Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 15 - Wrath of the Villains: Mad Grey Dawn - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock investigate a trail of clues left in a museum robbery which unbeknownst to them were left by Nygma in a dangerous game of cat and mouse. Gordon's past comes back to haunt...

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Previously on Gotham:

Is it loaded?
Ain't no point
in an unloaded gun.

It's Kristen Kringle's
final paychecks.

She never picked them up.
I don't like it.

Oswald, you are making

By the laws of Gotham City,
is hereby declared sane.

You are a free man.

I was wondering if you'd heard
from Kristen Kringle lately.


Do you think that
something bad has happened?

We have no idea
when she might wake up.


So that's the game, is it,

Gonna try to outsmart me?
I don't think so.

We've met before?

Yes. You killed
my parents.

Who hired you?
You'll never know their name.

I'm a monster.
You need to kill me.

You're just a man.


He's in there.

Alfred, I've left home
for a while

to live on the streets
with Selina.

Trust me, and honor my wishes.
Don't try to bring me back.

(distant siren wailing)

(over P.A.):
Welcome to
the Gotham Museum of Art.

The museum offers hundreds

of new events and programs each
month, including lectures,

performances, tours, family
activities and more.

The Gotham Museum Café Gift Shop
is located on the...

(announcement fades)

♪ ♪



(indistinct chatter)

(alarm sounding)

(clamoring, coughing)

(whizzing, crackling)

(alarm continues)

(alarm bell ringing)
Keep moving.

(sirens approaching)

(tires screeching)
(paint can hissing)

Okay, folks. Don't panic.


(indistinct radio transmission)

♪ ♪

Solo robber hit the museum
about an hour ago.

Scared people away with a bomb
that never went off.

Anybody hurt?

Why us, then?
Isn't it a Robbery Squad case?

Bomb threats are you guys.

Whether the bomb
goes off or not.

So get on it.

Gordon, you stay.

Internal Affairs is reopening
the file on Galavan's murder.


Anonymous tip.

Someone called in,
claims they saw you,

not Penguin, kill Galavan
that night at the docks.

I.A. gets a dozen
crank calls a week.

Probably just bored.

This tip came with a detail
we didn't put out to the public.

The umbrella.

So someone in the GCPD is trying
to make trouble for me,

by spreading lies--
been known to happen.

Lies, huh?
Tell me the truth again.

I didn't kill Galavan.
I wasn't there.

What was that all about?


Detective Gordon.
Hey, Ed.

I'm ready for
our sit-down.
Our what?

You wanted to interview me

about Ms. Kringle leaving town
with Officer Dougherty?

Oh. Right.
Yeah, sorry. Rain check.

We got to get to Gotham Museum.

Oh, the art heist.

Yes, I heard about this.
Very bold.

Uh, yes, rain check.

Tallyho, chaps.

Go get that bad guy.

We'll talk later
this afternoon.

And Ed?
Don't worry.

I'll find out what
happened to Ms. Kringle.

I have the utmost faith in your
abilities, Detective Gordon.

Believe me.

(distant siren wailing)

You'll never guess

who just knocked on the door.

If I'll never guess, then why
not just tell me, jackass?

If you say I have
three guesses,

well, then that's a game.

It's an annoying
and stupid game, but at
least it makes sense.

Son of a...


Well, well, well.

I heard they let you
out of Arkham.


Happy day.

I'm sane.

I have a certificate.



But-But I-I hope
I'm not intruding.

I-I just got back in town,

thought it'd be rude not to say
hello to an old friend.


An old friend?

Well, yes. I mean...

we had our ups and downs,

but on the whole,
I thought we were friends.

Weren't we?

That's what I recall anyhow.


You killed my brother.

You messed with his mind
and made him your slave.


I guess I was
pretty terrible, huh?

I want to apologize

I wasn't thinking straight.

Apology accepted.

Let's kill him.

Wait. What?

Uh, Butch, listen.

I've changed.
You have no reason

to fear me. I'm...

I'm a good person now.

I was thinking about
visiting your mother's grave.


I miss the old bird.

Her sobs would often
lull me to sleep at night.

(with German accent):
Oswald... Oswald!

Save me.


That does sound like her.

You know, I think
he's for real.

Those loony bin doctors must
have done a real number on him.

It's actually kind of sad.

Let him go.


You heard me.

Look at him.
He's a pathetic loser.

He doesn't pose
a threat to anyone.

Are you serious?

No way.
He has to die.

Who's the boss here?

I believe in
an eye for an eye.

We've all lost something.
Including him.

