Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 10 - Rise of the Villains: The Son of Gotham - full transcript

Gordon confronts a suspect who is connected to Galavan, but falls short of obtaining any information. Meanwhile, Bruce gets one step closer to discovering the name of his parents' killer.

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BRUCE: Previously on Gotham...

GALAVAN: Monsters are coming, Mr. Mayor,

who will cleanse this city.

If you sell me your company,

I will give you the name of the man
who killed your parents.

Who the hell are you?

I'm Bruce's friend,
and you're a piece of gutter trash.

You think that little minx
is gonna tell you something, do you?

Getting information
out of a girl like that

requires a level of deception
that you do not yet possess.

You're under arrest!

May I ask what the charge is?

The kidnapping
and torture of Aubrey James.

These were Miss Kringle's.

A man with nothing to love is free.

Hey, Parks. You did good today.

Eduardo Flamingo killed Officer Parks
before they could get him into lock-up.

Bruce Wayne will die,
and his company will be ours.

Everything is ready.
The brothers' arrival is imminent.

CREEL: Gotham will be redeemed in blood.



Please! Please don't hurt me!

Shut up!



Forget your umbrella?

Thought visiting hours were over.

What are rules to the man
who arrested the Mayor of Gotham?


Any chance you're going to tell me
what this little visit is about?

Tomorrow's hearing, perhaps?

You're here to gloat.

Does the name Katherine Parks
mean anything to you?

No. Can't say it does.

I'm gonna be there tomorrow.

And I'll watch them put you away.


- Always a pleasure, Detective.

- Hi.

You're soaking wet.

Do you wanna talk about it?

Katherine Parks was 23.

On the force a year.

And today, we put her in the ground

because when I had the chance,

- I didn't do the only sensible thing.
- Jim--

An assassin kills four cops,

dares me to pull the trigger, and I don't.

Explain that to me.

That man was your prisoner.
You didn't have a choice.

I had a choice.

Yes. To uphold the law
or to become a murderer.

You made the right one.

You think Katherine Parks
feels the same way?

What about her family?


I went to see Galavan today.


You're asking did I get the guards
to turn the cameras off?

No. But they would have.

Galavan as good as killed Parks, Essen,
and a dozen other cops,

and yet he sits there.

Smiling. Breathing.

And tomorrow, Aubrey James is going
in front of the grand jury

and telling them that he was kidnapped
and tortured by Galavan.

He's gonna be put away for a long time.


Just the way he acted...

It wasn't a man looking
at a decade in prison.

I have a bad feeling.

Jim, it's over.

You did good.

Now, come to bed. Doctor's orders.



Where am I?

Who are you?

The day of reckoning is at hand.

The blood of the nine
shall wash away the sin.

Wait! Please!

And Gotham will be cleansed.


SELINA: This isn't gonna work.

This girl is a world-class liar
from a family of world-class liars.

She'll see through you. Or her uncle will.

Both very possible.


Bruce, they're playing nice with you
because they think you trust them.

Once they see you don't,
it'll get ugly fast.

- Your logic is flawless, Selina.
-lt's not too late--

lf there's even a chance Galavan knows
who killed my parents, I have to take it.

I've told Alfred
I have fencing practice after school.

It should buy us some time if we need it.


The best liars always tell the truth.

Something to remember.

Thank you.

That's her car. You'd be--

Alvarez, call the morgue,

see if any bodies turned up
matching Gertrude Kapelput.

She didn't just vanish.
Galavan killed her.

I did that yesterday.

And you're gonna do it again today.

I got my own cases, Gordon.

Turn up anything on that symbol
we found in the penthouse?

No. I'm waiting for Father Mike
up at St. Bart's.

Sent him a picture of the cassock too.

He's up on all that religious mumbo-jumbo.

What exactly are we after here?

Something tying Galavan
to the murders of Essen, Parks,

any of the people he killed.

Not to state the obvious, Jim,
but the guy is going to jail.

I went to see him last night.

Yeah? You get the guards
to turn off the camera?

The look on his face, Harvey.

I don't know. I can't describe it.

You gotta be kidding me.

Guy gets stabbed, I thought we'd have
at least a week of peace.

Hey, Cap! How you doing?
Did you get my flowers?

Captain. How you feeling?


Damn Doc would've had me in bed
a week if I'd have let him.

Got something for you.

Unis found a dead body down by the port.

Throat cut from ear-to-ear.

The vic's a career dirtbag,
but the work's the same.

Sir. lf it's all the same,
I'd like to stay on Galavan.

