Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - Viper - full transcript

Gordon and Bullock search for the source of a new street drug that causes euphoria then death. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot works his way deeper into Maroni's inner circle and Fish Mooney continues to plot against Falcone.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

I'm looking for a connection.

Between the Arkham plan
and the murders of my parents.

If Maroni gets even a piece
of Arkham,

it'll prove
Falcone is weak.

Don't ever come back to Gotham.

Hello, James.

Old friend.

I told you
never to come back here!

Nobody looks for a dead man.

So, you want the job, or what?


I ain't looking for no girl.

I'm looking for a weapon.

Falcone thinks he could hit me

in my place of business
and get away with it?!

I want to hit him back.

Fancy a stroll?

It's a lovely day.

Stretch the legs,
breath of fresh air.


I've got a question for you,
Master Bruce.

What if all this...

was a complete and utter bloody
waste of time?

What if you never discovered
who killed your mom and dad?


What if you never get
to wreak revenge?

I don't want revenge.

I want to understand
how it all works.

How Gotham works.

Well, you'd have more chance

to digging to China
with a teaspoon.

Take the Arkham Project
for instance.

How did the Falcone and Maroni
crime families

get such big shares
in the deal?

I mean,

I know city hall is corrupt,

but... why didn't Wayne Enterprises
do something?

Can you pass me
that blue folder over there?

Well, I suppose as hobbies go,

this is... damn sight better

than grilling yourself
like a bloody pork chop.

Still, not particularly healthy,
is it?

Thank you.

Are you listening to me?

Yeah. Yeah, for sure.

I'll take a walk later.
Thank you, Alfred.

I won a piece of Arkham.

I strong-armed the mayor.

I made Falcone back down.

And you're telling me... that
I can't rob a lousy casino?

Sal, the casino
is Falcone's pride and joy.

I mean, what's the point?

For a few thousand bucks,
why mess with Falcone?

That's the point!

Messing with Falcone.

I want him and his people
to know we're not backing off.

Arkham was only the beginning.

We're taking over, Frankie.
Inch by inch.

- Okay, but...
- But, but, but!

- Make it happen.
- Okay, boss.

What are you looking at?
You got something to say?

No, sir. Nothing at all.

Here you go, one for ya.


Hey man!



Hey! You gotta pay for that!

Do not vex me, mortal.


Suit yourself, Zeus.

Hey, might look like
the heel of a hobo's shoe.

Best burgers in midtown,
huh, Ephraim?

If you say so.

All right,
I want two cheeseburgers,

uh, hold the sauce,
extra pickles, two malted shakes.

No pickles on mine, please.

Oh, you got to trust me
on this one, Jim.

Yeah? All right.
Pickles. Bring 'em.

All right, now, you wanna look good
in a swimsuit like me come summertime,

you're gonna want a lot of this
and a lot of this, huh?

Is that right?





Come on, it's lunchtime!

It's lunchtime!

No, Jim.
We're on our... It... It's lunch!

Oh, brother.

Jim, can't just pop up and jump
every time you hear a bell!

GCPD! Anybody here?!

Over... Over here!

You all right, sir? You okay?

- Thank God you're here.
- Anybody dead?

I don't think so.

Some guy.
He was stealing milk.

I try to stop him,
he hauls away my ATM machine.

All right, nobody dead.
We're homicide, and it's lunch.

So have a good day, sir.

Call 911 and someone
will take good care of you.

Wait a minute, wait a minute.
One guy did this?

Stole your ATM over milk?

Little skinny-ass dude,
guitar case.

Drinking milk
like there's no more cows.

"Don't vex me, mortal.",
he says.

Sorry, what?

Listen, if I had a dollar...
for every hobo skeez

that walks through that door,
thinks they're God,

I wouldn't be here.

But this son of a bitch,
he wasn't fooling around.

All right. You get a description
of the vehicle?

License plate, something?

He didn't have a vehicle.

Then how'd he pull your ATM
from the wall?!

How'd he take it away?

That's what I'm telling you, man!

