Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 14 - Wrath of the Villains: This Ball of Mud and Meanness - full transcript

Alfred and Selina help Bruce on his quest to find his parents' killer Matches Malone. Meanwhile, Gordon follows up with Edward Nygma on Kristin Kringle's whereabouts. Hugo Strange continues his treatment to reduce Penguin's aggression.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

ALFRED: Went to see a sergeant
I know, and we did some digging

on any M. Malones
that fit our particulars.

Patrick Malone,

goes by the nickname

So you found him.

What do you need me for?

I need you to get me a gun.

So you're gonna kill him.

I love you.



PEABODY: If we can cure a man
like Oswald Cobblepot,

we can cure anyone.

Nobody yet has failed
to regret vexing the Penguin.

And you are vexing me!



You don't eat.

What's the matter, Liebchen?

You are sick?

So pale you look.

Tell Mama what's wrong.

(muffled, trembling groan)

You don't have to tell.

I know.

Life is hard
when you are special.

And you are so special.

So clever.

So handsome.

When you are older,

with a stick you'll
beat away the women.

But only if you eat

your goulash,

so you can grow big...

and strong.

(scream echoing)


Matching the Crane formula to
our own enforced REM stimulation

seems to be providing
the desired results.

How's his behavior

Docile, friendly.


Low, but I'm not


I'm curious to see how
he responds to adverse stimuli.

Let's move on
to the... ice cream test.

(gasps, screams)

(gate squeaking)

Ice cream.

Why do you have ice cream?


I'm sure I don't know.


It's unusual,
isn't it?
(low growl)

My name's Oswald.

What's yours?

I don't have ice cream.

Why do you have ice cream?

Please, by all means, you...

I don't have ice cream!

Why do you have ice cream?!

I apologize, sir.
I don't know what...

(Aaron roaring)


No violent reaction.

The treatment is
working perfectly.


Where's my ice cream?!

How come you have ice cream?!

I want mine!

Where is it?!
Where is it?!

I want my ice cream!

What flavor is it?!
What flavor is it?!

(distant siren wailing)

(cat meowing)


Hey yourself.

What? You asked me for it.

I know.

If you don't want it--
I want it.

You look scared.

I'm not.

Is it loaded?

Ain't no point
in an unloaded gun.

Guns aren't
for show, Bruce.

And they're not for protection.

They're only for one thing.

Of course.

They're only for one thing.

♪ ♪

(clears throat)


Good morning.


Look, what we talked about
after Arkham...

That's not why I'm here.

I wanted you to take
a look at these.

It's Kristen Kringle's
final paychecks.

Her paychecks?
How'd you get these?

I went to Human Resources
to get her new address,

and they gave them to me.

She never
picked them up.

They don't know
where she is.

She never cashed them, never
left a forwarding address.

That's odd.

Well, Dougherty has money.

Maybe they're traveling.

I don't like it.

She said that Dougherty
hurt her before.


Have you talked to Ed about it?


Maybe he's heard from her.

I didn't feel like it was right
to worry him.

I just want to know
that she's all right.

I can take it
to Missing Persons.

No, no, that's all right.
I'll look into it.

I'll let you know what I find.

Thank you.


Oh, Master Bruce.

You ready?


I'm gonna need more than that.

We're on the hunt of an
extremely dangerous man.

This is life-and-death stuff.

I need you to tell me
that you are sure.

Now, are you sure?

Yes, Alfred, I'm sure.


And when we're on the street,
you follow my every lead.

No faffing about,
is that understood?


Good lad.

Our quarry is an East Side boy.

His misspent youth,
Patrick "Matches" Malone

was arrested several times
with a geezer called Cupcake.

I suspect there's
irony at play there.

They were partners in crime
until Matches's testimony

put Mr. Cupcake
in a Blackgate pen for ten.

Says here that
Cupcake's out now,

and he runs this strong-arm
little firm called the Mutants.

So I guess we'll have
to start there then.

MAN: Solomon!
WOMAN: Grundy!

