Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 6 - Mad City: Follow the White Rabbit - full transcript

Mad Hatter sets his eyes on his next victims, forcing Jim Gordon to make some tough decisions. Meanwhile, Penguin and Nygma's relationship evolves, and a familiar face comes back into Nygma's life.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
"ED". Previously on Gotham...

I hope you know, Oswald,
you can always count on me.

Thank you.

Miss Kringle, dinner.

Chez moi.


That was for Kristen.

"VALE". Whatever happened with Tetch?

Broke his sister out of GCPD.

I'll never go with you!

- I love you!
- You're insane!

No, no!


You killed her!

She died. He escaped.

'Cause I heard a rumor
there's something strange about her blood.

I'll tell you what you wanna know.

You are gonna
have to buy me dinner, though.

He killed you.

Those who hurt you will feel my pain.

- I love you, Daddy.
- I love you, too, baby.

So proud of you.


- Well, the good part is about to happen.
- I hope so.

Look at that,
there's no greater symbol of love

than two people who've made the choice
to spend the rest of their lives together.

Hey, pal, we have a reception to get to.
So, what you say we get a move on?

Oh, yes. About that.
I'm afraid you won't be able to attend.

This some kind of a joke?


It's quite serious, in fact.

You're needed elsewhere.

- Let's get out of here.
- Yeah.

- Hey, open the damn door!
- Sorry, we mustn't be late.

Please, just don't hurt us.

That's not my decision to make.

Your fate depends
entirely on James Gordon.

Hey! Hey!

Don't forget to buckle up.

- Help! Help!
- Help!

What a beautiful morning.

Sun is shining, birds are singing.

They say that fortune favors the brave.

Do they have
that saying in your country, Olga?

I don't know what you're saying.

It's not important. What is important
is that I have found someone.

What good is love if it's one-sided?

I have no choice
but to confess my feelings to Ed.


Now that, I understand. It means yes.

My mother taught me that.

She used to tell me, "Life only
gives you one true love, Oswald."

"When you find it, run to it."

So, that is what I'm going to do.

I'm also going to
enroll you in an ESL program.

You really should learn the language
if you're gonna work here.

So, I hear that Lee Thompkins is
running point on Alice Tetch's blood

at the GCPD.

That would make sense.

Can you get me a sit-down with her?

Oh, I see. You're willing to help me,
just not when it comes to your ex.

It's complicated.

Actually, it's really simple.

You just pick up the phone,
you dial her number and you let her know

that Valerie Vale would like a sit-down
to discuss Alice Tetch's blood.

See? It's pretty simple.

She won't give you anything.

You leave that part to me.

You know, I can get used to this,

you helping me with my stories.

- We make a pretty good team.
- Mmm.

Does that mean
you'll share your breakfast?

Absolutely not. But really,
when are you gonna give up this Pl act?

So far, you've had two cases.
One girl died and the other one...

Well, you never found her.

In baseball, we call that an O-fer.

- I'm happy.
- Of course you are.

You get to drink scotch all day
and have sex with me.


I gotta go to work.

You know what?

This is nice.

Let me know when you hear from Thompkins.


Can I help you?

James Gordon,
Jervis Tetch has a message for you.

"Follow my friend where to go
to learn the truth you've hidden below."

"Should you choose not to play,
precious people will die today."

- This is Gordon.
- Hello, James.

Jervis, never should've left that hole
you were hiding in.

Oh, I wasn't just hiding.
I put the time to good use.

Made a thorough study of you.
Quite the fascinating history.

Yet, so tragic. A father, lost.

Career gone by the wayside.
Failed relationships.

And here I didn't think about you once.

Oh, James.

I've been
inside that head of yours, James.

I've seen the web of lies
you tell yourself.

Strung together to
keep that fragile psyche of yours intact.

Well, it's been nice catching up with you.

I'm going to force you
to confront who you really are.

And I'm going to drive you
mad doing it.

Now, please, direct your eyes
to the overpass.

Meet Dave and Amy Walters.

Married just this morning.
Lovely ceremony.

In 30 seconds,
they're going to jump to their deaths.

Take the stairs, and you can save them.

However, down the street,
there's a little boy.

His name is Shane.
And he's going to be hit by a truck

driven by my highly esteemed associate.

Choice is yours, James.

You can't save both.

So, who's it going to be?

- You can't save both of them.

You can't save both of them.

