Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 20 - Under the Knife - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock continue to investigate the Ogre, who begins to make his move on someone close to Gordon. Meanwhile, Bruce and Selina team up to expose a corrupt Wayne Enterprises employee and Nygma comes to Kristin Kringle's defense.

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Previously on Gotham...

The guys call him the Ogre.

He's a serial killer.

Whoever did this is a monster.

The blood of his next victim
is on my hands.

If you don't drop it,
that blood could be Lee's.

Because the Ogre

retaliates against any cop
who investigates him,

kills the people they love.

I met the man who stabbed Alfred,

he's in Gotham.

And you need my help
to find him.

Who sent you?!

You want me to tell Bunderslaw
that you're onto him?


You look far from home.

Get away from him.

Or what?!


Come on.

Did you go back?

The cops are there.



What do you think?

He fell out of a five-story window.
He's dead.

Why'd you do it?

He told us what we wanted,
he told us about Bunderslaw.

You didn't have to go
and kill the guy!

Yes, I did! 'Cause the moment we'd
left, he was gonna go tell his boss!

Who works for you,
by the way.

He's the one who tried to kill me,

who tried to kill your butler...

Who probably killed your parents.

I saved your life.

Besides, you wanted to do it
too, you just didn't have the guts.

- Wait...
- Just... go home!

We still have to find out who Bunderslaw
is and what he wants.

You mean, you do.

You really think this is over?!

He's gonna come after us.

So what's next? Hmm?

His safe.


Every senior executive
at Wayne Enterprises

has a safe in their office.

A... Any secrets Bunderslaw
has, that's where they'll be.

Key or combination?

Key. My dad had one.

He'll probably keep it
on him, then.

Figure out a way to get me
close, and I'll steal it.

Can you do that?

I think so.

And what happened tonight,
you tell no one.

Not your buddy
Detective Gordon,

not your butler.

No one.

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Punctures on test subject

are consistent with those
on the victim,

indicating the killer
was right-handed.


Where's Thompkins?!

Detective Gordon,

Dr. Thompkins said I was free
to use this room.

She's very nice. She's not like
the old medical examiner.

Ed, just tell me where she is.

No riddles.

Home. She went home.

Hope you find her.


Jim, is that you?!

You're lucky I don't skin you.

Go on.

- I... Slow down.
- Lee, please.

Start over.

This case you caught,
the dead woman,

she was murdered
by a serial killer?

Yes. Who's killed a dozen women,
maybe more.

And Loeb gave you this
on purpose?

He wants to hurt me.

And how am I in danger?

He murders the loved ones
of any cop

who investigates him.

It's how he's been able
to get away with it so far.

Anyone who comes after him,

he's killed someone they love and
the investigation's been buried.

Bullock knows a cop...,

came home and found his wife...

Her throat had been cut.


That's why Loeb gave me the case.

Either I give up,
like everyone else,

and live knowing I let
a killer go free...,

or I keep on...,

and someone I love is killed.

You're not giving up, are you?

I can't.

That's why I need you
to get out of Gotham right now.



You wanna protect me?
Find him.

I'm gonna stay here
and do my job.

But I do like that you think of me
as a loved one.

I do.

Love you.

And it only took a serial killer
to get you to say that.

- Thanks.
- Yeah.


This is it.

Home sweet, you know.

This is a great... space.



Sort of a roommate.


She comes and goes.

- Wayne Enterprises Charity Ball.
- Hmm.

Didn't you know I'm
a member of society?

I go every year,

get my picture taken
in a pretty dress...,


Aren't you scared
of my being here?

Should I be?

Are you dangerous?

I don't know.
Is your boyfriend gonna come home?

I never said I had a boyfriend.

I... assumed a woman
as beautiful as you...

You assumed I had a boyfriend

and you assumed
I would be the kind of woman

who would cheat on him.

Well, I'm not.

And I don't have a boyfriend.

And if a bus
hit me tomorrow, huh,

no one would care.

That change things?

Yes, actually it does.

Make it more illicit?

Or would there be less chance
of us... getting attached

one night and done?

Only that would happen

because once you saw
the real me,

you would run screaming
like everyone else.

I have to say, you're not
who I imagined you'd be.


You can let yourself out.

love, love


love, love


But you promised
to dance with me.

And I will.

But first I have to finish
with that gentleman.

