Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 14 - Mad City: The Gentle Art of Making Enemies - full transcript

Tensions mount as Nygma has Cobblepot captured and defeated. Gotham has been plunged into darkness as Jerome wanted. The streets are rioting , Jeromes goons are breaking & looting while Jerome himself confronts Bruce Wayne & Alfred.

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Previously on Gotham...

It's you. It's really you.

Oh, no. Somebody help!

Penguin. He killed the librarian.

I don't wanna kill him.
I want to destroy him!

And you promised them Jerome.
They want to see his face!

Behold, the prophet.

We are Jerome!

You get the message?
We don't work for you no more.

I will gut you!

- Then Nygma dies.
- They have Ed.

When I was last,
you know, uh, alive,

I was about to kill Bruce Wayne.

Well, where is my face?

- What?
- Oswald.

- Where are you?
- Cane Chemicals.

Oswald, hurry, please...

Tonight, Gotham,
there are no rules.

And when morning comes...
You, too, shall be reborn.

He's at the power plant
across the river.

Get those freaks in the cages.

We need to find Jerome.

Hey! Watch him!

What about you?
Do you know where Jerome is?

- Where is he?
- Where is he? Look around.

He's everywhere!

"MAN". Incoming! Get up.


Gotham is awakened!

Ed's safety is all that matters.

Whoever took him will pay,
but only once Ed is back.




Are you all right?
Tell me you're all right.

I'm fine, Oswald.

Of course you are. Where are they?

Who dared to think
they could lay their hands on you?

I'm alone.

You escaped?

Yeah, you did, didn't you? You rascal!

- Did you bring anyone else?
- What? Why? No...

Just wondering
if I was gonna have to reload.

- I don't understand.
- I know.

That's been half the fun.

I'm sorry, I...

What is happening? I...
You weren't kidnapped?

Not unless you count kidnapping yourself.

Recognize it?

But, why should you?
I doubt you did the deed yourself.

That car belonged to Isabella.

Ed. Whatever you've heard...

I know it was you, Oswald.

Isabella was my everything,
and you took her from me.

And now, I've taken everything from you.

Well, almost everything.

You still have your life

but that ends tonight!

all residents. Stay off the streets...

A curfew is in effect for
Gotham City until further notice.

Seems like judgment came
to Gotham earlier than expected.

If the situation worsens,
we may be forced to step in.

The city will bend long before it breaks.

Give the GCPD a chance.

Your faith in him is touching.

And possibly dangerous.

We're getting reports of
a riot growing on the west side,

as well as widespread looting uptown.

Mobs of cult members
have taken over Anders Park,

Gotham Cathedral... The zoo?

All right.
Concentrate units on the west side.

Make sure they're issued riot gear.
Any word on Jerome Valeska?

Nothing yet.

Let me know as soon as he's spotted.

Right. Got it.

Lights aren't coming back tonight.
Tomorrow, if we're lucky.

This thing just keeps getting bigger.
It's not just the cult anymore.

Ordinary citizens are taking Jerome's cue.

Meanwhile Cobblepot's MIA.

You call down to City Hall,
and literally no one's in charge.

Although that might actually be good news.

We need to find Jerome. He's the symbol.

If we can take him out, maybe we can
limit this to a single bad night.

Now how the hell are
we supposed to find him out there?

The city's one giant dumpster fire.

Jerome said he wanted
to plunge the city into darkness

so people could do what they want, right?

He's not one to miss out on the fun.
So, what does he want?

A puppy? How the hell should I know?
I didn't talk to him.

No. But Lee did.


Listen, my father appeared to me.

I saw him.


You saw a man that I met in Indian Hill.

Does killer impersonations.

You see, Oswald,

how do I put this?

Ghosts aren't real.

But my father's remains?
You stole them from his grave?

Yep. Don't worry.

He's at peace now.

I gently placed his remains inside a
dumpster behind a Chinese restaurant.

You were angry. I understand.
I even forgive you.

But, but killing me is not the way.

So, you admit you killed Isabella.

- Fine. ls that what you want?
- Yes!

