Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 12 - Wrath of the Villains: Mr. Freeze - full transcript

Penguin gives Gordon a hard time; a skilled cryogenics engineer named Victor Fries is involved in a body-snatching spree.

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GORDON: Bad guys in this town
are changing.



(man whimpering)

Welcome, everyone.

The world sees
criminal lunatics.

I see brilliance.

Theo Galavan,

the new mayor of Gotham!



Any last words?

I'm going to kill you.


They're gonna pay
for what they've done.

Hello, Jim. Please step aside.

This is the name

of the man
who killed your parents.

You're under arrest.

No! Tell me who killed them!

Hello, sleepyhead.

My mother was a saint!

A man with nothing
to love is free.

Silver is bad news, Bruce.

What are you doing?

Stop! Malone!

It's Malone! That's the name.

Good-bye, Silver.

Bruce, you can't do this.

It isn't you.
That's what you think.

But you're wrong.

You're right about my uncle.

He's everything everyone says.

GORDON: I don't know how bad
it's gonna get.

There is no line.

There's just the law.

THOMPKINS: Jim, you see an abyss

and you run toward it.

I'm pregnant.

GORDON: We need every method
at our disposal.

OSWALD: If there was ever a time
for us to work together,

now is that time.

Gotham needs him dead!

Think of the greater good.

Think of Gotham.

Good-bye, Jim Gordon.

After searching the premises, I,

along with Alfred Pennyworth
and Selina Kyle,

was able to locate
the abductee,

Bruce Wayne.

Where was he?

Theo Galavan's residence.

That's when you opened fire?

We eliminated the threat posed

by Father Creel
and his men,

and were able
to recover Bruce Wayne.



You then left to search
for Galavan on your own?

That's correct.

Did you find him?


Theo Galavan.

(gun clicks)

You're under arrest.

Did you detain Galavan?

Why not?

Captain Barnes
and Officer Vargas arrived

and placed me under arrest.


Put your gun on the ground
and put your hands

on top of your head.

That's because at the time
of this incident--

some four weeks ago-- you were
a fugitive from the law.

That was a misunderstanding.

What happened next?

Oswald Cobblepot and
two of his associates arrived,

rendered Captain Barnes
and Officer Vargas unconscious.

(men grunting)

Cobblepot and his associates
escaped with Galavan.

Are you 100% sure

that he won't beat this
and walk free again?

You then pursued Cobblepot

and his men, correct?

Yes, but I was unable
to locate them.

THEO: You're a man
of conscience, Jim.

You'll regret this.

I have many regrets.

This won't be top
of the list.

At which point,
you decided to flee the city

before law enforcement
could question you?

Yes, for that,
I have no excuse

other than to say

I was concerned
for the safety of my fiancée.

Uh, she had informed me

earlier that day
that she was pregnant.


Thank you.

Detective Gordon,

within hours of your encounter,

Theo Galavan was found beaten

and shot to death.

Were you present
at the time of his murder?

Ah, well, here we are.

No, I was not.

Do you have any information
regarding the case

that you have not
shared with us?

This is for my mother.

No, I do not.


did you have anything to do

with the murder of Theo Galavan?


Detective, answer the question.

Were you involved
in Theo Galavan's murder?

(feedback squeals)

No, I was not.

(indistinct chatter)

Charges are lifted.

I'm cleared
of all wrongdoing

and reinstated.

I knew they would see sense.

I didn't.

You told the truth.

What choice do they have?


Are you sure
this is what you want?

After everything
this job has put us through?


Then what's wrong?


Long day.





Captivating story.

Yes, it was.

Do you believe him?

I believe

your investigation
has found no evidence

of criminal wrongdoing.


You're starting
to sound like a lawyer.

Any leads on Cobblepot?

His men have deserted him.

He's all alone.

It's only a matter of time
before we find him.

(siren wailing)

It's now day 27 of the manhunt

for crime lord Oswald Cobblepot.

GCPD officers continue
to comb the city

in search of the man
they say killed

controversial Mayor Theo Galavan
in cold blood.

With public enemy number one on
the lam, the question remains,

just who is running
Gotham's underworld?



Take him away.



Hello, Butch.


How you doing?

Your security stinks.

People are usually trying to
get out of this place, not in.

Why so glum?

You're the king of Gotham now.

I'm not glum.

I'm just... thinkin'.

I got a lot of responsibilities.

Not as much fun
as you thought it'd be, huh?


What do you want, anyway?

You got a lot of nerve showing
up after what you did to me.


Is that your mean face?

What are you gonna do, kill me?

Maybe I will.

What I did for you, Butch,
is make you a free man.

If it wasn't for me,
you wouldn't be king.

I bet that was your plan
all along, huh?

You're just that fond of me.

Strangely enough,
I am kind of fond of you.