Who knew running a nightclub
was so much work?

My poor darling.

As I was saying,

you and your crew are the best
gun and knife men in the city.

Your hit on Councilman Klein...

A thing of beauty.

- And I'm a fan, so...
- Cheers.

What do you want?

For you to help me kill Don Maroni

and all of his lieutenants.

You're having a laugh.

Tsk, I'm fairly certain
I'm not.

And Falcone's good with this?

He will be. When it's done.

Thank you.

No, thank you.

So you like being
number two.

Falcone gives Victor Zsasz first dibs
on every new contract.

You bring him the bullet-riddled
corpse of his enemy

and all of that will change.

This is your chance to move up.

You're a mad fella, aren't ya?

Fair enough.

Come by the bar tomorrow.

We'll talk details.

What's this about, Harvey?

Have a seat.

This is my partner,
Jim Gordon.


Eight years ago,
you investigated the murder...

of a woman named
Julie Kemble.

- That was a long time ago.
- It was the Ogre.

Julie Kemble
was his first victim.

But you dropped the investigation,

and because of that, 11 more women
have been murdered.

Seriously, guys, you know...


We also know the Ogre

kills the loved ones
of the cops that hunt him down.

That pattern started with you.

We think you found something
that spooked him.

Your notes from the investigation.

The last page,
something's been scratched out.

I want to know what.

He killed my wife.

I still got a daughter, Harvey.

Beth Tudor.

Katherine Wood.

Jessica Parker.

11 women.

Each one was someone's daughter.

It has to stop.

Yeah. I was doing background
on the dead girl.

Someone told me

she was a nurse
for a private medical clinic uptown.

It was on Grant and 80th,
some cosmetic place.

We'll put cops on your daughter
until this is done.

So you forgive me?


- I'll see you tonight.
- Mm-hmm.

How's it hanging, Riddle Man?

Uh, it's hanging...


Mr. Nygma?

Did you need something?

Oh. Yes. Uh...

Detective Gordon wanted me to go through
the forensic evidence

- of these old murders.
- Okay.

Are those bruises?


Did Officer Dougherty do that?

Uh, he was... upset,
and he didn't mean to.

I... I said some things
I shouldn't have, and...

Miss Kringle, this is not right.
He can't just...

Mr. Nygma.

It is none of your concern.

Now, I... I need to get started
on these... files, so...


Should you be up?

Oh, thank you, Master Bruce.
I feel...

I feel much better.

Can I get you anything?

Yes, actually.

I've decided to attend the Wayne Enterprises
Charity Ball tonight.

All the senior management will be there,
and I think people should see

that a Wayne is still
at the head of the company.

I shall set your tux out for you.


Yes, Master Bruce?

Wh... When you were
in the army...

you had to kill people, right?


Yes, I did.

And it was necessary?

Oh, I see, so you overheard
the conversation

that Reggie and I had
that was best left unsaid.

But in answer to your question,

Yes, it was necessary.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I better
go and find my good cufflinks,

if we're stepping out.

No, but you, uh, you're...
you're still recovering.

What, I'm supposed to let you walk
into that nest of vipers on your tod?

There'll be hundreds
of people there, Alfred.

I won't be in any danger.

So you say,
but you're not gonna go alone.

I won't be alone.

I've invited Selina Kyle.

Selina Kyle?

To the Wayne Enterprises Ball?

I see.

What do you see?

Nothing. I mean, you know...
I mean, you're a...

healthy young lad and
she's a very pretty young girl

with a penchant of wearing,
well, a little too much leather.

Alfred, it's not like that.

Then what's it like?


Well, what if it is, huh?

What's wrong with that?

Absolutely nothing.

So, I will wait
in the car outside

so you don't feel
my... watchful eye,

but I will be close by,
if there needs be.

That is the deal.


Could you call around and send
some dresses and shoes

to where she's staying?

This is the address.

It's a charity ball, Alfred.

I'll be fine.

Freaky, huh?

You wonder how
they recognize themselves after.

Doc Thompkins is fine.

No one's gonna touch her
at the precinct. Relax.

You do understand it's because of me
that she's in danger.

Anything that happens
is my fault.

You can't hold yourself responsible
for the actions of a psychopath.

Sure, I can.


I'm Dr. Cushman.
How can I help you?

We're looking into the murder
of a woman named Julie Kemble.

