Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 10 - Lovecraft - full transcript

Assassins attack Wayne Manor to try and kill Selina, causing her and Bruce to go on the run. While Harvey and Alfred try to find the kids, Gordon tries to track down the man he believes was behind the attack: Dick Lovecraft.

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Previously on Gotham...

I need to siphon his strength.

So when the time is right,

taking over his organization
will be like slipping on a glove.

The point wasn't
to steal that money, Butch.

It was to hurt Falcone.

What's her name?

Selina Kyle.

So she saw... everything?


Her being here will put
Master Bruce in great danger.

She's also the best chance
we have

of finding
who killed my parents.


are gonna keep working
for Fish.

You... are gonna tell me

every little thing that she says.


I have an eyewitness
who can tie you to the crime.

You... and all the others

So tell me, Dent,

who did I kill?

Thomas and Martha Wayne.

You lost, miss?

This is... Wayne Manor?

Yeah, but not sure
you should be here.

Point you back to the road
if you're lost.

No, thanks.

I am where I need to be.


Open him.

Keep it tight here.



If you want to test yourself,

you should come with me
to the midtown bridge.

You've climbed it?

Yeah, to the top.

Kids go up there to make out,
all the time.

I could take you if you want.


I'd like that.

Let me ask you a question.

What's up with all
the weird... homework

about your mom and dad?

I'm trying to understand
why it happened.

There's no why.

Bad stuff happens. You...

You gotta get over it.

Maybe you're right.

Of course I'm right.

You want to kiss me?

No, thank you.


I would like to,

but I can't help feeling
you have an ulterior motive.

I don't imagine you consider me
a suitable romantic partner,

so... why would you want
to kiss me? I don't know.

You think too much, kid.

I'm just trying to be nice.

No offense, you don't strike me
as a nice person.

What do you mean?
I'm nice.

I don't mean you're not
a good person, but...

you're not nice.

You don't... care much
for other people.

Screw you, orphan.

Climb the damn bridge
on your own.

Yes? Hello, miss.
How can I help?

Oh dear.

My car, it went off... the road.


Please, come in.
Come in at once.

If you could, uh, call...
an ambulance.

Where exactly are you hurt?


Is everything all right?

No, Master Bruce.

This lady's been involved
in a car accident.

Run. Run!

This better be a way out.

The old servant's hallway,
it's through the closet.

- But I need to help Alfred!
- There's no time!

Bruce, come on!

Alfred might be hurt!
I can't leave him.

He told you... to run!


Stay, but I'm out.


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Local PD
is searching the woods,

but so far no sign
of Bruce or Selina.

What can you tell me
about this woman?

Well, she was, uh,
early 30s.

A tasty fighter, actually.

Look, mate, it's just a scratch.

Shove off, will you?

I've got stuff to do.

Look, we've got...

50 police in the woods,
even more on the roads.

We need to focus on this woman
and her people.

What can you tell me about her?

They were trained killers.

And your bloody little girl
brought them here.

We don't know that yet.


You must be Alfred Pennyworth.

Nice job out there.

Yeah, well,
not nice enough, eh?

This was taken off the dead guy.

Nothing else.
No keys, no ID, nada.

Now, I know this girl.

She was grabbed
by the child snatchers.

And now she's getting
attacked by assassins...

at Wayne freaking Manor?!

What the hell's going on,

What, you haven't told him?

Told me what?

Selina Kyle was in the alley

the night the Waynes
were murdered.

She saw the killer's face.

Oh, for Pete's sake,
don't do this to me.

Harvey Dent in the DA's office
is investigating Dick Lovecraft.

He thinks that Lovecraft is
connected to the Wayne killings.

So he leaked
that we had a witness.

He thought he could spook

get him to reveal himself.

Wow, that's a hell of a plan.
How did it work out? Bravo!

We thought she was safe.

We thought no one knew
she was here.

Yeah, well, you were wrong,
weren't you, you plank?!

How... did they know?

Why didn't you tell me
about this foolishness?

Because you would have tried
to stop me.

Of course I would've tried
to stop you, you putz!

What the hell are you thinking?

