Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 9 - Rise of the Villains: A Bitter Pill to Swallow - full transcript

Gordon runs into a hitman known as Eduardo Flamingo; Penguin and Nygma have another encounter.

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JIM: Previously on

THEO: Father Creel.

Do you have the Wayne boy?

Not yet. There are some practical matters
that have to be resolved first.



- Mr. Penguin?
- Help me.

This is the name of the man
who killed your parents.

Sell me your company.

I will give you this as a signing gift.

I've been a very bad girl.

JIM: You're a good woman.
You're just sick.


I knew you still had feelings for me.

I want to show you something.

JIM: You're under arrest!

May I ask what the charge is?

The kidnapping
and torture of Aubrey James.


Tell me who killed them!

Can you believe it still fits?

Don't make me kill you.

Do it, Jim. Do me.

BARBARA: Kill him!

- JIM: It's over.
- Not yet.


Hold on.

I love you, baby.


MAN 1: All right, three bucks.

MAN 2: Okay.

Morning. Help you?

I was told to order a Highsmith Royale.

Bit early, don't you think?

I said "Highsmith Royale."

No ice.



BARTENDER: Here you go, ma'am. You're up.

How may I help you?

I need somebody killed,
and I heard that you employ the best.

- Oh, yes! I know you.
- WOMAN: One more round over here, please.

Our illustrious mayor's sister.

Or should I say "ex-mayor"?

Word is,
you're quite the deadeye yourself.

Why come to us?

Had an accident. My aim is off.

Is this business? Personal?

What's it matter to you?

Personal costs extra.
There's always complications.

It's business.

A cop.

Seems personal to me.
Anyhow, cops also cost extra.

Fine. I want it done today.

What kind of guarantee do I get?

I accept a job, the job gets done. Period.

You see, I believe in the beauty
of extreme measures.

So, who's the lucky fellow?

MALE DOCTOR: Ms. Kean has yet
to regain consciousness.

With this kind of trauma, we have no
idea when she might wake up.

If ever.

But the medical wing at Arkham
is fully equipped to handle her condition.

Will you be riding over with her?


Hello, sleepyhead.


Where am I?

Rapid movement and elevated heart rate are
counterproductive to the healing process.


- Don't kill--
- Apologies in advance.



Rest up, my feathered friend.

We have a big night ahead of us.

DR. THOMPKINS: Looking for this?


Thank you.

You left before I woke up.

I know. (SIGHS) I couldn't sleep.

- Was I snoring?
- No.

Are you sure?
My big, loud, rumbling, barnyard snore.

I've heard complaints.
Neighbors. Airplanes.

You don't snore.

Look. I'm glad Galavan's been arrested.

But he should pay
for everything he's done.

I'm on my way to meet Barnes
at Galavan's penthouse.

Hopefully, we can find some evidence
to corroborate Aubrey James' testimony.

I got a call.
They're transferring Barbara to Arkham.

I know. I stopped by Gotham General.

You went to see her?

She's a witness against Galavan.
I wanted to check on her condition.

"Her condition" is she's in a coma.

We never talked about what happened

with you and Barbara in
that interrogation room.

I know. Tonight?

Sure. Tonight. Or right now.

Lee, I went over to see her as part
of the case against Galavan.

That is it.

This isn't jealousy.

That woman is...

How do I put this?

She's the devil. No, she is.
She's the devil.

Lee, do you think I wanted things
to go the way they did?

I had to play her game.

I know. All right, forget about Barbara.

Most people fight their dark side.

Lately you find ways to give into it.

That's a problem. For you and for us.

I know. I hear you.

Can we please just not
talk about this right now?

I'm late to meet Barnes.

I'll be fine.

I wasn't sure
you'd ever want to see me again.

When you called...

You don't believe
what they're saying about my uncle,

do you?

No. Of course not.

Silver, I asked you here
because I need your help.


Before he was arrested, your uncle
made me an offer. I want--

Right, Master Bruce! On your feet!

Bought us a lovely couple of rakes
from the ironmongers.

I suggest we get outside and get...

Hello, Ms. St. Cloud.

Did not expect to see you here.

Hello, Alfred.

That must have been your car
I saw idling on the main road.

Now, in light of recent events,
I suggest you get in it and you leave.


I invited her and I want her to stay.

And I'm ordering her to leave.

And it's my house, and I give the orders!

Oh, is that so?

It's okay.
I don't want to cause any trouble.

Smart girl. Off you pop.

I'm at the Kane Hotel.

You had no right to do that.

I had every right.

What were you thinking,
asking her up here?

Wait, you think she was gonna
tell you something?