He pulled it out of here
with his bare hands!

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o mio babbino caro

mi piace, ?...

I'm bored.

Poor little baby girl.

Cooped up in here all the time.

You want some excitement?

Yes, I do. Can we just
go somewhere and...?

How's that? Excited now?

What'd you do that for?

Why are you here with me?

I'm your secret weapon.


But are you helping me
help you?

No, you're not.

You won't even learn
the damn tune.

I told you this is important.

I'm sorry, mama.

I'm not your mama.

Now, you might be
my baby girl,

but I'm not your mama.
Not yet.

You have to earn that.

o mio babbino caro

mi piace, ? bello,


How is that even possible?

- Who is this guy?!
- No positive I.D.

As of yet,
he's a street guy.

We think that this thing...
has something to do with his...

excessive joi de vivre.

Yeah, we found it
in the suspect's guitar case.

It's some kind of drug.

A drug did that?


Nygma found traces of the drug.

He'll have a read
on what the hell this thing is

by tomorrow morning.

Meantime, we'll try and I.D.
the strong man.


I know your families
are upset.

But tell them...

everybody got a piece
of the Arkham Project.

It was a business decision.

We didn't lose,
Maroni didn't win.

Maroni thinks he won!

He thinks he won a great battle.

- We need to hurt him.
- No.

If we don't push back hard,
he's going to think...

Nikolai, that fool... will think
what I want him to think.

No push back, not yet.

In my country, we say:

"Even a fool... may bite the king,
if he has teeth."

Can the folklore, Niko.

We're not
in your godforsaken country.

We are here in Gotham, where
we have plumbing, electricity,

and Don Falcone is the boss.

He's playing that cluck Maroni
on a long line. Done!

Why so angry, Fish?

I speak my mind.
This no crime.

And I assure you,

in my country, we have
all modern conveniences.

Only difference: ladies.

Ladies are in kitchen or in bed,
depending on their talents.

I bet your mother
was a lousy cook.

- Don't speak of my mother.
- Or what?

You gonna hit a lady?

That's enough!

There'll be no bad blood here.

My apologies, Don Falcone.

We need each other.

We're family.


Excuse me.
You seen this guy by chance?

Nah. Mm-mmm.

You seen this guy?

Excuse me.

Familiar to you? Hmm?

Any chance
you've seen this guy?

Yeah, I know him.
That's, uh, Benny.

He's a... guitar player.
Strung out like string.

- What'd he do?
- Uh, nothing bad.

Uh, he came into an inheritance

- No one knew about.
- That's right.

Million dollars.
Farm, horses, real nice.

You know where can we find him?

20 dollars.


Same as the bodega.

Yeah, what's with
all the dairy products?


Let me see those hands!

Oh... Help me.

I need...


More what?
What'd you take? What is it?

It's... It felt so good.

And now I don't feel so good.
Something's wrong.

I need more!
Please, you have to find him.

Find who? The guy
that gave you the stuff?

The man... with a mangled ear.

The mangled ear! I got him.

- Stay calm!
- Help me.

- We got it. All right? Hey!
- We're gonna help. Just put your...

- No, no, no, no, no!
- Hey! Hey, sir!

Sir, we need you to calm down.

Put your hands behind your back!

I said no!

Put it down!

What the hell?

God help us
if that drug gets out.

Will you look at this shambles?!

What would your mother say?

You know,
I have a half a mind to...

stick all this lot...
straight into the bloody fire!

- No fire.
- We'll see about that.

Come on, up you get.

Wayne Enterprises is hosting
a charitable luncheon tomorrow.

And I took the liberty
of accepting their kind invitation

on your behalf, Master Bruce.


Is there breakfast?

Yeah, I'll make you an egg.

Does that mean you'll go?


I have some questions I need to ask
the members of the board.

- What kind of questions?
- About Arkham.

It seems very likely
those gangsters

were actually given their shares
in Arkham by Wayne Enterprises.

Well, that's how business...
is done, isn't it?

Is it?

My parents didn't do business
that way.

