Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 16 - Wrath of the Villains: Prisoners - full transcript

After Gordon is removed from protective custody, he begins to face new threats and dangers inside prison walls. In order to survive he must rely on a new friend as well as Bullock and other...

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Previously on Gotham...

GILZEAN: I heard
they let you out of Arkham.

Yes. I'm sane.

I'm Elijah Van Dahl.
Oh. Oswald Cobblepot.

You're related
to Gertrud?
My mother.

She never told me.

Told you what?

That I had a son.

You have a home now

and a father.

Big happy family.

Is this a dream?
It's not a
dream, my boy.

You're home.

Hello, Officer Pinkney.

Can I come in?


Murder weapon was a crowbar.

Your fingerprints were on it.
I was set up!

Detective Gordon guilty
on all counts.

How can you not be with us?

and first steps

and skinned knees.
You need to
go somewhere,

start a new life.

Jim, don't do this! I love you!

I'm so, so sorry.
Jim! I love you!
Don't do this!


♪ If I should die this ♪

♪ Very moment ♪
On your feet!
Let's go!

♪ I wouldn't fear ♪

♪ For I've never known ♪
Step out!

♪ Completeness ♪

Line it up!
♪ Like ♪

♪ Being here ♪
Face right! Walk!

(bell ringing)

♪ All this time I've loved you ♪

♪ And never known your face ♪

♪ All this time
I've missed you ♪

♪ And searched this human race ♪

♪ Here is true peace ♪

♪ Here my heart ♪
(lock buzzes)

♪ Knows calm ♪
Lights out!

♪ Safe in your soul ♪

♪ Bathed in your sighs ♪

♪ Wanna stay right here ♪

♪ Until the end of time,
till the earth stops turning ♪

♪ Gonna love you until ♪

♪ The seas run dry ♪
(lock buzzes)

♪ I've found the one ♪

♪ I've waited for ♪


Lights out!

♪ ♪

♪ The one... ♪

(lock buzzes)

(clacking, lock buzzes)

Keep it moving!

Stay in line!


Prisoner Gordon,
step out of line

and remain silent.

Let's move!


Several weeks
with no incidents, Gordon.

I'm impressed.

Not what I expected.
Word was you

were a troublemaker.

I just want
to do my time.

Well, it's time
to move you.

Where to?

F Wing. "World's End."

General population.

This should not come
as a surprise to you.

Protective custody
is just a temporary privilege,

one which can't be sustained
for a sentence as long as yours.

Perhaps you have
an appeal pending,

in which case
I can prolong this arrangement.

That's got to sting
just a little, no?

Your people seem
to have abandoned you.

Being convicted

for murder has its downsides.

Don't fret so.

I'm sure you'll see a lot of
familiar faces over in F Wing.

Many of which
you arrested yourself.

(lock buzzes)


(whistling, shouting)

It's payback time!

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter, shouting)

Here comes
the flying scissor kick!

That one wasn't mine?

If you show yourself
to be a team player,

anything's possible.

Are you a team player, Gordon?

I love it.

Oh. And I forgot
to pass on my...

good friend's regard.

Ex-Commissioner Loeb says hi.

Follow the rules,
and perhaps you'll survive.

Break them,
and you most certainly won't.

It's why they call
this wing World's End.

For most here,
it's exactly that, the end.

Only way out:

parole or a body bag.

And nobody gets parole.

♪ ♪

(birds chirping)

It's true. I swear it.

Clear as day-- a ghost.

She was
this pale old woman

in a long black dress.

She was this close.

What did you do?

Oh, I ran away screaming,
of course. (chuckles)


Oh, do you believe in ghosts,

Yes, I do.

I've seen them.

This house has several of them.

But don't worry,
they're all quite friendly.

Don't listen to him.
There are no ghosts here.

Oh, there's ghosts, all right.

This house was built
by my grandfather.

He died here.

His wife
and two sisters

also passed
away upstairs.

And my poor dear parents.


many ghosts.


How did you meet?

Oh. That's a boring story,

No, let me
tell it, dear.

After my mother died,
I sat alone

in this house for months.
Barely got out of bed, in fact.

Finally, I found a diner,
not too far from here.

