Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 18 - Wrath of the Villains: Pinewood - full transcript

After leaving Arkham Asylum, Barbara attempts to make amends with Gordon. Bruce and Alfred track down one of Thomas Wayne's former friend's from project chimera, but Hugo Strange disrupts their plan.

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Previously on Gotham:

You can still run.
Find Lee, have a life.

I have to clear my name.
But how?

You're sane. It would be
unethical and illegal

to keep you confined.

If you keep releasing lunatics

you're going to get
a bad reputation.

Matches Malone.

We've met before?

You killed my parents.
Who hired you?

You'll never know their name.


He's in there.

Hello, Kristen.

How did you
become this?

This is who I am.

That's what made it
so easy to frame you.

Drop the gun!


(Gun hammers clicking)

Oh, crud.

So, when are you
coming back to work?

I promised Bruce Wayne
I'd solve his parents' murder.

I have to do that first.

The Wayne case is closed, Jim.

The perp is dead.

Gordon: But who hired him?
I need to find out.

Good morning, Victor.

How is it I'm not dead?

Anything above freezing

will kill you,
but never fear.

You won't be locked
in there forever.

Alfred: You do know
that Mr. Lucius fox

fixed your old man's computer,
but I will not have you

put that little girl's
life in danger.

It's either the work
or it's her.

I'm not going back.

My place is here.

Have a great life,
Bruce Wayne.


Hi, Jim.

Hands up. Hands up!

Okay. Look.



Keep them up.
Face the wall.

What are you
doing here?

You're supposed
to be in arkham.

And you're supposed
to be in blackgate.

I cleared my name.

I'll ask you again.
What are you doing here?

I was released.

Call them,
you'll see.

I'm telling the truth.

It's what I do now.

That's hard to believe.

Which part?
I swear to god,

after the day I've had,
i have no problem

shooting you.

Hey, look, I believe you.

Look, when I came
out of the coma,

the memories I had were...

Like waking up
from a nightmare.

The person who did those things,

that's not me.

So they released you.

Just like that.

Well, not right away.

I mean, I had some issues
to work through, obviously.

But yes.

I'm better, Jim.

I'm totally sane.

I really am.

I'm happy for you.

Please, go.

You don't believe me, do you?

Frankly, I don't care.

What, and that's it?

I have work to do.

The lady.

You're investigating
the Wayne murder, huh?

I've heard of her.

You think she's involved?

'Cause I could help you
with this.

No, thanks.

Okay, well, maybe it was
a mistake to come, but listen.

Could you just do
one more thing for me?

Could you say my name?

Good-bye, Barbara.

(Footsteps approaching)

Hey, Harvey.

Jim will catch you up.

Jim, um... (Stammers)

(Kicks door)


(Typing, computer beeping)

You've been at it all night,
master Bruce.

I think you should try and get
some food down your neck.

Do I smell sausage?

Chipolatas to you,
Mr. fox.

I've prepared a full
English upstairs.

I have no idea if that's
a yes, but I'm starving.

Let's eat.

I think I found something.

Your father's files

are still running through
the decryption program.

It could take weeks before
we know what we have.

Yes, but his calendar was only
password protected.

It was "Bruce,"
just like the lock.

Here-- the week of his murder,

he was supposed to meet
a woman named Karen Jennings

about something called
"pinewood farms."

Oh, pinewood farms.

That sounds, uh, rather quaint.

Or not.

Most of Wayne enterprises
black op programs

had code names like that.

Running brook.
Windy Ridge.

A bland name covering
up nasty business.

This could be what my father

was investigating
when he was killed.

I think we might be getting

a tad ahead of ourselves here,

master Bruce.
I mean,

how covert could it possibly be

if it's on your old man's

I'll run Karen's name through hr
when I get into work,

see if there's
even a connection.

My father had her address.

She lives somewhere
right outside the city.

I think we should
just wait

and see what Mr. fox comes up
with first, master Bruce.

I'm done waiting, Alfred.

I'm going up there.
With or without you.

Imagine my surprise.

You are going to eat
something on the way.

(Distant horn blowing)

Now that we know matches Malone
was the triggerman,

we can work backwards.

His file has him working
primarily with

two contractors--
one's dead,

the other one's known
as the lady.

She's the one that sent
the assassins after you

at galavan's penthouse.

Yeah. Her.
You know where she's at?

In the wind.

She went out of business
after you

killed her a team,
put her rep in the toilet.

Ironic, huh?

