Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 7 - Penguin's Umbrella - full transcript

Word is out that Cobblepot is alive, leading Falcone and Maroni to the brink of war and causing Gordon to go on the run.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

My name's James Gordon.
I'm a detective.

My name is Bruce Wayne.

I promise I will find
the man who did this.

Stop or I'll shoot!

Mario Pepper was framed
by Fish Mooney and the cops.

Why snitch on your own boss?

You want to push Fish out.

I told you this is important.

I ain't looking for no girl.

I'm looking for a weapon.

The old man has to go.

He figures out
we're working together,

we'd be cooked.

You're under arrest for the murder
of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

Holy crap.

I... am Oswald Cobblepot.

You son of a bitch!

He's alive?!



Boss, what's wrong?

Gordon didn't kill Penguin
like he was told.


Penguin... is still alive
and working for Maroni?!


You go find Gordon
and you bring him to me.

Still breathing.

I want to talk
to that son of a bitch.

Hey guys.
Leave a message.

Barbara, if you're at home,
listen to me.

I need you to get out...
right now.

- I thought we were friends.
- Harvey!

Shut up! Game's over.

Now I gotta kill you and take
your body back to Falcone,

and beg, beg him for mercy!

Listen to me. I screwed up.

But I have a plan
to make things right.

Don't kill me. Help me.

You think I'm an idiot?

Walk away!

Walk away.

Help me.

We don't have
to go out like this.

You better hope
you never see me again.


What a place, huh?

A beautiful home...
for a beautiful lady.

Please tell me what you want.

I guess there's no harm in the truth.

See, your boyfriend...

was supposed to kill
a certain person for somebody.

Only he didn't.

And now that somebody...
is real mad.



He didn't kill cobblepot.

There you go!

You're hip.

You are hip.

That Jim Gordon is
one lucky son of a gun.

What are you, like...,
a hundred pounds?



I bet that's your
real hair color too.

What are you gonna...
do to Jim?

You ever been with a criminal?

Some ladies find it a turn-on.

- Jim.
- Hey!

Speak of the devil.

I was just getting to know
your lovely lady.

You're trespassing. Get out.

Whoa. Slow down, hoss.

You're misreading the situation.
I'm the shot caller here.

The situation is you've been told
to bring me in alive

or I'd be dead already.

But I'm happy to kill you
right here and now.

Don't be such a hard-ass.

Come on, you know the rules.

You play nice,
you take your lumps...

Nobody else gets hurt.

Tell your friend to drop his gun
or I'll blow his brains out.

- Oh my God, Jim!
- It's okay. It's under control.

Drop your gun.

Okay. Have it your way.

But now,
after we kill you,

we're gonna kill blondie too...,
nice and slow.

We've got to go... right now.


The westbound interstate express
departs in 5 minutes, bay 12.


- What?
- Listen.

No, no... No.

- Just a couple of days...
- No.

and I'll join you.

There are things I need to do.

Then if you stay, I stay.

Okay? Because I love you, Jim.
I cannot leave you.

I love you too. That's why
you need to leave.

If I know you're safe,

there's nothing they can do to me.

I'll make things right...,
and then I'll come join you.

And what if you don't?

Don't come back.

Don't come back to Gotham.

No, Jim.

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- Gordon's here.
- He nuts!

What's he doing here?

You believe this guy?

Hey, Alvarez!

You got any of those blank warrants
that Judge Bam-Bam signed?

Uh... Yeah.

This cannot stand.

Gordon must die,
Bullock must die,

Penguin must die... today!

And maroni too,
I suppose?

If need be.

You're overreacting, my dear.
This Penguin's a nobody.

You want to start a war

over the guy that carried
your umbrella?

He was on my hip
everywhere with me.

He knows things.

Like what?

Too much.
He knows too much!

Go to Maroni

and ask him politely
to hand over your little man.


If he refuses,

we can talk about
stronger measures.

Boss, this is weak response.

I hate to agree with Fish, but...

we need to show strength now.

We need to hit back hard.
No talk.

Penguin dead, Gordon dead,

Relax, Niko.
I know what I'm doing.

Where is Gordon?

I thought you were bringing him
with you.

No. He wouldn't come
without a struggle.

Now, I don't know if he's
playing tough or crazy,

but he's at work...
like nothing's wrong.

