Gotham (2014–…): Season 2, Episode 19 - Wrath of the Villains: Azrael - full transcript

Gordon and Bruce question Professor Strange about project chimera which leads Strange to send the newly resurrected Galavan to confront Gordon. Meanwhile, Nygma investigates who Professor Strange is.

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Previously on Gotham...

Oh, crud.

He killed my mother, Jim.

He had her murdered
in front of me.

I am going to kill you.

I think I found something.

The week of his murder,

he was supposed to meet a woman
named Karen Jennings

about something called
pinewood farms.

Pinewood farms was
a bioengineering program

at Wayne Enterprises.

It started up again, didn't it?

That's why my father came to
see you after all those years.

Karen Jennings is gonna be dead

the minute
she hits blackgate prison.

That's why we're gonna
break her out.

The man who contracted
Matches Malone

to kill your parents called
himself the philosopher,

and I'd be willing to bet
that this is the man

who was behind pinewood.

"Hugo strange.
The philosopher."

He runs arkham now.

We brought someone back.


We actually did it.

(Electrical hissing,


Rally to me. Rally to me.

St. dumas
will deliver us.

Dumas will deliver us.



And dumas will protect us.



spawn of Satan,
prepare to die!


No. No.

No, don't.
Please. Sister?

Speak to me, please.
Please speak to me.

Who are you? Huh?

Who are you?!

Has there been any improvement
since he woke up yesterday?


But he's wonderful,
isn't he?

Who are you?

Who are you?!

Strong as an ox,
fast as a snake.

Mad as a hatter.

(Inhales deeply)

There's not much use
bringing back the dead

if they come back crazy.

Oh, he's not crazy.

He just doesn't know who he is.

His psyche can't reconcile being
brought back from the dead.

It's fractured, grasping
at fragmented memories.

The text that he has

written on the walls are
all verses from this book.

The will and order
of St. dumas.

The galavan family
is proudly descended

from 12th century
crusading knights.

This is their
sacred text.

Evidently, our patient has
memorized the whole book.

His brain is struggling
to rebuild a coherent self, but

he's using the wrong parts.

So what's the cure?

Good question.

(Phone ringing)

What is it?

(Door opens, distant yelling)

Mr. Gordon.

Professor strange.

Sorry to drop by unexpected.

Oh, not at all.
Please, have a seat.

To what do I owe the pleasure?

I've been hired

by a client
to look into something.

I was hoping
you could help me with it.

Of course.

This is Karen Jennings.

She was murdered
last night.

Oh, how tragic.

She was a test subject

in an old Wayne enterprises
program called pinewood farms.

Before she passed,
Karen mentioned

you were involved
with the program.

That was a long time ago.

Try and remember.

If you can.

Pinewood farms was started

by Thomas Wayne
in an attempt to

cure humanity's greatest
ailments on the genetic level--

old age, disease,

even death.

But that's not what happened,
is it?

Karen said
the program

tried to play god, and
you ended up creating monsters.

I was just a researcher

with no knowledge of that
until it was too late.

A man of your skill and
expertise a lowly researcher.

Find that hard to believe.

But it's true.

Mr. Wayne excelled
at compartmentalizing

every aspect of his life.

Within pinewood, the left hand
often didn't know what

the right was doing.

He lied to us all.

Not many people would see you
as the victim here.

I was one of the ones
who forced Thomas Wayne

to shut down the program,
but by then... many people had been hurt.

I have a theory.


I believe
you ran pinewood farms.

I believe you've
restarted the program,

and I would like to know...

Why are you really here,
Mr. Gordon?

Excuse me?

This whole city has turned
its back on you,

despite you risking your life
to save it over and over again.

I'm not here for
a therapy session, professor.

No. It's more like
an interrogation

by a man who is no longer
a police officer.

Who no longer has the right
to demand answers.

The only reason

you're sitting in that chair
is because I allow it.

So let me ask you, why

are... you...


Like I said, I have a client.

Bruce Wayne, I suppose.

So it's a job?

You're here
to pay the rent?

Surely not.

All that's happened
to you this last year.

