Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 6 - Spirit of the Goat - full transcript

Someone is killing rich children by taking on the name of The Goat, a serial killer that Harvey took down when he was young. Montoya and Allen finally have evidence against Gordon.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

Hello, James.

Old friend.

the MCU cops...

None of them know
Penguin's alive?

If they did, I'd be dead already.

James Gordon is not a good guy.

He framed Mario Pepper
for the murder of the Waynes.

James Gordon is the most honest man
I've ever met.

This is not a city
or a job for nice guys.

You're a cynic.

A slovenly, lackadaisical cynic.

You're probably right.


I am the Spirit of the Goat.

I am the Spirit...

of the Goat.

I am the Spirit...

of the Goat.

I am the Spirit of the Goat!

Gotham still held
in a grip of terror,

as the mysterious masked killer
known as the "Spirit of the Goat"

remains on the loose.

But Gotham's Goat
hasn't cast his shadow

over Thomas and Martha Wayne's
celebration of beloved son...

The Wayne family
opened their home

to the children
of the city orphanage

to share in the joyous day with...


That's the van registered
to Randall Milkie.

We were right, Dix.

Of course we're right.


Detective Dix
requesting backup...

at 1100, Cannery Drive.

Whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa!

Come on, man,
we gotta get in there.

Wait a second, listen to me!

Wait a minute!

Listen to me.

Randall... thinks
he's the reincarnation

of some ancient, murdering
goat spirit.

We are waiting for backup.

He's got Shelly Lawson in there.

If he kills her, that's three people
we lost to this maniac.

Gotham's golden rule, Harvey:

No heroes.

That son of a bitch.

Idiot! She's already dead!

- You don't know that.
- Yeah. I know it.

I told you.


I told you she'd be cold.

She's been here
half of the night.

Wait a minute.

New candles, barely melted.
Just lit.

Ah, that's great.
That's great news.

Randall Milkie?!

You're under arrest!

For the murders
of Shelly Lawson,

Daniel Tremont
and Edward Talbot!

Randall! Be smart,
come out of there

or we're gonna have
to blow you away!

Randall Milkie is undone.


This body is moved
by the Spirit of the Goat.

Uh, we're gonna go with Milkie!
I already did the paperwork.


You can never stop the Goat!

This body may fail,
but I will not!

I will always come back.
I will always come back!

Come back from this!




Talk to me! Talk to me.

Dix, come on, man.
Come on. Dix.

- Help!
- He's through there!

We got an officer down!
We need help now!

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Detective Bullock?

Detective Bullock,
do you give up?

- What?
- My riddle.

A man has to cross a river

with a wolf,
a cabbage and a goat...

Ed, please.

What's the time of death?

Examiner pegs it at just before
3:00 a.m. this morning.

He's a bit eager
with his coagulation markers,

so I'd put it at closer to 1:00.

Killer left her identification
for us.

Amanda Hastings, 21 years old.

She comes from money.


And I'm guessing she was
the oldest in her family.

Why is that?

The Goat always kills
the firstborn.

It's all the same.

The same M.O.,
the same victim choice, presentation...

It's all the same.
We got a copycat.

- You all right, Detective?
- No, I'm not all right!

I already solved this case!

Where's Gordon?

he's not answering his phone.

He's not answering his...

You mean, I'm on the clock
before the boy scout?


This is freaking ridiculous.

Fine, I'll tell you the answer.

So the man crosses the river
with the wolf and the cabbage.

He leaves the wolf,
he goes back with...


I'm not apologizing
for my past.

I'm not asking you to.
You're not listening.

No, you're not listening.

I'm not asking you
to walk away from this.

Because it sounds like you are.

And we keep going
around and around

and I keep telling you
that I don't have a choice.


This city...

The law, the crime here,
they're all...

twisted up at each other like a maze.

I came here to be a cop.

This city needs something else.

So okay.

I understand.

I'm just asking for one thing:

half of what you have to carry.

God knows I've...

I've dumped my half on you
and you carry it.

Barbara, what I'm dealing with,
it's so dangerous...

Half... of what you carry.

If you think I care about the risk,

then you're forgetting who I am.

I swear I'm not.

Are we okay?

