Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 2 - Rise of the Villains: Knock, Knock - full transcript

Gordon investigates the inmate escape from Arkham Asylum while Galavan plots his next move. Bruce's quest to unlock the secrets of his father's office leads him to an old family friend.

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Previously on Gotham...

My best wishes to...

Commissioner Essen.

Welcome back, Jim.

I don't know how you pulled this off,
but I'm glad you did.

the right way...

is also the ugly way.

There's been an incident.
At Arkham Asylum.

Six inmates have escaped.

Barbara Kean
was one of them.

Oh my God.

The world...
sees criminal lunatics.

I see brilliance.

Gotham would tremble
before you.

I beg of you, my son,
please, choose happiness.

Unless you feel a calling.

A true calling."

Mr. Mayor,

you want to know
what I really am?

- Yes, sir.
- Shall I tell you?

Please, please.

At heart...

I'm an ardent student
of human nature.

Fascinating paradox, we are.

So wise,
and yet so foolish.

So brave,
and yet so fearful.

For instance,
this is a glass jar.

Inside of it is a...
hairy spider,

a tarantula, I guess,
but I'm no expert.

In a minute, I'm gonna open that
little hatch in the front of your box,

I'm gonna drop the spider inside,
and I'm gonna close it.

That's choice A.

Choice B:
I open the hatch,

you speak to your lovely secretary
Maggie on the telephone,

you tell her you've run away
with some woman

and you'll be sending written
instructions shortly.

So, which is it,
choice A or choice B?

Choice B, please.
Please, choice B.

The telephone. Of course.
It's human nature.


There is no spider.

But if you don't do what I ask,
you'll wish there was one.

Why are you doing this to me?

Don't fret so.

You're part
of a great endeavor.

A great cleansing.

Monsters are coming,
Mr. Mayor.


Who will cleanse this city...

in blood and fire.

What the hell is this?

"Where is Mayor James?
Who is his mystery lover?"

No one cares
who the mayor is banging!

You can do better than this,

Now go out and get me
some headlines, damn it!

Yeah. All right, all right.

Oh my God.

Perfect. Next.

Mr. X.

Uh, a little to the right.

Okay, that's the spot.


What shall we do with the...


I know.


Would you kindly?


Now that's a headline.

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martythecrazy (@addic7ed)

You all know
what we're facing here.

48 hours ago,
six criminally insane inmates

were busted out
of Arkham Asylum.

Yesterday, four of those inmates
broke into Yellen Shipyard,

kidnapped seven workers,

then dropped them off the roof
of the Gotham Gazette.

As of now,
we still have no leads

on the person or persons
behind the breakout.

Jim Gordon's lead. Jim.

These are our targets.

Jerome Valeska, 18 years old.


Arnold Dobkins,

poisoner, rapist.

Aaron Helzinger.

Killed his entire family
with his bare hands.

Robert Greenwood.

Killed and then ate
a dozen women.

Barbara Kean.

Killed her parents.

We're gonna work this
in groups of four.

I'll hand out assignments
throughout the day.

Alvarez is my coordinating officer.
Any questions?

Let's get to work.

Fine job yesterday,

We opened big. The whole
city knows your name now.

So, bravo! Let's give ourselves
a round of applause.

Now that we have
Gotham's attention,

it's time for the Maniax
to make a grand entrance.

Wasn't that it?

That was the overture.

Now the audience is hushed,

The curtain rises...

Then what happens?

Oh, then...
we confront Gothamites

with their most primal fears,

take from them all
they hold dear and sacred.

And then what happens?

Why, then, we offer them

And then they are ours.

Let's get busy, man.


First, you gentlemen need
to learn a little stagecraft.

- Stagecraft?
- You're going to be on TV.

You have to present yourselves
with style and vigor.

Dobkins, say "Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen".

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen?

Again, with a smile.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen.

Ah. You.

Good evening,
ladies and gentlemen!

Not bad.
Sinister and authoritative.

Never mind.


Ladies and gentlemen,
good evening!

