Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Selina Kyle - full transcript

Someone is kidnapping homeless kids and one of them is a young girl named Selina Kyle. Meanwhile, Oswald Cobblepot goes off the grid.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

My name's James Gordon.
I'm a detective.

My name is Bruce Wayne.

I promise I will find
the man who did this.

Stop or I'll shoot!

He was framed...

to cover up for the real killer.

I know that you own
the Police Department.

Probably the mayor.

You can't have organized crime
without law and order.

You snitched,
my little... Penguin.


Falcone wants you
to put a bullet in his head.

Then everybody knows
you're with the program.

Don't ever come back to Gotham.

Ah, there you are.

Been all over the bloody house
looking for you.

What are you doing?


You, my old son,
are a terrible liar.

What have you got there?

Come on. Show me.

Oh my God,
you stupid little boy!


It's all right. I'm sorry.

It's gonna be all right.

Hi! I'm Patti!

This is Doug!

We're with the Mayor's
Homeless Outreach Project!

We have some sandwiches and some soup!

We got cookies, got candy.
Who here likes chocolate?

Ain't you hungry, Cat?

Yeah, dig in.
Take a sandwich.

- This is what I need.
- Sure, go ahead.

Plenty for everyone.

Yeah, sure. Take two.


Hey, lady!


Oh, fudge!

Don't worry. I'll go.

Slow down there, buckaroo!

I got you one, but I dropped it.

Yeah, thanks.

- Where is everybody?
- I don't know.

What do you think?

I think it's been a long shift.

We give this bum three
hours, then we knock off.

He was a vet.

I salute his service.
Now he's a dead bum.

People are shooting bums
all the time.

We might as well be looking
for the tooth fairy.

- Hey, guys.
- Hey, Bo.

How come you weren't here?

Whoa, whoa.
Good morning to you too.

Where were you?

I was at a restaurant
down the street here; Chez Vous.

They had some...
homeless junkie kid,

fell through their front window
last night.

- I been taking care of that.
- This is a potential murder.

You're first responder.

You're supposed to preserve
the integrity of the crime scene.

- He's got a point.
- Oh.

The restaurant that pays me $50
a month to look out for them.

So... I'm gonna babysit
a dead wino? I got a family.

He's got a point.

Why'd the kid jump through the window?

Who knows? He was high.

- Did you ask him?
- Why am I the bad guy here?!

I'm asking about the kid because
maybe he's related to the victim!

And you're not a bad guy,
you're just a bad cop.

Whoa. Who you talking to?

- Hold on.
- You know? I already had...

- Come on! Come on!
- You want it? Any day!

Hey! Whoa!

And then Zeb and Smoke
went right down!

And that's when that wacky dude
just shot Soldier!

That's when I realized
I needed to get out of there.

So I ran and I ran,

and that's how I ended up
on the floor of that restaurant.

She used a pin?

I swear! A big pin.

But, listen,
this is not the first time!

Street kids have been...
disappearing for weeks now.

By the dozen!
No one knows why.

- First we heard about it.
- Why... Why would you?

Nobody gives a crap about us!

I mean, look! That is proof!

That's not proof! That's a scab.
Now listen, Macky.

We're grown-ups.
We're smarter than you.

- Man, whatever...
- You're gonna tell me the truth!

It was you, wasn't it?

It was you that killed
that poor old man.

It was you.
Now, you're gonna tell me the truth,

or I swear to God
I'm gonna beat it out of you!

That old man was a war veteran!

Listen, Cat was there!
Cat saw the whole thing.

- Ask Cat. Ask Cat!
- Relax, Macky, relax!

No one's gonna beat you.
Who's Cat?

What do you mean,
no one's gonna beat him?

Isn't that what I just said
I was gonna do right now, just now?!

- I was gonna beat him?!
- Come here! Come here.

Come here!

He is 16.

Yeah, and six-foot, 220.
He can take a punch.

Look, I wasn't gonna beat him.
I just wanted to scare him.

But if I did want to beat him,
I could.

- It would be my prerogative.
- It's illegal.


How now so righteous?

Hmm? Not long since
you put a man in the river.

