Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 13 - Wrath of the Villains: A Dead Man Feels No Cold - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock look to Nora for help in their search for Victor, Penguin meets Hugo Strange.

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Previously on Gotham...

BULLOCK: Last night some psycho

froze a cop to death.

NYGMA: He was using
supercooled liquid helium.

It's one of the most effective
substances in the world

for rapid temperature reduction.

He just wants to know
where it comes from

so we can
track down the guy.

Do you confess to murder?
Yes, I do.

I'm not a criminal, you know.

I'm just... insane.

I almost crossed
the line, didn't I?
How out of character.

Scared me a little.
Welcome to my world.

I can freeze you,
like we planned...

I can't bring you back.

VICTOR: Solution A14.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

NORA: I'm just thinking
of all those poor mice

you're experimenting on.

What are you going to do now,

look for this
Malone guy yourself?

Honestly, I haven't
thought that far ahead.


You are going
to help save my wife.

My husband did terrible things,

but he did those terrible
things for my sake.

I'm dying.

He wants to save me.

I'd like to make
a confession.

I'm the man
that's been freezing people.

A16. It worked.

Am I dead?
I can't believe it worked.

I'm coming for you, Nora,
I'm coming to save you.

(tires squealing)

(alarm ringing,
sirens wailing)

(tires squealing)

(alarm continues ringing)

Where is everybody?

Listen up.

Ace Chemicals makes
the liquid helium

Victor Fries uses
to power his weaponry.

Fries was spotted entering
the building 20 minutes ago.

He's desperate

and extremely dangerous.

Let's do this.

♪ ♪


What the hell happened here?

Night janitor.

Could be a hostage.


Canisters gone.

Looks like he got
what he was after.

What's he planning?

"Free my wife."

♪ ♪

How was Switzerland?

They have mountains, snow.

People are polite.

Alfred said you wanted
to talk to me.

Alfred wanted me
to speak with you.

He's worried about you.

He's worried that you might
be concealing

any trauma you must be feeling.

He needn't worry.

I tell him I'm fine, which I am,
and he doesn't believe me.

You were violently abducted.
You nearly died.

You must have been very scared.

It's normal to feel trauma.

It's nothing you need
to be ashamed of.

I wasn't scared.


What did you feel?

I felt alive.

Intensely alive.

Do you think I'm abnormal?

You're certainly unusual,

if you're being honest.

I'm always honest.

That's a good way to be.

Tough to pull off.

I try.

And how do you feel now?

As I say, I feel... fine.


I have a second chance at life.

What do you plan to do
with that chance?

My plans
remain unchanged.

Find the man
who killed my parents.

Bruce, you need closure.



Not a dangerous

and possibly endless obsession.

I'll find him.

You're a schoolboy,
not a homicide detective.

I believe people
can be two things at once,

don't you think so?

Yes, they can.

So, you find the culprit,
what then?

I'll let the law take
its course.

Is that the truthful answer?

It's the answer
I'm giving you.

What happened
to Honest Bruce?

That's a very
good question.

I guess that's the other Bruce.


I don't mean
to be flippant with you.

This conversation
has been very useful.


Perhaps we can do
it again sometime.

Sure, we can do that.

"Free my wife"?!

This guy thinks
by killing seven cops,

he can get us to free his wife?!

I'll free my boot
up his frozen ass!

Tin can lunatic, son of
a bitch, I'll tear his...

I'm going to take a breath.

What about this hostage--
the janitor-- any demands?

Not yet.

Obviously, we're dealing
with a madman,

and once he realizes that we're
not going to release his wife,

he's going to come to us,

try to get her, right?

What else would he do?

I guess.

When he does, we'll
be ready for him,

and we'll take him.

Where is she now?
In a holding cell.

Lee and a paramedic
are seeing to her.

Lee says if she doesn't move
to a hospital soon,

she could die.

Damn it.

(sighs) We can't
secure Gotham General.

There's too many access points,
too many civilians.


They have a full
ER facility, right?

We'll take her to Arkham.

This way she can get
the care that she needs,

and we can capture Fries without
endangering any civilians.

Makes sense.


It's a lunatic asylum,

filled with crazy people.

You got any better ideas?


You prep her to travel.

I'll call the
director at Arkham.

And get that out to press.

I want Fries
taking the bait.