I'd go there every day at the
same time, order the same thing.

Chicken soup and a seltzer.
Grace was

my waitress,

and I grew
very fond of her.

She told me
of her two poor children,

Sasha and Charles,

and how they suffered at the
hands of their abusive father.

I had to help.
I offered her refuge,

and she accepted.

And this house
heard laughter once again.

Then one thing led
to another.

Love blossomed.

And here we are.


But you are
my only

true blood relative, Oswald.

(glass shatters)
(Grace gasps)

Oh, my poor dear.

Are you hurt at all?
No, no.

I'm-I'm fine.

Clumsy girl.

To family.


To family.

To family.

To family.


Dent, they got him
in general population now,

F Wing.
You know what that means?

Everyone we've ever put away
is in there!

Stop saying that! There's
always something you can do.

A retrial.
Or have him

transferred to another prison,
for God's sake.

You know what, just keep doing
what you always do,

which is nothing!



He's wasting away in that place

while the real killer's
out there somewhere,

eating donuts and getting laid.
The real killer?

The fingerprints
on the murder weapon...

Jim is innocent.

He didn't kill Pinkney.

Well, gee, um, that's... unfair

if that's true.

What are you gonna do about it?

I wish I knew.

I wish I knew.

My health forbids me
from drinking,

but at least I can watch you
enjoy this sherry.

It was my
father's favorite.

Is that him?

No, that's my
great-grandfather Manfred.

He started a small tailor's shop
in Gotham many, many years ago.

Made suits for
the city's elite.

My father became an apprentice
like every son before him.

You were an apprentice, too?
I was.

Had rather a flare for it.

But it was not to be.

When my father
succumbed to illness,

my mother held me close to her.

Homeschooled me.

She felt a need
to protect me

from the temptations
of the city.

All this time, I've been afraid
to ask about your mother.

I'm so sorry I abandoned her.

Had I known

I was also abandoning you...

Dear God,

such a cowardly fool.

Did she have a happy life?


Not a happy life.

But a good one.

She never hurt
a soul.

I was not always a good son,

and she never spoke a word
of reproach.

Not always a good son?

I find that hard
to credit.

An nice young man like you?

Believe me.

I've done bad things.

We're all sinners, my boy.

(footsteps approaching)

(clears throat)

It's time for your medicine,
my love.

Thank you.

Doctor gave them
to me for my heart.

Better safe than sorry.

(lock buzzes)
(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct chatter)

You have a visitor, Mr. Gordon.

This way, please.

No, I'm not going
back to the hole!

He promised!

The warden's the one
who's moving you.

This wasn't
our agreement!

No, you listen!
This isn't fair!

I paid for this cell!
This is mine!

You hear me?!

This way, please.

A lot of business going on.

The warden get a cut?

Almost there.

(lock buzzes)

I want the Boy Scout
dead by week's end.


You look good, brother.

This place agrees with you.

Maybe I'll check in.

Lose a few pounds, hmm?

Get a cool tat.

You don't need
to check up on me.

Are you kidding?

Highlight of my week
to see your smiling face.

Look, I spoke to Dent.

He's looking into
reopening the case.

But you got to keep
your nose clean.

Last thing you can
do is do more time

'cause you lost your
temper, all right?

Ah, shouldn't be that hard.

Everyone seems
really nice around here.

I'm looking
for Penguin.

See what he's got to say.

He's laying low someplace,
but don't worry.

I'll find him.

How's Lee?

Been writing
to me a lot.

The letters stopped

a few weeks ago.

Know why?

I didn't want to be the one
to tell you this.

Tell me what?

Lee lost the baby, Jim.

I'm so sorry.

How is she?

I-I don't know.

I think she's fine.

She moved down south.

No one's heard
from her since.

Hey, don't let

this beat you.

It's good to see you, Harv.

Jim, I'm gonna get you
out of here, I promise.

Jim, don't let
this break you!

Don't give up hope.

Jim! Jim!

Where you going, pig?

My little brother ran
with a crew that pulled off

a few bank jobs last year.

Papers called them
the Red Hood Gang?

Remember them?
You put a bullet

in my brother's head.


Now, who's this?

How about I have my friends
on the outside pay her a visit?

Show he what she's been missing?