You son of a bitch.

Good. Now I have your attention.

They were innocent, Jervis.
You didn't have to kill them.

It was your choice, James.
You practically pushed them off the ledge.

Stay with me, James. James?


87 Fulton Street. Apartment Four-C.
Five minutes.

No police, or more people die.

Oh, boy. Now it's official?

Why? You looking to back out?

You'd have to put a bullet in me.

Good thing I don't carry a gun.

My father called.
He wants to throw us an engagement party.

- Told him we're not interested.
- Okay.

I know you had reservations
about moving back here.

And you know my dad.
Half measures aren't his thing.

If we say yes, he's gonna
put us on display for the whole city.

I understand.

But we chose to build a life here.

And I'm glad.

An engagement party sounds wonderful.

These go directly
to the City Clerk's office.

And, this...

Leave this outside Nicky The Nail's place.
Knock twice.

Light it and then run.


Good morning, Mayor Cobblepot.

Good morning to you, my Chief of Staff.

Here are your schedules for the day.

This covers your duties as Mayor
and this as kingpin of the underworld.

You really are settling into
your role here, aren't you, Ed?

And yet,
I still have so much to learn from you.

I came up empty tracking down Butch.

Somehow, that one-handed ape
managed to disappear.

I suspect he's hiding with his old crew.

I'm sorry for letting you down.

You have done nothing of the sort.

I would be lost without you.

In fact, um,

there is something
that I need to tell you.

Something very important.

What is it, Oswald?

You know what? I forget.

In and out of my head just like that.
Don't you hate that, when that happens?

That never happens to me.

You know what? I believe that.
So, where are we off to first?

PS 134. You're touring a school.

Press will be there,
so we better get a move on.

Great. I love children.

Okay, thank you very much. Good.

Hey, Cap!
I just spoke to that kid over there.

You're not gonna believe this.
He said Jim Gordon saved his life.

Pulled him out of the way of a truck.

Get him on the phone. Now.

I already tried him. No answer.

What happened? You forget your cane?

I don't need it anymore.

Put an all-points out on Gordon.
I want him found.

Hey, does that guy look strange to you?
I mean, more so than the usual wackjob?

Hey, pal!

You see what happened here?

Have a message for you.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.

He's hypnotized.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.



Cutting it close, James.

I like what you've done with the place.

Everyone needs a hobby.

Take a peek through the lens.

Let's chat face-to-face.

I wonder, what is it that you have
against married couples?

Bad memories, perhaps?


Given the last time you saw
a woman in a wedding dress,

she had a shotgun pointed at you.

Hey, Jervis.

Yes, James?


- Don 't you ever do that again!
- Okay.

This is about your sister, isn't it?

In your addled brain,
you blame me for what happened to her.

Don't you talk about her!

I got to know her, Jervis.
She was a good person.

That's why she hated you.

Why she died trying to get away from you.

You want revenge? Kill yourself.

Dismissive. Rude.
I don't like your attitude.

I'll tell you what. I'll come down.
We can talk about it in person.

Hang up again, she dies.

What're you talking about? Who?

Surprising, really.

Given that every relationship
you've been in ended in such misery.

And yet, you made the choice
to date again.

Poor girl, she had no idea
who she was getting into bed with.

She will soon. See for yourself.

Great thing about reporters.

Tell them you have a story,
and they'll meet you anywhere.

Let me go!

I've got him in a safe house uptown.

You would not believe
the amount of steak that man eats.

Poor, Butchie.
Nothing but Tabitha and red meat all day.

You know, sooner or later, Penguin is
gonna figure out who sprung him.

- You need a plan, sweetie.
- I'm working on it.

And in the meantime?
Has the flame rekindled between you two?

Or are you still holding out?

We'll see.

Oh, speaking of old flames...

Well, you just can't seem to stay away.

Tetch. Where is he?

How should I know? And if you don't mind,
Tabitha and I are just in the...


Jervis Tetch kidnapped
Valerie Vale this morning.

He knew things only you could've told him.

I want to know where he is.

See that fire? I mean, where was that
when we were together?

All I got was Captain Vanilla.

Seriously, we have to open in a few hours.

Then talk.

Firstly, I don't know where Tetch is.

Secondly, he may have come in here
a few days ago asking about you.

Asking what?

Oh, you know, everything.

Family stuff, GCPD.

The women in your life.
He seemed especially interested in that.