I'm going to let
you tell Lee

that we're taking her
patient to the nut house.

She'll understand.

Oh, yeah, totally,

Let me get this straight.

You plan on using
a dying woman as bait.

A tethered goat
at Arkham.

It's not like that.

Are you going
to tell her husband

where you're taking her?

Yes, but...
Then it is like that.

It's the least bad
of several bad options.

We could spread false word

that she's at Gotham General,

but what happens
when Fries attacks?

It's filled with people
who are too sick to move.

This is the rational way to go.

Sometimes the rational way
is not the best way.

If there were a better way,
we would take it.

Trust me, Nora Fries
will be perfectly safe.


I-I got to go.

I'm going with her.

Lee, there are doctors
at Arkham.

She's my patient.

I used to work there, I know
those doctors. I'm going.

It's not safe.

It's safe for Nora,

but it's not safe for me?

No, now, now,
now, look...

keep thinking, hotshot,
I'm going to get my stuff.

No, you know what I meant.

If you use this on me,
I'm going to scream.

Who was that?

One of Fries's victims.

I'd hoped to extract traces
of Fries's formula

from the man's tissue,
but no such luck.

Speaking of, you had a call.

The GCPD wants
to transfer Nora Fries

to Arkham medical wing.

You mean the wife?

she's very sick.

The police think Fries may
try to break her out.

They need
a more secure medical location.

Fries must be doing all this
to save his wife.

How romantic.

How perfect.

Here I am desperately in need
of his cryonic expertise,

and he's going
to make a house call.


The fates are smiling on us.

Swiftly, Peabody,
we must prepare.

(muffled howling)

REPORTER (over radio):
...having recovered from

being frozen solid,
before stumbling out,

to the bewilderment
of the GCPD.

He was taken to Gotham Memorial,

where he was treated for
minor injuries and released.

We are now getting word

that Nora Fries, wife of
the infamous Mr. Freeze,

is being taken to the medical
wing of Arkham Asylum...

Arkham? (scoffs)

She belongs in a hospital,
not thrown in among lunatics.

REPORTER: ...there have
been no official charges...

It's a trap.

Of course it is.

They're using her to get to me.

The fools.

They think walls and guns
can stop me?


They have no idea.

♪ ♪

(boom, then ice crackling)

They'll learn.

(panting, grunting)

Let me go, you brutes!

I want to speak
to Professor Strange.

Director Strange
is very busy today.

But rest assured,

nothing happens at Arkham

not according to his wishes.

What is this thing?

What are you doing to me?

You are to be the face
of our rehabilitation program.

If we can cure a man like Oswald
Cobblepot, we can cure anyone.

I refuse.

I refuse to be part
of your program.

You have no choice.

Know this, woman.

Nobody yet has failed to
regret vexing the Penguin.

And you are vexing me!

Oh... (chuckles)

Make your next decision
very carefully.



(grunting, gasping)






(lock buzzes, then gate clanks
and squeaks open)




Thank God.

It was only a dream.

It was only a dream.


You're supposed to chase me.

You're the goose.

No. No. I-I'm, uh...

I'm the...

I'm-I'm a penguin.


Goose! (gasping)

Goose! Goose!


He's not being

the goose.

It's fun to participate

in group,
Mr. Cobblepot.

You should try.



Yes. I-I...

I'd be glad to.

What is it they want me to do?

Be the goose.



Sweet mother. Is that Penguin?


GORDON: He seems drugged.
He's been

quite agitated since he arrived.
We put him on a mild sedative

to keep him
from hurting himself.

Dr. Thompkins,
my assistant,

Ms. Peabody, will accompany
you to the infirmary.

She can provide
whatever you need.

Thank you.




We'll set up by the main gate.

You should probably get
the inmates back in their cells.



GORDON: Harv, come on.




I trust you won't mind sharing
the wing with our dear Ms. Kean.

You've got to be kidding me.

Oh, do you know Sleeping Beauty?
That's my name

for her.

So lovely, so still.

Like an angel.


Is there a problem?

No. No problem at all.


Pinkney, I want obstacles set up
to keep Fries

from entering the main building.

Yes, sir.
What about the bus?

Yeah. Good idea.

And Harvey, I want a shooter
up on that roof.

Jim! Jim!

Jim, my old friend!

Help, please!



Give us a minute.


Thank God you're here.

