Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - Arkham - full transcript

Falcone and Maroni fight over the Arkham section of Gotham. Cobblepot becomes the manager of Maroni's favorite restaurant.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

My name's James Gordon.
I'm a detective.

My name is Bruce Wayne.

I promise I will find
the man who did this.

Stop or I'll shoot!

He was framed...

to cover up for the real killer.

Don't ever come back to Gotham.

He's killed a man.

And he killed him on the orders
of Carmine Falcone,

biggest crime boss
in Gotham.

The death of the Waynes

would bring troubled times
for our family and Gotham.

The Maroni family senses weakness.

Jim, it's for you.


Hello, James.

Old friend.

You must be Barbara.

Yes. Please, come in.

James, hi.

I'm Peter.

Peter... Humboldt.

Lovely to meet you at last.

You're even more beautiful
than I imagined.


Nice to meet you, Peter.

I never get to meet
any of Jim's friends,

'cause he never tells me anything.

- Hmm. Men.
- Don't I know?

Would you like a drink?

No, uh...

He's a work friend.
It's a work thing.

I'm just recently back in Gotham

and I... had an idea
to pop by out of the blue.

But now is clearly not a good time.

I'll walk you out.

I told you
never to come back here!

I know. I know. I apologize.

- But I just wanted to speak with you.
- No!

If Falcone finds out you're alive,
he'll kill us both!

I got no place else to go.

Gotham is my home.

I should've killed you!

I should put a bullet
in your head right now!

And you would have every right
to do so.

But you won't, Jim Gordon,
because you're a good man.

You may very well be
the last good man in Gotham,

and that's why I want to help you!

- I don't want your help!
- No, no, but you need it.

That vile creature, Fish Mooney...,
Don Falcone, the Police...

and not even your own partner
trusts you.

They will always hide
the truth from you!

But not me. Never.

- You saved my life.
- God knows I wish I hadn't!

Kill me now... or trust me!

I told you there's a war coming,

There will be so many deaths.
So many.

You want to save Gotham?
I can help you.

I can be your secret agent.

Until Falcone finds out you're alive.

Nobody looks for a dead man.

This war...

What are you talking about?
Why will there be a war?

Well, as you know, war is just
politics by other means.

And isn't politics just money...

Talking about what?

Arkham, of course.

Ready for some prime rib

I am, sir.

Excuse me!

Councilman Jenkins?

- Can I help you?
- Yes, uh,

I'm one of your constituents.

Voted for you every time.

Well, thank you very much,
my friend.

I don't want to...

take up too much
of your valuable time.

I just want to...
show you something.

Well, I'm always happy
to help constituents,

but perhaps
you can come by my office.

Sir, please, just... one second.


I got the idea for this...
years ago.

Designed and built it myself.

Here. Take a look.

Go ahead. You... just...
put your eye in the end there.

That's it.

- What is that thing?
- You'll see.

- No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
- You're next.

Honestly, sir,

I really did vote for you.

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Hey, I'm working.

Caught a double homicide.
You're up.

Uh, no way. Alvarez hasn't done a case
all week. It's his turn.

Alvarez put in double overtime
last week.

- Hey, Gordon.
- Captain.

Councilman Ron Jenkins
and his aide

were found dead
in a parking structure this morning.

Still waiting
on the M.E.'s report,

but their wallets and jewelry
were missing.

A councilman.
Maybe it's a political hit.

Nah, no one hits councilmen.
It's cheaper to bribe 'em.

You kill 'em and another bum
with his hand out

just takes his place.

Sniff around City Hall if you want.

Smart money says this was just
wrong place, wrong time.

Go work it.

Oh, slave driver.

Don't worry, Jim.

I know just where to start.

all at sea again

and now my hurricanes

have brought down this ocean rain

- You got talent!
- Hmm.

She's not bad-looking.

That's plenty.

Come to me
so I can take you in.

You sing well.

But this job, I need
more than a pair of nice pipes

and a pretty face.

I'll do whatever it takes.

I like hearing that. So...,

you like boys or girls?



Pretend I'm a boy.

Seduce me.

At least you can sing.

Butch? Put a pin in this one.

We'll call you.

Not bad, but keep looking.