Hero cop found guilty of murder.

Sentenced unjustly
to blackgate.

And now you return to what?

You've lost everything.

You're trying to make up
for the sins of your past,

and you believe that
this case will somehow

bring about your own
personal redemption.

You're not
doing this

for your client.
You're doing this for yourself.

You're wrong.

You just exhibited
several tells-- facial ticks

expressions and
eye movements

that people involuntarily
betray themselves with

when they lie.

Let's talk about Victor fries.

Victor fries is dead,
Mr. Gordon.

Really? I saw him last night.


That's impossible.

This is a court order

signed by district attorney dent
to exhume fries' body.

Where is it buried?

He was cremated.

Thank you.

For what?

I can read tells, too.

You're lying.

I needed to be sure
you were behind all this,

and now I am.

Don't lie! I heard you!

(People scream)

Don't. Please.

There you go.

Please do! Squeeze
the life from him!

Kill him! Kill him now!

Are you two fighting again?
He called me fat!

I didn't do anything!
It wasn't... m-me!

It was Lucy.

The fifth personality again.

Such a nasty attitude.

See, this gets complicated.

See, Lucy

is in his head,
'cause Rudy has what's called

multiple personality...
In his head?!

Then I'll pull her out!
No. No, no, no, no, no.

She's... she's a...
She's a ghost.

A gho...

And she makes Rudy
say things that

he doesn't
want to say.

(Gasps loudly)

I can see her.


You've... got some nerve.

Making old Rudy say things

like that.

You know
that helzinger is not fat.

In fact, you said that
helzinger was handsome.

(All gasp)

Don't you shove me!

Oh! She slapped me.

Now I'll tell you something,

You will leave Rudy alone.

And if you come back here again,

you'll have to deal with me.

Thank you, Lucy.

She really made
you say all that?

Y-yeah. Wa...


Wasn't me.



Lucy thinks I'm handsome?

Mm-hmm. Is that right, lu...?

What is he doing here?

Hello, Jimmy.

Go to hell, ed.
Oh, you've already
put me there.

Here. (Laughs)

But not for long, my friend.

I'll find my way out.

'Cause this place is just
one big puzzle,

and puzzles
are my forte.

Nobody beats me.

I did.

See you never, ed.

That's what you think.

Peabody: I have the feeling
he's going to be

more than
a simple nuisance.

Not the type to be bribed,
nor distracted easily.


Very interesting.

What has no hands
but might knock on your door,

and you better open up
if it does?

Mr. Gordon's continued
interference threatens

to slow us down when we're about
to reach our finest moment.

He'll do more than that.

Mr. nygma.

is rude and unwise.

Eavesdropping implies intent,
and I mostly...

Accidentally overheard.

Overheard what?

Jim Gordon,
the word nuisance.

Sounds familiar.

Probably has something to do
with your releasing penguin

and Gordon's ex-fiancã©e.


I can help you...
Take him down.

I know everything
about Jim Gordon.

We could probably just sit down
in your office...

Mr. nygma, you can't help me.

I'm here to help you.

Those are the roles that were
defined for the two of us.

Now, there's another
pressing matter...
No. Listen. I-i...

I can manipulate people.

I did it to Gordon once,

and I can do it again,
'cause peoples' brains

are just a mystery,
and once you figure it out...



Can't stand criticism because
of an overbearing mother.

Wants love
and approval.

Gets mad when he doesn't
get it, so I give it.

Oh, thank you!


Kleptomaniacal due to
obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Just give her something
to concentrate on.

And... and Norton.

Serious boundary issues.

Prone to torture,
violence and cannibalism.

Unless he thinks
he's your friend!

Oh. For me?


My point is,
everyone has a story,

and they just want to
be listened to. My god!

I should be the shrink! (Laughs)

What did you say?

I'm sorry. Was that too far?

Everybody has a story.

That's it. Mr. nygma,

you've actually
been very helpful.

I have it, peabody.

I have the cure
for our prize patient.

Do tell.

What is an identity?

What is a sense of self?

It is a story that we
humans tell ourselves.

We have got to give him
a great, heroic story.

