Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 9 - Harvey Dent - full transcript

Gordon teams up with a young attorney, named Harvey Dent, to find the Wayne family's killer. Russians break a former bomb maker out of prison. Selina goes to live at Wayne Manor.

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Previously on Gotham...

Killing Falcone
would only create chaos.

I need to siphon his strength.

So when the time is right,

taking over his organization
will be like slipping on a glove.

I'm so angry all the time.

Will that ever go away?


Can you teach me how to fight?

You've been through a lot.

I am scared, Jim.
Everywhere I go,

I can feel that monster,

Hey, Gordon.

Some unis brought in a perp.
Claims to know you.

Hey, Detective.

Miss me?



Sweet crib.

You must be one rich cop.

It's my girlfriend's place.

Where is she?

I don't know. Barbara?!

So... what?

I get to stay here alone?

I'm hungry.

Dear Jim,

I thought I could be strong
and brave for you, but I can't.

Every place I go,
I see Falcone and Zsasz.

I'm nervous and needy
and screwed up,

and I know that's not
what you need or want,

so I'm going away for a while,
to get myself together.

This is Gordon.

Uh... Uh, right.


We're in the penthouse.
Come on up.

Sounds like your girlfriend's
not coming back, huh?

Why's she worried
about Falcone?

None of your business.

So what happens now?

You gonna get the charges
against me dropped?

I will,

but you're my only witness
to the Wayne murders.

You gonna cuff me
to a drainpipe again?

No, I'm not gonna hold you
against your will.

GCPD, juvie...
You'd just break out.

So I do get
to stay here.

No, I have someplace else
in mind.

That's the sketch artist.

I need you to describe
the man who shot the Waynes.

Wait, where am I going to stay?

Wayne Manor.


Do not speak to the inmate.

Do not touch the inmate
unless in the service of your job.

Do not accept anything
from the inmate

under any circumstances.

Who is this guy, anyway?

Name's Ian Hargrove,
some genius bomb maker.

Took out over a dozen buildings
in and around Gotham.

He's the one that blew up
the commissary last month?

Yeah, and he did it
with match shavings

and apple cider vinegar.
So no mistakes today, got it?

Put your hands up.

She said this is the man
who killed your parents.

She said... she saw his face.

Do you recognize him, Bruce?


What's her name?

Selina Kyle.

Do you believe her?

Yes, I do.

So she saw... everything?

And you want her to live here
with us, do you?

A common street criminal?

She's hardly older
than Bruce.

She's just a kid
who's seen too much.

This is for her safety.

GCPD is full of molest...

Right, and how long would you
have us... put her up then?

I don't know.

No. The answer is no.

Her being here will put
Master Bruce in great danger.


She is the witness...
to a murder, Master Bruce.

You do understand that, don't you?

She's also the best chance
we have

of finding
who killed my parents.

Isn't she?

Yes, she is.

Then she can stay.

As long as it takes.

I've made my decision.

Yes, Master Bruce.


I know this is a lot, but
I'm doing everything I can.

Montoya and Allen and I

are meeting with an ADA
they trust this afternoon.


A trustworthy lawyer.

In Gotham.

Look, if we find this guy,
we'll need her.

She'll have to testify,
go before a judge.

It won't be easy.

Witnesses back out all the time.

The ones that stick it out do so

because they care
about the victims.

We'll do our best to be
nice to her, then, won't we?

It's from the chinese Ming Dynasty.


500 years old.

You can get one just like it
for 5 bucks in Chinatown.

I'm Bruce Wayne.

Selina Kyle.

People call me Cat.

Nice to meet you, Cat.

What are you doing?


What's in your hand?

I said, what's in...

What the hell...?!


Ian Hargrove! Time to go.

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Kid, you screwed up, big-time.

But you're still young,
you deserve a second chance.

So I have a bet for you.

You call heads... or tails.

You lose, you go to jail.

You win, we let you go.


Hold on. There's a catch.

You have to make a promise
to God right now.

If you win, you're gonna take this
as a sign from Him,

telling you that you need
to go back to school

and get your life straight.
Can you promise that?

Do you promise that?

Yes, sir.

Okay then.



Walk away, kid.

Somebody up there loves you.

Hey, Harvey!


Remember your promise.

Jim Gordon, GCPD.

I hear good things about you,

Harvey Dent. Likewise
about you, Detective.

That was some trick
with the coin.

What if the kid guesses wrong?
You gonna send him to jail?