(man and woman
shouting, grunting)


Remember, let me
do the talking.

I know how to handle
this type, all right?

ALFRED: Good afternoon,
ladies and gentlemen!

Hope we find you well.

We're hoping to have
a little chat

with a gentleman
called Cupcake.

You found me, sweetheart.

What's up?

Mr. Cupcake,
pleasure to meet you.

My name's
Alfred Pennyworth.

Now, we're on the hunt for
a guy called Matches Malone.

Now, we know he snitched
you up a few years ago.

So I'm sure you wouldn't mind
returning the favor,

if you know what I mean.

Who's your friend?

Never mind who he is.
I'm Bruce Wayne.

Boy billionaire Bruce Wayne?

That one.

I'm willing to pay you
a lot of money

if you can tell us
where to find Malone.

Oh, really? Why?

Master Bruce, please let me...

I think he killed my parents.

That's a good answer.

(group laughing)

How much money?

How much will make you talk?

Million dollars.

(group murmuring, chattering)

That's too much.

The boy's cheap.

(crowd jeering)

Mr. Cupcake, if I may be
so bold as to just...

Yo, I'm talking
to the shot caller.

Tell you what, son,
I'll make you a deal.

Give me $50,000,
you won't get Matches,

but you get to leave here
with your fingers and toes.


Steady on, pal.

I'm just messing with you.

I wouldn't hurt the little boy.

I like little boys.

You, on the other hand,
I'm not sure about you.

Tell you what, I'll give you
that rat Matches for 50 grand.

But first...

you must fight me.


I beg your pardon, excuse me?

Fight me, baby.

No, you see,
I'm not really a, uh...

I'm not really a fighter.

Shush, I saw you
step up just now.

"Steady on, pal."

Mr. Cupcake, I really can't
foresee anything positive

coming out of this altercation.

You're in my house!

Fight is what we do here!

MAN: Yeah!
That's right.

I'll pay you $100,000
for the name and no fighting.

I'm not about money, little boy.

I'm about respect.

No fight, no deal,

no Matches, no exit.

All right, well,
I suppose, you know,

Mr. Cupcake, if you
put it like that.

(excited chattering)

If you wouldn't mind, sir.

Will you be all right?

We'll have to wait
and see, won't we?

Are you acting
like this is my fault?

It's not for me
to say, is it, sir?

How is it my fault?

I told you to let me do
the talking, did I not?

And did you do the talking? Yes.

I think you'll find,
yes, you did do the talking.

To be fair, I think the result

would have been similar
in any case.

If, Master Bruce,
we are lucky enough

to walk away from this alive,

let this be a
lesson to you.

And another thing.

Pick your battles.

Don't let them pick you.


On your honor, I win... we walk.

Sure thing, mister.

On my honor.

They'll understand.

But the fight doesn't stop

till somebody says uncle
or goes to sleep.

Now get it on.

(group clamoring)

The other thing, of course,
Master Bruce, to remember

is that timing is everything.

(spectators groan and gasp)

See, there's other factors
at play there, Master Bruce.

There's footwork and leverage.

Stop talking!

What?! What, you want some?!


Uncle! Uncle!


He's slowing!

See, Master Bruce, big muscles
require lots of blood.

(Cupcake shouts, groans)

Strength costs wind.

Now, if you're gonna beat
a big man,

all you have to do...
Aah! outlast him.


Uncle, uncle.

Uncle! And the butler wins.

Are you okay?

I'm absolutely
flippin' peachy, mate.

You're a tough old cat.

Not too shabby yourself,
Mr. Cupcake.


50 grand.

Will-will a check be all right?

(group laughing)

Yeah, yeah, sure,
a check'll be fine.

Make it out
to cash.

Go see Jeri down at Celestial
Gardens on the East Side.

She'll know where
to find Matches.

Pleasure doing business
with you, Mr. Cupcake.

How do you feel?

A couple of hours' kip
and I'll come up lovely.


You stay here.

You ain't going nowhere...

till I'm up and about.