We need to give him
a good heroic dose of thorazine,

but you're the boss.



Sir? Stop!

He's dangerous!

(Whooshing, electrical hissing)





(Strange gasping,
Theo yelling)

I need all available security
to the reanimation lab now!

No! Do not let them in!

Do not interfere!

(Strange groans softly)

My son.

My son, please stop.

Why have you forsaken me?

Have you forgotten the code?


(Wheezy coughing)

Who are you?

(Electrical hissing)

My poor, dear son.

Who do you think I am?

Your son?

You're my father?

Who else?

Don't you feel a father's love
when I look into your eyes?

Where am I?

What has happened to me?!

What happened to me?

Shh. Shh, shh.
Why don't
i know my name?

My son...
(Metallic clinking)

Calm your heart.

Demons took you to the land of
death and bewitched your soul,

but I brought you back to life.

You are the redeemed one.

What is my name?

You know your name.

No. No.

There is another life.

There is a sister,
a high tower.

No, no, no, no, no. Bewitchment.

False memories
put into your head.

I am your father
and your lord.

And he who has another birth,

brought forth
from the cold grasp of death

shall rise again and serve

my order.

I say this, and it becomes.

And I will give him
the name of...



I... am azrael!

My lord dumas.

Command me.

(Birds singing)

(Clock ticking)

This man ordered
my parents' death?

You're sure?

I know he was part of the
reason they were killed.

Why is he not under arrest?

It's not so simple, hoss.

The evidence we have is far
too tenuous for a warrant.

It's ancient hearsay,
not fingerprints.

Only witness is dead.

Barnes wouldn't even say no.

He would just look at me
like I was nuts.

I'm sick of this.

We know where strange is,

we know he's hurting
people right now,

and you two are talking
about politics with your boss

and then getting a piece
of paper signed.

This is the way
it works, Bruce.

You're not a cop anymore.

Give us a sec?

(Door closes)

Bruce, I know you're frustrated,

but we need
to do this the right way.

The right way?

And how many times did that fail
with galavan?

It's not the same.
He bent

and broke the law
over and over again,

and strange is doing
the same thing.

This man killed Karen,
maybe my parents.

Look, i-i appreciate everything
that you've done for me.

But I fear we
are going down

the same path as before, and
we won't get justice unless...

Unless what?

What you did to galavan.

What you knew
you had to do,

because of the bureaucracy
and the red tape.

What I had to do?

I chose to kill a man
in cold blood,

and it was the wrong choice,
crossing that line.

You'll pay for it
over and over again,

like I have been.

Like I still am.

And it will make you more like
the evil you're trying to fight.

You need to be better.

Do you understand me?

Just hold out
a little bit longer.

We'll work on Barnes,

get him to sign off
on a warrant

and put strange away for good.

The right way.

Fearing the knights
had become soft

and weak from lack
of leadership,

lord dumas split
from among them

and formed a new faction.

He named this new sect
after himself,

calling it
the order of St. dumas.

(Video continues in background)
Okay. Impressive.


His psyche couldn't
reconcile death

and rebirth until we gave it
a grander context.

...the epic corner
of the land...

A story.

He's azrael now.

A fabled 12th
century knight

who died for the cause
of his feudal lord

Adam dumas.

This dumas character was
made a Saint, performed

a lot of miracles
and so forth.

And one of the miracles was
bringing azrael back to life.

I still prefer

You need to learn to work
with what you have, Ms. peabody.



Our creations
need new personas

to equal and embody
what they've become.

To give their minds focus.

Perhaps, this was Mr. galavan's
destiny all along.

How do you even know
if the persona will hold?

There's only one
way to find out.

We send our

beautiful monster out
into the wild with a simple

task to perform.

He's going to need something
to wear.

(Sword clinks on screen, people
screaming, Theo chuckles)

(Mimicking strange):
Mr. nygma, you have been...

You've actually been helpful.

Mr. nygma, you have
actually been helpful.

(Normal voice): Dismissal.
The complete arrogance.

Mr. nygma. Mr. nygma,
you have actually been...

Inmate helzinger,

come with me.