I'll send Victor to fetch him.

No need.
My guys can handle him.

I'll send Victor.

That's a nice handsome bird, huh?

I don't know chickens.


Fall back.
The old man is right there.

Screw him. He's done.

Now's the time to strike.

- Not yet.
- Not yet, not yet...

If not now, when?
Look at him.

Maroni clan are laughing at us,
and he plays with chickens.

That's what has me worried:
the chickens.

He's happy, relaxed, as if
he doesn't have a care in the world.

That girl of yours
is doing her job then.

No! She says he hasn't even
touched her.

She cooks and she cleans for him.

He likes to watch her do chores.


But if that's his thing...

No. He's acting as if he knows
something important

that no one else knows.

What the hell
are you doing here?!

I work here. It's my shift.
Where else should I be?

How about Alaska?

Arrest warrants? For who?

Mayor Aubrey James,
Carmine Falcone

and their close associates.

On charges of conspiracy
and perversion of justice

in the Wayne murder case.

Are you... insane?


Maybe a little.
Feels good.

They're gonna try and kill me

Might as well make them
pay a price for it.

You're gonna arrest the mayor
and Don Falcone. How?

My testimony is attached
to the warrants.

That alone is enough to indict them
on a dozen counts.

Sure, if you could execute
the warrants, which you can't.

If the D.A. would prosecute,
which he won't.

There's not a single cop or lawyer
in the city

who will help you.

I think there are plenty
of people willing to help me

once they see it's possible
to fight back.

You're dreaming.
Nobody will help you.

I won't help you!

You don't think I want change...
just like you do?!

I have a family.

I understand.


Get out of town.

This is my home.

It was my father's home.

I'm not leaving.

Hello everyone!

My name... is Victor Zsasz.

I'm sent here personally
by Don Carmine Falcone himself

on a matter...
of deep concern to him,

so please, be respectful.

I'm here...

for Jim Gordon.

Only him.

Everybody else, mind your business
and we're cool.

So where's Jim at?

Thank you.

Hey Jim!


Hi Jim.


I'm supposed to take you in alive.

Don Falcone wants to talk.

Tell Falcone we'll talk.

But not today.

Don't... be that way!

"Alive" is a very broad category.

A man with no hands...
can still be alive.

There are 50 cops in here.
Try something.

Everybody out.


Go, boss.
Get out of here.

- Jim...
- Go.

I can handle this.

Well, how now, Jim?



Why are you hiding
from me, Jim?


What the...?!


You need a ride?!

Go, go, go, go, go, go, go!


No, please.


Ah! You're back!

How do you feel?


Where am I?
Who are you?

I'm a friend of Montoya and Allen.

I just took two bullets out of you
and sewed you up.

Now I'm checking
to see how you're doing.


who are you,
what city are we in

and what day of the week is it?

I'm James Gordon.

We're in Gotham.
It's Friday.

Why... are there rats?

It's the dissection lab
at the university.

I gather you're a fugitive
from the mob.

Can't go to the hospital,
said Crispus.

Very exciting, I must say.

How long have I been out?

Just a couple of hours or so.

You're very lucky.
No vital organs were...

Whoa, whoa, lie back down, okay?

You are hurt.

Just a week or so in bed...

No, I have to go.

James, you have lost
a lot of blood.

You have to do as I say
and lie back down.

If you don't, you could die.

I have to stand.
Can you help me?

Okay, okay.


He said he's leaving already.

I have to go. Now.


Some clothes would be good though.

This is about tradition, values.

Snitches get stitches.
That's how it's always been.

You need to hand him over, Sal.

I know. I should.

But what can I say?

The little guy amuses me.

Don Falcone is going to be
very unhappy.

You wanna start a war?
Over this punk?

War? Whoa.

He's that important to you, is he?

Oh, no.

He means nothing to us.

Respect... is what matters here.

Respect... I understand.


Come on out here!

Don't be scared.
She won't bite.

You won't bite him, will you?

Hello, Penguin.

Hello, Ms. Mooney.


Ms. Mooney and her boss...,
Mr. Falcone,

feel disrespected by you.

Oh, dear. Well...,

that certainly
has never been my intention.

Well, respect is very important
to them.

Now, I want a sincere apology
from you...

for making them feel that way.

Oh, gosh, of course.