She worked here
about eight years ago.

Of course.
Terrible thing.

Julie was a talented nurse.

But she'd only just started here
when it happened.

She'd been recommended
by one of our patients.

The patient's name?

Well, I'm afraid
I can't give you that.



You're gonna make us
get a warrant?


"I specialize in fake boobs, but
I got ethics. I need a warrant."

We'll talk to Judge Harkness.
I'm sure...

That car was in front
of the precinct.

Jim, wait up.

You sure about this?!

It was him.

You saw his face?

No. I should've been looking
for a tail.

It's obvious he tracks
our investigations.

Called in a description of the car
and a partial plate,

but I'm not too hopeful.

So, what's the next move?

Gordon, you got a call.
Says it's urgent.



I didn't get a chance to say hello
properly in the alley.

Listen to me...

Don't bother tracing this.
I won't be long.

I'm giving you one chance
to turn yourself in.

You make me come after you,
and I will put you down.

Something tells me you've begun to buy
your own press, Detective.

"The hero cop
who's gonna clean up Gotham,

the rising star of the GCPD."

I'll stop you,
that's for damn sure.

No, Detective, you won't.

But keep on your present course,
and I will kill someone you love.

This is your only warning.

Oh, no.

Tell me that wasn't him.

He's used to intimidating cops.

We have to show him
we're not afraid.

And how do we do that?

You're okay with this?
You're sure?


It's the right thing to do.

I called you here today...

'cause the people of Gotham
deserve to know

that there's a serial killer
in their midst.

For years,
he's killed with impunity,

aided by a culture of silence
and fear among the police.

That ends now.

We'll be providing the names
and photos of all of the victims.

Please, call
with any information.

And to the man who committed
these horrific crimes,

your days of hiding are over.

I'm coming after you.

And I'm not gonna stop.

What are those for?

The Wayne Charity Ball.

It's boring, but good
for the gallery's business.

Well, I'll probably see you there.


I'm going with Bruce Wayne.

Wait, what?

- Delivery for Selina Kyle.
- Oh.

Uh, over there.

Thank you. Enjoy.

Am I really supposed to wear these?

Okay, we have a lot of work
to do.

Got it.

That was the doctor.

Harkness sent over the warrant.

The dead girl came to the clinic
by way of a Miss Constance van Groot.

Van Groot?

That's one of Gotham's oldest
families. Shipping.

Yeah. We thought the Ogre might be rich.
Could be the old lady had a son.

- You got an address?
- Right here.

you're the cream in my coffee

Well, Butch, Connor
and his crew are on board.

They hate Maroni
even more than I...

Shut up.

Maroni and his crew are here.

I couldn't turn 'em away.

No, of course. No matter.

No. She was already here.

Is that my buddy Oswald?

- Come here.
- Oh, Oswald.

There he is.

Mother, what are you doing?

I'm having a drink with Mr. Mar...

I told you. Sal.

With Sal.

But we shouldn't impose any longer...


No, you're not taking
my Gertrud.

Oh, his Gertrud.

Sit. Join us.

Oswald, sit.

Sit, Oswald.


I'm Bruce Wayne.

Barbara Kean.

Oh. Selina never said
you're who she's staying with.

Detective Gordon spoke of you.

Well, Selina can be
a little guarded.

Yes, I know.

Stop talking about me.


You look very nice.

The shoes hurt.

Have fun.

Look for me at the ball.

It was nice meeting you.

Think she's here?

Miss van Groot?!


I need to say this is not
exactly legal.

We're running out of time.

Over here.


He's good.

Call it in. I'm gonna go check
the rest of the house.

He told me...,

but I was too slow.


Miss van Groot?

I'm a police officer.

Miss van Groot?




Jim Gordon...,

Constance van Groot.

Everyone's staring at us.

Well, I am Bruce Wayne.

Well, I am.

Anyway, I don't see Bunderslaw

He's probably not coming.

But he's on the guest list.

Just keep dancing.

And smile, maybe?

Name's Jacob Skolimski.
He's not talking,

but near as we can tell,
he was the old lady's butler.

And you're thinking
the Ogre's this guy's son,

- not the dead woman's?
- Yeah, yeah.

Coroner said the old bird's been dead
for years.

My guess, Ogre killed her,
daddy pretends she's still alive

so crazy serial killer son
can keep living off her money.

