Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 21 - Heroes Rise: Destiny Calling - full transcript

With the deadly virus spreading throughout the city, the search for the antidote continues, as Fish Mooney, The Riddler and Penguin reveal plans of their own. Bruce meets Ra's Al Ghul and ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

You left me the virus.

You've got two options.

You can take the virus.

And find the strength
and get out of there.

Or you can make
that coffin your permanent home.

Fish! Why are you here?

I was alive.

Goodbye, Fish!

Then I was dead.

Let's try subject 13, shall we?

And then I was alive.


Nothing is impossible.

Things are looking up.

My little Penguin and I...

Will be leaving.

This detonator
will trigger the bomb.

Thousands will be infected with a virus.

Let Gotham fall so you may rise.

I won't have him turn you into a murderer.

No, you will press it.

When you're ready, come and find me.

Oh: my'

- What is that?
- What's happening out there?

My money, my savings. My savings...

Excuse me, what?

My money, my savings. I want them.
My money, my savings. My whole life.

What's your account number?

MY money. my savings...

MY money, my savings.
MY money, my savings.

Uh, this account was closed
due to unpaid fees.

No, no, my money, my savings,
my life, everything! I have to...

You have no money, the account is closed.

Give me my money, now!

Oh, God. Um, security!

Hey! What are you...

MY money! My savings! Now!

Get out!

- Hey, man! Hey!
- Stop this!

Come here! Come back!
Buy our cookies!

Move on!

Jim Killer.


You're a killer.




- Jim?
- Yeah.

You Okay?


I'm fine, Harvey.

Listen, I hate to do this to you, pal.
But I'm gonna have to ask for your gun.

This virus is tearing the city apart.
You need me. I can control this.

That's why I'm not asking for your badge.

Some of the guys are talking.

These cops are gonna be watching you
for the smallest sign. Okay?

And if you've got a gun,
they'll be double jumpy.

It's for your own protection.

Any word on Lee?

Nada. What happened after the bombing?

A mob of infected swarmed the clock tower.
She disappeared in the chaos.

I don't get it.
She went through all that effort

to get you infected with the virus,
then she just bolts?

She saw I was fighting it.
She's waiting for me to give over to it.

Prove her wrong.

Where's Bruce?

Detective Gordon.

Alfred. Has he said anything?

No, no, he just sits there staring.

I need to talk to him, Harvey.

We're sure that's not the clone?

No, that's Bruce.

God knows what those bastards done to him,
but he's utterly brainwashed.

Are you really
the best person to talk to him?

I mean, from what you said,
you killed his mentor or something.

He might be a bit peeved.

Listen, whatever they did to him,
that is Bruce Wayne in there.

That boy is stronger
than you can possibly imagine.

L just need to make him remember
who he is.

As long as he doesn't leave the precinct.

Harvey, something you need to see.

An antidote?
Lucius, I could kiss your face.

Before you do that.
I don't actually have the formula.

But there is an antidote.
That's what you're saying?

I was going through the papers
you recovered from the Owl leader's house.

They suggest that while Strange
was working to weaponize the Tetch virus,

he was also working on a parallel project,

tailoring different antiviral agents
to his own ends.

Strange was designing an antidote.

That makes sense.

The Court was careful to protect its own.
They would've wanted a safeguard.

We need to talk to Strange.
Is he still here, or has he been moved?

Uh, well, when you were
buried in the coffin

and the city was about to be virus-bombed,

some decisions had to be made.


I told Alfred to question Strange.

In exchange for him telling us
where the bombing was gonna go down,

Alfred let Strange walk.
Yes, I'm blaming it on the butler!

All right. Strange is a weasel.

He'd try to get as far away
from this as possible.

Union Station is shut down.
Downtown train station's our best bet.

Yeah. Wait up!


Lucius, I know what you're gonna say.
All right? He can handle this.

Hell, Barnes had the virus for weeks
before anyone knew.

What I was gonna say, from all I see here,

St range's virus is an
accelerated version of the Tetch virus.

Why do you think
people are reacting so quickly?

Gordon isn't going to be
able to fight this for long.

Well. We'll just
have to wait and see, huh?

You keep working on that antidote.

One second, one second!
One ticket at a time.

Sir, excuse me!


Excuse me!

Oh, no.

I think you mean,
"Hello, Fish. I miss you."

And don't worry, sweetheart.
The fun has just begun.

"ED". As the flames of hedonism

licked the very foundation of its society,

Nero played and sang

at the destruction of Troy.

I will say this about the Court of Owls,

they have style.