Really, boss?
That's a good-looking girl.

Look at me.

I ain't looking for no girl.

I'm looking for a weapon.

Come on, Nicky.
Don't be modest.

You're the crown prince
of parking lot muggers.

No one's got a bigger rep.

I'm on sabbatical!

I didn't kill no one.
That's not my thing.

Then why'd you have a shank
in your backpack?


Councilman Jenkins was murdered.

We know it was you.
We got witnesses!

I swear to God I didn't do it!

Hey. Hey!

He's not our guy, Harvey.

- Alvarez?
- Yo.

What's this?

Evidence from your crime scene.
Couple of units just dropped it off.


40 acres. 26 city blocks.

The last major undeveloped district
in the city of Gotham.


Now, before their untimely
and tragic deaths,

Thomas and Martha Wayne
had a plan for their city,

a progressive development

that would raze Arkham's shanty towns
and, in its place,

build new, affordable

for Gotham's less fortunate.

What about the old asylum, Mayor?

Torn down. Brick by brick,
if need be.

And in its place,

a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art
mental health facility.

This is a vision for the future
of our city.

An opposing plan
is gaining support recently.

A plan that would do away
with the asylum altogether.

Use the surrounding land
as a waste disposal site.


No, the Wayne plan
is best for this city

and, more importantly,
for the people of this city.

This is why I am endorsing it.

Don Maroni!

Pleasure to see you.

Thank you. How are you?

Please, please, have a seat.
I'll bring wine and bread.

Today is a day of celebration.

A very lucrative deal
is coming my way.

Land, my friend.

That's where the big money is, huh?

I need information about
the Wayne plan for Arkham.

Well, it's the Wayne... plan
in name only now.

When the Waynes died,

Falcone stepped in.
He's backing the plan now.

And he stands to make
quite a chunk of change, if it passes.

But Councilman Jenkins
was backing Falcone's plan.

That's right.

Then he was killed... because...

Because, Detective,
there is an opposing plan.


He's the only one strong enough
to oppose Falcone.

He's making a play at Arkham.

Are they related?

How are you?

"A new Arkham Asylum
will serve the mentally ill of Gotham

in ways the present asylum
never can.

Those poor, sick souls
deserve our help."

My mother wrote that.

She and my father fought for years
to get a new asylum built.

They thought that if they can help
the city's least fortunate,

it would show there was hope
for everyone.

I just don't want my parents' dream
to die with them.

I understand that, Bruce.

But this isn't just about the asylum.

If there is a fight
between Falcone and Maroni,

this could be the spark
that ignites a citywide gang war.

Innocents will die,

and whatever little faith people have
that the Police can protect them...,

it will be crushed.

So you have to stop it.

This is Gordon.

Hey, it's me. We got a call.

Councilmen Zeller
has been abducted.

Listen, Gordon.
Zeller's one of Maroni's guys.

Be right there.


Don't. I'm begging you.


You know...,

if it were up to me,

this would be over quick,
without all the fuss.

My father used to say:

is the ultimate sophistication."

But it's not up to me.

And my customer specifically
asked me to...

send a message.

And you know what they say:

The customer is always right.

Please! Help!

You don't have to do this!

Help me, somebody!

Hey! Hey! No, wait!

Tell Falcone
I'll change my vote!

Hey, hey!
I'll... I'll back the mayor!

I'll do anything he wants!
But please, please!

Please, no! Please!
Please! Please, don't!

Two councilmen dead
in as many days.

Can't be a coincidence.

Got to be politics driving this.

He was right.

I never said he was wrong.
I just wanted him to be.

All right, genius,
any other insights?

This is about the Arkham vote.

How so?

Arkham is more than
just a land deal.

It's a war
between Falcone and Maroni.

These councilmen were
on opposite sides of that war.

So who did who?

The way I see it,
Maroni struck first.

He had Jenkins killed
to change the vote his way.

Then Falcone retaliated,

had Zeller killed
to change the vote back.

Burning the body was Falcone's way
of sending a message.

I'll have guards put
on all the other councilmen...

and the mayor
till this plays out.

So, you want to tell me?

Come on.
Falcone, Maroni, Arkham?

How the hell do you know
so much all a sudden?

