Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 8 - The Mask - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock investigate a Gothamite who runs a deadly fight club for candidates applying for a job at his financial firm. Meanwhile, Bruce returns to school and gets a visit from a new friend.

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Previously on Gotham...


There are things I need to do.

If you stay, I stay.

My name is Victor Zsasz.

I'm here for Jim Gordon.

Everybody out.

There's not a single cop
in the city

who'll help you.

I won't help you!

I'm not leaving.

You don't have to join me.

I figure I'm doomed anyhow.

I might as well join
the good guys.

I ain't looking for no girl.

I'm looking for a weapon.

Excuse me.

You wanna start a war?
Over this punk?

The little guy amuses me.

Why go to war
over trifles?

We'll let you have him.

Our gift to you.

Oh God. Oh God.


Hell of a way to start the day.

I mean, I just cleaned this.



Uniforms found the body.

No wallet, no ID..., no watch.

He got beaten up pretty good.

I'm guessing
the cause of death

is that gigantic gash
in the side of his neck.

You think?
What's all the black on him?

Ink? Paint?


- Good morning, Ed.
- Detective.

Going by overall coagulation,

I'd say time of death
is midnight. But...

he's only been here
for a couple hours.

Rats have just started
on his ears.

Sneaky little buggers.

So not a mugging.
Muggers don't move the body.

Abrasions on his knuckles.
Put up a fight.

Look at the suspenders.

I'm guessing he's some kind
of finance guy.

Maybe it was an abduction ransom thing
gone wrong,

he resists, ka-chunk!

Do you want to talk to the uniforms
that found the body?

Uh, you do it.

We should canvass the area, though.
A lot of homeless around here.

- I'll get some unis on it.
- I'll handle it myself.

Hey, Joe!

Go smoke somewhere else, huh?

Come on, Jim,
that's what we got uniforms for.

- Let them do it!
- And I'd rather handle it myself.


I'm guessing I should run
all the prints?

Yeah, Ed, run the prints.

This one too?

Yeah, Ed, that one too.

It wasn't even a proper yacht.

No, it's more like a dinghy.

Can I help you?

What a lovely brooch.

Thank you.

May I have it?

I have a friend
who would love that.

- Excuse me?
- Oh.

I'm sorry.

May I please have it?

You shouldn't have.

I wanted to make a gesture.

I hope, in time...,

we can be friends.




Why not?
What's done is done.

I'm so glad you feel that way.

Don Maroni wants us
to clarify terms.

Well, it's business as usual.

Maroni still has his drugs,
his unions.

He pays tariff for the ports.

If he needs favors from the cops
or the mayor,

Don Falcone will consider it.

And, of course, the families
still share Arkham.

And there is to be no blood spilled
on either side.

- Not a drop.
- Hmm.

Maybe just a drop.

Look at you.


Do you know this fellow
used to have your job?

Carried my umbrella
and thought it an honor.

Now look at him.

Has a seat at the table.

Things change, eh?

I've been blessed.

Perhaps I should open your gift.

My goodness.

That is beautiful.

Now I feel awful.

- I didn't get you anything.
- No.

Thank you.

Hmm. Sweet.

That was uncalled for.

I brought you into my family
and I treated you like a son!

And you betrayed me.

- For which I suffered.
- Not enough.

When I order some fool killed,
I expect him to stay that way.

Your boss, Don Falcone,
expressly said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah,
he wants peace.

He's the only reason
why your ass is still alive.

And if I were you,
I would pray!... for his good health.

Oh, I do.

I do.


'Cause remember:

Things change.

Convey my respects to your don.




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Come now, Master Bruce.

Had to happen
sooner or later, huh?

Is this really necessary?

Homeschooling is just as effective.
I can show you the data.

You need to be around
children your own age.


'Cause you do.

You know I despise
that sort of answer.

Don't you miss your mates?

Not really.

I've always found them...
kind of childish.

Well, that's what they're meant to be,
aren't they?

That's what they do.

Don't you want to be...
like a normal kid?

I'm not sure.

Define "normal"
and make a good case for it.

You're going to bloody school.

Now, start walking.

Good luck, lad.

Very sorry for your loss, ma'am.

Can you think of anyone

who would want to hurt
your son Coleman?

No, sir. Nobody.

He was a good boy.

Yes, ma'am, I can see that.

No arrests.
An honest young man.