Not to mention,
they've handed us the perfect opportunity.

For what?

The city is in total disarray.

What better time to consolidate power?


I have told you, again and again,
I have no interest in running Gotham,

- I only want...
- To kill Penguin. Yes.

I got it the first billion times.

And where is he now?
Oh, that's right, with Fish Mooney.

- So we find her.
- And then what?

You blast through her army of goons
until you get to Oswald?

You're gonna need muscle, honey.

- Which you provide.
- Oh.

So you expect my help.

But when I need yours

to take advantage of
an opportunity of a lifetime,



Listen, all I ask

is that you use

this beautiful big brain of yours

to help me finally

get this city under my thumb,

and afterwards, I will help you

pry Penguin away from Fish.


I will give you a day.

I thought we were friends.

When the Court of Owls calls,
one does not refuse.

Still, I'm not upset.

I knew when your old masters summoned you
it was to cook up some horror.

And here's the thing. I need horror.

They're responsible for all of this,
aren't they?

At the behest of The Court,

I weaponized a virus
that releases a person's darkest urges.

Thousands have been infected.

So where is this virus?

I know there's more.

It has all been used. Please, I must go!

Don't. You will give me the virus.

You will make me the army you promised.

You will do everything I say

until this city is in the palm of my hand.

Are we clear?

Yes, madam.

Sorry, folks, this exit's off... Ah!

I'll look around for the station cops,
see if they found Strange.


Oh, jeez.

He's right here.

This is Gordon.

Hi, Jim. I was just checking in.

Seeing how you're feeling.

Crazy day, huh?

- Lee, where are you?
- Somewhere very familiar to you.

I know how you're feeling.

All that blood rushing through your veins,
your heart beating faster and faster.

Listen to me.

You need to turn yourself in.
It's not safe.

The infected are being killed
all over the city.

Wow, you're really fighting this, huh?

You know, you don't have to.

The cage is finally open, Jim.
You're free.

- No.
- I thought you loved me.

I thought you wanted us to be together.

Not like this.

Well, this is the only way, Jim.

Just listen to the whispers.

Killer. Killer.

They'll lead you to me.
Tell you who you are.

Jim Killer.

That's not who I am.

I wonder what they're saying.

That you like hurting people?
Killing people?

Jim Killer.

See how well I know you, Jim?

Now I'm gonna go have some fun.

We'll catch up soon.


Killer. Killer.

You're a killer.

Jim? Jim.

Someone spotted Strange.

Just don't shoot any innocent bystanders.
Or me. Especially me.


Don't move! Fish?

What a surprise.

My goodness, Harvey. You look awful.

It's good to see you, too.

We just want Strange. You can walk away.

Yeah. No.

Fish, I know in your own sick way,

you love this city,
and Gotham is bleeding to death.

We need this dirtbag to fix it.

Enough talking. Hand him over.

He has it.

It's in his eyes.

He has the virus.


So, tell me, James, what's it feel like?

Like it's taking all my will power
not to kill you.

My! Harvey, when you say Hugo here
can save the city,

does that mean
there's a cure for this virus?

Fish, I swear to God
if you don't step back,

I will shoot you and these
two nimrods right here, right now!

Hugo, is it true?

That you're the only one
that can stop this madness?


Obviously, I can't give him up now.

Fine. You've had your chance.

Did you really think that
I would come without backup?

You're a killer.

Jim, dial it down, buddy.

Victor, looks like our
little Detective Gordon is overheating.

Perhaps, you should cool him off.
Both of them.


Just marvelous.

There he is, the real James Gordon.

Nice to meet you at last.

There we go, Master Bruce.
Two lumps just how you like it.

You hungry, mate?

Can I whip you up a sandwich?

Anyway, if all goes well,

we should be able
to head back to Wayne Manor tomorrow.

Although I was thinking
that we could go abroad.

We could go to Switzerland.

I mean, we used to go with your mum
and dad this time of year...

Stop it.

Your attempts
to elicit an emotional response

by reminding me of shared memories
is clumsy and pathetic.


The last memory I have
is of you killing the best friend

and teacher I ever had.

You mean that old geezer
that kidnapped you,

poisoned your mind, and tried
to turn you into a mass murderer?

Let me tell you something, Master Bruce,
that man lied to you.

Him and his bloody Court of Owls,

they tried to use you,
they tried to manipulate you.

You say he was a liar.


By taking away
the pain I've carried for years?

By giving me revenge against the people
who killed my mother and father?

That's more than you ever did.

Anyway, the Court of Owls does not matter.

