Gotham (2014–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - Pilot - full transcript

Adolescent Bruce Wayne sees his doting parents shot by a mugger. Sleezy murder squad lieutenant Harvey Bullock fails to dump the case on organized crime because of eager 'rookie' James Gordon but changes his mind when they offer to take it on anyhow. The stole pearl string is found is petty robber Mario Pepper's home, but they soon suspect the mugging to be staged and the trail leads to local mob head Fish Mooney, from Carmine Falcone's 'family'. The whole affair is clouded by the devious power struggle within the mob, which proves dangerous for the detectives too.

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Oh. Hey!

What? I think she...
got my wallet.

Yeah. Hey!

Please, stop!

Stop her!

Psst, psst.

Oh, come on, Tom.
It wasn't that bad.

Oh no?
Childish drivel.

The acting was fine,
the music was lovely.

What about you, Bruce?

Sorry, Mom.
I agree with Dad.

- It was kinda lame.
- "Kinda lame"?

There's no such word as "kinda".

- It was totally lame.
- Yeah!

Now, you two are so judgment...

What's up, folks?!

Stay calm, Bruce.

Give me your money!

No problem.

We're cooperating.

The necklace.

It's okay.


Mom! Mom?!

Dad! Dad?!


Sit down!

- Don't move!
- Yeah, don't touch my face!

Shut up!

I need my pills.

I need my pills!

You wish.
Come on!

- Where are my pills?
- Back, back.

- Back. Come on.
- Give them to me.

Where are my pills?!

I said give me my pills,

Hold your fire!

Hold your fire!
I got this!

Hold your fire.

Hold on.

Easy, easy.

Sir, look at me.

Not at them, look at me.

My name's Jim.
Jim Gordon.

What's yours?

I need... my pills.

Okay, no prob, everything's
gonna be all right.

Look at me, huh?

Got your pills
right here.


Want some pills?

Here some pills. All right.

Here you go. Here you go.

Here's some pills for you,
all right?

These aren't my pills.

Sorry, guys. Didn't mean
to bark at you all like that.

- Got a little bit carried away.
- Get up!


Hey, hey! Come on, man,
take it easy! Come on!

- Hey, guys!
- Hey!

What the hell are you doing?!
We had the drop on him!

Yeah, well, he's dropped,
isn't he?

You could've gotten hurt.
Rookie mistake.

Next time,
shoot the son of a bitch.

If I shoot,
that sets everybody off.

Gunfire every which way.

Somebody takes a cop's gun,
you shoot him.

That's basic.

Yo, Bullock, Gordon, you're up!

Double homicide, Theater District.

Give me a break,
shift's nearly over.

Yeah, nearly.

Oh, the legendary Harvey Bullock.

- No rest for the wicked, huh?
- Tannenbaum. Looking crisp.

This's my new partner,
James Gordon.

- What do we got?
- Just got here myself.

Male, female, gunshot.

Their kid saw the whole thing.

Poor bastard
hasn't spoke a word yet.

My name's James Gordon.
I'm a detective.

What's your name?

It's okay.
You don't have to talk.

Listen, T, do me a favor.

You didn't see me, okay?

I see you right in front of me.

- What's your problem?
- That's Thomas and Martha Wayne.

I don't need that kind of hassle.

Call Major Crimes.
They'd love to have this.

Yeah, but they're not here.

And your partner
is talking to the witness.

So... that makes it your case.


My name is Bruce Wayne.

Can you tell me what happened,

When I was about your age,

a drunk driver
hit our car.

Killed my dad.

I was right next to him.

I know how you feel
right now.

And I promise you,

however dark and scary
the world might be right now,

there will be light.

There will be light, Bruce.

We just got out of the movies.

We were walking through the alley
to catch an uptown cab, and...

a man came out of the shadows.

He was tall,

with a black mask and...

he had a hat and gloves...

and shiny shoes.

