Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 11 - Rogues' Gallery - full transcript

An unknown person in Arkham Asylum is experimenting on the inmates, while Oswald unexpectedly finds himself in jail.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Previously on Gotham...

I've been sober for a year.

That doesn't erase the things that
I did, but I still care about you.

"Dear Jim, I thought I could be
"strong and brave for you, "but I can't.

"I'm going away for a while
to get myself together."

Trust me, and I'll trust you.

In the meantime, each of your
tariffs will increase 25%.

Reach out to Saviano and Turski.

They are worried about
ending up like Bannion.

The old man is herding his sheep toward me.

Arrogant clown.

Try to take me down?

You do not know where the edge is.

Arkham Asylum?

Security guard for nut jobs?

- It's that or quit.
- So quit.

That's what they want me to do.

Falcone, the mayor... I'm not gonna
stop, Harvey. I'm gonna get 'em. - nowa jakosc napis?w.
Napisy zostaly specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.

If thou neglect'st or dost unwillingly

what I command, I'll
rack thee with old cramps.

Fill all thy bones

with aches,

make thee roar

that beasts shall

tremble at thy din.

Go, go.


Pray thee.

I must obey.

His art is of such power...

Such power...

"It will control my dam's god."

It would control

my dam's god Setebos

and make a vassal of him.

So, slave, hence.


? Full fathom five ?

? My father lies ?

? Of his bones are coral made ?

? Those are pearls ?

? That were his eyes ?

? Nothing of him ?

? That doth fade ?

? But doth suffer a sea change ?

? Into something ?

? Rich and strange... ?

- Oh!
- Get back!

- Get back.
- Yah! Yah!


Don't kill me!

Stay down.

This is the fourth inmate
outburst in as many weeks

as you've been stationed here.

I understand this is

punishment duty for you,

but I expect professional
standards nonetheless.

This is unacceptable, Gordon.


It's my fault, Mr. Lang.

The play was too upsetting.

We'll stick to comedies from now on, I think.

Thank you, Nurse Duncan.

It's "Director" or "Dr. Lang,"

as you prefer.

Recreational activities

are not pertinent to this conversation.

Officer Gordon is responsible

for security on this wing,

a task which he seems unable to manage.

What have you to say about this, Gordon?

This man needs medical attention.

I'd see to him myself,

but there's rules.

I dispense meds, not treatment.

He needs a doctor.

Very well.

I'll send one in.

Any more incidents,

and I'll have you placed
on the remedial duty roster.

Think you can't fall any farther?

Think again.

How is he?

He's fine.

Will be.

And you?

I'm good.

Few bruises.


You're the famous

Detective Jim Gordon, aren't you?

That's my name.

I'm not sure about "famous."

Notorious, then?

Nearer the mark.

Who are you?

Leslie Thompkins.

Dr. Thompkins.

You work here?

I'm not an inmate.

I haven't seen you on infirmary duty before.

I work in the female ward.

I come over here when they're short-handed.

All the girls are talking about you.

Brave detective brought low

by fighting City Hall.


They say that, do they?

I'm sorry, I didn't mean to
make light of your situation.

It's okay.

Personally, I think what
you're doing is admirable.

I'm guarding lunatics.

No. You're not quitting.

Not yet.

Who are you?

Oh, sorry.

I didn't mean to blurt
all that out like I did.

It's none of my business.

Uh, Dr. Thompkins,

you sure this inmate's gonna be okay?

He's fine.

He's just sleeping off his meds.

I'm trying.

Get a room, you guys.

I should go.

It's nice to meet you, Jim.



How you doing?

I... I'm good.

I'm good.

You look sick.

Like you need a doctor.

No doctors.

N... never, ever again.

I-I'm fine.

I-I was resting.

I got a place we can go, Ivy.

Come on.

I-I-I, I'm
shivery is all.


Come on.

They're gone.

It's safe.


Sure as sure.

We'll only stay until you feel better.

Come and lay down on the couch there.

Wh... What if the real people come home?

There's dust on everything

and something smells rotten.

Nobody's coming.

Whose place is this, anyways?

How come you ask so many questions, Ivy?

I'm trying to help you.

Now lie down and I'll get you a blanket.

Morning, gentlemen.

Have you considered my proposition?

Uh, yeah.



We already pay enough.

Don Maroni set the rates last year.

And now I'm raising the prices.

Inflation is a bitch.

Maroni said...

Maroni, Maroni...

You're beginning to irk me.

You're talking to me, the Penguin.

So you're Penguin.

So what?

I called the cops on you.

It's The Penguin.

And that was a very naive call to make.