They merely paved the way
for the one who is to come.

What do you mean?

Who... Who's coming?

You'll see.

- I should cook him.
- They want him alive.

So I'll just cook part of him.

No, my dear, let's be calm.

You don't have that kind of control.

And you do? In my hands,
this flamethrower is a scalpel.

Fine. We'll each take a foot.

- Whoever goes above the ankle loses.
- You're on.

Let me... No, no, no!
Stop! Miss Mooney! Miss Mooney!

"COBBLEPOT". Mooney's busy!

I'm here now.

Also, I think
your children are angry with you.

- Mr. Cobblepot.
- It's understandable.

You made them what they are,

then abandoned them.

You are working with Miss Mooney?

We're partners.

But you tried to kill her.

And she forgave me.

I know, surprised me, too.

But Mooney, is not the old Mooney.
She has evolved.

And she has a vision for Gotham.

She sees a city where people like myself,

Victor, Bridgit,

freaks, are in charge.

And you are gonna help us achieve that.

- I can't.
- Wrong, Professor!

This virus is tearing Gotham apart!

That makes your antidote
the most valuable thing in the city!

We could demand half of Gotham

and the city council
would deliver it to us on a platter.

So, I'm going to ask you once,

where is it?

If I tell you where the antidote is,

I have nothing.

I can't.

You can torture me all you want.



You know, when I was in Arkham,
I was tortured daily.

No. Well, that was therapy, Oswald.


And that device you used
to administer the therapy,

remember that?

It gave the sensation
that your head was being torn open

so that hot lava could be
poured directly into your brain.

Afterwards, just thinking of it
would make me physically ill.

So, naturally, I had to have it!

One moment, Oswald.

- No!
- All right, all right!

I'll tell you anything you need to know.
I'll tell you where the antidote is.

I know.

But not just yet, okay?

Or what?

They're not answering at the precinct.
They must be overwhelmed.

Well, we're not shooting our way out.

Jim Killer.

Jim. Take it easy. Someone will come!

Yeah! And by then Mooney will have
gotten Strange to give her the antidote.

We're running out of time!


Killer. Killer.


I knew you could do it.


Fight the damn virus! Not my car.
That's my car.

Let me drive.

Alvarez, spread the word, Mayor James
has called in the National Guard.

We don't want any soldiers
getting shot by mistake.

Leave me alone.

The hell's wrong with you?

Alvarez. Talking to you.

I said, leave me alone!

So, I will ask you again.
Who's coming?

I mean, I thought the man
that I dispatched at Wayne Enterprises

was the leader of the Court of Owls?

I want you to leave.

Yeah, well, that ain't gonna happen,
is it, mate?

You can't rid of me that easy.

You have to remember who you are.

I know who I am. I have a destiny!

Now, you listen to me.

That man that wanted you
to detonate that bomb,

whatever he promised you,
freedom from pain, power, none of it,

none of it was real.
I want you to remember what is real.

I know what's real!

I got vengeance for my parents' murder.
That's real!


No, that's not real.

What's real is every time
that you were sick when you were a kid,

your mum used to sit up with you all night
and read to you till you fell asleep.

That's real.

Or when you were seven
and you took your silly rowing boat out

and you got lost in that storm

and me and your dad were out
shouting and screaming, losing our minds,

and when your dad found you, how he cried.

That's real.

Yes, your parents
died in that alley three years ago,

and maybe that man
took away the pain of that night,

but there is no life, there is no love,
without pain.

He could not touch the love

that your mum and dad gave you,
that you still have in you.

You still have in here.

Same love that I have for you.

I love you, Master Bruce.

I would do anything for you.
I would die for you.

You must find that love again.

Come back to me, Master Bruce.

- Thank you very much.
- No problem.

Excuse me.

Oh, bloody hell.

What I'm saying is,
if Penguin and Fish have hooked up,

things are gonna get real bad, real fast.

You wanna run?

No. I'm saying maybe she takes care
of Barbara and Nygma for us.

I mean, we could even help things along.

Send word to Fish
about where Babs is weak.

This is our shot.

I'm not ready.

What the hell is she doing here?

Well, this is a strange day.

Never thought I'd see you in here.

I had some time to kill
while my ex sees the light.

Figured I'd have a little fun.

Where's Babs?

- What do you want with her?
- None of your business, errand boy.

I'm sorry, what did you call me?

I'm sorry,
you're not an errand boy.

You're more of a shoeshine boy.

They should give you
a little stand in the front.

Cute little hat. That's more your speed.