Are we still fighting?

We're negotiating terms.


That's not good for me.

You tell me what you're up against.


You let me in...,

then we're okay.

That's work again.


I'll tell you everything.

Everything I can.


I'll make it right.


There's the one, right there.

We've been canvassing
this waterfront for days, Monty.

None of these river rats
are gonna help us.

We don't get a lead
in the next 24 hours,

MCU is dropping this.


I'm on the disability six months.

Where do you expect me to go?

We're not flushing you,
old-timer. Okay?

Just want to ask you
some questions.

Yeah, about a shooting

that took place recently
on that pier back there.

A shooting?


I saw it good.

Okay. Uh, great.
You... You ever this man?

That was the man did the shooting.

A cold customer that man.
Ice floating in the veins.

We got the son of a bitch.

We got Gordon.

- "Gotham Goat"?
- A wannabe.

For a copycat,
the copy is... ugh.

Downright creepy,
is what it is.

- You moonlighting or something?
- Huh? Me?

Yeah, 'cause you're late...

and you look like crap warmed over.

Write me up if you want.

- Screw you, boy scout.
- You're in a good mood.

I'm in a d?j? vu acid flashback.

Someone's hunting the kids
of Gotham's top 1 percent,

the press will have a field day,
city turns upside down,

the whole thing's gonna come down
on the GCPD

like a ton of bricks.

Well, then
let's catch him quick.

I'm guessing
the killer knew the victim,

Amanda Hastings, somehow.

We'll go see the family,

see if we can try to get
something we can work with.

And Nygma...,

let me know when they're set up
for the autopsy, all right?

Anything in particular
you want me to look out for?

Just call me.

You see, the strange thing,

the horrible thing...

is that I've been having
the same dream for weeks.

Of a dark,

overbearing presence.

Mr. Hastings,
about your daughter,

and we know that
this is difficult, but...

did she have anyone in her life
that worried you?

Anyone who might
have wished her harm?

Everybody loved my Amanda.

Uh, Mr. Hastings, are...
are you all right?

Robert, if you need
to take a moment,

I'm sure it'll be all right.


Come on.

I know you gentlemen are
working against the clock,

but I'm afraid
Mr. and Mrs. Hastings

might not be ready for this.

I can see that.

And you are the Hastings'
family therapist, Dr. Marks?

Yes, I treat mostly
Mr. Hastings,

but we've had
many family sessions.

Mr. Hastings has a very...

delicate nature.

I'm afraid he's not
at all capable

of dealing
with this kind of tragedy.

No one's capable of dealing
with this kind of tragedy.

It's a freight train.

It runs you over.

And you try to pick up
what's left.

You don't believe in treatment?

I believe in the tranquilizers

you clobbered Mrs. Hastings with.

And if you're giving out samples...

Okay, uh...

Detective, maybe we should, uh...

Yeah, you're right, we should.

Excuse me.

- Thank you, Doctor.
- Mm-hmm.


All right, got it...
and got it.

Yes, sir.
I'll bring those files right away.

Mr. Nygma.

Hello, Miss Kringle.

So, I'm just looking
for all the information you have

on the Goat murders
from ten years ago.

Don't you find it curious?

Why someone would resurrect
the myth

of a centuries-old bogeyman?

And what is it about the Goat
that has made two separate people

decide to kill in his name?

No, I... I don't find it curious.

I think I would like your parents.

Excuse me?

Such a rare surname.

Most people changed it
generations ago,

out of embarrassment.

Not only did your parents
keep it,

they called you... "Kristin".

"Kristin Kringle".

They must be
very humorous people.

Humor is so important,
don't you think?!

Remember you have to sign out
any evidence you pull.

How do you find
anything at all in here?!

I mean, organizationally speaking,
this place is a shambles.

I am warning you, Nygma.

I have this exactly
as I want it.

I know where everything is.

- Understand?
- Preternaturally.


I can help you, Kristin Kringle.

I doubt that very much.

There's a much better way
to do this.

Amanda Hastings
was last seen

entering this building...
Tuesday, midnight.

That's about 36 hours ago.

You think she was abducted
from here?

I don't know.

That was Milkie's M.O.
ten years ago.

He took... each one of the victims
from their homes.

