Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 1 - Rise of the Villains: Damned If You Do... - full transcript

Penguin is King of Gotham and after a shakeup at the GCPD, Detective James Gordon's moral compass wavers, as he seeks help from Penguin.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Last season on Gotham...

It's in here.
It's in this room.

My father's secret,
it's in this room.

Going after Loeb is suicide,
plain and simple.

As usual,
wrong place, wrong time.

You're a disgrace, Loeb.

What's black and white
and red all over?

Stop talking like that.

Why did you kill your mother,

Jason Lennon... killed your parents.

- You didn't kill them.
- Yes, I did.

Good-bye, Fish!

I'm the king of Gotham!

What is it, do you think?

Bloody hell.

No, wait, wait, wait!

There must be a million possible
combinations, Master Bruce.


just a perfect day

drink sangria in the park

and then later
when it gets dark,

we go home

just a perfect day

feed animals in the zoo

then later a movie too

and then home

oh, it's such a perfect day

i'm glad i spent it with you

oh, such a perfect day

you just keep me hanging on

you just keep me hanging on

- Drink it all.
- Thank you, Master.

Now go.

Come on through.
Let's go, let's go!

- I am Zaardon...,
- Shut up!

the Soul Reaper!

Foolish slaves!
You cannot escape me!

Sir, drop the guns!

- You! You!
- Hey, stop!

Come on! Move it.

Your primitive weapons...
cannot hurt me!

Prepare to die, insect.


Listen, I don't want
to shoot you, man, all right?

Too much paperwork.

So why don't you just...
put the sword down?

Stay down. Relax.

Yo, Gordon. What's up?
Busy shift?

- You're late.
- Geez, relax, will ya?

What's the matter with you,


Bad idea.

How can this be?

Zaardon drank dragon's blood
from the master's chalice.

That spelled how it sounds?

- Two A's.
- Close enough.

You dare send me to prison?

Oh, no, you're a cinch
for Arkham!

Hear me, Gordon!

You might have won this battle,
but the war has just begun.

The master
will unleash hell upon you.

- Dark days are coming.
- Thanks for the heads-up.


- You okay?
- Never better.

Officer Gordon 23611, report
to the captain's office immediately.

I'm up. See ya.

He's gone, relax.

Holy Moly, look at you!

Everyone's gonna think
you're going nuts.

I get nervous when you talk to me
with other people around like that.

- Stop!... doing that!
- What?


Copying me.

Dude..., it's a mirror,
that's how they work.

You know what I think
we need?

I think that we need...
a little more fun.

Some romance.

I know where this is going.

I told you, leave...
Miss Kringle alone.

Imagine her in our arms.

Those big eyes
looking up at us,

and soft, trembling flesh.

Be quiet!

It's a simple question,
Officer Gordon,

did you or did you not put
your hands on Officer Franks here?

- Yes. I did.
- Mm-hmm.

From the first day
on the job,

you've been
an insubordinate troublemaker.

I hoped demotion to uniform duty
would suffice to make you quit.

It worked for your partner,

However, you've now confessed
to violation of Section 12.

Immediate dismissal
is mandatory.

Commissioner, this is not just.

Officer Frank sustained no harm,

and Officer Gordon showed
admirable restraint

in defusing a dangerous
hostage situation!

Thank you so much
for your input, Captain!

The facts speak for themselves.

The facts say he deserves
commendation, not dismissal.

- You're letting gutter politics...
- That's enough, young lady.

Take Officer...
Mister Gordon's badge and gun,

that's an order.

All good. Let it go.

Thanks, though.

It's been an honor
working for you.

This is all for the best,
you know.

Some men are just not meant
to be cops.

I told you I'd break you.

I will.

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What did you say to Loeb?
Did you get mad?

I disagreed with his decision.

Come on. You know
I need the details.

I said I'd break him.

- Words to that effect.
- Hey, you went out with a bang.

Maybe it's for the best.

That's what Loeb said.

I should've walked away.

I just hate to quit.

You didn't quit.
You were fired. What can you do?

Oh, there's things I can do.