Very good.
Boyishly charming.

The laugh is fabulous.
Use that.



Uh, uh.

Now me.

Ow! Ow!

I am so glad that you two
are getting along,

but we're a little busy here,

so if you could leave
the poor mayor alone...

- We're bored.
- Yeah.

Why do the boys get
to have all the fun?

Your time is coming.
I told you.

You haven't killed him,
have you?

No, I don't think so.

Nope. Hanging in there.


When is my time coming?

Soon. Very soon.

Why don't you tell me
about James Gordon?

What do you want to know?

It's hard to believe.

My father's been
sneaking down here for years,

- and I never even knew about it.
- That makes two of us, doesn't it?

Let's just think about this.

Are you certain you want
to turn that bloody thing on?

Of course I'm certain.

Have you thought it through,
Master Bruce?

This computer could contain
all my father's research

into Wayne Enterprises.

All this time, I've been looking
for a smoking gun, and... here it is.

Exactly, a smoking gun. Now,
guns are for grown-ups, aren't they?

That's a metaphor, Alfred,
not an argument.

Here it is.

It's working! It's wor...

What are you...
What are you doing?!

Alfred, stop!
What are you doing?!

What are you doing, Alfred?!
Alfred, stop it!

It's ruined! It's ruined!
What's wrong with you?!

- Why would you do that?! Answer me!
- It had to be done, Master Bruce!

This was the key...
to exposing Wayne Enterprises.

Everything that I've worked for,
everything my...

everything my dad worked for
is now gone! Because of you!

If I'd known what was down here,
I would have never helped get you in!

I mean, look around you.
Look, look. Liters of blood!

A bulletproof vest
with two slugs in it!

Guns, weapons!

I mean, whatever's on that
computer probably killed your father,

and I'll be damned if I see you
suffer the same fate, Master Bruce.

I'm trying to protect you.

I'm trying to keep you safe.

I want you to go.

- Look, I know that you're...
- No.

- that you're upset...
- Alfred.

I want you to go... and never
come back, do you understand me?

You're fired.

Very well, Master Bruce.

As you wish.

Ooh! Shiny.

- Give that back.
- I saw it first.

No, you didn't.
I said give it back.

Make me, you little brat.


Your samurai skills
are excellent, Greenwood San,

but they are nothing
compared to me.

Prepare to die!

Rum, rum, rum!

That's enough! That's good.

I tried to stop them.

Boys, we're a team.
We don't fight amongst ourselves.

Yeah, we're a team, boys.

And I'm the captain.

Captain of my foot.

I've murdered a dozen women.
Terrorized the city.

What have you done?
Chop up your mommy?

Everybody has to start

See, I have vision...
and ambition... and brains.

You're just a nutty
old cannibal.

How many people can you eat
before that shtick gets old?

I could eat one more.

I can see we're gonna have
to resolve this one once and for all.

You all know this game,

Oh, love it.

Who wants to be the boss?

Ladies first.

Hey, Greenwood...,

what's the secret
to good comedy?


And what's courage?

Grace under pressure.


who's the boss?

I'm the boss.

I believe you are, Jerome.

I believe you are.

Arigatou, sensei. [Thank you, sensei.]
Whoo! Hee!

Thank you.

Four lunatics and Barbara?
Brother, you got no luck.

I told you civilian life
was better, didn't I?

Yeah, you did. Actually, that's...
kind of why I'm here.

- Yeah?
- Yeah.

What are you doing here?

Jim, you remember Scotty,
my girlfriend?

- Fianc?e.
- Right, my fianc?e.

Yeah, Scotty, good to see you.

Relax, honey bun.
We're just talking.

Oh, like hell you are.

He's gonna ask you
to come back to work.

He didn't ask me anything,
we're just having a chat.

Oh, is that right? Is that why
you're here, Detective?

Just to have a chat?

No, no. She's right.

Harvey, I need your help.
The case is a bear.

We're short-handed, and, uh,
I was thinking maybe you could...

He has a life.
The answer is no.

- He is not coming back.
- Hon.

