Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 17 - Wrath of the Villains: Into the Woods - full transcript

In an attempt to clear his name, Gordon steals his case file and approaches Nygma for help. Meanwhile, Penguin discovers his step-family's role in his father's death, and awakens from his conditioning.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

But you are my only

true blood relative, Oswald.

That vermin has to go.

But how can we
persuade him to go?

How do you get rid of rats?

(Elijah groaning)

Did he, did he drink that?

Why? Why?

He's not supposed to...


Awake at last.

Well, hello dear.

Someone call
professor strange!

We'll see about your clever
little plan, Jim Gordon.

I can make plans of my own.

Hello, officer pinkney.
Can I come in?



Murder weapon was a crowbar.

Your fingerprints were on it.
I was set up!

Being convicted for murder
has its downsides.

Good to see you, harv.

Don't give up hope.

What the hell
are you doing here?

What's it look
like we're doing?

We're getting you out of here.

Come on, let's go!

I have to clear my name.

To do that, I have
to go back to Gotham.

You little punks!

Don't you take that bag!

You have any idea who
you're stealing from?


Leave it!

That's my money.

You stole it.

Now you got
stole, chump.

Oh-ho-ho, I catch you,
you're dead!

Both of you.

By the way,
you're a terrible crook.

Letting two kids rob you.

You really don't
deserve this money.

What the hell you doing,
you little freak?!

What the hell
are you doing?

You're both dead!

Nobody ever better
touch my money!


I'm not a thief.

I don't steal
for the money.

This is research.

I can't understand Gotham

until I understand
its criminals.

Look, okay, this whole
understanding criminals thing

is getting on my nerves.

That was your half
you threw out!

I saved enough for burgers.

Gotham is on high alert today

after former gcpd detective

and convicted murderer

James Gordon escaped...

Detective bullock,
have you heard the news?

Yeah, ed, I heard.

So, what do you
think he'll do?

Knowing Jim Gordon,
I'd say he's not gonna rest

until he finds
the son of a bitch

who framed him for murder.

Reporter: "You can run,
but you cannot hide..."

Good luck with that.


This is your one
and only chance.

You tell me where he is.

Hand to god, cap.
I have no idea.

Oh, stop it.

You're not smart enough
to play dumb.

We both know Jim
did not kill pinkney.

I know that a court
found him guilty.

He wants to prove
his own innocence, great.

I hope he does.

The public,
the people of Gotham?

The ones you and I serve?

They have to know,
they have to see

that we're impartial,
you understand?

The people of Gotham
can eat my socks.



Nice try.

Walk away in a huff?

Now I know you know something.

If you're providing
aid and shelter

to Jim Gordon,

a glass of water--

I will bust you
like a bum I never met.

Cap, I wish I knew where he was.

But I don't.



Everything okay?

Yeah, let's get to work.

Gordon: I've been going over
and over this a thousand times

in my mind-- it all
has to be connected.

The theft at the art museum,

the bombing
at the train station,

the I.A. Tip-off,

pinkney's murder--

it's all a part
of an elaborate frame.

So he's smart, meticulous,

got technical skill
and access.

An active cop?

Has to be.

Only way he could have
access to a crowbar

after it was put
into evidence.

That doesn't really narrow
the suspect list too much.

I mean, come on,
Jim, be honest.

You probably got 500

cops who have beef
with you.

Yeah, but enough
to frame me for murder?

Maybe ten.

You got to admit

you do have a little bit
of a knack for, uh,

making enemies.

My number was 12.

Mainly loeb loyalists.

Who knows-- maybe loeb
himself is behind this.

Before you go
down that rabbit hole,

I got to say something
to you as a friend, hmm?

You can still run.

Go to an island,
buy a banana boat,

grow a beard, find
Lee, have a life.

Look, I've been working
this thing since you went away.

And I'm not saying
it's hopeless.

But Barnes is on the hunt.

