Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 11 - Rise of the Villains: Worse Than a Crime - full transcript

Jim Gordon turns to Dangerous Allies for assistance when Bruce Wayne is abducted.

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JIM: Previously on Gotham...

CREEL: Our brothers are crossing the ocean
even now.

Gotham will be redeemed in blood.

By killing nine random people?
You're insane.

And not all the victims are random.

Son of Gotham.

I'm gonna make sure
that you are telling the truth.

Touch me,
and my uncle will have you gutted.

Are we good?


- Bruce.
- I never bought your stupid act.

You pretended to be my friend.

Goodbye, Silver.


Kill him.


Where's Galavan?

What do you want?

Why, your life, of course.

Hey, guys! Fixed the hard drive.

Bruce? Alfred?


You're okay? Glass of water?

I won't sign those papers,
no matter what you do.

I'm resigned to that.
You're a very brave boy.

I'll just have to acquire
your company by other means.

My true name is Dumas.

And a long time ago, my family were
dishonored and degraded by yours.

I'm sorry about that, but...

For centuries, our noble clan have
lived in vile, squalid obscurity.

But we lived in hope,
because our patron saint

spoke of a glorious day to come.

But that day would only come

when nine men of Gotham
and the last son of our mortal enemy

are slain by righteous hands.

That's you, Bruce. You're the last son.

Stop that.

Be glad, boy.

You're the anointed redeemer
of your family.

For seven generations, the Wayne family
has wallowed in vice and corruption.

So tonight,
at the forewarned hour of midnight,

the Dumas shall be avenged,

and the sins of the Wayne family

shall wash away in your blood.


ALFRED: Oh, bloody hell!




What the hell?

At last. How are you feeling?

Not so good. Nygma?


(CHUCKLING) Long story. He's a friend.

A friend?

You're welcome, by the way.

No thanks needed,
saving your life and all.

Yeah. Thanks. I guess.

No, really.

What are friends for?

You got beat pretty bad.
That Galavan is a pistol, isn't he?

Yeah, he is.

Oh, you're free to go, of course, Jim.

Desperate fugitive from the law
though you be.

But I beg of you, sit and consider.

You and I share a bond in Theo Galavan.
A passion, if you will.

If there was ever a time
for us to work together,

now is that time.


Yes, brother, it's all yours.
For God's sake, smile.

Did you find the manservant?


You lost him?

What can one old butler do?

That's not the point.
The point is your lackadaisical attitude.

We're building an empire here.

Getting nervous, are we?

Your childishness is no longer funny.
You need to grow up.

Oh, please, pull the stick out, big shot.

Like I don't know you from way back.


Without all of this wealth and power,
what are you? A sad little...

I said, "Don't."

Uncle Theo?

Yes, my dear? What is it?

I'm fighting off a cold.

I was thinking I'd go to bed
early tonight,

if it's okay to miss out on...

The ceremony.

A cold? Really?

I'm beginning to wonder, Silver,

if you're cut out
for the task ahead of us.


Bruce Wayne bested you.

And yet you still feel for him.
He should be nothing to you.

He is. He's nothing to me.

But you can't watch him die, can you?

You're soft, Silver. You have compassion.


No? Let's see, shall we?


I'm going to give you a test.


Make Bruce Wayne fall in love with you
all over again.

I want to see him kiss you before he dies.

But he knows, he knows what I am now.

He hates me.

Well, that's what makes it a test.

If you're guileful enough to
win back his heart and cruel enough

to smile at his killing, then I'll know
you're worthy of the family name.

Brother, seriously.
Cut the poor kid some slack.

More from you? Really?

Isn't there some other way?

Oh, my dear, I like you very much,
but family interests come first.

And there are other girls
of the Dumas blood I could turn to,

should you fail to prove your mettle.

Do you?

My charming brother here
will throw you out on the street,

if he's kind enough not to kill you.

Well, let's not dwell on the negative.

You can do it. I know you can.

Be resourceful, be ruthless.

Why don't you get yourself
something pretty to put on?



Why are you here?

I wanted to say

I'm really, really sorry
for what's happened.

And I'm sorry that I had to lie to you.

I had to do what my uncle said.

But I think you're a good person.

And if I could help you, I would.

But I can't, and I'm sorry.

And I thought maybe
you would like some company.

But if you don't, that's fine, I'll go.

Yes. Please go.


