Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 20 - Heroes Rise: Pretty Hate Machine - full transcript

Gordon races against the clock to save the city from the Alice Tetch virus, when Lee Thompkins intercepts with a plan of her own. Also, Alfred sees a big change in Bruce Wayne after his ...

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Previously on Gotham...

Welcome home, Bruce.

The Court's readying a weapon
that could destroy the city.

You've done it.
You've weaponized the virus.

We have to escape.

- There's only one way that's gonna happen.
- We work together.

So that we may be free
to murder each other outside.

How do you expect to win, Oswald?

I have an army of Hugo St range's
monsters at my command.

ALFRED'. Selina!

- Selina, stop!
- He's not Bruce!

Where is Bruce?

- Bruce is serving a greater purpose.

We found another owl.

We think this map indicates
the secret hideouts of The Court.

James Gordon... You loved him.

And that love doomed Mario.

But guess who's really to blame?


"SHAMAN". We will destroy
The Court of Owls,

and then you will do whatever I say.

- Won't you?
- Yes.

The virus sample
we got from Hugo Strange.

- It's gone.
- Maybe Lucius took it.

No. Lee has it, too.

The Day of Judgment
has come to Gotham.

And to The Court of Owls.

Three years ago,
a great crime was committed.

Thomas and Martha Wayne were murdered.

Their blood is on The Court's hands.

On your hands.

Thomas Wayne stood against The Court.

He threatened to expose us.

He paid the price.

"BRUCE". And my mother?

She had to die as well?

Why is Bruce Wayne here?

He has come to pass judgment.

Enough of this.

You are the leader of The Court.
No one disputes that.

But you absent yourself from Gotham
for years at a time.

Decisions had to be made.

The Ruling Council stands by its actions.

They were your parents, Bruce.

You knelt in their blood
that night in the alley.

Let blood avenge blood.

Give the order.

You hesitated.

Next time, I won't.

I promise.



I know you won't.


Keep me informed.

Bullock. Any word for Bruce?

Alvarez said he wasn't at that location,

but they're checking out
the next black site on the map.

All right.

Everybody knows the score.

The Court of Owls
is planning an attack on the city.

They've kidnapped Bruce Wayne.

And now they know we're coming for them.

So be ready for anything. Let's go.

This is the Ruling Council.
Who could have done this?

Straight-up execution.

Gordon. We've got a breather.

Gordon... Traitor...

Yeah, I'm a traitor.

Where's Bruce Wayne? Where's the bomb?

We were betrayed...

The leader, Bruce Wayne, they killed us.

That geezer's lying.

If Master Bruce was in that room,
he's being held prisoner or something.

I mean, it's absurd to think
he had anything to do with that carnage.

I still don't get why the leader
would whack his own ruling council.

I mean, does this mean
the virus bomb plan thing's off?

Until we have the bomb in our possession,
we have to assume the plan's still on.

Maybe the leader was cleaning house.

So what's the next step?

Because we hit every spot
on that crystal owl

and all we got were dead people
wearing owl masks.

We run their identities,
we track their holdings.

We see where it leads us.

- It worked with Kathryn.
- Yeah?

And how long's that gonna take then, mate?

We're all trying to find Bruce, Alfred.
We're doing everything we can.


If only that were enough, eh?

- He's worried about the kid.
- I don't blame him.

I have no idea
how Bruce fits into The Court's plans.

But what we saw today,
them executing their own.

They're zealots, capable of anything.

Gordon, those uni's you put on Thompkins'
brownstone, they called. She's home.

I know what you're thinking, brother.

Lee stealing the virus, that's weird.
But injecting herself?


This is Lee we're talking about.

You didn't hear what she said to me
last night, Harvey.

Okay, fine. Go.

I'll be back as soon as I can.

Come again.

I said, Oswald Cobblepot is alive.

He's lying.

I wish that were true.

He disappeared for days and then
he shows up with some insane story

about him and Penguin being trapped
in birdcages and escaping together?

- What did you say he used? Pudding?
- Red Jell-O.

How stupid do you think we are?

You really want me to answer that?

It's a setup.

Well, you would know,
being an expert in betrayal.

Keep pushing me.

Calm down, both of you.

In the interest of cooperation,

your partner's backstabbing actually
led to an answer you were seeking.

Who controls Gotham?

It's an organization calling themselves
The Court of Owls.


