Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 19 - Heroes Rise: All Will Be Judged - full transcript

Temple Shaman takes Bruce to the next phase of his training; Gordon and Bullock discover a crystal owl that carries the biggest secrets of Gotham's underworld; Nygma and Penguin must work together to get out of a tricky situation.

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Previously on Gotham...

Mario could have lived a normal life.

Jim didn't have to kill him.

James Gordon is one of them.

When I get out of here,
he'll be the first that I judge.

Now, The Court's readying
a weapon that could destroy the city.

It's the virus. I'm sure of it.

"KATHRYN". I have just discovered
someone has been deceiving me.

I need you to kill him.

You've never left that alley, Bruce.

And for you to accept
what I have to teach, you need to...

Selina, wait,
the city has been judged.

- You need to leave Gotham today.
- And why are you telling me?

- Because I care about you.
- You're not even a real person.

You're awake.

Selina, where are you going?

To kill someone.

What is this mysterious Court?

Ed went on television
and voila, he disappears.

- Oswald, drop it.
- No can do.

You cannot do this to me.

I demand to speak to the person in charge!


You're alive?

How did you survive?

In shooting me, Ed,
you gave me something to live for.





Just making sure you're real.

- God.
- Well, you are difficult to kill.

More cockroach than penguin.

But don't you dare call me Ed.

I'm The Riddler.

And I became him when I killed you.

News flash, Ed.

I'm not dead.

That's true.

For now.

I came back from the dead to kill you, Ed.

And ended up a prisoner yourself.

You really think a little steel
and concrete is gonna stop me?

The way I see it,
I have you just where I want you.


But not for long.



I came here to do one thing
and it ain't answering questions.

Strange as it sounds,
I'm glad you're alive.

That is strange.

'Cause you pushed me
out a four-story window.

What choice did I have?

You were gonna tell Alfred about me.

You mean how you're a freak?

How you're just a cheap knock-off

who kidnapped the real Bruce Wayne.


ALFRED'. Selina!

Selina, stop, stop!

He's not Bruce!

He's not Bruce!

Oh, dear God. Selina. Selina.

She attacked me, Alfred.
She's out of her mind.

- She needs a doctor.
- You saw her. She was crazy.

Put the iron down, Bruce.

I said put the iron down!


You can't...

You don't feel a thing, do you? Do you?

Now I'm gonna ask you nicely.

Or I swear to God
you're gonna feel a whole lot of pain.

Where is Bruce?

Bruce is serving
a greater purpose than himself.

As am l.

Last time! Where is Bruce?

You were always kind to me, Alfred.

Even when you thought I wasn't Bruce.



Just tell me where Bruce is.

Welcome home, Bruce.


Lee. Wake up.


Are you okay?

I was having the worst dream.

Really? Tell me about it.

Oh, there was this virus
that was loose in the city.

It brought out a person's darkness.
Whatever they had buried inside.

- And you had it.
- Really?

And what dark part of me
did it bring to light?

- You were jealous of Jim.
- Come on.

Me, jealous of Jim Gordon?

I'm sorry. You were.

But I'm taller than he is.

Hey. What is it?

On our wedding night,

he shot you.

And it was so real. I lost you.

You didn't lose me. I'm right here.

Now, take your medicine
and then off to bed.

- So sorry.
- I know.

Now drink.

Think about it, Harvey.

The Court's been around
since the last century.

It makes sense they have secure locations,
safe houses all across the city.

And that's where they're hiding
the virus bomb? Makes sense.

So, I dug deeper into Kathryn's holdings.

She owns a tenement building
near Miller Harbor.

But, there's a discrepancy
between the square footage listed

in the city records and the blueprints.
Over 2,000 square feet.

You're saying
they got a secret room there.

Okay, but by your logic,
there could be dozens

of secret rooms throughout the city.

And the virus bomb could be
in any one of them.

You're in the club now.

This Kathryn broad trusts you.
Why not just wait for her to call?

Because if I can do it quietly,
she'll never know.

And if the bomb is there, I can end this.

Okay, where in this building
is the secret room?

Lucius says the basement.

Oh, Lucius says the basement.
I guess we should check out the basement.

What is your issue with him?

He's smarter than me.

- Yeah.
- Let's go.

How come no one ever hides
something in a place

I actually would like to search?

You know, like a brewery or a strip joint.