Teenagers, they nearly always
call heads. I don't know why.

Two-headed coin.

Whatever works, right?

So, who is he, Jim?

Who really killed the Waynes?

Uh, this is what we have.

No ID.

But this is from an eyewitness,
that you have in safe custody.

It's not nearly enough
to go to the law with.

Even if we had ID
on this guy,

it's the people who hired him
we really want.

I agree.

Your eyewitness is useless
in a courtroom.

But the idea...
of your witness...

could be immensely valuable.

Ever hear the name
Dick Lovecraft?


Billionaire. Property,
construction, chemicals.

And as corrupt as they come.

Falcone, Maroni,
even Wayne Enterprises,

Lovecraft has dealings
with all of them.

Since the Waynes' deaths,
he's doubled his fortune.

Including a huge piece
of the Arkham deal.

Lovecraft had a long feud
with Thomas Wayne

over deals and politics.

They couldn't have had
a more different vision for Gotham.

I'm willing to bet my career...

on his involvement
in the Wayne murders.

That's a big bet.

I want to use your witness
to go after Lovecraft.


My witness can't connect
Lovecraft to the perp.

Lovecraft doesn't know that.

I'll let it leak out...

that we have
a secret eyewitness...

who's going to blow
the case wide open

and connect Lovecraft
to the Wayne killings.

Lovecraft will get very nervous.

And the people around him
will get nervous.

And that's when people start talking.
You know how that goes.

Unless Lovecraft wasn't
involved in the Wayne murders.

If so, which I doubt,
we still win.

Whoever was involved
in the Wayne killings

will get their cage rattled like
the dickens, won't they?

I bet he makes a move.

You like to bet a lot.

Well, what do we got to lose?

My witness becomes a target.


That's the beauty of it.
We never actually file papers.

We never name names.

It's just a powerful story.

Your witness is
perfectly safe.

And you're on board with this?

We've been on board, Jim.

Harvey's one of us.

I want what you want, Jim.

I wanna make this city
a better place.

No names.

Not mine, not my witness,
nothing. Just a story.

Just a story.

All right.

Let's try something.


I thought I was gonna have
to work this case without you.

Where the hell have you been?
You know what?

On second thought, never mind.
I don't want to know.

What do we got?

A biggie.

Blackgate prisoner escaped
while in transit to St. Mark's

for psychiatric care.

His name's Ian Hargrove.

Clinically insane, with a compulsion
for blowing things up.

He exploded a bunch
of old buildings around Gotham.

Last one,
two janitors were killed.

Says here he was busted out
by four gunmen?

Yeah, which is odd.
Hargrove never used accomplices.

All right,

so who did Hargrove spend time with
at Blackgate?

Who did he communicate with
on the outside?

His entire stretch, he was
isolated from gen pop.

Never made or received phone calls.

Only one visitor
in those two years:

His brother John.

- Got an address?
- We do.

Unis are bringing him in
right now for questioning.

We're lucky you deigned
to show up.

Yeah, sorry.

No problem.

Girl trouble?


I told you.

Those high society dames...
get you all twisted.

Keep your guard up.
Knock lumps out of ya!

Watch your feet.

Jab, jab, right.

Lead with the...

Jab, jab, right.

Keep that...
Keep that guard up.

Jab, jab, right.
Lead. Jab, jab, right.

Jab, jab, right.

Now, keep that...


- Oi!
- Sorry, Alfred.

- Hello.
- Bruce.

That hurt!

Yeah, it's supposed to,
isn't it?

Taking a punch...

is just as important
as throwing one, Master Bruce.

What you doing?

Alfred's teaching me to fight.


So I'll be prepared
if something bad happens.

Yeah, 'cause you live
in a pretty rough neighborhood.

Not here, in Gotham.

In Gotham, people don't fight
with gloves on.

How's your room?
Everything good?

It'll do.

I'm hungry, though.

Right. Well, breakfast...
was served at 8:00, Miss,

which you slept through.

Lunch shall be served at 12:00.

There's plenty to eat
in the kitchen.

And Alfred will be happy
to fix you something.

No, he won't be, will he?
Because it's not a bloody hotel.

Relax, old man.

I'll figure it out.

Yeah, hey, you can mind
your manners as well,

you cheeky little minx.

Be nice to her, Alfred.
She's our guest.

Well, I'm terribly sorry,
Master Bruce.

Didn't realize you fancied her.

What do you mean?

Well, it's nothing
to be embarrassed about a bit.

Only natural, isn't it?
But you... watch her.

