Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - The Balloonman - full transcript

A masked vigilante is killing off corrupt citizens by strapping them to weather balloons. Cobblepot returns to Gotham.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

My name's James Gordon.
I'm a detective.

I will find
the man who did this.

Pepper was framed
by Fish Mooney and the cops.

James Gordon is not a good guy.
You deserve better.

- Please!
- Don't ever come back to Gotham.

I spoke with Cobblepot
before he died.

Men who are about to die
are very honest.

I am going to kill that old man.

I just wish Penguin
was still alive.

I've been watching you.

I saw who really killed the Waynes.

Excuse me! Uh!

Hey! Yo!

Lay it on me.

Thank you.

- Stop him!
- Stop him.

Oh! You need some...?


And let's go live
for some breaking news.

Thank you, Jason.

I'm coming to you
with the latest wrinkle

in a story that sent shockwaves
through the financial world of Gotham.

I'm standing before
the home of Ronald Danzer,

the man who bilked investors
out of a reported half billion dollars

in a vast ponzi scheme.

Danzer is currently out on bail
awaiting trial.

All of them! The judge,
the jury, the D.A...

Pay them whatever it takes.

I am not going to prison

just because
a few dumb bus drivers

and stupid old ladies
lost their damn pensions.

I got to sneak out.

The villagers are here
with pitchforks.

You're my lawyer.

Fix this!



Here, balloons!

Want a balloon?

What? No.
No, thank you. No.

Ronald Danzer?

Who are you?

Help me!

That's Ronald Danzer.

Roll the camera!
Roll the camera!

Help me!

In a bizarre turn of events,

a man appearing to be
Ronald Danzer

is rising into the air above Gotham,

attached to...
a weather balloon.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)

Cart was loaded
with bricks for ballast.

So Ronald Danzer cheats
half of Gotham out of their savings,

but before he can stand trial

an unknown man
clips him to a balloon?

No body?

We calling this a murder?

Call it a public service.

Danzer was a bum.
He got what he deserved.

I'm gonna go get a danish.

It's what I deserve.

Damn it!

Somebody find me O'Brian!

Get me some ice!

Yes, Sir Lieutenant.

Who the hell are you?

Jim Gordon.

Jim Gordon...

You're Bullock's new partner,


Lieutenant Bill Cranston.

Yeah, Bullock tells me
you're a real boy scout.

Don't think we should
be roughing up the skels?

Well, they do have their rights.

I'm gonna have to remember that.

Maybe I'll get that tattooed
on my ass.

Let me show you something,

This was a gift

from the Gotham Chamber of Commerce
for years of service.

I call him O'Brian.

He also just happens to be
the best interrogator on the force.

Nice meeting you, Gordon.

Oh, Luke?! Say hello
to Sergeant O'Brian!

No! No!

I just met
Lieutenant Cranston.

The man, the myth, the legend.

He's a thug.

So no fingerprints,

and those carts are too easy
to buy or steal to trace.

How you coming
on those death threats?

I thought we talked
about this.

Ronald Danzer was murdered.
It's our job to catch murderers.

The guy was a crook.

Who had not been convicted
of any crime.

Tell that to the two guys
who killed themselves

because he lost
their life savings.

This guy... was living high
for 30 years

while the city kissed his ass
and gave him awards

for being such a philanthropist.

So we just let his killer
go free?

Guy walks in here, holds out his hands,
I'll arrest him.

Otherwise, I'm content
justice was served.

Like with the Waynes?
Is that what you mean?

Mario Pepper killed the Waynes.
We killed Pepper.

That case is closed.

Detective Gordon?

Davis Lamond
from Juvenile Services.

You asked to see Selina Kyle.
Could you sign for custody?

And when you finish,

you can bring her to our
new facility on Water Street.

She's scheduled to be transferred
upstate tomorrow.

Yeah, that's gonna be delayed.

She has information
about an investigation.

Would you mind... stepping...
back... a bit, please?

Wait a minute.

Is that one of the kids
that was snatched?

Another closed case?

What is it about the word
"closed" you don't understand?

This is something else.

Just... read the letters,
track the balloons.

I'll be back in an hour.

Yeah, boss.
Get right on it.

Where's my pen?

So why do you care
who really killed the Waynes?

Because I want to see the person
responsible brought to justice.

Did you read that in a book
or something?


I made a promise to the boy.


The killer came from there.

Took the man's wallet
and the woman's necklace,

then... shot them both.

He left the boy alive.

I was up there.

Everybody knows that much.