You want to say that
a little louder?

Not everybody heard.

Ever since then you've been
a royal pain in the ass.

You think I or anybody around here
gives a crap?

About a dead snitch
or your guilty conscience?

We got our own problems.

Guilty conscience,
call it what you want.

I'm gonna do what's right.

You're beginning to irritate me.

Get your hands off me.


Watch the shoes, clown.

Shift's over.

Come on. Come on.

Come on. Seriously.

Thank you so much, guys,

I'm very grateful.
I've been waiting for hours.

No kidding, look like you
crawled out of a cemetery.

Smells like it too.
Open a window back there.

- There you go.
- Yeah.

Yes, thank you.

Forgive me,
I am somewhat disheveled.

A temporary setback,
I assure you.

Thank you so much.

What the hell happened
to you anyhow?

It was my own fault.

Foolish arrogance
led me astray.

But I learned my lessons.

I'll be back... stronger
and smarter than ever.

Good luck with that, bro.

Here I am riding around
in a lovely truck,

sharing an ice-cold beer
with my new friends.

My luck's already turned, right?

Dude, anyone ever tell you
when you walk,

you look just like a penguin?

Nobody's ever told me that.

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He's saying he has a right
to stop me from beating on a mope.

Damn right I do.

How am I supposed
to work with this?

Look it, Jim, it's not like I can
order you to break the law,

but this is Gotham.

You don't bend,
you'll get broke.

I understand.

I thought you were
with the program.

He is.

Well, let's get back to work.
Where are you at?

Well, if the boy we have
is telling the truth,

there's a couple of kidnappers
out there

abducting homeless children...
in numbers.

They lured them close
with a food truck

from the Mayor's
Homeless Outreach Project.

And they drugged them
with a jab from a big pin.

Why... Why would anyone
want to abduct...

scaggly-ass orphans in bulk?

I mean, where's the market?

They're out on the street because
no one wants them anyway.

If they said they were snatching
cute girls, I'd believe 'em.

But what would anyone want
with a lard-ass like Macky?

What is it, Ed?

Guess what I found?

I did a blood test on him,
and he had high levels of ATP.

What's ATP?

It's a fast-acting knockout drug.

They used to use it
at the old Arkham Asylum...

to bring down
troublesome patients.

It's hard to get.
No recreational use.

Okay. That's interesting.

Anything else?

Thank you, Ed.

Thank you, Ed.

Get to work.

And keep this quiet.
No press. Not a word.

Shouldn't we tell the public
what's going on?

- Warn them?
- Department policy.

We don't advertise this kind
of stuff. Causes panic.

The headlines will read:
"Gotham's kids snatched".

- Which would be true.
- No press. That's an order.

Follow up on the drug, the ATP...

and the Arkham connection.

Arkham's been closed
for, like, 10 years.

Yeah, 15.

Drug suppliers
might still be in business.

Oh, uh...

This happened
on Fish Mooney's turf.

Do you want to see if
it's safe for us to go back there,

or is, uh,
she still mad at us?

That's a good question.



Don Falcone.

What a wonderful surprise.

Thank you, my dear.

Can we... talk?

Of course. Give me a moment
to clear the place.

No, no.
No need to spoil the fun.

Men who are about to die
are very honest.

It pays to listen to them.

That's some toast.

I spoke with your man, Cobblepot,
before he died.

Odd little fellow. Perceptive.

He told me the death of the Waynes

would bring troubled times
for our family and Gotham.

What did he know?
Business is good as ever.

No, he was right.

The Waynes and the Falcones were
the pillars... of the same house.

We understood each other.

Now that they're gone,
everything is out of balance...

and the Wayne Empire is in flux.

Who knows who will end up...
in control?

The Maroni family senses weakness.

They'll start making moves,

and every criminal in the city
will start making moves.

Please, don't lose any sleep
over Maroni.

He's number two for a reason.

I never lose sleep
over my enemies.

It's my friends
that keep me awake.


Cobblepot told me you say...
I'm old and soft,

and ready to be taken out,
and you're the one to take me.

Don Falcone, I would never,
ever say that.

I only have deep love
and respect for you.