The Wayne case is closed.
It is closed!

You know damn well
it's not closed!

Don't tell me what I know!

Will you shut up?!
The pair of ya?!

You can argue later!

Right now...,
we need to find... Master Bruce.

All right.

If they don't come back soon,

they would have headed
to Gotham.

Selina feels safe there.

Good luck trying
to find her in the city.

A street kid like that?

But you will help us find her,

Yeah, of course I will.
Because I have to be crazy!

Thank you.

All right, I'll focus
on Lovecraft, I'll find him,

and if he is behind this,

I'll get him
to call off the contract.

How you gonna do that?

I don't know,
I'll think of something.

Run the streets, huh?

Focus on your contacts.

Go to work.

I'm coming with you.

All right.

You're pretty handy for a valet.

Butler, mate.

I'm the butler.

We need to call Alfred.

You see any phones?


Perhaps we should go back
to my house.

If the police are there,
we'll know it's safe.

Yeah, right.

The police will make it safe?

We have to contact the police
at some point.

Someone tried to kill you.


Nobody knew I was there.

It's your house,
someone wants to kill you.


Why would anyone want
to kill me?

Must be all that lame
detective work you're doing.

Paid off good, huh?

Cheer up.

We're cool.

We lost them.

I'm worried about Alfred.


Once I got you safely hidden
in the city,

I'll... find you a phone.

Thank you.

I appreciate your help.


Just trying to be nice.


How did Maroni know
where my money was?


Well, that's a very good question.

Not to criticize, but
you could have just called me.

I'm going to ask you once more.

How did Maroni know
where I kept my money?

No one knew.

The robbery at the armory?

That wasn't Maroni.

I thought we were friends.

We had an understanding.

You tell me every move
Maroni makes.

What happened?

When did you turn on me?

Never, Don Falcone!

I swear, never.

Maroni had nothing to do
with the armory job.

I would know.

I would have told you.

Who was it if not Maroni?

And how did they know
about my money?

Thank you, Liza.

Won't be long.

I'll come back.

I asked you a question.

Oh, you have a mole,

Which is not Maroni's forte,
is it?

No, this is someone else.

Someone artful.

Someone close to you.

I know who you're going to name.

But your hatred of Fish

makes me doubt
anything you say against her.

With respect...,

I don't understand why you
still tolerate her existence.

She has proved her disloyalty
a hundred times.

She wants your head.

Like half the people
who work for me.

Fish makes me a lot of money.

I can handle Fish Mooney

or whatever son of a bitch
did this to me.

Tell me how to find the mole.

You leave that to me,
Don Falcone.

Dirty work.

I'll find your mole for you.

Trust me.

He'll belong to Fish.

Bring me proof.

I don't get it.

You, Gabe? Not get it?

Quelle suprise.

What pray don't you get?

Why not just tell
Falcone the truth?

It was that Liza girl
that betrayed him.

Timing, Gabriel.

Timing is everything.

And Liza... is a time bomb.


wait a while.

Then watch and learn.

Stay there in case he shows.

Lovecraft isn't at home.

Housekeeper hasn't seen him
since yesterday.

Allen says he didn't come
into his office.

He and Montoya are watching it.

How did the killers know
where to find my witness?

Let's keep calm here.
It's a win.

We've made Lovecraft panic.
This is a panic move.

A win?!

There's two children out there

with professional assassins
coming after them!

Bruce and Selina could end up dead.

We're gonna get Lovecraft
to call them off.

How did they know?

I never told you her name,

let alone where she was hiding,

- so you couldn't have...
- I should say not.

And you never mentioned
my name to anyone, right?

No, we agreed.

I didn't mention any names
out loud.

No names "out loud"?

What about whispering?

Don't hold out on me.
I'll know.

For deep background,
I leaked...

your name
to a couple of select sources.

I had to, for credibility! You're
the Wayne murders cop.

Damn it!
That's how they got to her.

I'm surprised it took them this long
to find her.

- This is on you, Dent!
- Whoa.

I'll stipulate mea culpa.

Kick my ass, be my guest.