I thought you said you didn't have
any legal moves left.

I don't.

You wanna be a cop so bad,
you're willing to break the law?

I'm willing to bend it a little,

You're happy I got fired, huh?

You got me.

But only because I know
that you'll never quit.

And I love that about you.

But they have you directing
traffic, Jim.

Why keep beating your head
against a wall?

I'm a cop, Lee.

I'm a cop.

Hi, gorgeous.
I'm Jerome.

Keep moving, ginger.

Just being polite.
So, what'cha in for?

Killing my parents.

Oh! Me too!
Well, Mom, anyhow.

Oh, liberating, right?
Oh, what a rush!

Yeah, all righty, then.
You see the big handsome fella

staring at you like you're
fried chicken?

Richard Sionis.
He's a millionaire.

Hmm, got his own airplane,
got a boat with a hot tub on it...

Ah, and he killed 25 people...
just for fun.

So what?

So... he likes you.
He wants to be your friend.

Hmm. Let me think. No.

A girl needs
a good friend in here.

See, the guards,
they don't care.

They figure bad things
happen to bad people.

And they happen all the time,
all the time.

Hey, you.

Hello? Baldy!
Here, here. Hello. Yes!

Hi. Come here.



My name is Barbara.

- Would you be my friend?
- Yes.

Hey, if someone here
tries to hurt me...,

- would you protect me?
- Yes.

Thank you so much.


- Now I have a friend.
- You're bad.

Yeah, so why don't you go
make me a sandwich?

Your friend is a gorilla.
My friend runs the joint.

And he can get you things
that other people can't get you.

- Things like what?
- Anything you need.

I need a telephone.

Ogden Barker, in for 70 grand,

plus two months vig,
250 and change.

Says he owes Falcone,

Falcone's gone,
so his debt's forfeit.

Well, we can't have him
saying that.

What if everybody started
saying that?

There'd be anarchy.

What is it?

Oh. Splendid.

Jim! Come on in!

- My dear old friend.
- We need to talk.

Oh. Leave us.

Hey, Selina.
Moving on up, huh?


Isn't she darling?

It's like having a cat
around the house.

But no horrid dead mice.

I need a favor.
I figure you owe me one.

I do?

I'm always happy to help you,
Jim, but I don't recall...

The hospital.
I saved you from Maroni's men.

But I was only there
because you arrested me.

For attempted murder.

Remind me again
why I let you go.

Enlightened friendship.
I'd call us even, but...

let's not quibble.

I'm so happy you came to me
for help, Jim.

The answer is yes.
Your wish is granted.

You don't know what it is yet.

You want Loeb fired
and your old job back, no?


For a good friend like you,
it can be done.

If you're sure
that's what you want.

- I'm sure.
- May I ask why?

Police work in Gotham
is such a thankless job.

Good pension.

What does Lee think?


- Are you gonna help me or not?
- Relax.

I already said I would help.

He is so brusque, isn't he?

No, thank you. Oh!...
While I think on it...,

perhaps there's a small favor
you could do for me in return.

I know how you hate
to owe favors.

I am having a small business
dispute with a friend of mine.

Ogden Barker. You have
a persuasive personality.

Perhaps you could
talk to him.

You want me to collect
a debt for you?

I want you to prove to me
that our friendship is a real one,

based on trust and equity.

That's fair.

No. Sorry, can't help you.

Congratulations on all your success.
Be good, Selina.


Don't say no now, Jim.
Sleep on it!

Screw Penguin, screw the GCPD,
and screw this city.

Amen. You're doing
the right thing, brother.

Walk away, Jim,
just walk away.

You'd do the same thing,

Me? I'd serve a sandwich
to Beelzebub, but that's just me.

You are a moralist. You could
never work for Penguin.

The shame would eat away
at your guts.

Yeah. Yeah.

- Oh, slow down, slurpy.
- Mmm...

- You're not joining me?
- I've been sober 32 days.

- 32 days, huh?
- Eh, it's no biggie.

Once I quit the job,
quitting drinking was easy.

It's the job, Jim. Makes us
angry, makes us hard.