- Did they?
- No.

No, they didn't, Master Bruce.

The board might not know,
of course.

There's quite a bit
of clever camouflage used.

Shell companies,
offshore accounts and so forth.

Right. So, you... you've...

learned all that from all this,
did you?

Fantastic detective work.

I still, however,
want to get the whole lot

and chuck it straight in the fire,

Don't put anything in the fire,

That's an order.

Right, Master Bruce.

Nothing in the fire.

We are live
in downtown Gotham

where a deadly new drug
has hit the streets.

Nicknamed "Viper", users
of this mystery drug

acquire great strength
and a euphoric sense of power,

but only for a few brief hours.

Then, without exception,
they die a horrible death.

Let me out!

Get off me!

Let go of me!

Get your crummy hands off me!

It's... really quite remarkable.

Viper... somehow
activates unused DNA.

The body starts to burn calcium
from the skeletal system as fuel.

Hence the victims' cravings
for milk and cheese.

They're desperately trying
to replace the missing calcium.

But they can't
consume enough.

their bones crumble.

Then they suffocate and die.

Have you ever seen
anything like this before?

No. Nobody has.
Totally new.

I cannot tell you
how thrilled I am to be...

No new reports
for a few hours now.

Maybe they're done.
Maybe they ran out of the stuff.

I doubt it.

Who would put this on the street?

They're not even selling it.
They're giving it away.

That's how you create demand.

For a drug that kills you
that fast?!

Well, first it makes you
king of the world.

There'll be takers.

There'll be mayhem, that's for sure.

But it's skell-on-skell

If we keep the decent citizens
indoors for a couple of weeks,

let the scumbags have at it,
voil?, the end of crime.

Yeah, that's a nice thought,
but no.

This stuff seems hard
to make, no?

Oh, it takes a high level
of technical sophistication.

A state-of-the-art lab
made this stuff.

Okay, so, who has the biggest
and best lab in the city?

The best is WellZyn.

But this is not them.

They're a subsidiary
of Wayne Enterprises,

multibillion-dollar corporation.

Why would they be doing this?

I don't know, but we might as well
start at the top.

Grab her! Grab her!

Come on, here!

Let go of me!
Get off me!



Breaking news.
Continued mayhem...

Maybe I should hire
that guy to take the casino.

Maybe you should snort
some Viper, grow a pair.

Either way,
I want that casino taken.

Sure. We'll take it.

I mean, it's tight as a nut...,

ten armed guards,
blast-proof doors, cameras.

We're gonna lose a few guys,
but we'll take it.

Excuse me, gentlemen.

I... couldn't help but overhear
your conversation

regarding the casino.

Go mind your business.

I'm sorry.
Of course. So sorry.

No. Tell me,
what about the casino?

I know a janitor who runs
the boiler room of the casino.

He could get you inside
quite easily, I believe.

There are access tunnels
that nobody knows about.

Access tunnels?

Sit down. Come here.

Thank you, sir.
A great honor indeed.

What's your name again?

Everyone here
calls me Penguin, sir.

You don't like that name, huh?

Yeah, well, you're wrong.

It's a good name.
Works for you.

So, how do you know this man?
The janitor?

- I have connections.
- Reliable, is he?

I think I can persuade him to be.

Boss, this guy
is a dishwasher in a suit.


Is that right, Penguin?

Are you just a dishwasher?

'Cause I don't get that vibe.

You come off as all humble,

you got a little player in you,

That's very perceptive
of you, sir.

I guess that's why
you're the don.


I'm not a dishwasher.

And... this isn't my first rodeo,
so to speak.

So you've rode some bulls,

- Well.
- I knew it.

Well, tell all, cowboy.

Well, my real name
is Oswald Cobblepot.


And I think that once
you hear my story,

you'll agree that I could be
a great asset for you, sir.


It's a long, funny story,

but... the headline,
just so you're not surprised...,

I used to work for Fish Mooney.

Fish Mooney?

- Hey.
- Yes, sir.

I was privy to many aspects
of the Falcone family business.