He took my dad's wallet...
and my mom's necklace.

And then he shot them...

for no reason.

I should've done something!

But I was too scared.

There was nothing you could've done
to stop what happened.

But there is something
you can do now.

You can be strong.

Be strong.

I promise you, I will find
the man who did this.


Who the hell is that?

James Gordon.

Alfred Pennyworth.

We're gonna get the guy
that did this, sir.

New boy, are you?

You could say.

Good luck, mate.

Come on.

Don't look.
Head up. Eyes front.

Don't let them see
you crying.

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Shouldn't we be there
when they move the victims?


Listen, hot shot.
Do me a favor.

Don't start talking to witnesses
until I say so.

- What's your problem?
- My problem, soldier boy,

you just caught us
a gigantic, flaming ball of crap.

Oh yeah? How's that?

You never heard
of Thomas and Martha Wayne?

Yeah, sure. The Wayne Foundation.


Two of the richest
and most powerful people in Gotham.

You can't begin to imagine the pressure,
we don't close this thing quick.

- So let's close it quick.
- Yeah, right.

This is random street robbery,

Perp could be any one
of 10,000 mopes out there.

Oh, crap.

Order up!

Well, well, well,

if it isn't Montoya and Allen,
Major Crimes Unit.

This is my new partner, Jim Gordon.

Nice to meet you.

Hi, Harvey.

You're on the Waynes, huh?
Terrible thing.


Any leads?

- Just getting started.
- I'll be straight.

You want us
to take it off your hands?

- No, no, no, no, no. This is our...
- Hold on, rook. Hey, ah!

Why you want it?

You got a lead?

Just need the press action.

I don't know.

Come on, Bullock. You know
you're scared of this case.

You're damn right, I'm scared.

So then do the right thing
for once.

"For once"?

Where the hell you get the nerve
to say that to me?

You can kiss my ass.

Okay, you be that way, brother.

Just trying to be collegial here.

You know,
I almost gave it to you!

But you couldn't help yourself,
could you?

You had to go and be disrespectful.

Okay, Harvey.

Stay frosty.

Good luck.

Self-righteous do-gooding
skell huggers.

Always bad-mouthing us

like they're such freaking angels.

As mayor of this great city,

I swear to you, the perpetrators
of this heinous crime

will be captured...

and will be punished
to the fullest extent.

I swear that to you.

Poor bastard.
First a crime wave and now this.

You take all the people
and resources you need.

You just close this case.

Yes, Captain.

Jim, will you give us a minute?


The answer's no.

- Yes!
- ...change his diapers?!

I don't care!

She said you had
to keep me, huh?

Yeah, she did.

She said you were
a war hero...

and your daddy was a big shot DA
back in the olden days,

so I have to keep my trap shut
and do as I'm told.


Listen, kid.
You got juice, do me a favor.

Ask for a transfer.

Yeah. No.

Sorry, this is where the action is.
You'll get used to me.

Jim, you seem like a nice guy,

but this is not a city
or a job for nice guys.

You understand?


And that's your problem.

You're a cynic.

A slovenly, lackadaisical cynic.

You're probably right.

Okay, soldier boy.

Let's go roust some muggers.




How you doing?

- Guess what this is?
- Just tell me, Ed.

I want riddles,
I'll read the funny pages.

It's a 45 caliber 300-grain
cupronickel wadcutter.

Came out of Thomas Wayne's chest.

- That's a six-dollar bullet.
- Uhuh.

What kind of gun...

Don't ask, just tell.

It's from a pistol not known
by our database.

And no print either.

What else you got?

What's nowhere but everywhere,
except where something is?


You need professional help, Nygma,

Let's go.

So, I'm thinking:
our man wears shiny shoes,

uses high-end ammo, and nobody
on the street knows who he is?

Maybe he's not from the street.

Like a debonair playboy robber,
does it for kicks?

Who would pretend
to be a street robber, huh?