If I've in any way

caused anyone to feel
a lack of respect,

I apologize. Sincerely.

There you go.

Can't say fairer than that.

Bloodshed, then.

I'm glad.

Jolly fat men are so tiresome.

And you...

You little... scaly-faced... bitch.


What I'm gonna do to you...

"Torture"... is far
too nice of a word.

I'm sorry you feel that way, Fish...

Only my friends... call me Fish.

Hey, sisters!

How's it hanging?


Tell your boss

Falcone won't let any
of Maroni's trucks over the bridge.

Not till he gives up Penguin.

So, listen, you got
to get hurt a little.

You want a... beating or a bullet?

Why we got to get hurt?

Because we're sending a message.
This is a serious issue.

We'll tell him it's serious!
No problem.

Ah, you know what?

How did they find out
about the gun truck, huh?!

That's 3 mil per week right there!

Son of a bitch!

4.5 mil per gross cash.

Very aggressive move, isn't it?

An overreaction.

They... want to scare you.

Oh, is that right?

You think that they think
that Don Maroni can be scared?

Of course, you're right. No.

But... why, then,
would they react so ferociously?

Why do they want me back
so badly?

I know why.

Because they know I got
a stone moneymaker here!

A golden goose!

They know it,
and they don't want us to have him!

Right, Penguin?

Honk, honk.


"Honk, honk"!

It's what geese say.

Oh, right, right.
Honk, honk!

So fine, he's a goose.

Maybe we can negotiate a price,
pay them off.

- Yeah.
- Yes!

Caution is wise.

The Falcone clan still is
number one, after all.

Paying them off is
the safe thing to do.

Screw safe.

They want to push me?
They think I'm gonna fold?

I'll push right back, harder.

Hit them where it hurts.

You know best.

If that's how you want to play it,

I think I know
just the spot to hit them.

I owe you an apology.

You were telling the truth
and I wouldn't believe you.

Maybe my... personal feelings
towards Barbara

got tangled up in there.
And that was wrong.

Forget it.

Anyhow, I... I'm...
sorry for misjudging you,

and I'm... very glad
that we're on the same side now.

Yeah, me too.

So Barbara's safe though?
You're... sure she's safe?

I'm sure.

Gordon, is that you?!

It's all right, Alfred.

It's all right. He's a friend.

We couldn't risk
a direct approach.

There's people looking for me.

Ah, right.

Sorry about that, mate.

Can't be too careful.

In a spot of bother,
are we, sir?

Renee Montoya and Crispus Allen.

Pleased to meet you.

Bruce, I promised I would find
your parents' killer.

I'm not sure I'm going to be able
to keep that promise.

It's a long story, but...
I'm kind of in a tight spot.

I've upset some powerful people.

Stop treating me like a child!


Bruce, you are a child.
You don't need to know...

You expect to die!

I'd like to know why.

Is it connected
to my parents' murder?

Yes, it's all connected.



I will do my best
to work this thing out.

But if I don't...,

Montoya and Allen here...
will take over your parents' case.

I've told them everything I know.

You can trust them,


Bruce, these are good detectives.

If anyone can find
the truth, it's them.

Thank you.

Sir, what can we do
to help you now?


From here on in,
I have to go it alone.

I don't want anyone else
caught up in this.

- I have to go.
- You can hardly walk.

I'll be fine.

This way.

Not much further.

It's there.

Told you.

Easy as pie!

There must be
a million dollars' worth here.

Yeah, you told us, all right.

You're clever.

You're very clever.

I sense a sarcastic and hostile edge
to your tone.


You got that right.

You ain't no golden goose,
you're a yellow rat snitch,

and you got Maroni all twisted.

I'm so glad we're finally
clearing the air at last.

That's it.
Act smart, okay?

'Cause all I got to do
right now

is put a bullet in your brain...
right here.


See, then I go back
and I tell the boss

that one of Niko's men shot you.

Gee, that's too bad.
End of story.

Yes! That's clever enough.

I never doubted
your intelligence.

That's not your problem.

Oh, I got a problem, huh?
I got a problem.

No, you got a problem.

What's my problem, schmo?

What drives you, hmm?

What's your passion?

When you know
what a man loves,

you know what can kill him.

Do you believe this guy?

For you, it's money.

You love money.

More than power... and respect.

