If I had been there five minutes later...

But you weren't. You did it, Captain.

Yeah, today.

You know that feeling, Jim,
when you've won the battle

but you know you're gonna lose the war?

Wars are fought one battle at a time, sir.

You said he killed the John Doe.
Not Paulie Pennies?

No. His killer is still out there.

I'll get him tomorrow. I promise.


My father and I
haven't always seen eye to eye.

But I think, Dad,

you'll agree that marrying Lee
is the best decision I've ever made.

Without a doubt.

And, Lee, you're a doctor,

a member of our city's police department,

you're funny, compassionate,
and brilliant.

Despite insisting all clogs are boys
and all cats are girls.

It's hopeless, I've tried to correct her.

I have loved you
since the moment I saw you.


It's so wonderful. He's sweet.
You're so lucky.



You look gorgeous, no surprise.

- Barbara? How did you...
- Get in?

As a plus one. With that guy there. Hey.

Or it might have been him.

You need to leave right now.

Can't we bury the hatchet?
So I came at you with a knife,

kidnapped you, whatever.

I've forgiven you for beating me
unconscious. Water under the bridge.

You just stay right here.
I'm gonna get someone.

I'm leaving.

L just wanted to ask.

As someone else who was once
with Jim Gordon, don't you miss it?

Miss what?

The heat.

Being so close,
so much darkness and light,

to someone always at war with himself.

Let me think. Tormented Jim Gordon.

Or Mario, who I know is a good man,

who'll be a wonderful father
to my children,

and whom I love.

No, I don't miss it.


I think you actually believe that.

It's kind of sad.

Tell my dates I've left, would you?


Don't let her ruin your night.

Captain, I'm so glad you came.

I can't stay. I came to congratulate you.

You deserve to be happy.

Thank you.

But you have to stay
for at least one drink.

If nothing else,
to save me from these people.

One drink.

- But no work talk.
- Deal

So, among the materials
confiscated in Symon's lab,

I came across
a unique anesthetic cocktail.

Let me guess, the same cocktail
toxicology found in the John Doe.


Hey. I got some bad news. Symon walked.


The girl he had tied up refused to
press charges, they probably paid her off,

and we just got an order
from Judge Bam-Bam

demanding his immediate release.

The botoxed son of a bitch
is uber-connected.

The toxicology definitely ties Symon
to the John Doe murder.

We gotta get him back here.

Captain Barnes?

Carmine Falcone.
I don't believe we've met.

No. But I was just leaving.

I see. ls my company so odious?

You belong behind bars.

I'm retired.

After running Gotham's underworld
for 30 years.

This city was built
because of men like me.

People have jobs because of men like me.

That whiskey you're drinking,

paid for through my work.

So you did some good. So what?

It doesn't mean you're above the law.

Nobody is.

You know, whenever I hear a man
possessed of such certainty,

I always think he's trying
mostly to convince himself.

I wish you a pleasant evening, Captain.

- Hey, Cap.
- Alvarez.

Tell Gordon I'm bringing him the man
responsible for Paulie Pennies' murder.

No backup.
He's coming in of his own accord.

Sure thing, Cap. But you should know
the judge released Dr. Symon.

We had to let him go.



Guilty! Guilty!

Guilty! Guilty!



Guilty! Guilty!



Isabella, I got your note.

I thought you needed
to leave for your conference.

I can be late, Edward.

This is more important.



the Mayor,
he informed me of your position.

But believe me, I think

our breaking up is for the best.

No, Edward, it's not.

I understand your fear.
It comes from a place of love.

I know you won't hurt me.

You never could.

I don't think that you...

On, my...


I found old photos in newspapers.

- You have to...
- I need to leave. Now!

No, no, no. Look at me!

- Look at me!
- You don't know what you're doing.

I am forcing you to face your fear!
You won't hurt me!

Even when I look like this! Edward!


No, no, no.



Should I take the glasses off?

Keep 'em on.