You don't have much time.
He threaten you?

Hey, I'm the one who busted you
out of jail, remember?

I made my choice.

All right, let's say I run.

I find Lee, I somehow
convince her to take me back.

What then?

I get her to live
as a fugitive?

I have to clear my name.

Otherwise, I might
as well be in jail.

But how?

Starting where?

Dent once told me I.A.
Secretly records

and archives all their
incoming calls on tape.

Which means

the eyewitness
who called into I.A.?

The one
they assumed was pinkney?

There could be a tape
with his voice on it.

That's a hell of a long shot,

And if... okay, just saying if

a tape like that exists,

it's gonna be locked up tighter
than a duck's ass

in I.A. Evidence.

That's why it's lucky for you

uncle Harvey
has connections.



my favorite

I.A. Sugar plum, huh?

Well, why do you think
I'm calling, baby?

Heard you were
getting married.

She changed her mind.

Smart girl.


Oh, you're an animal, bullock,

you know that?
Oh, yes, ma'am. I do, I do.

Come on, bullock.

Yeah, baby. I'll be right there.

Hold on for me for a second!

(Door opens)


An hour.
Slip 'em

under the door.
Come on, bullock!

I ain't got all night!
Don't say a word. Mm.

Daddy's comin'!

(Sirens wailing in distance)


(Indistinct chatter)

(Door opens)

(Door shuts)

Give me that.
(Woman grunting)

Whoa, what's up, sweetheart?
What are you doin', huh?

Where you goin'?
No! Help!

Do it! Come on, do it!
Somebody help!

Do it!



Get out of here.



are you okay?


You're welcome.
Hands up

or I'll blow
your head off.

Gcpd. You're

You're Jim Gordon.

Listen to me...

This is barkley, over
on fifth and spring.

I got Jim...

Don't kill me!

I'm innocent, you hear me?

All units, it's Jim freaking
Gordon! I need backup now!

(Organ playing)

Father, I only knew you
a short time.

But you came to me
when I was alone

in this cold, dark world.

You gave me a family.

I'll never forget you

as long as I l...

Oh, father.

What a bore that was.

Yeah, but the house is ours now.
And we're rich.



He loved us all so much.

Indeed. But-but, Oswald,


As painful as this is,
we need to talk practicalities.

Um, can I call you a cab
or will you take the bus?

I don't understand.

Well, you're not returning
to the house with us.

But where shall I go?

but there.

Oswald, I'm so happy that you
and your father reconnected,

but he left the house
and the estate to me.

And I'm-I'm simply
not comfortable sleeping

under the same roof
as a notorious murderer.

But I'm not like that anymore.

I-i couldn't hurt a fly,
even if I wanted to.

Please, my father
was all that I had!

We shared the same blood,

and-and he wanted us
to be together.

He told me.

Let me stay. I'll do anything.

You are

his blood.

We do need help

around the house.

Why waste good money on
servants when we have Oswald?

I'll do anything.

You can start by
getting rid of those

disgusting flowers.
I've always detested lilies.

Yes. Of course.

You're not really
letting him stay.

He's Elijah's only natural son.

If he found the right lawyer,
he could make things difficult.

Especially if people look
into how his father died.

So we just live with him, then?

No, we keep him close,

and after a suitable
amount of time goes by,

poor Oswald,
overcome with grief,

will take his own life.

Till then,

we have a free servant.

I can fire the maid.

(Crows cawing)

I... murdered my... parents.

I cut their throats.


I joined a gang of
psychopathic killers.

I tried to kill Jim Gordon

and Lee thompkins.

I was a puppet

of these demons in my head

and they were forcing me

to do these terrible things.

I wish I could go back
and undo what I've done.

Only I can't.

I don't feel insane...


I just...

I feel sad.

Thank you, Barbara.

That was very brave.

What do you suppose made this

healthful change in you?

Maybe I just...