It isn't. Galavan's cooked,
so you're back in the rotation. What?

I just feel like
we're missing something, sir.

Yeah, some piece of the puzzle
that's gonna come back and bite us.

Just give me a few more days.

Answer's no.
Be pissed, but it's for your own good.

Oh, and, uh...

I'm sorry about Parks.

She deserved better.

Yo! Jim.

Message from Father Mike.

That symbol is from something called
the Order of St. Dumas.

They used to have an abbey downtown.

Barnes just told me to lay off of Galavan.

Oh, well, then you probably don't care

that the mayor's office
tried to buy the abbey last week.

Galavan tried to buy it?

Yeah. Some urban development nonsense.

The new owners said no.
It's a Chinese slap-slap joint now.

Hell with it. You got the address?

Yep. Let's go get lucky.

Your uncle made me an offer.

The name of my parents' killer

in exchange for selling him my shares
in Wayne Enterprises.

I said no.

But circumstances have changed.

You're going to sell?

- No.
- Then--

Your uncle was arrested
and his assets are frozen.

Tell him I'll pay for his defense.
In exchange, he gives me the name.

(SCOFFS) You're taking advantage of him.

I have something he needs,
he has something I need. That's all.

(SCOFFS) Do you believe
what people are saying about him?

I don't care what people say.

My father was investigating
Wayne Enterprises,

then he and my mother were killed.

Last year,
I investigated Wayne Enterprises,

and someone tried to kill Alfred.

Either I find out who killed my parents

and stop whatever's happening
at my own company,

or I'm dead.

I need that name.

The grand jury hearing is today.
He's going to be cleared.

What if he's not? What then?

BRUCE: Silver, get him
to tell you the name,

and I will make sure he has
the best defense money can buy. I promise.

You think he's guilty.

Why would you believe anything he says?

Because it would come from you.

If you bring me the name,
I'll know it's real.


Do you mean that?

I'll call you after I talk to him.

You still gotta get the name.

I will. I'm late for school.

Not yet.

You sure about this?

Doesn't look much like a massage parlor.

Maybe there's another entrance?


Get these girls out of here.

BULLOCK: Come on. Come on. Come on.


- Sir?



Drop the knife.

The day of reckoning is at hand.

And the blood of nine
shall wash away the sin.

Uh-huh? Who are you?
What's your connection to Galavan?

And Gotham shall be cleansed.

- Hey! Hey!

The girls at the parlor say
they saw at least six monks.


They have to be part
of this same Order of St. Dumas.

Bullock's contact says they're penitents.

Yeah. I forgot my dictionary in my purse.

They believed
in purification through pain.


They were big in the old days in Gotham.

Then about a hundred years ago, vanished.

It was their crest we found
in Galavan's penthouse.

And now they're back
and they're pissed off

that their home is
a high-end rub and tug joint.


Gather what you have
and give it to Alvarez.

Captain, these monks could be the key
to whatever Galavan is planning.

As I recall, Detective,
I already gave you a case.

And I expressly told you
to move away from Galavan.

The dead guy at the ports?

He attacked a woman across town yesterday.

In her statement,
she said her attacker was pulled off

by a man dressed like a monk.

Does the universe
normally like you this much, Detective?

First time.

All right. Say they're the same monks.

Why would they kill a bunch of bankers
and some nobody street thug?

The monk said, "The blood of the nine
shall wash away the sin."

It's obviously some sort of ritual.

And if Galavan is connected,
what does he stand to gain?

I don't know.

We have to find a monk
and get him to talk.

Well, considering what this last one did,
that might not be so easy.

Captain, it's no coincidence

that this is happening
just as Galavan's about to stand trial.

Whatever it is, it's going down today.

The blood of the nine.

Five are already dead.


But I still want you at the grand jury
to hear James' testimony.

And, Gordon, whatever this is, stop it.


SILVER: Bruce, it's Silver.

I just saw my uncle.

He agreed to your deal.

Everything you asked.

He told me the name, Bruce.

Meet me across the way after school.


Don't scream.

Don't run.

Just get in, or we kill the girl.

(MUFFLED) No! Please!


DR. THOMPKINS: This scar tissue is old.

See how the wounds wrap over his shoulder?

It was definitely self-inflicted.

I stabbed him, he didn't flinch.

And there are thick scars on the palms.

He cut himself there repeatedly.

Father Mike said
the leaders cut themselves,

and then mark the followers
with the blood.

Like a blessing.


Dug up two more bodies
from the past three days.