Ed, what you got?

- I have a paradox for you.
- What?

Well, a paradox, Detective,
is when you have...

I know what a paradox is,

What paradox?

These are the medical examiner's

on the murders of Councilman Jenkins
and his aide.

Both victims sustained
fatal puncture wounds

to the skull via the eye socket.

The weapon was some kind
of metal spike.

Okay. So?

Councilman Zeller also has
wounds from a metal spike.

It's an... extremely unlikely
coincidence, don't you think?

So you're saying Zeller Jenkins
and the aide

were killed
by the same person?

It would appear so, wouldn't it?

Same killer... working
for both Maroni and Falcone?

That's nuts.

Only in Gotham. Come on.

Where are we going?

Go see a friend of mine.

What the hell
you think you're doing?!


You were snooping, you little worm?

I told you the day
I gave you this job,

that in here, you don't see nothing,
you don't hear nothing.

I'm sorry, sir.
I... beg your pardon.

You keep that sniveling nose of yours
to yourself, understood?

Yes, sir.

Two cartons. Must be important.

- We're looking for a hit man.
- Yeah?

Which family does he work for?

A few. He's an independent type,
like you.

Not too many of them still around.

Who'd he hit?

Two city councilmen
and an aide.

Uses some sort of special weapon
to kill his victims.

Steel spike?

About so big?

Could be.

- You know him?
- I heard of him.

His name's Gladwell.
A real pro.

You know where we can find him?

Word was...

he works out of the Lansky Building
in midtown.

You coming or what?

We got 12 more floors
to check out.

What's got you so wound up?

Maybe I'm just doing my job.

No, you've been acting weird lately,
like you got something to hide.

GCPD, ma'am.

We're looking for someone
who may work here.

Last name Gladwell.

Oh, you mean Richard.
He works in Human Resources.

- Richard's not in any trouble, is he?
- Which desk is his?

Third one from the back.

Gladwell. Richard Gladwell.
Has anyone seen him?

You just missed him.

Where'd he go?

He was just here.
Maybe he... headed out the back?

I'm gonna go check it out.
Stay here in case he comes back.


I found something!

Look what was in his desk.

Jenkins and Zeller. We got him.

Man, I love the easy ones.


It's... It's just a box of paperclips.
I didn't think anyone would mind!

Sorry. I'm sorry.
Are you okay?

"C, L, M."

What do you think it means?

I don't know.

You all right?

I'm fine.

- Why?
- Well...,

I heard screaming.

A bad dream.


Was I in it?

Not this time.

Alfred, are there any more files
on the Arkham plant?

Oh, yeah.

Absolutely. Untold.
Piles of the bloody things.

I'd like to see them, please.
All of them.

And may I ask, uh, why?

I'm looking for a connection.

Between the councilmen murders
and the murders of my parents.

I see.

Nobody move! This is a robbery!

Money's in the back. Go, go!

What do you think you're doin'?!
Get over there!

Let's go! Move! Move!

Move! Out of the way.

Out of my way!

Check the back.

They got the money, Frankie.

I got eyes, don't I?

Oh, thank goodness you're here!

They had... They had guns, and...

and Lou... Lou
was hit in the stomach!

- Is... Is he...?!
- Forget about Lou!

Who did this?

Uh... They had masks.
I... I couldn't see.

But you got the money...

Oh, yeah!

I managed to hide this bag,
but... they got the rest.

- I'm sorry. I...
- Hey, relax, kid.

Save it for the boss.

You're off early for a change.

I missed you.

You all right?

Long hours and late nights, Jim.

- They make me worry.
- About what?

All kinds of things.

- I'm just doing my job.
- Are you?

What is that supposed to mean?

It means I think
you have secrets from me.

And I hate it.

What do you want me to say, Barbara?
Yeah. I have secrets.

It's part of my job.
It's how I make sure...

Who's Oswald Cobblepot?

How do you know that name?

Doesn't matter.

Who is he?

I can't even begin
to answer that.

Can't or won't?


She came to see you, didn't she?


Why does she keep coming to you?

What is there between you and her?

Years ago,
before I was with you...,

she and I...
were in a relationship.