Really needed some sleep.

(Lock buzzes)

It's a good act.

You're so sure
it's an act, are you?

Aren't you?

I have no idea.

One way or the other,
she intrigues me.

Well, if you would allow us
to apply rigorous dream therapy,

we would know, for sure.

Oh, no, no, no.

We do have

a very useful hammer,
Ms. peabody,

but not all of our
patients are nails.


Thank you.

What the hell
happened last night?

Stumbled onto a mugging.

And Jim Gordon
couldn't just walk by.

Where'd you sleep?

I didn't.
Just walked around.

How's Barnes?
He's on the warpath.

Governor announced
a $10,000 reward

for anyone who helps catch you.

You should turn me in.

If he doubled it to 20,
I'd give it some thought.

Okay, here.

Internal affairs.

(Distorted voice):

I want to report a crime.

You recognize that voice?

Sounds like it's been disguised.

I saw detective James Gordon

shooting mayor Theo galavan

on the south side docks.

The penguin was beating him

with a bat, but it was Gordon
that pulled the trigger.

(Two warbling sounds)

Was that a bird?

Run it back.

(Two warbling sounds)


We gotta find somebody
to clean up the tape.

Isolate the sound,

maybe do something to the voice.


I gotta get going.

Barnes is watching me
like a hawk.

All right.


You've done more than
any partner could ask.

From now on,

stay away from me.

For your own sake.

If loeb is behind this,

you don't want
to be mixed up in it.

What are you gonna do?

I still have some friends
i could ask for help.

Where you going?


Hi, ed.


Please... please, don't hurt me.

Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you.

I need your help.

My help?
I didn't
kill pinkney.

You have to
believe me.

Yeah, I do.

I need to find the man
who framed me.

Whoever it was,
he covered his tracks well.

But I have something.

A recording

of his first call to I.A.

I.A. Secretly records

everyone who calls in.

They do?


They're sneaky little buggers.

Uh, and what did,
what did you hear?

If you don't
mind my asking.

Not much.
He disguised his voice.

But there are other sounds
on the tape.

I figure

you work with audio.

I was hoping you could help me.


My friend...

You've come to the right place.


Please, have a seat.

(Clears throat)

I will get my stuff

and make some tea.

Mmm. Mmm.



Well, let's pray Helga hasn't
signed on anywhere new yet.

It's a family recipe.
Mmm, mmm.

I'm sorry you don't like it.

I'm sure my cooking
will improve over time.

Mmm. It's not that bad.


Tomorrow, you need to go
to the butcher.

I'd like a nice roast
for Sunday dinner.

Not your...

Slut mother's goulash.


(Chuckles softly)
A nice roast.

Yes, ma'am.

Oh, and clean up this mess

I can't stand the sight
of dirty dishes.



Good shot, Charles.

(Sasha and Charles laughing)

(Laughs nervously)
I must get to these dishes.


But this-this has
been delightful, really.

(Distorted warbling)

Yes, it does sound like a bird.

And he's doing his best
to mask his voice.

Too bad
the quality's so poor.

(Inhales sharply)
Ah, well,

I'm afraid it's a dead end.

We should at least
clean the tape.


(Clears throat)

You need some more tea.

(Clears throat)

(Distant siren wailing)

So the person who killed
pinkney and framed you

is the same person
that attacked the art museum

and planted the bomb
in the train station.


And you don't have any leads?

I think loeb was behind it.


He still has lackeys

in the gcpd.

Is that so?

Everything points to a cop.

Or someone who worked
with the police, had access.


You all right, ed?

Right as rain.

Just thinking.
(Clears throat)

Surely, you don't think that
loeb killed pinkney himself?


He had some psychopath

do it for him.

Psychopath seems a strong word.

He bludgeoned a man to death

with a crowbar
in cold blood.

He's sick.

You say that, yet...
You've killed lots of people,

haven't you?

That was in the line of duty.