But CSI found
no signs of a break-in.

They didn't with Randall either.

He worked for an air-conditioning
maintenance crew

that covered
all three buildings.

He had keys?

He had keys.

This is Detective Gordon.

I need the employee list

of every maintenance
and janitorial company

with access
to the Hastings' building.

Yeah, I'll tell him.

They're ready for the autopsy.


I wait for so long,

and now he scratches at the door,
the filthy tomcat!

Hi, Mom.

I'm alive!

I don't know why
you always think

I'm running off
with some painted lady.

- I don't even date.
- Ha!

Why you don't call your mother
in all this time?!

I tell you why.

You got tangled in some
hussy's demon-purse!

Mother, there was no hussy!

Only betrayal
and savagery and...

All I wanted was a little respect.

And they hurt me.

So cruelly.

Oh. There was no other woman.

I have been to hell and back!
They tried to kill me!

The bullies again?!

My poor, poor darling.

They only do these things...

because they resent you.

Envy and spite.

That's all it is.

You watch, Mom.

I'm gonna be somebody
in this town.

I always knew this.

Victim was asphyxiated,

likely with ether
or chloroform.

Look under the scalp.

Humor me.

At the base of the skull

will be an incision
about an inch long.

Sewn closed.

Wait a minute.

Yes. How did I miss that?!

An incision stitched closed...

near the occipital.

Over a foreign object.

- What is it?
- It's a penny.

He's right.

A penny?

Randall Milkie's M.O.

No one could know that detail.

It isn't a copycat.

It can't be.

Ten years ago,
Randall Milkie

took an 1813 liberty penny
just like this one

And sewed it into the heads
of each one of his victims.


How the hell do I know?

He bum-rushed me
wearing animal horns.

I shot him. We didn't talk
coin collecting.

And you're sure no one else
could have found this out?

Milkie was the definition of a loner.

He didn't tell anybody.

We left it out of the file

- You suppressed evidence...
- We easter-egged it.

We figured a killer like
the Goat would have a good chance of...

- drawing admirers.
- Yeah, it's copycat porn.

We left out this one detail.

The coins,
it never hit the papers.

How the hell did this copy-Goat
know about this?

Okay, so... you hid it,

but the medical examiner,
he had to know.

Ed Hayes. Yeah, sure.

But he died of cirrhosis.

- That just leaves me.
- And Dix.

Captain, please,
there's no reason...

Go talk to him.

Make sure he didn't tell
anyone about the coins.

Hell, see if he's got any ideas.

I'm Lacey White,

and this is the Gotham 7
Goat watch.

Tonight, Gotham's wealthiest
1 percent rests fitfully

under a copycat killer's
deadly shadow.

And if you happen to be

one of the city's high-society
silver spoons,

then you're probably headed
to the Swiss Alps right now...

They've got them all running
like rabbits.


I don't know why he chose
an ungulate for his totem, but...

he does know
how to scare them, though.

You realize you happen
to be one of "them",

don't you, Master Bruce?

Yeah, firstborn son
of Gotham's rich and powerful.

I don't know, maybe you should
leave town for a little bit.

Pop down to the lake house.
You like it there, don't you?

I'm not going anywhere.

I have work to do.


why would the Goat take me?

There's no one to take me from.

Oh my God.

I'm improving your system.

a rhizomatic cross-index,

with your case files
classified by subject,

but arranged

more like the way
a peat moss organism grows.

You know, laterally.

I had this entire room organized.

Yes, but now
it will be rhizomatic.


What did I ever do to you,

What did I do
that compels you to come here

with your endless notes
and suggestions and riddles?

My God, the riddles!

Are you trying to get me to quit?

- You can't want my job.
- No, no, no! I want you.

To... keep your job...

and to have it, here!

For working.


I'm getting the sense

that this... was somehow

You are so odd.

I'll just take my
non-hierarchical data paradigms

out of your hair...

and... leave you...
to your work.

How long has it been
since you've seen this guy?

Look, Bullock,
I know what happened.

Anybody in your situation...

Listen! You think you can
shrink my head, boy scout?

Because you can't.

This is the black box, man.

And we don't open
the black box, ever.

Okay, fine.