Yes, I hear you.

Promise me, Master B.

Say again?

(no voice)



(crows cawing)













Ah, remorse.

Let's talk about that.

I feel it. A lot.

Remorse is progress.

Remorse is huge.

Is it?

I feel terrible about stuff.

I... (inhales)

I was so mean to people.

Remorse is a healthy

and natural response
of the human condition.

It is a good sign.

It is a normal sign.

I want to be normal.

I want to be good.


You must think I'm lying to you.

Oh, no.

I can tell when someone's

lying to me.


you are making

a magnificent transformation.

Your real self is emerging.

A kind, decent
young man.

Just a few more therapy sessions

and you'll be
right as rain.


More therapy?

Oh, just a little.

I know there's

a discomfort factor,

but after all,
it is making you better.


Oh, you do want to get better...

don't you?


Yes, Professor Strange.

Oswald, please.

Call me Hugo.

Yes, Hugo.


Hey, Ed, you busy?

I'm studying decomp rate
of various colors of ink

to see if we can use tattoos
to help determine time of death.

Hmm. Is that a yes or a no?

Please come in.

How can I help you?

I was wondering
if you'd heard from

Kristen Kringle lately.

(stool creaking)

I'm strong as a rock,
but a word can destroy me.

What am I?


I've heard nothing.

Oh. Well, I don't
want to alarm you,

but we can't seem to locate her.

She hasn't cashed
her last few paychecks.

Oh, my Lord.

Do you...

do you think
that something bad has happened?

No. No, no, we're not
there yet, anyway.

"We"? Who is "we"?

Oh, just me and
my curiosity.

I don't know

Tom Dougherty well.

What is he like?

What is Tom Dougherty like?


That's what I'd heard.

And Kringle
told you herself

that she was moving south
with Dougherty?

Not in person.

She left a note.

Could I take a look at it?

I didn't really think of it
as a keepsake.

(phone ringing)


Uh, excuse me.



Yeah, okay.

I'm on my way.

(door closes)

So that's the game,
is it, Jimbo?

Gonna try to outsmart me?

Play me for a fool?

I don't think so.

(ship's horn blares
in distance)

Well, that took you
long enough.

For a butler, you sure do
get beat up a lot.

What happened?

We got his name, Jim.

The name of the man
that killed Bruce's parents.

Matches Malone.

Dude, we're the cops.

Thank you for
sharing this with us.

When were you gonna tell us?

I haven't got time
to explain none.

We got a good, solid lead
from the same place

that I got seven bells
knocked out of me.

Now Bruce,
he won't answer his phone,

so my guess is he's gone after
this Malone...


"Gone after"?

To do what, exactly?
What can he do?

He's a kid.

Only reason
to go alone--

he's gonna kill the man.

I mean,
I-I told him not to.

I said, "You're too
young for killing."

Said I'd do it for him.

Again, we're the cops.

Do not tell us stuff like this.

You've got to understand,

both of you...

this is not a game.

I understand.

Tell me where he is.

Hey, cowboy.

Yes, sir.


Have fun.

(siren wails in distance)

(rock music playing)

♪ I got a feeling inside of me ♪

♪ It's kind of strange,
like a stormy sea ♪

♪ I don't know why,
I don't know why ♪

♪ I guess these things
have got to be ♪

♪ I got a new rose,
I got her good ♪

♪ Guess I knew
that I always would ♪

♪ I can't stop to mess around ♪

♪ I got a brand-new
rose in town ♪

♪ ♪

(music stops)

Ha! Hello, Bruce.

What took you so long?

I'm looking for Jeri.

Yeah, you are.

Follow me.

♪ ♪

(rock music playing)

(indistinct conversations)

(bubbling in distance)

(voices murmur)

(woman coughs)

(man and woman laugh,
gasp passionately)

Uh-huh. Yeah.

(spanking, man groaning,
woman laughing)

(Jeri sighs)


Take a pew.

Iced tea? Soda?


No, thank you.