Hello, we own the cops on the waterfront.

Tell that to the cops, buddy.


Why the frowns?



Hey, Frogman.



These are electrode wounds.

This man was given a crude,

invasive kind of electroshock therapy.

Metal needles were inserted into the brain

and electricity was applied
to his frontal lobes.

What for?

Surgically, it's used to
modify aberrant behavior,

but in this case, way
too much voltage was used

and his brain is completely fried.

Another under your watch, Gordon?

How did this happen?

You rushed into opening,

and now you're running this place

with skeleton staff and zero surveillance

in an unsafe and unsecure
200-year-old maze.

Excellent. Excuses.

That's that nature of municipal operations.

You inherit problems

and you use the resources
at hand to do with you can.

Well, our resources don't
stretch nearly far enough

to cover a criminal assault investigation.

We should call the GCPD.

No, this is an in-house medical issue.

He still breathing?

Well, yes, but he's effectively brain dead.

What does...

He's still breathing.


For all official purposes, well,

he's still alive.

Keep him comfortable, Doctor.

Officer Gordon?

I want you to find out which one

of our charming inmates did this.

I want a report on my desk Friday.

Another day, another dollar.

Really? This is rather usual

and sinister, isn't it?


So, who are we looking for?

What does it take to pull this off?


some basic knowledge of human anatomy.

Um, basic electrical skills.

A circuit board,

some wiring.

Is that all?

And the door keys, of course.

"The door keys."


No, man, I got my keys right here.

Look at me, Steven.

Look at me.

Tell me the truth.

Why you picking on me?

There's five other guards
with keys to this wing.

True, and you're the only one who looks

and smells like a hunted animal.

Look, Steven.

Whoever fried Frogman had keys.

Now, we've searched all the inmates' cells.

No keys.

But I know they're out there.

And I need to know where.

I'm backed up against the wall here.

And I'm starting to lose my
patience... do you understand?

That fight... during the play.

Right after, I noticed my keys were gone.

You lose equipment, that's a big deal.

They dock me a week's pay,
so I tracked done a spare set!

Who took the keys?

I don't know.

Anyone could've taken them.

Walk away.


Walk away!

And then he raises our taxes

after his money blows up.

Killed Bannion like he was nobody.

I'll say it.

I wish something would
happen to old man Falcone

before he comes after one of us.

That's where this is going.

Slow down. Now, let's imagine

God forbid anything happened to Falcone.

Just for kicks...

who would take over then?

Who would take over?

I do.


Now, that never occurred to me.

What never occurred?

I'm next in line. Seniority.

That's the way the system works.

That's how the system used
to work back in the day.

It's a new dawn, a new city.

I would believe we would need

some fresh thinking at the top.

And who is the fresh
thinker that you got in mind?

Let me guess.



She's talking about her.



You don't think I could run the family?

Hey, no, why not?

Woman's lib and all that.

But fair play, Jimmy is next in line.

Well, there's no need to argue.

It's all hypotheticals anyhow.

We're just talking, right?

Inmate 5075 Jack Gruber.

Inmate Gruber?

Did you take Officer Wenger's keys?

You're looking into the
sad demise of the Frogman.

The Frogman disrupted your play last night.


You didn't like him very much, did you?

Well, I had no opinion of him.

He was called the Frogman because he believed

a giant bullfrog lived inside his abdomen,

controlling his thoughts.

He was already dead.

I don't waste psychic energy on the dead.

Rape, murder...

You're no stranger to violence, Gruber.

Your psych evals say
you're a grade-A sociopath.

Why should I take your word for anything?

You shouldn't believe
everything you read, Jim.

May I call you Jim?

Did you take the keys? Please,

search my cell if you do
not find me trustworthy,

but, no, Jim, I did not take anyone's keys.

Thank you.


Did you take Officer Wenger's keys?


Hey. Hey!

Settle down.

- S-Settle down. -
Settle down.

Did you take Off...

You have the keys?

Get the straps! Need a restraint!

- Keys?
- Yes.

Keys. Did you take the guard's keys?

No. Am I in trouble?

No, Aaron,

unless you're lying to me.

Aaron never lies,

Mr. Gordon.

He doesn't have the concept,

poor peaceful soul that he is.

He killed his family with an axe.

Isn't that what you did, Aaron?

Never harmed a fly before or since.

I said sorry.

Okay, Aaron.

You're free to go.

Thank you. Guard?

You saw how that went.

Saviano's the problem.

Now, on his own, Janacek,
I can turn him around.

And the junior capos will follow him.

But that Saviano, we got to deal with him

before we make our move on Maroni.