He tried to kill himself.
He knew you were closing in.

He has to be in contact
with his son.

Yeah. Listen, Gordon's running
pretty hot on this one, Cap.

Can you blame him? Thinks Thompkins
is the next victim.

Still, watch him.

Alvarez called.

Nothing on the son in the system.

We have to make him talk.

Make this simple. Give us
your son's name and address.

Or what?

I'm not afraid of you.

Only because you don't know me.

Listen, I get wanting
to protect your son,

but how many more women
is he gonna have to kill

before you realize
he needs to be locked up?

What are you talking about?

Don't play dumb with me.

You were hiding a rotting corpse
upstairs... for years,

"but no, no,
my son's an angel,

he didn't murder close to a dozen women
that we know of."

My son, he made one mistake.


Anything else is lies.

So tell us the truth.

- Hear, hear.
- Cheers.

Selina, what happened
last night...,

that can never happen again.

I told you
I didn't have a choice.

I don't accept that!

I knew you wouldn't be able
to handle it.

You're right.
I did want to kill him.

Keep your voice down.

But there's a line, Selina.

And you can say I don't have guts, but
the fact is, I will never cross it.

I guess that's where
we're different, then.

'Cause if I had to do it again,
I would.

And it wouldn't bother me
one bit.

That's Bunderslaw.

Riddle Man!

Officer Dougherty,
a word.

I can start a war
or end one.

I can give you the strength of heroes
or leave you powerless.

I might be snared with a glance,
but no force can compel me to stay.

What am I?

Got me.


Miss Kringle has given hers to you.

And in return, you hurt her.

I saw the bruises.


And you cannot do that!

The next time you do that,


Calm down.

You'll give yourself a girly fit.

Have you ever been with a woman?

Tsk, didn't think so.

They need a firm hand.

That goes double for Kringle.

Girl's got a tongue.

I won't let you hurt her.

Oh yeah?

What are you gonna do?

That's what I thought.

Later, Riddle Man!

Care to dance?



It was not a place
for a boy to grow up.

Miss van Groot kept herself
sealed off from the world,

but she doted on my son.

Treated him as her own.

Still, I...

I didn't realize
how deep it went.

This kid's own mom
was out of the picture,

so it seems he started

he was this van Groot woman's
secret son.

I tried to tell him it wasn't
true, but...

he had built this fantasy, and...
Miss van Groot led him on.

She was deranged.
Cruel, even.

So, about ten years ago,
he confronts her,

he demands
that she acknowledge him,

give him her last name,
put him in the will.

She laughs at him,

said it was all
just a big joke.

So he kills her.

His dad feels guilty,
helps him cover it up.

So the old woman rejects him,
he kills her, bang,

you got a serial killer with
a "Mommy didn't love me" complex.

But there's a wrinkle.

I don't know where my son is.

He called me today, told me
the police would be coming.

But I haven't seen him...

since the day he killed
Miss van Groot.

My son is not a bad man!

Your son has been seducing
and killing women

for almost a decade.

Why is he laughing?

My son?

Seducing women?

Oh, let me show you
my son, two pictures.

It's all I managed to save.

You've heard "a face
only a mother could love"?

Well, his mother couldn't.

She left us after he was born.

Oh, yes... My son,
the seducer...

Now you can see why it makes sense
he scratched his face out of those pictures.

But that means
this can't be the Ogre,

we're chasing the wrong guy.

Jim had an idea.

Judge Harkness's warrant
was very specific.

I don't have
to say anything.

Then nod.

Did you operateon this man?

I need to know
what he looks like now,

or the next woman he kills
will be on your head.

Never, never would he play
with the other children.

You know, even then,

he was too good for them.

And now, he is a respectable
man of business,

my Oswald.


this has been a delight,

but it's late.

One thing...,

Gertrud, my love.


A question that's been
bothering me.

Oh, no. Oh! No, no.

Is this an act?

Are you pretending that
he's just a nightclub owner?

Or are you really that stupid?


I don't understand. I...

- Your son...
- Don Maroni, I am warning you! a cold-blooded psychopath.

Uh, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I can't count
how many men he's killed.

My own friend,
Frankie Carbone,

he stabbed him
a dozen times.

What kind of person
plunges a knife

into someone over and over?!

He is a filthy liar, Mother!

He's just angry because
I played him for a fool!