You have been like a father to me.

I'm so... happy to hear that.

Let's forget all about it then.

The babbling of a condemned man.

Enough business.

How have you been, my dear?
Thriving, I hope.

Yes. Good. I'm good.

Which of these... is your lover?

My heart has been broken

far too many times
for that nonsense.


I heard you had a lover.

Well, if you're referring

to the boy
that I keep around for exercise...

my lover... he is not.

What's your name?

Lazlo, sir.

Lazlo, be good to this woman.
She's very precious to me.

If you break her heart,
you break my heart.

Yes, sir.


Give me your hand.

Thank you for being honest.
It means a lot to me.

It shows wisdom... and humility.


Everyone out!

Never, never in his life
my son is away this long.

Nightclubs is his business.

Such hours.

But always...
he comes home to his mother.

His clothes are here.

My son would never leave
his clothes.

Oh, so elegant he is.

Yes, I show you.


Mooney and the cops
must have had him killed.

Looks like...
the snitches get bumped.

That's life.

But they're not going
to get away with it,

not as easy as they think.

You take things
too personally, you know that?

Yeah, I do.
That was a good snitch.

- What are we...?
- Nothing.

- Uh, Mrs. Cobblepot...
- Kapelput.

Mrs. Kapelput.

Do you know anyone... who might
want to do your son harm?


No. I would feel it.

A mother feels these things.

It's a woman.

Some painted slut
has him in her clutch.

A woman? You think?

I am sure.

So handsome he is.

And so naive.

Who are you again?

Uh, detectives
with Major Crimes Unit, ma'am.


- Like that.
- But honest.


Boss, don't get mad at me...,

but I know that look.

Now is too early
to make a move on Falcone.

I know.

Not yet.

I need more money, more men,
more territory, I know.

I'll play this thing loyal
and bide my time.

But I swear, Butch...,

on my sainted mother's grave,
some day soon

I am going to kill that old man

with my bare hands
and my teeth!

I'll be holding your shoes.

I just wish that Penguin
was still alive.

I didn't make that little punk
suffer near badly enough.

Excuse me, sir?


I couldn't help but notice
the sign on your trailer.

Is it still for rent?

100 bucks a week.
It ain't much, but...

- I'll take it.
- You don't want to look at it first?

No, I'm not fussy.

It's all yours.

The key?

Hey, sweet truck.
You got that big hemi in there?

Yes. Yup.

That... big hemi's in there,

Uh, sir, the key?

It's in the door.


What's up, players?

You got any smokes?


Where are we?

Damn if I know.

I think we're dead.

Harvey. Jim.

How marvelous.

You still mad at us?

No. Please.

I'm quite fond of you, and...

you intrigue me.

I knew I'd regret killing you
as soon as I gave the word.

But you know me.
I'm feisty.


What do you know
about a man and a woman

abducting street kids
on your turf?

No foreplay with you, hmm?

But you got with the program.

Killed Penguin your own bad self.

I was surprised.

Straight arrow like you.

- I guess you misjudged me.
- I guess I did.

You're just a little sinner
like the rest of us.

I'm almost kind of sad about that.

We're looking
for a man and a woman...,


targeting children under 16.

They use a poisoned pin,
if you can believe it.

Used to be there was only a market
for nice-looking girls.

That's what I said.

But now
there's a new buyer overseas

that will take anyone
young and healthy.

- Overseas where? Who's "they"?
- Nobody knows.

- What do they want 'em for?
- Nobody knows.

And no one cares to know.

Ta-da! Moo shu.

Sorry, go on.

They drug them
with a big pin?

That is so creepy.

Uh, you don't want to hear
this stuff. It's depressing.

What do they use them for?
The children?

Nobody seems to know.

And we can't say a damn thing
to the press. Bad PR.

I can't believe the system
is so corrupt.

- You have no idea.
- What do you mean?

No. You know,
figure of speech, I guess.

Did something happen
that you're not telling me about?

These last couple of weeks...

you've been different...,



Been having trouble sleeping,
I guess.

The newspapers must get
anonymous tips all the time.

Sure, yeah.

You mean, call it in myself?

No. I can't do that.