You have to help me.

They're torturing me.

Torture is what you do.

The doctors here are
trying to help you.

It's torture, I'm telling you!

I don't see any signs of it.

It's mental torture.

It's therapy.

You're insane, remember?

That's what your
lawyers said, anyhow.

Good-bye, Penguin.

You owe me, Jim Gordon.
I lied for you!

He killed Galavan!
Not me! It was him!

It was him, Doc!

You owe me, Jim Gordon.
I lied for you!

He killed Galavan!
Not me! It was him!

It was him, Doc!

It was him!

(punches thudding)


I'd say

that's learned him,
Master Bruce.

We were supposed to have
a training session.

Yeah, well, I got held up
in the city, didn't I?

I thought your chat

with Dr. Thompkins
would keep you occupied.

And I thought
you were against therapy.
Well, that's before

I realized you're so keen
on keeping secrets.

If I had told you
what Selina and I had planned,

you would have stopped me.
Because I didn't,

I got the name of
my parents' killer from Silver.

Then you made us leave Gotham.

We lost more than a month
we could've spent searching
for M. Malone.

We left the city 'cause you were
at the end of your emotional

and your physical rope-- and
quite frankly, you're incapable

of catching a common cold,
let alone a killer. Wi...

Will you stop?!

Now, I need to ask you

a very important

Are we in this together...

...or not?


We're in this together.

Right. Well, I told you
I had some business in the city.

Went to see a sergeant that
I know, and we did some digging

in some GCP files for any

M. Malones
that fit our particulars.

Age, size,
height, race,

whether they were free during
the murder of your parents.


Patrick Malone.

Goes by the nickname...


Delightful chap, really.

Committed his first murder
when he was 15.

Suspected of
half a dozen since.

Now, I need to ask you,

if you were in charge,

what next?

You could've
got this information

from Detective Gordon.

Why didn't
you contact him?

I'm the one asking questions
now, Master Bruce.

We find this man...

...what do you plan to do?

Kill him.


You can't stop me.

I bloody can and I will.

You're too
young to have

a death on your conscience,
Master Bruce.

But, but...
I know how your parents
deserve justice.

I know you're not gonna stop
till you find it.

But when we find
this Malone,

I will kill him and not you.

That is the deal.

Do you accept?


Say it.

We find him,

we make him talk,

you kill him.

(monitor beeping steadily)

You have no idea
what you're missing.


Where am I?

Where am I?

Nora, try not to exert yourself.

You're in a hospital.
Who are you?

This is not
Gotham General.

No. You're in a...
more secure place.

I'm Dr. Thompkins.



They're scared of Victor.


Victor only did these
terrible things because of me.

You're not responsible
for your husband's actions.

He's not an evil man.

He believes the good
of saving me

outweighs the bad
of his actions.

I understand.

But he's not my concern
right now-- you are.

And you have to try
and stay calm. You're stable

but you're still very fragile.

I could have saved him.

I saw him going down
this path.

Becoming more and more obsessed.

Why didn't I do something?

I know what you mean.

It's hard,
when you love someone.

You see the person
that they were,

the person
they could still become.

You close your eyes
to the truth.

He's coming for me,
isn't he?

The police think so.

So stubborn,
my Victor.

You're pregnant?


Do you know yet
if it's a boy or girl?

Not yet.

I always wanted a girl.

You shouldn't be here.

Let's focus on you

and not worry about me, okay?

(crying softly)

Winter stakeout
at the loony bin.


Nora doesn't have long.
Fries knows that.

He'll come soon.
He'd better.

We could freeze to death,

Which would be ironic.

(piercing whistle)

(tires squealing in distance)

You hear that?

(vehicle approaching)

(guns cocking)

Take cover!

OFFICER: Heads up! Heads up!
OFFICER 2: Heads up!

Open fire!

Go, go! Get the door!

Get the door!

Hands in the air!

I can't. I can't.

Don't shoot!

Where's Victor Fries?

I don't know!

Please, help me!


Let's go. Come on.

(alarm blaring,
lock clicks and buzzes)

Go on. Go.
Go in.

There's a few...


Mom... my...





♪ ♪

Copy that.

Fries took out a wall
in the east wing.

Have B Team cut him off.

We'll head directly
to the infirmary.

Alpha to Bravo,
continue pursuing suspect.

