Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 3 - Rise of the Villains: The Last Laugh - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock hunt a nemesis from the past, which leads to a standoff between Jerome and Gordon; and a magic show at a Gotham Children's Hospital gala results in a hostage situation.

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Previously on Gotham...

Monsters are coming,
Mr. Mayor.

Six criminally insane inmates

busted out
of Arkham Asylum.

They want mass panic.

Hello, Jim.
How do I look?


- Yo, Commish.
- Yeah?

Don't move!

You should
probably get back to work.

Who knows what went wrong
while you were gone? Huh!

It's a new day..., Jim.

Jerome Valeska.
The attack on the GCPD.

Someone on the streets
is talking.

Somebody knows something.

Valeska has red hair,
crazy laugh.

Might be rolling
with a blonde number.

I... I don't know anything.

- You believe him?
- Nope.

Me neither.

It's the truth! But, hey, I...
I can help you guys, you know,

- spread the word and stuff.
- Valeska killed a friend of ours.

Anybody hides him,
anybody protects him,

they go down too, you got it?

- Now spread the word.
- No. No!

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martythecrazy (@addic7ed)

Sneaking out?

Just like a guy.

There are loose ends
that need tying.

Need this?

Bring back bagels.

No need for that.

I thought Ms. Kean and I
could have a little chat.

Good morning.

Jerome is waiting outside.

Try and keep him focused.

You be nice.

You two seem
to be getting along.

I'm so glad.
She needs a friend.

My sister
is a very special person.

She seems so strong, but
yet she's quite fragile.

- Sugar?
- Sure.

You acquitted yourself very well
at the adventure at the GCPD.

Jim Gordon escaped
the carnage unscathed.

- Top marks.
- Thank you.

Did you know my family
built this city?

We carved the bedrock
upon which it stands,

yet there is not a bridge,
an alley,

a ditch that carries our name.

My forefathers were betrayed,
their legacy erased,

and I am here to punish
those who wronged us...

and reclaim what is ours.


I didn't ask.

So, you're gonna take over Gotham
by unleashing a bunch of loonies.

- Awesome plan.
- That's only part one.

So what's the second part?

Oh, you're gonna love it.
There's a starring role for you.

You'll be famous and powerful, and
your fondest dream will come true.

You know my dreams, do you?

When Jim Gordon has outlived
his usefulness,

I'm gonna help you destroy him.

Not kill him.
Destroy him.

Body and soul.


Shocking images. Gotham is
on high alert today after...

Look, I'm just saying,
I'll chuck mopes out of windows

until the cows come home,
but at some point,

we got to go see Penguin.

Why would he break Jerome
out of Arkham or attack the GCPD?

He wouldn't, but that weasel's
running things now.

- If there's chatter, he'd know it.
- I'll think about it.

- Jim.
- I'll think about it!

Alvarez, where are you
with Jerome's circus contacts?

- Circus is upstate. I'm just waiting...
- Follow up.

His father's probably with him.
He covered for him once before.

He might have some
information. Do it.

Yo, detective!

- Which escapee are you tracking?
- Helzinger. No one's seen him.

He's six-seven, 275,

with the mind of a five-year-old.
Somebody's seen him.


What are you doing?

That stays up until
we have her killer in custody.

- You understand?
- Yes, sir.

Sarah Essen and nine of your
brothers were killed in this house!

In our house!

Their murderer stood right there
and he laughed at us!

Never forget that.


- So how are you?
- I'm fine.


Look, I know Essen
was your friend.

Lee, whatever you're about
to say,

I know it's coming from a good place,
but I can't hear it right now.

So, the Gotham Children's Hospital
gala is tonight,

which I helped organize.

I can't.

- You can't go?
- No.

Even though a few hours away
from all of this might actually help?


Okay. I just have
to tell you something,

because if I don't and you find out,
you're gonna be pissed.

There's gonna be a magician.

Yeah. Right.

Stop beating yourself up.

- I'm trying.
- I know you are.

- I should've been here. I wasn't.
- Stop it.

Kiss me.

Kiss me.


Not to interrupt your
weirdly timed make-out session,

but Alvarez got in touch
with the circus manager.

The blind fortune teller,
Jerome's dad,

bailed on him, stayed in town.
Got an address.

- I'll call you.
- Okay.

Who's there?

I know someone's there.