Career hoods.
Killed somewhere, then dumped.

Both their throats cut.

Seven down. Two to go.

It's weird.

How has nobody seen these monks till now?

A, they're killing people
and carrying them across town,

and B, they're monks.

The woman who was attacked yesterday.

She said the monk vanished
with the attacker,

but that alley was a dead end.

The sewers.

Oh, no.

JIM: So, the monk drags the woman's
attacker into the alley above us...

BULLOCK: Next thing,
he's food for seagulls.

Ports are this way.


Did you try jiggling the handle?

Well, what did you put down it?

- Dr. Thompkins, can I help you?
- Hi, Ed.

This is the autopsy on the dead monk.

- Jim wants you to run toxicology.


The need to inflict
that kind of pain on oneself.

Is there anything else?



Was that Kristen you were just talking to?


Sorry. It sounded like you were talking
to somebody in your apartment,

-and who besides--
- I was talking to my plumber.


Well, have you heard from Kristen?

I know she said she was sick.
I was thinking of stopping by--

As it happens, she is not sick.

She lied. To all of us.

I just found out. Miss Kringle left town
with Officer Dougherty.

- She left Gotham with Dougherty?
- Mmm-hmm.

But he was abusive.


(STUTTERS) Well, I'm stunned.


Do you need to get that?

No. I don't think so.


Oh, Ed. You must be devastated.

Right now,
I'm just trying to focus on the job.

Well, let me know
if you ever want to talk.

Thank you. That means a lot.


- Yes.
- COBBLEPOT: Where is the spicy mustard?

You better not have finished it.

Never mind.


Silver, are you okay? What happened?


You have one chance.
You let us go. (GRUNTS)


You talk when I tell you to.


Now, so you know,
we are outside of the city,

and there is absolutely no one
to hear you scream.

Except me.

You work for the people
inside Wayne Enterprises.

Whoever's paying you-- (GRUNTS)


Again, you talk when I tell you to.

Now, my employers have heard

that you are thinking of selling
your company shares

to the uncle of this one.

That's not good, but not why we're here.

The issue is someone's been nosing

into the deaths of Thomas
and poor Martha Wayne.

And I wonder who. Mmm...

Kidding, we know it was blondie's uncle.

So, I've been tasked to find out

what dear old uncle
told little Bruce Wayne.

Nothing! Galavan didn't tell me anything!

You think that I won't hurt you
because you're a kid

or because you're you?

How'd that work out
for your mommy and daddy?

There're billions at stake here.

And that's with a "B."

Do what you want to me,
I don't know anything.

Okay. So, we start with Goldilocks.

You touch her, and I swear.


I've been threatened by the best, kid.

And you, not exactly terrifying.

Now let me tell you
how this is going to go.

In a minute,
I'm gonna take one of you into the back

and start cutting off your fingers.

And you're gonna talk.

I've been doing this a very,
very long time, and everyone talks.

So unless
you're really into wearing mittens,

this is your last chance.

What does Theo Galavan know?


- Let's go.
- No, no, no!

-No, no! Stop! Stop, stop!

Silver, you have to tell him.

I'll hold my side of the deal. I promise.

Please, please. I promise!

But my uncle didn't tell me anything.

But you left me a message.

I was supposed to keep you busy
till this evening.

He's sure he's going to be freed,

then he'll convince you
to sell your company.

I'm sorry, Bruce. I don't know anything.

- Really?
- I don't!

- That's a pity.
- No! No! No!

- Kid--
- No! Please!

Kid, you really need better
taste in women.


No! No! No!

Stop! Bruce!

BULLOCK: Just when you think
Gotham's shown her last jewel,

she reveals herself like a flower.

You're mixing metaphors.

I'm in a freaking sewer.


You hear something?

- A voice?

I know this bum. Muscle for hire.

Check out the finger paint
on the forehead.

Victim at the port had the same thing.

Like a blessing.

Whoever did this can't be too far away.
We should--



No, no, no. Please, please don't. Hold.

- He needs an ambulance.
- Boo-hoo!

We gotta wake him up. Make him talk.

A religious fanatic who doesn't feel pain?
What's our angle?

These nut-jobs have killed eight people.

Whatever their plan is,
whatever Galavan's up to,

it is happening now! We make him talk!

What are we gonna do, torture him?

Threaten to let him die? He wouldn't care.

There's no signal down here.
I'll call it in, but I gotta go up.

Thank you.


The day of reckoning...

The day of reckoning, Brother...



Well, if nothing else,

today has given me
a newfound respect for boy billionaires.