Until they tried to kill me.



Suffice it to say...

That is a funny story.


I'm Taylor Reece,
general counsel,

public relations for WellZyn.

Good morning, gentlemen.

Thank you for...
saving us a trip?

We were en route

as soon as we were apprised
of your inquiries.

WellZyn is committed...
to good community relations.

- What do you know about Viper?
- Only what we see on the news.

WellZyn has no connection
to this tragedy.

We will vigorously pursue
legal action

against any individuals
making assertions to the contrary.

Do you think we push a button

or does she just rewind

We're looking for an employee
of WellZyn's.

with a severely damaged ear.


Full disclosure?
That does raise a flag.

That's Stan Potolsky.

He worked for us
for several years

as a biochemist.

Uh, primarily
personal care products.

- Shampoos, toothpastes.
- So what happened?

Well, Stan was frustrated

that he wasn't doing
more important work.

He grew disgruntled
and unstable.

We tried to get him help,
but he resisted.

Last... april
there was an incident.

He tried to cut off
his own ear

during a disagreement
with his supervisor.

Guess it was harder
than he thought.

We had to let him go.

Last known address?

Well, after he was terminated,

he didn't even clear off his desk.

Just disappeared, off the grid.

You knew, didn't you?

You knew all along it was him.

That's why you came
to see us so fast.

That's incorrect.

Viper can only be produced
in a state-of-the-art lab,

like yours.

Stan Potolsky
is a brilliant man,

perfectly capable of building
his own lab.

But you are more than welcome
to examine our facilities.

With full and proper clearances,
of course.

Of course.

We'll get the paperwork started.

Scumbags, the lot of them.

Yeah, some of them.

Let's go find Stan Potolsky.

What, drive around
looking for him?

No. I'll call dispatch,
have them put out an APB.

All right,
I'll check with the desk,

see if his name's come up.

- Gordon, right?
- Yeah. Who the hell are you?

You got to come with me now,
nice and quiet like.

What are you talking about?

We got a mutual friend.

- Oh yeah? Who's that?
- Oswald Cobblepot.

Yeah, him.

And if you don't come
with me now,

we're gonna put his head
in a bag and send it to Falcone,

which would be embarrassing
for you, no?

Or maybe we've been misinformed.

I mean, if I'm not ringing
any bells here,

you can go on your merry way.

No, I'll come.

Come on, shove over.

Hey! Hey!


I'm Salvatore Maroni.

I know who you are.

What do you want?

- Here's the thing...
- Jim, just tell the truth.

You want a drink, Jim?

I'm having a negroni.

So good with seafood.


So, our friend here told me
a fascinating story.

Never heard a story so good.

It's hard to believe it's true.

- It is, it's true.
- Shut up! Shut up!

One more word and I'll jam
this down your throat.

I try to be civil, Jim.

But I'm not the kind of man
that likes to ask twice.

So here's how it's gonna go.

Slow down, Mr. Maroni.
I don't know you...

No! No. No.

You let me finish.
You'll have your turn to speak.

Okay then.

I want you to tell me
the same exact story...

that Penguin told me.

What story is that?

Oh, you better know
what story, my friend.

Because if you tell me
the same story he told me,

then I could believe it's true.

Then I'm happy.

But if you tell me
another story, oh, mama...,

then someone's lying to me.

And I don't know which one,
and the both of youse will die.


- Yes, I do.
- Good.


Tell me a story, Jim.

Somebody murdered
Thomas and Martha Wayne.

My partner and I
caught the case.

We didn't even know each other

What did I say?!

Go put him on the slicer.

No, no, no.

If I don't like what I hear,
slice his face prejute.

Oh, I'm sorry. Go on.

I was a pawn...

in a conspiracy...

between Falcone,
the mayor and the GCPD...

to frame Mario Pepper
for the Wayne murders...,

with the help of Fish Mooney,

Mr. Cobblepot's employer
at the time.

Mr. Cobblepot then told
the whole story to the MCU.