At least I have a list
of her known associates.

It'll have to do for now.

Someone must know where she is.

Look, her known associates
are professional hit men.

Come back to the gcpd,
you'll have resources.

Not to mention, you know, me.

Yeah, and I'd have Barnes
looking over my shoulder.

I need to be able to do things
my way, at least for now.

All right, but don't take
too much time, okay?

I'm supposed
to be training Alvarez.

It's like trying
to teach a Halibut

how to put on socks.

Is that it?

You don't carry a badge anymore,
partner, remember? Hmm?

I think you need to grab a few
items from the whammy drawer.

Can you believe they
let Barbara out of arkham?

First penguin,
then her?

What, they don't have
locks on the doors?

Oh, good choice.

Hey, Jim.

Be careful out there.


It's gonna be a bad day
for the hit men of Gotham.

("My way"
by the sex pistols plays)

♪ Regrets, I've had a few

♪ but then again

♪ Too few to mention...

I said, where's the lady?!

No one knows!

Wrong answer.

Someone knows.

I don't. I swear.

♪ Along the highway

♪ and more,
much more than this... ♪

Where is she?

She might be at a club
called Artemis.

Thank you.

(Rhythmic whooshing)

Strange: The moment
has arrived, Ms. peabody.

Our success here could
finally free humanity

from the shackles
of mortality.

As you said
the first dozen times

we attempted reanimation,
professor-- and failed.

Ah, but I have a very good
feeling about patient 44.

You need to be
more positive.

Someone at Wayne enterprises ran
a search for Karen Jennings.

Do you think
she's been found?

I don't see how.

We've never been able to,
but someone is looking.

She was our first.

One small stroke on the
canvas of possibilities.

Such promise.
Do you remember?

I remember the orderlies
she maimed

and the two she killed.

is always so violent.

She could expose us.

Oh, Karen.
Who's looking for you?

Do they know what you've become?

What I turned you into?

(Bird cawing)


No joy. Never mind.

Still kind of nice
to get out of the manor,

have a little drive
in the country.

Ah, that's terrific,
isn't it?

She's made a bloody
tea leaf out of you.

Street smarts?
Street smarts, my eye.

Shush, Alfred.

These are merely
technical skills.

Morally neutral.

(Faint clanking)

(Hinges creaking)

What is it?



Careful, master Bruce.

She's got some kind
of weird hunting knife.

We don't want to hurt you.

Whoa, whoa,
what are you doing?

Raise the gun.
Raise the gun.

My name is Bruce Wayne.

I just want to talk to you.

Bruce Wayne?

You're Bruce Wayne?

That's far enough.

Drop the knife.

It's not a knife.

Whatever it was
you used to do this to me,

just drop it. Right now.

I can't.

Listen to me...

That's far enough.

Well, look around you,
master Bruce.

Listen, I've no idea

what you are,
but whatever that thing is...

It's bloody dangerous.

Do you know who I am?

You seemed
to recognize me.

How did you find me?

My father, Thomas Wayne,

came here the week
before he died.

He had it in his calendar.

His calendar? Great.

Were you followed?


I-i-i don't know.
By who?

No. No, we...

We weren't followed.


Then you can leave.

Not until you answer
my questions.

I know my father
came to talk to you

about something called
pinewood farms. What is that?

God, you don't know anything,
do you?

So tell me.

Do you not understand
that these people will kill you?

Don't you think I've been
trying to tell him that?

I'm not afraid to die.

Not if it means
doing the right thing.


How'd that work out
for your dad?

You have to go.

It's not safe for you here.

I don't care.

Whatever my father
was investigating

got him and my mom killed.

You're the first person
I've found who might know why.


You have to tell me
what he was doing.

(Jazzy piano playing)

The Artemis is
a private club, sir.

I need to see
if someone's inside.

It'll just take a minute.

(Gun chamber clicks)

Members only.


What a coincidence.

Can I borrow him a moment?

Did I not make myself
clear last night?

Oh, you did.

And I wanted to respect
your boundaries.

But I was wondering
if you knew

that this is
a women's only club.

Plus, its members are,
shall we say,

of a criminal persuasion.


Didn't think so.

Which is why I'm here.

Let me guess.

You're gonna talk
to the lady for me,

get the information I need,

if I just... what?
Trust you?

No one likes a smarty-pants.

So what's your plan, then?

My plan?

My plan is to stick a gun
in the lady's face

and have her beg me
not to pull the trigger

until she tells me
everything I want to know.