Who are they? What do they want?

Well, unfortunately, my interaction
was limited to a woman named Kathryn

who had a stern up-do.

But I can tell you
there's no interest in the underworld.

So at least for now,
you shouldn't worry about them.

You should worry about Penguin.

I'm sorry, how is that our problem, again?

You're the one that shot him
and dumped him in the river.

Ugh... Butch,

I knew that your hand was made of lead.

I forgot that your brain was as well.


Thank you.

The three of you conspired
to help me murder him.

So in Penguin's eyes, we're all guilty.

He's right.

I'll get a team
to hit Penguin's house right away.

Don't bother.

- He knows it's the first place we'd stop.
- Hmm.

He's probably stowed away
in some safe house.

Good thing I know where they all are.

Here we go. Together again.

Oh, I should've told you,

Penguin's recruited an army
of Hugo St range's monsters.

Patrol on 9th Street.

I don't know if we're
gonna get relieved or what.

Yeah, we'll see.

I'll take it from here.
Head back to the station.


It's Jim.



Hello, Jim.

I knew you'd come.

Are you surprised?

You look surprised.

There's been a squad car
outside my house all morning.

That tells me you knew I stole the virus.

Thought you'd assume I'd inject myself.

I'd hoped I was wrong.

That'll teach you.

Can I get you something?
I know how you like your whiskey.

Why did you do this?

You know why, Jim.

You blame yourself
over what happened to Mario?

You didn't shoot him.
You didn't infect him.

It wasn't your fault.

I'd have to disagree with you on that one.

But, honestly, the whole argument
is moot at this point.

No, it isn't.

Barnes was infected for weeks
before the virus fully took hold.

We can get you help.

I'm no virologist,

but I'd say we missed the boat
on that one.

Come on, we can fight this.

Come with me.

Don't you wanna know what
the virus has brought out in me, Jim?

What it's shown me?


My love for you.

It's pretty obvious
when you think about it.

Perfect Dr. Lee Thompkins.

Why would she be been drawn
to a man with so much darkness?

Such an appetite for violence?

Unless something inside her

liked it.

Craved it.

Needed it.

That's not true.

The virus has shown me
how to give in to my deepest desires.

And I will no longer deny myself

what I really want.

There is a problem though, Jim,
isn't there?

You know what the problem is, don't you?

Yeah. You need help.

No. The problem...

ls that you are always denying yourself
who you really are.

But I can help you with that.

You see, Jim. I have a secret.

Harvey, I found something.

Right. This is a mock-up
of the map that Lucius made

of all The Court's black sites, right?

One problem.

The place where Bruce and I
found the original crystal owl

should be here. Marked.

But it's not.

Or maybe it's an old owl
that hasn't been updated.

No, mate, no.
You're missing the point. No, look.

The Court hasn't marked all the hideouts.

So how did you find the house
when you stole the Owl?

Well, there was this little Ukrainian
smuggling firm called the Whisper Gang.

And you're thinking that
maybe they know of other locations.

You know where we can find these clowns?

I do.

If there's any left alive.

What's he so angry about?

Oh, We hunted down these freaks
to help him destroy Nygma and Barbara.

- Mmm-hmm.
- We got this Freeze guy,

and your pal, Bridgit, who does the fire...

Wait. You found Bridgit?

- Where is she?
- I don't know.

Pengy disappeared the other day,

and she and Freeze figured
he wasn't coming back, so they split.

- Can you find her?
- Why?

There is a war coming between me,
Ed Nygma and Barbara Kean.

I need my army.

What's in it for me?

- My gratitude.
- Huh...


Uh, you guys, we got company.
Not the good kind.

- Ivy, let's go.
- I can't leave Penguin.

Oh! Suit yourself.

You do have a way out, right?

Of course. This is a safe house.



No army of monsters, huh?

Such a shame.

- You wanna kill him? Or can I?
- Wait.

Something's wrong.

Oh, Ed.

So smart.

Damn it!

Bravo, Oswald!

But you're just delaying the inevitable.

Where's your far better half?

Where you going, Kitty Cat?


What were you thinking about?

My parents.

I've wanted justice for them for so long.

And now that I've achieved it...

What do you feel?


I did not give the order.

You will get another chance
to prove yourself worthy.

Hello, Bruce.

It's good to see you again.

Hello, Professor.


He's completely docile.