Plus, the killer's face
was covered.

Not at first.

He pulled up his scarf
when he walked toward them.

I saw him for a second.

You saw him? Here? In the dark?

I can see in the dark.

You don't believe me.

There's a question of whether you're
lying about what you saw,

and then there's the question
of whether you were even here.

- You're not giving me proof.
- I just told you,

I stole some chump's wallet
just before it happened.

That was, like,
two blocks from here.

Didn't he report it?

Yes, a man did report
his wallet stolen by a thief

that matches your description,
and yes,

the timing does work out to just
before the Waynes were murdered,

but that does not place you here.

I dumped the wallet.


The sewer. Great.

It's not that I don't trust you
not to run away,

but, well..., I don't.

You find the wallet,
you'll let me go, right?

- That's the deal.
- No.

Find the wallet...,
that places you here.

- We still have to find the guy.
- That's bull!

That's the deal.

Oh, great.

Son of a bitch.
She was telling the truth.

Oh, detective?

You're gonna need these.


Hey, wait a minute!

Lazlo, honey.

Take a rest.

Poor thing.

Well, well, well.

Detectives Montoya and Allen.

To what do I owe this honor?

Thought we'd pay our respects.

Maybe ask if you'd seen
your friend Cobblepot around.

Hmm. Oswald? Hmm.

Now that you mention it,
I haven't seen him.

Isn't that funny?

Almost as funny as
two detectives from Major Crimes

loking for a nobody
like Oswald.

Can we stop the dance?

He's dead, isn't he?

He was killed
'cause he told us

about Pepper being framed
for the Wayne murders.

He's dead.

But I didn't kill
the little snitch.

Word is...,
Jim Gordon pulled the trigger.

You have proof?

What do I look like, a cop?

I only heard
that James Gordon

splattered poor Oswald's brains
all over Gotham river.

Why would Gordon want to murder
Cobblepot, huh?

Just to keep him quiet
about the frame?

Wrong question, gorgeous.

Jim Gordon pulled the trigger,
but who gave the order?

Who could make a cop commit
cold-blooded murder?


Your deductive powers
astonish me.

Honestly, I just got a chill.

You know, there's a rumor
going around

that Falcone gave your latest
boy-toy... a nasty beating.

You wouldn't be looking for
a little revenge, now, would you?

I just want justice
for little Oswald.

Hey. Cobblepot?!

Hey, you're supposed to be dead.

I'm afraid you have me confused.
My name is Dimitri from Odessa.

I heard you got whacked
for ratting.

Yeah, Fish is gonna pay some serious
cash for your skinny ass.

No, no, no, no!
No, please!

Please, she'll kill me!

Why'd you even come back,
huh? Huh?

I could not stay away!
Gotham is my home!

It's my destiny!

You don't see what's coming!
I do!

Gotham needs me!
I am its future!

If you're its future,
then Gotham is in big trouble.

Yes. Yes, it is.

Can I have a tuna sandwich,

- Alfred, I don't want to do this.
- What?

I don't want to do this.

- Come on. Swat.
- Stop!

En garde.

There you go, son.
What? What?

- Is that all you got?
- I'm not doing this.

Huh? What?

There he blows,

the eye of the tiger
through the wind

in your nostrils, Sir Bruce!

The blood in his veins.

That's it! Mind your head!

I do beg your pardon, sir.
I'm most...

Oi! Might be the bat!

Blood's up.

And... hyah!

That's got to hurt.
No, not really.


I said stop!

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!


Down swords.
I surrender.


A nice...

sword fight...
gets your blood up, doesn't it?

Better than reading
these dusty old files.

What's this anyway?

Police file...

About your mom and dad.
How'd you get these?

Wasn't... Wasn't hard.

Why would you want to look
at these? They're horrible.

They're gonna give you nightmares.

I... I have those anyway, and...

I'm looking for clues.

What, so you're
a detective now, are you?

If I find a clue, I am.

Have you found a clue?

Not yet.

Not yet?

Now, Detective Gordon
has promised you

that he will find the person
that killed your parents.

Do you really believe he will?

He will try.

Of that I am certain.

Yeah. Detective James Gordon.

One of your counselors
brought me a girl this morning

and I signed for custody.

That's what I'm saying.

I can't bring her back.
She got away.

Yeah? Well, I'm not happy
about it either!

On edge, Gordon?

I'm fine.

How can I help you?

Oh, we were just,
uh, wondering...

When you shot
Cobblepot in the head

and dumped his body
in the river...,

did Falcone pay you?