Kid's tougher than he looks.
Didn't know a damn thing.

Did you kill him?

No. Not yet.

But the rest is kinda up to you.

I told you.
My uncle didn't tell me anything.

Are you gonna stick with that story?

It's the truth.

Bruce, I'm sorry! I don't know anything!

You know what? I don't like you.

The Wayne kid, he's got some sap in him.

But you...

You know when you meet someone
and you just don't click?

That's the way I feel about you.

That's why this is gonna be
so much easier.

(SHUDDERS) What're you doing?

I'm gonna make sure
that you are telling the truth.

Touch me,
and my uncle will have you gutted.

Every person you love will die screaming.

I've had enough of this. Let me go. Now!

Well, hello!

Nice to meet you.

I knew there was someone hiding in there.

Are you deaf as well as ugly?

I said, let me go!

I heard you, princess.

What are you doing?

Stop! Malone! It's Malone!

- What's that?
- Malone. That's the name.

The man who killed Bruce Wayne's parents.

So your uncle did tell you.

Not today. Before.
When he first found out.

Malone's a very common name.

His first name begins with "M."
That's all I know.

- Mmm...
- Stop.

You know what? I believe you.

Are we good?


We're good.

Hey. Remember me?

The gutter trash?

Bruce. What's happening?

What does it look like, dummy?

We tricked you.

Though if it was up to me,
you would've lost a few fingers.

(CLICKS TONGUE) Going soft, Tom?


Thank you.

Thank you, Mr. Wayne.
Pleasure doing business.

- Sorry about the slaps.

Now, are you two gonna be okay
with this one?

Or would you like me to, uh...

Nah. We're cool.

Mr. Wayne. Boys! (WHISTLES)

You're probably very confused right now.

Probably have a million questions
going through your head.

- Bruce, please--
- Be quiet.

I trusted you, Silver.

Even after your uncle was arrested,
I still believed you were my friend.

It was finally Selina
who convinced me otherwise.

I never bought your stupid act.

She broke into your apartment.

Found the file you had on me.

It was clear that you'd been sent
to push me to sell my company.

That your entire family was corrupt.

But I still had to find out
what your uncle knew

about my parents' murder.

Now I do.

Thank you.

Bruce, wait!

That name wasn't real.

It was just something I made up
to stop him.

SELINA: That's funny.

You only made it up
when you were under the knife,

not when Bruce was getting tortured.

(CHUCKLES) You little bitch. I'll--

Please. Try it.

You're right about my uncle.

He's everything everyone says.


When he finds out what I told you,
he'll kill me.

You pretended to be my friend.

Goodbye, Silver.

Bruce, the things you told me today.

I believed you.

Yes. That was the point.

Bruce, you can't do this.

It isn't you.

That's what you think.

But you're wrong.

- Bruce.

- Bruce! Bruce!



- Drink, Brother.

- Can't see...
- You're hurt.

- Lie still.
- The police...

Dead. We got here just in time.

The blood of the nine...

Shall wash away the sin.

I fulfilled my task, Brother.

All that remains is the son.

Yes. The son.

Give me your blessing, Brother.


The Son of Gotham shall die,

and the city shall be cleansed.

EMT: Detective, where's the--


-(PANTING) Who are you?
- G.C.P.D. You're under arrest.

JIM: Take him to the hospital.
See if you can get anything from him.

I've gotta see Barnes.

ALFRED: Bruce?

Bruce, you in here?

Master Bruce.

Master B, are you here?

You're trespassing.

I'm looking for Bruce Wayne.

He's not answering his phone.

He's not home, he's not at school.

My guess, he's with
that snotty little niece of yours.


Now, I suggest you leave.
While you still can.

I see, you're a bit of a player, are you?

How does it work then, Tabby?

Big, bad Galavan barks the orders,

and you scamper around
bringing home dead rabbits,

so you might get a little pat on the head?

I wonder what he'd do
if I just disappeared you.

Honestly, I don't think he'd care.

If I learn anything's happened
to that little boy,

we'll find out, won't we?


ALFRED: Hurts, don't it?

For the record, I was telling the truth.

I have no idea where Bruce Wayne is.

But I'll tell him you were asking.






JUDGE: Mr. Dent, your witness.

So, Mayor James--

MAYOR JAMES: Excuse me, Mr. Dent,
I think you mean former mayor.

I'm just a citizen of Gotham
here to tell the truth.

Mr. James.

If you could begin by telling us

where you spent
the month of October this year.