(door closes)

You like the show?

I liked it.

Are you Jeri?

Some people
call me that.


What can I do for you?


Sorry. You know my name,

so Cupcake
called you.

I assumed you already
know why I'm here.

I just want you to say it.

I'm looking for Matches Malone.


He killed my parents.

What you gonna do
if you find him?

Ask him some questions...

...kill him.


Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.

Killing people

isn't, you know,
that easy.

Hey, maybe you've
killed people before.

You killed people before, blood?


But no one's
killed my parents before.

Well, Matches has killed
dozens of people.

Men, women...


He's a professional.

And what, exactly, are you?

Do you know where he is?

Course I know where he is;

he's a friend of mine.

You gonna give me
a good reason

to tell you where he is?


(laughs) Please.


I don't care about money.

Try something else.

I have a gun.

That's a good reason.


Tell me where he is.

Come on, kid...
you ain't even

pointing it at me!


What is your problem?

I've been told it's unwise
to point a gun at someone

if you're not ready
to shoot them.

And I'm not.

Very wise young man.

Thank you, Jeri.

It's been...


talking to you.

Matches lives

in that big building
on Grand Street

between 9th and 10th.

Apartment 9B.

Why did you tell me that?

I thought he was your friend.

He is.

Well, he was.

Matches is gonna be
happy to see you.

You, my boy, are
the childish hand of fate.

Well, that makes me God
in a way, doesn't it?


And who doesn't like
to play God?

(psychedelic rock music playing)

(indistinct chatter,
rock music continuing)




Please let me go.

Bruce, listen to me.

I know what you're doing.

Alfred told me

He shouldn't
have done that.

I understand how you feel.

No, you don't.

No, you're right.
I don't.

And it doesn't matter.
This is as far as you go.

You're gonna take over
from here, are you?

Yes, I am.

I'm sorry, Detective Gordon.

That doesn't reassure me.

Bruce, I can't let you do this.

One, two, three, four!

(punk rock music blaring)


♪ I got a new rose,
I got her good ♪

♪ Guess I knew
that I always would ♪

♪ I can't stop to mess around ♪

♪ I got a brand-new rose
in town ♪

♪ See the sun,
see the sun, it shines... ♪

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter,
siren wailing in distance)

OFFICER: Okay, back it up!
OFFICER 2: Move!

(onlookers clamoring)

Step back!

(siren wailing in distance)

♪ ♪

(faint indistinct chatter)

(lock clicks)

(door opens)


Matches Malone?


I want to hire you.


Kids now.

So, you want to hire me?

I want someone to die.

Wait a while.
They will.

I don't want to wait.

You're kind of young
to be putting out a contract.

I'm old enough.

Are you a proficient killer?

I thought you wanted to hire me.

You didn't say nothing
about a job interview.

I have to be sure
I'm getting the right man.

Don't you know

a killer when you see one?

Actually, you look
very ordinary.

Have you killed a lot of people?

I kill all kind of folks.

Just about every
way you can.

Rich, poor,

guilty, innocent.

By hand, by blade, by gun.

Burn just one guy to death,

they call you Matches
the rest of your days.

(train clacking past)

Life's funny, isn't it?

Cat got your tongue?

What's the matter, kid--
you sick?


I'm fine.

Nervous is all.

You seem to be the right man.

Damn right I am.

Where is Bruce Wayne?

You are so angry.

I'm sensing
a personal relationship.

Maybe like
a surrogate father

type of thing.
Where is he?

He is...

he's a really good kid.

He's got

steel in him.

He's gonna grow up
and be a strong man one day.

Well, if he lives long enough.

This is gonna go
a lot better for you

if you don't make me angry.

Angry is your natural state,
isn't it?

You are the infamous Jim Gordon?

Everybody knows
about your temper.

This isn't about me.

There's a kid
out there in danger.

Oh, there's lots of kids

out there in danger!

Why is this poor little rich boy
got your special attention?

You're trying to make me angry.

Do you want me to hurt you?