A professional contract killer

or somebody with a personal grudge
against the Waynes?

How did this professional know

the Waynes would be coming down
that alley?

That's a good question.

Essen said we don't catch a break
in the first 48,

it's time to go see Fish Mooney.

Fish Mooney?
It works for Carmine Falcone?

Her. Theater District's her turf.

Anything happens down there,
she hears about it.

Why didn't we come to her

She's kind of a last resort.

Tell Fish I'm here.

I still care for you,

but I don't believe that you
still care for me anymore.

I... care for you!

Then where's my money?

I'll get it, I'll get it,
I'll get it.



If you let this hair go frizzy,
you will be.

Ma'am, Detective Bullock is here.

- Keep him warm.
- Yes, ma'am.

Hey, Oswald?

You want a turn?

- May I?
- Knock yourself out, kid.

Thank you, Mr. Gilzean.

- Harvey.
- Fish.

Where... have... you... been?

Where haven't I been?

Who's the friend?

Detective James Gordon, ma'am.


Well, aren't you a cool glass
of milk?

Ma'am, was that screaming
we heard back there?

Yes, my boys are watching
a scary movie.

- Really?
- No.

Actually, one of my staff
has been stealing money from me,

so we're beating
his punk ass.

Relax, junior.
Fish gets some leeway.

Her staff are rough characters,
need firm handling.

So, this isn't
a social visit then?

Unfortunately not.

Brass sent me by to talk to you
about the Wayne murders.

Terrible thing.

Listen, junior,
if you're worried,

why don't you go back there and see
if anyone wants to press charges?

If that's okay with you, Fish.

Oh, I don't mind at all, Harvey.

Mi casa es su casa.
[My house is your house.]

- Oswald, whoa.
- Yeah. Take it easy, Penguin.

You know I don't like
to be called that.

Oh, scary.

How's everybody doing?

Who are you?

James Gordon, GCPD.


You came with Harvey, huh?

Glad to know you, James.
I'm Butch Gilzean.

Drop the bat.

Ah, come on now.

Oswald and Raoul here were...

just having a little fun,
weren't you, boys?

All in fun.

No problem.


You a new guy, huh?

How do you like Gotham so far?

Well enough.

See you around.

Oh, hey!

Everything all right back there?

It's always good to see you,


And look at you
in your excellent suit.

You know, I'm so happy

you don't have to wear
that silly uniform anymore.

You told me it looked good.

I lied.

You ready to Rock n' Roll?

Uh... Barbara, I'm beat.

Do we really have to go
to this thing?


Of course not.

- Thank you.
- You owe me.


Talk to me.

We're getting nowhere
on the Wayne case.

I made a promise to Bruce Wayne
and I can't deliver.

But you will.

I don't know.

Maybe I'm out of my depth.


I very much doubt
you're out of your depth.

But... even if you are,

you know how to swim,
don't you?

Yes, I do.

So swim.

I'll swim, you're right.

You hungry?

I'm all right.
Had a few dogs.

When I am Mrs. Gordon, and
you are living here all the time,

I am gonna put you
on a proper, healthy diet.


I got a lead.

Meet me at 4th and Grundy
in an hour.

On my way.



You all right?

- Couple drinks. I'll be fine.
- Bullock...

Fish Mooney heard
from one of her fences,

guy tried to sell him an
antique four-strand pearl necklace

with gold settings,
one strand broken.

Like Martha Wayne was wearing.

Guy's name is Mario Pepper.

Career street thug.

Long sheet: robbery, assault,
rape, extortion, drug dealing.

Nice guy.


- What's your name?
- Ivy.

- Ivy.
- Is Daddy home?

You don't want to talk to Daddy.

Why's that, Ivy?

He's mean.

Hey, who is it?!

Mario Pepper.
We need to talk.

I've done nothing.

So it'll be a pleasant talk.

Where were you last Saturday night
around 9:30?

I was here at home...
with my family.