I'm telling him no.
But it's like she said.

I have a life.

I get it. I get it.

I'm happy for you.

Just a thought.

- Wish me luck.
- Good luck.

Jim, one last thing. One last
thought... from your Uncle Harvey.

These Maniax killed a bunch
of people from the shipyard, right?

Yellen Shipyard, yeah.

Why there? They could've gone
anywhere, killed anyone.

But these lunatics specifically
chose that shipyard.

I... wonder why.

Good to see you.

Yeah. Call you back.

Tell me something good,

- Harvey isn't coming back.
- That's not good.

But he did suggest a lead
that panned out nicely.

Turns out, the Maniax stole
a refueling truck

- from the shipyard yesterday.
- Why wasn't it reported?

It was one of over a hundred
service vehicles.

Took a while to track down
the entire fleet.

But when we did, we found
that one was missing.

- Fully loaded with gasoline.
- You get a license plate?

And a description of the vehicle.
Put out an APB.

God, I'm so glad you're back,

Me too.

Wish I could say the same
for Bullock.

I... I can't believe
he's really gone.

He's a cop.
He was born to be a cop.

Not anymore.
He's a happy man.

I didn't have it in me to push him.

You ever think about that?
Walking away, I mean.

- No. You?
- I did, for a long time.

But not anymore?

I've sat back and watched all
the corrupt, lazy men

buy their way into this job
and waste it.

Not me, Jim.
Not me.

- A new day.
- You're damn right.

I'd just like to say
it's been an honor...

and a privilege to serve you
and your family, sir.

Thank you.

If you need any references,
I'll be happy to provide them.

Is that all you're taking with you?

It's all I have, sir.

Right. Well, uh...

Oh dear, yes. I... best be off.
I've got a train to catch.

Good-bye, sir.

Good-bye, Alfred.

Beg your pardon, sir?

I said good-bye.


Good-bye, sir.

I spy with my little eye
something that is...


Score, Gotham, score!
We want more!

Hit 'em where it hurts
and knock 'em to the floor!


Yay, Gotham!

Oh. Hello, Ms. Kringle.

Hello, Mr. Nygma.

How's your day going?


Uh, question for you.

- Y... Yes?
- Uh...

Did you... know that houseflies
hum in the key of F?

No, I... I did not know that.

Okay, then.

Well, uh... Bye.


Damn it!

We agreed you were going
to ask her out.

No, we didn't agree
to ask her.

We agreed to think
about asking her.

But there's no point.
She doesn't like you.

Maybe she'll like me.

You ever consider that?
Maybe she'll like me?

I got confidence.
Ladies love that.

No, she won't like you.

She won't. Go away.

Please, just go away!




We got a sighting of the stolen
truck. Yeavely Park.

I want you all to know...

this was a very difficult
decision for us.

It was between you
and a senior citizen bingo party.

In the end, we decided
to skew a little younger.

Youth won the day.

Give me an "O"!

- I said, give me a "O".
- "O".

- Give me an "N".
- "N".

- Give me another "O"!
- "O".

What does that spell?

"Oh, no!"

Do it! Do it! Do it!

Ready? Okay!

This is so embarrassing.

Anyone got a light?

I do. I got...

Stand your ground, boys.
They can't shoot at a bus.

Hold your fire! Hold your fire!

Aaron, Greenwood,
get the truck started.

We're gonna blow this barbecue.


Light 'em up!

Everybody okay?

Who broke you out, Dobkins?!

Gonna have to talk sooner
or later; tell me now!

I'm a victim here, sir.
I was coerced!

- Abducted and coerced.
- By who?

If I tell you that, I got
to get some kind of guaran...

I understand you were
just trying to protect me.

But there's nothing..., nothing
that you can do to stop me

- from carrying out my father's work.
- I know that now.

I don't want you to go, Alfred.

But you're either with me...
or you're against me.

And if you're against me,
I don't have a choice.

I'm with you, Master Bruce.
I've always been with you.

But what you're doing
is tantamount to suicide.