And a person who would kill
in cold blood is a psychopath.

See, I...

I knew the rumors weren't true.

What rumors?

About you killing galavan.

You would never do that.

That would make you like the
people that you're hunting--



(Teapot whistling)

Thar she blows.

(Whistling continues)

Shut up,
you're talking too much.

(Whistling stops)

Did penguin ever say anything
about that night?

Did penguin ever tell you

anything about the night
that galavan died?

No. Remember, I nipped
that friendship in the bud.

And you didn't talk to him
in the gcpd,

when Barnes brought him in?

Yes. No.

I... just to say hi.

(Tape clicks)
Oh, tape's finished.

I'm going to give that
a listen.

Let's both listen.

Swell idea.

(Helicopter blades whirring
in distance)

Internal affairs.

Man (Distorted):
I... (Clears throat)
I want to report a crime.

I saw detective James Gordon

shooting mayor Theo galavan

on the south side docks.

The penguin was beating him
with a bat,

but it was Gordon
that pulled the trigger.

(Cuckoo clock chiming)

It's not a bird.

It was mechanical.

Without fingers I point,
without arms I strike,

without feet I run.
What am I?

You're a clock.


I know it was you, ed.



(Cuckoo clock chiming)

(Continues chiming)


Guess what.

I knew that you knew
that I knew.

(Electrical crackling)

That's why your chair

was wired to the mains.


♪ Over the pavement
and down the alley ♪

♪ oh, my, this wind is cold


♪ It bites my toes
and nips my nose ♪

♪ as over the ground we go.



I hope you like
the outdoors, jimbo.


I know just the spot.

(Gun clicks, gunshots)



Come out, come out,
wherever you are.

I bet you're wondering...

"Why would ed do this to me?"

"Set me up."

"Ruin my life."

I'll give you
a hint, jimbo.


Kristen kringle.

(Door opens)


Hey. Have you seen my jacket?

It's freezing outside.


I was fixing
the sleeve.

You'd ripped it.

You know how to sew?

Alfred says it's an important
skill for young bachelors.

(Short chuckle)


Thank you.

You're welcome.

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

What the...

Detective Gordon?


What are you doing here?

I could ask the same about you.

I found the man
who framed me. He....

I need a phon...

Great, a dead cop
in my crib now.

Grace (In distance): Don't
forget the cherries, Oswald.

Oh, right.

Cherries, cherries,
cherries, cherries.



My drink?

I'm sorry, there's no cherries.

No cherries?

The next time
i ask for cherries,

there'd better be cherries.

Yes, grace... ma'am.
Of course.

(Soft whimper)

Mother said to remind you
of tomorrow's dinner.

What's wrong with him?

Who knows?

Mother wants a roast.

And make it good
this time.

(Both laughing)

Yes, I will.




Still sleeping.

Best thing for him.

Thank you for coming
when I called, Alfred.

Course I came.

No question.

You're looking thin.

I'm getting plenty to eat.

That I very much doubt,
master Bruce.

But there're things
that we must discuss.

I'm not coming back.
I understand that, but...

Not yet. Alfred...
We need to talk.
Good morning.

Detective Gordon,
should you be up?

I'm fine.
You stitched me up.

Actually, it was master Bruce.
He called from selina Kyle's

when you passed out,
so I thought,

bring you here.
Safest place for you.

Master Bruce, I wonder
if you might go and get

the detective his clothes
from the laundry room. Please.

I'm glad you're okay.

So I'll make you some
breakfast. Take a seat.

Like some coffee?

Yes, please.

There we go.

How long has Bruce

been living with selina Kyle?

Ever since
the matches Malone debacle.

Turns out staring into
the cold, dead eyes of the man

that killed your parents

doesn't bring
the right amount of closure.

Bruce never should've
been in that room.

I should've
gotten to Malone first.

Yes, you should have done.

But you didn't, did you?