I mean, normally, I go
for handsome, intelligent men,

not brutes, but...

you have an amazing...

animal vitality about you.

I'm smarter than I look.

Oh, you must be.

Oh, funny lady.

What do you really want?

I want to be your partner
in crime.

Lonely, huh?

You and I would make
a good team.

I'm not looking
for a relationship right now.

Honeybun, look at me.


We have history.

And you and I both know,
deep down in your heart,

that whatever I want...

(whirring) want.

All units, all units.
Reported armed abduction

near the 300 block
of Kearny Avenue.

(siren wailing)
Any and all available officers
in the area,

please respond.


There a problem, Officer?
There's been an abduction

in the area.

How awful.
Have you seen anything tonight?

Anything out of the ordinary?

No. Can't say that I have.

Do you live in the area, sir?

Not far.

What's your address?

Well, what I mean to say,

I used to live in the area.

I moved.

Would you open the back
of the van, please, sir?

Sure thing.

Happy to.

What the...



(sirens wailing)

(tires screech)

♪ ♪

(indistinct chatter)

(indistinct radio transmission)

Hey, man, separate those two.

It's a good thing you're here.

Caught a weird one last night.

That's it? No hug? No kiss?
No "welcome back"?

You don't deserve these lips.

Way I see it,
you finagled yourself

a month-long paid vacation,
you bastard.

Besides, Captain's
pressing me on this case.

Oh, yeah? What is it?

You didn't hear?

Last night,
some psycho froze a cop.

To death.

Froze her?

Yeah. Told you it was weird.

Come on. Nygma's waiting for us.





It took nearly five seconds

to freeze this rose
in liquid nitrogen.


Well, so, it would
take a human body

significantly longer,
depending on mass

and body fat,
of course.
So why would a cop

stand around for hours,
waiting to get frozen?

She wouldn't.

Which means your suspect
wasn't using liquid nitrogen.

He was using
supercooled liquid helium.

It's one of the most effective
substances in the world

for rapid temperature reduction.

This liquid helium,

where do you get it?

Why do you need it?

He doesn't, dummy.

He just wants to know
where it comes from

so we can track down the guy

that blasted our colleague
with it.

(rose cracking)

I don't like being called names,


Easy, Ed.

I'm sure Harvey was
just being colorful.



I was just being colorful, Ed.
I'm sorry.

It's extremely rare
and expensive.

I can't imagine
there's more than

one or two producers
in Gotham.

I could research manufacturers,
if you would like.

That would be really nice.

Thank you, Ed.

You coming?
Uh, give me
a minute.

Listen, Ed,

there's something I wanted

to talk to you about.

You want to know the nature
of my relationship with him.

Because you're concerned

I aided and abetted
a known criminal.

Did you?

I found Mr. Cobblepot wounded

and dying in the woods.

I nursed him back to health.

He owed me his life,
which is why I trusted him

when he said
he had changed his ways.

It was an innocent mistake.

(footsteps running)
Got him!

We got him!

I wonder what that is.



What are you,
a bunch of cheerleaders?

This is not a game!

This is our job!

And this... specimen...

this is just one sad,
pathetic skell.

There are plenty
of scumbags out there.


So stop waving

your pom-poms

and go catch some!

Yes, stare all you want.

Big whoop.

You got me.

I'm cool.

It's all good.

I said I'd catch him.
And I did.

Yes, sir.
Now we'll learn the truth

of what really happened
to Galavan.

All right, Cobblepot.

Tell me what happened
at Galavan's that night.

Well, a lot of things happened.

Why don't you start

with the moment right after

you knocked me out
with that vase.

I'm sorry for that.

Such an exquisite vase.

This is my amused look.

Keep talking.

I took Galavan to the river
and I killed him.


You confess to murder?

Yes, I do.

Proud of it.

I'm not a criminal, you know?

I'm just...


What did James Gordon do?

What did he do when?

What did he do
after you knocked me out?

What does he say he did?

I'm asking you.

(indistinct radio transmission)

You have something
you want to tell me?

No, sir.

Cobblepot backed your story.

You mean he told the truth.


That's what I'm gonna
choose to believe.

That's the right thing to do.

Good to have you back.

Good to be back, sir.

Jim, I'm trusting you.

Don't make a fool out of me.

Yes, sir.

(door opens)

(door closes)

(wind howling)



I was having a dream about you.

We were at that
little red cabin by the beach.


I remember.

Six summers ago.

You looked like a movie star.

You look tired.


How's it coming?

Good, good.

Slower than I'd like, but good.

Tell me.

I'm having trouble

with the reanimation.

I need to find the correct ratio

of liquid helium
to glycerol cryoprotectant.

Now tell me what that means
in English, honey.


It means...

I can freeze you,
like we planned.