We're square, you and me.




You know, I didn't realize
you were so sentimental.

He's not leaving without
some kind of punishment.

He's not.

What'd you have in mind?

(camera shutter clicking)

(indistinct conversations)

Your little private
inside voice is screaming.

Want to tell me what that powwow
with Barnes was all about?

I.A. is reopening
the investigation

into the murder
of Theo Galavan.

Anonymous person
called in,

saying they saw me kill him.

That old chestnut, huh?

Is there something I can do?

Are you still friendly
with your gal over in I.A.?


Our paths have been
known to cross.

Can they cross
again soon?

I need to know what they have.


Mr. Thatch?
Detective Gordon.

This is Detective Bullock.

What can you tell us about
the painting that was stolen?

The painting is entitled
"Mad Grey Dawn"

and depicted a railway explosion
at the turn of the century.

A minor work compared
to much of the collection.

he simply defaced

two much more valuable
paintings in another section

of the gallery.

A Marché and a LaRue.

Follow me.


What kind of art thief
would take time

to defile such

An ignorant one?

No. This took a lot
of time and effort.

He knows what he's doing.

He's not interested in profit.

He's trying to send a message.

Which is what?

No idea.

What about the painters

What about them?

The question marks
are directly over

their signatures
on the canvas.

There's entire books

written on each
of them.

I'm sorry...
He would want to keep it simple.

What about their names?

Marché means "market"
and LaRue is "the road," yes?

Or "the street."

Market Street.

The painting he stole...

depicted a railway
explosion, yes?

A bombing, actually.

It was known
as Bloody Monday.

Today is Monday.

And Union Railway Station
is on Market Street.

(subway train squealing)

(indistinct chatter)

(over P.A.):
Attention, please evacuate
the train station

(alarm bell ringing)
in an orderly fashion.

Please find your nearest exit
and evacuate the train station.

Thank you.

What are we
looking for?
I have no idea.

Get these people
out of here! Go! Go!

Get out of
here! Go!
Move! Move.

(indistinct chatter)

Come on.



(faint beeping)

Listen up! The device
is inside the lockers.

Pinkney, get these
people out of here.

Get them out of here.

Outside, now!

Get them out of here. Go!

(indistinct, overlapping shouts)

Outside now.


How much time till
the bomb squad gets here?

Too long.

Get back.

Back, back, back, back.

Go! Go! Go!
Go! Go! Go! Go!

Move! Move! Move!


(high-pitched ringing)

(muffled shouting)

Get a medic.

(sirens, horns honking)

(footsteps descending stairs)

Hey, Ivy.

Hey, Cat.

Hey, Billionaire Boy.

What is he doing here?

(door slams)

They're right upstairs.

He's staying with me for a while

Don't touch anything.

What is this place?

Ivy works for a gang that runs
the magic mushroom trade.

(muffled clamoring)

What's a magic mushroom?

Some give you visions.

Some give you energy.

Some help you
to sleep.

I've cultivated
over a dozen kinds.

What are we doing here?

The gang is run
by Gilzean's nephew, Sonny,

and his merry band of losers.

So these mushrooms are illegal.

They're illegal.

Which means there's always
a ton of cash around.

You're going to rob them?

Uh... yeah.

How do we do it?

We don't.

You have money,

A lot of it.

I told you.

I want to survive
on my own.

Find out who I am
without my money.

Without being Bruce Wayne.

Besides, I don't mind stealing
if it's from criminals.

What's the plan?

Meet Psilocybe Arkrescens.

Also known
as The Blue Devil.

She slipped a few of them

in the gang's lunch today,

so all we have
to do now is wait.

What will they do?
Instant death.


They'll be in a state
of relaxed bliss.

Like a dream.

Trust me.
It's great.

(muffled chattering)

How long until they're out?

(thud, groaning, glass breaking)

(camera shutter clicking)

From art thief to mad bomber
in the same day?

What the hell is next?

I don't know, but he
wanted us to find it.

I think that's what
the heist was about.

He's playing a game.


That's exactly
what this city needs.

Did you find any other
brainteasers that might indicate

his next piece
of performance art?

No. Either he's decided
to keep it a surprise,

or he's taking a break.

I doubt we're that lucky.

I want every available
resource on this thing.

You got it.

Excuse me, Officer Pinkney,
can I get your signature

on this chain of custody form?


Thank you.


Detective Gordon.

Been working together
for over a year, Ed.

You can call me Jim.

Jim. Heard you were able
to save the day.

I got lucky.

I don't believe in luck.

You saw a problem
and you solved it. Bravo.