Yes, ma'am.

(People moaning,
groaning, muttering)

Why do they keep disappearing
down that hallway?

Strange is hiding something.

(Woman groaning)

Where are you taking me?

Where are we going?

Where are we going?!

(Door opens)

(Door closes)

(Distant shouting
and muttering)

(Door whooshes shut)

How interesting.


Hey, I know you.

I have a gift for you, my son.

I am crafting your armor
as we speak,

but first, your skills
must be tested.

I got it.

You're the mayor.

What is this place?

What's going...?

That is a demon.

What's going on in here?
He lives in fire.

I want to get out of here!

That case will give you

you need to
destroy him!

Let me get out of here!

Let me out of here!
Let me out!

I want to get out
of here! I want to...


Not exactly what I had in mind,
but good enough.

Try... Opening the chest,
my son.

The sword of sin.

Your ally and
instrument of justice,

a vanquisher of evil
for generations.

She thirsts
for blood.

Generations? That sword
was made yesterday.

It doesn't matter.

Our replica is central to his
acceptance of his new identity.

An awe-inspiring

signature weapon.

What must I do?

(Clears his throat)

A murderer walks the streets
of this city a free man.

For his sins, by your blade,
he must be destroyed.

Tell me his name.

James Gordon.

My lord.

I am the angel of death.

James Gordon dies...

(Metallic clang)


My officers responded to an
anonymous tip and arrived here

(camera shutters clicking)
Earlier this evening.

Upon entering
the construction site,

my men discovered the bodies
of four male victims.

It'll be some time
before we have

any information
about their identities.



That's all I have for you
at this time.

Excuse me. No, that's it.
(Reporters clamoring)

Hey, cap,

look who I found.

Shut it, bullock.

You have one hell of a nerve.

You think

I don't know it was you

that busted out Karen Jennings?

Tell me it wasn't you.

I don't want to hear it.

How do I keep falling
for your games?

Really, it's a
mystery to me.

Every time
you come back,

I truly believe
that you've changed.

You're like
a-an optical illusion.

I just need five minutes
of your time.

Hargrove! Snead! Escort

Mr. Gordon off my
crime scene immediately.

You, we're gonna have
a little discussion

about this tomorrow morning.

Captain Barnes,
please. Hear him out.

Listen, kid...

Mr. Wayne,

I don't care how much money
or pull you have in this town.

I'm through talking to him.

Are you through listening
to the truth?

Oh, come on.
Give me a break.

All right, five minutes.

No, three minutes.

Okay. Bobby pins?

Only one?

It's all I could steal.

It'll have to do.

Rudy, did you get
the ammonia?



Perfect. Okay,

now we just need
the bug zapper.

What is this?

It's a fly swatter.
I can see that it's

a fly swatter.
I didn't ask for a fly swatter.

I asked for the bug zapper
in the kitchen.

What's the difference?
The difference is
that one

has a black light that
emits ultraviolet energy

and this is leather
on a stick.

They both kill flies.

I don't need
to kill flies.

I need you to go back
to the kitchen

and get the bug zapper.

What are you gonna do
with all this stuff,


I think professor strange
is hiding something.

And I think that something is
a secret way out of this dump.

So I'm gonna use
this stuff

to find it.


in a nutshell, Hugo strange
is making monsters

out of dead people
in his spare time,

and he had Karen Jennings killed
by Victor fries,

who's been dead
for three months.

I know it sounds

Far-fetched? No.

It sounds insane!

But it's true. Trust me.

How can I trust you
when you're talkin' crazy?

How can I trust you
when you've lied

to me so many times? Monsters?!

I lied to you because it's hard
to tell you the truth.

You're stubborn
and you're angry,

and the gcpd has
paid a price for it!

Really? You self-righteous punk.

You think you have
all the answers?

Maybe you should run
it yourself!

Maybe I will one day.

In your dreams.

Who's there?

I said, who's out there?!

What the hell?

James Gordon.

The time for your penance
has come.

You know this guy?

Who are you?
I am


righteous scourge of sinners,

and I have come to kill you,
James Gordon.

Put down
that weapon!

