Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 21 - The Anvil or the Hammer - full transcript

The Ogre breaks down Barbara's emotions, while Gordon and Bullock track him down. Meanwhile, Penguin leads a massacre, beginning an epic war, while Bruce learns the truth about Wayne Enterprises and Nygma deals with his recent actions.

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Previously on Gotham...

You need to leave
Miss Kringle alone.

I get it now.

You got a thing for my girl.


Oh, dear.

Who sent you?!

You want me to tell Bunderslaw
that you're onto him?

I'm Bruce Wayne.

Sid Bunderslaw.

The people of Gotham
deserve to know

that there's a serial killer
in their midst.

I'm coming after you.

He murders the loved ones
of any cop

who investigates him.

Care to dance?

How'd you sleep?

The hour we slept?


You hungry?
I have quiche.

No, thanks.

At least have some coffee.

Let me tell you about the day
I have planned for us.

I think I'm just gonna get out of here.

Just wait.

We had fun last night, right?


Listen, you don't have
to do this.

Do what?

Last night at the ball,

you talked a good game.

But let's not pretend
this is more than what it is.

Barbara, I'm not pretending
with you.

I want you... to stay with me.

I don't think so.

Just... wait, wait, wait.

Let go.


I was pretending...
with you.


not in the way you think.

The night we met...

I was going to kill you.

- That's not funny.
- But then...

I saw something... in you,
Barbara. I saw...

the real you.

You are the woman
that I have been searching for.

You're lying.

I'm gonna let you go now...,

and you're going to sit down...
and have breakfast with me.

Come on.


So I do it the hard way.

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Hey. How are you doing?

Been better. You seen Harvey?


Any word on Barbara?

They haven't found her body yet,

so there's a chance
she's still alive.

When's the last time you slept?

I don't know.

- Last time you ate?
- I don't know.

I know better than to try
to get you to sleep,

but you really should
eat something.

I'm not hungry.


It's not your fault.

I did this.

I pressed Loeb, he sent the Ogre
after me, and I didn't stop.

It was bad enough
I knowingly put you in danger.

I didn't even think of Barbara.

You were doing your job.

- But I should've known.
- How?

Y... You weren't together.

Do you blame yourself
for falling out of love?

Lee, it's my responsibility.

There's nothing you can say
that changes that.

Whatever happens to Barbara,
it's on me.

I understand.


Meet Jake the JV Pimp.

He's been bragging on the streets
that he knows who the Ogre is.

I keep telling you, man,
you been lied to.

I don't know nothing.

Yeah? We'll see about that.


No body, no crime.
No body, no crime.

Nope. Never seen him before.

We think this is a serial killer
called the Ogre.

He's kidnapped a woman,

and he's gonna kill her
unless we find him first.

- Bummer.
- Just so you understand,

the lady in question...
is a real good friend of ours.

for the sake of argument,

I did see him before...,

what's she worth?

What's she worth?

Yeah, you know...,

if you had to assign
a dollar amount.

Harvey, I'm about to violate
departmental policy

on interrogation techniques.

Think I saw some donuts outside
with my name all over them.

Hey, now. C... Calm yourself.

There's no need to get carried...

Jake worked as a barman
at a brothel called the Foxglove.

Said the Ogre was a regular.
Can't give us a location.

Yeah, 'cause they never use
the same place twice.

- Think you know it?
- Not personally.

The Foxglove is very high-class,
very extreme.

You gotta know someone
who knows someone.

Yeah. I might know someone.

Oh. You talking Penguin?

If you get any deeper
with that clown, he will own you.

I don't have a choice,
the Ogre has Barbara.

Let me shake a few trees.

Take the time, grab some "ZzZz" s.
You're burnt!

The first one was the hardest.

But... it wasn't her fault.
She just wasn't the one.

I also couldn't let her go.

Still, it... strengthened
my resolve

to never stop
till I found my soul mate,

person I could
share everything with.

I think that person is you, Barbara,
but I need your help.


let's begin again, shall we?