But... let's find Lovecraft first

and get him to call off
the killers.

He's not at home,
he's not at his office.

He could've left Gotham.

- Someone could be hiding him.
- Lovecraft...

has got a couple of condos...

that he keeps...
under his mistress's name.

One up in Stevensburgh and one,
uh, uptown.

I'll take the one uptown.

If anything's happened
to these kids...

We know you ran
with a girl...

called "Cat".

She's in serious danger.

Who isn't, right?

Crazy world.

How much?

There's $100.

All right, listen.

I don't know where Cat lives,
all right?

She's... private
about stuff like that.

But... I heard that she got
a new fence,

'cause her old one got popped.

He'd know where to find her.

Who's the fence?

I don't know.

But I know who would know.

Oh yeah?
Who's that?!

Damn it, Alfred,
save your cheese!

I can beat the truth out of this
kid with a roll of quarters!

Yo, ask Fish Mooney!

She runs all the fences.

Forgive me for shocking you,

but let me give you
some context here.

I loved Bannion.
We came up together.

But he was supposed to guard
the armory, and he didn't.

And maybe..., just maybe,

he looked the other way.

I don't know.

So what do I do?

Let it lie?

Boss, we understand...

Whoever else was involved
will very soon... wish...

they could die quickly
like Bannion.

In the meantime,

all of us must do
what's right... for the family.

Each of your tariffs
will increase 25%

until we've built the reserves again.

No disrespect,
that's high.

A little bit.

What do you think, Fish?
Am I being fair?

We're family.

We sink or... swim together.

You could all learn from Fish.
She trusts me.

Trust me, and I'll trust you.
It goes both ways.

Let's eat.

There's a phone!

Come on!

I don't... I don't carry coins.
Do you have any coins?

Nope. Not a dime.

Why does Alfred matter so much
to you, anyway?

He's just your butler.

He's my family.

Good luck, kid.
See you around maybe.


- Wait!
- Look!

Those bad guys were there
for me. Not you.

You have... nothing
to worry about. Go home.

But you said...

I was just trying
to freak you out.

I was playing with you.

You were playing with me?!

That's kind of cruel, isn't it?!


No. Look,
you're right about me.

I'm not nice.

Not like you.

You got a nice way about you.

- "A nice way"?
- Yeah.

That's why I said that thing
about you being the target,

so, you know..., we could
hang out... a while longer.

I see.

It's very convoluted reasoning.


Anyhow, it's been cool.

- I'm gonna disappear.
- You can't do that!

- I wasn't asking.
- You can't disappear!

You have to come back home with me.

When Detective Gordon finds
the man who killed my parents,

you have to testify.

You really think that
was ever going to happen?

Grow up, B.

No, don't!
You won't make it!


You're crazy.

Please, don't run off again.
I'm out of breath.

Okay, kiddo.

You earned it.

You want to hang with me,
that's cool,

but my world, my rules.
You do what I say.

Yes, ma'am.

Why can't I call Alfred
or Detective Gordon

to let them know I'm okay?

Because we're disappearing.

You got to be like smoke.

Smoke doesn't make phone calls.

What is this place?

The Flea.

It's like the mall
for street kids,

without the crappy music.

We'll be safe here
till dark.

Falcone's making me nervous.

If he suspects it was us
who blew up his money,

why hasn't he made a move?

'Cause he can't be sure.

There are ten other people
who could have done this.

So what now?

You're going to stick to the plan.

You're gonna reach out
to Saviano and Turski.

They are both very angry

that their taxes
have been raised,

and they're worried
about ending up like Bannion.

They're ready.

The old man is herding
his sheep toward me.

You got it, boss.

All right.

Hello, gentlemen!

Busy day, Harvey.
Come back next year.

Hand to God, Butch,

I'll be quicker than a sailor
on shore leave.

Thief we're tracking down.

Look familiar?
Goes by "Cat".


Maybe Fish knows her.

Fish knows everyone.

Fish is busy.

She works with one
of your fences, a new guy.

What's a fence?

Come on, Butch. Be nice.

This is important.

Where's Fish?

I told you, she's busy.