So why don't you sit
your ass down?

I'll be back in a few minutes.

We're both on this case.



What do we have here?

Harvey Bullock,
boy detective.

Look at you up there, huh?

Living the high life.

And me down here, all broken up
with a... busted liver.

Don't put that on me, old man.

Your bum liver's between
you and the bottle.

I just busted up your gams
and put you in that chair.

Gotham's golden rule.

No heroes, Bullock.

No heroes.

Listen, Dix.

We have to talk about the case.

About the Goat.

I was wondering

when you were going to come
and ask for my help.

- I'm not asking for your help.
- That don't mean you don't need it.

Who's this? Your partner?

James Gordon. Nice to meet you.

Come on, Dix.

You ever tell anyone
about Randall Milkie?

The liberty head pennies?

We said we weren't going to.
We sealed them.

I know we sealed them,
you jackass!

I told you to seal them.

Okay, but this new killer's
doing the same thing.

He's stitching up coins
in the heads of his victims.

Any idea how he
came up with that?

I didn't tell anybody.

Ed Hayes didn't tell nobody.

And you didn't tell nobody.

So what the hell does that mean?

It means we were wrong
about Milkie.

He was not working alone.



You do not have
a copycat killer here.

You do not have a lone killer.

What you have...

is a conspiracy.

A conspiracy to hang rich kids
off local historical landmarks?

Yeah, right.

He always thinks
he's the smartest one in the room.

I know, right?

That's because I'm always
in a room full of idiots.

Watch out for him.

Oh yeah? Why's that?

He's a loose cannon.

He thinks he's a white knight

jumping into the breach...
like some idiot in the movies.

You're talking about Bullock here?

We're talking about Bullock here.

Harvey Bullock?

Harvey Bullock, yeah.

Detective Bullock, do you want
to settle the bill for this month now

or should we send it to you?

You can just put it in the mail,

Is he getting
those magazines I ordered?

Those are awful magazines,

But he's getting them?

Yes, he is.


Thank you.

No, Mom.
I'm just grabbing a few things.

Yes. Yes, I know.

I'll be at the marina at 9:00.


- Here you are.
- Thank you, Anita.

Oh, will you put some snack stuff
together, please?

Miss Ember?

Anita, have you seen the tops
to my yellow silk...?


Ember Copley was supposed
to meet her parents

tonight at 9:00 at the marina.

When she didn't show,
they came back,

found the maid out cold,
Ember gone.

- You think it's our guy?
- It's our guy.

He slips in, chloroforms the maid,
grabs Ember,

no sign of B and E, nothing.
Like a ghost.

Like he had keys.

Randall Milkie had a ritual.

He'd dress the victims,
kill them

and do his little coin trick.

Whole thing
took about eight hours.

If our copy-Goat's
doing the same thing...,

we're running out of time.

I pulled the employee list
from the agencies

that do maintenance
on Ember Copley's building.

Looking for an employee

that had access
to both victims' apartments.

That's a hell of a lot of people.

Yeah, but our guy's been
real busy.

He had to have called in sick
the last couple days.

Get Nygma in there.
He's freaking good with puzzles.

You got it.

Renee, we have to talk.

What are you doing here?!

Look, I know you think that
he's done terrible things,

but I also know
you care about the truth.

You shouldn't be here. Barbara,
you shouldn't be seen here.

Damn it, Renee!
Will you listen to me?!

I'll work with you, okay?

I will tell you whatever... I know,
whatever I can find out.

I need you to keep
an open mind, okay?

It's too late for that.

Whatever's happening, okay,
you've got it wrong, Renee.

You can't tell me, I know that,
but it isn't what you think.

He's trying to protect me!

Okay? He won't tell me
who's out there, who he's afraid of.

He's right not to.

Wait. Why?!

Because it'll get you killed, okay?!

You understand what he knows.
Who he knows will kill you!

We got a judge issuing
a warrant tonight.

Barbara, you know
how much I care about you.

When Gordon gets arrested,
you have to get out of here.

If Jim gets arrested, then this
is exactly where I have to be:

by his side.

Please, just leave.

Get out of Gotham,
just till this is over.

And don't come to me again.

Okay, so four guys have
called in sick since last week.