You're a skinflint, Mr. Carbone.

A cheapskate!

What are you guys playing at?!
Let me go!

Sorry, Frankie.

- As I say,
- Hey, come on!

- a cheapskate.
- Hey...

Consequently, you don't pay
your people enough.

No, you know me.
You don't want to do this!

- It is a sad...
- You...

- fact...
- don't want to do this. No.

that there is no loyalty
among thieves.

The simple offer
of a substantial pay raise

is all it took to sway
these fine men.

So you see?
That's your problem!

Your greatest passion...
becomes your greatest!... weakness!

Love..., Mr. Carbone.

Love conquers all.


My friend.

My good friend,
today is a sad day.

Nikolai was like a son to me,

just as Frankie
was a son to you.

We've both lost
precious family members.

My condolences to you.

And mine to you.

I want this violence to stop.

Business is good.

The Arkham Project
is a gold mine.

Wayne Enterprises
is back in play.

Life is good for all of us.

Why risk all of that

and go to war
over trifles?

Your little man there is...
obviously very valuable to you.

We'll let you have him.

Unharmed. Our gift to you.

And as a show of...
mutual respect...,

you give us something in return.

Like such as what?

How about real estate?

One of your warehouses
on the river, maybe.

That's not gonna work.

I mean, I like this fella, but...

we're talking about
a warehouse on the river.


Indian Hill.

I'll give you Indian Hill.

I'm not familiar with the name.

It's in Arkham.

It's a toxic waste dump
on top of an indian burial ground.

It's worthless.


Nothing is... worthless.

Even nothing is worth something.
We'll take it.

As a token of our
mutual respect, yes?

You got it, my friend.

It's all love.

It's a pleasure seeing you all.

Hmm, I heard Vic Zsasz
tore up the GCPD

tracking down Gordon.

Did you catch him yet?

We're working on it.

Well, good luck with that.

There's nothing more dangerous
than an honest man, huh?

It's me. Open up.


Don't worry,
I'm not gonna kill you.

I should!...

but I ain't.

Glad to hear it.

Obviously, you figured you'd go
to the last place they'd look,

because it'd be the first place they'd
reject as being too obvious.

I'm... sorry,
I'm being rude.

This is the Duchess of Devonshire.

Duchess, Jim Gordon,

Marsha. Hi.


Hey baby, why don't you explore
a little bit?

Find the bedroom,
put on your birthday suit?

And I'll find you
in a jiffy, okay? Hmm?

So, I've been thinking.
You're still a douche bag.

But you have the moral high ground.

So I'm gonna back your play,
whatever it is.

I figure I'm doomed anyhow.

I might as well join
the good guys.

Thank you.

So, what is your play?

I mean, you got one, right?
You said you did.

Tomorrow morning, I'm arresting
Falcone and the mayor

for the framing of Mario Pepper.

Conspiracy, P.O.J,
rico, the works.

Well, that's a...
that's a hell of a plan!

You sit down with a panel
of chimpanzees

and a bucket of crack
and come up with that one?

I figure whatever else happens,
we'll stir things up.

We might even make the papers.

Oh yeah, we're gonna make
the papers, all right.

We're gonna be dead in the streets

in time for the evening edition.

Well, at least the people
will know the truth.

And we'll go out doing our jobs:
enforcing the law.

That's the best
inspirational speech you got?

Doing our jobs?

You don't have to join me.

No, I'm game.

Like I said,
I'm doomed anyhow.

Now, if you'll excuse me
for one minute,

just gonna take care of some business.




Jumping catfish.

Good morning, Mayor James.

Gordon, you scared...

scared the bejeebers out of me.

Almost spilled my coffee.


Sir, you're under arrest.

That's not funny.

Depends where you're sitting.

Might want to take a look at this.

How you doing, guys?

I'm here to have a chat
with Mr. Falcone.

Sure thing, Mr. Mayor.

Carmine Falcone,
you're under arrest.


Lie down right over there.
Stay quiet.

What on earth are you thinking?

We're thinking
we'll take you both to jail

and charge you with conspiracy
to pervert the course of justice.

Try and take me in. You won't
make it to the end of the street.

That's exactly what I said.

This is a lawful arrest.
If you resist, you will be shot.

I see.

We all die together
in a blaze of glory.

If that's how it works out,
that's fine with me.