I once knew a fella...
called Butch.

Yeah, he was a Whitechapel lad.

Now, we called him "Butch",
you see, 'cause he wasn't.

It was a wind-up.

It was like a joke name.

In fact, he was
a horrible little toe rag.


I can't tell. Are... Are you...
Are you threatening me?

Is he threatening me?


You can't...

Now, where is this Fish?

Right here.

So..., what's the fuss?

They're just fooling around.

We're looking
for this girl...,

a street thief, goes by "Cat",
works with one of your fences.

Looks familiar.
What's the urgency?

Professional killers
are looking for her.

Professionals, huh?

This wouldn't be the Lovecraft
witness, now would it?

How'd you know?

Streets talk.

Using her to scare Lovecraft.

She saw the Waynes' killer,


- Yeah.
- Hmm.

And you're here

because you want me
to help you find her, don't you?



Why in the world
would I help you find her,

of all people?

She has Bruce Wayne with her, miss.


Yes, miss.

I'm Alfred Pennyworth.
I'm the boy's legal guardian.

- Very pleased to meet you.
- Likewise.

Ms. Mooney,
we need your help.

Well, you see, Alfred,
I would love to help you,

but it would infringe
upon my personal interests.

And why would I do that?

You have a very eloquent...

if I may say so,
Ms. Mooney.

And I can see that you're not
a woman that would...

let petty self-interest


and compassion.

I'll make some calls.

But remember this kindness.

Much better.


I'm not sure.

You look badass.

No lie.

Hey, Cat.


what are you doing here?

What have you been up to?
I thought...

Yeah, juvie caught me.

I got adopted upstate.

Didn't take?

Good people.

They wanted me to cut my hair,
dress nice.

I know you.

You're Mario Pepper's daughter.

Yes. Who are you?

I'm Bruce Wayne.

Yes, you are.
Billionaire Bruce Wayne.

Stay cool now, Ivy.

I am cool.
Why are you telling me that?

Why are you telling me what to do?

I'm not.

I'm just... saying I don't want
you to get mad at him.

He's a friend.

Why would I get mad at him?

It's not his fault, is it?

Did you kill my father?

Do you make my mother
cut her wrists?


Somebody did.

Somebody did, but not him.

How you doing? You doing okay?

I'm okay. And you?

I'm doing great.
How do I look?

You look good.

Have you seen Clyde the fence around?


he's working out of the Factory
on the Narrows.

He's cute, isn't he?

Yes, he is.
Uh, thanks, Ivy.

Good to see you. Uh,
we got to go run and see Clyde.

Oh. Okay, fine. Bye, then.

Keep... moving.

She's just a little girl.

Why are you so scared of her?

Because she's scary.
Don't look back.


Drop it.

Kick it over.

You're under arrest.
Conspiracy to commit murder.

Murder? Me, murder?!

what are you talking about?

You put a hit out on Selina Kyle!

No, not me!

The same people
that came after her

came after me too!

They attacked me on the street!

Why do you think
I'm hiding in here?!

Why would they come after you?!

Why do they ever come?

'Cause I know too much.

Cut the crap.
Who are you so scared of?!

You have no idea, do you?

You think I'm the big wheel.

When it comes to the crunch, kid,

I'm nobody, just like you.

And... And the people who really,
truly run this city,

they're watching you
huff and puff

and run around crusading,

and they are laughing at you!

You're so deep in the maze,
you can't see over the wall!

Tell me something I don't know.

My briefcase, under the bed.


Right before the Waynes...
got killed,

there was a run
on Wayne Enterprises stock,

like somebody knew
something bad was gonna happen.

So I figured I deserved a cut.

So I started digging.

I've come for that man.

You need not get hurt.


That was nice.

Let's do it again sometime.


Fish got a lead
on the kids.

At a place on the Narrows
called "Factory".

Word is, Cat used
a fence named Clyde.

He hangs there.
We're on our way now.

Alfred. Let's go.

Fish, thank you.

You owe me.

Who don't I owe?

Mr. Lovecraft?!

No, no, no, no, no.

This is Detective Gordon.