To prove that I wouldn't betray
the conspiracy,

Falcone ordered me
to kill Cobblepot.

I didn't do it.

I let him live.

And here we are.

Falcone, Mooney,
the MCU cops...

None of them know
he's alive?

If they did, I'd be dead already.

It's delicious.

Bring the Penguin back out here!

The little punk is telling the truth!

Thank you, Jim.

Good story. Told well.

Lot of guys in your situation,
they freak out.

There you are,
you rat, you snitch,

you gorgeous turncoat
son of a bitch.

Come here. I love you!

Be happy, Frankie.

We just got a brand-new
weapon against the Falcones.

It's Christmas!

Happy holidays.
Can I go now?

Oh yeah, Jim.
You can go.

You know, just so that we, uh,
understand each other,

you know,
keep all this... hush-hush.

Between us pals.

And if I need you again,
I'll call you.

You do that.

Look at you, come on.
Let's get you cleaned up.

Look at you, come on.

I love you, baby.

I love you, baby.

I love you, baby.

Okay. Now, you're still putting
too much sex on it.

Keep it clean,
like a mother.

I love you, baby.

I love you, baby.

Good. Better.

Now, act as if you've
caught me in a lie.

Not angry, no.

Oh, honey.

Oh, honey.

There you go.

Now, about your hair...

There you are.

Where the hell have you been?

Personal business.

You disappear in the middle of a case

and you can't even tell me why?

That's what "personal" means.

You in some kind of trouble?

Look, forget it.
I don't want to know your problems.

WellZyn sent by Potolsky's stuff.
Grab a box.

Anything useful yet?

No. Classic geeky loner.

Lived for his work.

No wife, no family,
no real friends.

Is it Barbara?

She get into something?

Uh, yeah. Kind of.

Figures. No offense.

- Need any help?
- No, I'm all right, thanks.


What do you think about this?

Looks like a friend, no?

Judging by the books...
and the mascot,

philosophy professor,
Gotham U.

- Worth a shot.
- Amen.

I was just on my way
to an appointment,

but yes,
I know Stan Potolsky.

He was a student of mine!
A very brilliant student.

And you've stayed in touch
over the years?

We have.

He may be a biochemist, but
philosophy is a passion of his.

What can you tell us
about WellZyn firing him?

Research for WellZyn...

led him into some
dark moral corners.

WellZyn said
he made shampoo.

Where are the dark moral corners
in that?

They say that, do they?

No, no! Stan designed
pharmaceutical weapons

to be used by combat troops.

Drugs that worked
on an epigenetic level.

Imagine an army

made up of soldiers so strong

that they can tear a man apart
with their bare hands!

Of course, at the beginning,
there were side effects.

Yeah. Death.

But Viper was the first batch.

They worked out the kinks...
in the second version.

Called it "Venom".

By then..., Stan had acquired
some clarity.

He appealed... to his bosses
to end the program.

They refused,
so he went over their heads

to Thomas and Martha Wayne.

He convinced them to shut it down.

And when they died,

WellZyn immediately
revived the program

with the blessings
of Wayne Enterprises.

In the end, there was nothing
for Stan to do

but to resort
to more radical measures.

Killing people?

I'm not hearing a sense
of moral outrage, Professor.

If you don't mind,
I'll reserve my moral outrage

for the true villains
of this piece.

You mean WellZyn?

You planned this with Potolsky.

- Yes.
- Where is he?

Talk fast, bub!

Oh, what are you gonna do to me?

I'm an old man! I'm dying.

I'll help you die quicker,
you terrorist.

Soon, Stan will issue a statement
the world won't be able to ignore.

- Soon? Today?
- You're already too late.

Now, you tell us
where he is right now!

Wait a minute! Wait a minute!

You said you had an appointment,
right? Where were you going?

You've asked the right question.

The first step to enlightenment!


Where is he?!
Where's Potolsky?!

Those hypocrites...

Empty altruism will not erase
what they've done!

They must pay!

- Who?! Who must pay?!
- WellZyn!

Wayne Enterprises!