He knew all about Vale already,
but I told him about us.

About how you're still in love with me.
Cry yourself to sleep at night.

And Lee? Did you tell him about her?

Oh, you mean Miss Rebound from me?
Of course.

We'll send you a bill for the damage!

Lee, listen to me.

I'm sorry, James.
Lee can't come to the phone right now.

Can I take a message?

No? Good.

Gotham Water and Power, 10 minutes.

I need to know if she's okay.
Both Lee and Vale.

What you want means nothing to me.
Nine minutes.

James sends his regards.

Now, where were we?

Oh, yes. Introductions.
Lee Thompkins meet Valerie Vale.

You both have one
very important thing in common.

You're two halves of Jim Gordon's heart.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.

Where is Jervis Tetch?

James Gordon, I have a message for you.

Yeah, I know. You said that
the first 100 times I asked you.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.

Where is he? I know you can hear me!

Hey, Cap! A Uni just spotted Gordon
pulling up to Gotham Water and Power.

Tell him to hold his position
till we get there.

Glad you could make it, James.

Where's Lee and Vale?

Oh, you clearly have
no sense for stagecraft.

We must build to the climax.

This is merely the second act,
where we stoke the tension.

On the right is one of Gotham's
finest pediatricians.

On the left, Channel Five's
favorite anchor.

A doctor and a journalist. You get it?

Yeah, I get it.

The choice is simple, you see.
It's kill one and the other will go free.

But if your answer to me is no,
1,000 watts into them will go.

Sorry, Jervis, I'm not killing anyone.

Yes, you will.
Now pick up the pistol and fire!

You want to show me who I really am?
Then show me.

Oh, I Will.

I'm done playing your game.


Hold! What the hell is going on here?

Captain Barnes, you're just in time
to see James kill these two innocent men.

We need to find
the main power shutoff. Now.


Even when you don't choose, James,
there are consequences.


No. No!

I'm gonna find you.

Oh, I'm counting on it. Just ask
an old friend how to get to the end.

This is our third grade class.

How many more grades do we have to visit?

This is a K through 12 building.

- Twelve?
- Mmm-hmm.

But, we don't have to see
every single class, do we?

Mayor James used to read to the children.

Aubrey James is illiterate, ma'am.

- It's well documented.
- Perhaps we should move on.

What's wrong with that boy there?

That's Luke.

He's new here.

Hello, Luke. I am Mayor Cobblepot.

Why aren't you playing
with the other children?

What if they don't like me?

Well, how would you ever know
if you don't give it a try?

And if they don't like you,

wait for them to turn their backs
and push them down the stairs.

Little guy needed a push, that's all.

I continue to be in awe of you, Oswald.


There is something I would like
to discuss in a more private setting.

Shall we say dinner at the mansion? 8:00?

I'll pick us up a nice bottle of wine.

Tetch has Lee Thompkins and Valerie Vale.
You're sure?

I saw him take Vale and
I called Lee's cell and he answered.

So, yeah, pretty sure.

Call the ME's office. Call her fiancé.
Find her!

What the hell is going on here?

Tetch blames me for
what happened to his sister.

He wants revenge.

So what? He kills two innocent civilians?
How does that track?

He's obsessed with
showing me who I really am.

Driving me insane.

He killed them, and I just stood there!

What were you supposed to do?
Shoot one of them?

You did what you could. That's on him.

This is just to prepare me.

He's gonna make me choose.

He's gonna
put me in front of Lee and Vale,

and he's gonna make me choose.
And if I don't...

He'll kill both Of them.

We're gonna find her.

I promise you that.

Listen to me. Tetch is a lunatic.
He's gonna get caught.

The most you can hope for
is a lifetime in prison. Don't do this.

Dumfree, let's see what's in the kitchen.


Nice try.

So, Why'd they bring us
back to your place?

Like I know?

Any chance your boyfriend might come home?

Not likely.

You do know what this is about, don't you?

Yes. Tetch blames Jim for his sister,
and we're his means for revenge.

I've been here before.

That's too big.
It's never going to spring the mechanism.

You know, it is kind of ironic, though.

I was just asking Jim to get me
a sit-down with you. And here we are.


See, I'm writing a story
on Alice Tetch's blood.

I know you're running point for the GCPD.

You're not seriously trying
to interview me right now, are you?

- Jim said you wouldn't talk to me.
- And he was right.

