Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 22 - All Happy Families Are Alike - full transcript

All hell breaks loose on Gotham's streets as the crime families collide. Dr. Thompkins helps Barbara through therapy. Bruce and Alfred try to find out Thomas Wayne's secret.

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Previously on Gotham...

You haven't, by chance, seen
Officer Dougherty?

We were supposed
to have dinner last night.

He didn't show. No surprise,

uh, but I haven't seen him today.

Me neither.

Barbara, we're doing this
for you.

He's dead?

Yeah. He's dead.

It's gonna be okay.


your father was a true stoic.

He kept his best self...

Your father was a good man.

But even good men have secrets.

You have a hard head, James,
just like your father.

Gotham is on a knife edge.

But I won't let it fall apart
without a fight.

Just got wind
of three separate attacks

on Falcone businesses
in different parts of town.

It's Maroni.

We're in a shooting war.


Good morning, child.

We ain't children.

And... it ain't morning.

Oh, but it will be soon.

A brand-new day.


The gang war rages on
here in Gotham.

No one knows what set
this bloody turf war off,

but it is commonly believed
to be the result

of the longtime power struggle
between Salvatore Maroni...

and Carmine Falcone.

Longtime enemies, these men
have often come to blows...

Still looking for secrets,
are we, sir?

Or just breaking stuff?


I don't know.

Whole city's going doolally
around us.

I mean, there's a bloody war
on the streets...

and you're in here worrying
about your poor old dad.

Yes, I am.

If your father had a secret life,
which I hasten to add, he didn't,

I'd know about it, wouldn't I?

A sober, diligent man he was.
Never out gallivanting.

Home... every night,
like clockwork,

working, in this very room.

Yes, I remember.

I wasn't allowed to disturb him
while he was working.

Nobody was.

Classical music...
he would play for hours.

That's right.

Mom and I would read books or play
board games until he was done.

I remember.

I tried to sneak in
to see him...,

but the door was locked.

Was the door always locked,

Yeah, well, I suppose so,
when he was working.

Why, though?

Why lock the door?

That's what doors are for,
isn't it?

It's in here.

It's in this room.

My father's secret,
it's in this room.

I know it.

I know it!




Hello, young lady.

I like your style.

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Hey, put Falcone's guys
in one cell, and Maroni's in another.

Get in there!

Get him!

Get in there!

Over there!



Officer Katz, right?

Yes, sir. Katz, Griffin.

Word of advice, Katz.

I'm a dead duck around here.

Brass are gonna fire me just
as soon as this gang war cools off.

So don't salute me.

Makes you look like a rube.


- Detective.
- Dr. Thompkins.


Thanks for coming to see me.

It's good to see you
looking so well.

I am well.

Much better.

Yes. You are.

This is your last checkup.
You are all healed physically.

But you need to get
some trauma counseling.

Doc, I'm happy.

I am... happy to be alive.

Which is why..., Jim,

I didn't wanna leave
without saying thank you properly.

Thank you for saving my life.

I was glad to do it.

Miss Kean,

trauma counseling,
like, yesterday.

I have several recommendations
for you.

Really, Doc, I am fine.

You're not fine.

After what you've been through,
nobody would be fine.

If you will be my counselor.

And we do it at my place.


I have some trauma training,
but it's not my area of focus.

I like you.

Hey, I can talk to you.




Thank you.


All right, last warning
to all of you!

Don't free that guy!

Hey, Jim, did you hear the news?
Don Falcone just got hit.

- Jim?
- What?

Falcone got hit
20 minutes ago.

Maroni's boys
blew up his car.

- He's dead?
- No. He's at the hospital,

but he'll be dead soon enough.

Listen, Essen said city hall
and the bigwigs okayed the hit.

They switched their support to Maroni.

Maroni? That hothead?!

They think he can run
this city?

Someone had to go.
This war has been bad for business.




Good morning, good morning.

Oh, Penguin, thank God.

Get me out of here.

Maroni's men will be here
any minute.

Yes, I imagine so.

Mustn't stay long.


I knew I'd regret it if I
didn't say good-bye to you in person.

It was me, old friend.

I did this to you.

I started the war.

From the day I met you,
I was planning your end.

I'm sorry it has to be in this...

squalid little corner, but...

c'est la vie.
[that's life.]


Nothing personal,
I assure you, sir.

You... have been a wise mentor...

and a good friend.


business must come first!

I'm gonna take your place,
old man!

And I'm gonna be the King of Gotham.



You're going to burn in Hell.

I do worry about that.

But you first,

old friend.

You first.

Nobody move!

Walk away!

Shut up.

You're both under arrest
for attempted murder.