The two suspects from the outer boroughs
are cleared.

Another is out of state, but
apparently it's unconfirmed,


So... that leaves one last guy.

Raymond Earl.

His shift supervisor

says he's been squatting
in a place near Cannery Park,

somewhere around the 1100 block.

- That's him.
- You sure?

Yeah, I'm sure.
I'm 100% sure.

D?j? voodoo all day long.

This is where we got
Randall Milkie ten years ago.

This is where Dix fell.


Got to go in. Come on.

Yeah. Yeah.

We're going to put you to sleep
for good now.

You're lucky to be the sacrifice.

Go get her.

You're safe.

You all right?

You okay?

You'll never stop the Goat.

I will always come back.

Quit saying that!

Raymond Earl,
you're under arrest.

Not bad.

All right.

All right.

you've got to accentuate
the positive,

eliminate the negative,

latch on to the affirmative

Your suit is ready.

I steamed it nice.

Thanks, Mom.

I'm worried for you.

So anxious you look.

These moves you make,
they're safe, yes?

You're not doing anything illegal?

No, Mom. Don't worry.
It's just business.

Well, business is all very fine...,

but always remember:

you can trust no one.

No one but your mother.

I know.

I know.

But you know what?

I think I finally found
somebody I can trust.

A policeman.


The police are liars.

Mm-hmm, not this one, Mom.

He's a real friend.


He'll help me come out right
in the end.

no! don't mess with
Mister In-Between

Raymond Earl, 33 years old,
janitor in the city.

Works with an agency

that services the buildings
of both victims.

And he's not talking.

History of mental illness,

misdemeanor arrests
for lewd and lascivious...,

public disturbance.

Thank you, Jesus.

You got him.
Good work, detectives.

I got a lot of phone calls to make.

Bullock, look happier.


Randall Milkie worked
for a maintenance company

that serviced the buildings
of his victims,

same as Raymond here.

Milkie was mentally ill...,

no violent crimes
in his history,

same as him.

Ten years apart,
they never meet,

then one day, suddenly,
out of the blue,

they both decide
to become the Goat?

It's like...

It's like something found them,
changed them.

You talking about Dix
and his conspiracy theory?

No. It just doesn't add up.

And how'd he know
about the coin?

I know that we're
missing something,

and if we keep missing it,

I'm afraid we're never gonna
stop this.

We go back to Milkie's files.

We, uh..., look
for possible accomplices,

- uh, connections...
- Tomorrow, tomorrow.

I, uh, just... I need...
I need to think.

Why don't you, uh,
get some rest?


- Night.
- Good night, Jim.

No. No.

No. No.

Oh, no.



No. No.

Holy Ghost on a bicycle.


Jim, look.

I don't know everything,
but I know enough.

You have to listen to me now.

- Baby, I can barely stand.
- Montoya has a witness.


They really believe
you killed this Cobblepot person.

- I didn't.
- It doesn't matter anymore.

They've got a warrant for your arrest.

What aren't you telling me?

For weeks now it's like
you've been a different person.

Something happened not long
after you started the job.

Something... Something
you don't feel right about.

Somehow they've cornered me,
tied my hands.

Come with me now. Okay?

I don't care
what I leave behind,

as long as we leave it together.

If they take you away, Jim...,
I'm scared I'll lose you.

- Barbara...
- Please!

I can't run.

Can't run.

James Gordon,

you're under arrest for the murder
of Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot.

You have the right to remain silent.

Anything you say can be
used against you in a court of law.

You're drifting down
and away..., deeper...

I got it.

I'm sorry to interrupt.

- It's Detective Bullock, isn't it?
- Yeah.

Did you want to interview
Mr. Hastings?

Actually, your secretary told me
I might be able to find you here.

I was hoping to pick
your brain about the case.

Oh. Uh, I'll just be a minute.
It's okay.

I didn't realize this before.

You're a hypnotist, right?

A hypnotherapist.

Oh, therapist.
It's a funny word, therapist.

Can either mean "therapist"
or... "the rapist", if...

you do "pro bono" work

at an outpatient clinic
or a couple of them?

I do. I try to give back.

Yeah, you've been giving back
for a while, uh...,

- 12 years now.
- Mm-hmm.