I can bring your temperature
down to 200 degrees below zero,

and I can stop this disease
from killing you.


I can't bring you back.

Not yet.

But I will.

I'm sorry.
It's not that.

I'm just thinking
of all those poor mice

you're experimenting on.

They don't feel anything.

I just need more time.

A little more time.


I'll find a way.

I promise.

Got some good news and bad news.
Good news.

Nygma did some digging,
found one company

in all of Gotham
that makes liquid helium.

Wayne Enterprises.
That's the good news?

It's not. But I thought
"bad news and more bad news"

didn't have the same ring.

What's this?
Three abductions
in the past month

all tied to a blue van.

Same as our suspect.

Three abductions?

They find any of 'em?

Not a one,
which makes you wonder

what's this guy doing
with all those people?


I'm going to work
for a few hours.

Knock if you need anything.


(indistinct TV noises)

(mechanical hissing)




Shh. Don't look at me.

I'm not supposed
to be talking to you.

You doing okay?

You look kind of funky.

(chuckles softly)

I confess I've felt better.

Is there anything
I can do to help?

I'm beyond help.

Forget me, my friend.

But if you would

take care of my mother's grave,

I'd be very grateful.

If you'd visit occasionally,

tell her I'm
thinking of her.

I will.

She likes lilies.

Occasional visits,
lilies, check.


Thank you.

On your feet, Cobblepot.

What's going on?

Where are you taking me?


You are insane, right?

It is now Thursday, February 21,

2:44 p.m.

Test subject 014 is in his 40s,

appears to be in good health,

and shows no signs of damage
sustained during vitrification.

I'm now ready to commence
the reanimation experiment.

You are correct.

Wayne Enterprises
does manufacture liquid helium.

For years, it was used as part
of our cryogenics program.


It's the branch of physics
dealing with the production

and effects
of extremely low temperatures.

My understanding is that there
were some promising experiments

being carried out
in the program,

but, alas, it was shut down.

When was that?

Two or three years ago.

Thomas Wayne killed it,

along with a few other
odd programs.

Any idea why?

No idea.

It was all kept very quiet.

Thanks, Lucius.


(buzzer blares)


(indistinct chatter, laughter)

(chatter, laughter stops)



(man cackling)

Look! Penguin pie!


(laughter stops)

There seems to be
some confusion.

My name...

is Oswald Cobblepot.

Many of you, no doubt,

will have heard of me.

Some of you, clearly, have not.

For those poor,

ignorant souls,
I offer illumination.

I am not a man

to be trifled with.

Oh, no.

I am powerful.

I am vicious!

I'm King of Gotham.

MAN (quietly): He thinks
he's the king of Gotham.

I'm King of Gotham!

No, I'm the king

of Gotham!

I'm king. I am! I am!

Off with his head!

(indistinct shouting)

Look at me!

I'm King of Gotham!

I'm king! I'm king!

Hear ye! Hear ye!

(indistinct shouting)


Subject's core temperature
is now 39 degrees.

We are approaching
the critical threshold.

41 degrees.

We hit 41 degrees.

Solution A14.

I knew it would work! I knew it!


Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!


No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Not again.
Please, not again. No.




Breathe, Nora.

I'm right here. Look at me.

(gasping, coughing)

Where's the formitorol?


(inhaling deeply)

(breathing steadies)

That was the worst one yet.


That was the last pill.

Why didn't you tell me?

I'm sorry.

I forgot.

There's so many.

There's so many.

If you have another attack

and you don't have
this medication, you could die.

You can't let this
happen again, Nora.


Does it matter?

It matters.

I'll be back.

(crying, panting)

(door closes)


I need to get this refilled.



I need to get this refilled.

Do you have the prescription?

I have the bottle.

That's not
the same thing, is it?

Please, I just need it refilled.

The original prescription

doesn't have a refill order.

If it doesn't have
a refill order,

I can't refill it.

This medication is for my wife.

She's sick.

She's in pain.

Everyone that comes in here

is sick or in pain.

Have your doctor write
a new prescription.

Then I can refill it.

Just give me the medication.


You son of a bitch!
Get out!

Get him out of here!

Get out of here
before I call the cops,

you kook!

You shouldn't have done that.

I'll be back.

(bell tinkles)


Good-bye, Nigel.

Oh, and, uh,

remember what I told you.

See no evil, do no evil.

Yes, sir.

I will.


Mr. Cobblepot.

My name is

Hugo Strange.

Chief of Psychiatry
here at Arkham Asylum.

Please come in.

You're not listening.

Maybe you should get a new
hearing aid while you're here.






Take it all.


don't kill me. Please.

I-I'll do anything you want.

You and your friend here...

...are going
to help save my wife.

No! No!


Excuse me.

I'm going to need some help out.

