Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 12 - Mad City: Ghosts - full transcript

Falcone goes after Gordan for his son's death. Gordon doesn't have any evidence that proves Mario was trying to kill Leslie. So she ends up blaming Gordon for her husband's death.

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Previously on Gotham...


What you call sanity...


Is just a prison in your minds.


Wake up!

You're the one who's been following us.

- You know her?
- That's my mom.

Isabella's death has altered things
and I can't continue...

No! Ed, I will not let you leave!

I don't want 110 kill him.

I want to destroy him!

Tetch infected him
that night in the hospital.

- Swear that you'll bring him in alive.
- I swear.

After the wedding,
Mario and I are leaving Gotham.

I'll never see you again.

- Lee, you cannot marry him!
- Get the hell out of here!

And the end will come when he hands over
the kingdom to God, the Father,

after he has destroyed all dominion.

The last enemy to be destroyed is death.

In nomine Patris et Filii tu y Santos.




What the hell are you doing here?

If Falcone sees you,
God only knows what he'll do.

I had to do it, Harv.

He was infected. He would've killed her.

- It was a legit kill.
- That's the law.

This is family. The man's burying his son.

- Lee's burying a husband.
- I wanted to...

- I don't know.
- To what?

Say sorry?

Talk about the past?

This isn't the time or the place. Come on.

This is Edward.

Leave a message. Or don't.

Doesn't really matter.

- Hey!
- What?

Mayor, the press have assembled
in the conference room.

They are requesting your presence.

- The press? Why?
- The latest figures are in.

Fine. Let the vultures have at me.

Hey, there he is.

They're through the roof across the board.

Yeah, jobs are up, market's up.
Crime way, way down.

You did it.

Enjoy the moment, sir.

Excuse me. Coming through. Excuse me.

Praise well deserved, Mr. Mayor.

I really think we need to cash in
on this good news immediately.

You are a clever fellow, Tarquin,
but I wish Ed were here.

My sole job as deputy chief of staff

is to serve you with the exact same zeal
and smarts as Mr. Nygma would.

Thank you all so much for coming.

Thanks, everyone. Bob, great to see you.
Bill, take care.

Margaret Hearst.

- Know her?
- Of course.

When I saw these numbers come in,

I thought who better to help us capitalize
on this than Margaret Hearst?

The whole city, no,
the whole country watches her show.

She can take you to a whole new level.

Solidify your legacy on a national scale.

"National scale"?

She's in my office,
and she is dying to meet you.

Turn her down now,
she won't come back, like ever.

What do you say?

How's my hair?

Hope you don't mind. I helped myself.

- What do you want?
- I'm here as a messenger.

- Okay, I'm listening.
- You messed up, Jim.

Killed the don's son. He's beside himself.

- I've never seen him like this before.
- I want to speak to him.

Oh, no, we're way past that.

It's only a matter of time before he gives
the nod to put a bullet in your head.

You could try.

I don't try.

And I never stop.

You won't see me coming.

And you won't feel a thing.

If we don't get a chance
to talk before then,

it's been really nice knowing you.

You're a good egg.

Also nice shot on Mario.

I never liked him.

Nice place.

- What's with the raggedy clothes?
- Why are you back?

To see you, of course.

Why now?

Why wait 11 years to see me?

That's right.

Eleven years.

You didn't even check up on me.

What can I say?

I'm sorry, and you have no idea
how many times I thought of you.

- How many times, Mom?
- I had to leave.

I had no choice.

You know that orphanage I left you at?

It's the same one I was left at
by who knows who.

St. Maria's. It's where I got my name.

I grew up there and on the streets.

- It was on the streets that I had you.
- Who's my father?

You're not dating that kid, are you?

- You should go.
- Wait, I was a dumb kid, okay?

I got in trouble with the law.

I had to leave
or they were gonna take me to prison.

I had to run and run fast. And you
can't run fast with a five-year-old.

Not just a five-year-old.

Your five-year-old.

Your daughter.

That was a bad call. Okay?

L just wanted to come here,
and tell you that I love you.

And I'm sorry.

All righty then.

This has been so fun.


- Selina.
- Goodbye!

Mayor, this is Ms. Hearst.

Perhaps you've truly found
your calling in office, Mr. Cobblepot.

Or perhaps you just know how to
show people only what they want to see.


Either way, I plan to get inside your head

and share what I find
with the citizens of Gotham.

Does that deter you?