She's a lairy one.

Left, left, right.

Now, keep your guard up, son.

You know about girls,
do you, Alfred?

Fair sight more than you.

And she, mate...,

is trouble. Watch.

Oi! Oi, oi!

Liza, Liza.

What are you up to?


I'm telling you, I don't know
anything about his escape.

I haven't talked to him.

Your own baby brother
busts out of prison,

and doesn't call you,

the only person he's talked to
in two years?

What happened?
You two have a falling out?


Ian and I are close.
Always have been.

Even after he bombed
those janitors?

That was an accident.

That's what they all say.

It's the truth.

My brother's not a killer.

He never was.

He blew up 12 buildings
in Gotham.


Munitions factories
and their offices.

Places that made guns
and bullets and missiles.

I know he was wrong,

but Ian... thought that
what he was doing was good.

He didn't hurt a soul
until... the last bombing.

And he felt terrible about it.

He practically handed himself in
to the cops...

and pleaded guilty.


has had mental problems
ever since he was a kid.

My parents didn't have the money
to get him the help he needed,


he sure as hell wasn't getting it
at blackgate.


my brother's not a bad man.

Then what is he?

He's sick.

There's a difference.


So who would want
to bust him out?

I don't know.

But my brother needs help.

You have to find him.

It's done.


I have a delivery for you.

I'll take that.


- Who sent this, anyway?
- Who cares?


Wait a second.

You hear that?

Sounds like ticking.


Good morning.


- How'd you sleep?
- Your house makes noise.

It's old.

You didn't come here with much.

If you want, Alfred can
buy you some clothes.


Detective Gordon told me
you live on the streets.



What's it like?

Not as nice as here?

Do you live alone?

Are you going to ask me questions
all morning?

Aren't you supposed to be
in school or something?

I'm developing
my own curriculum.

It lets me move
at my own speed and...

focus on academic areas
that interest me.


You're a billionaire,
what's to learn?

That's a strange attitude.

So, where are your parents?

They alive?



They're around.


What's that to you?

Nothing, I just thought...

Yeah? Well, you thought wrong.

I'm not an orphan!

I got family all over.

This was bad enough
when it was just a prison escape.

Now we've got
five dead security guards,

and the press is calling
Hargrove an urban terrorist.

Did you get anything
from the bombing site?

Forensics is still
looking into it,

but the entire office
was destroyed.

Including all security footage.


We do know that Hargrove
and his guys made off

with a compound called HMX.

It's military grade.

Ten times more powerful
than C-4.

Nasty stuff.

Using explosives
to steal explosives.

What's that about?

Trading up?

He must have another target in mind.

Some place difficult to crack.

You know what I'm gonna say.

So go, do it.

This is Gordon.

Yes, Detective.

It's Alfred.

Alfred, is everything all right?

Is Selina okay?

Well, she's safe.


But... I'm afraid, Detective,
this isn't gonna work out.

She's a... a tough nut,
this one.

Well, look,
we need her help

if we have any chance
of catching the Wayne's killer.

Just hold onto her for now,
and I'll be out to check on her

as soon as I can.

We shall patiently await...
your arrival,


Everything good?

Right as rain.

You sure you want to go through
with this?

Butch, don't you go getting scared
on me now.

Never, boss.

Oswald, you're back.

I'm starting to think
you enjoy being hurt.

I was passing by.

Thought I'd say hello.

Well, you said it.

Now, why are you here?

Honestly, I'm just trying
to be friendly.



You smell good.

You don't.

Snappy as ever!


Well, goodbye then.

Sorry you're still grumpy
with me.

But, you know...,

reaching out in friendship...
is never wrong.

Man, that dude's creepy.

Forget him.

He's nothing.

Hargrove's contacts
and phone records

from before he went to Blackgate.

Uhuh. Yeah.

You all right?

Yeah, yeah.

Barbara left.

Left left?


Where'd she go?

I don't know.

It's a ploy.

She wants you to set a date.

It's a standard move.

She'll be back.

Do you play video games?


Don't ever!... do that again.

My apologies, Detective.

Do either of you
play video games?

I do, I...

I love video games.

I find that each one

presents a new challenge,
a puzzle.

It's a lot like detective work
in that way.


Oh, sorry. Uh,

I had a chance to analyze
the shrapnel

from the security office.

And I found something.

It's a nameplate.

It was damaged in the bombing,

but you can still read
the information.

It's from an abandoned metal

here in Gotham.