If Galavan really has the name of my
parents' killer in that envelope,

it's worth a shot.

Well, my guess is, there was
absolutely nothing in that envelope.

It was just a ruse
to get you to sign away the company.

Galavan is smart.

He wouldn't enter a multi-billion dollar
offer without his end of the bargain.

He has the name.

And you think that little minx is
gonna tell you something, do you?

We're friends.

No you're not.

Getting information
out of a girl like that

requires a level of deception that you
do not yet possess, Master Bruce.

It is too dangerous.

It's worth the risk.


You will not see Ms. St. Cloud again

or pursue Galavan's wild claims.

You have no right to make
that decision for me.

Well, someone has to.

If you force me to be your jailer,

then that is who I will be.


Excuse me. Thank you.


Press 56, please.

You live here?


Me neither.

Lady's baby grand is flat, so...

I don't mind making house calls.
I like my work.

You like your work?

(SIGHS) Yeah. I do.

I guess we're lucky.



No, I'm good.

You're missing out. They're good.





Where the hell is Gordon?

-(ELEVATOR tunes)







- Who is that?
- No idea.

But he just tried to kill me.

He tell you why?

It wasn't random.

Piano wire. Guy's a pro.


No, wait. Wait!


You feel lucky, Ned?

- MAN 1: All the way, all the way.
- MAN 2: We got this!

Yeah. Here we go.


THE LADY: Listen up.

Who wants a shot
at eighty-sixing one of Gotham's finest?

I'm waiving any collateral fines.
Just do what you have to do.

But Jim Gordon doesn't see the sun




You drugged me.

That was for your own benefit,
Mr. Penguin.

You have extensive injuries.

I know you.

Ed. Nygma.

We met once before. At the G.C.P.D.

You're not a cop.

Oh. No, no, no. (LAUGHS)

No, I'm in forensics.


Do you believe in fate? (CHUCKLES)

Where are my clothes?

Oh, I threw them away. They smelled.

Oh, no. Oh, my...

Uh, I'm afraid, sir, that you can't leave.

If you sedate me again, I swear, I will--

Sir! You are a wanted man.

You can try and run,

but with your condition you'll get
about three blocks.

I'm afraid that you're stuck here
until you recover.


Now, drink up. lt's just water.

Dehydration is common
after prolonged outdoor exposure.

What do you want from me?

Remember I had mentioned fate? (CHUCKLES)

Recently I've been going through
a sort of change.

What kind of change, you ask? (CHUCKLES)

- I didn't.
- I’ve started murdering people.


Wow. That is thrilling to say out loud.


How many people?

Three in total.

- Two of them I didn't really care for.

But one was my girlfriend, Ms. Kringle.

She was the love of my life.

If you're planning on killing me,
could you get on with it?

At this point, it would come
as a welcome relief.

Oh, Heavens!
No, no, no. No, no, no, no, no.

I have no ill intentions toward you.

Then what are your intentions?

I need advice, Mr. Penguin.

These murders changed me.


And like the butterfly,

I've come to realize that I cannot
be a caterpillar once again.

And you're one of the city's most
notorious killers.

I brought you here, in part, because

I was hoping you could guide me
on this new path.


Listen, friend...




My empire is in ruins.

(SNIFFLING) I'm a wanted man
with no friends.

And my mother,

the one person I swore to protect,
is dead because of my weakness.


Believe me when I tell you
that this path you're on

leads to nothing but destruction and pain.


Wanted or not,

I'm leaving.


Oh, my. (SIGHS)

Rise and shine. Hell with this.


Who sent you? Huh? Who sent you?

Your mother.


That's what I was hoping you would say.


(SHOUTING) No! What are you doing? No!

- JIM: Talk!

Detective Gordon, stand down!
Stand down right now!

Parks, watch the perp.

Cortez, you shut the window.

Come over here!

You know damn well
I don't tolerate that type of behavior.

And yet you pull that crap
right in front of me?

JIM: I'm sorry, sir.

BARNES: Are you losing it, Gordon?

Has that church incident
messed with your mind?

No, sir.

BARN ES: 'Cause if I remember correctly,
you disobeying my orders

is what landed you there
in the first place.

I ordered you to turn that car around

and you ignored me
and drove straight into an ambush.

And ended the day
putting Galavan behind bars.

We need to push the boundaries.



My employer has a strict protocol.


lf the first guy doesn't succeed,

keep sending men until the job is done.

None of you is making it
out of here alive.


BARNES: When you get here, move carefully.

We don't know how many active skells
we're dealing with.

All right. Two units on the way here.

We just have to hold out till
they get here.