Then I think the exclusive interview

should happen here at City Hall
this Friday, live.

Actually, I would prefer
to do it at home and...

Uh, uh, uh, uh.

This Friday or not at all.

I'll be honest with you, Mr. Mayor.

I'm not a fan.

I shan't be holding back.

My audience expects the truth
and I give it to them.

The truth is in my numbers, Ms. Hearst.

Then Friday it is.

Gotham will see their mayor
as he truly is.

Dig deep-

I have nothing to hide.

Melanie Blake.

Found wandering the train tracks
late last night in a state of undress.

She collapsed soon after, and died
in the ambulance of coronary failure.

At some point,
prior to her appearance on the tracks,

somebody applied
a strong electrical current to her.

Considering the extent of the burns,

I'm guessing literally thousands of volts
were passed through this poor girl.

- Torture?
- Perhaps.

- She say anything before she die?
- No.

She was stabbed as well?

Melanie was stabbed three days ago
by her boyfriend.

- She was pronounced dead in the ambulance.
- Wait, what?

Two days ago, this girl was
taken to the morgue, dead.

And yet last night,
she's walking down the train tracks

after getting zapped with 10,000 volts
in her noggin?

Doesn't anyone die in Gotham anymore?

Is it possible she wasn't actually dead,
and just walked out of the morgue?

These days I no longer say impossible.


- The morgue.
- It's not a morgue, it's a motel.


As acting captain,
I demand that you arrest Detective Gordon

for the murder of my husband.

Lee, please.


Please what?

You didn't have to kill him.

Dr. Thompkins, if I may,
your husband took a drug that...

Nathaniel Barnes was infected
with the same virus!

He's alive.

Jim spared his life!

And yet he gunned down Mario
on his wedding day.

You're the real virus, Jim.

You seep into people's lives
until you destroy them.

You haven't heard the end of this.


Help me.

My God.

Of course.

- How?
- He's not to be trusted.


Sorry to bother you so late, Mr. Mayor.

Yes. What is it?

Someone broke into the cemetery
and dug up your father's remains.


You the night manager here,
Mister, uh, Pollard?

Dwight, please, that's correct.
Something wrong?

Only if you call dead people
walking out of here wrong.

- What?
- Melanie Blake.

- She would have been here two days ago.
- Yeah.

Stabbing victim.

Drawer 12.

That's not right.

That's because she's on
the M.E.'s slab, dead, again.


You have any
security cameras here? Guards?

No, we don't need them.
Nothing ever happens down here.



- You jumpy, Jim?
- Uh, we're all good.

You got something you want to share?

No. Let's stick around.

See where this Dwight takes us.

"BRUCE". I don't get it.

Why is it so important
to the Court of Owls?

It's just an ornament.

I don't know.

Men died protecting it.

So we hide it, hold onto it for leverage
in case they come for us again.

Perhaps in the cave.

Ms. Kyle.

What a surprise.

- For what do we owe this pleasure?
- I was just leaving this here for Selina.

Come in.

Please stay.

We've been meaning to thank you in person
for the other night.

I can't. I have a train to catch.

Please just see that she gets this.

Would you mind if I asked
what's in the box?

Some things I kept
from my time here in Gotham.

It's not something
you'd like to give to Selina yourself?

I tried reaching out to her.

She's too angry. Not that I can blame her.

Please, just see that she gets this.

"BRUCE". Ms. Kyle?

Take it from someone
who misses his family very much.

Please don't leave just yet.

I know where she is.

Let me talk to her.

Okay, thanks.

This keeps getting better and better.

Guess where Dwight Pollard
worked before the morgue.

- Indian Hill.
- How'd you know?

Where else in Gotham do the dead
get brought back to life?

The cops came by, idiot.
How'd she get out? Never mind.

I have to get to the venue.
I'll come by after.

- Should we grab him now?
- No, I want to see where he's going.

The autopsy showed
that Mario did have the virus.

Mario was my son.

Whether he was sick or not
is of no concern to me.

Gordon took his life.

What are you gonna do?

I cared for Jim Gordon.

In some ways,
he was more like my son than Mario.

His life is mine to take.

That's the natural law.

Blood for blood.

I hate him.

God, I hate him.

Everything bad that's happened in my life
has happened because of him.

If Gordon dies,
it's a weight we'll both have to carry.

I'm used to such burdens. You're not.

He'll die by my hand, not yours.

But this is something
you'll need to live with.

Can you?

What is that?