Why not let me talk to Saviano

on my own? Me and Jimmy go way back.

That's true. You do go way back.

What would you tell him?

I'd say you're the best candidate.

He knows that.

He just can't admit it to your face.

Too proud.

Okay then.

Talk to him.

Will do.


you're not turning on me, are you?


What kind of question is that?

Why would you even joke
about something like that?

I'm just asking.

A girl gets insecure once in a while.

Royston, what are you doing out of your cell?

Hey, cut it out!

Full fathom five thy father lies.

Of his bones are coral made.

Aw, hell.

Royston, is that your name?

Sea nymphs hourly ring his knell.


The poor man can walk and talk,
but all he remembers are lines

from the play.

Same electroshock technique

as Frogman but with slightly
less drastic results.

It's like whoever's doing this
is improving their methods.

Or maybe their process is
so haphazard, they don't know

what kind of outcome they're gonna get.

One man ends up a vegetable,

while the other one recites
Shakespeare on a loop.

I don't understand what an inmate gains

from scrambling up another inmate.

You should stay on the
female wing for a while.

There's no reason to put yourself in danger.

I'm perfectly capable of protecting myself.

Besides, my patients need me.

There's gonna be some drama around here.

The missing keys

made me focus on the inmates,

but I think it's a misdirection.

I think I should be focusing on the staff.

Oh. I see.

There will be some drama.

But, wait, I'm staff.

What if it's me?

- It's not you.
- How can you tell?

- You're not the type.
- Cop skills, huh?

You can read people.

Some people.

A staff member? That's absurd.

- It was an inmate.
- I don't think so.

Your job is to oversee inmate security.

You're not authorized to
conduct an investigation

of the staff.

Whoa. You're trying to force my hand.

You want me to call the police.


I already called 'em.

Barbara, you need to wake up.


I got you coffee.

Mmm, extra sweet.

You always remember.


Have you spoken to Jim recently?

Why would I?

Renee, you don't

have to be jealous of Jim.

I'm over him.

This was a mistake.

What was?

This. Us.

I should have never let
it go on for this long.

I'm s... I'm sorry.

Oh, I-I see.

Look, Barbara...

No. No. I mean, you're...

No, you are absolutely right.
This-this was a mistake.

This has been a really long process for me,

and I've worked too hard
to get right with myself.

I-I wanted this to be good,
but I can't fall back now.

The drinking, the drugs.

We're toxic together, you and me.

Please, Renee, stop.

There's no need to say another word.

I am sorry that I
interfered with your process.

Barbara, you need help

I can't give you right now. Let me call Jim

- for you, please.
- No.

- Where's my purse?
- You don't need to go. Stay here.

Take time to get yourself together. I'll go.

I am perfectly together, thank you.

I am just toxic, that's all.

Now, where's my damn purse?!

Barbara, stop.

Calm down, please, all right?

I'll go.



Do what you want. Go.

I'm sorry...

Just go.

Hey, pal.

In a cow slip's bell I lie,

there I crouch when owls do cry.

All right.

I can dig that.



Partner. Mwah!

Let me take a good look at you.

Lord have mercy, a screw.

- Excuse me.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hey, you weren't exaggerating.

Freaky as advertised.

Nobody of authority called on you, sir.

This is not a police matter.

You must be Director Dr. Lang.

See, I beg to differ.

This is third degree
assault, at the very least.

A friend of yours, is it?

Egregious insubordination.

Your job here was already
hanging on a thread.

This is the end of your
career in law enforcement.

Count on it. Whoa!

Take it easy, hot shot.

Officer Gordon did the right thing.

Why wouldn't he call the police?

Anyone would think you'd want

to keep this business quiet.

Gerry... it is Gerry, isn't it?

Now, did you do this terrible thing, Gerry?

That doesn't even merit a reply.

No, I did not do this terrible thing.

But you have the skill, though, as a doctor.

I mean, you could do it, lickety-split.

Now, why would I do this?

Why would anyone?

Exactly, Officer Gordon.

Gerry, I think we're gonna have to take you

down to the precinct... you're
raising a lot of questions

that need clearing up
in a more formal setting.

- Well, you can't do
this... - Sh-Sh-Sh-Shush.

As of this moment, this is an
official GCPD investigation.

You, sir, will cooperate or face arrest.

Officer Gordon?

Would you mind going through
the, uh, staff records

while I take Gerry,
here, downtown for a chat?

Will do, Detective.




Good to see you.

Come on.

Like old times, huh?

All we need is a bottle of applejack.

What happened, man?

In my head, it's...

we're still kids, chasing
girls in Harlow Park.