We're headed
to the infirmary.

Copy that.

(alarm blaring)

Take cover!


(lock clanks)


What the hell?




(alarm blaring)

(alarm buzzes)

(alarm blaring)

STRANGE (over intercom):
Hello, Victor.

Forgive me for getting
straight to the point.

I'm a great admirer
of your work

and I would like to offer you
a way out

of your situation.

Who are you?

I'm a friend,
but let me ask you:

once you rescue your wife,

what is your plan?

To steal a vehicle?

Blast your way out?

There is a set of keys

on the chair.

They belong to a vehicle
that is waiting

by the loading docks.

How do I know it's not a trap?

It is not a trap,

it is an exchange.

You get your wife
and your freedom--

I can keep the police at bay
while you escape.

As thanks,
you will leave me

one cartridge
of your cryonic formula.

What do you say?

The police are coming,

you can't beat them all

and time is running
out for you...

and for Nora.

Go fetch that, would you,
Ms. Peabody?

Fries is in
the building.

We have to go.

We can't leave her.

The staff bailed
when the alarm went off.

She'll die.

So we take her with us.

Come on.



Thank you.


I'll take it from here.

GORDON: Victor...
Victor, listen to me.

We're trying to help her.

You're killing her.

No. No, Victor.

I understand
why you're doing this.

I'm saving her life.

At the cost of
how many other lives?

Too many to turn back now.

Soon as I've done
what I need to do,

I'll give myself up.

But now we have to leave.

Victor, I'm a doctor.

If we move her now,
she might die.

A doctor. Good.

You're coming with us to push
the wheelchair. Let's go.

No. No way!

Jim, I'm going.

She's my patient.

I can't let you do that.
I'll go.

THOMPKINS: It's not your call.
She needs me.

I'm not gonna hurt her.

I don't want
to hurt anyone,

unless I have to.

Jim, I'm going.

Victor, please...

don't do this.

Nora, don't worry.

It's all under control.

(gasps) Help...

We have to go. Now.

You. In there.

Do what he's saying.

We'll be okay.



♪ ♪

Okay, let's go.

(banging on door)

(footsteps approaching)


Thank you so much.

♪ ♪




STRANGE (over intercom):
Apologies, officers.

The extreme cold
has shorted the wiring.

We're working on it.

Well, work on it quick!

Oh, we are.

We are.

Please put that
somewhere very safe,

would you, Ms. Peabody?

Good news, officers.

(lock buzzes, gate clanks)

Did Fries say anything,

anything at all about his plans?

No, nothing.

He just said "Sorry."

Yo! Partner!

What'd we miss?

Fries got away
with Nora and Lee.

I put a BOLO out on the vehicle,
but that's all we got.

Fries has to put his wife on ice
as quickly as possible, right?

He can't go home;
there's cops at the door.

Where's he gonna go?

He's got the equipment with him.

He could freeze her anywhere.


He could freeze her,

but he can't keep her frozen.

Not without one of those
cryo chambers he built.

Then he is going home.

They're still at his house;

they were never taken
into evidence.

That's where he went,
has to be. Come on.

Victor, please think about this.

How will you
take care of her

if you're in prison?

I won't.

You will.

Gotham will.

It's the law.

As long as she's legally alive,
she's a ward of the city

and the city has to keep her
alive and safe.


I'm here, darling.

I brought you home.

I'm so tired.

I know.

It'll all be over soon.


I want you to let me go.

Let me die.

Nora, you don't mean that.

I can do this.
The process works.

So I shall wake up one day

with you in prison

or dead?

A life alone
isn't one that I want.

I'll be there when you wake up.
I'll be there.

I'll find a way,
I will.

There's always hope.

As long as you're alive,
there's hope, right?



There's hope.


My necklace.

The one that
you gave me

on our first anniversary.

It's on the nightstand.

Would you get it for me,
please, dear?


I'm strong enough
to use it if I need to.

If you hurry, you can make it
out before he gets back.

I'm not leaving you.

This must be very stressful
for you and your baby.

We're fine.

Could I have some water?

Thank you.


You heard him.

He's not a bad man at heart.

You have to tell them that.

I will.

And please tell them that I'm
very sorry for my part in this.

I saw the man
that he was becoming

and I did nothing.

Because I loved him.

You know what
that's like, don't you?