That's right. He was here.

"Pearl necklace" sound familiar?


Then I guess you don't mind
we, uh, take a look around the place.

You need a warrant.

You're a felon on parole.

All we need is reasonable cause.

Stop or I'll shoot!

Out of the way!


Probably? I had to.

We got him!

We got him.



Mario Pepper was framed
by Fish Mooney and the cops.

I saw Ms. Mooney with
Martha Wayne's necklace.

She was discussing how to get it
into Pepper's home

inside a bag of drugs.

This was shortly after she met

with Detectives Bullock and Gordon
from the Homicide squad.

Mooney works
with Carmine Falcone's mob.

You saying Falcone
had the Waynes killed?

I'm just telling you what I saw.

Then why?
Why snitch on your own boss?

I confess that...

that poor orphan boy
pricked my conscience.


You want to push Fish out, huh?

That's beside the point.

I've done my civic duty.

Good day to you both.

You kept your promise.

Thank you.

I'm sorry you didn't see
a trial.

That's okay.


Long time.


Sorry... to drop by unexpected
like this.

How have you been?

I'm good.

- You?
- All good.

You're running an art gallery now,

- Yeah.
- That's so cool.

And I'm engaged.


James Gordon, huh?

That's why I'm here.


The GCPD framed Mario Pepper
for the murder of the Waynes.


They framed and killed
an innocent man.

And you're here to tell me
that James was in on this?

- Yes.
- And what's your proof?

I can't tell you,
but it's the truth.

James Gordon is not a good guy.
You deserve better.

James Gordon is the most honest man
I've ever met.

He's not capable of doing that.

You sure you know
what he's capable of?

Yes, thank you.
I know him.

Does he know you?


Like I know you?

Here you are.


What's wrong?

Did you frame Mario Pepper?

- No.
- I knew it.

Who told you
that Pepper was framed?

It doesn't matter,
as long as it's not true.

It's not.
Who told you it was?


B, I know when you're lying.


What's your evidence
that Pepper was framed?

I was wrong to reveal
that information to Barbara.

- We're old friends.
- I asked what evidence you have.

You'll see the evidence

when we get you and your crooked
friends into a courtroom.

We're working on it.

Save your energy.

If Pepper was framed,
I'll find out.

We got a problem here, Gordon?

And then you and you...
just need to stay out of my way.

- Mrs. Pepper...
- Go away.

Ma'am! If your husband was innocent,
you need to talk to me.

If your husband
didn't kill the Waynes,

how did he come to have
Martha Wayne's necklace?

You bastards planted it on him.


Alice, how would the Police have
the necklace?

- We didn't kill the Waynes.
- So you say.

God knows my husband
had his demons,

but he never killed nobody.

Can I see his shoes?


This is all of them?




How you figure?

You were there.
We framed him?

Somebody could've planted the necklace
on Pepper for us to find.

Fish Mooney could've
set the whole thing up.


To cover up for the real killer.

Mooney works for Falcone.

Maybe Falcone wanted
the Waynes killed.

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
wait, wait.

Why would such a nutty idea
even enter your head?

Montoya from MCU.

That pill-head loony bird?
What's her proof?

Wouldn't tell me.
Didn't trust me.

She doesn't have any.

If they did, they would've used it.

Pepper didn't wear shiny shoes.

He didn't own any shiny shoes.

Shiny shoes! Mother of God.

Shiny shoes...

Just suppose for a moment,
just suppose...

Pepper was innocent.

I killed him.

We... killed him.

We killed him.

We'd lose our jobs
at the very least.

The case is closed.
Forget about it.

Even if the real killers
are still out there?


This is very perilous stuff
you're messing with.

Listen to me, for once, Jim.

Forget about it.

Detective Gordon.

Tell Mooney I'm here.

Regarding what, shall I say?

Mario Pepper.


- May I ask why?
- No.

No. Yes.

None of my business.

James Gordon.