- MAYOR JAMES: I'd be happy to.
- Where the hell have you been?

Bullock and I captured one of the monks.

I was right,
they're completing some sort of ritual

to cleanse the city of sin.

They have one victim left.

They're calling him the Son of Gotham.

Did they say anything about Galavan?

MAYOR JAMES: I was not kidnapped
by Theo Galavan.

They didn't, did they?



Mr. James, please repeat what you said.

- Theo Galavan did not kidnap me.

Your Honor, the witness has suffered--

Please explain yourself, sir.

Why did you lie? Who held you captive?

Oswald Cobblepot. The Penguin.

He hates Theo Galavan.

He tried to kill him multiple times.

He told me what to say.

- He threatened me with terrible things.
- He's lying!

BARNES: Gordon! Gordon!

- Detective Gordon, silence!
- Gordon!

Your Honor,
I move my client be released at once.

Your Honor,
the state requests a recess to further--


Mr. James, you do realize
you are under oath?

Oswald Cobblepot tortured me,
put my head in a box.

He made me lie.

I'm so very, very sorry.

In light of Mr. James' testimony

and the complete absence
of any other evidence

provided by the state,

I hereby order Theo Galavan released

and the case against him dismissed.

- Your Honor!
- Come on, Jim!

BARNES: There's nothing we can do.

Your Honor, may I say a few words?

I think that's only fair.

I'd just like to state that

I harbor no ill will
toward Detective Gordon and G.C.P.D.

They did their jobs.

They're still my heroes.

What do you say, Detective Gordon?

Can we move forward together

to fix this broken, beautiful city?

- MAN: Hey! Hey! Hey!
- No, Jim!

- You son of a bitch!
- JUDGE: Officers! Arrest him!

You're a son of a bitch!
I'm gonna get you!

- MAN 2: Open the door!
-I'm gonna get you!

JUDGE: Get him out of here!

Ah, come on! Get your hands off of me!

Relax. We're not arresting you.



He's probably out looking for me.

Thank you, Selina.

I couldn't have done this without you.

I was just glad to see
the two-faced bitch get served.

What're you gonna do now?

You gonna tell the cops
or look for this Malone guy yourself?

I haven't thought that far ahead.

So, when you whispered to her,

before she went to her uncle,

what did you say?

You want to know what I said?

Hey, if you don't wanna tell me,
then I can leave--

I told her I've never met anyone like her.

I told her I trusted her with my life.

And that I felt tied to her
in a way that I couldn't explain,

but wouldn't change.


The best liars always tell the truth.

And that was true?


Just not about her.

(SCOFFS) Um...


I'm gonna steal one of your cars
to take to the city. Cool?



It's good you're changing.

Just don't change too much.

Why did you keep her glasses
to begin with?

I told--

I loved Miss Kringle.

Just get rid of them.

Dr. Thompkins is suspicious.



Gabe, when I gave you this address,
I was not inviting pop-ins.

Galavan's been let go.

Where is he?



What a difference a day brings.

Here you're the prisoner, and I'm free.

Fortune's wheel.

Turn, turn.

These cops?

Good men who can tell
which way the Wind's blowing.

Now, we have a very small window.

I have places to be, you have to die,

but I know you must have questions. So--

The monks. They work for you?

For centuries, the Order of St. Dumas
has protected my family.

They have been a light in a dark world.

Shall I tell you a secret?

Theo Galavan is a mask.

My name is Dumas, and my family
built this city out of nothing.

But we were betrayed. Driven out. Erased.

JIM: So, that's all this is about?


No. This is about atonement.

The ground that Gotham is built on
is poisoned

by the wrongs done to my forefathers.

I will change that.

By killing nine random people?
You're insane.


I can see why you'd think so.

Ritual blood sacrifices,

a bunch of guys in robes
chanting prophesies.

It's a bit too...

But belief itself.

That's what matters, Detective.

Belief gives strength, purpose.

And not all the victims are random.

Son of Gotham.

Goodbye, James.

I couldn't have done it without you.

Ah, what the hell!

I have a few minutes. Cut him loose.

Go on, Jim. Give it your best shot.

Save Gotham.




Kill him.

Don't make it quick.


Alfred? ls that you?
You won't believe what I learned--

Sorry. Not Alfred.



Hello, Jim.

Lucky for you,
Gabe had people following Galavan.

Now, where is he?

Where's Galavan?

Tell me! Where is Galavan?

You've shown mettle and ingenuity, my boy.

But that's all done with.

What do you want?

Why, your life, of course.


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