Gotham Gazette.
The newsroom.

Wait. No.

Hi. Listen, I can't talk long.

Somebody is abducting homeless
children off the streets,

and the cops
are trying to keep it quiet.

Go talk to Captain Sarah Essen
of the GCPD.

She has got a kid
in custody...

who can tell you
the whole story.

- End the call.
- I got to go.

Listen to me, Barbara.

When I tell you stuff,
that's just between us.

You can't do that,
what you just did.

But it was the right thing to do.

- That's not the point.
- Well, what is the point?

You're right.
It was the right thing to do.

- Don't do it again, okay?
- Yes, boss.

"Gotham Spirals Ever Downward".

"Mayor James Under Attack".

"Vows Swift Action".

"Points Finger at Police Department's
Sluggish Response". Etc.

- It's just ink.
- Did you give them this?!


- You've done it before.
- On my own case? Never.

Be a very stupid thing to do.


I didn't call it in.

- I swear.
- Another mystery.

We have a thin lead on the case,
if you'd like to hear it, ma'am.

There's only three companies in Gotham
that stock this ATP stuff,

and you need a special license
to buy it.

Chances are
one of the three's crooked.

We're looking to lean hard
on all three

like they are crooked,
see which one pops.

That was sneaky good.

Almost couldn't tell
you were lying.

I wasn't lying.

Good morning, Judge Baker.

Thank you, sir.
Yes, all three.

Welzyne, Dracotech
and Quillan Pharma.

You guys have screwed me.

Against my better judgment...

I sell you the juice,

I let you guys use
my storage space

because "No problem."
you said.

And now look. Heat.

White-hot heat!

No problems, my friend.

We're here
to take the merch away.

You'll be clean as a whistle.


They're children, damn it.

They're human beings.

Didn't I tell you to check on them
ten minutes ago?!

I want another 5 large.

But we had a deal already.

I got to stand up
for what is right here.

Be fair, sir. We don't have
that kind of cash on hand.

That's your problem.
I can't wait.

I thought you was worried
about the heat.

Well, if heat arrives
in the meantime,

I can get rid of the evidence
very quickly.

We have an obligation to deliver.

The Dollmaker
doesn't tolerate failure.

- We need those children.
- Well, that's also your problem.

No! Hey, hey!
This is totally inappropriate!

I mean, we were having
a business discussion here!

You weren't being fair.

Oh, gosh. Cops.

You didn't call the Gazette,

but did your girl call the Gazette?!

- Yeah.
- I knew it.

I didn't know
she was gonna call 'em.

Seriously, you got to learn
to control your woman.

I kind of like her the way she is.

No, these high-class
temperamental broads,

they need firm handling.
Trust me.

- Trust you? On women?
- Damn right.

All varieties.
From hausfraus to movie stars.

I love 'em all.
Now, you? Let me guess.

High school sweetheart.

Then a bunch of hos overseas
only made you sad...,

and then there's Barbara.

Pretty much.

You, my friend, are a monkey...
riding a racehorse.

Good evening.
May I help you?

Detectives Gordon and Bullock.

We need to speak
to whoever's in charge here, ma'am.

Of course. Mr. Quillan,
detectives are here to see you!



Hey, what's up?!

Nothing serious, I hope.

Cut the crap. We have a warrant
to search the premises.

We know what you're doing.

Well, then, you know
some boring stuff, then.

What are you talking about?

You're peddling ATP
to those kid snatchers.

Oh my gosh, no.

I mean,
we used to stock ATP,

but not since the...
Arkham Asylum closed.

Uh, uh... I heard that
the Wayne Foundation

is planning on reopening
the old place again.

But now that the Waynes
are dead,

I guess everything's up in the air.

What a world, hey?

Nobody's safe.

- Jim!
- Go, go!

Where the hell were you?!

Get rid of 'em now.

And hose down the room!



On behalf
of all the citizens of Gotham,

I want to thank you,
brave gentlemen,

from the bottom of my heart,

and I want to promise you, kids,

we will take care of you
as if you were our own children.

But here's the thing.

The people who victimized
these kids are still out there.