- What did he do for a living?
- Uh, he worked in a coffee shop.

When we found him,
he was in a suit.


He was looking for a job
in finance.

He was very ambitious.

First in our family
to go to college.

Who would do this, sir?!


We'll do our best
to find out, ma'am.

Gordon's finishing up
with the mother.

So far,
nothing off the severed thumb

and none of the city's ERs
have seen any thumbless guys.

- You think he went black market?
- That's next on my list.

- How's Gordon?
- Angry.

How would you feel if every cop
in the building ran out on you?

And now they all treat him
like he's got the plague,

'cause seeing him reminds them
of what cowards they all are.

I'm sorry, Cap, I...
I didn't mean you.


You're right.

But he's gotta get over that.

Can't do this job alone.

Lucky he's got you.


So beautiful.

As soon as I saw it,
I thought of you!

Such a good son.

- Put it on, put it on.
- Oh.

What... What happened?!

- Who did this?!
- Nobody.

It's just a scratch. It's...

Is your mother a fool?


Someone is being mean
to my boy!


It's a tough business.

The restaurant business
is so tough these days?

Why is that?

My success makes
other people envious.

So tell the boss
on these people.

This person isn't scared
of the boss.

Not like they should be.

I don't know why.

I know.

When I was in school,

Magda Himmelfarb
was so mean to me...

and teacher did nothing.


Because such a good dancer
I was.

And Magda, with her nice hair
and her big bosoms, a carthorse.

I meant...,
why did the teacher do nothing?

Why you think?

"Private lessons", they said.

I put stop to that.

- You told on them?
- Oh, no.

I denounced Magda's father

to Secret Police.


Three weeks...

he's been turning... up his nose
at my traps,

and now, now, today,
a smidge of Camembert

and Mr. Rat, he cannot resist!

No. Oh, can you?
Can you, my little greedy baby?!

I found out your secret!


Everybody has a secret.



They teach you that
in med school?



Is that Kenny Suffield?!

Smash and grab guy.
Also a real hound with the ladies.

- Who shot him?
- I do not ask.

Well, me and my partner
doing all the rounds

of you black market sawbones.

Guy we're looking for
would've come in early this morning...

- missing a thumb.
- Sorry.

You'd tell us if you knew,
wouldn't you, Doc?

I mean, that's the deal, right?

You give us info
and we let you keep operating.

That's a pun, operating.


black ink,
just like on the victim.

Oh, Doc.


He came in about 3 this morning.
Didn't give a name, but...

this dropped out of his pocket.

Sionis Investments.

What'd he look like?

Mid-20s, suit, suspenders.

Just like our dead guy.

Sorry, Doc.

This is Gordon.

I need an ambulance
and a black and white at 1856 Wilton.


Just... wait a second.

Just get me Alvarez, will ya?!


Bullock, what the hell, man?
I got a deal with that guy!

- Deal's off.
- But I told you everything!

Yeah, after we caught you
in a lie!

He always lies.
You just squeeze him!

- You're screwing the rest of us!
- Oh, yeah?!

- How's that feel? You like it?
- Hey, enough! Enough!

I get it, I get it, huh?

None of these sons of bitches
had your back when it mattered,

but where was I?
I was there, remember?

With Falcone, the mayor,
blaze of glory?

Be nice, for my sake.

- I am being nice.
- Haven't you learned your lesson?

We're only alive
because Falcone let us live.

You got to go along to get along,

No, I don't.

You think locking up
Doc Scumbag there...

is gonna make a difference?

I'm on your side,
I proved that.

Yeah, you did.

So I'm asking you, please...,

let the doc out and tomorrow...

you and I will go check out
this... Sionis Investments together.

All right, partner?

Sorry, Harv.

- This ain't right, Harvey.
- Alvarez..., put a zipper on it!


Barbara, what are you...

I heard someone come in,

you didn't turn on the light...

So you got out my spare?

You were late! I got nervous!

- God.
- Not the best idea

to be handling a firearm
when you've been drinking!

I'm sorry.

you've been through a lot.

It's over now.

I am scared, Jim.
Everywhere I go, I can...

I can feel that... monster,
Zsasz, stalking me, and I...

He's not a monster.

He's just a man.

I won't let anyone hurt you.

How can you promise me that?

Tell me it'll be okay.

Tell me there really aren't
any monsters.


lie if you have to.

There aren't any monsters.