The Gordon special.

I remember it well.

Problem is,

you're not a cop anymore.

Why is that, by the way?

The point is, if you go
in there guns blazing,

the lady will disappear,
probably for good.

I can go inside
and get you what you want.

What do you have to lose?

Why are you doing this?

I was there.


When you first caught
the Wayne case.

I know what it means to you.

You think that
if you can solve it,

you can close the door
on the past.

And maybe, just maybe,

it'll stay shut.

And then you'll be able
to start over.

And you really have to ask me
why I'm doing this?

♪ Melts you

♪ get a little closer 'cause

♪ it makes me feel like
I'm brand-new ♪

♪ another one bites it...

Buy a girl a drink?

Have we met?


But I'm kind of famous.


The notorious
Barbara kean.


♪ I can't help but bite so

♪ hard...

Sorry about your hand.

I don't get many visitors.

You, uh, spooked me.

Wait, what, we-we-we
spooked you?

How long have you lived here?

Ten years.

Ever since pinewood.

Is that where you...

Got that?

Pinewood farms
was a bioengineering program

at Wayne enterprises.

The kind that was
kept off the books.

I was one of
their first volunteers.

What, you volunteered
for that, did you?

I didn't have many options
at the time.

I was at blackgate.



Take it you weren't
a guard, then.

I was born with a crippled arm.

Growing up,
my father liked two things:

Booze and beating
his deformed daughter.

One night, I fought back.

He fell down the stairs

and broke his neck.

I went to blackgate for murder.

But that's self-defense.

Well, people are scared
of different.

Jury sent me away.

One day,
these men show up.

Tell me they're gonna
fix my arm.

Not only fix it, make it better.

Instead, they turned me into the
monster everybody thought I was.

Did my father know what was
going on at pinewood farms?

No. No.

When he found out
what was going on,

when he saw what
they were doing to us,

he shut it down.

Paid to put us into hiding.

So how many were
there of you?

Not sure.

I know most didn't survive
the experiments.

It started up again, didn't it?

That's why my father
came to see you

after all those years.

He wasn't sure, but...

He had his suspicions.

He came to warn me.

Whoever was running pinewood,

whoever started it up again,

I know that's
who killed my parents.

Do you remember
any names?

None of them ever used
their names around us.

But the man
who was in charge...

I can still see his face.

Every time I close my eyes.

Then you need to take us there.

You need to take us
to pinewood farms.

(Laughs dryly)

My father risked
his life to save you.

I'm asking you
to repay that favor.

I promise...

...nothing will happen to you.


(Both laughing)


It didn't go quite to plan,
but whatever.

I looked incredible

in that wedding dress.

I suspect you did.

And how did you get
out of arkham?


Well, that was easy.

It was a lot of...

"Oh, my god.

"I can't believe I killed
all those... people.

(Fake sobs)



Well, what's your plan now?


I'm thinking about getting
into the assassination business.

Only I need a partner.

What do you have to offer?

I'm rich, fabulous,

and, in your case,
i may have just the thing

to restore your reputation.


All right,
see you next week!

Let me help you with that!


(Dishes clattering)

(Indistinct conversations)


(Gun hammer clicks)

I need to speak to the lady.

She's expecting you.

Hey, Jim.

Guess what?

You were right.



Is anyone getting
major dã©jã  vu, here?

Only, wait... oh!

We're missing Lee.


That would've been
a real family reunion.

So that's what this
has been about?


Delivering me to her?

Well, when I saw her
picture in your file,

I figured you'd go after her,
so I did some digging.

Saw you two

had some history

and it all kind of...
Came together.

So did I deliver or what?

When you said

he was looking for me,

I assumed this had
something to do

with the men
i sent to kill him.


He knows you contracted
matches Malone

for the Wayne murders,

and he is just obsessed
with finding out

who hired you.

It's like his thing.

That's why he's here?


I have absolutely no idea
who's behind

the Wayne murders.

You didn't take the contract?

Oh, no. I mean,
i did, but...

We did it all over
the telephone.

I never met the client.

But you must've got a name.

He went by a nickname.


Poor Jim.

So close.

It's almost sad you have to die.


You know, should we
just tell him?


Are you always
this sentimental?


He called himself

the philosopher.

There you go, Jim.

(Taser powering up)

Now you know.


Told you I had a plan.

(Birds squawking)

That doesn't exactly scream

"top secret bioengineering lab,"
does it?

This is it.