Right. Out.

- Oh.
- Yeah.

You've got the virus.

Wow, you're not as dumb as I've heard.

Are there any other glaringly obvious
remarks you'd like to make?

How about I cut your lungs out
and show them to you?

Wow. That's incredibly vivid.
I'd like to see you try it.

But I'm here for your boss,
the crazy blond.

She's not my boss.

Uh-huh. I may have a virus making me
freakishly strong and mildly insane,

but even I know that
you were a sidekick to your brother,

and you're a sidekick to Barbara.

So, can you send her a message for me,

would you?

Your boss.

Tell her next time I see her,
I'm gonna rip her head right off her body.

Bye, now.

What, you need help?

GO back inside.

Gotham's curfew...

SOLDIER 22 Got him.


All individuals must remain indoors.

Any activity outdoors
will be considered criminal activity.

"SOLDER 3". Clear here!
Let's go, let's go! Let's move out.

He's following directions or something.

Gotta find out who's controlling him.
Who's brainwashed him.

And then what?

I'm gonna kill the bastard.

You two wait here.

Professor, if this is a trap,

you will soon find yourself
hanging with the rest of the meat.

It's no trap.

I tested earlier versions of the virus
and the antidote on livestock.

I made sure to set aside
a successful batch.

This place gives me the creeps.

I like it.

It's concentrated.

Once you dilute it,

there is enough here
to cure every infected person in Gotham.



you and I will rule this city together.

Yes. But first, I have to kill Ed Nygma.
He has to die.

Oh, he Will.

And all those who try to stand in our way.

What's this?

Who's there?

Show yourself.

Who are they?

Don't look at me, I don't know.

Really? That's all you've got?

Hand over the antidote. Now.

I want the Strike Force and all
available units there now! I'm on my way.

Reports of an ice storm and fireball
in the East Side Slaughterhouse.

- You think maybe...
- Just drive the damn car!

Sweet mother of mercy.

Killer, killer.

You damn fool!



It's okay, it's okay, it's...
We can get you some help.

No. No. No.

I've done this enough times
to know I'm finished.

No. Do not say that! We will get you help.

Listen to me!

Listen to me.

Make this city yours.

Or you burn it to the ground.

People call me a monster.

You! Jim Gordon, you're the...

You're right. I am a monster.


Arrest 'em. All of 'em!

Strange, you better tell me
that you can make more of that antidote.

Yes, yes.

L just need one thing.

How's it hanging?

You sure about this?

According to my sources,

Fish Mooney and the GCPD are scrambling
to recover the antidote to this virus.

But Fish is dead.

And Hugo Strange,
who designed the antidote,

is setting up a lab in the GCPD.

But they are missing
one very, very important element.

So, yes, I am sure that this bozo
is the key to controlling Gotham.

Are you my saviors?

Are you the ones to set me free?

Not exactly.

Let's make Gotham beg.

Seek out the Yuyan building.

Find the demon's head.

Fulfill your destiny.

Right. Find Bullock.
Let him know where we are.

I'm gonna follow Bruce.

I wouldn't touch that, Bruce.

You know who I am?

Who do you think
told the Sensei to send you here?

He's dead.

He was murdered.

He died.

But he completed his task.

The Court of Owls is destroyed,
Gotham burns,

and you are here.

He told me to complete my training.
To find the demon's head.

You already have, Bruce.

I'm the one you seek.

I'm the demon's head.

Lam Ra's al Ghul.

Why have you come to me, Bruce?

The Sensei told me to seek you out.
That you would complete my training.

And did the Sensei tell you who I am,
what I seek?

I know you're
not a part of the Court of Owls.

That you only use them.
But I don't know why.

Then know that I have been alive
more years than you can imagine.

That I have seen and done things

that would shake the core
of everything you believe.

That I'm thought to be a demon.

A saint.

A ghost.

But for all my years, all my travels,

there is one thing
that I have never found.

A true heir.

But I need to know if you're ready.


The Sensei trained me.

Are you?

He set you a task.

He asked you to be the one that released
the virus that now envelops this city.

You failed.

L would have, but...

But Alfred, he... He distracted me!

I know.

I know.

And that's why I'm gonna give you
another chance to complete your journey.

Oh, don't look so surprised, Master Bruce.

I told you,
you couldn't get rid of me that easy.

L just got a bit sloppy.
Got a bit of ring rust.

Let these little ninja monkeys
get one over on me.

You all right, mate? What are you come as?


This man is your past, Bruce.

Now, embrace your future.

Kill him.