Badge number 231611.

Reporting body at 1257,

Cat! My baby!

Hey, Clyde.

what have you got for me?

- Hey!
- Shh!


Sweet swag.

Not your usual junk.

Moving on up.

Where'd you get this?

You want a story or the swag?

How much?

Thousand bucks.

Please! Give me a break.

That's rock-bottom, you know it is.

50 bucks.


This pen is real gold,

and that's an antique jade netsuke.

It's worth 2,000 dollars on its own.

And who is this
well-spoken little...


Never mind who he is.
Look, 500 is rock-bottom.

Why are you wasting my time?


I'm sure we can...
make a deal.

No, thanks.
We'll go elsewhere.

Cool down, Cat.

Or we'll poke
your little friend's eyes out.

That's it.


I've got some friends
coming over

who would just...
love to meet you.

It's all there.

Don't look so anxious.

Yeah, well, uh...,
you guys are kind of sporty.

Where is she?

She's upstairs.

She better be.

Find me something heavy.

Am I the only one in this damn town
who waits for backup?!



Where's Alfred?!

He's in there.



Where's your girlfriend?

I have no idea.

Don't make me hurt you.

You're not on the contract.

She's gone.

Some advice, kid:

Don't ever mistake bravery
for good sense.


Fancy seeing you here.

You all right?

I'm fine.

How are you?

You really scared me,
Master Bruce.

If you die...

who employs butlers anymore?

Oh, thank God.

Lovecraft was a beloved pillar
of this community.

A dedicated servant of Gotham.

So, what do I tell the media, huh?


Any ideas?

He was a crook.

We nearly had him.

And he was killed by
whoever he would have implicated

if he had lived to testify.

Say that.

Forgive me if I can't
get behind your approach.

It was your gun.

I didn't kill him.

On balance, I believe you.
On balance.

But suicide is much cleaner...

It wasn't suicide,
it was murder!

It was suicide!

He went mad under
your relentless questioning,

overpowered you...

and killed himself with your gun.

And don't tell me otherwise!

What do you say, Counselor?

I'm at your disposal,
Mayor James.

I'm sorry if we've caused you
any disquiet.


You arrogant clowns.

You're hacking away
at the very foundations of this city.

Tryna take me down?!

Should have the both of you
stuffed in a sack

and thrown in the river.

But I can't do that.

Two scapegoats
would look like panic.

But one of you is going down,
mark my words.

Sir, that's not right.


It's not you, Dent.

Obviously it's Mr. Gordon.

Sir, I protest.

But not too much.

You see,

Counselor Dent... knows
how to walk the line.

He knows where the edge is.

You, Mr. Gordon,

do not know where the edge is.

Mayor James.

Kiss my ass.

Dick Lovecraft's suicide
is a terrible, terrible tragedy.

Fighting the trumped-up charges

of an overzealous
police officer...

was too much for him.

You have my word, Dick.

This officer is being dealt with.

Arkham Asylum?

A security guard for nut-jobs?

Criminal nut-jobs, yeah.

Are you taking the assignment?

- It's that or quit.
- So quit.

That's what they want me to do.

Damn, Jim.

Whoever your next partner is,

he or she... will be
a lot easier than me.


Detective Gordon,

I hear you've been thrown out
in disgrace. Is this true?

Yeah, it is.

I'm gonna write a letter
to the boss.

You do that.

Which boss should I write to?

Forget it, Ed.

That's the breaks, huh?

You take care.

Maybe you should take him
with you.

You'd miss him
if he was gone.

No, I wouldn't.

Let me buy you a drink


Your security still sucks.

No one's hunting for me.

I didn't expect to see you again.

Never said goodbye.

No, we didn't.

Didn't want to be rude.

It... It's... It's good to see you.


Thank you, but...
you could keep this.

You... You need it more than I do.

Nah. Let's keep things
honest between us.

Uh, I'm keeping this one anyway.

Having a little chat,
Master Bruce?

Thinking out loud.


Right. Of course you were.

Shall I take that for you?

The old house seems
very quiet...

without her, doesn't it?

Yes, it does.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)