Or was that more of
a "favor to the Don" type thing?

Whatever you heard,
it's not true.

Oh, so you mean
you didn't kill Cobblepot?

Or you didn't do it for Falcone?

We thought we'd give you a chance
to tell us the truth.

Cop to cop.

You're not listening.
I didn't kill him.

Okay, so where were you on the night
of september the 17th?

Are you really asking me this?

Since when did Major Crimes
become I.A.?

When cops started doing hits
for the mob.

Yeah? Well, come back to me
when you have actual proof.

Until then,
don't waste my time.

Hey, Gordon,
piece of advice:

Take a shower.

'Cause you stink like a sewer!

Any job at all,
even dishwasher.

We're staffed up.

I only ask a chance
to prove myself.

You ever work in a restaurant?

Not exactly...

Here you're on your feet
all day.

You don't even have
the right shoes.

There you are.

I got the owner of a weather
balloon factory downstairs,

says he's got something for us.

Montoya and Allen came by.

- Accused me of killing Cobblepot.
- Damn.

- Somebody must've talked.
- Doesn't matter.

The fact they're here
means they got nothing,

and they're gonna get nothing.

End of the day,
no one... cares about Cobblepot.

Because he deserved it?
Like Ronald Danzer?

Don't make this into something bigger.

You did what you had to do.

And yes,
he probably did deserve it.

He worked for Fish.

She doesn't employ altar boys.

What about Mario Pepper?
He deserve what he got?

Hell, yes.

He was a dirtbag.
He tried to shoot you, remember?

And I thought we were done
talking about this.

We're done talking about this

when the person who actually
murdered Thomas and Martha Wayne

is in jail,
not the person we killed for it.

For the last time, Gordon,
let it go.

Or what?

Am I gonna be the next person
taken out to the pier

to get a bullet in the head?

The interview's waiting.

Pardon me!

You work at that italian
restaurant across the way, don't you?


And what size are your shoes?

Uh, nines.

What a coincidence!

When I saw that balloon
go up on TV,

I knew it was one of mine,

and I said to myself,
"Jimmy Boy,

you better call the cops
right away,

or they'll try and pin this
on you."

So it was you who called us.

And here I thought
my partner

had gone to the trouble
of tracking you down.

How exactly

was one of your balloons used
to kill Ronald Danzer?

It was stole by my bum
of an ex-employee a month ago.

Carl Smikers.

That's what I get for hiring a kid!

Did he ever mention Danzer?

Hell, no.

I'm surprised he even knew
who Danzer was.

We ain't talking about

one of those intellectually
superior types here.

You got an address?

Yeah, but you find him,
see you can get back the others.

The other what?

The other balloons.

A grand a pop those things are.

He stole four!

47 dollars? Frankie,
I'm coming back next week.

Try to show some initiative,
all right?

Okay..., Bill.

You're a disgrace
to drug dealers.

Hot dog?

Get lost.

- Hot dog?
- I said get lost!

Lieutenant Cranston?

All right.

Let's see.
Huh? Huh?

Let's see what we got here.

What the hell?

Who are you?

Oh no.

No! No!

No! No! No!



So no breakfast then?

And no dinner last night?

What's the new program?

Trying to see how long we can go
without eating anything?

Right. If that's the case,

I should save myself the trouble...
of making it.

Have you seen this?

Oh yeah, yeah.

That nutter going around
offing people with balloons.

I can think of easier ways
to kill someone.

Master Bruce, forgive me for...

uttering the tired old words
"in times like these,"

but in times like these,

you really need
to keep your strength up.

I'm just not hungry.


Hi. Thank you.

I tried not to wake you.

It's fine.
I have a meeting.

- Hmm.
- You okay?

You hardly slept last night.

Ah, just work.

This Balloonman thing?

That's what the paper's
calling him.

And it says he killed a cop.

You're not in danger, are you?

You don't have to worry about me.

Well, what is it then?

I can see
something's bothering you.


the first victim,
Ronald Danzer,

was a con man.
Nobody cared.

Now that a cop's been targeted,

the investigation will get
all the support it needs.

It's not right.

Everyone has to matter
or nobody matters.

Otherwise people lose faith.

And that's when you get vigilantes.

But that isn't your fault.

I mean, if anything,
you're giving people faith.

Am I?


Your first case,
you caught the Wayne killer.

Do you have any idea what that meant
for the city?

You're a hero.

I gotta go, hmm?

Don't matter if you a cop.

You dirty,
the Balloonman gonna get you.