Hi-ya, Pops.

Long time... no see.

So, how you doing?

Ah, the silent treatment, eh?
Here, I'll tell you a story.

Hmm. Oh.
You remember Kansas City, Dad?

The circus went through town every
spring right around my birthday?

There was this guy.

Him and my mom used to drink
and fornicate

and beat the crap out of me.

They'd make a whole night out of it.
And I remember one time...

it was my ninth birthday...,
him and my mom

had just finished round one
of boozing, boning, beating up Jerome,

and were deciding
to take a little break.

Anyway. Hmm.

I was outside the trailer,
and you were there.

And you said:
"Why are you crying, Jerome?"

"It's my birthday.

And my mom and the snake guy
are beating me."

And then you said:

"This world doesn't care about you
or anyone else, Jerome.

Better to realize that now."

And that was it.

You see, there's this guy, Dad.

He believes in me,
he thinks I'm gonna be a star.

And, tonight,
all of Gotham will see that too.

Except for you, 'cause
you'll be, you know, dead.


Oh, is this the part where you say
how sorry you are? Hmm?

How you should have believed in me,
how it's not too late to start again?

News flash, Dad:
It's too late.

You don't have to do this.

I'm pretty sure I do.

I was a bad father,
but I did love you.

To kill me for that...

That's not why
I'm gonna kill you!

Plans to Arkham Asylum.

Look at these.


Letters between you
and your troubled son.

Innocent at first glance,
but Detective Gordon...

You remember him, right?
He'll feel little bumps.

A secret message written in Braille

between you and your son,
discussing my escape!

Finally, the knockout gas
used to disable the orderlies.

'Cause, you see, Dad...,

this guy
I was telling you about,

he's the one who broke me out
of Arkham.

He doesn't want anyone
to know about that.

Obviously. So...

the police will find these letters,
hmm, and they'll think:

"The blind old fool
really loved his son.

What a wonderful father. Oh"

There won't be a dry eye in the house.

They'll never believe it.

Ah, sure, they will.
Cops are dumb.

There's nothing to eat in this dump.
Finish up and let's go.

Sorry you're gonna miss
my big night, Dad.

But, hey, you're psychic.

So, tell me, do I kill?

You... will be a curse
upon Gotham.

Children will wake from sleeps
screaming at the thought of you.

Your legacy will be
death and madness.

Ha, ha, ha.


say hi to Mom for me.



Mr. Cicero, it's Detective Gordon!

We need to speak with you
about your son.

Mr. Cicero?

Mr. Cicero?!

Harvey, window!


Detective Gordon.
Old pal.

That gas sure packs
a wallop, huh?

That's cute.

I'm sensing... anger.

You... killed Sarah Essen.
Now I'm gonna kill you.

Don't shoot him.

How about a little flesh wound?

No, no.
My dibs.

This is a waste of time.

We had a deal, didn't we,
Master Bruce?

Part of which was you resume
your normal lifestyle.

Your parents were both patrons
to the Children's Hospital.

Therefore, it makes you a patron.

there's gonna be a magician.

And you like magicians,
don't you?

No, I don't.
I hate magicians.

You know what I said
about being normal?

Excuse me.

I'm Lee Thompkins.
I work with James Gordon.

He's mentioned you, and
I saw you and thought...

Of course.

- It's very nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.

This is my guardian,
Alfred Pennyworth.

- It's an absolute pleasure.
- Thank you.

How is Detective Gordon doing
since the attack on the precinct?

- I was thinking I should call him.
- He'd appreciate that.

dirty boogie

- Can I get you something to drink?
- Uh, just water. Thank you.

it's the dirty boogie for me


(dirty boogie!)

I hear there's gonna be
a magician.

hey, you all!

(dirty boogie!)
how's it go?!

(dirty boogie!)
not too slow

when I get low-down,
it's the dirty boogie for me

let it go, let it go,
all right

Hello, Selina.


I... I didn't expect
to see you here.

Well, you want to steal stuff, it helps
to go where the rich people are.

You do know this is a benefit
for Children's Hospital...


So these people are here
for a good cause.

Me eating is a good cause.

Besides, didn't I steal
something for you once?

- Selina, that was different.
- Right.

scream and shout

How'd that go?
You get into that guy's safe?

Yes. Though things didn't...
turn out quite like I planned.

A lot's happened
since then.