Oh! Oswald...

You know, don't you?

Oh, I can see it.

Let go of her!

Did you catch him, one night,
washing the blood from his hands?

When did you realize

that you had given birth
to a monster?!

You are going to pay for this!


Or maybe this ends with me
dumping your lifeless body into the river.

Either way, you and Momma
Gertrud can stop pretending.

Place is looking good.

Shh, shh.

The other night,
when you saw my invitation,

why didn't you tell me
you were coming?

I wasn't.

I didn't get invited.

Oh, so you're crashing.

Oh, no, I'm... on the list.

It's amazing what a 10,000 dollar
donation will do.

You donated 10,000 dollars to this?


I was hoping
that would be apparent.

And what if I decided not to come?

Well, then I'd have been making

a generous donation
to charity...

and I would've been
very... disappointed.

The way things ended
last night,

it was my fault.

But I felt something...

I couldn't let it slip away.

Well, that's very sweet,

You said... that when... people
see the real you,

they run screaming.

Someone said the same thing to me

that no one would ever love me.


The woman I thought
was my mother.


I know what it's like...

to be one person on the inside
and have the world see another.

I lived like that.

And it almost destroyed me.
I can see it destroying you.

I don't want to dance anymore.

The person that I am now,
I created.

I brought him into being.

I can do the same for you.

Aren't you tired of playing games?

Of hiding?


- Good-bye.
- See you soon.

I'm Bruce Wayne.

Sid Bunderslaw.

I'm going around,

trying to get to know everybody
who works for the company.

You do work for Wayne Enterprises,
don't you?

I do.

I'm the director
of physical operations.

Which, I'm afraid,
is a bit dull.

There are many much more
interesting people here.

Ah, yes, well, I'm sure I'll get
to meet everyone, eventually.

If you'll forgive me, Bruce,
I have an early flight tomorrow.

It's been a pleasure.

It was, uh...

It was nice meeting you.

I'm sorry.


Nothin' to it.

What is it?


Stop right there, buster!

Riddle Man?!

What the hell are you doing
creeping around here?!

You need to leave
Miss Kringle alone.


I'm not gonna let you
hurt her. Ever again.

I think you need
to leave Gotham...


I get it now.

You got a thing for my girl.

That's too funny.

Don't take this personal.


You want some more?



Oh, dear.

Riddle Man...

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

Oh, no.

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.


Feeling better?

I made tea.

I'm afraid you had...,


a little too much to drink.

Mr. Maroni, he...

he has a strange
sense of humor...


I am not some bumpkin from the country

with hay in my brains!


I am your mother...

and I will love you,
no matter what.

But lie to me now...,

you will break my heart.


ha... have you done things...

you should not?



I'm a nightclub owner.


That's all.

I'm tired now.

I'm tired.

Yeah, I got a delivery
for Gertrud, from Sal.

Tip's not included.

You tell Sal it's over.

The guns are bought.

The killing room is waiting.

He doesn't know it,
but he's a dead man!

On second thought,

I'll tell him myself.

O... Oswald?

Who was that?

It's Mr. Yatsko, from next door!

He needs help
taking out some trash.

You... You please,
you help him, then.

Jason van Groot?

His real name
is Jason Skolimski.

He used the old woman's name
when he went to the clinic.

But there's no Jason van Groot
or Skolimski in Gotham.

The guy's a ghost.

So, the old woman rejects him,

he goes to the doctor,
gets himself a pretty new face.

That's where he runs into the nurse.

And we're off to the races.

I don't suppose you got a picture.

Missing from the file,
no surprise there.

But the good doctor was kind enough
to do a sketch.

It's been ten years since he last saw
him, but at least it's a start.

So we have his real name,
but not what alias he's using,

or what he looks like
beyond a decade-old sketch.

Did he say anything else
on the phone today?

we might've missed?

Nah, just warned me
to back off.

Told me not to believe
my own press

as the rising star
of the GCPD.

What is it?

The paper that said that...

They ran an old photo of me,
from a charity gala.

I wasn't alone.


Is Barbara here?

No, why?

Where is she? When's
the last time you saw her?

At the Wayne Ball.
She left with some guy.

Was this the guy?

It's kind of a crappy drawing.

Was this the guy?!

Yeah, I think so.

Why? Who is he?

What's through there?

See for yourself.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)