Seal off the exits. But do it quietly.
Last thing anyone wants is a scene.


A little late for that.
What are you doing here?

I'm sorry, but we have to make an arrest

in the Paulie Pennies case.
We tried to get the guy at home.

But his housekeeper said he was here.

Just makes you realize what a small town
Gotham is, doesn't it?

Couldn't you wait?
If he's here, he's not exactly running.

She makes a good point, Jim.
You wanna take that one?

Good evening, everyone.

Jim, what's going on?

Apparently, there's a murder suspect
among our guests.

Can I ask who?

Dr. Maxwell Symon. He's a...

Plastic surgeon. You arrest him, you're
gonna have to fight off every woman here.

He's a favorite.

He's also a murderer.

I'd be curious to know
how your father knows him.

I'm sure that their relationship
is completely aboveboard.

While you two hash this out.
I'm gonna go grab Symon.

- Harvey.
- What?

I can handle a plastic surgeon on my own.

Don't worry, discretion is my middle name.

Lee, I'd like a word with Jim.

- Mario.
- It'll be fine.


Look, Mario, I have a job to do,
so whatever this is...

When you told Tetch to kill Lee,
you knew he would do the opposite.

You sacrificed your girlfriend
for my fiancée.

- That's insane.
- Can we just admit you still love her?

- I don't have time for this.
- Hey!

You once told me that
if I ever hurt her Lee, you'd kill me.

Well, now it's my turn.

I love Lee, and I'll do
whatever I have to to keep her.

Then word of advice, lose the jealousy.

It's weak.


For Lee, I'll give you that one.

Oh, Captain.

If you keep frowning like that,

you'll never get those wrinkles out
around your mouth.

Come down to my office tomorrow.

I'll give you a free evaluation.

I'm surprised you can feel that
through that thing you call a face.

What are you doing?

What I should have clone all along.

You're insane.

Oh, no, Doc.

I'm saner than I've ever been.

I'm seeing things clearly
for the very first time.

All these years,
I've put my trust in the system,

my trust in the law,

held myself back from doing
what I really wanted to do.

And then I saw the truth.
It's not just you that's guilty.

This whole city is guilty.


You're a police officer for God's sake.

You have to follow the law.

I don't have to do anything. I am the law.

Lam Judge,


and executioner!

Sentence served.


- How'd she take it?
- What? Oh. Uh...

Everything is wonderful.

Isabella showed me that, uh,
I was worried over nothing.

I'm so happy for YOU-

But, why are you back?

Well, she had to go to her conference.
I insisted.

You're a good man.

But, you look done in.
I will hear all about it tomorrow.

Get some sleep.

Got to give her credit.

She fought for him.

Too bad she underestimated her opponent.

- I'm assuming it's done.
- Yup.

Feel kind of bad though, boss.

I always liked librarians.


What about poor Ed?

He will be heartbroken.

he has a shoulder to cry on.

Uh-oh. Come on. Oh, no.

Oh, come on... Uh-oh.

Come on, come on, come on, come...

Help me! Help me! Somebody help!

Oh, dear!

Jim, you and Mario have a heart-to-heart?

Yeah. Where's Symon?

No luck. He must've skedaddled.

- I thought he might be at the bar.
- Uh-huh.

Look, keep a perimeter in case
he shows back up.

I'm gonna head to his house.

And, Harvey, uh, take it easy, huh?

It's good to have you back again, Jim.

- Uh-huh.
- I'm real glad.


- Did you hear?
- Everything.

I saw Symon here earlier.
You managed to pick him up?

Not yet. He must've skipped out
when we showed up. We'll get him.

Alvarez said you were bringing in
the guy who did Paulie Pennies?

Turned out to be a dead end.

I'll let you know when I find Symon.


Things are gonna change around here.

You and I are gonna make
a difference in this city.

We're gonna clean it up.

Yes, sir.




- Guilty. Guilty.





Guilty. Guilty.


GCPD. Sir!

Dr. Symon.

Who did this?