- Or a casino.
- Exactly.

All I'm asking for
is a little, uh, consideration.

This is more like it.

What's this?

Little crease in the wall.

- I think it's a door.
- Let me hit the lights.

Just need to find the way in.

I meant to do that.


I don't see a bomb anywhere.

Yeah. Why would it ever be easy?

What's that?

Looks like an owl.

Made out of...

- Crystal.
- Whoa...


It's Gotham.

It must be us.

- That lower corner, right there.
- Yeah.

What do you think the white markers are?

- Secret locations of The Court?
- Makes sense.

If so, that could be where the bomb is.

- Holy mother of saints!
- Down!

I see you haven't lost a step, Jim.

Can't say the same for Bullock.

Remember I promised you'd be
punished for your crimes?

Well, I've come here to keep that promise.

No, I said Gordon.

No, Detective Jim Gordon.

What? Have him call me the minute

he gets this message,
all right, you nancy?

You should see a doctor.


Fine, whatever. Listen, think.

Can you remember anything else?

Only what I already told you, Alfred.

The clone came to me, talking about
how Gotham's gonna be judged and...

A lot of people are gonna die.

It's bloody Court of Owls, isn't it?


I warned you.

Warned you what would happen
if you poked the tiger.

Why, do you want a medal, do ya?

All that matters is they've got Bruce.

- Wait, you think he's still alive?
- My boy is still alive!

And you...

You're gonna help me find him.

- No, I'm not.
- Oh, don't... Don't do that.

Then what, you're still angry with Bruce

'cause he never told you
your mum was a wonky con artist?

That boy has been loyal to you.
He's been good.

He's been a friend,
and now he's in trouble,

you're not even going to lift a finger?

I don't know what good it'll do me.

You're a disgrace.

You're like your mum.

Go on then. Run away.

And don't you ever come back here.

I'm good, thanks. I'm good.


Got a kid who saw Barnes flee the scene.

Right, kid, talk.

Saw some guy in leather.
Had an ax attached to his arm.

Drove off in some delivery truck.

- What kind?
- For chopping stuff.

What kind of truck?

Oh. Right. Genovese Meats.

Put a BOLO out on that truck.

Barnes has Jim.

He's taking him somewhere.

You're making your blade too thin.

It's gonna snap off
when you try to stab me.

We'll soon find out,
won't we, Edward?

I told you not to call me that.

What? Edward?

But that's your name, Edward.

Edward, Edward, Edward.


You're pathetic, you know that?

At least I'm in here

because I was trying to figure out

who runs Gotham.

You're here because, what?

I didn't love you back.

Get over it.


You did not love me back.

But that's not why I'm here.

I'm here because you destroyed
the empire I built.

- I'm here because you shot me.

And no one does what you did and lives.

Well, good luck exacting revenge
when I'm gone.

Oh, please.

Make one move to escape,
and I call the guards.

"ED". I assumed as much.

Which is why I bribed the guards
to poison your coffee.

- You're lying!
- Yes, I am.

But I did steal a dart from the guards
a couple days ago.

L was planning on using it on them but...


You're gonna have to do
a lot better than that...



Help. Help.

Hey! What are you doing?

Stop that! Stop!

Come on.

Stop it. Stop!

- What are you doing?
- You don't understand...

I shall set you free, Bruce.

Free from the blinding rage
of your darkest memory.

There is one final step to take.

My parents' murder.

You want to take away the pain
of that night?


But you must be willing.

I cannot take what you will not give.

My mother's pearls.

Lock them away and be free of the pain.

Become strong.

Become the protector Gotham needs.

I'm sorry.

I want to, but...

I just can't. I can't.

Then I think it's time
I told you the truth.

You made a fool of me, Jim.

It's a shame.

I had such high hopes.

You could have played a pivotal role
in Gotham's future.

- Listen to me...
- Don't insult me further by lying.

I know you took my key card
to Professor Strangers lab.

Odd that Strange said nothing.

He and I will be having words.

Who else have you brought
into your confidence?

Harvey Bullock, obviously.

What is this an exit interview?

If you like.

Who else have you spoken to?

Who else have you spoken to?

The Court ordered my father murdered.

You drove my uncle to suicide.

You can go to hell.

And what are you now, her lap dog?

I know you're a lunatic.
At least you used to stand for something.

Your attempts to turn Captain
Barnes against me are tiresome.