Hey, I want you to oversee
forensics on this one.

Maybe our luck will hold,
and we'll get something

on the bomb's signature
or trace elements.

No other leads yet?

No, I have no idea
what this guy wants

or what he's after,
which makes him dangerous.

Well, don't you worry.
I'm on the case.



Be quiet.

Someone might
still be awake.

(faint snoring)


Who-Who are you?

Hey. Hey.

Hey, we're no one.

You're dreaming.

Pretty cool, right?



Listen, if you give us
the coffee can

and close your eyes,
you'll be able to fly.


(tires screeching)

(car doors opening, closing)


Whoa! Where are you going?!

Hey, Cat.

Hey, Sonny.

You lose weight?


Keep cracking wise, Selina.

You ain't gonna be smiling
when my uncle gets to you.

Let's see how many lives
you really have left.



Hi. Hi.


Sorry to intrude. I...

I'm, um, a bit of a mess.

I-I was just
passing by


May I...
Could I come in for a moment?

These feathers aren't
as warm as they look.

Of course.
Where are my manners?

It-It's so good
to see you.


So how have you been,
old friend? Well, I hope?

Yeah. Well.

I have been. Been busy.
I've been really busy.

And what about you?

I hear that you've
been released.

What-- What's...
What happened?

Oh, oh...

Well, just good ol' Butch
and Tabitha having fun.

They talked about
killing me, so...

this was actually pretty
nice of them, considering.

Pretty nice of them?

They did a pretty good job
on you in Arkham, huh?

I'm here to tell you,
Ed, as a friend,

violence and anger
are not the answer.

I am a changed man.

And you can change, too.



Tempting offer.

(clears throat)

The thing is...

the me I am right now
is kind of hitting my stride.


And I'm really grateful
for all that you've

taught me, and that bad stuff
you told me about Jim Gordon

is really paying off.


Is it?
It is.

It's helped me to create
the perfect puzzle

to get rid of
my Jim Gordon dilemma.

Normally, I would
love to share,

but to be honest, the new you
is kind of freaking me out.

I'm just really
busy right now.

Well, I'll be on my way.

Thanks for coming by.

So, I spoke with my gal in I.A.

The snitch said Penguin
was beating Galavan to death

when you stepped in...

and put a bullet
in his chest.

Someone else
was there that night.

Either that, or Penguin talked.

He did just
get out of Arkham--

how the hell he did
I'll never know--

but lest we forget,

he was in there
for a murder you committed.

A grudge is not beyond
the realm of possibility.

He could have talked
when he was arrested,

used it to cut a deal,
but he didn't.

Did your I.A. contact
give you anything else?

The witness has agreed to swear
out a statement.

I.A. has officially
reopened the investigation.

You are now
the primary suspect

in the murder of Theo Galavan.

Well, tell my uncle

to call me!

Look, I know you think

he's got a soft spot for you,

but I'm pretty sure
that's gonna change

when he finds out
you tried to rob him.

My guess is, he's not gonna be
too happy with you either

when I tell him

that I just waltzed in here
and grabbed the cash.

So, maybe you let us go

and we call it even?

What kind of message
would that send?


The Gilzeans are all about


More like all about pizza.

You ever try
our product, Selina?


Aren't you being
rather cowardly?

Assaulting a girl?

No, he's right.

You know, when you're right,
you're right!

Knock it off, Sonny.
You made your point.

Stay out of this, Selina!

Call me a coward again.

You're a coward.

An ignorant, brutish...


While you're down there, kid,

lick my boot.

Strength costs wind.

Now if you're gonna
beat a big man,

all you have to do
is outlast him.




I actually think
he wants a beating.

Is that your thing, kid?

You like pain?!

An ignorant,

brutish, cowardly clown.


He likes it, all right.

Your mom and dad
must've been real freaks,

bringing up a weird kid
like you.



Let's go!

Let's go!

Hello, Mother.


What a lovely spot.


I'm so sorry I couldn't
be here for the funeral.

But I think you would
be proud of me.

I'm a changed man.

Or... at least,
I'm trying to be.

To be honest,

I don't know

if I'm gonna make it
without you.


I'm terribly sorry.

I-I don't mean to interrupt.

Not at all.


Her favorite,
if memory serves.

Yes, they were.

Did you know her?

A long time ago.

I found her again
only in death, I'm afraid.

I'm Elijah Van Dahl.

Oh, Oswald Cobblepot.


You're related
to Gertrud?

My mother.


You're Gertrud's son?


Uh, I'm sorry.

Uh, how did you know
my mother exactly...?