That's really good work, Ed.


Thank you, Detective.

Let's go check this out.



Don't shoot!

You found the nameplate,
thank God.

Is anyone else here?

No, but they'll be back soon!

Please, you got to help me!

They broke me out of prison,
they kidnapped me,

they told me they'd...

kill my brother and his family
if I didn't help them.

Who's "they"?!


One of their names is...
is Kasyanov.

They're planning something
against Falcone.


Yeah. It's a...
It's a big job, a vault.

That's why they needed me
to build explosives.

Behind you!

Get down, get down!

Help me!

If you want to go somewhere,

we can call you a taxi.

You move quiet.

So do you.

Are you leaving?

Thinking about it.

I'm sorry if talking
about your family upset you.

I wasn't upset.

You seemed kind of upset.

That's your mom, huh?

She looks nice.

She was.

You saw her.

The night she was killed.


And you saw me.

What I did.

What I didn't do.

What are you talking about?

What could you have done?

I don't know, something.

You're dreaming, kid.

A gun's a gun.

My mom's in show business.



She sings and dances

and does magic tricks.

Gets paid, like, millions.

But... that's just a cover.

Really, she's a secret agent
for the government.



She's on a secret mission.


when she's done,
she's coming back to get me.

That's good.


Did you ever kiss a girl?


Do you want to?

Why... Why do you ask?

Just curious.

Time for your studies,
Master Bruce.

Thank you, Alfred.

You're more than welcome
to join, Miss Kyle.


I'll see you later.

Do you have any idea
how many angry phone calls

we've been getting this week?

Got a terrorist out there.

And that's our fault?


No, no.


You tell me, Detective,

how is this my fault?

Well, for starters,

you have the mentally ill
housed at Blackgate,

a prison with no facilities
for them.

So you send them
out for treatment,

which was exactly
where Hargrove was headed

when he was broken out.

I want him found.

Yes, sir.


Yes, sir.

What is wrong with you?

By the way,

Hargrove's brother John,

I went ahead and put him
and his family

in protective custody.

That'll help.

Yeah, only problem is,

Hargrove doesn't know that.

All right, Dent.

You dragged me down here,
now what?

I got the last piece
of the puzzle in place.

I'm bringing charges against you.


that old song again?

You will never prove fraud.

You know that,
and I know that.

Fraud charges
are only part of it.

Oh, really?

What then?

Conspiracy to commit first-degree


So tell me, Dent,

who did I kill?

Thomas and Martha Wayne.

Oh my God...

I have an eyewitness
who can tie you to the crime.

You... and all the others

That's absurd.

Help yourself out here, Dick.

Think about your options.

This is... gonna get ugly.

You're a fool.

And you have no idea

who or what
you're even dealing with.

Don't you ever... threaten me!

I will rip... you... open.

It was good to see you, Dick.


Got it.


Meet Gregor Kasyanov.

Long rap sheet.

Worked for Nikolai
before he died.

Who does he work for now?

Beats me.

All right.

Hargrove said it's a big job,
right? A vault.

Somebody's got to be bankrolling it.

Yeah, someone with cash
and pull and beef with Falcone.

Problem is in Gotham,

anyone with cash and pull
has beef with Falcone.


So who is it?

You kept me waiting.

Ran into a little trouble.

Nothing to worry about.

Good. I've got a lot riding
on this job.

You've said.

Your boss Nikolai is dead...

because of Falcone.

You want to get back at him,

you hit him where it hurts:
his money.

Ain't that right, Butch?


The root of all evil.

We'll take his money.

No problem.

As long as it's there,

like you said.

Oh, it's there.

I'm positive.

The truck you needed.

And Gregor...

Break a leg.

You're the weirdest kid
I've ever met.

Why are you doing that?



Like the boxing.

So, if anyone mugs you
with a diving board,

you'll be ready, huh?


I mean, no.

I'm developing
self-discipline and willpower.


So I can be strong.

I get you,

but it won't work.

Not on the streets, not in Gotham.

Why's that?

Out there on the streets,

it's not enough to be strong.

You gotta be mean.

Gotta be ruthless.

Do you know what "ruthless" means?

Of course I do.


Well, you ain't.

You're a nice kid.

Five minutes on the street,

you'll be mincemeat.

And holding your breath
won't do a damn thing.

The subject of today's
category is: numbers!

Here we go.

How many bones
in the human arm?




Next: How many elements
in the Periodic Table?


Uh, 118.

Yes again!

Now for a tough one.

