Gotham (2014–…): Season 3, Episode 11 - Mad City: Beware the Green-Eyed Monster - full transcript

Mario and Gordon face off before the wedding, Selina meets an unexpected face and Barbara comes to Nygma with information about Isabella.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

My name is Volk. My brother, Jacob.
We are called "the Whisper Gang."

Those men were willing to kill
for this key.

- But what does it open?
- A safe.

Inside, there is a device
that we believe can destroy them.

They call themselves "The Court of Owls."

Isabella was murdered.
Her brake lines were cut!

And I know who did it.

You can stop the blade from being
released, if you click this button.

It will send a fatal jolt to Butch.

Hey, Butch? You're sweet.


- You really didn't kill her?
- No!


The lab analyzing Alice Tetch's blood
has developed a test.

You're kidding.

Don Falcone, please,
we'll pull your car around.

Carmine's not the target. You are.
Get down!

Why are you coming after me?

You know why.

Why are you trying to kill my son?

We will expect your assistance
when called on.

Until then, your son is safe.

At least from us.

Why does it feel like
we keep saying goodbye?

Maybe it's all we have left.

Or we just haven't done it properly yet.

Goodbye, James Gordon.

She loves him. She loves him.

You lost?

She loves me!


I'm getting married tomorrow.


You know, people always talk about
love at first sight.

I never believed it.

But the moment I saw her, I knew.


So what do you do?

I'm a hematologist at Gotham Bio-Lab.

You aren't working
on that blood virus, are you?

From... What's her name?
Tetch? Alice Tetch?

Uh, my fiancée
is with the police department.

- She's the medical examiner on the case.
- Oh.


She said you had come up with a test
for the virus.

I really can't talk about it.

She almost married someone else.

I think her ex still hopes
she'll come running back.

Not gonna happen.

She loves him. She loves him.

She loves him.

You hear me, Jim?

I won't let you have her.

Volk is dead?

We found his and Dmitry's bodies
early this morning.

They were killed by Talon,
the Court's assassin.

I'll say that changes things a bit,
doesn't it?

How? You possess a key.
The key opens a safe.

Inside the safe is an object
that can bring down the Court of Owls.

None of these has changed.

If this assassin saw us with Volk...

That means the Court already knows

that you're breaking your deal,
Master Bruce.

I wish we knew for certain.

Yeah, well, I wish we knew for certain
what was in that blinking safe

or how far we can trust
this little Whisper Gang front.

Now ask yourself this.

Is bringing down the Court
really worth the risk?

The Court of Owls
has taken over my company.

Threatened people I care about,

and is likely responsible
for my parents' deaths.

What's our next step?

I'm giving this one to Alvarez.


I told you to take the day off.

I know.

You do know I'm acting captain now, right?


Jim, there will be
another dead body tomorrow.

Seriously, take the day.
Go fishing, get drunk.

Harvey, this is my job.
Lee getting married doesn't change that.

Take a look at this guy's head.

Whoa, what's that coming out of his ear?

His skull was crushed.

Like someone squeezed it from either side.

Can you imagine the strength
needed to do that?

I gotta tell you, my first thought.

- Oh, no.
- Barnes.

Stop it! Barnes had the virus.
He's at Arkham.

That story's over.
This is what I was afraid of.

Wallet's here, but the killer took a badge
or something from around his neck.

Your emotions are all stirred.

You're seeing things
that aren't really there.

This is just a classic case
of wrong place, wrong time.

One man takes another man's skull
in his bare hands and crushes it.

I see it all the time.

Receipt from the cafeteria
at Gotham Bio-Lab.

Where Alice Tetch's blood is being tested.


I'm gonna swing by.
Finish up here, will you?

Sure, Jim, happy to oblige.

No rest for the wicked.


I'm not here to get revenge
for you lopping off Tabby's paw.

Though I am surprised
to find you back at work

and not tracking down
who really did kill your lady love.

That's because
you don't see the full picture.

The mayor has many enemies.

These enemies understand that I am
a fundamental part of this operation.

They weaken me, they weaken him.

That was clearly the intent
of killing Isabella.

Also, I have spies all over the city.

Soon enough, whoever killed Isabella
will reveal themselves,

and I will strike.

Poor blind baby.

It's always hardest to see
what's right under our noses.


Did you just fake-cough "Penguin"?

Needless to say,
that is absurd on a number of levels.


All a crime requires is means,
motive, and opportunity.