Everyone... will finally... see them
for what they are.

Where's Potolsky headed?!

What's "altruism"?!


I know where he's going.

- Name, please?
- He's, uh, Bruce Wayne.

Master Bruce Wayne.

- Just this way.
- Thank you.

Thank you.

Wayne Enterprises is...

a helping hand,
a port in the storm.

Oh, that's Miss Mathis.

She worked closely
with your father.

Wayne Enterprises is...

a shelter for all,

and clean water.

The smile of a child.

Please, sit, Bruce.

It is so good to see you
out and about.

Glad to be here.

All of us at Wayne Enterprises
are so sorry for your loss.

So, are all you here
on the board?

Oh, Heavens, no.
We're... middle management.

The board members don't...
do this sort of thing.


Why not?

Well, they're...
very busy people, Bruce.

Your family created a company

worth billions and billions
of dollars!

- How awesome is that?!
- Awesome.

I wanted to speak to them

because I've found what looks like
serious irregularities

in the Arkham Project.


I can assure you, Bruce,
that... Wayne Enterprises

would never countenance
doing business with criminals.

- Just... wouldn't happen!
- I hope so,

but I'd like to speak directly
with the board myself.

Can you make that happen?

I can certainly try.

They prefer to communicate
with minors

via the usual, legal mediation,
but I can...

Good evening,
ladies and gentleman!

This is a public service announcement

on behalf of all
living creatures!

You've heard of a drug...
called Viper?

That's me.

I made it for WellZyn,

a subsidiary
of Wayne Enterprises.

- Is this true?!
- Of course not, Bruce.

I mean, this man is...
clearly insane.

The AC plant, where is it?
On the roof?

Straight ahead.
Staircase across the ballroom.

Clear the ballroom!

I hoped... that a demonstration

using street people
would suffice,

but seems bad things
only truly happen

when they happen
to important people!

Like you!

GCPD! Everybody out!


Turn it off!

Can't do that.

Turn it off or I'll shoot!

Go ahead!

My work is done!

Turn around!
Put your hands behind your head!

Interlock your fingers!

That's all right!

You're angry and confused!
I understand!

There's no more need
for violence!

Don't shoot!

That's considerate of you!

I'm leaving now!

Go look in warehouse 39!

You're not going anywhere!

I can go anywhere I want!

Don't do it!

You really can have
too much of a good thing.


What'd you expect?
It's Gotham.

It's Mathis.

I'm outside the site.
They're here.

No. I think we should
leave them be.

There's nothing here for them.

We'll review that...
if they get close.

It's been 10 minutes.

I... I assure you,
my friend is reliable.

You scared, Penguin?

Your voice is doing that shaky thing.

No, sir.

I'm fine.

You don't have to act tough.

Nerves are a good thing.

Perhaps I am a bit...
jittery, sir.


You should be.

Beause if my boys don't make it...,
neither do you.

Got 'em!

Keep going!


Take that, Falcone,
you son of a bitch!

Huh? I told you, Frankie.

The kid's a player.
He's got a future.

What are you waiting here
like an old lady?


Untie me.

Say "Pretty, please.".



Sometimes I think
you really don't like me.

Now, would I be backing
your takeover

if I didn't like you?

And that stuff with Falcone,

well, we have to look good
for the old man.

If he figures out
we're working together,

we'd be cooked.

- Patience.
- I have no more patience.

The old man has to go.

We must strike soon.

Yes. Mmm. But softly.

Excuse me.

I couldn't help but overhear
that aria you were humming.

Oh, yes. It's my favorite.

Mine too.

Ah, well, there you go.

I'm sorry, I... I just...

I... I didn't mean to bother you.

My mother sang that to me
when I was young.

Her whole life
she sang that to me.

I hadn't heard it in a while,
and I...

I had to smile
because you look...

Anyhow, sorry,
I'm... rambling on.

No, that's okay.

Do you want to listen?

Well, yeah, sure.
Thank you.

Let's sit down.

mi piace, ? bello,




in Porta Rossa

a comparar


Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)