When are we gonna get out of here?

That's... up to you.



I didn't think you were up.

Look, last night
was just nerves...

and way too much to drink.

I said I wanted half
your life, and I've got it.

Leave the gun.

- I wish it wasn't like this.
- Do you really?

Ignore me.
I'm just tired.


Catch some bad guys.


Forensic examination
by Edward Nygma,

8:42 a.m., GCPD morgue.

The room is approximately
19 degrees Celsius.

I ate half a cranberry muffin

saving the rest for later.

What do a dead man, a cruise
ship and emu have in common?

Correct. Nothing.

Ever more curious.

He what?!

Nygma, how many times
have I told you

to stay the hell out of here?

But I discovered something.

You'll discover
your butt in the street

if you keep doing this.

Your loss.

You sloppy ignoramus.

Hi Bruce.


Brucey! How you doing?

Tommy, hey.

- Hmm, I'm well, how are you?
- You know, chilling.

So, uh, your mom and dad
got killed, huh?


You see the whole thing?
The blood and everything?

- I'd rather not talk about that.
- I was just interested.

I've never seen
a real dead body.

Was there guts?

I'll be going to class now.

Forgive me, Mother,
for I have sinned.


It feels weird meeting here.

You don't want anyone
to see us together.

Falcone has his eyes everywhere.

So..., where are we?

I cook for him,
I sing to him, we go on walks.

I don't know whether I'm his maid,
his lover or his mother.

Or all three.

He cares about you.


Hmm. Have you been
inside his private office?

Yeah. A few times.

Inside... the right bottom
desk drawer is a ledger.

Copy the last two pages.

It'll be locked.

You will need a key off
of his key ring.

How do I get that?

Behind you is a vial.
Give it to him.

He'll sleep like the dead
for two hours.

It won't kill him, will it?



You haven't caught feelings
for the old man, have you?

Not at all.

No, it won't kill him.

Killing him now
would only create chaos.

I need to siphon his strength.

So when the time is right,

taking over his organization
will be like slipping on a glove.

What if one of his men
catches me snooping?

Then you're probably dead.

You leave first.

Right, right, right.

I'm under a lot of pressure.

Something tells me
we came to the right place.

You think?

Mr. Sionis will see you now.


- Richard Sionis.
- James Gordon.

This is my partner,
Harvey Bullock.

How can I help you, detectives?
I don't... have much time.

You know this man?
Coleman Lawson?

He might have interviewed
for a job.

Sorry, no.

Any of your employees
miss work yesterday?

Any of them show up today
with an injured right hand?

I don't.. take roll call,

You mind if we check?

Perhaps you can tell me
what this is about?

Coleman Lawson
was killed two nights ago.

The man who did it had
your firm's card in his pocket.

Well, there's a thousand ways
he could've gotten that.

What's with all the warrior baloney?

It... inspires me.

High finance is...
tough business.

In order to succeed,
you have to be a warrior.

No, you don't.

You have to be
a good businessman.

Warriors fight wars.
It's different.

So you fancy yourself a killer?

Have you killed people,
Mr. Sionis?

Only metaphorically.

So all this is just
juvenile play acting.


Thus speaks a man
who's seen actual... combat.

You've... killed people for real,
haven't you?

True killers
are easy to spot.

Yes, they are.

Why all the masks?

A shrink would say
you're hiding something.

To the contrary.

A mask... hides the... face,
but... frees... the soul.

A mask speaks the truth.


How come so many of your employees
have scars and injuries?

Our touch football games
get very rough.

You're a liar, Mr. Sionis.

Such fire.

You must miss the battlefield

I imagine... killing
gets quite addictive.

You murdered Coleman Lawson,
didn't you?

Prove it.

We will.

I'd give you a good cop routine,

but it's not
in my tool kit.


Turn around slowly!

Let me see those hands!

Don't move!

You should've waited for me.

Hey, Brucey.

It's Bruce.

No "Y".

No parents either,
so I can call you what I like.

Please, get out of my way.

Snobby little jerk, isn't he?

For an orphan.

You're being very unkind.

I don't understand why.

Boy, you're a weirdo.

Your mother must...

Don't talk about my mother!

Oh really?

Oh, is that Timothy?!


We met
at Fish Mooney's, hmm?

I'm the fellow
who used to have your job!

I was hoping to ask you
a few questions.

I don't know any...

They'll be time for that.