Join me.

Fulfill your destiny.

He's wrong, Master Bruce.
There's no other way to put it.

He's wrong.

Your destiny is to be Bruce Wayne.

And one day you're gonna remember that.

And you're gonna remember
how much I love you.

I remember the first time
your mum and dad brought you home.

They were so exhausted.

And they gave you to me.

This tiny defenseless little creature.

And they said, "Look after him."
And I said, "Sure,"

and I scooped you up in my arms,

and I held you, and you opened your eyes,

and you looked at me.

And at that moment, I decided

that I would
do anything for you. Anything.

So if this is what you need to do,
Master Bruce, you crack on.

You do it.

Join me.

Join me.

Alfred! Alfred! Alfred!

Alfred! No!


You've broken through your conditioning.


You don't control me anymore.

I will never be your heir.

On the contrary,

your strength only confirms
what the prophecy has foretold.

An heir to serve
as my knight in the darkness.

I will never follow you!

You made me kill Alfred.

Use the waters, Bruce.

Our time will come.


Alfred. Alfred. Alfred. Alfred.

A city-wide lockdown
continues to remain in effect,

with Gotham officials urging people
to stay inside their homes.

As thousands of infected citizens
continue their rampage...

Lee. Where are you?

Why? You miss me?

City's not safe.

Mmm. Well, that's why I'm packing a bag.

What are you talking about?

I'm leaving Gotham.
And I want you to come with me.

I'll take your silence as a yes.

Lee. You can't leave.
There are checkpoints all over the city.

Who you trying to convince, Jim?

I can hear it in your voice.
You want this as much as I do.

We can finally be together.
Without judgment,

or secrets or jealousy.

After everything we've been through,

don't we deserve that?

I am leaving on the afternoon train,

and I want you with me.

But I want the real you.

So tell me you'll stop fighting it.

Tell me I won't lose you again.

Tell me you'll be there.

I'll be there.

Hey, Jim.

Where are we with Tetch?

Barbara and Nygma gave
the Mayor's office a list of demands.

Friend snuck me a copy.

They also threatened to kill Tetch
if we tried to take him back by force.

Half of these would bankrupt the city.

The alternative being
there's no city left to bankrupt.

We don't have any cards to play, partner.
We got no moves.

Yes, we do.

- Him.
- Penguin?

This entire list is Barbara's
except for him.

Penguin is the only thing
Nygma cares about.

- The question is, how much?
- No way.

- There is no way we're turning him over.
- Why not?

Because we don't have the authority

to broker some kind of secret deal
behind the city's back.

Much less one that leads to the imminent
death of its former mayor.

Nygma would betray Barbara and
hand over Tetch if given half the chance.

I need to save Lee.


I don't have much time, Harvey.
It's now or never.

You know, one of these days,
I'm gonna say, "Never."

- Hello.
- Nygma.

It's Gordon. I'm calling
with a proposition. Can you talk?

I can listen.

We need to kill her.

How much longer are we gonna wait?

Come on. Nygma chopped off your hand.

He almost killed me.

And now, Barbara's partners with him?

That's the mother of all insults.

The city is gonna pay us a lot of money
to get Tetch back.

We need to let that play out
before we do anything rash.

I know you two were close.

But whatever you had,

she treats you like dirt now.

She treats us both like dirt
and you know it.

She doesn't deserve your loyalty.

What are you two whispering about?

- Nothing.
- Mmm.

Any word from City Hall?

Trust me. We're about to own this town.

Parts of it, quite literally.

Where is Ed?

He was just here a minute ago.



- How could you let this happen?
- Us?

You're the one that trusted him.

I asked you to do one thing.

Watch a man tied to a chair!
You idiots can't even do that.

- Where are we going?
- Shut up!

I'm not trying to aggravate you.

It's just, this doesn't exactly have
an above-the-board feeling about it.

- What's going on?
- Barbara and Nygma have Tetch.

- They're ransoming the city.
- So what does that have to do with me?

You're handing me over to him. You can't.
You can't. You cannot do this!

It's a small price to pay
for saving the city.

Yeah. For you.
For me, it's a very large price!

Look, he cannot be trusted.

You're risking everything based on
the word of a sociopath!

Yeah, yeah. Get in the car.

What? It's gonna be fine.

Yeah. Penguin, Nygma, Tetch,
all in the same place

for a high-stakes hostage swap?

What could possibly go wrong?

Do you mind?

Look, if I'm gonna be
the city's sacrificial lamb,

the least you can do is lead me
to the slaughter with a little dignity.