- Your mother brought it to my house.
- Just leave it there. I'll get it later.

Selina, I know how long
you've waited to see your mother.

I can't imagine all you must be feeling.

She left me here, Bruce. Alone.

You're right.

It's hard to forgive.

It may be the hardest thing
any of us have to do in this life.

But she's reaching out.

And it may be
your only chance to reach back.

She's a crook.

- Can't you see that?
- She's still your mother.

Push her away now
and you may never see her again.

Okay. Weird.

But not illegal.



The people of this city are slaves.


See, they get up every day and go to work
so they can pay their taxes,

their mortgages.

See, they believe
what the papers tell them.

They fear what the politicians feed them.

See, they are mentally shackled, and yet,
they do nothing about it!



Yeah! Nothing!

But there was someone who understood.

Someone who spoke out,
who stood up, to the jailers, puppets.

A man with no fear.

Hello, Gotham City!
We're the Maniax.

And I'm Jerome,
the shot caller of our little gang.

We're here to spread
the message of wisdom and hope.

Some people have no manners.

You're all prisoners.

What you call sanity,

it's just a prison in your minds
that stops you

from seeing you're just tiny little cogs
in a giant, absurd machine.

Wake up!

Time to go.

But don't worry. We'll be back very soon.

Hang onto your hats, folks.

"ALL". Because you ain't seen nothing yet!

All right! Show's over! Time to go home.


Let's go!

Let's go!

You see Dwight?

He was probably the last one
to jump on the clown car.

Bringing back the dead
is something we need to, uh...

- Oh, no.
- What?


Who the hell's that?

It's Victor Zsasz.
Falcone put out a hit on me.

Oh! Would've been nice
if you told me that earlier!

He's only after me.
Zsasz is very professional in that way.

Trapped behind here, we're sitting ducks.
I need to draw their fire.

- Find me later.
- Wait, Jim!

Damn it.

Everyone out! It's not safe!

- Hey, who is this guy?
- What are you, deaf?

Get out of here!

It's an inevitability, Jim! Embrace it.

You've had a good run.
You should know that.

Happy birthday to you

Who's there?


Happy birthday to you

Father. How can I help you? What can I do?

Find me, my son.

I cannot rest
until I lay underground once more.

He cannot be trusted!


Isabella is over
on the other side with us.

Whispering tales of murder.

Dark plots are in motion, my son.
Don't trust him!

- Who?
- The birthday boy.

You want to know about your husband.

Was he a diseased maniac?

Would he have killed you?

Well, I can tell you this.

I've never felt better in my life.
Clearer, stronger.

More focused.

Even now, I can feel it
coursing through my veins.

Restoring my body.

So, Mario could've lived
a normal life with it.

Would've given us time to find a cure.
Jim didn't have to kill him.


This virus isn't the disease.
It's the antidote.

It's the best thing
that's ever happened to me.

I don't need a cure.

The murderers, thieves, rapists.

James Gordon is one of them.

When I get out of here,
and trust me, I will.

He'll be the first that I judge.

He and all the other human garbage
that plague this city.

All Will be tried,

convicted and executed!

I will purge Gotham,
and the innocents will thank me!

Their savior!

Their executioner.

I know, and the best part is,

that fake painting
is still hanging in the gallery.

Perhaps we might be able to talk
about something other than your previous

illicit exploits, Ms. Kyle.

Oh, I'm sorry, Alfred.
This was a great meal.

- You're quite the chef.
- Thank you very much, miss.

He's a catch, this one.
Got a stiff right hand, too.

Easy mark, though.

Thank you very much, cheeky monkey.

Oh, you poor thing. Come here.


I see what you mean, though.

Well, that's just hilarious.
You know, really.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

I guess I better go.

It's late. Stay.

Alfred will drive you
to your hotel in the morning.

You're very kind.

MI". Mayor?

Unless you are bringing strong coffee,

or you have information
on my father's stolen remains, go away.

Yeah, but...

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday, dear Tarquin

The birthday boy.

Your Honor.

- Can I help you?
- Why?

Why would you do such a thing?

What are you talking about? What is that?

You are a sick man!

What are you plotting?

What's the angle?

- Who are you in on this with?
- I have no idea.

Look, you're exhausted.
You haven't slept in days...

You barely...

Mr. Stemmel? The TV crew is ready.
It's time for the interview.

Have you seen the mayor?

Carmine, call it off.

- Why?
- I saw Barnes.

The virus has completely taken over.
He's insane.