We caught a couple of hot ones, huh?

Especially me.

Thanks for meeting with me.

What did you tell your boss-lady?

I suggested I reach out to you. She agreed.

Talk some sense into me?

It's a new dawn.

Yeah, like that.

She's not wrong, you know?

City's changing.

You really want Falcone's job?

Since we were kids, I
love you like a brother.

I love you, too.

Always. You know that.

I do, I do.

That's why I trust you.

And that's why I say to you with love...

Fish is doomed.

There's no way she gets the
chair. It ain't gonna happen.

She's a smart cookie, but she's

overreaching. I mean, come on, Butch, without

you and your crew, what's she got?

Very little.

Everybody knows it. You know it.


What's it gonna take to make you make a move?

What are you offering?

Name it.

Drop Fish, come over to us.

The club... all the businesses
attached... they're yours.

That's day one. A welcome bonus.

What else you want?

That's a good question.

Let me think it over.


Hey, brother.

Don't think too long, huh?

Detective Bullock.

Wait here.


It's good to see you.

What are you guys doing?

Old friend.

Thank goodness you're here.

There's been some silly mistake.

Looks like it.

Unless you irritated someone important...

you didn't do that, did you?


Of course not.

You sure?

Examine your soul, Penguin.


Don't go. Please, sir, I-I beg of you.

My patron, Don Maroni, is obviously

unaware of my predicament.

A simple phone call would

resolve things, I'm sure.

But, see, I like having you here.

'Cause I can sit at my desk

and look at you.

It's soothing.

Like a bonsai tree.

What's a bonsai tree?


did you see our friend?

I saw him.



I'm working him.

He's a stubborn cuss, that one.

Just give him a little time.

Time, hmm?


He can have time.


I'm optimistic.


All right, Doctor,

pretend I'm an ignoramus.

Shouldn't be too hard, hmm?

Explain to me this whole
crazy electric needle business.

When a real doctor like you does it,

what's it supposed to do?

Electroshock therapy is a common procedure

for mood and behavior alteration.

Like mind control? Of a sort.

Blue sky experimentation on humans

is considered unethical,

so we know very little of the hard science.

Okay. But skilled

surgeons can elicit very specific responses.

- Uh-huh. - But
those inmates

weren't treated by a skilled surgeon.

- You sure about that?
- There are no

skilled surgeons amongst the inmates.

Or the staff.

You're a skilled surgeon.

What... We've been over this.

I haven't opened a body since med school.

I'm just messing with you.

I don't think you're the man behind this.

No, you're not the type to break rules.

Too scared of authority.

But you're hiding something. What is it?

Well, everybody's hiding something.

Don't play tag.

You're right, Detective.

I am afraid of authority.

And the things I'm hiding?

I'll never tell you.

Sounds heavy. Heavy?

Yes. And if you know what's good for you,

you won't dig any deeper.

All right.

I don't want to hit any power lines.

Don't have to tell me twice.

No digging. Unless, of course,

it has something to do with the case at hand.


Oh. Great, thank you.

Oh, you poor thing. You look so pale.

Any joy?

Not so far.

The files seem to be incomplete.

I'm wondering if there's
more in the basement.

Blueprint says there's a
records office down there.

Oh, the basement's closed off.

Unsafe chemicals.

Nobody's been down there for ten years.

Do you know the way down there?

All right, suppose you had to pick out

one member of your staff as the culprit.

Who would it be?

It wasn't a staff member.

Whatever. Just the first
face that pops to your mind.


They're good people. I know them well.

They've all been with me
for more than five years.

We all came to Arkham together.

- Th...
- Wait.

Hold that. You just saw someone. Who was it?

Oh. No, she couldn't..



What's that?

Everybody's in their cell.


Jim, hi. What's up?

Hi, Leslie.

We're going on an adventure

to the basement.

Oh. Well, that sounds fun.

- Can I come?
- No.

- But...
- Dr. Thompkins, what did I tell you earlier?

You should go home.

Why? What's wrong?

Nothing's wrong.

Go home.

I don't understa...

- Oh.
- Whoa!

You okay?

I-I'm fine. Okay.

I need you to find the main entry guard,

tell him to hit lockdown,

then get out of the building, quick. Okay,

- Hit lockdown.
- Get out. Will do.

- Yeah.
- Jim, listen,

Dorothy Duncan isn't staff. She's an inmate.

I know. Get over here now.



Guard! Help!

Dr. Thompkins.

Jim, behind you.


Men! What the hell

do you think you're playing at?!

Go back in your cells

right now!

You hear me?

That's an order!

