Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 13 - Mad City: Smile Like You Mean It - full transcript

On the run from Gordon and Bullock, Dwight tries to revive Jerome and, in turn, activates his acolytes around Gotham City. Meanwhile, Selina's mom's intentions in Gotham are revealed, and ...

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

I demand that you arrest Detective Gordon
for the murder of my husband.

You talk of hate and revenge,
but you still love James Gordon.

I hope she knows what a lying cheat
you are, Maria.

I had to leave
or they were gonna take me to prison.

You can't run fast with a five-year-old.

Your daughter.

First, we take away his mind.

And then, when this bird is broken...

Who are you in on this with?

You barely...

We put him out of his misery.

Guess where Dwight Pollard
worked before the morgue.

Indian Hill.

It's time to get him.

What you call sanity...

Is just a prison in your minds.

Because you ain't seen nothing yet!

Three nines and joker's wild.

Four of a kind. Must be my lucky night.

Stop or I will fire!

I said stop or I will fire.


Call for backup.

"Call for backup."

It's you.

It's really you.

- 30?
- 30?

Seems after shutting down Indian Hill,

the government just packed everything up,
and shipped it here.

To a Wayne Enterprises facility?

They sent it back to the same people
who are running Indian Hill,

and funding Strange to begin with?

- Yep.

Do we know how Jerome ended up
at Indian Hill?

No, but it makes sense.

Strange was collecting psychopaths, right?

Fish, Galavan... Jerome fit the bill.

The woman that walked out of the morgue,
that was Dwight's trial run.

He's gonna bring back Jerome.

Oh, that's great.
That's all this city needs.

Jerome Valeska sucking air
with 50 fanatics at his back.


If you wanted to bring back someone
from one of these,

what would be your next step?

Thawing him out.
These pods run at 237 degrees below zero.

You'd have to get the body
to core temperature

before even attempting reanimation.

I worked on the design of these
when I was at Wayne.

Well, good job.
Thanks for helping the bad guys.

How long?

If we're lucky, three hours.

GCPD. You're under arrest.

He needs a hospital.


Appreciate you boys seeing me
so late.

Doesn't seem like we had much of
a choice, Mr. Clemens, does it?

Please. Call me Cole.

You want money.

That bitch, Maria Kyle?

She owes me 200 grand.

I heard 100.

Well, you gotta figure gas money,
comin' out here, uh...

Well, think you can afford it?

And what exactly
is the nature of this debt?

Call it lost income
due to a broken contract.

She said she'd do something.

She didn't.

Ergo, she owes me the money
I would've made. Plus interest.

- Or what'?
- Oh, no, no, no.

I would never hurt a woman.

However, I would feel justified in
giving the police enough evidence

so that your little girlfriend
could only talk to her momma

every other Thursday through a screen
for the next 40 years.

So you give Maria the money,
she gives it to me.

I'm outta your lives.

Cash, obviously.

- He should've been taken to a hospital.
- He will be.

I needed to talk to him,
and I can do that better here than there.

Bending the rules. What a surprise.

It's Jerome Valeska we're talking about.
You remember what he's done.

There's always a reason.
He needs to go to a hospital.

Lee, I know you had Falcone
call off Zsasz.

- Thank you.
- You want to thank me?

When you find Dwight,

you have him bring Mario
back from the dead. How about that?

James Gordon, the James Gordon.

Wow. It's actually you.

So cool I'm meeting you.

You should thank your friends.

They're the ones who left you behind.

Eh, I'd have done the same.

Tell me where he took Jerome.

Why? You can't stop it.

Stop what?

Mmm, the night of the awakening.

You mean waking up Jerome?

Jerome is just the first step.

You think we're a small band.

But we are everywhere.

Put out a citywide call.

I want every unit looking for this symbol.
Go! Now!

We're almost done loading the vans.
How are you doin'?

Ding, dong.

We are there.

I hope you had a nice sleep,

because we got a busy, busy day ahead.

Well, hang on to your hats, folks.

'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet!


"there have already been calls
for the mayor's resignation.

"The clearly-disturbed Mayor Cobblepot
capped the interview by announcing,

"'To hell with the people of Gotham!"'

What are you doing?

I'm reading.

"Mayor Crumblepot." Clever, huh?

- "Neither the Mayor..."
- ls Ed here?

- "His chief of staff, Edward Nygma..."
- Did he come back?

- "Nor deputy chief of staff..."
- Did he call?

"Tarquin" somebody,
"were available for comment,

"begging the question,
who is running Gotham?"

I need to find Ed.

You need to fix this situation.

Who cares what people think of the mayor?
The city runs itself.