Yeah, it does.

It's hard to walk away,
but it can be done.

I just couldn't carry
that badge anymore.

Look at me now. Right?

I'm sober..., I have a woman
who does not dislike me,

I live in a house, I sleep at night...,
I've never been happier in my life.

Here's to civilian life.

I'm proud of you, bro.

Gotta go.

I really am most frightfully sorry
it took so long to answer the door,

sir. Strange...,

normally a buzzer sounds when
a car comes through the gates.

I walked.

You two are dirty.
What have you been doing?

I imagine you have something
important to say.


I've been fired from the GCPD.

I won't be able to keep
the promise I made you.

I wanted to apologize.

Your apology's accepted,
of course, but...

you didn't need to walk here.
A phone call would've been fine.

I needed the air.

No hope for reinstatement
then, sir?


Well, there is a way, but...
it's too ugly.

I would have to collect a debt
for Penguin,

to prove our friendship.


And you can't do that,

he's a bad man,
and the task would be demeaning.

Well, yes.

You were going to find
my parents' killers.

You were going to fight
for justice.

You were going to clean up
the GCPD..., change Gotham.

- I had hoped to do that.
- If you remained at the GCPD,

you might still be able to do
all those good things, but first...

you must do something ugly.
And your personal honor forbids that.


Are you not sacrificing
the greater good

for the sake of your dignity
and self-esteem?

- For vanity?
- Steady on now, Master Bruce.


He walked all the way here
to discuss the issue, Alfred.

I'm simply
asking a question.

Surely, sometimes,
the right way...

is also the ugly way.

Sometimes a man can't take
the right way.

He's dealing with...

all kinds of business you
can't possibly understand yet,

because you're still a child.

Yes, Alfred, there is still a great
deal I don't understand yet.

Please, forgive me
if I've offended you, Jim.

No, no. That's okay.

I'll show you out, sir.

Screw it.


Jerome says you can get me
a telephone.

I try and help my friends.

What do your friends do for you?

Well, that depends...
on how much...

you want...

a telephone.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold it right there.

Ogden Barker.

Penguin asked me to talk
to you.

Damn, boy.

You had me worried there
for a minute.

I know you,
you... you're Jim Gordon, cop.

Supposed to be
a cold stone hard-ass.

But you're Penguin's bitch, huh?

Who the dickens
can you trust anymore?

He wants his money.

How many times I got
to tell you people? No.

To Don Falcone, I'll pay.

To that fruitcake leprechaun?
Nish. Not a penny.

Falcone's retired. Times
change. Penguin's boss now.

Like hell.
The freak won't last the year.

- Don't underestimate him.
- Advice now?

I'm trying to be nice here.
Let's work this out.

Yeah? Let's not.
Walk away.

Walk away... before I kick
your ass, you crooked punk bitch.

How much money you got there?
Looks like a lot.

What is your problem?

I don't have a problem.
Give me the money you owe.

How about I put a hole
in your face?

- I'm gonna count to three.
- You're crazy.


Put the money in the bag.
Do it!

get him, men.

Stop! Thief!

Out of the way.

Hey, cop...

What is your game?

I would've thought that's obvious
to a man of your perception.

It occurred to me
to follow my own advice.

Sometimes the ugly way
is also the right way.

I mean, a bomb,
inside the house?

I mean, you're having a laugh,
ain't ya? A bomb?!

I was going to tell you.

I wanted to present it as a...
a fait accompli [accomplished fact].

Don't start
talking French to me.

You don't know the first thing
about bomb-making anyway, do you?

I read a book, Alfred,
it seems simple enough!

A book... I mean, you're gonna
blow your bloody head off

before you put a dent
in that thing.

You know, maybe that door's
trying to tell us something.

Maybe you're not... ready...
to find out what's behind it.

Maybe we should wait
until you're older. I mean,

who knows what your dear old dad
was up to down there, anyway.

Like what?

Like things I wouldn't want...
to describe to a child,

which is exactly what you are.

I'm building a bomb
to blow down that door.