You really hate me.

I have no feelings for you whatsoever.

Well, I like you.

And I'm sorry.

That's all.

You can stay, if you like.



- Excuse me. Stop, stop, stop!

Stop, sir. Stop, sir! Stop, stop, stop!
Excuse me, sir.

MAN: Whoa!
What, are you crazy or something?

Stop. stop!

Hey, come on! Come on!
I got to get to work!

Look, I'm most terribly sorry, sir,
I'm in the most frightful hurry!

OFFICER: Freeze!

Oh, officers! Just the--

Captain, what the hell!
You put out a warrant on Jim?

"Armed and dangerous"?

That's right.

He's not a criminal!
He was obviously abducted or something.

Look, I hope you're right. But the facts
on the ground don't look that way.

He assaulted the mayor and
escaped G.C.P.D. custody with Penguin.

Two good cops died.
And now he's a fugitive.

What would you call that, if not criminal?

Galavan was obviously--

Galavan is innocent
until proven otherwise.

If Jim isn't dirty,
I need to hear that from him.

Where is he? Do you know where he is?


Do you know how long
he's been working with Penguin?

He's not working with Penguin.

And he's not dirty.
And I resent being questioned like this.

Stop it. You're his girlfriend. You know
I have to ask you these questions.

I'm going to ask you again
if you know where he is, because if you do

and you don't tell me, that makes you
an accomplice after the fact.

I don't know where he is.

I don't like this any more than you do.
Jim is like a son to me.

A father would have shown more faith.

Are you sure you know Jim
as well as you think you do?

Is your lover man alive?
Go to Grundy, 8:05.

Will you please talk to me?
Silence makes me sad.

Talk about what?

Doesn't matter.


Top-ten lists, best vacations.
What's your favorite animal?

- Owls.
- Owls.

Owls, okay. Owls are cool.

Did you ever swim with a dolphin?


I did once. Oh, my gosh, it was magical.

It was like we were friends.

They have this power,
they can read your mind.

No, they can't.

No, they can.
They can see your brainwaves.

They have a form of sonar.

So they can see inside you
and detect tumors, that sort of thing.

But they can't read minds.

Well, the one I met could read my mind.





What the hell are you doing?

I need to get you out of town.

Penguin has a reliable man
who can take you upstate.

Things are gonna be
unsettled here for a while.


We're gonna take down Galavan.

Are you out of your mind?

Miss Thompkins, I can assure you--

He has to be stopped, Lee.

By you? And these people?

He has to be stopped.

You keep trying to kill yourself.

Have I got you all wrong?
Are you just crazy?

Of course not.

You're on the run from the law.

You wanna attack the mayor
with the help of a depraved sociopath.

That's not crazy?

- I can hear you--
- Shh! Don't speak.

Jim, don't do this.

Let's get out of town together.

I don't care what you've done already,
or what you have to leave undone.

- Let's just go.
- I can't.

Jim, please.

I can't. I can't let Galavan win this way.

I'm pregnant.



There were silver white roses
and red lilies all over the house.

All of my friends were there.

There was music and dancing.

And my mom made me a cake
with my name spelled out in chocolate.

That was the year before she died.

She looked so beautiful. And happy.

So, yeah, that's my favorite memory.

My ninth birthday.

How about you?

I don't know.

Come on, you must have one.

So your parents really are dead, are they?


I wasn't lying about that.

I'm sorry.

Hey, that's show business.

We went camping once in a forest.

My father and I climbed an oak tree
and ate oranges.

We could hear my mom singing to herself
as she built the fire.

That was a good day.


Damn it.

Damn it. I can't do this.

I can't let you die.

That's good of you to say so.
But is it up to you?

If we can get out of the cell
and past the guard,

I know a back stairwell
that isn't watched.

That's a big "if." What are you gonna do?

I am a Dumas.
I have some pull around here.

Open up.

Come in. Give me your gun.



Come on!




Oh, you silly girl.
What were you thinking?



Bruce and Alfred have been gone
for at least 12 hours.

I'm afraid they've been abducted.

We're very busy now, Mr. Fox.
Twelve hours isn't very long.

I am sure that something has happened.

We usually don't post missing persons
until they've been missing

for 24 hours, but

out of respect for Wayne Enterprises...

Bruce Wayne. Alfred Pennyworth.
Run them through the system.

Thank you.

Was there any evidence of an abduction?