I'd like to hear your techniques, sensei.

One day, Professor.

Show me the weapon.

I told you, Bruce,
that I did not serve The Court.

I... We made use
of The Court for our own ends.

The one I serve
believes you have a great destiny.

My task has been to prepare you for it.

But a final step remains in your journey.

This detonator will trigger the bomb.

Thousands will be infected with a virus.

The city will be torn apart.

And out of the ashes,

a dark hero will rise.


When the time comes,
you must press this button.

Are you ready
to embrace your destiny, Bruce?


Gotham must fall.

Jim, me and Alfred
got a possible location on Bruce

from a bunch of Ukrainian yucks
wearing muzzles if you can believe it.

- Give me a call when you can.
- Where the hell is Gordon, anyway?

He had to do something.

We're gonna have to give you a badge
or something one of these days.

Please, be very careful with this.

GCPD. Nobody...

Go get Bruce.

Don't move a muscle.

Obviously, I surrender.

You know where to take it.


Oh, thank God.

So you're the top boy, are you?

The leader

Step away from Bruce or I swear to God,
I will shoot you straight in the face.

You had best put down the weapon,
Mr. Pennyworth.

Not bloody likely, mate.


Bruce, get out of the line.

No, Alfred.

I will not let you hurt him.

What's he done to you?

He has lifted the burden of my past.

Revealed my true destiny.

Gotham must fall by my hand.



- Dwayne.
- Yes, sir.

Hey. Steve.

Put this animal in a cage.

I'll be back to bust your head
in a minute.

Alfred, hey.

You Okay?

Far from it.
I mean, the leader of The Court

has turned Bruce into
some kind of weird zombie zealot.

I mean, I wouldn't have believed it
if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes.

I think he wants Bruce
to detonate the bomb.


Bruce said something about
it being his destiny.

How Gotham must fall by his hand.

This is bad.

We gotta find that frigging bomb.

Let's go see baldy-locks
and see what he can tell us.


Heard from the unis at Doc Thompkins.
No sign of her or Gordon. Or his car.

Put a BOLO out on Jim Gordon.

And put one out on Lee Thompkins, too.

I'm right here, Harvey.



It's good to see you.

You wouldn't happen to know
where Jim is, would you?

As a matter of fact...

He's probably waking up.

Right about






Lee! Lee!


Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Take it easy, everybody.

Guns down, people.

It's all right. Everybody just step back.

You really did it, huh?

You injected yourself with the virus?

You're just like Jim.
You seem to think it's a bad thing.

Where is he?

He went to see you at your brownstone,
and now we can't get in touch with him.

Well, look at you,
all worried about your hero.

You put him up on this pedestal.

Forced him to deny his true self.

Lam going to free Jim
and show everyone who he really is.

Where the hell is he?

He's in a coffin.

Six feet underground.

Did you kill him?

Who said anything about killing him?

Bloody hell.

I said he was in a coffin.

He's not dead.

Not yet.

Oh! Geez...

I forgot how jumpy everybody is
around here.

Jim? Are you there?

Jim, you there?

Lee, what the hell are you doing?

Stay calm.
You've gotta conserve your air.

Listen to me.

Little late for that.

Why don't you say hi to
Harvey and the gang?

Harvey? You there?

We're here, buddy. Where are you?

Harvey, she's got the virus.
She's buried me alive.

I do the talking.

Now, if you're quiet, I'll let you listen.

So here's the deal.

I buried Jim Gordon alive

in a location that you might find
if you looked long enough.

But certainly
not before he runs out of air.

Meaning I'm the only one
who knows where he is.

But... Now, here's the kicker.

I left him a way out.

You hear that, Jim?

I left you an escape hatch.

Have you found it yet?

You should have found it by now.

You left me the virus.

I told you
I would help you find your darkness.


I can't do it for you.

You've gotta do it yourself.

I won't. I won't do it, Lee.

You've got two options.

You can take the virus.

And find the strength
and get out of there.

Or you can make
that coffin your permanent home.

Lee, please. Please.

In the name of all that is holy
and not insane,

tell us where he is.

I swear to God,
I'll let you walk right out of here.

Tell us where you buried him.

Why would I wanna
walk out of here, Harvey?

I'm gonna miss the look
on all of your faces

when he takes that virus.

And seeing that he's got roughly
an hour left of oxygen,

I'm not gonna have long to wait.