He was following you
not because I asked him to,

but because he knows, as I do,

that you are an enemy of Gotham.

You Gordons always were stubborn.

But I am sad you won't see the end
of our little story.

When the clock stops,

and Gotham falls...


he's all yours.

Let the records show that the trial
of James Gordon has begun.

Nathaniel Barnes presiding, as judge,

jury and executioner.

Twinkle, twinkle, pretty doctor,
how I wish I could unlock her.

Here in Arkham, what a wonder.

Too bad her husband's six feet under.

- Clever. How is life in the nut house?
- Oh.

You know, it has its ups and downs.

Forgive me for saying this, Leslie dear,

but you don't look yourself.

Have you been sleeping?

Or, uh, are you plagued by nightmares?

You want to hear the funny thing, Jervis?

Oh, do tell, I do so love funny things.

I never really blamed you
for infecting Mario.

L just thought, why blame a lunatic?

So I blamed Jim.


Though hardly sidesplittingly funny.

Why did you infect him?

Oh, Doctor, is that the question
that's been ruining your sleep?

You wanted to hurt Jim. Why not infect me?

Why make Mario suffer?

Do you remember our tea party
at your lovely home?

- When you shot Valerie Vale.
- Yes. Good memory.

Well, I saw the way that you looked
at James Gordon.

You loved him.

And that love doomed Mario.

- That doesn't make sense.
- It makes perfect sense!

Jim Gordon does not deserve love!
Jim Gordon does not get love!

I infect your husband,

you blame Jim.

Your love for him becomes hate.

It makes perfect sense.

And it worked.

But you know the funny thing?

There's poor Mario, cold in the ground.

And here you are, blaming Jim.

Even blaming me.

But guess who's really to blame?


Now see, that's funny.

My lock pick was confiscated!

Now we're both stuck
in this unnaturally damp hell hole.

I hope you're happy.

Did the guards club you?

You know they did.

Then I'm happy-

Why are our captors keeping us here
anyway? Why not simply kill us?

I don't know.

Since my first meeting,

some woman named Kathryn,

I've had no contact with upper management.

But according to the guards' gossip,

Court's planning some attack on the city.


You wanna kill me, I wanna kill you.

Being locked in these cages
does neither of us any good.

We have to escape.

There's only one way that's gonna happen.

We work together.

There have to be rules.

- No sabotage.
- Of course.

- And no murder on the premises.
- Agreed.

Also, there needs to be a six-hour window

If I get outside and I'm worried
about you stabbing my neck,

I won't be able to concentrate,
and that's not good.

Agreed, reluctantly.

Then we help each other escape. Together.

So that we may be free
to murder each other outside.


What are you going to show me?

The truth, Bruce.

My truth.

This isn't one of my memories.

It's one of yours.

We had no choice.
The laws are clear.

And you were gone.

Thomas and Martha Wayne
were leaders of Gotham.

The city honored them. I honored them.

He threatened exposure.

What of their boy, Bruce?

Their son?

- He was not harmed.
- That, at least, is something.

All this time, Bruce,

The Court was never more
than a means to an end.

Allowing us to maintain order in Gotham.


Who are you?

Mmm-mmm. One thing at a time, Bruce.

The point is, The Court's day is over.

And they must finally pay
for their crimes.

- My parents' murder.
- Exactly.

This is your chance, Bruce.

Will you help me?

Things could've gone
so differently, James.

We could've cleaned this town up together.

But when the moment came,
you stood against me.

You stood against Gotham. Against justice.

How do you plead?

If you're asking did I shoot
your crazy ass and send you to Arkham,

then yeah, I'm guilty.

The sentence is death by beheading.

To be carried out immediately.

You do know your new masters are nothing
but a pack of murderers, don't you?

They're going to unleash the virus
in a mass attack,

infecting both the innocent
and the guilty.

You still think this virus is a curse?

Tell me,

what about strength is a curse?

What about clarity is a curse?

You're just like Lee Thompkins.

What are you talking about?

She came to me
just after you blew her husband away.

She wanted to know
if he would've killed her.

I told her that the virus is a gift.

Just like you, she didn't understand.

If she did come to you,
the only thing she took away

is that Mario was totally
and completely insane.

Any last requests?


MY badge.

If I'm gonna die, I wanna die wearing it.

I deserve that. One soldier to another.