There was a lamp stand knocked over
and there was a window opened.


Who do you think abducted them?

Well, Theo Galavan is the obvious suspect.

Do you have any proof of that?

Threats made? Physical evidence?

No, but it's obvious.
He's trying to take over the company.

Captain, we know the man's dirty.

Of course we know he's dirty. We know
the names of every dirty crook in Gotham.

So what? Proof, Bullock. Proof!

To get a warrant against Galavan,
we need proof of a crime

-and proof that he's involved.




Where's Master Bruce?

We were hoping you knew.

I was in the process of
commandeering a vehicle

when two of your idiotic cozzers shot me
straight in the bloody face

with a stun gun.

- Here I am.
- And there's your warrant, Captain.


He was assaulted on Galavan's property
by known associates of Galavan.

While trespassing in Galavan's Tower,

he was lawfully pursued off the property
by the rightful occupants.

You got nothing there.

Galavan's got Bruce Wayne, boss,
sure as eggs.

Give me real proof.

We already jumped the gun once
with Galavan, and we got screwed.

Without solid proof, no judge is gonna
sign a warrant. Eggs or no eggs.

So what do you propose we do?

You hang tight.
We'll dig up some health and safety issue,

get a backdoor warrant for Galavan Tower.

ALFRED: Right, so how long
is that gonna take, then?

probably till tomorrow morning.

That's the best we can do.


You're free to go.
We'll drop your charges.

Right, thank you, very much, indeed.

Look, Bullock, I'm gonna need some
clean bandages, I'm gonna need a car

and a couple of guns.

- You got it.
- What are you going to do?

I've got no choice. No time.
I've got to go visiting.

I'll come with you.

Are two men enough? It wouldn't seem so,
but violence is not my métier.

No. Two men are not enough.

I would gladly join you,
but I imagine an amateur is no asset.

A hindrance, perhaps.

That's very true. We need Jim Gordon.

He's perfect for this kind of thing.
Where is he?

Yeah, where is Jim Gordon?
It's a long story, but nobody knows.


Something funny, Ed?

Do you know where Gordon is?

Do you?

Start speaking with us.


A dI amond plate, a glowing grate,
a place you never leave. Where am I?

- What?
- Home.

Whose home? Your home?
Gordon's at your home?

No. Yes.

Who are you?

Good luck, old friend. See you around.

I hope not. Goodbye, Penguin.

Goodbye, Miss Thompkins.
Please don't think too badly of me.

We are what we are.

That's true. Goodbye, Mr. Cobblepot.


JIM: Oh.

Let's go.


Wait here.

Galavan has Bruce.

I understand.

- Just promise me...
- JIM: What?

Never mind. Do what you think is best.

Call me when it's over.


I must look terrible.

No, you don't.

Thank you.

You're so calm.
It's like you're not scared.

I guess I'm not. It's weird.

You are weird.

But I love you.

- Do you?
- I do.

Do you love me?



Silver, I don't know why you're doing it,
but I know you're playing with me.

I know that whole escape
was a ghoulish charade.

That's a horrible lie.

I'm only telling you this
because when I'm dead,

you may feel bad, and I don't want you
to think you tricked me.

Silver, I don't love you.

I pity you.


Why do you do this?

What's the point?

Uncle Theo made me.

He said if I can't make you love me again,

if you don't kiss me goodbye,
then I'm not good enough for the family.

He's going to kick me out.

Or kill me.

Same thing, really.

I see.

God, I'm such a loser.
An evil, pathetic loser.

You're not.

You're young and scared
and under the control of bad people.

You can change. There's hope.

You can't even imagine
the things I've done.

There's no hope.

There's no going back to normal life.

My family is all I have.

Now I've lost them, too.

All right, everybody set? Let's go.

Whoa, whoa. What's the plan?

We get into that building, find Galavan,

put a gun in his mouth
until he gives up Bruce.

Then I kill him slowly.

No. Then we arrest him.

Yeah, no. Are you nuts?
After all that he has done?

He's going to stand trial.
Gotham needs to know who he really is.

- Gotham needs him dead!
- ALFRED: Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit.

Can we just stop the bunny and just
first get in there, please, chaps?

Yes, let's go.

LUCIUS: Seriously. That's it?
You have no plan?

How are you even
going to get into the building?

I know a way.

Who is she?

Fox, that's Cat. Cat, Fox.