First things first.

Most killers leave their prints
at the crime scene,

but not you, no.

You left your whole thumb
in the dead guy's mouth!

You got style!
I like you, kid.

This is your last chance.

Once we walk out that door...,
it's over.

It was self-defense.

Of course it was!

Wasn't that what I said, Jim?

Didn't I say it was probably


Gordon's getting the rest
of his statement.

Apparently it was part
of the hiring process.

Sionis told the top three
candidates to fight it out.

They weren't supposed to fight
to the death, but...

This is unbelievable.

They all signed
confidentiality agreements

so they're accomplices
to whatever happens.

Do we know where the fight
was held?

Some old office building.
The windows were boarded up.

And he was taken there

Yes, Ed?

Printer toner.

Do you know what he's talking about?

The medical examiner's report
said it was black ink.

But I did my own examination,
and it was printer toner.

Also, I pulled staples
from his shoulders

and found graphite chips
between his ribs.

Your man was killed in an office.

Yeah, we're kind of past that,
Ed, but thanks.

- Is there something else?
- Yes.

It made me think of a case
from a year ago.

Young man, business suit,

esophagus lacerated
from index card shoved down his throat.

So I did some digging...

How many other bodies were killed
with office supplies?

Four... in the last three years.

Get that man to sign
a confession! Now.

I think we have a problem.

I explained to Detective Gordon;
as counsel to Mr. Adams

I'd advised him
against speaking further.

Also, any statements
he has made

will be considered
having been made under duress.

Uhuh, and how much is Sionis
paying him to take the fall?

Good day.

He showed up before Adams
could sign his statements.

We got to figure out where Sionis
is staging these fights.

I'll run all the buildings
he or his company owns in Gotham.

This make any sense to you?

No, but how's it any worse
than the Goat or the Balloonman?

When did this become normal
for this city? What changed?!

Maybe nothing.

Maybe it was always
just below the surface.

Only needed a spark.

Like Thomas and Martha Wayne
being killed?

I'm not blind, Gordon.

I know you're still looking into it.

But how could their deaths
have caused all this?

Why were they so important?

I think it's what they represented.

A different Gotham.

Decent, hopeful.

Whatever it was,
it's gone now.

When Zsasz came for you,
I should've stayed.

I told you to go.

That doesn't matter.
I should've stayed.

Now, let's get this guy.


Tad late, Master Bruce!


- Oi, oi, what...?
- I'm perfectly fine!

Hey, what happened?

Someone spoke disrespectfully
about my mother.

Oh, did they now?

Well, I hope you broke
their bastard teeth for them, hmm?


He's much bigger than me,
and I...

I'm not very good at fighting.
Didn't hurt him at all.

Not at all?

Don't tell the school!

Not bloody likely.

Take a look at this.
Sionis owns half of Gotham!

All right, we'll split up.

Focus on the buildings
that are abandoned

or under construction first.

This son of a bitch
is not getting away.

I'll say one thing.
He has your number.

- What are you talking about?
- Sionis.

You may not have put down
Cobblepot, Jimmy Boy,

but you got a demon in you.

You can call yourself a soldier,
but all this fighting Falcone...,

fighting other cops,

you love it.

So when you find something
that seems remotely possible,

call me.

Barbara, everything all right?

Fine. I just, uh...,

I wanted to check in.

Can we talk later?
I'm kind of in the middle of something.

Of course.

I love...


Boss wants his tea.

It's almost ready.


Anybody else here?


would be a yes.

- All right. Cream and sugar.
- Yeah.




A girl's got to shop.


is your father's watch.

Don't you lose it now.

Tommy Elliot's house!

- Don't you be scared.
- I'm not.

I'm visualizing
what I'm gonna do.

'Cause if you don't want to do this,
there's no shame in it.

There would be immense shame in it.

What the hell are you doing here?

We have unfinished business.

Listen, if you think you're gonna
tell my parents...

Are you crazy?!

Don't talk about my mother!

Master Bruce!

Point well made, I think.

You all right, mate?
Any broken bones?

He... He tried to kill me!

That's right. He did.

He tried to kill you.

Just you remember that
next time you see him.

And you remember...

that I let him try.

Now, let's get some ice
on those knuckles.

What do you fancy for your dinner?

- Pizza.
- Pizza?!

Superb choice, Master Bruce.

Jim, where the hell are you?
My list crapped out. Call me.