You may assist me...
or not, as you wish.

But if not, some tea
would be nice.

Right! Well,
you're gonna need ten more...

sacks of that gear,
for starters,

three more dairy cans too,
and extra timber, a...

heavy tarpaulin.

And I'll put the kettle on.


Excellent. I'm so sorry
things got messy.

What a foolish fellow.

Never mind.
I will make sure

that there's no follow-up
from your colleagues.

Don't worry about a thing.

You knew.
You knew Ogden would go off.

What a devious mind you have.
I had no idea.

We have a deal.

We do.

We do.

You okay, Jim?

Oh, yeah. Daydreaming.

What's wrong?


- Hello.
- Hello? Jim?

- Hello? Are you still there?
- I'm here.


- How are you?
- How did you get to a phone?

Who cares?

We're talking at last,
that's the important thing.

What do you want?

Jim, there's been
a terrible mistake.

I... never... told Lee...

that I killed my mom and dad.

And I never attacked her.
She attacked me, Jim!

She's completely insane!

That's enough.
Don't call again.

Who was that?

Sales call.
They can drive you crazy, huh?

Sales call?


- What?
- Don't answer it.

- Jim, you're scaring me.
- It's Barbara.

Go ahead and leave a message.

Hey, girlfriend.

Guess who.
Sorry I missed you.

Bummer, eh?
I just wanted to say

that I hope you die
screaming, bitch. Huh.


- Nice.
- All right, look...,

she's safely locked up at Arkham.
She can't hurt you.

I know, I know. She's just a
sick person spreading sadness.

Screw her.
Let's be happy.

Let's go away someplace.

We can't let a crazy woman
drive us out.

Why not? Pride?
Who cares?

We could go away
and never come back.

What's keeping us here?

I can't leave.

Why not?

- Jim...
- I did a bad thing.

I did a bad thing.


Do you have any peanut butter?


Peanut butter.
Smooth, for preference.

Guards, help! Help!

Oh. Hi, boss.

How about a bottle of beer?

Let me share a dilemma
with you.

May I?

I need you to do
something for me

that I know
you won't want to do.

W... What is it?

With most people,
there's no problem.

I find their weak spots

and use violence
or blackmail to persuade them.

But you...

you are a man
of monkish virtue!

You have no vices to expose.

So threats of personal violence
will only harden your resolve, huh?

No, that...

Come, sir, don't be modest.

You... are a rare animal.

But... that does lead us
to this sad pickle.

Since I can't persuade you
to do as I ask,

the only rational option
is to kill you...

and negotiate with whomever
replaces you as commissioner.

Now, chief?

One moment, Victor.

The commissioner deserves
time to process all this...,

say a prayer
or what have you.

What do you want me to do?

It's not worth talking about.
You wouldn't do it.

Tell me.

I need my friend Jim Gordon
reinstated as a detective.

You hate that idea!

No, I'll... I'll do it!

Mm-mm, I can tell
that you're not sincere.

Even if you do as I ask,
someday, down the line,

you'll change your mind,
and you'll turn on him again.

Want me to kill him now?

No, make him
a nice cheese toastie.

- Yes, kill him now, please.
- Just wanted to be clear.

No, wait!
Let's talk about this.

Least worst option.

Unless, of course, uh...
No, you would never agree.

To what?
Agree to what?!

so long, farewell

auf wiedersehen [goodbye],




Lovely, lovely, bravo.

Mayor James regrets
he's unable to attend today,

but he's sent a dear friend
in his stead.

Please, welcome,
distinguished businessman,

visionary scientist,
acclaimed philanthropist

and new chairman
of development

at the Gotham Chamber of Commerce,
Mr. Theo Galavan.

Thank you so much. Uh...

What an honor it is
to be here today

to... help bid farewell
to a great man

and a faithful servant
of this city.

What can I say
about Gillian Loeb?

Someone tell me
a funny story.

I have a good one.

So when I was in college, I played
for the varsity polo team

and I had a...
string of ponies.


I am Zaardon,
the Soul Reaper!

So, I had these ponies...