How many eyes are there
on cards in a deck?



No! I'm sorry.

The number you were looking for
is 42!

You forgot to double it
for two eyes.

Well, that concludes
our show for today.

We'd like to thank
all the contestants

that participated here in studio

and to those of you playing along
at home!

We'll be back right after this.

Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

What about the explosives?

It's... It's a very specific type.

It's highly volatile,

and it's very difficult to manufacture.

It's for one use,
and one use only.

To penetrate iron.

Like a vault in a bank.

Mm-mmmm, no, they're all steel.

No one makes anything out of iron

Not for...
a hundred years, at least.

The Gotham armory.


Yeah, they have
those iron vaults

they used to keep the gunpowder in.

A few years ago,

a private investment group
bought it.

Ten to one, Falcone's behind it.


Do you...?


How much longer?

It's ready.

It didn't work.

Hey, hey.

Promise me nobody else
is gonna get hurt.

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sure, no problem.

Cross my heart.

You're surrounded!

There's no way out!

Drop your weapons!

Don't do it!

Get back!


Ian Hargrove!

Your brother and his family
are safe!

We have them
in protective custody!

If he runs, shoot him!

Don't shoot!

You shoot him,
they shoot us!

Drop your weapons!

Get away from the truck!

Everybody down!

Why'd you do that?

Bet you can't hit me.

I could.

But why would I want to?


What for?

Hit me,



I'll let you kiss me.


You didn't get me.

Ah, no!


Morning, Alfred.

Ah, Detective.

I've been trying to get out there.

I'm... sorry, uh...
Is everything okay?

Is she behaving herself?

Well, uh, not really. No.

That's all right.

It is?

Yes, well, she's...

a breath of fresh air,
I might say.

Glad to hear it.

I'll be out there as...
as soon as I can.

Very good, sir.


Forgive me for the intrusion,

but it's urgent
that I speak with you.

You know who I am.


And Falcone would kill you
if he knew you were here.


What would he do
if I told him

that you were spying on him
for Fish Mooney?

You don't have any proof.


But suspicion...

it's a funny thing,


Falcone might not choose
to believe me at first,


every time he looked at you,

he'd ask himself:

Is she?

Could she?

Would she?

You're wrong.

He cares about me.

Let's call him and find out,
shall we?


Your secret is safe with me.

I won't tell,

because you...

are gonna keep working
for Fish.

And you...

are not going to tell anyone.

Or you'll die.

Messages for Gordon.


Jim. You have a minute?

Uh, yeah.

I met with Lovecraft.

How'd it go?

He was scared.

He's involved, all right.

- Scared isn't proof.
- You didn't see him.

Told the same story
in a few other spots.

All the big players
will know by now,

- someone will start talking.
- If and when they do,

neither of us makes a move
without talking first.

We move together on this.


Hey, nice work
on the Hargrove case.

You saved the poor guy's life.

You're a regular saint.

Yeah. Thanks.

Uh, we'll be talking again soon,
I hope.

You bet.

Thanks, Counselor.

Finish up with Hargrove?


He's on his way to Arkham.


Mayor's directive.

He's taking all the criminally
insane inmates from Blackgate,

sending them to Arkham,

so they can get
appropriate treatment.

That's nuts.


The building's 200 years old.

Welcome to Gotham.

Oh, and get this:

Hargrove said that the bomb
that blew up the money...

wasn't his.

Whose was it?

He didn't know.

How did it go?

Cops were everywhere.

Our guys had no way out.

I had to make the call.

Is everybody dead?


All his men?

Every last one.


I can't stand loose strings.

You're not mad?

That's a hell of a lot of money
we just lost.


I couldn't be happier.

The point wasn't
to steal that money, Butch.

It was to hurt Falcone.


that you did, Fish.

That... you did.

Good afternoon, everyone.

Thank you all for coming.

As you well know,

the people of Gotham

have been shaken
by tragedy in recent days.

Tragedy no citizen...

should have to endure.

What has happened
these past few days

is a direct result

of Gotham's
criminally insane...

not getting the appropriate
treatment and help

that we owe them.

That is why I am moving forward
with plans

to turn the recently renovated
Arkham Asylum...

into a remedial facility...

All right, let's go. Here, man.
Let's go.

for the criminally insane.


It's me.

I got your letter, and I, uh...

I know you...

said you needed...
some time away from Gotham.

From me.

But I want you to come back.

I need you...

to come back.

I don't have anything
without you.

And I love you.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)