(inmates exclaiming)

Oh, snap!

Hey, hey, hey, hey, guys,
cool it!

Cool it, huh?

Peace, peace.


It's all right, Mr. Gordon.

I got this.
Now, come on now, guys.

Let's just take a deep breath...

(inmates clamoring)


(men grunting)

Get back to your cells!

(shell clanging on ground)


Assume the position now.


GUARD: Back it up!
Back it up!

Take inmate Weaver to the hole.

And these two
to the infirmary.

Get up.
Get up!

Let's go.
You heard him.

(indistinct chatter)

(thunder crashing)








(thunder crashing)



It's okay.
You were sleepwalking.


Oh, I was.

My father's office.

Here, let me, let me

get you a chair?

No, help me back
to bed, won't you?

Of course.

(thunder crashes)

They're for my condition.

Your heart?

I have a hole in it.

It keeps getting
bigger apparently.

I think my demons
are feeding on it.

You have demons?

Sadly, I do.

You, too, I fear.

There's so much
I haven't told you.

So much that
I'm ashamed of.

I was a criminal.

I've done...

horrible things.

Hurt people,

manipulated, lied.

For power,

for revenge.

I've killed people, Father.

Our lives together

started the moment
I met you at the cemetery.

Nothing before that
concerns me.

I forgive you for all
your past transgressions.

Be free of them

and live here in peace.

(thunder crashes)

(speaks indistinctly)

We showed them, huh?

Look, uh,
whatever your name is...

Puck-- well,

Peter actually,

but people call me Puck.

Stay away from me, okay?

I don't need your help.

Can't do that,

Detective Gordon.

I'm not a detective anymore.

Oh, I know.

You're way more than that.

You're a true hero.

Two winters ago,

my little sister was abducted
by child snatchers.

Three days she was gone.

And then you found her and-and
busted the scum that took her.

You saved her life
and dozens of others.

Right there,
that's a true hero.

Just doing my job.

No, sir.

What are you in for?

A girl.

Beautiful girl.

I asked her out
and she said yes.

And she was classy.

I couldn't make her
take the bus

so I snatched a car.

Well, borrowed it.

I was gonna take it back.

Cops didn't believe me,

so here I am.

What they give you?

Six years.


Hey, I can't complain.


I broke the law, right?

The law is the law.

I'm not gonna be
like my grandfather.

He died in here.

And wouldn't let me and my
father visit him after a while.

But finally we did.

Last time I saw him,

he was different.

Didn't recognize him.

That's not gonna
happen to me.

No, sir, I won't die in here.

Then stay away from me.

(lock buzzes)

What are these prisoners
still doing here?

Get them to their cells

And watch this one.

He just lost a child.

Makes him mad.

That's right.

I hear everything.

I see everything.

Everything you know,

I know.

I know something you don't know.

Yeah, what's that?

I know what kind of man you are.

Get him out of here.




Brace yourself.

I'm afraid we have
some bad news.

Oh, dear.

Charles was
at the public library today.

Research for the novel
I'm writing.

I was reading
some old newspapers,

and I mad an alarming discovery.

My dear,

Oswald is not the nice
young man he says he is.

If we didn't lead
such sheltered lives here,

we would know
what the whole world knows.

He's a notorious criminal.

We've been sheltering

a killer.

We could have all been

raped and murdered in our beds.

Raped and murdered.

They call you the Penguin?

To be fair...

...I never raped anybody.

Oh, well,
that's a mercy,

now, isn't it?

My son told me about his past.

He just didn't tell me
how famous he was.

You're too modest, son.


a violent criminal
in our house?

Grace, relax,

he's changed.


You're not this man anymore,
are you?

Oh, no, sir.
But how...

h-how do you know?
How do you know he's not?

I've looked into his soul.

I've seen his
beautiful heart.

"The Dapper
Gangland Kingpin."


What now?

What now?

Plan B.

What's plan B?

You are, my dear.

Good morning.

Good morning.

I was hoping to
spend a little time

with you,
Mr. Penguin.

But, um,

uh, please, call me Oswald.

I-I'm not that man anymore.

There isn't a little
bit of Penguin left?

A little bad boy?


I got a little bad girl in me.