(phone rings)


Our guy just hit a pharmacy
on Ninth.

MAN: That's it.

Just slide him in there.

(tires squealing)

Hey. Careful.

(siren wailing in distance)

Blue van.

(horns honking)

(tires screech)

Go. Get out of here.

(engine starts)

(tires squealing)

Go, go, go, go, go.

I got it! I got it!

(horns blaring)

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Slow down!


(tires screech)

(grunts, panting)

(horns blaring)

What is this, anyhow?

Am I being punished?
Oh, no.

I make it a point
to meet all new inmates.

It's part
of the intake protocol.

Though I will ask you
to refrain

from making speeches

atop cafeteria tables
in the future.

I'll do my best.

How has your adjustment been
so far?

Fine, I suppose.

Oh, come now, Oswald.

Periods of great transition
can bring on great...


Surely, this must be

a traumatic experience for you.


This is a pillow fight compared

to what I've been through.

I have read

of your tribulations of late.

Attempts on your life.

Having to survive
being a fugitive.

The death of your mother.

(clicking tongue)

Troubled times.

Is that your clinical diagnosis?

I know that if I were
in your position,

I would be feeling
some strong emotions.

Anger, grief,

regret even.

For what?

The murder of Theo Galavan.

My mother died in my arms
because of Galavan.

The only thing I regret is that

I couldn't kill him
more than once.

I see.

Perhaps we could pick it up
right there next time.

I so look forward
to our work together.

And don't worry--

here at Arkham
we have a number of intensive

treatment programs.

I am more than confident
that we'll be able

to facilitate
your... rehabilitation.

My what?


That's why you're here,
after all.

To be cured of your sickness.

You are sick...

aren't you?

(footsteps receding)

(door opens, closes)


(engine starts)




You down here?





My God.

Oh, my God.

Oh, my God.

(panting, coughing)

GORDON: Surveillance system
wasn't even on.

What's that?

Some witnesses saw our guy

throw this
at the pharmacist.

It's probably
his prescription bottle.

"Frees." Nora Frees.

His wife, maybe?

Yeah, maybe, but it's Fries.

What do you mean?
It's pronounced Fries.

How do you know?
I'm really good with names.

There's an address on here.

Come on, let's go.

(sirens wailing)

GCPD, we have a search warrant.

Ma'am, don't move.

Holy moley.

He told me they were mice.

Get her out of here.

Mrs. Fries.


(buzzer blares)

(man cackling)

(buzzer blaring)

(door unlocks)

You all right?


See no evil,

do no evil.


See no evil,

do no evil.

No, no!

See no evil, do no evil.

(cackling continues)

We need to find
your husband, Nora.

Before he hurts
someone else.

I was asleep.

I woke up
when I heard him leave.

That's all I can tell you.

If you don't cooperate,
we'll be forced

to charge you
with obstruction of justice.

You're going to jail, Nora.

You get that, right?

My husband did terrible things.

But he did those
terrible things for my sake.

I'm dying.

He wants to save me.

I can't tell you
how sorry I am,

but I can't betray him.

Oh, uh,

one more thing.

What's the correct pronunciation
of your last name?

It's Fries.


Thank you.

Told you.

(sighs, door closes)


(phones ringing, chattering)

Excuse me?

Yeah, what can
I help you with?

I'd like to speak
with Detective Gordon, please.

What for?

I'd like to make a confession.

I'm the man
that's been freezing people.

You too, huh?

That makes five in one night.

Must be a full moon.

Tell you what--
why don't you have a seat

with the others.

Detective Gordon,
he'll be out in a minute.
No, no,

you don't understand, I...

Oh, I understand. Have a seat.

♪ ♪


Am I dead?



Am I dead?

Don't touch me.
Don't touch me!

I got him, I got him.

It worked.

Get a blanket.

I can't believe it worked.

No! N...


You! You!


OFFICER: Okay, all right.

I'm coming for you, Nora.

I'm coming to save you.

(elevator bell dings)

New inmate Oswald Cobblepot

exhibits signs
of extreme narcissism

and megalomania.

Also seems to have had
a rather unhealthy relationship

with his deceased mother.

Treatments will include
immersive aversion therapy

and radical psychotropics.

How are we this evening,
Ms. Peabody?

Busy. The formaldehyde pump
in silo F needs replacing.

Our young lady arsonist
refuses to cooperate

with our experiments,

and I had to reschedule
your appointment

with Councilman Carter.

It's the third time.

How very rude.


And there's this.

Seems someone
has solved the problem

of post-cryonic reanimation.

Oh, nonsense.

I'm still years
from solving that.


Do you realize what this
could mean for our program?

Who is this man?

His name is Victor Fries.

But the newspapers
have already given him

a nickname.

Hello, Mr. Freeze.