Could you?

I got nowhere else to be.


Tell me where
you sent Bruce Wayne-- now.

You are a lot less fun
than advertised.

What time is it?

What time is it?

Yep, he should be there by now.

So you could get there
just in time for the cleanup.

(indistinct radio communication)

Price starts
at ten grand or so

for a simple hit
on an adult male vic.

Then there's a sliding scale,

depending on how hard
the job is.

Charge double for women.

Triple for kids.

No babies.

I won't kill babies.

"Ten grand"?

That's cheap.

Hmm, low overhead.

Who do you want dead, son?

You really don't
remember me, do you?

Remember you?


We've met before?


We've met before.

You killed my parents.


Keep your hands
where I can see them.

Relax, kid.
I won't jump you.

I could if I wanted to, but...

I'm too tired.

Who are you, now?

My name is Bruce Wayne.

And when was this we met before?

Two years ago.

An alley
in the theater district.

You killed my mother and father,
Thomas and Martha Wayne.

I was there.

Rings a bell.

You looked right at me.

Ah, I was busy that year.

(voice breaking): My parents
were important people.

It was a big deal
in all the newspapers.

I don't read the papers much.

Don't watch TV.

Always the same bad news.

You really don't remember?

Oh, hey...

some of them stick with you.

There was this mustached fella.

He was a big fat crybaby.

Comes back to me
in my dreams all the time.

Like he's important.

I can't even recall his name.

Did I stab him?

Toss him off a roof?

I don't know.

My parents were
in evening clothes.

It was cold and wet.

You-you grabbed my mother's
pearl necklace; it broke.


Oh, yeah.

And the beads went everywhere.

Coming back to me now.

It was a nice-looking
blonde lady...

silver-fox-type dude
and a kid.

That was you?

That was me.

Who hired you?

Maybe nobody did.

Maybe I just saw
some rich suckers.

Somebody like that walks
into a dark alley,

they deserved it,
'cause they let it happen.

It's the way of the world,
isn't it, son?

Don't call me son.

If I did what you think I did,
then I made you what you are.

Just like Gotham made me.

Just like the rich folks
like your parents made Gotham.

I might as well call you son.

I can make you
tell me who hired you.

You think so?

I can hurt you.

I can shoot you in the knee.

Or the stomach.

But you can't make me
tell you a damn thing.

Killer's code ain't much,

but it's what I've got.

If I did what you say I did,

and someone hired me to do it,

you'll never know their name.

Not if you take me apart
piece by piece.

You better believe that.

Well, then I guess
there's nothing left to say.

(cocks gun)

Here's to you, son.

(wry laughing):
You've been a long time coming.

You want me to kill you.


Little rich kid like you
wouldn't understand.

(wry laugh)

Try me.

A man gets tired...

doing wrong
and going unpunished.

Nothing happens.

You start to wonder if...

there is a God.

(sets glass down)

Tighten your left hand grip.

Aim right here.

A little low.

She'll kick.

Come on, pull the damn trigger.


Don't lose your nerve now!
Do it!

Look at me!

I'm a monster.

You need to kill me.

I wish you were a monster.

But you're just a man.


He's in there.

(dog barking in distance)


(lock buzzes, clicks)

(Oswald gasping)

(door creaks shut)

Good luck, buddy.

Hey, hey!


I think there's been a mistake!



Who's there?

(grunting, shouting)

Remember me?

I'm the man with the ice cream?

(grunting, gasping)

Oh, yeah.

(anxious laugh)

Yeah, you knocked me around
pretty good.

Guess that ice cream
must be delicious, huh?

It was pretty good.

You look kind of uncomfortable.


I have a sharp knife here.

What say I help you out?

Help me out?

You have to promise
to be nice, okay?

There's no ice cream
in here,

so there's no reason
to get mad, okay?




(nervous laugh over speaker)

There you go.

Thank you.

Bravo, Cobblepot.


This is an official certificate

from the Gotham
Board of Health and Hygiene.