I'm an adopted son...
of this city.

I haven't lived in Gotham
very long,

but I already love her like
a native. It just...

It just kind of...
grabs hold of you, huh?

There's magic here. Magic.

And that is down to everyday
heroes... like Gillian Loeb.

Mr. Commissioner,
thank you for your service.

Thank you very much, everybody.

My best wishes to...

Commissioner Essen.

And the ma?tre D says:

"You can't bring them in here."

Hear me, slaves!

My patience is wearing thin.

Surrender your souls
to my mercy,

or I swear by the master!...

I shall feast
on your pain,

I shall gorge
on your torment,

I shall crush you like a bug.

Backup to area 5!
Area 5!

Welcome back, Jim.

I don't know how you pulled this off,
but I'm glad you did.

He's a resourceful man.

to both of you.

Thank you.
And it is a new day, Jim.

- We're going to do great things.
- Yes, we are.

It is a new day.

Things are gonna be all right,
I promise.

I hope it was worth it.

I hope so, too.


What's wrong?

There's been an incident.
At Arkham Asylum.

Six inmates have escaped.

Barbara Kean
was one of them.

Oh my God.

- What the hell is this place?
- Ain't Arkham, anyhow.

Things are looking up.

Welcome, everyone.

My name is Theo Galavan.
This is my sister Tabitha.

- Oh my God, look at that.
- I got to get my hands on her.

I understand
you're feeling confused...,

scared, a little groggy,
but please, relax.

Today is the first day of a
wonderful future for all of you.

- If you want it.
- Who are you?

Well, now,
the question is, who are you?

The world...
sees criminal lunatics.

I see brilliance.

I see charisma.

And power.

I see power.

Yes. Exactly, my man.

Oh, that is so spooky.
That is me to a T.

These other bozos,
oh, I don't know, but...

you're singing my song.

Quiet, Jerome.
Keep talking.


a group of brilliant outlaws
like yourselves,

each selected for...

their unique ability, all
working together as a team.

Imagine... the synergy.
Imagine the impact.

Gotham would tremble
before you.

Well, that sounds fabulous, but
I am not a brilliant outlaw.

I just have..., hmm..., issues.

You have ferocity...
and beauty... and desire

and that's enough.

Come with me, Barbara.

Whatever you want in the world,
it's yours.


That's your name, right?

You're getting way ahead of yourself

First of all,
keep your hands off her.

this whole "magic team"?

I gotta pass.
I don't take orders.

Good luck on everything, though.
It's an intriguing concept.

This is very disappointing.


Fair play.

You want a reward
for busting us out of Arkham.

I am grateful.

How's a million bucks sound?
Pretty good, huh?

I can get it for you today,
as soon as I hit the street.

Money's not the concern.
I had such high hopes for you...

I didn't anticipate sexual jealousy.
That always poisons the well.

You have to go.
Tabitha will see you out.

Miss Kean is coming with me.

Oh, she doesn't want to go
where you're going.

Anyone else want to leave?

Now..., you're absolutely sure
about this, Master Bruce?

- I strongly advise...
- Alfred.

I need to know.

Let's do this.

Right, sir.

- Yes, we're in!
- Yes! Yes!

"Dear Bruce,

these last weeks, I begin
to feel very mortal,

which prompts this note to you.

Perhaps I'm being paranoid.
I hope so.

In any case, if you're
reading this, then I'm dead,

and you figured out that
the entry code is... BRUCE!

I'm sorry I had to hide
this part of my life from you,

because this place
only exists because of you.

Becoming a father made me want
to be a better man,

and I started asking hard questions
about the family business.

So here we are.

As I write this,
you're 12...

and a fine,
good-hearted boy.

So I'm sure you'll be
a fine, good-hearted man.

But that's all I know.

I don't know what happened
to me or your mother,

or how life has turned out
for you.

I don't even know
how old you are.

So I'll resist giving you
much fatherly advice.

Only this:

You can't have both happiness
and the truth.

You have to choose.

I beg of you, my son,
please, choose happiness.


Unless you feel a calling.

A true calling."

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)