This is big boy stuff. You're
too young, you're not ready.

Then make me ready.

You... You've lived a dangerous
life, and you survived.

So teach me.
Teach me how to do the same.

I'll do whatever it takes.
I'll train every day.

Yeah, well, you said
that before, didn't you?

That was before.

Now I know the truth.
And I know what I have to do.

I'll even go back to school
if you want.

School, even?

If... I agree to help you,
to make you ready...,

you must do exactly
as I say and when I say it

with no exceptions,
is that understood?


But, in return, you must
fix that computer.

Fix it?

How on earth am I gonna do that?

That's not my problem.
I'm not the one who broke it.

High caliber,
high velocity.

Judging by the size
of the wounds,

it was definitely shot
from some distance.

- Someone knew how to shoot.
- Who, damn it?

And why cheerleaders?
Where's the motive?

They didn't even ask for a ransom.

They want headlines.
They want mass panic.

- Well, they got it.
- Yeah.

Let's see if we can I.D.
that bullet. Never know your luck.

- Holding up?
- Holding up.

Love you.


Gin and tonic, please,
uh, governor. Ice and a slice.

- Nice place.
- It is.

Been here before, then, have you?

- It's my regular spot.
- Oh, right, you're a local.


Don't I know you?

Do you?


You're that Mr. Fox, that...

scientific chap
from Wayne Enterprises, ain't ya?

That is me.

Alfred Pennyworth.

Young Master Bruce Wayne's

Ah, yes!

It's a funny old game though,
ain't it?

Coincidence, I mean,
me bumping into you like this.

I mean...

I was just thinking about you.


Okay, Mr. Pennyworth,
I'll bite.

- What were you thinking about me?
- Oh, no. "Alfred", please.

Please, "Lucius".

Lucius. Lucius.

You know...,

I once knew
this geezer called Onslow

in the Isle of Dogs
in the East End of London.

Lairy little scallywag, he was.

He was, uh, too smart by half,
never trusted him.

Anyway, one day, Lucius, he comes
bowling up to me,

and he asks me to do him
this right iffy favor.

Oh, it doesn't matter what it was.

The point being, against
my better judgment...,

I agreed to do it.

But, Lucius, I told him,
I told him straight, I said:

"You let me down, Onslow...,

I'll tuck you up, sunshine,
like a kipper."

He swears blind,

swears on his mother's grave
he'd never do such a thing,

but of course he did.

Couldn't help himself,
he let me down.

So I tucked him up.
Like a kipper.

What is a kipper?

It's a type of smoked fish.

Very nice with eggs
and brown toast for breakfast.

But what I learned...
from Onslow is this:

There are two types of people
on this planet, you see.

Them you can trust...

and them you can't.

I cannot disagree.

Which kind are you?

Both kinds of people would give you
the same answer, wouldn't they?

Exactly. Exactly right.

There lieth the problem, Lucius.

You see, I need to confide in you.

But I need to know
that you're trustworthy.

Perhaps I should decline
your confidence.

I don't like the sound
of these kippers.

Yeah, well, it's a bit late
for that, unfortunately.

I mean, it's you, after all,
Lucius, that created this mess

when you told young Master Bruce
that his dear old dead dad...

was a stoic.

- Ah.
- "Ah", exactly.

You see, there's a problem.

I got no one else
to turn to.

I have to confide in you.

- I see.
- Do you?

Let me just be crystal clear
about this.

If it turns out...

that I can't trust you...,

I swear on my mother's grave,
you, my old sausage...,

are a dead man.

I have only the best intentions
for Bruce Wayne.

Well, another gin and tonic,
please, uh, governor.

And whatever this young man
is drinking, one for yourself.

How are you at fixing computers?

- Hey, Alvarez!
- Yo.

Let ballistics know we got
a red ball for them, will you?

- On it.
- Gordon.

Hello, Jim. It's Barbara.

Hi, Barbara.
How are you?

Oh, me? I'm fabulous.
How are you?

- I'm good. What's new?
- Oh, Mr. "Cool Guy", huh?