It states that
Oswald Cobblepot

has passed all
mandated tests,

and by the laws of Gotham City

is hereby declared... sane.

I'm sane?

You are as sane and normal
as any other citizen.

Ms. Peabody, even.

Do you know
what that means?

No more therapy?

Oswald, you are a free man.

I don't follow you.

You are sane;

ergo, there is no reason

for you to be in
a mental health institution.

You are free

to go.

I'm fine right here.

Oswald, Oswald,

you are just

feeling anxious about change.

That is totally normal

to feel that way
upon release from care.


I guess, if it's normal.

You are a sane,

gentle, good man.

And good things happen
to good people.

They do?

I-I've never heard that before.

A true thing.

Trust me.

Well, you've been right so far.


Thank you, Professor-- Hugo...


...for being such a kind mentor
and friend.

That's very touching, Oswald.

Thank you so much.

And now,

why don't you go back
to your room

and get your belongings

Okay. (laughs)


(lock buzzes, door opens)

Are you sure
about that,

letting him go?

Not really.
He's an experiment.

He's a notorious

There'll be
an outcry.

The outcry will pass.

People are afraid
of progress, Ms. Peabody,

and yet, somehow,
we keep progressing.

I hope you'll at least alert
the police he's been released.

Enough input,
Ms. Peabody.

I have other reasons,

deeper plans for Cobblepot,

that you can't know about now.

For your own safety.

Deeper plans?

Deeper than building semi-human
creatures in the basement?

I'm sure I don't want to know,
thank you very much.

On your head be it.

(metallic creaking)

There's a reason why
we might have missed Malone.

Okay? His record goes
back to nursery school on up--

robbery, battery,

a couple of hits
for the mob.

But this is way,
way back.

Last few years,

That's why his name
never came up

as a potential suspect.

Flying under the radar, I guess.
It happens.

Guess we'll never know
if he really did it.

Nah, the boy says
he confessed.

That's good enough for me.

Malone killed the Waynes.

The question is,
who paid him to kill the Waynes?

That's a question
I no longer care to ponder.

Hey, Ed.
How you doing?

Oh, getting along just fine.

Keeping busy.

Any news on the Kringle front?

Uh, no.

Damn. Sorry.

I've been a little busy.

I'll get into it.

Don't worry.

Me, worry?


I'll let you know
as soon as I know anything.

Detective Gordon,
do you have a second?

Uh, yeah.

You'll let me know.

I bet you will.

Acting like you forgot
all about Kristen Kringle.

Sure you forgot.

You're ready.

Thanks, Detective.

You suspect me somehow,
that must be it.

You're trying to lull me

into a false sense of security

while the claws
of your investigation

close around me, eh?

Is that it, my little man?

You take me to be a fool?

We'll see about your clever
little plan, Jim Gordon.

We'll see.

I can make plans of my own.

(insects trilling)

Master Bruce!


"I have left home for a while

"to live on the streets
with Selina.

"Please, wait and listen

"before you react.

"You need not worry
that I'm in danger

"or that I've lost my mind.

"I've thought long and hard
about this decision

"and I know
it's the right one.

"Malone's death made me realize
a couple of things.

"You can't kill murder.

"You can't get revenge
on evil.

"You can only begin
to fight such things

"by not doing them.

"And you can only fight them
where they live,

"not just at Wayne Enterprises.

"In the streets, in the slums,

"in the bad parts of town.

So that's where I'm going."

He's lost his mind.

"I'm not going to start

"battling muggers or anything.

"But one day,
I am going to do something

"to help the people of Gotham.

"I don't know what yet,

"but I will.

I need to learn stuff.

"Number one:
I need to learn

"how to live in the same world

"other people have to live in.

"Selina's giving me
a place to sleep

"and will show me the ropes,

"so, like I say,
there's no need to worry.

"I'll be in touch soon

"and I'll come home

"Please, Alfred,

"trust me and honor my wishes.

"Don't try to bring me back.

"I need to do this.


"your good friend


♪ ♪