You don't think that I can cause you
trouble once we're inside?

You do and I'll kill you.

No. You won't. Not before you have Tetch.

Not before the exchange goes smoothly.

And after that,
what do you care what happens?

Let's just get this over with.

- Thank you.
- Shut up.

My three favorite men.

Don't feel bad, Oswald.

Your death at my hands was inevitable.

Is that what you told yourself last time?

I'm assuming the grenade's
not a fashion statement.


You three try anything, I pull the pin...

Kaboom! No more Tetch.
No hope for an antidote.

Little crude, don't you think?

Enough! Let's get this done.

You're infected! How wonderful.


Did you really think
you could get away with this?

I knew you'd figure out
that this was about Oswald,

but how'd you figure out where we are?

Please. You know how many cops
I got on the payroll?

Oh, baby, you might wanna use
your inside growl

whilst making secret calls
inside the GCPD.

Now, hand him over.


Let him go! Let him go!
We need to get Tetch!


That little bastard.

Coming through.
Move out of the way. Rita, move.

All right, let's have a look.

Whoa. What did you do to cauterize this?

I don't know. Is he going to be okay?

We'll do everything we can.
What's your relationship to the patient?

Doctor, BP's falling.

We're family.

All right. Let's get him typed,
cross-set and prepped for OR.

It looks pretty good.
I'll call the station!

Grab Tetch!

Split up.



You and the ex are infected, huh?

I heard Lee wants to remove
my pretty little head from my body.

Is it weird that kinda makes me like her?

You thinking about
ripping anyone's head off, Jim?

I bet you are.

You're so close.

The next time you give in,
the virus will have you.

Stop talking!


Come out, come out, wherever you are...

Hey. There's no back door.
No loading dock. No way this ends well.

The virus will give you
all the strength you need.

It's the only option.
Give in to the darkness.

I said...


Stop talking.

You want to kill me, that I can see,

but without my blood
no antidote will there be!

Fight it, Jim.

I don't know if I can.

He's right. We need him.

Yeah. But not all of him.

Where are they? What happened?

What'd he do?

Oh, Jim. You sick bastard.

Where's the lab tech?

Where's the lab tech?
Come on, come on. Here, here.

What? You've never seen a Mason jar
filled with blood before?

Go! Back to work!

You Okay?

Oh! Oh!

He's awake. I was getting lonely.

Where are we?

We ran into a police blockade.
Had to hunker down a minute.

Where are you taking me?

I don't know.
I'm sort of improvising here.

Why? You have someplace you have to be?

Does it matter?

I imagine you're planning
on dragging this out.

There are so few moments
of pure joy in one's life.

I feel compelled to savor this one.

You mean gloat.

Yes. I do.

It was always one of your
least attractive qualities, Oswald.

- It's killing you, isn't it?
- What?

To know that you are
not as smart as you think you are.

All of that planning to drive me crazy,
strip me of everything I had.

Revealing yourself with a 'ta-da!'
and shooting me by the river.

That plan was perfect, and you know it.

You failed.

L am still alive and you are
handcuffed in the backseat.

And now you will never
be able to correct your mistake.

I guess not.

Now that they have Tetch's blood,
they can make the antidote,

and after what we tried to pull,
the whole city's gonna be gunning for us.

Hell, I'm surprised the cops haven't
busted down our door already.

Relax. They've got better things to do.

What are we supposed to do now?

We split up,
go to the safe house and regroup.

Regroup? For what?

For whatever the hell I tell you to do.

I'm not waiting anymore.

She's broken every promise she's
ever made to you. To us.

I know.

The safe house
is the perfect place to do it.


I'll take care of everything.


We do it together.



Kowalski and Burrows are gonna be pissed.

Tetch's blood is good.

The lab guys are starting work
on an antidote as we speak.

I need to get to Lee. How long?
How long before it's ready?

They said we could head there now.

Where is it?

Detective Gordon, just in time.

If you'll take a seat
and roll up your sleeve.

We have a dose ready for you right now.
The others will be ready shortly.

I need two.

Sorry. We could only make
one of these single-shots so quickly.

No. Two.

All of Tetch's blood
is in the centrifuge machines.

- The process can't be interrupted.
- You're a killer.

Just one or two hours, max.
You can still catch Lee before she leaves.

- There's not enough time.
- Ow!

- Jim?
- Killer.


Don't make me. Jim! No, Jim! Jim!
Damn it! Someone call the bullpen.


I heard about Alfred.

Is he gonna be okay?

Go home, Selina.

What happened?