You must be so mad at me.

Listen to me. If you turn yourself in,
I can help you.

Uh. How, Jim?

By taking me back to Arkham?
I don't think so.

- You're sick.
- Oh. Of course.

Everything's always my fault.
So typical.

Listen to me.

I know you, Barbara.
I know you.

You're a good, kind woman.
This isn't you.

Oh, you could always
make me laugh.

How do I look?

I need to talk to Commissioner
Essen right away. It's an emergency.

Yeah, go ahead.
She's right upstairs.

Yo, Commish.


Heard you were looking
for us.


Don't move!

You're wrong about me, Jim.

I tried telling you,
but you never listen.

- I'm listening now.
- Yeah, sure you are. Now.

Come on.

Let's go talk this through, huh?

Oh, it's too late for that.



That's enough.

I'm not sick. I'm free.
You don't get that.

I could explain it, but... you should
probably get back to work.

Who knows what went wrong
while you were gone? Huh!

Hell of a first week
you're having, Commissioner.

I wish I could tell you that... things
were gonna get better for you.

They're not.

Here, bring that up here.
Get a better angle of the room.

Why are you doing this?

To rule the world.
Blah, blah, blah.

But we'll settle for some dead
cops and some good P.R.

- Kidding.
- Yeah. Whatever.

I get it.
You're just crazy.


Look at me.

You can see I'm not crazy.

Very soon, little man,
you will be dead.

And the world will go on
without you.

You'll be nothing.

No one will even remember
your name.



That is where you're wrong,
old lady.

We will leave a mark
on this city.

And we will spread across it
like a virus.

Do you know why?

There's nothing more contagious
than laughter.

My line.

There's nothing more contagious
than laughter.

That was strangely pleasant.
Do it again.


That's gonna leave a mark!

You got me.

My turn.

- Lee?
- Jim!

You hurt?

No. I... I... I was in my office,
and I heard gunfire and I hid.

Where were you?

Barbara was here,
she lured me away.


Hang on, Cap, hang on.

Boss, boss, stay with me.

It's a new day..., Jim.

This is... indeed broken.

- I have a lot of questions for you.
- Ah, I imagine so.

- Did my father tell you everything?
- Heavens no.

Your father, he was a very
private man. He had to be.

I simply helped with technical
resources, like this computer.

- Do you know what's on it?
- No.

I didn't want to know,
to be honest.

- But you can fix it?
- Hmm, I should think so.

But... it is going to take
some time.

Well, uh..., thank you...
for your help.

I loved your father.

I regret
that I never told him so.

I regret
that I didn't help him more.

Hand me the soldering iron,
will you?


Master Bruce?

W... What is it, Alfred?

How you doing, Mr. Nygma?

- I got you an aspirin.
- Thank you.

Detective Gordon!


I heard the news. I...

I... I was worried
something happened to you.

I'm very relieved.

Me too.

The... The last time that we met,
I was... I was very hard on you.

I wanted to apologize.

You've been
a really good friend.

She was a good woman.

Good cop.

It's good to see you,
but you don't have to do this.

Let's not talk about it.

We are who we are, right?
No use fighting it.

What does Scotty say?

She'll understand.

Or she won't.

You need to see this.

I'm reporting live
from the scene of the GCPD massacre.

We have just obtained
video footage of the attack

recorded by one of the assailants.

I want to warn those of you

what you're about to see
is very graphic.

Hello, Gotham City!
We're the Maniax!

And I'm Jerome, the...
shot caller of our little gang.

We're here to spread
the message of wisdom and hope!

Some people have no manners.

You're all prisoners.

What you call sanity...,

it's just a prison in your minds
that stops you from seeing

that you're just
little tiny cogs

in a giant absurd machine.

Wake up!

Why be a cog?
Be free like us.

Just remember, smile.

Oh! Time to go.

But don't worry.
We'll be back very soon.

Hang on to your hats, folks.
'Cause you ain't seen nothing yet!

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)
martythecrazy (@addic7ed)