I confess, I had her killed.

But guess what? You should thank me.

Because we both know
what would have happened if I hadn't.


I could have lived a life
with the woman I loved.

I could've been happy.

No, Ed. You would have killed her.

Just like you did the other one.
You couldn't have helped it.

And afterward,
you would have hated yourself.


we'll never know, will we?

I did it for love.


I did it because I love you.

- You should know that.
- Shut up!

Love is about sacrifice.

It's about putting someone else's
needs and happiness before your own.

- Ed, please.
- The truth is, Oswald,

you would sacrifice
anyone to save your own neck.

Even me. Now.

If you'll look above us,

you'll see a cauldron
of highly corrosive acid

which is currently
being held in place by this chain.

When the ice melts, the chain comes loose,

the vat of acid tips.

You get the idea.

Ed. Please, please, I can change.

Say you're right, say you're right.

The fact that I love you
proves that I can change.

Just give me a chance.

You know as well as I
that a man facing death

will say anything to save his skin.
And you won't change.

Because you can't.

I was going to
have you say hello to Isabella,


I think you are going
to a very different place.

Goodbye, Oswald.


Ed! Ed!

Okay, I think that's about all I can do.


How's triage going?

A lot of overflow from Gotham General.

What do you want?

When Jerome woke up, did he say anything?

Said he wanted his face back.

No. I mean, anything that might
indicate where he was going?

- What he was planning?
- We were just playing catch up.

You know, about coming back to life.
The cult.

He asked if you and I were still together.

I mentioned you killed
my husband on our wedding night.

And he thought that was hilarious

so that's something the two of you
can bond over when you find him.

He didn't tell me his plan.

He talked about Galavan,
the night he died.

And then he mentioned...

- What?
- Bruce.

He said the last thing he remembers

is that he was gonna kill Bruce Wayne.

Call Alfred. Tell him I'm on my way.

- I'll light these candles.
- Good lad.

I'll go downstairs to see if there's
any life left in that old generator.

Who's calling at this hour?



My, my-

Look how big you've gotten.

Are you okay?

I'll be fine, Master Bruce. I'll be fine.

Nice place you got here. You rent?

What do you want?


Teenagers, am I right?

Oh, I remember those days.

So many exciting
new emotions floating through you.

Wanting to kill everyone you saw.


You. Give me.

You know, I will never
understand rich people's tastes.

It's worthless.
My father found it at a flea market.

- I keep it for sentimental reasons.
- Nice try.

Oh, it's got some heft to it.

Expensive, I'm guessing.
It'd be such a shame if I...

No! Don't...


Tougher than I figured. Anyway.

Oh, bloody hell.

- I asked you what you want.
- Right. Sorry.

The old noodle's
still a little al dente post thaw.

The reason I'm here is I'm gonna kill you.

- Why?
- Well,

just last thing I remember wanting to do.

It's been nagging at me since I woke up.

The idea of slitting that
pretty, pink throat of yours.

Figure that'll clear the decks.
What do you think?

Don't you...

I remember that night.

When you took over the benefit.
You were quite the showman.

Thank you. Always nice being appreciated.

And you're just going to kill me here.

It's kind of disappointing.

Ah, what do you mean?

After all the buildup,
you coming back to life,

turning off the lights in Gotham,

killing me here
just doesn't show a lot of...

Flair? Style? Panache? Hmm?

Go on, boy, spit it out. I can take it.

- I'm Bruce Wayne.
- I'm aware.

Lam the ruling elite.

My company is the machine that
keeps the cogs of Gotham running.


Killing me should mean something.

And you're telling me
no one's going to see it?

You're saying I need an audience?


Look, I know you're just trying
to buy time so you can escape.

But your point is still valid.

Saddle up, boys.
We're taking this show on the road.

And I know just the spot. Come on.


Not you, old chap.

The prince of Gotham
deserves a public death.

His butler? Not so much. Kill him.

- No!
- Bruce!

This is what you've been training for.

You're gonna be all right on your own.

L will see you again.

You carry on, son, you carry on.

Strangely intimate. Come on. Mmm.