One solider to another.

Fire in the hole, Captain.

You fool! James Gordon, I hereby...

Don't move!

- I gotcha, buddy.
- He's running!

Alvarez, any word on Barnes?

- Nothing yet.
- Ugh!

There's a nut job running around

in a leather jumpsuit
with an ax for an arm.

Now, I know this is Gotham,
but come on, people. Do something.

- Jim.
- I'm heading over to Kathryn's townhouse.

Maybe I can get there
before she realizes I escaped.

In case I run into Barnes.

This is Bullock. What?

Yes. Yes. Thank you.

That was O'Toole.
Strike Force beat you to it.

They're bringing Kathryn in now.
Finally some friggin' good news, right?

ALFRED; Gordon!

Where the bloody hell have you been?

I've been trying to call you all day.

Alfred? What's happened?

It's Bruce. He's been abducted.

Oh, why? Why can't anything be easy?

Don't know how, but he's definitely gone.

And you're not gonna believe this,
but the people responsible

are this shadowy organization
that run the whole of Gotham.

- The...
- The Court of Owls.

We've been investigating The Court

and a woman named
Kathryn Monroe for months now.

Until this morning, I was working
undercover inside the organization.

- Did they ever mention Bruce?
- Never. Why would they wanna kidnap him?

Well, I might have had a bit of a run-in
early on in the year.

- How long has he been gone?
- I don't know.

- Could be several days, several weeks.
- Weeks?

How can that kid be missing for weeks?
That's your one friggin' job.

Don't you think I know that?

They've replaced him, all right? With a...

With an exact clone
created in Indian Hill.

Well, hold on a second. Wait, backup.
I thought I heard you say, "Clone."

That's 'cause I did.

- I gotta sit down.
- All right. Let's think this through.

Alfred, is there anything
you and Bruce could've done

that would have drawn attention
from The Court?

Oh, well, we did break in
to one of their houses,

to try and find something
to give us leverage against The Court.

But all we found was this
ridiculous crystal owl thingamajig

which I managed to break.

Crystal owl?

Is there any way it could be reassembled?

- Why?
- We found another owl this morning.

When you shine a light through it,
a map of Gotham appears.

We think this map indicates
the secret hideouts of The Court.

So Bruce could be
in one of those hideouts, right?

So where's your bloody owl?

Uh, well, due to circumstances
totally beyond our control,

the owl went kaboom.

But we could reassemble the owl
that you stole,

maybe we could find Bruce and the bomb.

- Do you still have the pieces?
- You're having a laugh, ain't ya?

After all the bloody trouble
I went through to get it, of course I do.

Right. I'll be back in a minute.



Let me out of here, or I'll kill him! Now!

- Easy.
- How could you do this?

Open my cell!

Shoot him. What are you waiting for?

Never mind.

Get back. Get back.

- Wait. ls that Jell-O?
- Surprise.

Your death scene was quite convincing.

Well, I've had some practice, haven't I?

All right, if you see anything,
let me know.

You got it.

Detective Gordon.

I suppose I really shouldn't be surprised.

No, you shouldn't. Put her in the box.

I've seen the map.

I know The Court has secret locations
across the city.

Where are you hiding the bomb?

What bomb?

What does Bruce Wayne
have to do with all of this?

Why did you kidnap him?

I have no idea what you're talking about.

You're not all-powerful, you know?

The Court, they can't keep you safe.

Besides what are the members gonna think
when they see their leader behind bars?

You think I'm the leader?

All this time,
and you really don't know anything.

DO you?


Here you go.

Wait, this is the owl?
What the hell happened to it?

Jerome Valeska smashed it to bits
when he broke into the manor, didn't he?

- Can you put it back together again?
- I can't even do a jigsaw puzzle.

L just smash the pieces in
with my fist till they fit.

But wait a second. We have a guy here

who makes molds
of murder victims' faces out of clay.

- I'll give him a call.
- All right.

Where's Gordon?

He's interrogating Kathryn Monroe.

- What, the woman from The Court of Owls?
- Yeah.


I mean, no.
No, not the woman from The Court of Owls.

Oh, God, no. Not her.

Right. Tell me where Bruce Wayne is
or I guarantee you'll regret it.

Alfred. I've got this.

Good cop, bad cop?

That routine's a bit tired.
Isn't it, gentlemen?