Didn't you hear?!

Falcone is out
by official decree.

Everyone agreed.

I heard!

So release me, Jim.

Get on the winning side!

Winning side my ass.

Maroni's a fool,
he can't replace me.

A thousand rivals will jump up
to challenge him.

There'll be civil war.

If I die now,
Gotham falls apart.

I agree.

But can you turn things around?
Can you take back control?

Of course.

Two days at my safe house.

I need two days...
to make some moves,

and I'll skin Maroni and those
disloyal scum like rabbits.

Wake up, Napoleon!

Maroni's louts are minutes away from
coming here and cutting your throat!

And the thing is, Jim,

they aren't very fond
of me, either.

So, seriously, you need
to uncuff me...


Jim, where the hell'd you
run off to?

I'm in the hospital with Falcone.

There's nobody here.

No kidding. What the hell
are you doing there?!

You gotta get out now. They'll be
coming back to finish him off.

Yeah. Any moment now.

Unless I get him out of here.

Jim, Jim, Jim, Jim.

- I could use some help.
- No way. Are you nuts?

He's a bad man, but he's
the best bad man we got.

If Falcone loses control,

Maroni's too wild
to run Gotham.

There'll be anarchy.

Yeah, probably, but Falcone
already lost control.

And he'll get it back.


You're all twisted
over what happened to Barbara.

You're not thinking straight.

Yeah. Maybe.

But I'm done in this town anyhow.

- What do I have to lose?
- Your life. Huh?

How 'bout your life?

What the hell are you doing here?

I thought the fix was in
with you guys.

Can you walk?

- If I have to.
- Let's get you out of here.

I'll take you to your safe house.

Jim, my friend,

you are making
a terrible mistake.

I'm doing this for the city,
not you.

You're the least worst option.

If I didn't think
you could take back control,

I'd let you die.

- Just so we're clear.
- We're clear.

You can't leave me here.

Maroni's men will kill me!


No. No, you... you arrested us.

We are in your custody.

That's true.

You owe me a favor, Jim.

You owe me!

Damn it.

James Gordon!

Detective Gordon!

Don't kill 'em.

Morning, fellas.

What can I help you with?

Yes, Gordon.

As usual,
wrong place, wrong time.

Go. Now.

Why? So these men
can kill Carmine Falcone?

I have no knowledge of that!


That's an order.

You're a disgrace, Loeb.

I hope to see you behind bars
very soon.

Or dead.



it's for losers...,


He's all yours!

Get him!

Move, move, move, move.

Jim, Jim! Don't shoot!
It's me!

We gotta go. There are ambulances
in the basement.

Where's your man?


About that.

We gotta take Penguin
and Gilzean too.

Penguin and Gilzean?

I arrested 'em for attempted murder.
They're in my custody.

Jim, I don't even wanna argue
with you! Come on, let's go! Go!

Tommy? Tommy!

Boss, boss! Look out!

Get down!

Damn it.

What exactly are we looking for,
Master Bruce?

When I find it, I'll know.

Nobody knows about this place,
right? Nobody?

Nobody. Anybody who did
is dead.

We'll be safe here.


What's up?

I know, I know.

It's astonishing.

Sometimes I astonish myself.

I feel like, uh...,

this is all a dream...,

and I'm gonna wake up soon.


you were abducted.

Your parents were killed
in front of you.

Yeah. Yeah, that's real.

I'm talking about this, now.

This is the dream.

I'm gonna wake up...


he's still alive...

and he's coming for me.

I thought for sure you were dead.
Let me look at you.


Is it real...?
It's really you?

It's... It's me, Butch.
I'm home.

My poor baby,
what did they do to you?

Nothing good.

It's him, boss.

Don Maroni.


Alive and well.

Ah, that's a long story.

We need to talk.

I have something you want.

They didn't find my knife.


So we're saved then.

It's in my sock.

If you get the chance,
take some of them with us.

I'll try.

Hey, you.

Selina, what are you doing here?


How 'bout you?

Kind of jammed up.


That's too bad.


That's mime for
"help us out here"?


And totally blow
the coolest gig ever

just because we kinda, sorta...
know each other?


Hello, fellas.




Nothing to share?

Well, I have a little something.

I just made a sweet deal
with Maroni.

He just told me I could have
all my territories back,

and all I have to do
in return...

is give him Carmine's head.

Uh, Fish, I... I need
to go lie down.

What did you do to that poor soul,
you sadist?

I assure you...

You will die...

a slow, painful death
on account of Butch.

You too, Carmine.


We'll keep it simple.

And you?

We're cool.

Any questions?

How you gonna kill 'em?