You can't unfry an egg,

as my dear old mum used to say.

So why don't we leave
master Bruce's situation alone

and why don't we discuss yours.


It's a long story.

Right, so you were
framed for the murder

of that other police officer.

You escaped from prison,
you then tracked down

the man that framed you and you
were promptly shot in the leg.

Right, so,
answer me this,


Do you have any idea

how you're gonna
get out of this

awful pickle?

Yes, I do.

Come, my dear.
Your future awaits.

You're sure?

I run a hospital,
not a prison.

You're sane.
It would be unethical

and illegal
to keep you confined.

What if I...
Hush, now.

Life is full
of uncertainty.

And if something does
happen, we're always here.

Off you go.

If you keep releasing lunatics

so liberally, you're
going to get a bad reputation.

I'm not looking for a good

We're releasing Barbara kean
into the wild

to observe her behavior.

She's a beautiful

You know what she's
going to do, don't you?

I don't, actually.

But I do know
it will be interesting.

Nygma was right
about one thing.

I can't just go to the cops.

They'll never
believe me.

I need hard proof.

Cops, right?

Nygma said he met penguin
for the first time in the woods.

That's right around

the same time
his girlfriend went missing.

I think he was burying her.

Just like he was
going to bury me.

What, you want
to find her body?

Touch of the old needle
in a haystack, innit?

Nygma knows where she is.

What, and you think he's gonna,
what, straight tell you?

That's exactly
what he's gonna do.

But I need help.

Whatever we can do.


But I need someone
Barnes knows will betray me.


Who do I talk to about
the reward for Jim Gordon?

Hey. Psst. Come here, come here.

Selina: Um... let go of me.
Bullock: Come here, come here.

I'm here for my reward.

I'll give you a reward.


Have you seen Jim Gordon?


There really ten grand?

Depends on your information.

He was at my place
a couple hours ago.

He'd been shot.

Shot? Who shot him?

Didn't say. He wasn't
making a lot of sense.

Is he still there now?

No, he took off. I don't know
where, but he was just looking

for a place to lie low
for a while, I guess.

That's not worth $10,000.


Before he left
he said he'd found out

where the penguin was hiding,

he was gonna
go see him.

Why would he go see the penguin?

I don't know. Something about

penguin knows
where the body's buried?
What bodies?

Selina: I don't know.
Where's the penguin now?

No one knows.

You gonna pay me or what?

Or what.

Relax, relax.

Maybe Gordon
won't even find penguin.

You idiot.
He's a detective.

He finds people for a living!

Penguin won't tell him.

He's my friend.

Oh, who am I kidding?

You stupid...

Stupid, stupid!

Okay, okay.

Okay, calculate, ed, calculate.

Chances of Gordon
finding penguin?

Say 80%.

Chances of penguin
telling Gordon?

Also 80%.

So it's a 60% chance
of Gordon finding Kristen.

That settles it.

(Wind whistling)

(Bird singing)


Hello, Kristin.

I know, didn't expect
to see me again,

but... circumstances.


Now, I'm afraid
I'm gonna have to move you.


(Twig snaps)

Jim Gordon.

So you did find penguin.

And that little bird sang.

No, I just
followed you.


You fed information
to that little miscreant,

assuming that I'd hear.

Or, no. No, no, no.

Of course, you were in cahoots.

Of course you were
in cahoots.

Well, either way, bravo, Jim.

I'd clap, but I have your gun
in my hand.

How did this
happen to you?

How did you
become this?

You dummy.

This is who I am.

It was just finally admitting

the truth to myself.

Well, that
and murdering some people.

I don't believe that.

You don't believe it. Why, Jim?

'Cause it would make you

to know that I was right
under your nose the whole time?

Or you don't want to admit that
there's a monster in all of us?

Because you, of all people,
should know that!

That's what made it

so easy to frame you! (Laughs)

I was your friend.

Were you, Jim?
Were you my friend?