Nygma, Gordon hasn't called in,
has he?

No. But... if the detective
becomes the mystery, then...

Wake up.

Detective Gordon?

Wake up!


three of you applied
for a position at my firm.

I explained then...

you can use anything here
as a weapon,

and the last man standing
gets the job.


tonight is special.

You see the man...
without the mask?

Whoever kills him...
is the victor.

Listen to me! I'm a cop!

So far, none of you
have broken any laws!

Let the games...


One last chance!
Nobody move!


And I'll throw in a million-dollar
signing bonus.

Ah, crap.


I need help checking
these addresses.

Gordon might be in trouble.


I'm gonna remember that
next time your wife calls

asking where you are, you putz!


Listen up, man,
can I have some help?

Now, listen up,
you sons of bitches!

So, you don't like Gordon!


He can be a total asshat,
but he is still a cop!

And not one of you, not one,
stood up when he needed it!

That ain't happening twice.

I need help
checking these addresses, now!

Give me a couple.


But you cover with my wife,


It's over.

I knew you had a killer
in you!


where are your brother police?

Did they abandon you?!

I don't need them.

Seems I'll have to give myself
the million dollars.





You're welcome.

if i die

and my soul be lost,

ain't nobody's fault
but mine

ain't nobody's fault
but mine

if i die

and my soul be lost,

ain't nobody's fault
but mine

You'd better have a good reason
for being here.

Did you get what I asked for?

I... want... out.


He's gonna find out.

Maybe not today,
but soon.

Is it worth it?

You... are rich.

People are afraid of you.

- Is that not enough?
- No.

It's not.

I grew up
not too far from here.

One bedroom..., cold water.

Just me and my mama.

I used to sleep in a bed
behind a curtain.

It's where I would hide...
when she entertained men.

And that's where I was
when he killed her...,

one of Falcone's men.

Didn't like the service.

I hid there,

silent, until morning.

With my mama
two feet away from me.

That night, I made a promise.

To get revenge.

To never again be powerless.

To never let any man,
any... man be over me.

This is about keeping
that promise to that little girl.

So, what's this about?

This is a thread.

I pull this
and Falcone comes undone.

You're scared.

But I won't let anything...
happen to you,

and that's a promise.

I want you to say:

"I believe you, Mama."

I believe you, Mama.

That's my girl.

The thing is,
when I had your job,

had someone asked me:
"What is Ms. Mooney's secret?"

I could've answered!



I think you're holding back on me!

Okay, I...

I might've heard her with Butch.

Talking about what? Whom?

Fal... Falcone.

She said: "Our..."

"Our friend with Falcone!"

That's it.

She was whispering. Please.

She has someone close to Falcone.

Of course.

Thank you.

No one can find the body.


We are at peace after all.

No! No, please!

No! No!

Alvarez and Collins
are bringing in Sionis' minions.

Pansies tried to rabbit...
when they saw you cuffing their boss.

You okay?

Essen told me you made a speech.

I wouldn't call it a speech.

Said you called me an asshat.

I did call you that.

Thank you.

For having my back.

Now and before.

Just try not to be
such a pain in the neck.

Makes my day harder.

You know, you were wrong.

What you said earlier.

It's not that I love fighting,
but I'm not afraid to either.

And if we don't fight
for this city, who will?

I'm not gonna stop, Harvey.

Falcone, the mayor, every
cop I know that's dirty,

I'm gonna get them.

You should know that.

Go home, Jim.

You were listening tonight,
weren't you?

You gonna get in trouble,
old woman.

Heard you telling
that girl stories.

A lie with a heart of truth
is a powerful thing.

Go on, it's late.

Hey, it's me.
I'm coming home soon.

Everything is gonna be better,
I promise.

I love you.

Hey, Gordon.
Got a minute?

Can it wait?
Kind of on my way out of here.

Some unis brought in a perp.
Claims to know you.

Oh yeah?
What's the charge?

B & E,
some fancy store uptown.

Pretty professional job.
Kid didn't even trip the alarm.


Boy or girl?


Said to ask if you been down
any sewers lately.

Hey, Detective.

Miss me?

I enjoyed it.

I enjoyed hurting him.

Of course you did.

He deserved it.

I'm so angry all the time.

Will that ever go away?

That I don't know.


Can you teach me how to fight?

Yes, Master Bruce.

Yes, I can.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)