I love this girl.

Jason saw right through me.

He knew me instantly.

Like I was naked.

It was scary...,

but thrilling.

And... aren't...

all the best guys...
a little scary?

I was way more scared
of Jim Gordon

the first date we went on.

So butch and... stern.

That type, they... they often
have a bad temper.

Hmm. But Jim was a sweetie.

Never laid a finger on me.

It was kind of surprising.

Does he ever hit you?

Me? No. Why?

W... Why would he hit anyone?
Any woman?

You know.

Out of passion.

I'm sorry,
I didn't mean to pry.

Only I heard
you and Jim were dating.


Y... Yes.
Uh, we've been on a few dates.

I'm sorry, I didn't think
that you knew.

If that makes you uncomfortable
in any way...

No. Don't be silly.

I, uh... I'm happy for you.

He's one of the good guys.

Yeah, he is.

Hey, you hungry?

So, there he is.


you mysterious, crazy,
gorgeous killer, you.

I love ya.

Come here. Hmm!


This is delicious.


You're hard to kill, old man.

Your people are second-rate.

Ms. Mooney,
if I may, a brief word.

I know my life is forfeit.

I speak not for my sake,
but yours!

Because... after all,
I still love and respect you.

Kill me if you must,

but keep... Falcone alive.

As soon as he's dead,
Maroni has no use for you.

You are simply a threat.
He will kill you.


You think?

Why would he need
another boss in town?!

Another rival?

That's where you're wrong,
smart guy.

A) She's not a rival,
because she's not a boss.

She's an underboss.

An underboss takes orders.

I don't take orders.

I know that.
We're cool.


I'm relaxed.

I don't think you are, babes.

Please, don't call me babes.

You see? Not relaxed.

Babes? Really?

It's a term of endearment.

It means I like you.

Fine. I misspoke.

You're not an underboss
and you're not a babe.

You tell me what you are.

What we are, Sal...,

are partners.

Whatever you want.


I'm partner number one...

and you're partner number two.

That's the deal, right?

I'm number one...

and you are...?

Number two.

There you go. Simple math.

One, two, babes. Oops.


That's the last time, I swear.


Can you feel the buzz
in the air?

That's victory.



When this old man dies,

a new day begins.

We will rule Gotham.

We are building a dynasty.

We will whip this town...

like a rented mule!

Right, babes?

Oh, ho, just... All right, relax.

I'm kidding you!

Guys, no, seriously.

Don't call her "babes".

Or "toots"
or what have you.

It's a woman's lib thing.

I am relaxed.

Let's go!

Barbara, we've been circling
around the subject,

but haven't talked about
what actually happened to you;

wh... what was done to you.


You're a nice lady.

I could go there,

but I'm not sure you
wanna go there with me.

Don't worry about me.

Has Jim told you he loves you?

- Barbara...
- Fair is fair.

Well, I'm telling you
all my little secrets.

No, he hasn't.

But he will, though, won't he?

You can feel it coming?

I mean, come on, look at you.
You're gorgeous and smart...

Of course he loves you.

Do you love him?


Tell me what happened.

If we can get to 7th Avenue

without being spotted by Fish's
people, we're home free.

Then what?

We find a safe place,

Maroni's death
is a lucky break for you.

Spoken like a true mafioso.

You're the least worst option.
Like you said,

without you,
the city falls apart.

Yes, I said that.
And it might be true.

But this has been a long day
and I've had a long time...

to look at this world
I've created.

I'm done with this business.
I'm out.

I've got a place down south
I can go to.

I'm sorry.

You're sorry?

I know.
I'm letting you down.

I'm letting the city down,
I know.

Hey, I heard something.

Yeah, flash it this way.

Down here, down here!

Okay. Plan B.

Keep the light up.

So you got a place
down south, huh?

Nice? On the water?


Any work?
For beat-up old cops?


How's that sound, Jim?

Beaches, sunshine, fishing...

Yeah, tempting.

Hello again.

Cat got your tongue?




Bless you.

Got to hand it to you, Fish.

You really know
how to stop a show.

I couldn't help myself, Harvey.
The man vexed me.

Crazy move.

Possibly a good move too.
We'll see.

The battlefield is in flux.

You could be looking
at the new queen of Gotham.

Congratulations, my dear.

I'm quitting, Fish. I'm out.

Does this mean
I don't have to kill you?

You're gonna retire
someplace warm, lay back,

read your little funny papers?

- That was the thought.
- Yeah.

Nice thought.

Please, no.


Where are you?!


Then he left me.

For a long time.


And I slept.

I don't know for how long.

And then he woke me up.

"Road trip", he said.