It only lasted a year...,

and then I... I ended it
and moved on.

And what, she didn't?

I don't know.

I don't care, okay?

Because you are the one that I want
to spend the rest of my life with.

What, you're angry?

- What do you think?
- Because she's a woman?

Because... you lied to me!

Okay, I'm sorry.

I should have told you.

Falcone thinks he could hit me

in my place of business
and get away with it?!

He's got another thing coming,

I want to hit him back.

This time, where it hurts.

I want to hit the mouth.

It's time, son.

I'll take care of it.

Then there's the other thing.

Send him over.

You know I'm a man

that shows appreciation
when appreciation is due.

Yes, Don Maroni.

What you did for me yesterday
did not go unnoticed.

Well, thank you, sir.

I... I only wish I was able
to retrieve the...

- retrieve the other half of your...
- Bup-bup-bup-bup. Bup.

How long you been washing dishes?

- Not long.
- All right, that ends today.

You've been promoted...
to restaurant manager.

The position recently became available.

Thank you, Don Maroni.

- I won't let you down.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.

You're welcome.

Frankie, get the kid a suit.

He's dead.


Richard Gladwell.

At least the real one.

Since some units
by his apartament

found, uh,
moldy old corpse sealed inside.

Puncture wound through the eye,
been dead 5 years.

And no one found him until now?

Landlord said he paid
his rent on time, kept quiet,

the ideal tenant.

So our hit man
killed this Gladwell...

to use his identity
as cover.

And it worked too.

Employee records, payroll,
contact information, all fake.

We got nothing but a face.


All right.

Well, there's got to be something
to this.

You got any ideas?

It's a complete waste of time.

It's a lead, our only lead.

Says you.

You can't be this lazy.

Lazy? Maybe I just work
smarter than you.

- Ever consider that?
- Yeah, I considered it.

Look, this Arkham vote
is tomorrow.

We don't find this guy
by then...

What? What happens?

Worst case,
a major gang war.

People will die.
Maybe a lot of people.

We find this guy,
we can stop it.

And where are you going?

To work the case.

You got your ways,
I got mine.

Hey, Harvey...

Tell her I said hi.

you hear laughter
cracking through the halls

it sends you spinning
you have no choice

following the footsteps
of a rag doll dance

we are entranced,




What's your name?


How long have you been singing,

Not long.

You like boys or girls?


So, you want the job, or what?

Well, you haven't told me
what it is yet.

You want to be a woman with power,
money and respect like me?

I guess. Yeah.

Are you willing to do whatever it takes
to have it all?


I am.

That's the job.

Seduce me.


You think I'm kidding?


You see something you like?

I do now.

I need your help.

City councilmen are dropping
like flies.

- I heard.
- Bad for business.

You're not wrong.

The Button Man's a guy called
Gladwell. You know him?

Only by reputation.

Think you can find him?

I can find anyone
if I have the time.

The question is:
What's in it for me?

I'll owe you.

Okay, but I still think it's
a waste of time, if you ask me.

Falcone'll just get someone
to take his place.

He's not gonna let this bone go.

Why's that?

Falcone cannot afford to lose
that vote.

If Maroni gets even a piece
of Arkham,

it'll only prove
what we already know.

And that is:
Falcone is old and weak.

You seem kinda pleased about that.

How come?

Falcone goes down, so do you.


don't you worry about me.

I always have a plan B.

Detective Gordon.

Hello, old friend.

What do you want?

To offer you help.

To prove that you can trust me.

There's gonna be another murder.

Maroni has put out the hit.

Who's the target?

Someone backing Falcone's plan.

Who it is I can't be certain.

All the councilmen are
under police protection tonight.

There are many ways
around the police.

But the hit will happen tonight,

that much I can be certain of.

How do you know this?

I told you, Detective.

Gotham is my home.

I need a list of the officers
working police protection tonight.

Campos, Lazenby, Martins.


It's Harvey.

Bullock, I found out
who Gladwell's next target is.

It's the mayor.

Detective Gordon.
What's going on?

Sir, I think your life
may be in danger.

I need to get you out of here.


No, I... I'm not going anywhere.
I got police protection.

- They're gone.
- What?

I just checked,
no one's out there!