This just, uh...,

came for you by messenger,
Master Bruce.

Thank you.

Right, well, I'll...

I'll just be off.

Do you want company?

To identify Reggie?

No, I don't think so.
Best done alone.

I'm sorry, Alfred.

I know he was your friend.

Just doesn't make any sense.

Reggie topping himself like that.

You said he fell out of a window.

He might've been drinking,
lost his balance.

No, Reggie, he was a legend.

He could be blind drunk
and walk a tightrope.

Doesn't matter
what he was like in the end.

I want to see he gets
a proper send-off.

I'll see you this evening, sir.

[Hope you find what you need.
Be careful. Selina.]

What? Your boss doesn't trust
his partners?

It's called due diligence.

He just wants me
to look the place over.

So look!

I got a gravy going.
Special party today.

Don't let me keep you.

Piece of work.

I put the pistol
under the bar,

machine gun behind the juke.

All Connor and his guy gotta
do is get to them.

The day is finally here.



So lovely to see you!

To what do I owe
this wonderful surprise?

I need to know
where the Foxglove is.

And I need an invitation.

Well, someone's in a mood.

Can you help me out?
Yes or no?

Jim, I do so love
our give-and-take relationship.

But it's starting to feel
a bit one-sided.


I'll owe you a favor.

- You already do.
- Then I'll owe you another.

Cards on the table.

The Foxglove makes
a lot of money

for some important f...

You think you know who I am?

What I'm capable of?

You have no idea.

Today is an important day
for me.

So I will accommodate
your request.

But..., Detective,
mark my words.

You owe me a big favor.

Here we have the Physical
Operations Department.

The Physical Operations Department

handles logistics
for the corporation,

management of our properties,

Excuse me, I need
to use the restroom.

Of course, Mr. Wayne.
It's right here.

Thank you.

The Foxglove is in the old
Klondike Building, on Mayflower.

- You score a ticket?
- Yep. But only one.

I figure you go in,
pose as a John,

find something to bust them on,

then we squeeze them
till they talk.

Smart move sending me, hmm?

You couldn't look more like a cop
if you wore a blue uniform.

You got something to wear? You,
uh, are gonna need to fit in.

Don't worry.

Alvarez busted some guys smuggling
Italian suits last week,

and a couple fell in my locker
on their way to the evidence room.

I'm sorry I left you alone,

you needed time to think,
to accept that this was real.

This apartment is soundproofed,
by the way,

so... save your lungs.

Look at me.
My hands are shaking.

That's never happened before

with any of the other women
that I've had here.

You know why that is?

Do you know why that is?

You're a psycho.

I don't know what you're thinking.

It's because... I always
somehow knew

that deep down,
the others weren't the one.

They weren't the one.

I want this to work, Barbara.

You're scared.

It's okay.

Jim will find...

The only way
you're going to make me angry is...

if you mention his name.

Drink this.

It's water.
You're dehydrated.

Barbara, come here.
I want you to see something.

Barbara, I love you.

I love you like no one
has ever loved you.

But if you try to escape,

I will chain you to the ceiling
and gut you.

Now come... here.

Are those...?

When you're looking for love,
you have to kiss a lot of frogs.

Still, I... I should be thankful.

They led me to you.

All those women...,

they died here?

You killed them...



Don't worry.

I'm gonna set you free.

You're the one, Barbara.

You're the one.

Hello, Bruce!

I've been expecting you.

Ever since your friend
borrowed my key,

I've been expecting you.

Even canceled my trip.


When I was a boy,

I'd always take a cookie
when I had the chance.

You hired a man
to kill Alfred.

I hired your guardian's comrade

to find out what you knew.

I never intended
harm to come to anyone.

I told the board
you were a special case,

that you need the talk early.

The talk?

Bruce, when members
of the Wayne family

reach a certain age,

some facts of life and business
are explained...

Wayne Enterprises...
is committing serious crimes.

Oh, my, yes.