Whatever you've got planned
for the old man, I want in.

We could do great
things, you and me.

I suppose.
I hadn't...

If you and me work together,

we could
have it all.

We could squeeze my mom
and brother out.

Why would we do that?

I don't know.

I guess we're just a couple
of crazy mixed up kids.

Restrain yourself, woman.

I'm your practically
your brother.

What are you thinking?


He didn't bite.

Should I try?

No. I don't think he's faking.

I think he's kind of simple.


(indistinct conversations)


Gordon. Watch yourself.

Weaver's coming out the hole.


Nothing happens around here
like it's supposed to.

Your day's coming, Gordon.

You're a dead man!

Take a look
at your boyfriend

over there.


Who's gonna help you now, pig?

Yeah, you like that, Gordon?

(whistling, indistinct chatter)

Let it go.

Don't extend your sentence.

(door closes, lock buzzes)

Jim didn't kill that kid.
We all know it.

Thing is, who did?

I mean,
who'd set him up that way?

I just don't know
how much longer

he can stay alive in that place.

I guess I'm asking
for your help.

Funny, huh?

You have every right
to tell me to go to hell.

But I...

I got no one else to turn to.

You know, Harvey...

it's very rude
to wear a hat indoors.

(opera music playing)

You like the fabric?
It's Italian.

I love it.

A man can say so much
about himself by what he wears.

I couldn't agree more.

I weep for today's casual youth.

I'm so glad
you suggested we do this.

It's been so long.


Are you all right?

Father? Fa...


Have someone call
for an ambulance!

(in distance):
Grace! Help! Help, Grace!

What did you do to Elijah?


Coming, my dear.

Clean up
this mess

and call the doctor.

Go on.

Hard at it, I see.

Thanks for getting me
my old job back.

Your friend Puck
is pretty banged up.

Might do him some good
if you were to come see him

in the infirmary.

Yeah, no.

I'm not his friend.

He thinks you are.

The kid's gonna die in here,

one way
or another.

(door closes,
lock buzzes in distance)

We'll be quick.


How you holding up?


They-they said I have

a clot or something.

I just feel seasick.
(short chuckle)

Thanks for coming to see me.

Means a lot.

I'm sure they'll take
good care of you in here.

You hang in there, huh?


...don't give up hope.

I feel your sadness.

I do, but...

you got to choose life,
you know?


Choose life.


Listen, kid, uh...

when you get better,
you learn the lesson here

and you stay the hell
away from me.

I'm not a hero and
I'm not your friend.

I'm just a convict.

Tonight's movie night.

Everyone in the main hall
together with the lights off.

Be ready.

For what?

Just be ready.

His condition has gotten worse.

The hole
has gotten bigger

and now
there's an infection.
(Elijah coughs)

I've given him antibiotics
and rehydrated him,

but I fear

it will have little consequence.

It's time for him
to get his affairs in order.

He may not
have long.

(door opens)

I'm going to have them make
you some nice chicken soup.

You need your strength.

How kind.

Come here, my boy.

Don't listen to doctors, son.

I've proved them wrong

so many times
I've lost count.

You and I

will have many more years
to spend together.

Trust me.

But perhaps we should
speak with my lawyer, dear.

I have some things

I'd like to go over with him.

So much has changed
these past weeks.

Of course.

I'll have him stop by.

(lock buzzes in distance)

(indistinct conversations)

(whistling, applause)

(orchestra begins playing)

Sit down.


(whimsical music plays)

(scattered laughing)

(indistinct whispering)


He's called for his lawyer.

He's going to change his will?

And when he dies, Cobblepot will
get what's rightfully ours.

That old man was a shriveled-up
wreck when I met him.

I made him feel young again.
I brought him back to life.

And what has this

gutter rodent done?

Played stupid board games

and whined
about his wretched mother.

That vermin has to go.

But he likes
it here.

How can we
persuade him to go?

How do you get rid of rats?

Glue traps?
No, silly.


Hello. Father is feeling

much better, but he is resting,

so he will not be
joining us tonight.

Well, that's fine.

Let's eat, hmm?

Hmm. Thank you.


(orchestra plays lively
movie music on screen)

(projector whirring)

I'm a pretty fly.
Look, everybody.