It's time the people
of Gotham realize

that they have
to stand up for themselves.

Hey, Balloonman ought to get
to my landlord next.

He's a crook,
and his name is Harold Bl...

This is wonderful.
This is like...

my dream of how today
was gonna go.

Besides the black eye
to the department,

now we have a vigilante
who kills bad cops.

Cranston wasn't that bad.

But whatever he was
or wasn't guilty of,

Cranston was a lieutenant
in the GCPD.

You don't get to go around
killing cops.

So where are you on this
and the Danzer murder?

We're looking for a man
named Carl Smikers.

He was an employee at the factory
where the balloons were stolen.

We have uniforms
staking out his apartment,

but he hasn't been back there
since last night.

- And you like him for this?
- Oh, he's guilty.

Leave me in a room with him,
he'll be guilty.

He's definitely connected,
but I'm not sure he's the one.

He had weather balloons!

Cranston and Danzer were killed
with weather balloons!

He's the guy!

Smikers never graduated
High School.

He's never held a job
for more than a year.

He's got busts for soliciting,

Tell her
about the other balloons.

What other balloons?

Smikers' boss mentioned
that four balloons are missing.

There are two of them
still out there.

So two more targets?

We have any sense
who they might be?

Danzer and Cranston
were both known figures

and known to be dirty.

Killer didn't need
any special knowledge to target them,

so it's likely the next target is
public and known to be corrupt.

Basically, every elected official
in Gotham should stay indoors.

Find him. Now.

We will.

"We will"?

What happened to the killer
doing the city a favor?

You're gonna make me think
you actually care.

Listen, smartass,

you want to kill a corrupt financier,
you'll be my guest.

You kill a cop,
it's a job safety issue.

- We need a plan.
- Relax.

One thing I do know
is how to find someone.

Maybe later tonight.

- Thank you, sir.
- Beautiful, baby.

- Thank you.
- Hmm?


Hey! Yo!

What did he tell you?

I was just hungry.


Here's the deal:

You wash dishes, mop the floor,
take out the trash.

Otherwise, you're deaf,
dumb and blind.

- I understand.
- No, you don't, but you will.

This ain't like other places,
and you'll either get it...

...or i'll be fired?

You could say that.

Oh, you have nothing
to worry about.

I know that this is
a great opportunity.

Don Maroni!

- Good to see you.
- Doing good?

- Great. Welcome.
- Alright.

A great opportunity indeed.

So our suspect had a prior
for soliciting two years ago, right?

So one of my girls
thought he looked familiar.

Remembered he liked
big, brawny types.

So she pointed me to that pimp,
that guy who specialized in that,

- He remembered...
- After you roughed him up a little.

...that he used to do deliveries

for this, uh,
dry cleaner, Mr. Chang.

And he remembered,
on top of everything else,

the guy was a mahjong guy.

He was into these chinese bookies
for, like, five grand.

And they sent you here?

By way of some bike messengers,

the guy that runs pickpockets
on the south side

and a pot sticker joint
the guy apparently loved.

Dragon Palace!

We didn't order any...

Carl Smikers?


GCPD! You're under arrest!

Stop or I'll...

Don't move.

Jim, a little help!

Put it down!

Put it down now!

You put the MCU
onto that cop killing Oswald.

Falcone finds out
it came from you, I mean...,

I don't mind what he did to me.
It's, uh...

Lazlo, honey...,

you're worried about me,
aren't you?

But you must remember:

It wasn't you
Falcone wanted to hurt.

It was me.



The boy's lost his spine.

Not everyone's built
for a beating like that.

What's that new piece
that the Roman's been seeing?

What's her name?
Natalia? Nadia?

- Uhuh.
- Yeah.

Tell Butch...
she's going to have an accident.

Such a shame.

She was a pretty girl.

And get rid of Lazlo
while you're at it.

He's bringing down the mood.

With pleasure.

- My God!
- Sorry.

I knocked, but I could hear
someone in here, and...

How did you get in?

I still have a key, remember?

And you just let yourself in?

Give it to me.

I could have you arrested.

Or I could arrest you.

Well, it's kind of early
to get high, isn't it?

It's been a stressful day.

And is that all you're doing?

Afraid so.

Don't play with me, Barbara.
I was there, remember?

Through all of it.

Then you mean
you were a part of it?


Answer the question.

Yes. This is it.

And now that you've broken
into my home

and accused me of being a drug addict,
you can leave.

Not until we talk about Gordon.

He's killed a man.

You told me.
It's not true.