This is a multinational corporation...

operating in hundreds
of jurisdictions.

We do our best to subvert
all of them if it means profits.

So... you admit it?

Just like your father.

He came in with his secret files,
demanding justice.

At first.

Then he changed his mind.

You're lying.

Your father came to understand
the reality of this business.

As did his father,
and as will you.

My father was a good man.

You have an opportunity...
to live a blessed life,

the life your father and mother
wanted for you.

I beg you to reconsider.

Pardon me.

Lucius, come in.

Bruce Wayne,

meet one of our junior executives,
Lucius Fox.

There's a public relations
person out there

desperately searching
for this young man.

Then you'd best reunite them.


Don't forget your cookie.


I'm going to tell you something,

and I'd appreciate if you kept
your face perfectly still.

There's cameras everywhere.

I know because I put them there.

What I'm about to say

must be a deep secret
between you and me.

I knew your father well.

He was a good man.

He wasn't the man
the company thought he was.

I don't understand you.


your father was a true stoic.

He kept his best self...

That's all I'll say.

Good luck.

Mr. Nygma?

Miss Kri...

Miss Kringle?

Would you open the door, please?

Uh, I'm...

One sec!

I need the Hendricks case files.

Uh, yes. Hendricks.

Wait right here.

Hendricks... Hendricks.

Hendricks, Hendricks, Hendricks.

Hendricks, Hendricks,
Hendricks, Hendricks!

Oh! Oh, my goodness.

What happened to him?

Uh... Acc...
Uh, A... Accidental death.

- Oh.
- At a sheet metal factory.

- Oh...
- Industrial saw. Just...

Oh. Poor man.

I don... I don't know
how you do this job.

Uh... Death all around you.

Yes. One must have
a sense of humor.

The... The file?


Uh, Mr. Nygma,

you haven't, by chance, seen,
uh, Tom... Officer Dougherty?

We were... supposed
to have dinner last night.

He didn't show. No surprise,

uh, but I haven't seen him today.

Me neither.


Excuse me. I really need
to get back to work.

Oh, uh... Uh...


Okay. Uh...

Oh, dear.

You're sure...

the guns are there?

Butch placed them himself.

Do you remember what to say
to Maroni

before you do the deed?

I never saw the point
in telling a man something

right before you're gonna whack him.

But... you're not the first
to ask for it.

I appreciate you humoring me.

So how do you know
Maroni's gonna be in this bar

on this exact day?

I follow current events.

There he is.

Tommy "Freakin'" Bones.

Nine years up the river, and you
get better-looking, you big animal.

Took care of myself.

I was hoping you'd remember.

Come over here! Huh?!

Listen, you leave the joint,
you come to Lidia's for dinner.

That's tradition.
Welcome home.

Lidia! Look who's here.


motorcycle hero

Welcome to the Foxglove.

The evening's entertainment
is about to begin.

Then I guess I'm just in time.

baby, baby,
he's a lookin' so cute

sneakin' round, round, round
in a blue jump suit

baby, baby,
he's screamin' the truth

America, America
is killing its youth

baby, baby,
he's screamin' away

America, America
is killing its youth

Ladies and gentlemen,

your attention, please!

I know you have been
eagerly awaiting

tonight's main attraction.

So, please, let's give
a big Foxglove welcome

to Ingrid and Gareth.

Oh, no.

Hell no.


Nobody move!

Especially you two!


Wake up, Barbara.

Wake up.

Shh, shh, shh. Come here.

Don't cry.

Shh. Shh, shh...


There's no need to cry.


You're gonna kill me.

Do you want me to?


Then tell me who to kill.

Who... What?

You still don't believe
I love you.

You think I'm crazy.

That's fine.

I see the truth.

I see your truth.

I see that you've... spent
your whole life trying to kill it,

but you can't.
It's too strong.

You revealed it to me
the other night.

I want to set that free.
I want to set you free.

You think that me making you
murder someone

will make me like you?

That's insane.