Try not to get any blood on the couch.

I might come back for that.


Somebody help me! Help!

- Help!
- Hello?

Over here!


Oh, thank God.

There's not much time!
Cut me loose! Hurry!

- What's that car doing here?
- Does it matter? Cut me loose.

- Hey, you, you look familiar.
- Oh, yes.

I happen to be the Mayor of Gotham.

So, free me.

And I promise there
will be a handsome reward.

Holy... It really is you.
The Mayor of Gotham, in the flesh.

Yes! Now stop standing there
and get me out of here!

I don't... I don't know.

- What did you do?
- What?

Oh, I'm gonna die
here listening to this moron.

- Just cut the ropes!
- Okay, okay, okay.

On, God.

- Hurry!
- Yeah.


Fine, come on then.
What are you waiting for?

You in a rush to die, old man?

Who's gonna kill him? Who's gonna do him?

- I'll do him.
- What? What, you three?

You three left here to
take out the rubbish, were ya?

You, Mr. Machine gun
with the suits of armor,

I want you to
shoot me in the grill, are ya?

How about you
with the crowbar by the sofa?

Gonna cave in my skull?
And how about you, Mr. Machete?

Oh, come on in, Sunshine, don't be shy.

Your mama wasn't. Chop, chop.

- Who're you talking to, old man?
- Me.

- Where's Bruce?
- That lunatic Jerome took him.

No, please. No.

Get him. Squash her.

Get the old lady. Come on.

The fat guy. Put your back into it.


Well, we're off to a good start.

What do you say, Bruce?

Wanna have some fun before the main event?

Bullock's pulling
messages from the tip line.

You said Bruce was able to convince Jerome

to kill him in front of an audience?

Yeah, he's trying to
buy himself some more time.

L would be proud if
I wasn't so bloody terrified.

City's given way to Bedlam again.

Get down. Get in. Oh, shut up.

Jerome's acolytes have
occupied places all over town, so

finding an audience won't be the issue.

- The question is where.
- We got him.

They're in Anders Park, the cathedral,

the zoo, they've taken over
the Hillside Conservatory,

the Courthouse and The Boardwalk Circus.

Jerome was raised in a circus.

Have a Strike Force and
all available units meet us there.

I'll put out the call on the way.
Let's roll.

Gotta be honest, Bruce,

you don't make the world's funniest clown.



We can fix that.

Ah, shut up, you big baby.

Let's turn that frown upside down.


We need have to
find Ed Nygma and kill him!

Gabe, where...

Your monkeys cleared out.

Now what's that you
were saying about Nygma?

Looks like we're not the
only ones trying to kill that guy.

- Now, where is he?
- -

I'm sorry, what? Speak up.

- What are you doing in my house?
- Whatever we want.

You're finished, Oswald.
Now, where's Nygma?

I don't know.


- What?
- I said, think!

Oh, I heard you.
I'm just surprised you knew the word.

Speaking of words. Any last ones?

Babs said not to kill him
until we have Nygma.

I don't work for Barbara Kean.


Stop pretending that
you are anything but muscle.

Yes, you used to be someone in Gotham,

but those days are past!

Remember when I
put a knife in your mom's back?

That was awful, wasn't it?

Her crying, bleeding out,
you just holding her as she died.

And you never did anything about it.


Nah. You had your chance to kill me.

Stop turning us against each other.

We're taking him with us.

Oh, if you think
I am going anywhere with you...

You realize you have to carry him now?

Son of a bitch.

Oh, I missed.

Ls there a plan
for all this madness?

These people don't want a plan,
they want an excuse.

A mother who dreams
of strangling her child.

Husband who wants to stab his wife.

All they want is someone to tell them...

"DO it."

Kill them. It doesn't matter.

It doesn't.

Ohh! I love this game. One please.

You, sir.

No, no, no. Please. No, no. No, no.

- You won't get away with it.
- Already did. Now, shush.

Need to concentrate.

A few dozen brainwashed maniacs
can't keep the city hostage forever.

Well, duh.

So, what's the point?