Not Mario Pepper,
another man.

And he killed him on the orders
of Carmine Falcone,

biggest crime boss
in Gotham.

You're lying.

But, you know? I guess I should
be used to that.


When we were together,
I did lie to you.

A lot.

But you always knew.

You looked in my eyes, and you knew
when I was lying to you.

Am I lying now?

Is it just because I love him?

Is that why you are
so determined to destroy him?

I've been sober for a year.

Look, and I know that doesn't...
erase the things that I did.

But I still care about you.

I can't stand you being
with this man.

You deserve better.



Ask him where he was the night
that Oswald Cobblepot disappeared.

That's the name of the man
he killed.

I'm telling the truth.
I didn't kill those guys.

I mean, a cop?!
Why would I kill a cop?!

Maybe because you're a thieving,
cop-murdering pile of crap.

But, mind you,
that's just a theory.

You admit stealing the balloons?

Yeah. Yeah, but I owed
these loan sharks,

and... and if I didn't pay 'em,
they were gonna cut off... stuff.

So if you didn't kill
Danzer and Cranston, who did?

Who'd you sell the balloons to?

I never saw his face.

We had a drop-off point
to exchange the balloons and money.

You know what we got here, Jim?

We got us a criminal mastermind,

Not only is the murder weapon
in the stratosphere,

but so are the bodies.
It's the perfect crime!

The bodies will come back.

What are you talking about?

Do you guys not know
how weather balloons work?

Tell us, genius,
or I'll beat it out of you.

Wait, wait, wait! Okay, okay.

They... They rise up,

and... and it gets colder and colder,
and the balloon gets brittle,

and the... the helium expands...

Then what?

It pops.


I'm really starting
to dislike this case.

Where do you think
they find shovels that big, huh?

We only have to worry
about one more balloon.

- Who?
- Cardinal Quinn.

He was meditating in his garden.

Alvarez is on his way to the scene.

Now we're gonna have the church
on our back. Great.

Forget the fact...

that Quinn was known
as "The diddling priest".

Here's what we found
in Cranston's pockets.

What wasn't smashed to bits.

Why's your name on this, Jim?

I know who the Balloonman is.

You see, Falcone is only
the boss of Gotham...

because people believe
he's the boss.

That's why this Arkham thing
is gonna change.

People are gonna see
that the emperor's got no clothes.

I'm wasting my breath.
You're an idiot. Get out of here.

Who the hell are you?

Uh, I'm sorry, sir.

Hold on.
Put that down.

You were listening, huh?

You're new.
What's your name?

Paolo, sir.

You don't look italian.

Well, on my mother's side.
It's the side that I claim.

A boy who loves his mother.

Here you go. Take it.

I was a lot like you.

Started from nothing.

But I kept my head down,
I worked hard. Now look at me.

Gotham is the city of opportunity.

Yes, sir.
I believe that too.

You hear what I was saying
back there?

Those names?
Falcone, Arkham?

They mean anything to you?

Honestly, sir...,
I didn't hear anything at all.

That a boy.

The Balloonman has struck once again.

Cardinal Quinn, accused
of multiple counts of sexual abuse,

is the latest victim
of the vigilante.

See this?
This is not good.

You can't go around
killing priests.

At least not in public.

Go take care of your mother,

His name is Davis Lamond. 48.

He's worked at Juvenile Services
for 15 years.

No priors.

He didn't show up for work today,

and hasn't been back
to his apartment.

We have uniforms at both.

And you're positive
he's the killer?

We found a form
on Cranston's body

that I'd given Lamond
yesterday morning.

Also keys that opened
Lamond's apartment.

I'm guessing they had a scuffle,

Cranston went through his pockets,

but Lamond managed
to attach him to the balloon.

What caused Lamond to snap?

Not sure.

Lamond's coworkers describe him
as thoughtful, dedicated, sweet,

a few said that.

Oh, great, one of those sweet
cop-killing vigilantes.

And what about his last target?

Same profile as all the rest.

Well known,

seemingly respectable,

actually corrupt.

This is Gotham.

That doesn't exactly
narrow it down.

Meanwhile, I have the mayor,
city council,

half the city's judges
and clergy hiding indoors

screaming at the commissioner
to find the guy.

And guess who he screams at?

We've got his photo out there.
It's just a matter of time.



Your network of... chinese loan sharks
and hookers

came up empty?

Gloat later.
Let's think about it.

He had to store the balloons,

the helium canisters,
the carts he was using...

Yeah, maybe a storage facility.
A warehouse?