I'm talking about your other job.
The real one.

You melt down in public. Hide out here.

People start to smell blood in the water.

- Who?
- Tommy Bones, the Duke.

The East Side gangs are holding.

But south of the Narrows, the docks,
there's chatter.

The king is dead, or soon will be.

That kind of chatter.

I need Ed, he is the only one...

Listen to me!

- Ah!
- Ed's not here, lam!

So get up, take a shower,

do that disco vampire thing
with your hair.

I will call a meeting
of the heads of the family.

You will come, you will be your old self.

And the rumors will stop.

Why are you helping me?

Because people think you like me, Ozzie.

And as long as they're scared of you,
I get to keep breathing.

1:00, my place.

Are you sure about this?

Of course.

You saved our lives.

- And other reasons.
- This is so stupid.

Cole is a weasel.

Just call the cops
and get his ass arrested.

And what about your mum?

I mean, a weasel he most definitely is,

but if what he says is true,
she could go to jail.

And isn't that
why you have lawyers?

You pay a guy like Cole,
all that happens is he comes back again.

And again.

Look, worst case scenario,

this buys us time to get
your mom's record cleared

so he doesn't have a hold over her.

Right, 'cause it's just money.

Or another choice is I could leave.

I don't want to, but it is an option.

You know what, fine, fine.

If he doesn't mind paying, why not, right?

But I'd start keeping
a lot of cash around.

They're all over the city.

Maybe they were here
the whole time, and we just didn't notice.

Seems most are concentrated
in the Narrows, rougher parts of town.

Abandoned buildings, warehouses.

You're thinking this is how
they communicate?

Announce the next meeting
as the group moves around?

Could be more than one group.
Could be multiple chapters.

Like the Elks.
Dwight's the grand poohbah or somethin'.

Thinkin' that son of a bitch
we found at the break-in

could have been telling the truth.

What? That they're everywhere, huh?

That Jerome's got thousands of disciples
waiting for him to wake up?

Come on. This is 50 wackadoos. Tops.

Maybe, maybe not.

I think I got something.

You asked what Dwight
would need to revive Jerome?

That girl, Melanie Blake,
his test subject,

she received thousands of volts
of electricity. That amount...

Would cause a power surge
in the electric grid.

I was about to say that it would cause
a power surge on the electric grid.

Here. Ninth and Henry.

The power company recorded several surges

around the time Melanie Blake
would've been brought back,

and multiple surges as recent
as 15 minutes ago, same location.

I'll get the Strike Force.

I'll get the car.

I'll just stay here if that's okay.

Yeah, that's okay.

Yo, Alvarez, we got a location
on Dwight. Let's go.

It's me.


This goes in here...

Wake up.

Come on. Wake up!

I just heard from our guy
in the GCPD.

They've got our location.

The others are gonna wait for us
at the rendezvous...

He's still dead.

I know he's still dead.

I ran into some technical difficulties.
Nothing that I can't fix.

Well, is everything plugged in?

- Yes.
- Try turning it on and off.

I did. Three times!

Look, you have spent the last year
telling everyone

that the Prophet would return!

People have made sacrifices for you,

I left a really good job
at the post office.

The police are coming,
and you promised them Jerome.

The others expect to hear him speak.

They want to see his face!

If you can't do that...

You know, you make an interesting point.

They want to see your face.

"BULLOCK". No awakening for this guy.

Looks like Dwight took off pretty quick.

Yeah, like he knew we were coming.


"BULLOCK". Holy smacks! Is that Jerome?

Why'd he take his face?

Brothers and sisters.

I promised you Jerome would return,

and today your faith is rewarded.

Jerome is here!

Behold, the prophet.

The Prophet is here!

"MAN". Where's Jerome?

WOMAN". Where the hell's Jerome?

The Prophet is here!

Where's Jerome?

The Prophet is here!

Listen to me!

Jerome is here!

He never left us!

Each of you kept him alive!

Each of you is Jerome!

I am Jerome.

We are all Jerome.

- I'm Jerome!
- I'm Jerome!

- I'm Jerome!
- I'm Jerome!

I'm Jerome!

We are Jerome! You're Jerome!

And you, and you, everybody is Jerome.

We are Jerome. We are Jerome!

We are Jerome!

We are Jerome!

We are Jerome!

Right, thank you.

I was going through the evidence
you recovered from the scene.

That phone was on the corpse
next to Jerome.

And the last number came
from the precinct.

Wait, you're saying someone in this house
tipped them off?

It would make sense. They cleared out
moments before we got there.

So we got a freaking mole?

I was gonna replace that lamp.

Is there any way to know who called?