Put the weapon down!

Put it down right now
or I'll shoot!

(Cape flapping)






(Door opens)



(Gunshots continue)

I need information now.

What do we know about this guy?

Just what you saw.
Calls himself azrael.

Wants to kill me.

We know Hugo strange
is responsible.

Told you so, did he?

Who else could it be?

I have no idea.

I have to find out the facts.

Fun part about being
a police detective,

of a loose Cannon vigilante.
Excuse me, captain.

I find your flippant attitude
to be inappropriate.

I find you to be
kind of a pain in the ass.

What's he even doing here?

I want to know what you're doing
about all of this.


Oh. Well, uh...

I'm going to assemble
the strike force,

call in all off-duty personnel.

We're gonna dragnet the living
daylights out of this wacko.

A knight
from outer space

shouldn't be too hard to find,


That's what
we're gonna do.

What you're gonna do

is go home
and stop inserting yourself

into police business.


That's the final word.

He's right.

It's time you went home.

Leave the rest of this
to the police. And to me.

This is not
just police business.

This is
my business, too.

I can't make the moves
i need to make if I'm worrying

about you. You need
to be at home,

where Alfred can
look after you.

(Flies buzzing)


Hello, grace.

How are you today?
(Chuckles softly)


Incredibly, the attacker fled
the crime scene by,

for all intents and purposes,

the side of the structure,

literally disappearing
into thin air.

In all my years, Ken, I must
say, I've never seen anything

quite like it. That
a human being should be capable

of such feats,
it just astounds the mind.

...Theo galavan,
the new mayor of Gotham!

Oh, brother, like I don't know
you from way back.

Strange (Echoing):

He calls himself azrael.

He's armed, dangerous,
and has exhibited

some extraordinary
physical abilities.

But no one--
and I mean no one--

comes into our city and
tries to carve up my officers.

We're gonna go out tonight,
and we're gonna comb

each and every block
until we find this masked freak

and put him behind bars
where he belongs.

Any questions?
No, sir!

Good. Now get out there
and get him.
(Cheering and applause)

What are you doing?

I'm going out there.

The hell you are.
Excuse me?

You're staying here
for your own protection.

That's an order.

I'm not a cop anymore,

I don't need
to follow your orders.

You're absolutely right.

You two, put Mr. Gordon

here in lockup.

I'm holding you

on suspicion of breaking
Karen Jennings out of

gcpd custody.

Don't do this!

I've already done it.

So many stories to choose from.

I feel like a child
on Christmas morning.

You wanted to see me?

I want to install personas
into more subjects immediately.

Everything we've worked for
is finally within reach.

"'But I don't want

"to go among mad people,'
Alice remarked.

"'Oh, you can't help that,'
said the cat:

'We're all mad here.'"

oh, yes.

Yes, that will do nicely.


No news from the search.

Let me out of here.

This is for your own good.

Trust me, you've broken enough
laws for one day.

There are times
when breaking the law

is the right thing to do.

And who gets to decide that,

Yeah. Someone has to.

No, Jim, you're wrong.

Look where Gotham's going.

Maniacs, perverts, freaks,
crawling out of every hole.

It's like a sea of evil
flooding the city.

If a man doesn't cling on
to the law,

he'll lose his bearings, drown.

(Electrical crackling)

What gives with the lights?

Officer 2:
Everything's down.


I don't think so.

Yeah, me neither.

James Gordon.

Back up against the cell! Move!

This is captain Barnes
of the gcpd!

Whoever you are,

step into the light
or we will take you out!

But I am the light,

tasked with vanquishing
the evil in that cell.

You can die tryin'!

You lead these men,
so I will parley with you.


Order them to stand aside and
allow the sinner, James Gordon,

to be punished.

Do this,
and I will spare them all.

and they will face my judgment.

Their lives now rest
in your hands.

How many will die?

All? Or one?

Decide, captain.

You can go to hell.

I've been there.

You go.


Over there!

Officer 2:
Do you see him?

(Thudding, sword stabbing)

(Officer screams)

Where'd he go?

Officer 2:
I don't know.
You got eyes on him?