And your beaky little buddy certainly
has the means and opportunity.

But no motive.

Oh, I would say
he had the oldest motive in the book.

Rich men want it, wise men know it,
the poor all need it.

Love. What does that have to do...

And the penny drops.

You are suggesting

that Oswald is in love with me.

That is ridiculous.

I know. I mean, personally,
I find you a bit of a cold fish.

But Ozzie saw you being taken away
from him by that bookish vixen.


Oh, no!



In fact, I'm beginning to wonder
what your motive is in all this.

That's for later.

Right now, I just wanna see justice

for that poor sweet girl.

Ms. Kean, I need you to understand
two things.

One, Oswald did not kill Isabella.

And two, he is not in love with me.

Are you so certain?

Don't you owe it to her to find out?

Let me know how it goes.

The Court of Owls maintains
a number of buildings in Gotham.

This one is rarely occupied.
But always well-guarded.

And there are two alarms.
The first covers points of entry.

Last week, we managed to disarm
one of the windows.

Once inside, the front door can be
opened using a code that we possess.

The second alarm is in the basement,
in the room with the safe.

The floor is fitted with infrared sensors.

You must cross it on a rope.

I have trained for this.

You will give me the key you found,
and I will retrieve the object.

But you still don't know
what the object is, right?

Only that the Court protects it. Fears it.

And that with Talon hunting us,
we have no time.

Right, so let's go through this again.

What'd you decide?

We're gonna break in today.
We can't wait any longer.

- You okay?
- Fine.

Just hungry.


A guy named Ryan Pfeffer work here?

Uh, yeah. He's sub-level 3.
What, he in trouble?

He was killed last night.
I need to talk to his colleagues.

You guys keep track
of when keycards are used?

Uh, yeah.

All right.

If anybody uses his, call me.

Sure, but his was used 20 minutes ago.

He hasn't logged out.

Call the police. Now.

Jim, Jim.

You're ahead of schedule.
Our paths weren't meant to cross just yet.

But I'm not gonna kill you yet.

I do that, you become the martyr.

And she'll carry you in her heart forever.

No. Before I kill you,

she has to hate you.

And she will.

Come find me, Jim.

So you didn't get a look at the guy.
And he's not on the cameras.

We might get something
off the prints, but...

Doubtful, if he was smart enough
to avoid the cameras. I'm good.

He seems to have been interested in
the research into Alice Tetch's blood.

Pfeffer's office was ransacked
and their files were missing.

So someone else is infected
with the virus? That's just great.

It isn't you, is it?
Because that sure would make things easy.

No. It's not me. What's that on your hand?

"Arkham." I didn't write it.

Okay, let's all just calm down.

So the virus-infected killer
wrote on your hand.

He wants you to go to Arkham.

Barnes is in Arkham.

No. It's not about Barnes.

- Jim, you okay?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Hello, Jervis.
- James.

What an unexpected pleasure.

Someone else is infected
with your sister's blood.

You don't say!

And I've been thinking, it's possible
she infected them accidentally.

Yes, possible, possible.

But your reaction tells me you knew.

So, you infected them
after you stole your sister's blood.

But you stayed quiet,
waiting for them to show symptoms.

Well, that would be darn sneaky of me,
wouldn't it?

I need the name.

You need the name.

So, I've been quiet about it
all this time,

and now I'm going to help you,

because we're such good friends?

Because I can make your life here
very uncomfortable.

More uncomfortable than having
Captain Barnes next door

screaming, "Guilty!"
all hours of the night?

Give me the name!

Oh, James, I would love to see
what Alice's virus would do to you.

The beast in you is right there,
so desperate to get out.

And I know of whom you speak,
oh, yes, indeed.

I stabbed him and pricked him
and caused him to bleed.

But nothing you can say,

no words you might possess
can pry from me the smallest guess.

For this game is my game.

I say when it's done.

And right now I'm having too much fun.

You wanna play a game, Jervis?

Fine. Let's play a game.

Whoever you infected
has some sort of plan.

I want you to tell me
the name of this man.

Well, James,
I have to give that effort an F.

And can you really imagine that...

Two are dead. More may die soon.

This isn't a game, give me his name.

You'll only know his name
when it's too late,

when the one you love
has been murdered by hate.

Guard! Take me to my cell!

- What do you mean "the one that I love"?
- Guard!

Give me his name, Tetch. Give me his name!
Or you share the blame!