And hundreds
of vulnerable youngsters

are still living rough
on our streets.



and let's face it,
that's the real crime here.

So what are we going to do
to help these kids?


I made a phone call
to Juvenile Services and the GCPD,

to initiate a humane
but tough-love program

to get these kids off the streets

and into the loving arms
of Juvenile Services.

- I think that went very well.
- I think so.

A small toast, Your Honor?

You read my mind.

Mr. Mayor.

Uh, where are you sending
all the children that get rounded up?

Foster homes for the cute,
undamaged ones.

- Upstate for the rest.
- Upstate?

The Alpena Youth
Corrections facility.

A fine institute.

Prison, in other words.

Forgive me, Your Honor.

Detective Gordon's
our house firebrand.

No, no, no.
That... That's okay.

Jim. May I call you Jim?

Half the petty crime in the city...
is homeless kids.

They need structure,

people who care for them,

for the greater good of Gotham
and for the children, you see?

I see you're using
the child snatchers

as a pretext to lock up children...
without a trial.

Thank you, my friend.

Valuable input.

Most refreshing.


Yo, Gordon!

Man's been waiting for you


Alfred, please.

It's bedlam, isn't it?

Rough job you got.

Best job in the world.

I wonder if it might be...

convenient for you
to visit us tomorrow.

Of course.

- Why? Is something wrong?
- I don't know.

Never had a child before.

Nor me.

The boy respects you.

Teatime, shall we say?



Ma'am, there's been a mistake.

I'm not meant to go upstate.

I need to talk to James Gordon.
He's a cop.

You'll be allowed a phone call
when you get upstate. Name.

I need to talk to him now.

- He'll thank you for it.
- Not happening. Name.

Bite me, pigarina.

Jane Doe.


Relax, kid.
Juvie's not so bad.

First week,
whatever you do,

don't make friends
with anyone that's friendly.

When you get into a fight,
go for their eyes!

Hi, ya kids! How you doing?

Are you ready to go
on a big adventure?!

Sit down, young lady.

I said!... sit down.

Like now.


Next naughty child...
to stand up...

gets a black mark...
right here.

One or two or three...
I could explain that.

But a busload?!

A whole busload
of the little bastards,

what am I supposed to say?

Just tell me it wasn't them,
I'm begging you.

Just tell me it wasn't
the snatchers.

Bus driver was a man,
guard was a woman.

It could be them.

You're killing me.

Ya killing me!

We're working it,
Your Honor.

Look, I told you everything
I know! I told you!

Now, you see that man there?!

He doesn't like it when
I beat people,

but for you he's got no objection.
Why is that?

Math. The lives of 30 children
versus 1 scumbag.

So I can beat you
like a bongo drum

and Saint Jim here
won't intervene.

Give us something.

Okay, okay! Look...

The truck!

You know, when they came to pick up
the last bunch of kids,

on the side of it there was a...
a picture, like a logo.

I... I didn't want to say before

because it would give
a bad impression.

See, it doesn't reflect,
really, what, you know...

What was it?

It has a... a blue plate
and a silver fork.

- A plate and a fork?
- Yeah, you know, like, with the...

Like a catering company?
Like food?

Well, yeah, like that. I mean,
you know, but...

I mean, that doesn't mean...
You know.

Doesn't mean what?

Look, I don't know
what they do to them. Ah!

Hey! Hey.

All right.

Draw the logo.
Uncuff him.

There you go, kids.

Don't worry.
Everything's gonna be all right.

That's right. That's right.
Come on.

Come on, come on, come on, come on.

- Come on!
- Go.

Funny thing.

By my count, according
to the sheet they gave us,

- we're one short.
- Me too.

Maybe there's one on the bus.


Nope. Weird.

Must be a miscount someplace.

Never mind.
We got more than enough.

- We did good.
- Indeed we did.

The Dollmaker will be
so pleased with us.

All right, thanks.

Nothing. You?

Apparently there are no companies
in Gotham

with trucks with
a plate and a fork as their logo.

Selling children for food?

Is such a thing even possible?

We've got officers
searching all the trucks

on every bridge and tunnel.

But they had a three-hour window.