Right. You two sit tight.

I'll have a shifty.

(Door closes)


She's here.


(Bird squawking)

(Handcuffs rattle)

I'd wager nothing's been
touched in here for a decade.

Are you okay?


Seeing all this,

it feels like yesterday
that I was here.

I'm sorry.

Uh, looks like
your father was wrong.

Maybe it's
for the best.

You can move on now.

You knew this place was
shut down, didn't you?

Is that why you brought me
here, hoping I'd give up?

Steady on, master Bruce.

No, she's hiding

I can see it
in her eyes.

I don't understand.
What won't you tell me?

Man: Hey! Hey,
this is private property!

I'm gonna call the cops!

Man 2: Girl comes with us,
and no one gets hurt.

Run, master Bruce.


(Karen shouts)

Come on.

(Approaching sirens wailing)

Drop the gun, now!

You go down... and
I'll look this way.

Got it.

What the hell was that about?

Don't be mad.

I was tied to a chair
and nearly killed. Again.

What should I be feeling?


I'm not feeling that.

I needed the lady to trust me.

It's called a plan.

A plan?

What if I'd stayed outside?


(Scoffs) Look,
we got the name.

We should be celebrating.

Hey, we kind of make
a pretty good team.

This doesn't change anything.

I got you the information
that I said I would.

Everything I did in there,
i did for you.

You have to see that.

Honestly, I don't know
what I see.

Then look.


What do you care?

After everything
that's happened,

let's say
you've changed.

What do you care what I think?

Because when I woke up
from that coma,

the first image I saw
was your face

as you were holding on to me
from the church window.

You were trying to save me.

Because in that moment,
you didn't see the monster.

You just saw me.

That's what I've
been holding on to.

Because I feel like

if you could just look at me
like that again...

I'd be okay.

I'd make it.

You want to be a better person?


That's your choice to make.

I can't be
that for you.

You tried to kill Lee.

I can't forgive that.

I won't.

(Cell phone ringing)

Just get it.


Whoa, whoa, whoa,
slow down, slow...


Be right there.


About bloody time, mate.

Not my call, pal.

How about you stop
getting arrested so much?

Where's Bruce?

In with Barnes.


Prep Karen Jennings
to travel.

I want her
at blackgate today.

No contact.

You, you're free to go.

I suggest you do so
before I change my mind.

What did you tell him?

The truth.

He didn't seem to like it.

All right,
how about you tell me?

So your father found out
about this program,

where Karen Jennings
was a subject,

and shut it down.
When it was

he tried to stop it...

And they had him killed.

And you think Karen can
identify the men involved?

Doesn't know
their names.

Says she can remember
their faces, though.

♪ And you can get
to wondering... ♪

The man who contracted
matches Malone

to kill your parents

called himself
the philosopher.

Hold on,

you know this?
I've been conducting

my own investigation.

I found out today.

And I'd be willing to bet
that this is the man

who was behind pinewood.

♪ Hard to keep believing
good times ♪

What do we do?

♪ And easier to feel like

have Lucius fox
put together the files

of all the scientists who have
worked for Wayne enterprises

over the past 15 years.

If Karen can pick this man out,
if he is the philosopher,

we can tie him
to your parents' murder.

Assuming, of course,
that Karen Jennings

is still alive.

I mean, it's obvious
these guys mean business.

She's gonna be dead the minute
she hits blackgate prison.

That's why we're
gonna break her out.

♪ Lying awake at midnight,
feeling cold... ♪

How much money
can you put together quickly?

How much do you need?

(Crow cawing,
ship's horn blowing

(dog barking in distance)

(Gasping, trembling breaths)

Patient 44's

eeg patterns confirm
paradoxical sleep.

We're getting close.


Getting close.

Karen Jennings
was arrested

and is being sent
to blackgate prison.


Seems we should
abandon our efforts

to bring her back.

She cannot be allowed to talk.

I'll send a team.

i was thinking

this would be the
perfect opportunity

to let our sub-zero guest
try out his new suit.

You sure?

Whatever that gas did to him,

he's not the man he was before.

He seems... very angry.

Oh, I know.

(Heavy metal music playing)

(Turns off music)

I was listening to that.

Hello, Victor.

How are you feeling?

How am I feeling?

I'm locked in a freezer--
how do you think I'm feeling?

That's why I'm here.

How would you like
to go on a little...

Field trip?

(Vehicle rumbling)

What the hell?

(Turns off engine)


Yo, Marty!