Can I get a cup of coffee?

Get the lady a cup of coffee.

Put her in a cell.

Don't worry. I'm not gonna bite.

All right, everyone.
Bruce Wayne is still missing.

There's still a freaking terrorist attack
that could go down at any minute!

So get back to your jobs.
Do what you're supposed to be doing.

Let me worry about Jim Gordon.

"BULLOCK". Jim? It's me. You there, buddy?

Harvey, these radios
run on a shortwave frequency.

I've gotta be close.
Get it over to Lucius.

He should be able
to run down a general fix.

- Hang tight. We're on it.
- Let's go.

All right.

Conserve your breath.

Stay calm.

I'm not working for Penguin.

So you were just
holed up together for kicks?

No. Ivy just asked me to come by.


None of your business, lunk.

So now I gotta take lip off a kid?

You're friends with that firebug,
aren't you?

Her name's Bridgit.

Penguin's army of monsters deserted him.

And he needed your help finding them.

You're gonna tell Penguin
that you know where this Bridgit is,

and that you'd like to meet.

And we'll take care of the rest.

Fine. But I need cash to get out of town.

- Fine.
- And nothing happens to Ivy.

She's stupid. But not a traitor.

Those things aren't mutually exclusive.


The grown-ups need to talk.

Oh, and forgive me if I don't want you
knowing the details.

That didn't work so well last time.

Bye, now.

How much longer
are we gonna put up with this?

- Jim?
- Harvey. What'd you find?

You were right about the walkie.

It's got a one-mile radius.

Lucius couldn't trace the signal,
but when we looked at a map,

we figured there was only one place
she could take you.

Jackson Park.

I should've known.

That's nothing but dense forest.
You'll never...

It's a place to start.

We're gonna find you, brother. I promise.

Harvey. Listen. I know he's your mate.

But with everything else that's going on,
with Bruce missing, the bomb...

You certain searching for Jim
is the best use of your time?

If the situation were reversed,
he'd do the same for me.

- Besides, I got you.
- What do you mean?

I want you to squeeze Strange.
Find out everything he knows.

I saw how you dealt with that
Kathryn bird.

- You like to get your hands dirty.
- You sure about this, mate?

I want you to get your hands really dirty.

I want you to find out
where the leader is taking Bruce.

Find the bomb. And however much
or little is left of Strange after that,

even if it's just a pinky,

we will throw in jail.


Campos. Call the K-9 unit,
have them meet us in Jackson Park.

- Now.
- You can't save him, Harvey.

He's gonna take the virus.

And we're gonna be together
the way we were meant to be.

It's gonna be beautiful.

Get off.

I find this shouting and screaming
deeply upsetting.

It affects my concentration. And my grip.

Please. Don't let me fall.

We can discuss this
in a civilized manner.

That's rich coming from the likes of you

that's about to poison thousands of people
and turn them into raving lunatics.

Now, where is Bruce Wayne?

And where is the bomb?

If I tell you, you drop me.

I end up dead, either way.

Self-preservation, is it?
That's your game.

All right then, Humpty.

I got a swapsy for you. Down you pop.

Your freedom for Bruce Wayne.

You don't have the authority to let me go.

I didn't have the authority
to just hang you

off the side of a bloody building, did I?

Hey, see that fire escape over there?

That leads directly to the street and to
your freedom. Now, I won't stop you.

I just wanna know where my boy is.

All right.

The leader has taken
Bruce to Wayne Enterprises.

They'll have a view of the street below

as it fills with people
infected by the virus.

- But you're too late.
- Why?

What time is the bomb going off?

5:00 p.m. But that's not what I mean.

The Bruce Wayne you know is gone.

His mind is no longer his own.

Oh, you're so wrong.

You have got no idea
how strong that boy is.

Now, I'm a man of my word.

You can walk, just as soon as you wake up.

I don't know what you mean.


You seem troubled.

I hope it was not the encounter
with your man servant.


If this is my destiny,
I do not want to fail.

You won't, Bruce.

All this,

everything The Court of Owls
set in motion,

everything I have done,
has been to prepare you for this moment.

And afterward,

I will bring you to the one
whose vision has singled you out.

He is very eager to meet you.


- Anything?
- Nothing yet.

We've covered about 30 acres.
How you holding up?

It's getting hard to breathe.

Stay off the walkie,
you gotta conserve your air.