That's good.

To be honest, I...

wanted to talk to you about
one of your "pro bono" patients.

Uh, Raymond Earl?

He's a person of interest...
in our investigation.

Our records indicate
you've seen him, uh...,

at least a few times, right?

Hmm... Sounds familiar.
Last year, maybe?

And Mr. Hastings, Amanda's father,
we know he's your patient.

When we were here yesterday,
he was doing something really curious.

It, uh...

He, uh... He kept
clenching his fist, over and over.

- Yes, he does that.
- Yeah.

I was reading about that,

and it said that if a patient...
has a compulsion,

like a bad idea or an impulse,

that the hypnotist could
put the poor sap under...

and introduce a...
a physical movement.

Like, uh, clenching your fist.

So instead of doing what
the compulsion wants the person to do,

they just...

clench their fist.

That's how it works,
pretty much.

So Mr. Hastings, when he's
in a, uh..., room full of people

and he wants to start
screaming his head off, I don't know,

instead of doing that, he just...


Yeah. Okay.

What about Raymond Earl?

Why does he clench his fist?

And what about Randall Milkie?

See, I know you treated him
a little over ten years ago,

and I want you to follow me
because this part gets a little weird.

See, I think a hypnotist

completely turned both those men
upside down.

Until their own identity
was the bad idea,

and then it wasn't even them
clenching their fists anymore.

It was the Spirit of the Goat.


I underestimated you.

I really did.

So I'm right.


Yes! I'm right!

And so you trolled all
the outpatient clinics

so you could find
a suitable borderline case

like Randall Milkie.

And then you hypnotize
the poor bastard

until he literally
doesn't even know who he is.

And then I tell him who he is.

That's pretty good intellection,


Why hypnotize a janitor...

and turn him into the Goat?

- You wouldn't understand.
- Try me.

It isn't an act of murder
or madness.

It's an act of therapy.

- Therapy? For who?
- For Gotham.

Excuse me?

This city...
used to have hope,

and they gunned it down
in the streets.

The rich, the powerful.

Their greed is pathological,

an ID run rampant
eating Gotham alive.

So your one-percent solution
is to kill the city's rich kids?

Negative reinforcement.

To believe that the Goat is real?

That it wouldn't tolerate this?

Gotham wanted that,
no matter how painful it was.

It's true what they say.

You can't really hypnotize
somebody to do something

that, deep down,
they don't already want to do.

And deep down...,

we all want to eat the rich.

Don't we?

You are 100% nuthouse crazy,

Dr. Marks?
Is everything okay?

No, it's not.

Dr. Marks,
you're under arrest,

for conspiracy to commit
murder, coercion...,

And frankly, a few things

we're probably gonna have to name
after you.

Well, I do have another one for you.

Robert! The Golden Temple...
is open.

Now kill this man.

Oh, Robert...

Heel, Mr. Hastings! Heel!

Freeze, lady!

One more time.

Take me through the part

where you drove
to the nice part of town

and shot the doctor lady?

We caught the other half
of the killer.

Dr. Marks was the Spirit of the Goat!

Okay, see, that's the part
that I don't...

- We're on the same side,
- get.

do you understand?

We're fighting the same war!

And damn it,
I'm getting somewhere!

Getting into a six-by-eight
in the Blackgate Pen,

that's what you're getting.

What is this?

MCU's taking Detective James
Gordon into custody.


Your boy here murdered
Oswald Cobblepot

- and dumped him in the river.
- That's a damn lie!

He's right! It was a lie.

I didn't shoot Oswald Cobblepot.

I lied!
I didn't shoot him, Bullock!

- Of course you didn't, partner.
- No, I mean it!

- Harvey Bullock, you're under arrest.
- For what?!

Accomplice in the murder
of Oswald Cobblepot.

Our witness places you at the scene.

You think you can walk in here

and take my people like that?!

We're not here
to take down the GCPD.

We just want these two.

Well, they're GCPD,
so the MCU's got a problem.

Yeah, you got a problem.
You got a real problem, you...

Holy crap.


I am Oswald Cobblepot.

- You son of a bitch.
- Harvey...

You son of a bitch!

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)