- What makes you want to save Gordon?
- Please, just call it off.

You said you hated him.

- That wasn't true, was it?
- Call it off now!

You talk of hate and revenge,

but that's only to mask
what really scares you.

You still love James Gordon.

- Where is he? We're minutes away.
- They're looking for him.

- Well, look harder.
- Here he is!

Sorry I'm late.

Mayor stuff.

Mr. Mayor, this is a pin...

I hope you're ready, Mr. Mayor.

The world is watching.

And we're live in three, two...

Mayor Cobblepot, as Gotham is enjoying

an historic spike
in job growth and prosperity,

it is also going through
one of the safest periods in its history.

And I'm sure everyone is wondering,
"How did he do it?"


Whoa! Hey! Hello to you, too.

You didn't think
you'd get rid of me that easily, did you?

I thought we might need
something with a bit more bite.

So, why didn't you tell me about Zsasz?

- It's my business.
- Yeah?

Not yours.

That's a bit ridiculous, seeing as how
I'm standing next to you most of the time.

What's up?

Drop it, Jim.

It's your time to die today.

- Not his.
- Don't listen to him, Jim.

Shoot him now!

Relax, Zsasz.

Job's canceled.

You can go home.

Okay, boss.

I'm sorry.

If it was up to me, you'd be dead.

So from humble errand boy
to kitchen worker

to the so-called "King of Gotham,"

it is said that many died
so you could rise.


An exaggeration.

People love to invent scandal.

But it was murder
that sent you to Arkham,

a prison for the criminally insane.

I rescued the city
from the madman, Theo Galavan.

Some call it murder.

Others a public service.

And after your controversial
release from prison,

you met your father, Elijah Van Dahl.

A man whose identity
your mother kept from you.

- Oh, my God.
- Yes, it must have been very upsetting.

What? Yes.

He also died
under suspicious circumstances.

His wife and step-children
disappearing soon after.

- I have to go.
- Why?

Is it because there's substance
to the rumors

that you had them killed
to inherit your father's wealth?

Father, Father, wait!

- Are you feeling well, Mr. Mayor?
- I'm fine. I'm great.

Why would I not be fine?

The people of Gotham, and America,
want to know the truth.

To hell with the people!

Father, wait! Father?

No! No!

A very good job.

- He bought it?
- Hook, line and sinker.

Voice wasn't quite right,
but, uh, you know.

Bravo, boys.

Penguin lost his mind on national TV,
just like you said he would.

It's all about the power of suggestion.

And whispering in the right ears.

Do what I say,
and you'll be the next chief of staff.

Tell him, "I'm still grieving."

"Margaret Hearst is in your office
waiting for you."

And remember to say
exactly what I told you about his father.

Why don't you just
leave these bodies for the cops?

- Have him arrested.
- That's too easy, Tabitha.

I want this to be a slow,

painful death.

One of a thousand deep cuts.

- First, we take away his mind.
- Then the part I like.

We destroy his empire
and take it for ourselves.

And then,
when this bird is broken and alone,

we do the humane thing
and put him out of his misery.

If there's anything I can do for you,
Ms. Kyle, please don't hesitate to ask.

Wait here.

- What's wrong?
- Just do it.

- Did you think I wouldn't find you?
- I was headed back tomorrow.

- My money, where is it? 100 grand.
- I don't have your money.

What do I have to do,
beat it out of you?

- Leave her alone!
- I told you to stay outside!

- Who's this?
- Nobody.

We can get you the money.

Is that so? Who from?

The guy that dropped you off
in the Rolls Royce?

One of you talk.

Who's the rich guy?

- Mom...
- Leave her alone.

Well, well.

I hope she knows what a lying cheat
you are, Maria.

Bruce will give you the money.
He's a good friend of mine.

- Would you relax?
- Bruce Wayne?

Well, now, that changes everything.

Why settle for a hundred?

Perhaps I'll pay him a visit,
tell him all about you.

Who was that?

That was my past coming back to punish me.

- Was he the reason you left Gotham before?
- It's complicated.

We have to warn your friends.

Cole is not someone they should mess with.

Good job, Mom.

- Were you followed?
- No, no thanks to you.

How did the girl escape?
You led the cops right to me.

I turned my head for a minute.
She must have stumbled out.

But this proves that your designs work.
She came back to life.

But not for long.
The current's still too strong.

Her body couldn't take it.
We have to move quickly.

Gather the others. It's time to get him.