How nice.

Day I met you, when I was
out back with your boys,

what did you and Harvey
talk about?

Should you ask Harvey?

He's your partner.

I'm afraid he might lie.


He might.

And you think
I'll tell you the truth?

You just did.

James, wait.

You have a little danger
in your eye.

I wonder what you plan
to do with that.

You'll have to wait and see.

I hate surprises.

Detective Bullock?

Miss Kean.

Uh, James went for a walk
last night and he never came back.

Have you heard from him?

I'm really worried about him.

He's on a stakeout.


His phone probably
ran out of juice, is all.


Right. Well, that's a relief.

- Thank you.
- No problem.

Wait! Wait!


Shut up.

Hey, what are you doing?

We're over here,
you'd get a better angle.

You're a director now?

Get fresh, I'm just saying.

Hey, Butch!


Who told you we'd be here?

Everybody knows
this is where you...

take your problems.

That's my partner you got there.



Let me talk to Fish.

I'm not afraid of death
so much as I am of dying.

I, uh... I wanna die
how my father died,

peacefully in his sleep.

Not like his screaming,
terrified passengers.


Bullock showed up at the plant.

- Wants to talk to you.
- Put him on.

Give me a moment, kid.

You're doing good.

- Fish?
- Speaking.

Don't be like that.

Listen, you got
to let my boy go.

How long we been friends?

For a long time...
until today.

I did a big favor
for you and your little pals,

and now it's all about
to blow up in my face

on account of your stupidity.

Look, the kid's not
your problem here.

He was hipped to the frame
by Major Crimes.

They're gonna be coming after you.

How did they get onto me?

Usual way, I guess.

Somebody talked.

Huh. Not one of my people.

That's what everybody says.


Listen, you got to let my boy go.

You kill my partner,
I gotta come after you.

I don't want to do it,
but how am I gonna look,

you kill my partner,
I don't make a move?

All right.

Well, you have to promise me
that you'll keep him under control.

- I promise.
- Cool.

Put Butch on, please.

Yeah, boss?

That son of a bitch
just threatened me.

You hang him up with his partner.

You got it.

Hey, how you doing?

I'm good. We're going home.


Gentlemen, I'm just glad
everything could work out...


Bless your heart.

Would you be a sweet boy
and... rub my feet?

Give me a moment, darling.
I haven't forgotten about you.

I like you. You're funny.

You know, this amateur nonsense
is a good sign.

There used to be some discipline.

Falcone is getting old and soft.

It's time.

Somebody has to take over.
It might as well be me.

Yes, it might as well.

And you, you're like a son
to me. You know that, Oswald?

I feel that way also.

Which is what I don't understand.

After all I've done for you,

and right when I'm on the verge
of great things,

you betray me.

Why would you betray your mother?

I... I don't know
what you mean.

It was you.

You snitched to the MCU.

You want to know how I know?

Because only you saw me
with the pearls. No one else.

It was Gilzean.
He's the snitch.


Gilzean... is loyal.

So am I.

I would open a vein right here
and now if you asked me to.

Go on then.

Open one.

I... I was speaking poetically.

Prove it.

Prove your loyalty,
my little... Penguin.

Please, Ms. Mooney.

Please, don't!

You broke!... my!... heart!

How you doing?

Been better.

Thanks for tryna help.

Wish I hadn't.

Did you just slap my hand?!

Hey, Butch!

Yeah, save your breath.

Look, if it was up to me,

you'd get a bullet in the head...
and a decent funeral, but...

Fish has her ways.

Yo! Frankie!



Oh, God!

Don Falcone.

Forgive me, young man,
I forget what your name is.

Or perhaps I never knew it.

Gilzean, sir.


Tell Ms. Mooney
she's too impetuous.

If she wants to kill policemen,
she has to ask permission.

Yes, Sir.

There are rules.

Cut them down.

That's right, there are rules!