I do.

Thank you.

You've been
very kind.

God bless you and your baby.

(footsteps approach)

I got it.

I've got it.


I love you.

Please don't blame yourself.

I love you.

See you soon.

You should stand back.


I felt the breeze
when you came in the window.

I'm glad you came.

I need a favor.


"Nice to see you, Selina."

Sorry for not telling you
that I was skipping town

to go to my castle in France.

It's a chalet.

In Switzerland.


Where's the king
of snotty England?

Alfred went to the city.

This is the man that
Silver told us about.

Alfred tracked him down.

Patrick Malone?

I thought his name
started with M.

The M stands
for Matches.

It's a nickname.

That's a lame nickname.

So you found him.

What do you need me for?

I need you to get me a gun.

So you're gonna kill him?

Your butler know?

Alfred thinks he's gonna be
the one to kill him.

That's why I'm asking you.

You couldn't even push
that guy out of the window,

so how do you expect
to do this?

Because this man
killed my parents.

You ever even fired
a gun before?

Please, Selina, you're
the only person I can...

You don't even know
what you're asking, Bruce.

Yeah, sure, the guy
deserves it, but doing this,

you won't ever,

ever be the same.

That's what I'm counting on.

(sirens wailing)

(tires screeching)


How do you want
to play this one?

Slow and careful.

No gun play if we can help it.

Set up a perimeter.

I'm gonna look inside.



Hey, set up
a perimeter.

Give me one more moment, Doctor,

then I'll put myself
in your charge.



No. No, no.

No, no, no.

No, no, no.



I don't understand, it works.

My formula works.


She switched cartridges.

She changed
the cartridges?

Did you know?

Did you know she switched
the cartridges?


I'm-I'm so sorry.

BULLOCK (over megaphone):
Mr. Fries, this is the GCPD.

You're surrounded.

Please come out,
give yourself up,

and let's avoid
any more sadness.


No more sadness.

Will you be very kind

and go tell the police
that I'll do as they say?

Nora loved you very much.

I'm envious of the bond you had.

(switch clicks)

(whirring, whooshing)




Oh, my God.

(sirens wailing,
train wheels clacking)


You should go back to bed.

Can't sleep.

Heard you on the phone.

Hugo Strange called.

Victor Fries died
in Arkham infirmary.

They couldn't
revive him.

You okay?

I am.

Are you?

Wish you hadn't gone.

Wish you hadn't put
our baby at risk.

You put us at risk

when you put
Nora at risk.

She was under my care.

That was different;
that was police work.

That was you; it's all you.

Arkham was actually
Barnes's idea,

but it made sense.

It was good police work.

What about Galavan?

Was that good police work too?

What about him?

The way he died.

Whatever the truth is,
it's not what you told me.

How do you know?

Because I know when
you're being dishonest.

And you know what, if anybody
deserves to die, it's Galavan.

Don't talk to me
about police work.

It's you, you lie to me.

(rock music blaring)

(shouting, grunting)

I know you say there
are no hopeless cases.

And there are none.

The beauty of life
can spring forth

from even the harshest
of climates.

We simply need to be more...

in our treatment.

Now I must go see
to our newest guest.

(Oswald screams)

♪ ♪

Good morning, Victor.

Where am I?

Legally, your corpse is
in the Arkham morgue,

but... obviously you're here.

Indian Hill.

Indian Hill's
a toxic waste dump.

A useful fiction.

You're the one
who spoke to me in Arkham.

Hugo Strange.

A pleasure to meet
you face-to-face.

How is it I'm not dead?

It's simply
astonishing, isn't it?

My guess is that you absorbed
some of your own formula

over the past months.

Your body underwent a
profound cellular change.

When you were brought in here,
you were actually overheating.

Now look there.

At the thermometer.

Negative 20 degrees.

And I'm not even cold.

Your formula appears
to have lowered

your core body

You can only survive in severe
hypothermic conditions.

Anything above freezing
will kill you.

But never fear, you won't
be locked in there forever.

We've made some
modifications to your suit

to allow you to walk freely.

For now, rest.

Tomorrow we
begin work.

One project in particular I
think you'll find fascinating.

I should have died with Nora.


This all should have ended.

Then take this
opportunity, Victor.

Pretend you did die.

Death is not an ending.

Death is a new beginning.

♪ ♪