I think he was just
being protective of you.

Anyway, about Alice Tetch.

I hear they're running experiments
on her blood at the GCPD bio facility.

Care to comment?

Maybe you're just really scared
and this is your way of coping

or maybe you're just
insanely committed to your job.

Either way, all I'm interested in
is getting out of here.

Try a cuticle pusher. My dad was a cop.
Taught me how to pick locks.

I can walk you through it.

Thank you.

And in exchange,
you can talk to me about Alice Tetch.

You and Jim are made for each other.


It's not a compliment.

Thank you, Dr. Calvi.
I'll call you as soon as we hear anything.

Mario's been in surgery all morning.

Says that he and Lee
left the house together this morning.

She was headed to the station.
He hasn't heard from her since.

Jervis must have grabbed her
before she got here.

What's his next move?

Tetch wants me to find him.

Well, if that's the case, then
why didn't he just tell you where he is?

I don't know. But the last thing he said

was something about
an old friend leading me to him.

Well, I'm not just gonna sit here and wait
for Tetch to send you an invitation.

Listen up!

Jervis Tetch thinks that Gotham
is his personal playground.

He's taken innocent lives.

And now,
he has Lee Thompkins and Valerie Vale.

And to whoever puts the collar on Tetch,

my personal gratitude
and best bottle of brown.

Now, go to work.

"MAN". Follow my friend where to go.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.

James Gordon, I have a message for you.


James Gordon?

I have a message for you.

How do I get to the end?

"The true test will be revealed.
A final decision you must yield."

"Tea party begins once more,"

"when you walk
through Lee Thompkins' door."

- Jim.
- Not now.

What the hell's going on? Where's Lee?

Look, you're just gonna have to trust me.

Trust you? According to Captain Barnes,

you're the reason
she's in trouble to begin with.

You know something.
You know where she is, don't you?

Keep your voice down.

Does Barnes know? Where is he?

No. He does not know.
Because, if he showed up with 20 cops,

both Lee and Vale would be dead.

I see. So, you're going to go in all alone
and save them? ls that it?

Actually, you might be the only person
who can help me. Come on.

- Remember, you have to feel...
- I got it.

Can I ask you something?

As long as it's not about
Alice Tetch's blood.

Why'd you move back to Gotham?

The way I hear it, you made a pretty nice
life for yourself down South.

- It's really none of your business.
- Maybe not.

But you could've moved to any city.
Gotten a new job.

Yet, you chose Gotham and the GCPD.

You realize that
we both might die today, right?

Mmm-hmm. Well?

I didn't come here for James Gordon,
if that's what you're worried about.

Not bad.

- My turn.
- Okay.

- Okay, so what's our plan?
- You're gonna break free.

We're gonna lure in one of these goons.
Hit him over the head with something.

Not good.
Um, you can still get out of here.

I'm not leaving you here. There's gotta be
something else we can use.

My, my.

You two have been busy.

Now, if you'd
kindly join me in the dining room.

The guest of honor will be here shortly.

Welcome to our tea party, James.

We've been expecting you.


Have a seat.

- I think I'll stand.
- You'll do what I say.

Or things will get messy.

And by messy, I mean, my two friends
will pull their triggers.

And then we'll have blood and brains
all over this beautiful table. So...

Place your gun on the platter
and have a seat.


After all we've been through today,
you have to think about it?

Not everyone here has to die.

It's going to be okay.

Don't lie to them, James.

Lee, would you mind
passing that down to James?

I must apologize for the hideous china.

Frankly, I expected more
from Don Falcone's son.

Guess I know what I'm getting you
for your wedding.

To good health.

- I think I'll pass.
- Me, too.

You know what?

I'll have some.

Bravo, James.

Now, I'd like to begin by telling
the story of a brother and a sister,

separated for years,
but whose love never waned.

Fair warning though,

it has a sad ending.

But, I couldn't find my sister alone.

So I turned to this man, James Gordon.

Whom everyone said was a good man,
an honorable man.

And what did this good man do?
Why, he found my sister

and he turned her against me!

Poisoning her mind!
And then he killed her!

Does that sound about right, James?

- Sure. Why not?
- Now, James.

I get the sense you're not being honest.

Though, that's not surprising

considering you've run from your true self
every day of your life.

But you can't run from this choice.

The woman you love

is going to die.

L just need to figure out which one it is.