The point

is that all these people out here,
looting, robbing, killing...

They're the people who wash your car,
who pour your coffee,

who take out your trash.

And what happened
the moment the lights went out?

They showed their true faces.

They showed how quickly
they want to open up

your rich boy veins and
bathe in your blue blood.

That is the point.

That's not true.

There are good people in Gotham.

Like who?

The sheep who locked their doors
and crawled under their beds?

Face it, kid.

Gotham has no heroes.

- No. No, no!
- Wait.



He pushed me, you see that?

You wanna kill someone?
Let's get on with it. Come on.

You're so boring, Bruce.


Oh. Sorry. You.

Did that hurt?

Not much.

You try.

- Stop!

- Stop!
- All right.

Enough dilly-dally. To the main event.

- Where the hell is our backup?
- Still two minutes out.

Most were waylaid
by another riot on the west side.

- Yeah, but we can't wait, mate.
- All right.

So, we go in,

find Bruce, get him to safety.
Then we go after Jerome. Ready?

Not really.

We all know why we're here.

Here comes Jerome! Everybody!

Hear ye! Hear ye! Gather round.

The show is about to begin!

"MAN". Let me hear it.

Come on now. Come on.

Shut up!


Well, I think we can all agree
tonight was a rousing success.

We brought this
miserable city to its knees.

So, how to thank
the best darn cult of fanatics

a messiah like myself could ever hope for?

I give you...



I give you
the climax of our festivities.

The billionaire prince of Gotham,

Bruce Wayne!

Well, so what do you say, Bruce?

Shall we end the night with a bang?
Or better yet, a boom?

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

All right.

What's next?

Death by 1,000 cuts.
Very poetic. I like it.

So nice.

Nailed it.

All right, folks, this is very important,

whatever you do,
please definitely try this at home.

Preferably on a family member.


- You ready, partner?
- Oh, good Lord.

The Strike Force just arrived.
They're coming in.

Detective Gordon!

You're just in time for the big finish.

Nobody move!

Find him. I'll find Jerome.


Here we are.

I suppose I underestimated you, Barbara.

- It's the curse of great beauty.
- How did it go?

You put together
what happened to Ed's librarian,

- turned him against me.
- Honestly, wasn't too hard.

And then together you hatched
a plan to destroy everything I made

- and kill me?
- Pretty much.

And brother, did you ever take the bait.

Well, I hope you're happy
at the head of the table.

You know, the table is more or less
littered with dead old dudes,

but hey, it's a place to grow.

And now you've got what you want,
you don't need Ed anymore.


My, my. Didn't take
you long to turn on each other.

You know, I think of it as a limited
partnership that needs dissolving.

So, I help you find Ed,

things go better for me.
I don't, you kill me.

That about it?


Oh, Bruce. Where are you, boy?

Come on out, boy. I won't hurt ya.

Bruce, darling.

Oh, Brucey.

You ruined my show, Bruce.

Hiding's just gonna make things worse.

I didn't come here to hide.
I wanted you to follow me.

You're going to pay for what you've done.

You're going to call Ed.

Tell him you're alive. Tell him...

Oh, I don't care.
But find out where he is.

- Why don't you call him?
- Because he's not stupid.

He knows that now you're no longer

the head of the
underworld or anything else,

we don't need him anymore.
It is our time to rule.

You understand if
I feel compelled to refuse.

Give me five minutes, he won't refuse.

I'd do it in three.

- Why you gotta do that?
- What?

Cut me down like that in front of people.

- I'm just saying...
- Would the two of you shut up?

Give up Nygma. And save your own ass.

Live to love another day. Hey.


What's going on?
You have a weird look on your face.

Like, weirder than normal.

You're right.

- I should want him dead.
- "Should?"


you loved him, and he betrayed you.

Actually, I don't know that I did.

- Love him. Not really.
- What?

Ed was right.

I thought I loved him

because he saw me as
no one had since my mother.

But I killed Isabelle.

I'm pretty sure
her name is Isabella, but go on.

Because I wouldn't share him.

Ed said love is sacrifice.

I should have been able
to sacrifice my happiness for his.