How old are you?
Excuse me?

How old are you?

Gertrud left...
I'm 31.

31 years ago, yes.

That's right.

Oh, my God, she...

she never told me!

Told you what?

That I had a son.

(short laugh)

Any word on the bomber?

Bullock's waiting
on forensics.

Just wish I knew
what his endgame was.

Feels like I'm
missing something.

Is that why you're not eating?

Yeah, I guess.


I.A. is reopening
the investigation

into Galavan's murder.


An eyewitness came forward.

You told me it was over, Jim.

You swore to me.

I'm sorry.

I knew in my heart
that it wasn't,

but I let you lie to me.

I didn't.
I wasn't!

We should have left
when we had the chance.

Gone somewhere new,
somewhere better.

Somewhere fit
to raise our child!

You knew I couldn't do that.

I can fix this.


I mean, you did it.

You killed Galavan.

I'll find a way.

I have to.

What if you can't?


Hello, Officer Pinkney.

I'm so sorry
to bother you at home.

Can I come in?

Uh, sure.

Make it quick.
The ball game's on.

(indistinct chatter on TV)

What's this about?
(door closes)

Oh, Detective Gordon'll explain.

He's just behind me.

Ah, okay.

Hey, Pinkney?

What do you call
a tavern of blackbirds?

A crow bar.

You get it?

A crow bar?

I know, it's kind of lame.

Just came up with it
on the spot.


♪ ♪


(record skipping)

Gertrud came to work
as a cook for my parents.

She was so young
and beautiful.

So full of life.

So beautiful.

I was young then, too.

A boy, really.

A foolish, romantic boy.

When my parents found out,

they forbade us
from being together.

I was the heir to a great
fortune, they said.

And she was just a cook.

I threatened to
run away with her.

Turn my back

on my family name
and my inheritance.

It was the first and only time
I ever stood up to them.

They must've known my
words were just that.

A spoiled child

making idle threats.

The next day,
Gertrud was gone.

My parents
told me only that

they had come
to an arrangement.

She would be taken care of.

And I must never
make an attempt

to find her.

And to my shame, I didn't.

I let them separate us.

I had no idea.

She never told me
she was pregnant.

She didn't tell me about you.

If she did...

She told me that
my father had died

when I was still a baby.

Easier than the
truth, I suppose.

That your father
was a coward

who wouldn't
stand up to his parents.

She must've figured
that the two of you

would be better off
making your own way.

Which, in fact, was
probably the truth.

Look at you.

A strong young man.

She did a good job,
didn't she?

She tried.

We both miss her terribly.

My poor boy.

You've been
all alone in the world.


Yes, I have.

No longer.

You have a home.

And a father.

And a family.


"A family"?

A big, happy family.

They're going to be
so thrilled to meet you!

S-Sir, please?

Tell me truthfully.

Is this a dream?

It's not a dream, my boy.

You're home.

(joyful crying)


(phone ringing)


Forensics just landed.

The timer on the bomb
was activated

remotely by phone,
which was smart.

Gave him time to plant it
in advance and set it off

when he wanted.

We get a number?


Call came from a pay phone

inside 17 West Dewy Avenue.

Just a few blocks
from Union Station.

Pay phone, huh?

All right, I'll go over there
and check it out.

See you tomorrow.

He's probably long gone by now.

I can't sleep anyhow.


(indistinct chatter from TV)



(door closes)

(indistinct chatter on TV)


(gun clicks)


What the hell
are you doing here?

Put your gun down. Now!

Place your gun on the floor.
I won't say it again.


Listen to me.

I was just following up a lead
on the bomber investigation.

You were following up a lead
in Pinkney's apartment?


I didn't know that
this was Pinkney's

apartment building.

Why are you here?

Pinkney sent me a message.

Wanted to talk
outside of work.

About what?


I have to take you down

to the precinct.

There's been a mistake.

I hope so, son.

I hope so.

(helicopter blades whirring)

Almost done.

(softly): Okay.


Never seen someone

take a beating
like that before.

(low rumbling)

I think Sonny is right.

You do like pain.

When it was happening... was like
nothing else existed.

Everything I've been
struggling with,


...and confusion...

It just vanished.

And for the first time...

in a long time,

I knew I was going to be okay.

I knew that whatever
Sonny did to me...

...I could take it.

That he couldn't break me.

That no one can.


Nobody's unbreakable, Bruce.

You want your rep here?

I didn't do this.
Somebody set me up.

Cause of death:

blunt force trauma

to the head.

Captain, listen to me.