Hey, uh, Cortez, kill the lights.

Sir, I'm forensics. I don't have a gun.

Grab something you can use as a weapon

and stay behind us
as best you can, all right?

Parks, take cover behind the desk.

Remember your training.
Aim for center mass.

Right. Center mass.

And don't stop firing until you're sure.
And Parks?

Yes, sir?








- BARNES: Drop the knife!







-I'm leaving.
- Not gonna happen.

Try to stop me.
I'll lop off her pretty little head.

You know what I like about those glasses?


They look like bull's-eyes.

- Are you okay?
- Yeah.

Okay. We're not gonna hang around
for round two.

Everybody load up
and let's get the hell out of here.

I'm not leaving.

That wasn't a request.

This place is still our best bet for
evidence against Galavan.

We leave, they'll destroy it.

Now you're just looking for a fight.

Parks, make sure the staircase is clear.

I've got a civilian who's dead

and a rookie
who's scared half out of her mind.

You think we're gonna survive the
next attack with just a few handguns?

We have to get out of here.


JIM: A monk's cassock?

What the hell is this about?

I don't know,
but we have to get out of here. Let's go!

Captain! Captain!

This could be exactly what
we're looking for.



- JIM: Captain! Captain! You okay?

It's just a scratch.
Let's get out of here.

JIM: No! No!

The knife punctured an artery.
You move, it could tear.

What are you, a doctor now? I can move.

You stand up, you'll bleed out in a
matter of minutes.




Ta-da! (LAUGHS)

Who's that?

This is Mr. Leonard.

You were talking in your sleep last night
about Galavan killing your mother.

I was?


Mr. Leonard works for Galavan.

Before he was arrested, of course.


Detective Gordon arrested Galavan
for kidnapping Mayor James.

He's in Blackgate. (LAUGHS)


Oh. I thought you'd be pleased.

It doesn't matter anymore.

Why is he here?

- He was a gift for you.

And what exactly
am I supposed to do with a Leonard?

- Kill him.

I thought it might be nice to get some
retribution for your mother's death.

That it might cheer you up a little.






I'm done.

I need some rest.

And then I'm leaving Gotham forever.

I really thought he would like you.

What to do now?





MAN: Please! Please!

Not my ear! (SCREAMING)

EDUARDO: Why just smell the fear on your
victim, when you can taste it'?



Help me! Help! Help!


Hola, Eduardo. Long time.



Just a moment, please.

Help! Help!


Are you on a job?

It's not a job if you love what you do.

THE LADY: Oh. Fair enough.

Listen, I'm in a bit of a pinch over here.

I thought my membership was revoked.

Bygones, darling. Live and let live.

So you eat people. Who am I to judge?

The target is a Detective Gordon.
I'll make it worth your while.

Send me the address.




Death squads
have softer touches than you!

At least Galavan goes top-shelf.

The EMTs should be on their way.

Yeah, sure.

They'll be here
about the same time as our backup.


So, you wanna tell me
what the hell's going on with you?

In the church that day,

Barbara accused me of having
a monster inside me.


Lee seems to agree.

She thinks I'm ready and willing
to give in to it.

What do you think?

There was a moment

when I had the shotgun on Barbara.

She was taunting me to pull the trigger.

If Galavan's people hadn't busted in,

I don't know.

- But they did bust in.
- I nearly crossed the line.

The line?

Let me tell you something about the line.

My third tour,
we were stationed in the desert.

We captured three insurgents,
when this sandstorm kicks up.

Zero visibility.

Then we start taking fire,
we're getting lit up.

Suddenly, I'm alone.
I come across one of our prisoners.

He's a kid. His hands are zip-tied,

but he figures "what the hell,"

he's gonna use the sandstorm
to try to escape.

So I jump him.

And I take my gun
and I jam it in his mouth.


I figured it was just a threat.
Show him who's boss, you know?

Next thing I know,

I just pulled the trigger.

Blew his head off.



That kid woke me up every night for years.

Until I made my peace with him.

So yeah,
I come to find out I'm just a man,

and at the right moment,
a man might do anything.

Any man.

There is no line.

There's just the law.

That's what separates us
from the animals.

There is no line.


I thought about what you said,
and you're right.

Pursuing Galavan on my own is too risky.

Well, you don't say.

Best course of action is to call
Detective Gordon in the morning.

Enlist his help.

At last, some sense.

You're thinking of retiring, are you, sir?

Yeah. Yeah. I'm very tired.

Right, can I get you anything to
eat before you go to bed?

No. No, thank you, Alfred.

Right, well sleep well.

Oh. And, uh, Master Bruce,

I sent that car off that's
parked at the end of the lane.