- No. You don't get to do this.
- Do what?

Walk back into my life.
You think I need your pity? I don't.

- That's not why I'm here.
- You wanna know what happened?

- You wouldn't understand.
- Why?

Because I'm not desperate
to believe in something?

Because you don't believe in anyone
or anything but yourself.

It's called surviving.

And unlike you,

I know who I am.

I don't need anyone to tell me.

What are you even doing here, Selina?

You don't give a damn about Alfred,
and you sure as hell don't care about me.

I know you better than that.


I thought you did.

Have a nice life!


I don't like to be kept waiting.

You're still fighting it.

I can help you with that.

We both know that's not what I want.

I want you.

I want you and all your darkness.

Give in.

Give in to your darkness. Be free.

Don't you get tired of making
the same mistake over and over?

You think I'm making a mistake?

Well, instead of killing me
when you had the chance,

you've decided to feed your ego.

You wanna talk ego? "Riddler"?

You will always fail, Oswald,

because you will always
let your base emotions drive you.




- Love.
- Shut up.

You wanna know why I could never
love someone like you, Oswald?

- I'm warning you.
- Because you are a

spoiled child who throws a tantrum any
time he doesn't get what he wants.

Especially when what he wants
doesn't want him back.

You're right. I shouldn't have waited.
But unlike you,

I am in the position
to rectify my mistake.

Prepare for one massive tantrum.

No! That is not possible!

It is my turn! It is my turn to kill you!

Like I said.

You will always fail.

Because you'll never change.

Maybe. But at least I know who I am.

That day, by the edge of the river,

that was the moment you were reborn,

and that was a lie.

Your entire persona is based on a lie!

And there is nothing
you can do to change that.

Actually, maybe there is.

Attention! All travelers
must pass through security checkpoints

before boarding the trains.

Please report anyone who might
be displaying signs of infection

at the nearest checkpoint
or security officer. ..

Hey, this isn't a public entrance.

Oh, crap!

Police! Excuse me! Police! Move aside!
Police! Move, move! Get out of my way!

He's trying to stop us.

You can't let him.

I'll see you on the train.

"BULLOCK". Police, police! Move!

Out of the way, move! Jim! Jim!

Now we're gonna be delayed,
aren't we?

You gonna shoot me, Harvey?

This isn't you!

It is.

Please, don't make me do this!

Lee and I belong together.

I know. I know how bad you want that.

To forget about everything that happened,
but you can't, it's not real!

This is who I am!

- This is who I've always been!
- No, it's not!

Who you are is a choice.
It always has been, it still is!

This is who you are.

You're the best cop I ever worked with.

The best friend I've ever had.

If you love Lee...

Go save her.



To our great adventure.


I love you, Lee.



What have you done?

Really? A hacksaw?

Even your disposal tactics are idiotic.

Guess I'm just old fashioned.

Did you really think
I wouldn't figure it out?

The two of you have been whispering
like teenagers for weeks.

- Oh, Butchie.
- You shouldn't have waited.

Oh, believe me, if it weren't for Tabby,
you'd have been dead a long time ago.

You're trying to tell me
she had nothing to do with this?

- That's right.
- Oh, so you've just

gone behind her back, have you?

I was gonna hit you
before we got to the safe house.

Play dumb when you didn't show.

Leaning into your strengths.

You want to know
why you're always taking shots at me?

The giant size of the target?

It's because for all your tough talk,

you miss her.

You miss her loyalty. Her strength.

She made you better and you know it.

You sacrificed that, for what?

To play queen for a day?


If it helps?
You never deserved her in the first...

I guess we'll see.

I don't know if you can hear me.

But if you can,

Alfred, you need to fight.

I don't know what I would do without you.

Alfred, please.

Please don't leave me.

Here we are. Again.


I have to tell you,

this feels really great.

Glad I could help.

Any last words?

I'm fine for now.

I beg your pardon?

I'll wait.

I'm going to kill you, Oswald.

There is no later.
If you have something to say,

now is the time!

Duly noted.

Whatever. I'm not letting you
ruin this for me.

You don't have anything to say,

but I do.

Goodbye, Oswald.

I removed the bullets
when you were knocked out.

Right before I called them.

In the backseat,

the pin I used to unlock my cuffs?

My tie pin.
I thought it should be personal.

You were just trying to make me think
I had the upper hand.

It all fell into place.

How did you know that Barbara
would show up at the warehouse?

I didn't.

If it wasn't for her...

Gordon would have turned me over,
and I'd most likely be dead.