I couldn't.

But I'm ready now.

I won't call Ed.

I won't let you hurt him.

So, you'd rather die than give up
the man who tried to kill you?

- I would. Isn't that crazy?
- Yes.

It is.

Guess you're not
as smart as you thought you were.

He didn't give you up after all.

You're in this together?

But why?

Because I didn't want to
just take what you had.

I wanted to take what you believed.

I wanted you to die

knowing that you were
incapable of loving another person.

But I can.
I just proved that, right?

Does that mean I passed?

- Ed?
- L...

Don't know what it means.

I have to tell you,

this is way more fun than I was expecting.

We make a good team, you and me.

You killed Alfred.

Is that what this is about?


Are all rich kids
this close with their butlers?


"BRUCE". This is about doing what's right.

You want to be a hero?

Tell you what, buddy,
I'll give you a fighting chance.

Let's do this mano y mano,
my little conquistador.

Come on.

What kind of hero
tackles someone from behind?

Let it out. That's it. That's it.

That's it. Let it out.

Let it out.

Do it.


Do it!



I thought you were dead.

You can't get rid of me that easily,
can you, mate?

Behind you!


Word of Jerome's arrest
is spreading quick.

The streets are already quieter.

Soon as the docs reattach his face,
he's off to Arkham.

You wish I would've shot him?

Yeah, he'd probably just
come back from the dead again.


At least you get to say
you punched a man's face off.

That's something, right?

- Jim?
- Sorry, what?

Come on. Let me buy you breakfast.

Well, gotta say,

the clown makeup was way more terrifying

than the damage underneath, Master Bruce.

Did I ever tell you
that I don't like clowns?

Well, in a couple of days...

You'll be back to your old self.
I guarantee it.

You ready to tell me what happened?

When Jerome took me away,

I thought they were going to kill you.

Should I tell you what I thought?

I thought how proud I was of you.
Of the man that you've become.

I almost killed him, Alfred.

Yeah, but you didn't, now, did you?
You controlled your anger.

It wasn't just anger.

After everything Jerome had done,

after all the pain he caused,

the idea of killing him...

- Felt...
- It felt right.


It felt like justice.

There's a very fine line, Master Bruce,

- between justice and vengeance.
- I know.

But that doesn't mean there isn't one.

No, it doesn't.

I knew where the line was tonight, Alfred.

I didn't cross it.

- Well, that's the first rule.
- What do you mean?

Now, I started training you
so you could defend yourself.

Well, we're well past that, aren't we?

But what's all this training for?
What are you gonna do with it?

- I don't know.
- Nor do I.

But if you keep going,

you're gonna need rules.

Rules you cannot and you will not break.

Never mind what reason,
never mind what the circumstance.

I will not kill.

Say it again.

I will not kill.

Then let's get to work.

Tonight, was close.

We could have lost Gotham for good.

Soon, we will act,
and you will be called upon.

I've done a
wonderful job erasing the scars.

- Are you prepared?
- Yes.

But I still don't understand
how I can help save Gotham.

Never fear.

You're only part of the plan.

Are you sure about this?

You know what must happen if he refuses.

I know.

No one refuses the Court.

- Uncle Frank?
- Hello, Jim.

It's been a long time.

Ed, I love you.

I know you believe that now.

So, you need to
listen to me when I tell you,

by doing this, it will change you.

- I've killed before, Oswald.
- Not like this.

This won't be a crime
of passion or self-preservation.

This will be the cold-blooded
murder of someone you love.

I don't love you.

You need me, Edward Nygma.

Just as I need you.

You cannot have one without the other.

You killed Isabella.

- The point is...
- That is the point!

You can't talk
your way out of this, Oswald.

I have wanted you
to suffer as I've suffered.

You killed her. So, you die.

When I met you,
you were a nervous, jittery loser.

You were nothing!

I created Edward Nygma!

And I am the only one in the world
who truly sees you as you are.

Who you can still become.

You can't do this.

Ed, are you listening to me?

I'm listening.

Say something.

I loved her, Oswald.

And you killed her.