Alfred says there's gonna be
a magician.

I'm working.
And hate magicians.

See you around, Bruce.

So, you want to share your plan?

Remember I told you
I could divine

the thing a person
truly wants?

What Gotham wants is a hero.

And tonight...
I'm going to give them one.

Shall we?
Jerome and Tabby went on ahead.

Great cape.

Thank you for filling in
on such short notice.

But how did you hear
our magician dropped out, Mr...?

Oh, Rodolfo!

Well, you know, magic.

Oh, I won't be needing that.

Come on.

I'm sorry, but really,
there is no mystery.

Tabitha, have you met
Deputy Mayor Kane?

- Harrison, this is my Tabitha.
- Ah, nice to meet you.

Uh, and could you please
tell your brother

that when a handsome billionaire
appears out of nowhere,

people get curious?
Where'd he come from?

How'd he make his money?
Who's he dating?

My wife would kill me if I don't
get something, a... a tidbit.

He's a monster in the sack.

Do you have any news
of Mayor James?

No. No, it's a real mystery.
We don't know where he is.

How intriguing.

Harrison, would you mind?
A little family business.

Of course. Miss Galavant.

Everything's ready.
See you at home.

So, uh, how do you go from being
in the Royal Marines to a butler?

Well, it's a bit tedious,
really, after a while.

You know, parachuting
into one global hot spot another.

Warlords... putting ridiculous
bounties on your head.

- Gets a bit boring, really.
- You have amazing stories.

Yeah, well, you know,
one or two.

You know, I don't really get
nights... off,

but if ever you'd like to...

pop by Wayne Manor
for dinner one evening, I...

Oh, that's very kind of you,
Mr. Pennyworth, but...

No. Alfred. Please, Alfred.

Alfred. That's very kind
of you, but...

Now, having said that, I don't see why
I can't take a night off, and I...

I happen to know
the head chef at Chez Parnes.

Well, I... I'm afraid I...
Did you say Chez Parnes?

I've been trying to eat there
for quite some time.

You have the most beautiful eyes.

Oh, wow. Okay, well,
thank you, but, uh...

- Alfred, I'd like to leave.
- Yeah, uh...

What about Dr. Thompkins' water?

And, of course, you're gonna
miss the magician.

Sorry, I must have forgotten
your water.

- Alfred, I still want to leave.
- Are you not feeling well?

No, he's... he's abs...
he's absolutely fine. He's fine.

Why don't you just pop off to the bar,
Master Bruce? And...

- Show's about to start.
- Is it time?

I roped myself into MC duties
for the night.

I hope you'll stay for the show.

I wouldn't miss it for the world.


Good evening.

I'm Dr. Lee Thompkins.

For the past five years,

I've had the honor of being
part of the Children's Hospital.

Thank you for your support.

And thank you so much
for coming out tonight.

Over the years, we've had magicians
come and entertain our children.

And so tonight, we have one
of the magicians here for you.

Without further ado, please
allow me to present to you

the Great... Rodolfo.


ladies and germs!

I am indeed the Great Rodolfo!

Please, ogle
my lovely assistant! Ooh!

For my first act,
I'll require a volunteer!

Let me see.

Duck, duck, duck, duck,
duck, duck, duck...,


Go on, Master Bruce.
Be a sport.

Don't keep the lady waiting.


Hello, young man.

Does this... handsome gentleman
have a name?

- Bruce.
- Bruce!

Well, Bruce...,
this won't hurt a bit.

Is there a doctor in the house?

No, just... Excuse...
Just wait! Wait!

Wa... Wait, one second!

Go home.

I'm fine.

You've been running this
since last night,

and you got a face full
of that gas. Go home.

You going home?

I didn't think so.


- Maybe I will go get some sleep.
- Yeah? Good idea.

But we got somewhere, right?

At least now we know
who broke Jerome out of Arkham.

Yeah, crazy old blind man
that lived alone.

The clever crazy old blind man.

If his father broke him out,
why'd Jerome kill him, huh?

He was probably playing this maniac
shtick since you sent him away.

He was just a kid.

Every evil bastard in the world
was just a kid once.


But I don't think it was his
father that broke him out.

Well, cool.
Back to square one.

All right,
I will go and get some sleep.

For the record, I knew Essen
a hell of a lot longer than you.

She saved my ass
hundreds of times.