Nothing! Nothing! I'll tell you naught!

His name shall be
neither spoken nor taught.

He'll cut, and he'll crush,
and the blood will run thick!

Though from healer to killer
is no easy trick!

"Healer to killer."

He's a doctor.

Oh, my God.

You'll never stop him, James!

He'll kill, and he'll kill,
and he'll kill!

This is Jim Gordon.
Get me Dr. Mario Calvi immediately.

On my damn authority! Just do it!

I take it you're off.

When we were casing that place,
I got a feeling we were being watched.

And if this Court of Owls is all you say,

they're not gonna be too cool
with Bruce breaking their deal.

That's very true.

But Master Bruce knows the Court
will catch up with him sooner or later.

And if he has the opportunity to
take them out, then he will take them out.

That's a big "if."

Especially when your stupid job
is supposed to be protecting him.

My stupid job, miss,

is to make sure that he grows up
to be the man he's meant to be.


Kind of a punk move for him to make a deal
with the people who killed his parents.

Yeah, well, you understand this then.

He only did what he did
to protect the people he cares about.

For you.

And it cost him dearly.

Are you serious? Arresting
Don Falcone's son on his wedding day?

I had no choice. He's got the virus.

Do you really think Lee Thompkins,
Dr. Lee Thompkins,

wouldn't know if her own fiancé
had the virus?

How long did Barnes have it and hide it?

Tetch must have infected him that night
in the hospital when he dosed me.

- It would explain things.
- Like what?

Mario hitting me at the engagement party.

You know what also would explain that?

You telling Tetch to shoot his fiancée.

You should've seen his face when those
assassins attacked us, his rage.

He was being attacked by assassins!

What was I supposed to do, Harvey?
Wait until he kills again?

Till he hurts Lee?

You were supposed to wait
until you had enough proof.

And why would Tetch infect Mario
in the first place?

To hurt me.

Okay, let's say you're right.
Let's say that Mario is infected.

So he crushes some guy's skull.
He breaks into the lab.

He attacks you and then
he writes "Arkham" on your hand?

Why would he want you to find him?

I don't know.

He doesn't have the virus.

What? No, no, no. Run it again.

I ran it three times. He's clean.

I could've told you that.
But, hey, I'm glad it's official.

Dr. Calvi, on behalf of the GCPD,

I just want to apologize for any

inconvenience or embarrassment
this may have caused you.

No need. Living with Lee, I understand
the pressures you're all under.

But if you'll excuse me,
I have a wedding to attend.


I understand this is a tough day for you.

But no hard feelings.

The test.
That's why you broke into the lab.

To find out how to beat it.

- But why?
- Jim...

I know you have the virus.
I'm gonna prove it.

And I promise you will never marry Lee.

But she didn't say anything?

She said she thought
we were being watched.

Personally I think
she's just got the jitters.

She can't still be mad

- I told Ivy she was my girlfriend.
- Oh.

It just slipped out.
She can call herself whatever she wants.

Fascinating as I find this tale of
young unrequited love is, Master Bruce,

please can we just concentrate
on the task at hand?

Do you have the key?


Alfred, you know when we get this thing,
whatever it is,

the Whispers are gonna try
to take it from us.

Well, to be honest, Master Bruce,

it's not the Whispers I'm worried about.

And have we made any headway
on the waterfront negotiations?

I've spoken with the union leader.

He agreed to our offer.

So those photos can go back in the vault.

They were quite saucy, weren't they?

And how about the...

Your approval for the new casino
should come through tomorrow.

Demolition can begin right away.

Ed, I cannot tell you how good it is
to see you back to your old self.

Just one last signature.

This is your resignation.

Isabella's death has altered things
and I can't continue...

No! Ed, I will not let you leave!

It is not in your best interest.

You have to stay busy.

How can I say this?

We're friends.

- Aren't we, Oswald?
- Huh?

Of course!

Since the accident...

And I never thought
that this could happen.

I've had the desire to become
more than employer-employee.

More than friends.

I have been feeling the same.

I didn't wanna mention it

because of all the awfulness
about Isabelle.



One cannot deny love.

What is it? What's wrong?


There's been a misunderstanding.

I was going to propose
that we become partners.

Business partners.


- Then...
- Excuse me.

Lee? You here? It's Jim!

Hello, Jim.

I saw you left Lee a message.

I, uh, accidentally
took her phone this morning.

She's not here, by the way.