But fortune favors the bold.

You said you called them
after you knocked me out.

You knew that I'd bring you here.

I know you, Ed.

I may be driven by my emotions,

but you are driven by something
much more predictable.

A desperate, compulsive need to complete
what you've started in exacting fashion.

Why don't you just kill me, Oswald?

You were the one time
I let love weaken me,

and I want you around
as a constant reminder

to never make that mistake again.





Was killing Nygma
really that important to you?

Did you kill Butch?

He said you didn't have anything to do
with him trying to kill me.

Is that true?

What does it matter?

All right, for argument's sake,

let's say I haven't been the best friend.

Do you think we could put this behind us
and move forward?

Did you kill Butch?

That doesn't sound like a yes.

I need to know.

It's the only way
we'll be able to move forward.


I killed him.

But it's not like you gave me a choice!

There's always a choice!

How many times have I told you
not to bring a whip to a gunfight?

Now, we can move forward.

The Tetch antidote
has been released over the city

with a 90% cure rate

with individual antidotes
now being manufactured

- and given to GCPD officers...

- You're awake!
- Ow! Ow!

I'm sorry, Alfred.

Wasn't your fault, was it?

I completely lost my way.

I've been trying to find
who I am for so long,

searching for some greater meaning.

I don't know who I am, Alfred.

Who am I supposed to be?

I can't help you with that one, mate.

You're a man now.

You gotta find your own path.

I'm not like you.

You've always been so sure of who you are.

Oh, I don't know about that.

I've been through some very dark places.

As have you.

You need to find your true north

and let that guide you.

What's yours?


It's always been you.

You gotta find something
that you really care about,

and you protect it at all costs.

And when you find it...

You'll never be lost again.

"REPORTER". And though the arrival
of the antidote is certainly welcome news,

the death and the destruction
the virus left in its wake

will no doubt reverberate through the city
for years to come.


Is Barbara around?


And she's not coming back.

What do you want?

I'm not sure.

I just know I'm tired of just surviving.

I want more.

I wanna move up.

Figured this was a good place to start.

I'm at a bit of a crossroads myself.

You hungry?

You buying?

Give it a whirl.

That is the logo
for my new club.

What are we going to call it?

The Iceberg Lounge.

Clever. 'Cause you're
nicknamed Penguin, right?

There's that.

And then,

there's the club's centerpiece attraction.



Jim, I knew if I saw you
I might not have the courage to leave.

And I need to.

I finally understand Gotham in a way
I suspect you always have.

It's a place where the strongest
and most cunning rule.

Where the cost of survival
is paid for by others.

And everyone feels alone.

Having the virus showed me the city
as it truly was.

As I truly was.

In so many ways,

the virus made me feel reborn.

He's a gangster.
Probably got what he deserved.

- He is?
- Sure. That's Butch Gilzean.

Really? His chart lists
his birth name as Cyrus Gold.

"NURSE". Cyrus Gold?

Must have changed it
at some point.

DR. THOMPSON'. But if having the virus

allowed Gotham
to embrace its worst self...

The cure should remind us
there is always hope,

a chance to remember who we can be,
rather than who we are.

I don't know if Gotham deserves saving,
but I do know one thing.

If anyone can save it,

it's you.

And in return, I believe
it can save you as well.

And then maybe one day,
it will send you back to me.

Until then,

love always,


Can I come in, Captain?


You threw me against a train car.

I know.

Two, actually.
I felt like a freakin' cartoon!

I am really sorry about that.

You see Lee?

She's gone. She left Gotham.

You Okay?

L will be.

You want to get a drink?

- It's noon.
- I didn't ask you what time it was,

I asked if you wanted to get a drink.


I'm good.

Any word on Tetch?

Yeah, he stumbled into some hospital.

They patched him up,
shipped him back to Arkham.

You know, I'd actually like to get back
to being a detective.

Do some good, old-fashioned police work.

The kind that doesn't involve
secret cults or blood viruses.

- Do we have anything like that?
- Not really.

Half the force is coming off
24-hour shifts, but we could, uh,

hit the streets
like a couple of beat cops.

See if we could stir up some trouble?

I don't know. Seems kinda beneath me.

You know, seeing as I'm the best cop
you've ever worked with and all.

I was just telling you
whatever crap came to mind

so you wouldn't
punch a hole through my head.

Like a hostage negotiation.

You just tell someone
what they want to hear.

Sure, sure.

- Now if you didn't have the virus...
- ls that right?

It was so good.

Money! Now!

- Dad?
- It's okay, sweetheart.