You're never
gonna believe it.

(Rifle cocks)

You have a decision
to make!

You can keep the money,
toss us your gun

and tell your supervisor
you were disarmed,

or be a hero,

and wake up
like your friend here

with nothing to show for it
but a massive headache.

I'd say it's a bit of
a no-brainer, wouldn't
you, sweetheart?

Give me your gun.


Go ahead.

Enjoy your cash.

Let's go!


Bruce, what is going on?
Who is this?

A friend.
Nice to meet you.

He's gonna help us

get you out of town.

I have a car,

cash and a new identity

waiting for you back
at Wayne manor.

I can't believe
you would do this for me.

I made a promise
nothing would happen to you.

I intend to keep it.


Do you know a man who goes by
the nickname the philosopher?

That's, uh, the man
who ran the program.

That's what the others
called him.

Something about
some game they played.

And you could identify him?


We have someone
tracking down the files

of all the scientists

who have worked for Wayne
enterprises over the years.

Bruce: After that, you,
you can disappear.

No one will ever hurt you again.

You sound just like him.

I have been hiding
something from you, Bruce.

Your father

did more than just
rescue me from pinewood.

What, what do you,
what do you mean?

After what happened,

I was so angry.

But he never gave up on me.

He kept visiting.

Gave me books to read.

A music box for my birthday.

He kept reminding me
that I wasn't alone.

That I wasn't a monster.

I never knew
what a real father should be

until Thomas Wayne.

That's why I didn't
want you to pursue this.

I didn't want you
to see him differently.

Your father
started pinewood, Bruce.

His intentions
were good.

But the man in charge
took advantage of him.

He didn't realize the truth
until it was too late.

Pinewood was his burden.

But it doesn't have to be yours.

It's not a burden.

It's who I am.

(Tires squealing)

Hold on!

(Heavy thudding nearby)



Put down the gun!

Go get on Bruce!

You both all right?

You all right?


Go, run.
It's me he's after.

We're not leaving without you.

I'm so glad I met you, Bruce.

Your dad would be proud of you.

Of the man that you've become.

(Gunfire continues)


Stay here!



Karen! Karen!

(Rapid beeping)


(Gentle music playing)

Sorry, I'm late.

I did get you that
salt water Taffy you like, so...


You'll wake her.

I thought she was in arkham.

In a coma.

Not anymore.

She showed up a
couple of hours ago.

Poor thing.

What is she doing here?

She's come home.

♪ I wonder

♪ but your heart was never
there... ♪


(Thunder crashing)

(Music box playing
gentle melody)

(Gentle melody continues)

My father risked
his life to protect her.

He cared for her.

And now she's dead.

Because of me.

(Music stops)

Not because of you,
master Bruce.

Because of what you're pursuing.

Is there a difference?


And if you can't
make your peace with that, then

you're not ready.

There will be others,
master Bruce.

Karen was the only one who knew

what the philosopher
looked like.

How are we going
to find him now?

You need to have
faith, Bruce.

I know what you risked today.

If Barnes finds out
you were involved...

He will.

If he hasn't already.

Pretty sure my days
at the gcpd are over.

But I knew that going in.

Then why'd you do it?

You're not the only one
who made a promise.

(Footsteps approaching)

Ah, Mr. fox.

I let myself in.

I think
i might have something.

When I was compiling the
personnel files on scientists,

I also ran a
cross-reference search

on pinewood farms
and the philosopher

and found this.

It's from a company newsletter
taken 12 years ago.

The photo
lists team nicknames.

Look at the man
next to your father.

Hugo strange.

The philosopher.

He runs arkham now.

A friend.

Someone he... he trusted.

That's not fair.

That's not right.

Oh, Karen.
What a shame.

You held such promise.

Victor said he
recognized Jim Gordon.

Said he was with a boy.

Bruce Wayne.

So he and Jim Gordon
are working together.

Well, well.

I think life is about to get

very interesting
for us, Ms. peabody.

(Alarm buzzes)

It's coming from

Patient 44.

But the reanimation
should take another 12 hours.

Grab him, grab him!

(All grunting)


(Thumping continuing)





(Thumping continuing)

Oh, peabody, we did it.

We brought someone back.

We actually did it.

Wh... what is it now, sister?

What's he saying?


Heathen dogs.

What now, sister?

Oh. (Chuckles)

The holy city.

Oh, I see.

The Saint will
deliver us.

No, don't leave.

Don't leave.

Should I gas him?