You really should go home.

First thing tomorrow,
we'll go see Penguin.

You're right.
He's got his ears on the street.


Never mind.

I'll see you tomorrow.

Give 'em a wave.

Some people say Bruce
has a split personality!

Very good, Master Bruce.

For my next illusion,

I'd like to call to the stage...
esteemed Deputy Mayor...

Harrison Kane.

Is there something... familiar
to you about those two?

Oh my God.

- Lee, I was just...
- Jim, it's Barbara. She's here.

And... And I think maybe Jerome...

By the way, nobody here...
is getting out alive.


Right, Master Bruce,
time to leave.


- Selina!
- Bruce!


- What's going on?
- Hostage situation.

The magician just killed
the Deputy Mayor.

It's Jerome Valeska, the same man
that killed Commissioner Essen.

- Who's in charge here?
- I guess you are.

Lee. Thank God.
I've been trying to...

Sorry, Jimbo!
It's just little old me.

- Jerome.
- Are you outside?

Huh! You are, aren't you?
Oh, goody!

I swear to God,
if you've hurt her...

Breathe, James. I haven't touched
a hair on your girlfriend's pretty head.

See for yourself. This is
live television after all.

The feed just came back.

- You son of a bitch.
- True, but not the point.

Hey, let's talk about what I want.
Excuse me.

$47 million, a helicopter,

the dry cleaning
I left at Mr. Chang's.

Be careful, the man is a crook,
and, hmm, I don't know, a pony.

Uh, you got ten minutes,
or I start killing people.

Remember, this is being broadcast
to... every home in Gotham,

so, you know,
don't let people die. Bye.

I think that went well.


You need to pack up your pathetic
little sideshow and leave.

Is that right?

It may be presumptuous to speak
for all the citizens of Gotham.

But we are sick of you!

You're a small, vicious man
with a pathetic need for attention.

Enough, man.
For God's sakes, enough.

I'm curious what your
leverage is here, Mr...?

Theo Galavan.

Well, Mr. Theo Galavan,

if you don't sit down,
uh, I'm going to shoot you.

In the face.

I know there is some human
decency left in you.

If you need to take a hostage,
take me.

But let these people go home...
to their families, to their children!

- Boring.
- Right?

Get your men.
We're going in.

I used this
to sneak into the party.

We're lucky those dummies
didn't know about it.

- Wait.
- We're almost outside.

Wait! I have to go back.

Are you crazy?
That guy was killing people!

Yes, and Alfred's back there.

- I'm not going back.
- I don't expect you to.


I miss you.
I just wanted to say that.

You're refusing a direct order?
I could have your stripes.

That maniac killed
the commissioner.

Not my men!
We're not equipped for this.

Fine. I'll go it alone.


Hold very still.


I can't look.
Someone tell me how it turns out.


Turn around.

Well, clap!


So, Lee, how's Jim doing?

I hope he's not blaming himself
for this whole...

- Essen being killed thing.
- You are one crazy bitch.

So rude.

You know, I'm gonna...
I'm gonna make a prediction.


Within a year, Jim and I
will be back together.

Wanna know why?
Because we're both the same.

We both have a dark side.

And one day,
we will tell our grandchildren...

about how this man-eating
harpy... almost tore us apart!

But in the end,
love conquered all.

- You...
- I'm sorry, what's that?

Hasn't been ten minutes.
I need to buy you a watch.

Well..., I think it's time
for tonight's first official victim!

You all know and love,
poor rich boy,

parents murdered in an alley,
and my favorite volunteer.

Where is... Bruce Wayne?!

You know, I'm an orphan too,

I killed my parents though.

Where are you hiding?!


Where are you, buddy?!

Kill his butler.

Come on, move it, butler.

Last chance, Bruce,

but it's about to get
very butler brain out here.

D... Detective Gordon?

He... He's going to kill Alfred.
I have to help him.


No. It's you he wants.

Bruce. Just wants you.

I will not... let him hurt

I'm bored.
Shoot the butler.


What the bloody hell
are you doing, Bruce?

There's a gun in my jacket.
Detective Gordon's behind the curtain.

Let me go!

Let gets this started, huh?

You, check behind the curtain!

Make sure no one's
playing silly buggers.

Drop the knife!

I don't have a clean shot!

Stay calm, Bruce.

Seems like we got ourselves a pickle.