We can only pray
they stayed in the city.

If not, they could be any place
on Earth by nightfall.

Scum-sucking toads...
Where are they?!

It's not a blue plate.

It's not a fork either.
It's a trident.

When you stow this on the ship,

make sure there's plenty
of room for the doors to open.

- The ship's crew has...
- Let me out!

Quiet in there!



My eyes!
She scratched me!


Come on, follow me.

Hmm. Let me look.

Hmm. Yeah.

It's nothing.
It's a scratch.

We'll get you to the doctor,
you'll be right as rain in no time.

You sure?

- What was that?
- Hang on.


You are a very naughty
little girl.

Hi. What's your name?

Why is that your business?


Where are the kids?

Where are they?!

He's not been sleeping.

And when he does,
he has these nightmares.

Now he's hurting himself,

burning himself.

He's cutting.

Is he getting professional help?

Oh, a psychiatrist?

No, no, no. He won't have 'em.

No psychiatrists.
That's a rule.

You make the rules, don't you?
You're his guardian.

Bruce's father... gave me
very firm orders

was him and his missus to die.

Now I will raise the boy the way
his father told me to raise him.

Which is how?

Trust him to choose
his own course.

He's, after all, a Wayne.

Sounds like a recipe for disaster.

What do you want me to do?

He wants you
to talk some sense into me.

Haven't I told you

to stop creeping up on people
like that before?

It's bloody rude!

All right then, Bruce.

Talk to me.

I'm perfectly fine.

Alfred's a worrywart.

What did you do to your hand?

I burned it.

Listen to me, Bruce.

You've been through
a terrible experience.

Talking to someone
can be very helpful.

You must have seen
terrible things in the war.

Does it... Does it help you
to talk about what you saw?

Yes. A little.

You're not a very good liar.

- Bruce, you're hurting yourself.
- I'm testing myself!

but I appreciate your concern.

I've been following
your adventures in the newspapers.

I feel very sorry
for all those poor children.

Me too.

I'll give you some money
to give to them.

I'm afraid it doesn't work
that way, Bruce.

What way does it work?

Those children need someone
who cares for them.

Like you have,
right here.

Money won't buy that.

There must be something
I can do.

What about clothes?

They all looked awfully ragged.

They did, didn't they?

After all this?!

- You're sending us upstate?
- Selina...


Cat, even if you didn't have
outstanding warrants, you're 13.

No parents or guardians.

That's not true.
I have a mom.

- Says here she's deceased.
- That's not true.

She's alive... someplace.

Be that as it may,

we're not allowed
to put you back on the street.

It's for your own well-being.

Have you been there?

- Yes, uh...
- Then you know!

You know.

Go get Detective James Gordon.

He works here.


The Police are very busy people.

Go get him.


I'll say you touched me.

Excuse me?

James Gordon.

I'm gonna scream
in about three seconds.


Yes, this is he.

Well, I'm looking at your son
right now and...

he doesn't look good.

Madam, I assure you, your son
is not trying to trick you.

Oh, he will die
a horrible death unless he...

No, no. No, really, truly.
He isn't joking.

I'm not joking.

I will poke his eyeballs out and...

How can you say that?
You saw the video I sent.

I'm not lying.

Madam, Madam, c... calm yourself.

If $10 thousand is too much,
I'm sure we can...

Hello? Hello?

Well, that's disappointing.

She didn't believe me.

You must be quite the scamp.

I got it.

Hello again, young lady.

- How can I help you?
- We need to talk.

So now you want to talk, huh?

Okay. It's all right.

- Selina, is it?
- Cat.


You Macky's friend?

Yeah, I know Macky.

Those bastards nearly
got you twice, huh?

You're quite a survivor.

You have no idea.

Suppose I had something
you really, really wanted.

If I gave it to you,
could you get me out of here?

What do you got?

I've been watching you.

You're a friend of the boy.

You're not like the rest
of these crooks.

The boy?


What do you mean
you've been watching me?

That Mario Pepper guy
was a patsy, huh?

What makes you say that?

Could you?
Could you get me out?

It's possible.

I saw who really killed the Waynes.

Saw him clear
as day.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)