Or an abandoned building.

That's it?

How'd you come up with that?
It's the same thing I just said.

What made you figure this place?

The girl yesterday, Selina,

she told me she was
in a new juvie building.

Lamond, the counselor, said
the same thing, so I'm thinking:

What happened
to the old juvie building?

Turns out...
City's getting ready to demo it.

Look, even if he was here,
he's probably long gone.

He's only got one balloon left.
He knows we're closing in.

Or that's it right there.


Drop the gun now!

I can't do that, detective!
I'm not done yet!

Once more time: Drop it!

You should be helping me!

You're wasting your breath!

My partner here thinks you're as bad
as the scum you kill.

Me, I can see how you're
kind of doing us a favor,

so don't shoot me, all right?

You believe as i do!

I know you're the one who caught
those child snatchers.

- You risked your life!
- Uh, so did I.

You want to protect the innocent?!

Yes, and we have laws for that.

And what good are laws
when they require men

like your Lieutenant Cranston
to implement them?

And Ronald Danzer?!

You really think he would've ever seen
the inside of a jail?!

Or that priest?!

Why didn't the law punish him?!

You know, I have given my life
to the lost children of Gotham

because I wanted
to make a difference.

And you know what kind of difference
I made?! None!

Because the people
running this city

feed off the weak
and the law protects them.

And when your mayor...
rounded up all those children

to send off
to that prison upstate...,

I decided "no more".

I would teach them
there are consequences.

So why don't you ask yourself,

Who are you fighting for?

A mayor in the mob's pocket?
Cops on the take?

Or for the weak and the innocent?

Who are you, finally?

Ah, forget it.

No, no!

What are you doing?!

- How do you like that?!
- Grab him!

How's it feel?!
You're hoisted by your own petard!

No, Jim!

Jim, what are you doing?!

Jim, let go!

Shoot it! Shoot the balloon!


Let go!

Shoot it!

Just let go!

Shoot it now!


What a lovely surprise.

We're not quite open,
but for you...

Hello, Fish.

Just stopped by on my way to dinner.

I wanted to make sure
there were no hard feelings.



That's my girl.

Speaking of your girl,

that better be the reason
why you're ditching me tonight.

What's her name again?



And no.
She had an accident.

I hope nothing serious.

A mugging.


Ever since the Waynes
were killed,

the city has gone crazy.

I hope the punk who did it
paid with his life.

He will,
when we find him.

Along with anyone
who helped him.

Are you hearing any rumblings
from Maroni's camp?

You don't actually believe

that Maroni had something
to do with it, do you?

Like you say:

People are acting crazy,
and crazy's bad for business.

Especially with everything
on the horizon.

You're talking about Arkham?

I thought you had that locked up.


Keep your eyes open.

Hold on! Hold on.

Give me a second.

There will be more...

like me, detective.

You know that, don't you?

Not if we do our job.

And we will, I will.

You had your chance.

All of you.

Who was your last target?

The crusade of the vigilante
known as the Balloonman

ended tonight
when he was apprehended by police.

He was the one man who stood up
to the corruption

eating at the heart of Gotham,
willing to break the law

in order to save it.

Well, I imagine
the criminals of Gotham

are sleeping well tonight.

He killed people.

That made him a criminal too.

That's very true.

Can I get you anything else?

No, thank you, Alfred.

Right. Well, you know...

Do try and eat a bit, won't you?

Be a shame to have you
floating away.

The GCPD claims a win,

but this journalist
is left to wonder:

Now that the Balloonman is gone,

who will defend
the people of Gotham?

This is channel 7 at 7:00

reporting live

from the former Gotham Juvenile
Facility Center in downtown,

with your minute-to-minute updates.

Back to the newsroom, John.

You're okay.

Are you okay?

Yeah. I fell, is all.
I'm fine.

What's wrong?

I want you to know
that you can tell me anything.

The city's sick.

Sick in a way
I hadn't realized.

When they were taking him away,
this... Balloonman killer,

I asked who his last target was.

You know what he said?

Doesn't matter.

He meant the mayor, judges,
anyone in a position of power.

They're all guilty.

But that's not true.

It's how he feels.

It's how they all feel.


That's why the city embraced him.

Because we let them down.

But if people take... the law
into their own hands,

then there is no law...,

and we're lost.

There are cops who do it.

The same thing he did.

But you never would.

Do you think I could?


I know you, Jim Gordon.

And I love you.

And now I'm gonna
get you a drink.

I'll get it.


Hello, James.

Old friend.

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