Murder weapon was a crowbar.

We found it under the couch.

Your fingerprints were on it.

GORDON: At Union Station,
I used a crowbar

to open up the locker.

Somebody must have picked it up.

And that someone
just happened to know

that you'd be paying
Officer Pinkney a visit tonight?

I told you, I didn't know
that he lived there.

Forensics traced
the bomber's call

to a pay phone in the building.

Bullock will back me up.

He did.

But when I asked
for the report,

it had nothing to do
with a remote timer

or any traced call.

I know how this looks.

But Pinkney

was one of us--
why would I kill him?

Because he was the anonymous
witness that fingered you.

We found this

Internal Affairs form

at Pinkney's place.

It's the exact same statement

that the anonymous witness made,

only Pinkney signed this
with his own name.

I guess he got cold feet

about putting himself
on the line.

So he sent
in the anonymous tip instead.

Must have figured
you'd get nasty.

I don't know
how you figured it out,

but you found out
he was the witness.


Maybe you went over to his place
to talk him out of it?

I told you I didn't know
it was his place.

Or maybe you had no intention
of talking

and you just killed him.

You know me.

I know that something went down

between you and Galavan
that night.

I saw it in your eyes
when I.A. was grilling you.

And now the one person

who was about to shine light
on this whole thing

is found beaten to death
with you standing over the body.

What am I missing?!

I was set up!

How many lying,

son of a bitch, low-life weasels

have you heard use
that same line?

Somebody set you up?

That's what you're going with?

The least you could do
is admit what you did.

Be a man!

Pinkney was one of us.

He deserves that.

I deserve that!

The least you could do
is look me in the eye

and remind me
that you were a good cop once.

That you still know
right from wrong.


I want to talk to my rep.

You're a disgrace to the badge.

(bangs table)
I trusted you!

But you broke my heart.


take him to county.

I don't want him here.



The bomber, Harvey.

Everything that happened today
was set up to trap me.

The bomber, Harvey!

The four-week murder trial

of Detective Gordon concluded
just minutes ago

with the jury returning
a unanimous verdict of guilty.

The judge handed down
the maximum sentence

of 40 years to be served
at Blackgate Penitentiary.

The jury was unanimous
in its decision

after deliberating
less than 24 hours.

District Attorney Harvey Dent

was not available for comment.


...throughout the trial,

based on the overwhelming
evidence against...

You okay?

This isn't right.

This can't be right.

Tell me something that is.

REPORTER: Just hours ago,
the murder trial

of Detective James Gordon

with the jury returning
a unanimous verdict

of guilty.

The judge handed down
the maximum sentence

of 40 years

to be served
at Blackgate Penitentiary.

The jury

was unanimous in its decision...

Oh, my!

Awake at last.

District Attorney Harvey Dent

was unavailable for comment.

Well, hello, dear.

Someone call
Professor Strange.

(buzzer blaring)

We're gonna fight this.

(buzzer blares)

Did you hear me?

No matter what it takes,
we're gonna fight this.

The evidence isn't gonna change.

You're innocent.

I'm far from innocent.

We both know that.

So, what, we just give up?

We move on.

Move on?

Move on to what?

You mean... me.

You mean I move on.

I've thought long and hard
about this.


You have to listen to me.

I'm tired of listening.

This isn't fair!

How can you not be with us?

(crying): Birthdays...

and first steps

and skinned knees...

and everything.

What, what,
visits through bars

and-and not knowing
when the phone is gonna ring

in the middle of the night
to tell me when you're...

I don't want that

for either of you.

You still have a chance

at happiness.

You need to go somewhere.

Far away from here.

Somewhere fit to raise
our child.

Start a new life.

Forget I exist.

It's the only way

either one of us
survives this.

No, Jim!

Don't try to
contact me again.

I won't reply.

(sobbing): No.

Don't do this.

I'm sorry, Lee.

Jim, don't do this!
I love you!

I'm so, so sorry.



(buzzer blares)

A toast.

I want to thank you all
for your generosity.

You have welcomed Oswald
into our family

with open arms
and open hearts.

And for that,
I am truly blessed.

(Oswald chuckles)

To family.

Uh, you guys have made me

the happiest man
on the planet.

I am so grateful.

I love

you all.


To family.



MAN: Brother.




(ship's horn blows)

Inmate Gordon, prison transfer!

Open gate.

(buzzer blares)

(dogs barking)

(buzzer blares)

I'm gonna find who set you up.

This ain't over.


(brakes hiss)

(door opens, dogs barking)

You were a good partner, Harvey.

I still am.