You say that...

because you don't know
what it is to live without fear.

But you'll learn.

Now, tell me...

who you want me to kill...

or, though it breaks my heart,

I will take your life right... now.

I can't.

I c... I can't.

I can't. I can't!

Tell me...

who... to kill.

You run this place?

I'm looking for this man.

Arrest me if you want to;
I don't talk about my clients.

One call to the Gazette,
they'll send a reporter down here.

I'll perp-walk each and every one
of your clients

in front of the cameras.

How's that sound?

Talk to Sally.

Do you know him?

You sure?

I'm sure.

He said his name was Jason.

He was sweet.

As soon as I got into his car,

he pulled a hood over my head
and tied my wrists.

He took me back to his apartment.

That's where he did this.

I don't know why he let me go.

When was this?

Almost nine years ago.

About a year before
the first murder.

He was working his way up.

Why didn't you go to the police?

I did. I was a hooker;
he was a rich man with no name.

Anything else you can tell us?

Anything about his apartment?
The smallest detail might help.

The elevator opened right
into the apartment.

You can see out into the city.
We were in midtown.

And there was a big neon sign
on the building across the street.

I could only read
the last four letters.



Hmm. Loyal, royal...

Royal. Gotham Royal Hotel.

That's in midtown.
10th and Gainsly.

Thank you, Sally.

Promise me, when you find him,
don't arrest him.

Kill him.

You got it.

Whoa, fellas, private party.

Just here to pay respects.

Connor from the wild northeast!

What's that old man Falcone
want now?

Don Falcone sends me
with his respects,

and a small gift for you and
Tommy Bones on this happy day.


Forgive my suspicious nature.

Of course.
Can't be too careful.

Come here.
Let me see this.

Madre di Dios.

My favorite.

You tell Falcone
I appreciate the gesture.

Don Falcone knew
it was a special occasion.

We got time for a drink.

Clean glasses, please.

The gift comes with a message.

Oh, yeah? What's that?

He wants you to know
that it wasn't easy for him

to decide to kill you.

Son of a bitch.

But business is business.

You believe it?

You both jammed.

If that ain't a sign from God,
I don't know what.

- Please...
- Shut your mouth!

You're gonna take Don Falcone
a message from me.

You're gonna let him know
that you messed up...

and you're gonna let him know
that I'm coming for him.

Of course, you don't need to be alive
to tell him that.

Tommy, do the honors.


all you punks
and all you teds

National Front
and Natti Dreds

mods, rockers, hippies
and skinheads

keep on fighting...

Connor blew it.

Maroni's still alive.

This is flat.

Did you not hear me?

Maroni is still alive.
You got to get out of town.

And miss all the fun?

You knew.

You set him up.

I took the firing pins out of the guns
before you hid them.

A spin on a trick
I learned from Maroni.

But you could have had Maroni dead.


but I still would've been
under Falcone's thumb.

And that...
has grown intolerable.

No, I'd much rather
Maroni be alive,

and out for blood.

Alas, Officer Dougherty,
she's gonna wonder where you went.

Perhaps a letter.

You could say good-bye,
give her some advice.

Something that might lead her

to make better choices
in the future, hmm?


Place is empty.

But there's something
you should see.

You see anything
that connects to Barbara?

Maybe she was never here.

No, she was here.
I can still smell her perfume.

Hey, we're gonna find this guy,

but you need to prepare yourself...

that we might not be in time
to save her.

That is not an option.

It's the most likely option.


Detective Gordon.

I assume you are the one
who triggered the alarm.

You son of a bitch.
Where's Barbara?

With me, of course.

If you've hurt her...

She's as safe as milk.

Safer than she ever was
when she was with you.

What the hell does that mean?

She doesn't need
your protection, Jim.

Fact is, she never did.

I'll see you around.


He was driving.

To Tahiti if he's smart.

Nah, there was a noise,

A thumping.

Like he was going
over a bridge.

You know, I heard, uh, a horn,
like a train horn.