That shouldn't be hard.

I'm running low on battery.

Then quit your yapping.

there's too much ground to cover.

You've done everything you could.


Go to Plan B.

Take the virus.


If you don't, you'll die.

Take the virus
and we'll figure something out.

I'm not gonna take the virus.
I won't become a monster.

Hold on.


Strange said the bomb
is due to detonate at 5:00 p.m.

5:00? That's in, like, 20 minutes. Where?

He never said, mate,

but he did say that the leader and Bruce
are heading directly

to Wayne Enterprises to watch the fallout.

Now, the rooftop looks directly
on to Union Station.

The bomb is due to go off slap-bang
in the middle of rush hour.

Wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa, stop!

I want every available unit
to Union Station.

I want it evacuated now. Go.
K-9, stay with me.

Harvey, at 5:00 p.m.
Union Station is gonna be packed.

Even with an evacuation,
thousands will be infected.

Not if We find the bomb first.

But I'm guessing it's not gonna be
sitting out in the open.

- No. It'll be hidden.
- Where?

Yesterday, Kathryn said,
"Gotham will fall when the clock stops."

What if she was talking about
a real clock?

The clock tower at Union Station.


Harvey, do you hear me?

Harvey, Harvey, do you copy?

Jim, I lost ya. Jim?


In the old days, loyalty meant something.

Don Falcone, Maroni.

Even Fish.

They had their faults,
but they lived by codes.

Ed Nygma, Barbara Kean.

They wouldn't even be allowed to sit
at the same table as Don Falcone.

And yet, here I am, forced to demean
myself to do battle with them.

Yeah, people are dumb.

Plants are better.

You can trust them.

I have no more safe houses.

No monsters.

I will not run from Ed Nygma.

Well, actually, you have one monster.

- What?
- Selina called.

She found Bridgit.

She's gonna bring her by.

You're joking.



- Why is Selina suddenly helping me?
- I don't know.

She's acting kind of weird.

Asking where we were. Did we have guns?

- I was like...
- "We're all alone, duh."

You idiot. It was a setup.

No. No way. Selina would never do that.

Well, unless they offered her money.

Hello again, Oswald.

Captain, over here.
I think they found something.


We gotta get to Union Station.

That was Bullock.

Gordon's on his way to Union Station.

He's infected with the virus. Come on.

- Come on.
- Hurry.


You must be very proud of yourself, Ed.

Thinking you outsmarted me.

Well, frankly,
it wasn't really a challenge.

Now, you're gonna do one thing
before you die.

Call me...

The Riddler.


You have a choice, Oswald.

This can happen real quick,
or it can take hours.

- Days. It will be...
- I'll take option B, Ed.

Since saying that ridiculous name
would be torture itself.

Very well.

Slow and painful

it shall be.


Hello? Do I get no say in all this?

- See how it feels?
- Guys,

do you hear something?

This is a trap?

No, not exactly.


Hello, Oswald.

Now, see that there?

That's a look of respect.

Or is it fear?

Hi, Fish.

- How have you been?
- Well, let's see.

I was alive.

Then I was dead.

Then I was alive.

Things are looking up.

MY, my, my.

Now this is quite a gathering.
You have to love Gotham.

People are always
pointing guns at each other.

Why are you here?

You shall


And as for you, whoever you may be.

Please excuse us.

My little Penguin and I...

Will be leaving.

Please, carry on.

Woman always knew how to make an entrance.

Attention, all passengers,
this is an emergency.

Please proceed to...

Gordon. There you are.

Attention, all passengers,
this is an emergency.

Please proceed to the nearest exit.

It's time.

Press the button.

Claim your destiny.

Let Gotham fall so you may rise.


Whatever destiny he's sold you, Bruce,
he's lying.

- Press it, Bruce.
- Don't

Bruce, don't.

I won't have him turn you into a murderer.

Are you going to shoot me, Alfred?

I wanna help you.

We'll reverse what he's done to you.

Bruce, if you press that detonator,
there's no coming back.

He won't shoot you.

He's weak, Bruce, but you are not.

Bruce, please.

Give me the detonator, son.

No, you will press it.

Hello, lover.

I guess, we're gonna have company.

Seek out the Yuyan building.

Find the demon's head.

Fulfill your destiny.


No! No!

When you're ready, come and find me.

It's only a matter of time.

It's too late.