(laughter and chatter)

Yeah! Come on, everybody.

Yo, show's over.

(inmates shouting)

(inmates booing)

(loud chatter)

(knife blade clinks)

(projector whirring)

Yo, get down!


What are you doing?
He's mine!

(alarm ringing)

He's mine!


Stay down!

You're dead.
You understand?

You understand?!

You're dead, pig.

(alarm ringing)

(overlapping chatter
and shouting)

We're gonna need
a body bag.

(loud, indistinct chatter)

(alarm ringing)

(lock buzzes)

(loud gasp)

(groans, thuds)


What the hell are you
doing here?
What's it look
like we're doing?

We're getting you out of
here. Come on, let's go.

Fake blood, retractable
knife-- can't believe

it worked.
Wait. Wait.


what if this is where
I'm supposed to be?

What?! Let's go!

You sure?

Are you tripping? A lot of
good men put their butts

on a live rail for you-- me,
him, Don freaking Falcone.

While walking around somewhere
is the guy that killed Pinkney,

framed you
and destroyed your family.

Hmm? He's walking around
while you're standing there all

blue and misty. Well, screw
your self-pity and let's go!


All right.

But I need one more favor.

(monitor beeping rhythmically)





Detective Gordon?

We're out of here.

I need you to move as quickly
and quietly as you can.

You mean,
like, escaping?
Like that.

But that's
against the law.

Like you said, choose life.

Told you, didn't I?

Whether you like it
or not, you're a hero.

Prisoner Gordon.

You're supposed to be dead.

I'm as surprised as you are.

What brought you back to life?


It's good to have friends.

But where are they

when you need 'em, huh?

Man, that felt good.

Sorry I got you into all this.

Are you kidding?
Never felt more alive. Now,

hit me hard, make it look good.

Just don't touch the teeth.
I just had 'em fixed.


Look at your mother--

she was so young.


Thank you so much, Grace.


(chuckles softly)

I lied to you, son.


My father was never
physically ill.

He only suffered
a deep melancholy.

He was plagued
by dark impulses,

evil thoughts of violence.

Mother said many in his family
had the same affliction.

I remember the sound
of the gunshot.

I was outside
his room.

I screamed
for my mother to get the key.

I saw the warm
gun in his hand.

The blood.

His face.

Mother said never
to talk about it.

For years after the funeral,
we never left the house.

I don't pretend to understand
my father's torment.

But I think perhaps you do.

I feel for you,

and I beg of
you, my son.

Never give in
to the pain as he did.

You are loved,

and you are not alone.

And the sun will
come up tomorrow.

Thank you, Father.


Now I feel like a drink.

Uh... but your health?

To hell with that.


I want you
to have it all, my son.

This house and
all that's in it.

Keep it just
the way it is,

a piece of history,
our history.

Gotham's history.

First thing

tomorrow, I'll have my lawyers
draw it up.


(loud groaning)

(groaning continues)


Oh, no!

(groaning continues)

Did he... did he
drink that?

Why? Why?

He's not supposed to. Sasha,

call an ambulance.
Call an am...

(pained groaning)

(liquid hissing,
groaning continues)

Stay with us, Father.

Help is on the way.


(yelling echoing)

(loon calling)

We made it, buddy.

Wait here.


Don Falcone had all the
contacts inside of Blackgate.

He made this
whole thing happen.

Thank you.

I'm not sure

I can ever repay you.

It won't be necessary.

I'm happy
to help an old friend.

What now?

You're asking me?

Two hours ago,
I was a dead man.

I have people that will get you
out of the country.

Or I can arrange a safe place
for you in Gotham.

Your choice.

(wind whistling)

(loon calling)

What do you want to do?

I want to go find Lee.

But to do that,
I have to clear my name.

And to do that,
I have to go back to Gotham.

So there's your answer.

Part of me says, run.

I'm breathing fresh air.

I can't go back inside.

If you run,

you've got to keep running.

Some people can live with that.

You're a fighter, Jim.

You got knocked down.

Do you stay down?

Or do you get back up?

What do you think, kid?


No. No, we made it. Come on.

Come on. No. Come on!

Don't give up!


He's gone.

Jim, he's gone.