Okay, so, which bridge
has a train?


Damn. Uh... Whitecross,
but that's the upstate train.


It's where her parents live.

Barbara, please.

What's happening?!

What's happening is your daughter
is finally waking up.


Barbara, we're doing this
for you.

i'm sorry i made you cry

don't let us say goodbye

i've never meant to hurt you

eyes i've never knew

just dry the tear in your eye

don't let us say goodbye



What are you doing here?

You're not supposed to be here.

Where is he?

Drop it.

Drop the knife or I'll shoot.

Just an ounce of pressure
and she'll split right open.

I don't want that.
Do you want that?

It's gonna be all right,

It's gonna be all right.

If you cared about this woman,
you never would have come after me.

I love her
more than you ever did.

Drop the knife.

Won't be me
that slits her throat.

Detective, that's gonna be you.

Drop it.

Jim, please.

Just leave us... alone.

Hey, jerk-o!



He's dead?

Yeah. He's dead.

It's gonna be okay.

Look at me. Barbara?

It's gonna be okay.

Alfred, I never asked you.

How was it yesterday,
seeing Reggie?

Not really, uh, an experience I'd
care to repeat, Master Bruce.

But then again, the Reggie
I knew died years ago.

Alfred, I haven't been honest
with you.

After you were hurt...,

Selina and I went looking
for Reggie.

We found him.

Did you know?

He didn't jump or fall.

Selina pushed him.

And why did she do that?

Reggie was sent here
by a man named Sid Bunderslaw.

Bunderslaw works
for Wayne Enterprises.

Reggie gave us the name,

but said he was gonna tell
Bunderslaw what we were doing.

I see.

And the rest?

The charity ball...

Presumably to have access
to Mr. Bunderslaw?

Selina stole the key
to his office safe.

I went there today.
It was empty.

But Bunderslaw
was waiting for me.

- What did he do?
- Nothing.

- What did you do?!
- Nothing!

But he said that my father
and grandfather

knew about the illegal things
that the company was doing,

and chose...

They chose to stay quiet.

Your father was a good man.

I know.

But even good men have secrets.

There he is.

- That guy right there.
- Yeah, nice work.

Congratulations. You're a hero.

Yeah, it won't last.

Tomorrow, they'll go back
to hating me.

Well, then I'll remind them.

Yesterday, you were trying to help.

I couldn't hear it. I'm sorry.

I would never try
to change you, Jim.

Your sense of mission it's part
of what I love about you.

I thought it was
my devastating good looks.

That's a joke.

I was scared.

Scared that Barbara
would get hurt

and you would blame yourself
for protecting me first,

and then whatever we had
would die.

It wasn't heroic.
It was selfish.

Lee, I love you.

Not her.

If I had to do it again,
I'd still protect you first.

What did you do?

Uh, grabbed a...
knife by the blade.

Of course you did.

- Let me see.
- Yeah.

Miss Kringle?

Are you okay?

I got a letter
from Officer Dougherty.

He left town.

"Don't wait around for me.
Go have some fun,

and maybe I'll give you a call
when I get back. Blah, blah, blah."

Couldn't even tell me to my face.

I mean, why
do I keep picking creeps?

Sometimes, with men, you need
to read between the lines.

Sometimes, with men,
you need a drink.

Good day, Mr. Nygma.

Read between the lines.

so you say
"i spy with my...

little eye

something beginning with...

do you ever get lonely?

don't you ever feel phony?

ain't the train going slowly?

they say it's gonna get snowy

don't you ever feel holy?

and think you wanna be a yogi?

what a load of baloney!

do you wanna come home with me?

don't you ever get holy?

don't you ever get?

Everybody listen up!

Just got wind
of three separate attacks

on Falcone businesses
in different parts of town.

Word is it's Maroni.

As of right now,
all leaves are canceled,

and all units
are called in for active duty.

We're in a shooting war,

roll over, roll over

roll over, roll over

roll over, roll over

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)