You know, the taxi?

Don't worry, I gave him a right good tip.

I mean, after all, he did drive
all the way up here, didn't he?

I didn't call a taxi.

You really are the most terrible liar,
aren't you, Master Bruce?

I will not stop pursuing this, Alfred.

I'm never going to give up.

And nor will I.

Good night, sir.




Nothing will warm me more

Than my, my mother's love

I light another candle

Dry the tears from my face

Why are you playing this song?

ED: I can bring tears to your eyes
and resurrect the dead.

I form in an instant and last a lifetime.

What am I?

A memory. So what?

You were humming this under your covers.

I figure it has meaning for you.



Every night when I was young,
my mother would sing that song to me

when I was going to bed.

And every time, she would tell me...



"don't listen to the other children.

"You're handsome and clever

"and some day you will be a great man."


She said that every time. (CHUCKLES)


That's all I have left now.


And they're like daggers in my heart.

Not forever.


These were Ms. Kringle's. (CHUCKLES)

It's all I have left to remember her by.

But when I look at these,
I don't feel sadness anymore.

I feel gratitude. And do you know why?

No. And I don't care.

This little visit is over.

I will just simply bid you adieu.

Mr. Penguin.

For some men,
love is a source of strength.

But for you and I, it will always be
our most crippling weakness.

Move aside, Ed.

We are better off unencumbered.


- What did you say?
- You said it yourself.

Your mother is dead
because of your weakness.

But what you need to realize
is that your weakness

was her.


My mother was a saint!

The only person who truly cared about me.
And now she's gone.

And I have nothing left!

A man with nothing that he loves

is a man that cannot be bargained.

A man that cannot be betrayed.

A man who answers to no one but himself.

And that is the man that I see before me.

A free man.




JIM: (ON PHONE) Are the EMTs with you?
Captain Barnes needs immediate attention.

Ambulance is still inbound.

We'll secure the perimeter.

- Wait. Hold on! Behind you! No!

- Officer? Officer?



Detective Gordon, I presume?

- Who is this?
- EDUARDO: This is Eduardo Flamingo.

ls that name supposed
to mean something to me?

Not yet. But it will.

I'll be upstairs in a few minutes.

I'm going to feast on your friends first.

Save you for dessert.

If you try to run, I will find you.

I won't. In fact, I'm coming down.

What the hell is going on down there?

We've got another hit man.

He's just taken out all of our backup.

I'm going down to end this.

You wh-- He's just killed four cops!
You're not going anywhere on your own!

He's right. I'm coming with you.

No. You're staying here.

You need to make sure
he doesn't bleed out.

I just said
you're not going down there solo.

We'll make them come to us.

We stay here, we're sitting ducks.

He's after me, boss.























Oh, baby. You disappoint me.

You have the right to remain silent.
I suggest you use it.

I'll make sure he gets processed
and put in lockup.


Hey, Parks. You did good today.

For my mother looks over me

- And again!

The fire has gone out
Wet snow from above

And nothing will warm me more
Than my, my mother's love

What happened to that gentleman
you had tied up earlier?

Galavan's lackey? Why do you ask?



My mother always said a party's
not a party without entertainment.



Sneaking out to see your girlfriend, huh?

Selina, what are you doing here?

Saving your ass from making a big mistake.

Silver is bad news, Bruce.

- You've said that before.
- This time, I have proof.

You interested?


You're going away for a long time,
Mr. Flamingo.


Get up!

I said, get up!


OFFICER: Let go!




- Lee--
- Hold still.

(SIGHS) Thank you.

I almost crossed the line tonight.

No kidding. How out of character.

Scared me a little.

Welcome to my world.

Why the hell are you with me?

Beats me.

Just tell me the truth. Always.

I promise.




Detective James Gordon's phone.
This is Lee Thompkins speaking.

Hi, Alvarez.


I'll tell him.

Eduardo Flamingo killed Officer Parks
before they could get him into lockup.

THEO: HR men'?

You sent hit men after Jim Gordon?

After I expressly told you to do
nothing until I gave you orders?


Tell me this isn't about Barbara.

- He hurt her.

I'm disappointed that you let a
woman like that get in your head.

If you're feeling upset,
find yourself a nice librarian to torture.

That always cheers you up.

Everything is ready.

The brothers' arrival is imminent.

Bruce Wayne will die,

and his company
and this city will be mine.


Everything that we have worked for,
for so long, will be ours.

Endanger that prize again,
and though it breaks my heart,

I will cut your throat.

Welcome, brothers. Welcome.

- Hey! Docks are closed.

I need to see some ID.



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