What do you say, Brucey boy?
Want to boost our ratings, huh?


I said enough!

I know, I know.

This is not what we rehearsed.

I'm so sorry, Jerome.
You have real talent.

But now, you see,
the plot thickens...,

enter the hero.

You... You said...

I was gonna be...

Jim, stop her!

A pony. Uh...

See, someone like that
has no interest in building things.

He's not part of a tradition.

Its chaos for chaos' sake.

Perhaps I could use
a new laugh.

Oh, ho, ho, ho, ho, ho!

Huh?! Wow.

Color me impressed.

You know, if I close my eyes,

I can still see you holding
Fish's umbrella.

"Yes, Ms. Mooney."
"No, Ms. Mooney."

"Whatever you say,
Ms. Mooney."

"That wig looks great on you,
Ms. Mooney."

Seriously..., the worm...
has turned.

Detective Bullock.

I heard you rejoined
the force.

I am so happy!

But... aren't you missing
all of the excitement?

Yeah, I got the word too late.
Besides, I want to talk to you.

Of course.
Always happy to help.

See, there's talk on the street
that Jim Gordon did a favor for you,

collected a debt
and the guy ended up dead.




Well, then again,
where there's smoke...

Jim shouldn't worry about that.
He and I are good friends.

Well, see, that's the problem,
Oswald; I think he is worried.

Because something
happened today,

and you were the obvious person
to come to. And I sensed

Jim was a little reluctant
to come down here.

Like I said,
he shouldn't worry.

As long as you two
remain friends.

- Exactly.
- Yeah.

I got half a mind
to take you outside

and beat you senseless
with a garbage can.

Maybe some other time.

Call yourself
whatever you want, man!

The King of Gotham.

But to me, you'll always be
that little umbrella boy.

And if you come after Jim Gordon,
you got to come after me.

And I still owe you for Fish.

But, seriously...,
this place is amazing.

Give me another drink!

You were very brave.

You helped save the lives
of everyone in here.

Your parents...,
they would've been proud.

That they would've been.

They also would've given me the sack
for letting you do something so idiotic.

It was all of us.
We were a team.

Yeah. I guess we were.

Is he okay?

Fine. Though I'd still like him
to get checked out at the hospital.

Barbara gave him quite a knock.

Any word on her?

No, no, she went through
a trapdoor in the stage.

They must have always been planning
to use that as their exit.

Don't worry.
We'll find her.

Uh, Mr. Galavan, sir.
Alfred Pennyworth.

I'd just like to thank you for saving...
young Master Wayne's life.


If there's anything I can
ever do for you, sir...

Or I.

I really just did what any citizen
of Gotham would have done.

I wish that were true.
Jim Gordon.


Well, if you ever need anything,
please, call.

We're all in this together,

Thank you, sir.

Right, well, I suppose I better
be getting this young man... home.

It's been much more of an exciting
evening than originally planned.

I never did like magicians.

Good night.

It was very nice meeting you,
Dr. Thompkins.

And you, Bruce.

Good night's sleep,
you'll be right as roses.

I do hope we get to see you
again soon.

Thank you.


Sure you're okay?

I'm fine.

Kiss me?

- Jim...
- Kiss me.

- Oh, bugger.
- Alfred.

- You knew, didn't ya?
- I didn't know, Alfred.

You did. You let me
make a right mug of me-self.

Alfred, I had no idea.

- You did.
- I didn't know.

Well, I didn't know.

Despite the presence
of the GCPD,

it was billionaire Theo Galavan,
newly arrived in Gotham,

but already making his name,
who stood up to the escaped lunatic.

- Am I a hero?
- Hmm. Apparently.

I think tonight, the people
of Gotham have said "enough".

The reign of tyranny is over.

Now the real fun begins.

- Poor Jerome.
- Yes, very sad.

Such a compelling character.
But limited, you know?

- He was never gonna last long.
- Hmm. I don't know about that.

The kid had a way about him.

Oh, poor baby...,
did you get a bump?

The killer,
Jerome Valeska, is dead,

his murderous escapades left
a deep impression on Gotham.

Nobody here...
is getting out alive.

Coming through. Ah.


You... will be a curse
upon Gotham.

Children will wake from sleeps
screaming at the thought of you.

Your legacy will be
death and madness.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)
martythecrazy (@addic7ed)