Or did you just pity me?

Oh, poor, weird little ed

with his little silly wordplay
and his little riddles.

You're completely insane.

It's probably easier
for you to think that.

How about one last riddle
for old time's sake?

A nightmare for some.

For others, a savior, I come.

My hands, cold and bleak,

it's the warm hearts they seek.


Right again.

Good-bye, Jim.

Drop the gun.
(Gun chamber clicks)

Drop it!
(Gun chambers clicking)

Captain Barnes, I was... I...

I'm arresting Jim.

Stop it, ed.

We heard everything.
Now drop the gun

and get on your knees!

No, this is...
This... I...


Last chance!



(Gun chambers clicking)

Oh, crud.

How is it?

Not too gamey?

Hmm. Overcooked.

Oh. Try the
other joint.

It is much
more tender.

Hmm. It's the same.


Still, beats my slut
mother's goulash, no?

Where are the children?
Ring the bell again.

Hmm. I doubt
they'll hear it.

You look different.

You noticed.


I'm doing my hair a
different way, so...

Charles! Sasha!

Where are they?

I found the Sherry
decanter, grace.

The one with poison in it that
you used to kill my father.

(Utensils clink on table)

What on earth
are you talking about?

You should have
thrown it away!

Guess you're a little too
mean to waste good poison, huh?

Don't go.

Charles! Sasha! Help!

They won't come.
Where are they?

You thought they
tasted the same,

but Sasha...



No. No.
Definitely more tender.

In my opinion.

No. No!

You said you were innocent,
and you were.

I'm glad.

I guess I owe
you an apology.

No. You were doing your duty.

Can't fault you for that.

Yeah, well,
i owe you one.

Oh, not necessary,
but I'll take it.

Can you do me a favor

and take it easy on bullock?

(Siren blaring)


So... when are you
coming back to work?

I'm not coming back.

Not yet anyhow.


There's something
i have to do first.

Lee thompkins' number.

She's working for an me
department down south.

I promised Bruce Wayne I'd solve

his parents' murder.

I have to do that first.

Then I'm free.

The Wayne case is closed, Jim.

The perp is dead.

But who hired him? Why?
I need to find out.


we never find out.
It happens.

I need you
to give me the Wayne files.

You take this, and I'll give you
the Wayne files.

Call her.

I'll go get 'em.

It was nothing that you
did or didn't do, Alfred.

Why I went away.

I want you to know that.

I do.

Thank you very much.

I'll be going back to the city
as soon as selina's ready.

She's just taking a hot shower.


You do know that Mr. Lucius fox
fixed your old man's computer

a couple of days
ago, don't you?

And when were you going
to tell me, Alfred?

Well, I tried telling
you this morning.

I'm telling you
again now, aren't I?


What are you doing?

She could walk in
here. Have a word?

I trust her.
It's not about
trust, is it?

Whatever your
father was doing,

he did it in secret
for a reason,

to protect those
he loved.

Doesn't matter about my personal
opinion about that young girl,

but she has been a bloody
good friend to you,

and she's been loyal.

So, you know,
you go ahead,

continue your father's work.
I can't stop you, man.

I've tried, haven't I?

But I will not have you put that
little girl's life in danger.

It's either the
work, or it's her.

You can't have both,
do you understand?

Ugh! Man!

Rich people have
great water pressure.

So, jeeves,

any chance we can get
a ride back to the city?

Right. Well,
I'll be in the...

In the kitchen,
master Bruce.


What's with him?

Bruce, what's going on?

I'm not going back.


I'm grateful for everything
that you taught me.

My place is here.


So, that's it?


I don't expect you
to understand.

'Cause you're Bruce Wayne
and I'm street trash.

Selina, it's not like that.

it is.

It is.


It's fine.

Have a great life, Bruce Wayne.

(Indistinct shouting)



Female voice:
System enabled.






Hi, Jim.