- Drink?
- No, thanks.

How'd you pass the test?

Because I don't have the virus.

Or do I?

You're gonna arrest me, Jim?

You wanna look even more
like the paranoid ex-lover?

I'll only pass the test again.

We'll find out how you beat it.
Only a matter of time.

Let's say I do have the virus.
How would I have gotten it?

From Tetch.
When he dosed me with hallucinogen.

Dr. Calvi,
I'd like you to meet my sister, Alice.

With Barnes, the virus
stoked his anger at the guilty.

What dark part of me
has it brought to life?


You're afraid of losing Lee.

If that's true,

that means the woman
we both know you still love

is gonna marry a lunatic
who'll do anything to keep her.

Are you sure you don't want that drink?

What I wanna know is
why you put me on your trail.

What are you after?

Let me give you a hint.

You see, what keeps me up at night
is not the thought that you love her.

It's the thought that
a part of her still loves you.

Well, in that case, let's find her.

Let her decide if she's gonna marry you.

Yeah, I don't think so.

The virus made you strong,
not bulletproof. Let's go.

You know what, Jim,
with all this virus talk,

you keep forgetting one thing.

I'm still Carmine Falcone's son.

You know Victor.


Victor, were you listening to him?

He has the same virus as Barnes had!

What's that? Oh, no. I wasn't listening.

- You have to let me go.
- Uh-huh?

- Does Falcone know you're here?
- Wait.


You're free to go, Jim.

I'll keep this.

I don't understand.

I was only supposed to keep you

until the big hand was on nine
and the little hand...

My mag. Now.

Sorry, Jim.

But hey, give the bride a kiss for me.

I asked.

And it is with great pleasure
that I present this award

to Mr. Kyle Davis
for his magnificent book,

Gotham's Sewers: an Oral History.

Looks just fascinating.

Thank you.

Oh, you're too kind. I love...


I was worried when you ran off.

That I might have upset you.

Can't we just pretend
that nothing happened?

Just go back to the way things were?

You are the best friend I've ever had.

I don't wanna lose you.


You're my best friend as well, Oswald.

Remember that.

Jim, what are you doing here?

Are you okay?

Where's Mario?

He's out at the church.
We're about to get married!

You can't marry him.

Oh, my God.

- Just give us a minute.
- Yeah.

Listen to me.
And I know how this is gonna sound.

You think that he has Alice Tetch's virus.

- He told you.
- Yes.

And he told me that you had him
arrested today. On our wedding day.

And you had Lucius give him the
test three times. And he passed.

- What's wrong with you?
- He cheated the test, Lee.

I don't know how. But he did.

Tetch infected him
that night in the hospital.

You went to see Tetch, didn't you?


Jim, don't you see?
Tetch is planting ideas in your head.

- No.
- Don't you remember?

- He's done this before.
- No. This isn't like that.

Okay, what is more likely?

That Tetch is planting ideas
in your head to screw with you,

or that Mario has Alice's virus?

Lee, you cannot marry him!

Mario said that you would
never let us be happy.

I thought he was overreacting.
But he's right.

Tetch or not, you are obsessed.

Let xx gm!

This is what he wanted.

What are you talking about?

This. Me coming here.

That's why he put me on his trail.

He got the test
so he could find out how to beat it,

he had me arrest him
so I'd look like a jealous ex.

That's why Zsasz let me go,
so I'd race here.

And finally push you away.

Oh, Jim.

I say this as someone who cares about you.

Get help.

I love you.

I love you.

I've never stopped.

I should've come to see you
as soon as I got out of prison,

but I couldn't.

I was ashamed.

I felt I had to set things right.

But I did finally come, Lee.

I saw you through the window with him.

You were smiling.

You looked happy.

I couldn't bring myself to go in.

I've regretted it every day since.


Don't marry him.

After the wedding,

Mario and I are leaving Gotham.

I'll never see you again.

- Lee...
- Damn you.

For telling me this now!

You come in here
with these crazy accusations,

and when I don't believe you,
you pull this?

How dare you?

Don't you see?

- He wants you to hate me.
- Well, he succeeded.

- Get the hell out of here!
- No!



Can you please help
Detective Gordon find the exit?


And if you're ready, my dear...


Do you, Leslie,
take Mario to be your husband?

I do.

And do you, Mario,
take Leslie to be your wife?

I do.

I now pronounce you
husband and wife.

You may kiss the bride.

Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. and Mrs. Calvi.