The number came up as the main.

So you can't make some kind of gadget
to figure it out?

Sure. I'll get on that.

Let me see it.

Everybody, listen up!

Everyone, stop what you're doing!

We have a mole.

The cult we've been tracking
was tipped off to our raid.

And the call came from in here.

It was sent to this phone.

So, let's find out
who the traitor is, shall we?

- Grab him!
- You two, get him.

OFFICER 1; Stop! Wait!
OFFICER 2; That's right.

Shut up, Dove.

Get him in the room.

- You rat.
- Get him in the interrogation room.

Good bluff.

Thank you, sir.

"BULLOCK". Everybody, get back to work.

My, my.

You scrub up nice.

Am I early?

About that.

I sent out the word.
Said you wanted to see everyone.

Express summons, etcetera, etcetera.

And, see for yourself.

This is a rebellion.

Well, don't say I didn't warn you.

But I did warn ya.

You have been such a friend, Barbara.

Tell me, what should I do now?

Well, if it were me,

I would pick one of them, the Duke maybe,
or Tommy Bones,

and teach them a lesson.

They don't respect you, Oswald.

In fact, you probably want to kill
Tommy Bones and the Duke.

Just clean house.

I'm sorry, just...

Well, I'm glad you can find
the humor in it.

Did you really think
I would be so easy to manipulate?

What was your plan?

Take advantage of me
while I was in a weakened state?

Trick me into attacking my subordinates
so they truly did rebel?

Inciting war, so that
you could pick up the pieces?

My dear, you are tragically
out of your depth.

Oswald, I am your friend.

Perhaps I should call Tommy Bones.
Or the Duke.

Or any of the families, and ask them

if you really invited them
to this meeting?

What would they say?


He's right here.

Tommy Bones.


"TOMMY". You get the message?

We don't work for you no more.

Your day is done, freak.

How dare you?

I Will gut you!

I will hang your entrails
from every lamppost in Gotham!

Then Nygma dies.


Walk away quiet.

Maybe we'll send him back in one piece.

We 'll even let you keep being mayor.

They have Ed.

They're holding him hostage.

I will kill them. Every one of them!

I have to go!

I have to gather my men. I have...

"BARBARA". Put her on.

- Hey.
- He bought it.

Well done.

So, we're good now?
I said all you told me.

Yeah, we're good.

Officer Andrew Dove.
Six years with the GCPD.

Twice decorated.

Up for promotion in six months.

Well, congrats, pal,

'cause you're going to Blackgate,
and they love cops there.

I stopped being a cop a long time ago.

The hell you did.
No one ever stops being a cop.

You were here when Jerome
and the Maniax attacked.

You defended this house against him.

And that's the night I changed.

"BULLOCK". Don't waste your breath, Jim.

Let's put him on a bus to Blackgate,

stick a target on his back,
and forget about him!

Good cop, bad cop doesn't work on cops.

At the very least,
you two should've switched roles.

You know what?

You're right.

You're gonna tell me
what Dwight's planning right now!

You think this is funny, Dove?
How about this?

Hilarious! Again!

Ir you insist!

Harvey. Harvey, no, no!

Twenty-five milligrams of
sodium pentothal.

Give him a few minutes.
He'll tell you what you need to know.


Lee. Lee. Stop.

Don't touch me.

What the hell was that?

You wanted Dove to talk.
So now he'll talk.

- You shouldn't have done that.
- Really?

Did I not just see Harvey
punch him in the face?

What about you? You brought
a wounded suspect into the precinct

instead of taking him to the hospital,
because you wanted to interrogate him.

You guys can bend the rules, but I can't?

None of us should. Me, Harvey, you.

But especially not you.
You're better than that.

- Oh, that's so sweet.
- Would you stop it?

Look, you want to blame me
for Mario's death, that's fine.

I can live with that, knowing you're okay.

But don't let your hatred of me
turn you into something you're not.

Or what, Jim?

If I change too much,

you're going to put two in my heart
like you did to Mario?

I'll talk to Harvey.

You came back to the job too soon.
You need some time off.

Yeah, you do that.

And I'll tell the commissioner

how I saw the acting captain
punch a suspect in the face.

Don't ever touch me again
or tell me what to do.

Jim, hey, it worked.

Dove gave it up.

Dwight's heading to Channel 9,

to make some sort of announcement
on the 6:00 news.

All right, call the station,
have them evacuate everyone.

I'm already on it, let's go.

The GCPD has asked us
to evacuate the building.

They assure me that everything
is under control.

No one's going anywhere.

We've got a show to do, people!

And as you know, the show must go on.

What the...


Wow, well, that is quite a story.