Remember, I'm a vegan... no butter.

Yeah, yeah.


Hi. I-Is this...

Is Jim Gordon there?

Yes, he is.

But I'm sorry, Jim is kind of busy right now.

Can I take a message?


No, that's okay.


Who is this?

I'm a friend of Jim's.

Who's that?

Go to hell!

M.E.'s got her in the morgue.

When Dorothy Duncan was a
16-year-old nursing student,

she killed five kids with poison candy...

for homework, she said.

She's spent over half her life at Arkham.

When the asylum closed, there was chaos.

She must have just hunkered
down in the basement

- until it reopened.
- Forensics is sweeping the basement level

looking for her lair.

Poor soul.

- What was she trying to do?
- Who knows?

Maybe she was just trying to
find a cure for her own madness.

She was crazy. Enough said.

It's good to see you, Jim.

And you got a win, huh?

Still fightin'. Nice work.

Yeah, I don't think my boss
is gonna see it that way.

He's working for the king
of all cheese grinders.

It's a crying shame, Cap... we
need to get him back on the job.

You know I'd bring you back
here in a second... if I could.

I know.

It's all good, Captain.

You do look spiffy in the uniform.

Yeah, if spiffy means dorky.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

How about a drink for old times' sake?

Sounds good.


Hi. Sir.

Uh, Don Maroni.

Thank heavens you're here.

You look kind of frowsty.

Uh... forgive me.

I've had nothing but a moist towelette

since yesterday morning.

A very sad picture.

You know why you're in there?

- I have no idea.
- A rhetorical question.

You're in there because I put you in there.

But, Don Maroni, wh-why?

What did I do?

Do you know what hubris is?

Do you know?!


thought that was another...



Yes, I do. H-Hubris. It's when...

It's when limping little

chickenbutt second bananas
think they're hot stuff.

- Sir...
- When dumbass underlings

raise taxes without asking me first.

- Yes, sir.
- On fishermen.

You raised taxes on fishermen.

They're out there in the freakin' ocean

risking their lives for us,

and you raise their taxes without asking me?

That's hubris, my friend.

I'm sorry, Don Maroni.

Deeply... sorry.

I will never do it again.

All right, then.

Hey, you.

Let my friends out.

Excuse me? What, am I talking
Hungarian? Open the cage, mook.

Come here.

Holy Mother, you stink!

Let this be a lesson to you, yes?

Yes, sir.

You're a smart monkey...

but you're a monkey.

And I'm the zookeeper.

Yeah, you're all right.

Captain, you should see this.

Look here.

Dorothy Duncan. Electrode wounds,

both sides.

Same gauge as the other victims.

About a month old. They
were hidden by her hair.

This is crazy... how could
she have done this to herself?

She couldn't. Not humanly possible.

Which means she was just another victim.

She couldn't.

Aw, crap.

Hey, Aaron.

What's up?


Where'd you get those...


Well done, Aaron.

Exactly like I told you.

Oh, now you are my best work so far.


Hello, Dr. Lang.


- Lang!
- They're gone.

Get an ambulance.

- Go!
- Not...

- staff.
- Don't speak.

Just breathe.

- Breathe!
- Gr... Gruber.

Dear Officer Gordon,

Sorry I had to run.

I very much wanted to enjoy

a proper chat with you before I left, but...

that's show business.

I've been practicing my
skills on these sad creatures

for a while now.

Electricity is an amazing thing.

It can work wonders.

Nurse Dorothy was an early success.

This last time, I think I
finally got one just right.

Bravo to me.

But time to go.

It was nice to meet you... Jim,

and I hope to see you around.

All the best, Jack Gruber.



How you doing?

Well. You?

Tip-top. Always.

So, what's the deal, brother, are you in?


- I'm in.
- Ah, that's my boy!

Name your terms.

You remember when we were 14,

we stole all that meat from Satriani's?

Yeah, I do. It was, like, 50
pounds of pork and whatnot.

Never seen my mom so happy.


Thing is, when I was sharing it out,

there was, like, 15 pounds of
prime angus beefsteaks in there.

And I kept it all for myself.

I didn't give you any.

Gave you all the cheap cuts.

I never knew that.

Yeah, it's been bugging me ever since.

Hey, we're talking a long time ago.

I want to say I'm sorry.

I apologize for cheating
you out of your beefsteak.

Forget about it.

Nah. Nah.

Brothers don't do that.

- Why did I do that?
- Hey...

Forget about it... it's okay.

Apology accepted.

Thank you. - nowa jakosc napis?w.
Napisy zostaly specjalnie dopasowane do Twojej wersji filmu.