Well, I think it's safe to admit that

our foreign friends are a no-show,
Master Bruce.

It was a right dodgy plan, anyway.

- Where are you going?
- That would be home.

Alfred, this is our only shot
to take down the Court.

Yeah, well, you don't know that, do you?
I mean, it was a moot point.

Anyway. I mean, walking across the entire
length of a room on a bloody tightrope?

I can do it. I did it.

Yeah. Three times out of 20.
I counted. No, thank you very much.

I can do it.

Oh, that's bloody marvelous, isn't it?


Right. The deal is this.
You stay on comms, at all times.

If I order "abort," you abort.
Is that clear?

I need my head examined. I really do.


Just wondering.

Does this mean you are my girlfriend?

Shut up.

So, I thought if I were Mario,
how would I beat the test?

Well, the test looks for this one marker
in the blood.

But that marker can be masked by
an abundance of certain other drugs.

The two most easily available,
Cloracinamine and...

Lucius, just get to the point.

Mario's blood came back off the charts
for Cloracinamine.

Alvarez, get a unit on Lee Thompkins
and Dr. Mario Calvi!

And don't let 'em out of your sight!

This isn't proof
that Mario killed those men.

No, but it's enough for a search warrant.

Now I gotta go find Jim Gordon.

Don't mess with Falcone!


All right. Straight to the safe room.
I'm gonna check the rest of the house.

- Go on.
- This way.

Not exactly hiding it.

There's no point. The floor is alarmed.

Don't let go.

Come on!

Out the way you came!

"Let's go!
- No!"



We have to leave.

And who exactly are you?

You're the one who's been following us.


You know her?

That's my mom.

Now can we get out of here?

You're bloody right.

Found it! In his trash. Cloracinamine.

Oh, yes.

We got him. Tell Alvarez.

That was Alvarez. Lee and Mario snuck out
of the reception. He lost them.

I can't even hold a knife.
I swear, when I see Nygma...

We'll kill him together. Real slow.

How sweet.

You son of a bitch!

Hear him out. Please.

I don't want 110 kill him.

I want to destroy him!

I want to take away

everything that he loves!

I want to make him


What're you talking about?


- He killed the librarian.
- What?

And you cut off my hand?

I assume you want something.

With Penguin gone,
the underworld will need a new leader.

I think it's time
Gotham had a woman's touch.

The crime families will never follow you.

Well, that's where you come in.
You know the families in and out.

Not to mention you're a whiz at strategy.

Think about it, Ed.

Your brains, their brawn,

my... Me.

We could make quite a team.

We destroy Penguin first.


But there is one thing you need to do.


- I'm sorry about your hand.
- Apology not accepted.

Well, we'll work on that. Drinks!


Thank you.

Thank you.
For letting us leave that party early.

Mmm. Of course.
I wanted to. I love this house.

It's my father's refuge.
Not many people know about it.

I know Gordon came to the church,
talked to you.

It was just like you said.

He said you had the virus.
He was obsessed.

And what did you say?

That after the wedding
we would be leaving Gotham.

And I would never see him again.

Is that it?

What are you asking me?

I'm asking

if there's any part of you, however small,

that still has feelings for him.

And I swear I will never ask you again.

A part of me will always care for him.

But I married you.

I love you.

That's all I needed to know.

- Where are they?
- Don Falcone, he just...

Where are they?

You don't give up, do you?

Your son has Alice Tetch's virus.

He's killed two people we know of.
Every cop in this city is after him.

Where is he?

You knew?

That Mario had the same virus
as Barnes? No.

I knew he was in danger,
but I didn't know why.

I never suspected this.

You're saying the attacks on Mario,
the car bomb...

It's because of the virus?

How is that possible? Who knew he had it?

I can't tell you that.

I'll send my men to bring Mario in.

You think I'd trust Lee's life
with these two goons?

Tell me where they are.

If I do that, you'll kill him.
I know you, James.

Mario is my son.

There is nothing and no one
more valuable to me.

And if he does have this sickness,
he needs help.

And if he kills Lee, he'll cross a line
he'll never come back from.

Even if he's cured,
knowing that will destroy him.

I'm your only hope.

Still, I'll send my men.

You mean these two?

Anyone else you want to send?

Swear that you'll bring him in alive.

I swear. Now, where are they?

She loves him. She loves him.

She loves him.

She loves him.

She loves him.

She loves him.

She loves him. She loves him.