(Sword ringing)


(Gunshots continue)

Get him out of there!

(Bone cracking)

Such an amazing tool
of destruction.


Vile sorcery.

(Gun clatters)




(Breathing heavily)
(Bones cracking)

We need a bigger gun.


I'm gonna lure the
freak up the stairs.

Then you show up with something
that'll tear a hole

in this bastard.
You got it.

Barnes: Let's get
to the roof right now!

(Door opens)

(Sword ringing)






you will

show me to him.

You will tell me

where he is.

And then what?

You'll spare my life?

It's too late for that.

The most I can offer you
is a painless death.

Let's dance.





That-that is not possible.




You're dead.

Not anymore.






Come to me,

and I will show you

the way to hell.

I know the way.


For those just joining us,
we're coming to you live

from outside of the Gotham city
police department...

(Gasping, shouting)

(Indistinct chatter)

Oh, my god.
Male reporter:
There-there's been a major

impact behind me. The vehicle...

It appears a body has fallen...

Female reporter: Theo galavan.
Male reporter: Theo galavan.

Male reporter:
Theo galavan wearing...
Oh, my god...

Female reporter: Uh...

Right. Uh, once again,

we are confirming that
the former mayor of Gotham city,

Theo galavan, is alive
and dressed in a...

Bizarre costume.




It's getting crazy in this town,
huh, Jim? (Chuckles)

Don't talk. Just breathe.

I'm tryin'.

You're gonna be okay.
Sure, I am.

You're a pain in the ass,
you know that?

That makes two of us.

(Sirens wailing in distance,
horn honking)

Boss, breathe!

Come on, captain.

Hold on.
Stay with me.


BP's falling fast. We got
to go now. Radio Gotham general.

Let 'em know
we're coming in hot!

Jim! Jim! What
the hell happened?

You okay?

It was galavan.

You sure?

I know it's hard to believe.

But azrael is galavan.

(TV playing indistinctly)

(Changing channels rapidly)



That's a little irritating.

Oh. Sorry.

(Indistinct voices)






No, I...

You guys have been
so good to me.

That's okay. Don't worry.


I make great cocktails.

Sure. That'd be nice.

What do you want?

Uh, bourbon on...

...The rocks.

Actually, bourbon

I'm making gimlets.

Okay, she scares me.

Don't be a baby.
She's harmless.

Honey, I know
you like her,

but that woman's mad
as a bag of squirrels.

She said she's cured.

That's what an insane person
would say.

(Knife rings)

Do we have any limes?

(People screaming on TV)

Oh, my god.

That's right, don.
The masked assassin

that attacked the gcpd
earlier tonight

has been identified
as former mayor Theo galavan.

Now, there were reports...

Theo? It can't be.

Holy moly.

Reporter: ...The assassin
was forced off the roof,

(flies buzzing)
Then fell right over there,

then stood up in front of all
of us.

And it was him,
Theo galavan, alive.

And from what we know,
he's responsible

for three officer fatalities.

We also learned that...

Hello, old friend.

...still at large and is
considered extremely dangerous.

(TV shuts off)
Well, he must...

Never have been dead. I mean,

that's the only possibility.
I mean, no one

dies and comes back
to life again, do they?

No one.

But he did.


Strange must be behind this.

The hell is happening
to our city?

Nothing good.

No, no, I don't want to go.

We're just going
to see...

(Jaunty tune playing)

♪ I'm looking over
a four-leaf clover ♪

♪ that I overlooked before

♪ one leaf is sunshine,
the second is rain ♪

♪ third is the roses
that grow in the Lane ♪

♪ no need

♪ explaining

♪ the one remaining

♪ is somebody I adore

♪ I'm looking over

♪ a four-leaf clover that I

♪ overlooked before


♪ I'm looking over
a four-leaf clover ♪

(Bell dings)
♪ that I overlooked

♪ before...


(Bell dings)


(Indistinct groaning, shouting)

(Excited shouting, groaning)

Oh, my.

(Shouting, roaring)

(Indistinct chatter)

(Siren whooping)

(Camera shutters clicking)