You know a way in?

Yeah, I know a way in, Gordon.

ALFRED: How do we know
you won't stitch us up?

I mean, you switch sides often enough.

How do we know that
you're not working with Galavan now?

How do I know
you're not a Martian in a rubber suit?

I trust her. You're in, Cat.

Thanks for your help.
Grab a vest, let's go.

People, surely we should have
a backup strategy.

Given the strong possibilities of failure.

Au contraire, Mr. Fox.
Failure is not an option.

What he said.

As you like.

Stop acting like you're not scared.

I know you are.

Sure. Maybe a little.

But, mostly, I feel very alive.

Happy. even.

I'm going to see my parents.


Hold that thought.


One moment, please.

Goodbye, Silver.

I love you. And I forgive you.

Hey. Bravo.

(PANTING) Come on in.

Oh, for Pete's sake.

Death to the son of Gotham.

Death to the son of Gotham.

Death to the son of Gotham.
Death to the son of Gotham.

Death to the son of Gotham.
Death to the son of Gotham.

Death to the son of Gotham.
Death to the son of Gotham.


What in the hell is that?

Nothing good.

I'll be right there.

Death to the son of Gotham.
Death to the son of Gotham.

Death to the son of Gotham.
Death to the son of Gotham.


Prepare yourself, boy.

You're a deluded old fool.

And you'll pay for this.

Ancestors, be our witness.

The prophesy is fulfilled!


- Please?


Listen to me very...
Hold on just a moment.

All right, Mr. Fox. Make it quick!
What do you got?

I have the current location
of James Gordon.

I'll call you back.


Drop the knife, old man. It's over.

So it would seem.

That was a lot of stairs.

Are you all right?

Where's Galavan?


There's only one way out of here now...

Straight down.

There's only two of them.



Silver isn't coming.

I just wanted to take a moment,

to express my deep

disappointment in you.

Theo, leave her be.

- Silence!

Bite me.

What are you doing?

I don't know who you are anymore.

Please. That is such a ridiculous cliché--

Forget it, brother. You lost.

It's time for me to look out
for number one. Sorry.



JIM: Theo Galavan.

You're under arrest.

Oh, God. You scared me, man.
I thought you were gonna shoot me.


Cuff yourself.

Well, thank goodness
for simple men of principle

who believe in the system.

This time, you'll get the chair.

You want to make a bet? (CHUCKLES)

Maybe you're right.

Steady now, Jim. I was just talking big.

As they say, you got me fair and square.

Had you that way the last time.
You turned it around.

Jim! Back up. I got him.

Back up, I said!

And you! On your knees!

I have a warrant to search these premises.

Jim, now, you put your gun on the ground
and put your hands on top of your head.

- What?
- You heard me. You're still a fugitive.

Captain, I've done nothing wrong.

I want to believe you, Jim.
So we're gonna do this by the book.

Put your gun on the ground
and let's handle this the right way.

You're making a mistake.

MAN: Argh!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Nobody shoot! We are all friends here.

Like hell, we are.

I apologize for that.

But there we are. Done now.
They're still alive. That's something.

Look forward now, Jim. What now?

I will kill you to get to him
if I have to.

Forget that this man
sicced Barbara Kean on you.

Forget that he nearly
killed the mother of your child.

Forget revenge. Think of the greater good.
Think of Gotham.

He has the courts in his pocket
and billions of dollars at his command.

Are you 100% sure that he won't beat this
and walk free again?

Are you sure, Jim? Think of Gotham.

OFFICER: (ON RADIO) Captain. Bravo team.
In the vicinity of the penthouse.

But think fast.

I do believe, Master Bruce,

this falls very firmly into the category
of "I told you so."

I told him so, too, Alfred.

Yes, well, thank you both for your help.

But I had a perfectly feasible
escape plan.


You're a man of conscience, Jim.
You'll regret this.

I have many regrets.
This won't be top of the list.

Oh, well. Here we are.

Shame. It's gonna be a beautiful morning.

Goodbye, Jim Gordon.

This is for my mother.


Kill me, please. Please.

Enough! That's enough.


It's over.

- Is it?
- Yes.


Will you marry me?

Here you go, Ms. Peabody.
Fresh meat from the city morgue.

Show some respect.

Professor Strange has
high hopes for this one.

MAN: Huh.

MS. PEABODY: That's unusual.