You know, I know I've been dead,

but doesn't that seem
kind of crazy to you?

Hey, maybe you're dreaming.
Try shooting yourself.

Oh. Huh.

Nah. Hey, tell me more about this cult.

They think I'm pretty great, huh?

They're a bunch of raving
lunatics and idiots.

Lunatics and idiots, ooh,
my kind of people.

My head's still a little fuzzy.

You know I was just reborn.

Last year was nothing but darkness,

as far as the eye can see.

I know you, right?


Hey, did you and I ever, uh...

- Oh, God, no!
- Why?

Ginger is not your type?

Oh, I remember, well, you're Jim Gordon's
little twinkie.


How's it goin' between you and Jimbo, huh?

You still together or...

- No.
- No?

Oh, that's a shame.

I really liked you guys.

Here, what happened?

He killed my husband on our wedding night.

Glad you find it funny.

I do.

I get why you don't.

Wow! You miss a lot being dead.

You know what? Go ahead, enjoy it.

There's about 100 cops
on the other side of that door,

ready to kill you all over again.

I see your point.

To business.

So, when I was last, you know, uh, alive,

I was about to kill Bruce Wayne.

I suppose I didn't manage to...

No. Right.

Theo Galavan killed me,
that jug-eared Judas.

Well, I suppose I should
start by killing him.

Theo Galavan's dead.


Who beat me to it?

Which time?

Galavan came back to life, too?

- Mmm-hmm.
- Mmm-hmm?

That son of a bitch is
always upstaging me.

Well, I guess I'm just missing
one thing, then.

Where is my face?

Something's not right.

Whoa! Hold your position.

Whoa! Hold!

Son of a bitch.

I'm on the scene now,
and we're reporting live.

The Channel 9 news station
seems to have had a hostage situation,

- uh, we 're not sure how many hostages...

It's all here?

Two hundred grand.

We did it, baby.

Come on, let's just get out of this town.

Hey, smile.

We won.

Yeah, smile. You won.

You're rich.

Go away, kid.

Shut up, Cole.

You caught me.

What do you want me to say?

L just want to make sure I got it right.

You find out Bruce Wayne
and your abandoned daughter are a thing.

You figure, "There's an easy mark."

You come back, make nice,

do the whole mother-daughter
bonding thing,

and then pull this scam.

That about it?

Pretty much.

You want to hate me,

that's your choice.

You're damn right.

Why so angry? It's not like your boyfriend
cares about the money.

I know he doesn't care about the money.

I don't care about the money.

I care that my mother,

who left me when I was a kid,

only came back to use me!



Please. Don't.

Don't ever come back.

The time has come
to reveal ourselves.

Gotham will remember.

No. History will remember.

- Dwight.
- Mmm.

- Dwight.
- Mmm?

The police are outside.

Detective Gordon is on the phone.

It's just like when he called Jerome
outside the Children's Hospital Benefit.

Hello, Jimbo...

Shut up, Dwight.

We have the building surrounded.
There's no way out.

Let the hostages go.

Are you outside?

You are, aren't you?


The cult will never
follow you, Dwight.

I saw you, the theater,
you don't have what it takes.

Breathe, James.

I haven't touched a hair
on your pretty girlfriend's head.

You're just repeating
what Jerome said to me last year.

I am Jerome.

No. No, you're the understudy
pretending to be the star.

You're a fraud.

No, lam Jerome!

I am Jerome!

And soon Gotham will know it!

Well, for the record,
you're doing one thing Jerome never did.

Boring me.

So, the back entrance is a no-go,

but we think we might've found a way
through the ventilation system.

All right, let's go.

Dwight's going live any minute.

Penguin killed
the Duke and his crew

because he thinks they kidnapped Nygma.

Meanwhile, they're still looking
for Tommy Bones.

Who they won't find
since you already killed him.

And now these nimrods
are terrified for their life.

Mmm. Which is why they're here
with their guard down.

You gotta hand it to Nygma.

He knew how to get Penguin
to turn on the five families.

Poor Ozzie is tearing apart
everything he built.

Remember, when this is over,
and we're in charge,

Nygma dies.

You made a promise.

Sealed with a kiss, baby.

Now, what about them?

We've got option A,
appeal to their reason,

and convince them we alone
can protect them from Penguin.

Seems unlikely. They are men.

You just like option B.


Fine. Option B.

All right, we worked it out.
What the...

Ed, honey. Everything's set.

Penguin's all yours.

Yeah, yeah. Option B.

Four, three, two, one...

Brothers and sisters,

my name is Dwi...

My name is Jerome.

History will call tonight
"the night of the awakening..."