Yeah, but I'm not a cop. Am I?

I'm a butler.

Hey, What's With the Outfit?

Stop right there.

Ladies and gentlemen!

Who is this guy?

The Court is now in session.

Alfred. Alfred.

- Alfred, that's enough.
- Ls he out of his freakin' mind?

- It's his play.
- Now, you tell me where Bruce Wayne is,

you evil old trout, or I will gut you!

Or maybe I should try the other hand.


What the hell's going on?


- Easy! Easy!
- I'm all right.

Hey, hey, you two. Stop it right now.

We got a bigger problem.
Barnes is out there.

He tore up the precinct,
used some kind of knockout gas.

I gotta get you and her out of here
right now. Let's go.

- Take her.
- Get up. Up!

- Where is he?
- I don't know.


You corrupted this house!

All of you, with your weakness,
your compromise!

This place was a church to me.

All right. That's enough of this.

Bullock, you and Alfred take Kathryn
out through the garage.

I'm not leaving you alone with him.

All right. Alfred, you do it.
She's the key to finding Bruce.

- Captain! Captain! Help me!
- Shut up!

Barnes, this is your last chance!
Give yourself up!

"BARNES". You dare threaten me?

You destroyed the thing I care most about.

And for that, the sentence is death.

- I don't think he's giving up.
- Yeah.



Captain, stop this nonsense
and take me out of here now!

Nonsense? Nonsense?

This is justice.



It's fitting, Jim,

that you should meet your end here.

The word will go out.

No one will escape
from the executioner's blade.



You will face judgment.
You will be judged!

You know what, Captain?
This place is a church.


- (On!

Our agreement still holds for five hours.

I'm aware.

How do you expect to win, Oswald?

Barbara Kean runs the underworld.
We have the gangs.

You have yourself.

Actually, I have an army of Hugo St range's
monsters at my command.

But even if I were alone,

you wouldn't stand a chance.

I suppose we'll see.

I suppose so.

- Let me know if you need me.
- Yeah, okay.


- What are you doing here?
- I just came to get some things.

You saw me, you thought I'd heard
about Barnes and I came to help?

Is that such a crazy idea?

It's just bad timing.
And if I had heard, I wouldn't have come.

- I'm done with this place.
- So you keep saying.

Barnes loved the GCPD,
but today he tried to destroy it.

It was the virus.

Or maybe he finally discovered the truth.
There is no justice here.

Look at you, you still haven't paid
for the pain that you've caused.

But I guess that's the difference
between the two of us.

I'm willing to pay for what I've done.

What are you talking about,
what you've done?

Nothing. Doesn't matter.

Hey, Jim, my guy working on the owl
says he's gonna need another hour.

- What did Lee want?
- I have no idea.

But, Harvey, if we do find
the location of the sites,

we've gotta be ready to move.

Kathryn's killing is only gonna
energize The Court.

Force their leader to act.

Wait, wait, wait.
There's someone above her? Who?

I don't know.

Go on, Bruce.

The Court of Owls must pay
for what they did.

It's the only way.

Thank you.

Tell me,

how do you feel now
when you think of your parents' murder?

I feel...



Talons have served The Court
since its inception.

The Court culls them from orphanages.
Trains them.

What I did to you, The Court has done
with them for 200 years.

But the process does more
than remove all feeling.

Cut off the smallest finger
of your left hand.

Shall I tell him to eat it?

He will, if I say so.

Bandage that.

You see, Bruce, the pain of our memories
can scar us, but it also defines us.

Take away that pain
and your mind becomes clay for me to mold.

I told you the truth.
We will destroy The Court of Owls.

And in so doing,
you will become the perfect weapon.

For you will do whatever I say.

Won't you?


See. I told you it would work.

This is it, Alfred.
You can find Bruce and end this.

Alvarez, call Strike Force.

I want every cop on the roster in
uniform and ready to roll in half an hour.

What are you waiting for?

I was coming to tell you,
I just got word from Arkham.

Barnes escaped his transport.
Took out three guards. He's in the wind.

We just busted that dude five minutes ago.

There's more.

What's this doing in here?
It's supposed to be in Lucius' office.

He must have moved it.
He said he needed to run some tests.

The virus sample we got from Hugo Strange.
It's gone.

Maybe Lucius took it. You're the only two
with the combination, right?


No. Lee has it, too.