- How about you, Harvey?
- Fine by me.

Oh God.

I envy you, boys.

Having nothing to lose
must be liberating.

- Must feel pretty good.
- Yes, it does.

Suppose you did have something
to lose. What would you do then?

Suppose, for instance,

I had a knife to Barbara Kean's
throat right now.

Would you still be so brave?

You don't.

I'm telling you I do.

You're a liar.

I have many faults,
but I'm not a liar.

Victor Zsasz... has Barbara.

You know Victor.

You're lying. She's far away.

She came back.

Came right to me
to plead for your life.

You have a good woman there.
She loves you very much.

Too much.

Prove it.

Prove you have her.

I could.

But I won't.

I want you to believe me.

It's obvious, Jim, he's lying.

Am I?

If you think so,
go ahead and try to bring me in.

You'll be dead,

so you won't know
what happens to Barbara.

But it won't be pretty.


On my mother's grave.

Drop your gun...

and Barbara won't be harmed
in any way.

Those muffins smell good.

None for you, creep.

She can have one if she wants.

No, thank you.

Got it.

What a shame.

Oh, this is embarrassing.

He straight-up bluffed you
into folding.

We could've gone out like
heroes. Now we're fish food.

Okay, so it wasn't a bluff.

I'm sorry if she was
mistreated a little.

We needed to be sure she
had nothing useful to tell us.

Untie her, Victor.

I'm sorry.

It's okay. It's okay.

What am I gonna do with you?

By rights, you have to die.

Whoa, hello.
Uh, I'm late for work.

Quite an adventure!
I'll be on my way.

Such a waste, though.

Gotham needs men like you,
both of you.

Strong men with principles.

I wish I could make you see
I'm not the enemy.

The system is not the enemy.

The enemy is anarchy.

But I told you that before,
didn't I, Jim?

Yes, you did.

You didn't listen, though.

Do we get a last meal or a smoke
or anything, or just talk?

But today, you believed me.

You trusted my word.
That's a good first step.

Perhaps there's still hope
for you.


Go. Get out of here
before I change my mind.

- Wait a minute.
- Quiet.

It's been a pleasure, Barbara.

I do admire a brave woman.

What's the catch?

Jim, he said we could go.
Let's not haggle here.

What's the catch, Mr. Falcone?

I want you to think about
what I said.

I want you to understand the truth.

That's all I ask.

The catch is:

Someday soon
you'll see I'm right.


I'm sorry.

I was just trying to help,

I don't know what...

I love you so much.





I followed the recipe.

You're right, Mr. F,
cooking is easy.

I'm sorry you had
to see all that earlier.

Not pleasant.

I understand.
Business is business.


Yes, it is.

I'll go see to the chickens.

Any eggs, my dears?

Don Falcone!

My friend.

Good to see you.

I was just thinking
about the night we met.

Cut them down.

Where's the snitch?
I want to speak to him.

Cobblepot, is it?!

Condemned men are honest men,
I find.

What can you tell me
before you go?

Don Falcone.

It is a great honor, sir.

Indeed, I can tell a secret
of great value to you...,

if you grant me
one last request.

Which is what?

Give the job of killing me
to James Gordon.

Why him?

He's the only man under your sway
who has a conscience.

The only one who might be persuaded
to spare my life.

Why would I agree to that?

I want you dead.
You're a snitch.

If you agree...,
and Gordon spares me,

then I will become your snitch...,
for life.

I will come back to Gotham...
under a different name,

and I will work my way
into the Maroni family,

and I will snitch for you.

I am excellent
at this sort of work.

I have a gift for it.
I really do, sir.


Gordon will get the job
of killing you.

Thank you, sir.

What is the valuable secret?

Oh, yes.

Fish Mooney and Nikolai the Russian
only pretend to hate each other.

They're lovers.

And Fish is pushing Nikolai
to take your place.

Is that so?

Yes, sir.

But only so Fish
can take over from him.

That is a good secret.

It's almost uncanny.

Everything played out exactly
as you said it would.

We got rid of Nikolai painlessly
and Maroni thinks you're a wizard.

You really do have a gift.

But I think we're making a mistake
letting Gordon live.

He's trouble.

Thank you so much for sparing him.

I appreciate the favor.

Don't worry.

He'll see the light.

One way or another,
I guarantee it.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)