Look at that. No charisma.
No stage presence.

Reveal ourselves...

Though he is a handsome fellow, huh?

Ah, hey, Doc, keep watchin'.
You don't want to miss what happens next.

Today, Gotham will remember.

How many times do I have to tell you?

Oh. Sorry! Didn't see ya.

Call an ambulance!

Put your weapon down!

- We want to talk to Jerome.

We wanna talk with Dwight.

We won't hurt you.

We just wanna talk to you, Dwight.

The Prophet told us
that we're all prisoners.

Slaves to a city that doesn't love us.

But tonight...

Tonight we rise up.

We are all Jerome.

Each of you... is Jerome!

That's the truth.

All of us are Jerome.

We are all...

Drop it.

Keep 'em up where I can see 'em.

Dwight, stop!

You're done.

- All right, man, all right!
- Just keep moving.

Don't make... You can't do this.

This is the night of the awakening!
This is the night of the awakening!

Not anymore.

Did you know?

That she was only after the money?

- I wasn't sure...
- Did you know?

Yes. It was obvious.

And you gave her the money anyway?

- The money wasn't important.
- She was lying!

"BRUCE". What were my options, Selina?

If I didn't give her the money,
she would've skipped town.

So you thought you'd pay her.

Have her stick around,

maybe get used to being my mom,
is that it?


- You lied to me.
- I didn't tell you the truth.

- It's the same thing!
- Perhaps.

But telling you
your mother was a con artist

who'd only sought you out for the purposes
of getting money from me

didn't seem like
a very attractive alternative.

You and her.

You both lied to me.

But for very different reasons.

Fight me! Hit me!

Fight me!

Fight me!


You know,

the only reason she came back to Gotham,

the only reason she tracked me down
after 11 years,

was you.

"WOMAN". We love you!

I love you!

We love you, Dwight!

You're the man, Dwight!

I want Dwight taken back
for questioning.

So much for the big awakening, huh?

Yeah, still, we should get some cars
out on the street.

Dwight got his message out.

A few lunatics could still respond.

Lee, what is...

Jim, I don't know how,
but Jerome is alive,

and I think he's coming after Dwight.

Where's Dwight?

I saw a uni walking him that way. Why...

Hang on, Dwight,
we got a busy night ahead.

What's that?

This guy's hilarious.

So, how's it look?

It's good, it looks good.

You wouldn't lie to me, right, Dwight?


It looks good. It's good.

Say, you're not mad, are you?


What could I possibly be mad about, huh?

You know, the whole cutting off your face?

Ah. Oh, Oh.

Buddy, you brought me back from the dead.

What's a cut-off face between friends?

I guess that's true.

You guessed right. Bingo.

What are we doing?

You'll see.


He is out there! Someone has him!

Sorry, boss, Mr. Nygma wasn't at any of
Tommy Bones' or the Duke's hideouts.

Santino. Hit Santino.

He was close with Tommy Bones.

I bet they are in this together.

Boss, gotta tell you,
I'm hearing some weird things.

Ed is in danger!

I will tear this city apart
brick by brick!



Ed? ls that really you? Are you okay?

I can't talk long.
I snuck away to the phone.

Ed, who has you? Where are you?

Cane Chemicals.

- Hurry. Oswald, hurry, please...

Ed! Ed! Ed!

Come on. Now. No, Gabe, not you.

You stay by the phone
in case he calls back.

Cane Chemicals. Let's go, move!

Nothing on the news van,
but reports are coming in.

Random attacks, looting.

At least six fires in the past hour.

You're telling me that ding-dong Dwight
actually got people to go ape?

You need to see this.

As has been reported,
Channel 9's van was stolen this evening.

We are now getting video from the thief,

which we will play in hopes
it leads to his apprehension.

"JEROME". Testing. Testing.

Campos, call Channel 9!
Tell them to stop broadcasting this now!

Yes, sir!

Am I live? Am I on air?

Can you hear me?
Ah, screw it, let's do it.


Some of you may know, I died. Uh-oh.

But take it from me, death is dull.

But coming back, that is something.

Leave it to dying to give you
a whole new perspective on life.

And I would like to share that with you.

Ah, uh, Officer, you look terrible.

Hey, you got...

Tonight, Gotham, in the darkness,

there are no rules.

So, tonight, Gotham...

Do what you want. Kill who you want, hmm?

And when morning comes...

You, too, shall be reborn.

Oh, and, uh...

- Dwight.
- I don't forgive you for my face.

He's at the power plant across the river.

You'll never make it in time.

Go to the roof. Let me call the chopper.

We need a bird to go now!

Oh, my God.