So, let's review our options, shall we?

On the one hand, we have Lee Thompkins.

Intelligent. Kind.

She thought she could
save you from your darkness.

Drag you into the light.
And what did she get for her efforts, hmm?

- Pain and sadness.
- Don't listen to him, Lee.

Look in her eyes,

she still has love for you, James.

And then there's Valerie Vale.

The intrepid reporter
from a blue-collar family.

She still has hope for you.

What will happen
when she learns who you really are?


those are the choices.

Now, it's up to you.

Which lady

has your heart?

Who do you love?

You want me to choose?
Tell these idiots to lower their guns.

I don't trust them
not to shoot me by accident.

You're right. They are stupid.

Down, boys.

Now, you drop your gun.

- And why would I do that?
- Because I'll shoot you.

- Well, well.
- You okay?

This was your grand plan, James?

Play along until Dr. Calvi could sneak in
and shoot me dead?

But, there's only one small problem.

Before you arrived,
I went down to the basement

and switched the magazine in that gun
with an empty one.

My apologies, Dr. Calvi.

I only set the table for four.

Dumfree, will you please
escort the doctor to the bathroom.

I believe there's still
one chain in working order.

Now, I'm out of patience!

Who do you love?

You want to talk about love? Fine.
Let's talk about who you love.

- Or, loved.
- Don't.

- Your sister knew you were crazy, Jervis.
- Stop it.

- She was terrified of you. She hated you.
- Enough.

She told me,

what you did to her when you were kids.

- The thought of you disgusted her.
- Lies! Deceit!

The story you tell is incomplete!
She loved me!

She loved you? She killed herself
rather than be with you.

She didn't! No.

She impaled herself on a spike
and died in agony.

Because, even that was better
than having you touch her.

- No, no, no, no, no, no.
- I saw her.

When she was dying. Her face...

When she knew
she was finally safe from you,

she was smiling.
Because, despite the pain, she was happy.


She was the only thing I ever loved,

and you, you sent her soul
to heaven above.

Yes. That's right.

Me. I'm the one you want.

So, let Lee and Vale go. Keep me.

But let them go.

Oh, James.

You're trying to confuse me.

But I won't let you. No.

I'm determined that you'll live on,

and suffer without your love as I have.


- No. I won't choose.
- You will! You will!

You'll certainly spill.

I'll make it easy for you.

On the count of three,
instead of telling me who you love,

tell me who to kill.

Or I shoot both of them,
which would be such a thrill.



- Three.
- Kill Lee.

Oh, finally.

The truth is revealed.
You chose Lee because you love Vale.

Very well.

I knew you had it in you, James.

All this time, you made everyone
believe you were the hero.

But deep down, you always knew the truth.

You're a villain.


This is Dr. Leslie Thompkins.

Please send an ambulance
to 25 Blackstone Drive. Hurry!


You're going to be okay, Vale.
You hear me, you're going to be okay.

Hold on.

Victim's name is Valerie Vale.

Gunshot wound to the abdomen.

BP is 100 over 60. Tachy's at 160.

OR One's prepped and ready to go.

Clear the way! Clear the way, please.

I got it from here.


A man comes to a crossroads in his life,
and he has to make a choice.

Does he choose safety and cowardice?

Or does he opt for courage
and risk everything?

I choose courage.

What I'm trying to say is...

The thing I've been wanting to tell you
all day long is...

I love you.

Impossible to pick the perfect bottle,
isn't it?

Well, it all depends
on region and vintage.

Of course, you have to consider
the wine pairing.

- Ms. Kringle?
- No. Oh, no, my name's Isabella.

Um, I'm sorry to bother you.
I don't usually talk to people.

There's just something about you.

No, no, please, there's...

There's no need to apologize.

You remind me of someone
that I used to know.

Long time ago.

You struggle to regain me.

When I'm lost, you struggle to obtain me.

What am I?


I'm Edward.

Edward Nygma.

Jim, how is she?

Still in surgery.

She seems like a tough cookie.
She'll be all right.

What about Tetch?

We got the whole department
canvassing the city. We'll find him.

Why didn't you come to me?

I couldn't.

And I thought I could save 'em both.

You did what you thought was right.


In the end, I did exactly what he wanted.

He won.

We'll see.

Mario's a great doctor.
She'll pull through.

- Lee, about what I said...
- Jim.

Not now.