Sir, I think someone's
coming here to kill you.

I got to get some things
from my safe.

- Sir, we need to go... now.
- I'm moving as fast as I can.

Is there someplace
I can take you?

Somewhere you'll be safe?

We're not going
to the Police Station?

I'm not sure you'll be
safe there. The Police...

- What the hell is this town coming to?
- Sir.

All right, all right, I'm...

My sister's house.
It's across town.

Let's go!

Go! Go! Go!

Is there another way out?!


He's trying to get in. Shoot him!
Why don't you shoot him?!

He's got my gun.
I can't! Go, go, go!

Drop it!

Drop it or I'll shoot!

You know why they hire
a professional?

'Cause he finishes the job.

How are you?


Jim, I should've told you
about Montoya a long time ago.

- Then why didn't you?
- I don't know.

Because she... works with you.

Because she's a woman.

Are you sure there isn't
another reason?

No. There's nothing else.

Jim, I don't want there...
to be any secrets between us.

- Neither do I.
- Good.

So you'll tell me
who Oswald Cobblepot is.

Damn it, Barbara.
Why can't you drop this?

Why can't you just tell me
who he is?


it's work.

I know. But you've told me
about your work before.

And that was a mistake.

One I am not going to make again.

All right. Well...

I'm not gonna live like this.

I can't live like this.

You're gonna have
to make a choice, Jim.

You either let me in
or you let me go.

All right.

I'm going to cut to the chase.

I like you both,
but I only have one opening.

You've got the talent.

And you've got...

something else.

I can't decide, so...

you two are going to have
to do it for me.

You want us to fight for it?

So when do I start?

It's you.

Scared us there for a second.

We do good or what?!

Excellent work, my friends.

You were very convincing.

Yeah, I bet that manager
sure thought so, huh?

Ain't that right, Dickie?

You got any other joints
you want us to rob, let us know.

- Good money in this.
- Yeah, good money.

What's that?

Oh, I brought cannoli.

Oh yeah?! Ha!

Now, eat up!

You guys deserve this.


Check this out!

Hmm. Hmm! Really good.

Wow, real good!

- Hmm!
- Hmm!

The Arkham development vote

has been a topic of controversy
for weeks.

Today we have the results.

We go live now
to Mayor James's press conference.

Do you mind turning that down?
My head's killing me.

Aw, shut up.

This is what we worked for.

We did this.

How is today's outcome not simply
a failure of the Wayne plan?

This is not a case
of... either plan failing.

This is a case of compromise!

For what's best
for the people of Gotham.

The Arkham district...

will be developed
into both low-cost housing

as well... as a much-needed site
for waste disposal.

This is the best of both plans...

together in one.

- Yes!
- Yeah!

For years, this city's been giving us
nothing but scraps!

But from now on...

from now on...

we feast.

Mayor James,
what about the asylum?

What's going to happen to it?

Arkham Asylum will be retrofitted

to meet today's standards
and reopened.

Gotham needs... No.

Gotham deserves...

a world-class
treatment facility...

for the mentally ill.

Falcone took a shot to the body today.

Maybe a few more
will put him on his back.

Looks like I got you
just in time.

And I know that the Waynes,

were they still alive...,

would be proud of what
we've been able to accomplish today.

The mayor's making this new plan
sound like it's good for Gotham.

- But... But it's not, is it?
- No, it's not.

Then why is he doing it?

He was caught between
two very powerful opposing forces.

Falcone and Maroni?

Maroni threatened
the mayor's life.

Out of fear, I'm guessing,
the mayor made a compromise

and gave Maroni
a huge piece of Arkham.

What piece?

Maroni gets to build
a waste disposal site...

and he gets the contract
to refurbish Arkham.

Falcone gets to build
a low-income housing project.

Look, Bruce...,

I know it's not the outcome
you had hoped for,

but this compromise...

may have prevented
a lot of bloodshed.

It may have even stopped a war.

My parents believed a new asylum
would bring hope to Gotham.

Now that's gone.

Everything they worked for

is now falling into the hands
of criminals.

Not everything.

You're alive.

It's not too late.

Do you really believe that?

Do you believe Gotham
can be saved?

I believe it's worth trying.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)