We were halfway there

I realized...

we were going
to my parents' house.

Go on.

Well, then he tied them up
to a chair...

and, uh...,

he told me
to talk to them...

about my childhood issues.

So I did.

I... just...

told them
whatever came into my head.

And what came into your head?

You know.

Just stupid kid stuff,
I guess, like, uh...

My mom used to call me
her little piggy when I was little.

They threw away my posters.

Never nurtured my self-esteem.

Just slowly...,


grinding away at my soul.

Trying to make me...


That's not kid stuff.

But to be fair to them...,

they simply
never understood me.

They have no clue...

who I am.

Even when I was killing them,
they just gaped at me...

like fools.

No understanding.


Jason Lennon... killed your parents.

You didn't kill them.

Yes, I did.

I stabbed them...

several times.

And then I slit their throats.

I'd like to leave now, please.

You uncomfortable?

How about now?




Oh, Jim. She just...
She just went crazy!

Told him that woman
was trouble.

Butch! About time.

- Shoot her, Butch!
- Oh, really?!

Do as I say, Butch.
Shoot her!

What are you doing?!
Drop him!

My friend,

remember your training.

I order you to shoot her!


Don't listen to him.
He did something to your mind!

I'm your girl.

Remember? I'm your girl!

Kill her now!


Oh my God, what did I do?!

I'm so sorry!

I'm so sorry, I would never hurt you!
I love you, Fish!

It's okay.

It's not your fault.
I love you too.

He messed with your mind.
It's not your fault.

I'm gonna be fine.

You know me.

Good-bye, Fish!

It's all good.


I'm the king of Gotham.

I'm the king of Gotham!

I'm the king of Gotham!

Mr. Nygma.

Miss Kringle.

I just noticed
something really weird.


This note Officer Dougherty
left for me...,

the first letter of every line
spells out your name.

You see?




M, A.


How that... How...
How odd.

What... What a...
What an amazing coincidence.

- Coincidence?
- What else could it be?

So you know nothing about this?

I... Me? No. No.



You're the guy that likes riddles.

Why are you laughing,
you fool? It's not funny.

What a creep.

She'll keep digging.

Why did you have to leave
a clue?! Why?!



What can she find?
What can she prove?

Nothing. There's no body.
Stop worrying.

But she looks so sad
and angry.

I hate it when she looks at me
that way.

Menacing and weird.

Like it matters,

like you stand
a chance with her.

She knows how you feel about
her and she treats you like dirt.

Treats you like dirt.

I don't care, I still love her.

Oh! Listen to yourself.
Be a man!

You're an odd man, Mr. Nygma.

You'll do better with that one
if she's a little scared of you.

Stop talking like that.

- No riddles.
- Formal complaints about you.

Just keeping it real.

What's black and white
and red all over? Stop it!

I wouldn't quit your day job
if I were you.

He is... so weird.
(so... so...)

Beautiful, huh?

I'm gonna miss this town.

You won't change your mind?

- The town needs you.
- No.

Gotham needs a lawman now,
not a criminal like me.

A strong lawman.

You looking at me?

Someone needs to grab this city
by the neck and shake it hard.

That's you, Jim.

I know it in my bones.

There's a lot of powerful men
who would disagree with you on that.

Nice knife, huh?

That was your father's.

He gave it to me a long time ago.

A spur-of-the-moment
birthday gift.

I said no.

Such a beautiful knife

and I have men with guns
to protect me.

He said: "Take it.

A knife is a good friend
when you have no other."

You were that close?

At one time.

The point of the story, Jim...,

your father was the most
honest man I ever met.

But he carried a knife.

Enough searching, Master B.

There's nothing here.

Now, your father
was a good man,

a flawed man,
like anyone else.

Doesn't mean he had
a secret life.

My intuition's nearly always correct.

Yeah, well.

It's a common delusion,
I find.

Arkham's full of men whose
intuitions are always correct.

There are none so blind.

None so blind.

Marcus Aurelius.
Marcus Aurelius!

What about him?

He was a Roman emperor.

Yes, well, I'm fully aware
of that, Master Bruce.

And a stoic.

I think I remember he was
a stoic, like my father.

Lucius Fox called my father
a stoic!

Lots of people
are called stoic.

Basically means a hardnut.
Doesn't say much.

Doesn't mean it's a bloody
clue, does it?

It's a philosophy, Alfred.
It's a way of life.

Maybe... Maybe that as well,
I suppose, but...



- What is it, do you think?
- I don't know and I don't care,

and don't you dare
press that bloody button.

- Why not?
- It could be a bomb.

Alfred, that seems improbable.

It's a stereo.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)