It's good to meet you at last,

I knew your father very well.

Best DA
this city ever had.

He and I understood each other.

There was respect,

- friendship even.
- Friendship?

Trust me,

that's the only reason
you're alive now.

Blood doesn't lie.

I know that when you leave here,
you'll do the right thing.

I will.

- I'll tell what I know.
- Which is what?

I know that you own
the Police Department.

Probably the mayor too.

And I was pretty sure
that you had the Waynes killed,

but if you did,

you wouldn't risk
letting me live, would you?

Then again,

how did Fish Mooney come to have
Martha Wayne's necklace?

A replica?


But if you didn't have them killed,
why frame Mario Pepper?

Or are you covering up
for somebody else?

Who knows who killed the Waynes?

Some lowlife.

We needed a culprit
before the funeral.

Pepper was sacrificed

so that the people of Gotham
would see swift justice done,

so they can feel safe and secure.

- And that matters so much to you?
- Of course.

I'm a businessman.

You can't have organized crime
without law and order.

I love this city,

and I see it going to hell.

But I won't let it fall apart
without a fight.

You make a life of crime
sound very noble.

You have a hard head, James,
just like your father.

Don't be self-righteous.
Don't be arrogant.

You want me to keep quiet
about all this?

Gotham is on a knife edge.

What do you suppose
bringing down city hall

and the police force will do,
even if you could?

Would it make things better?

In bocca al lupo.
[Good luck.]

- Look it, Jim.
- I'm listening.

I wasn't being honest with you.

But you weren't ready
for the truth.

You didn't tell me
because you were ashamed.

Why are we stopping here?

No, please.
Please, I beg of you...

Shut up!

This is the fool that snitched
to Montoya and Allen.

Falcone wants you
to walk him to the end of that pier

and put a bullet in his head.

Then everybody knows
you're with the program.

And if I don't?

Then I'm supposed
to take you out...

and him too.

And here's the thing, Jim.
I like you.

I might not have the stomach
to do it, but I'll try.

'Cause if I don't..., someone will
get to you quick enough.

Then they're gonna get to me...
and probably Barbara as well.

Who knows what you told her.

I told her nothing.

You think Falcone cares?!

Come on.
You've killed people before.

That was war.

This is war!
We're at war!

With scumbags like him!

Sometimes in war, you got to do
a bad thing to do good, right?

So, do you do this bad thing

or do you die
and maybe your girl dies?

I might be lackadaisical, hmm?

But that's not a tough call.


Please, Mr. Gordon,
just let me live!

I'll do whatever you say.
I'll be your slave for life.

Listen to me.

There's a war coming,
a terrible war.

Falcone is losing his grip,
and his rivals are hungry.

There... There will be chaos.

Rivers of blood in the streets.

I know it!
I can see it coming!

I'm clever that way,

and I can help you.

I... I can be a spy!

Shut up!

Turn around.

For God's sake, have mercy.

Don't ever come back to Gotham.


My God, James.

I've been so worried.

What happened to you?


Master Bruce,
get your bloody arse down off there!

How many times have I told ya?!

Why were you up on the roof?

I'm learning to conquer fear.

Fear doesn't need conquering.

Fear tells you where the edge is.
Fear is a good thing.

And you think
I haven't told him that, do you?

You came here for a reason,
I imagine.


Mario Pepper
didn't kill your parents.

He was framed...
by the Police Department...

and the mob, working together.

We killed an innocent man.


- So, who did it then?
- I don't know.

I see.

Sterling work there then,
mate, isn't it?


I'm sorry.

Don't be.

I'm glad he's still alive.

I want to see him again.


I'm asking you

to give me a second chance.

I'm going to find out
who killed your parents, and why.

And I'm gonna clean up the damn
Police Department if I can,

but I can only do that
from the inside.

So I'm asking you...
just to stay silent...

about what I've told you.

Your call.

Right. Well,
that's all convenient, isn't it?


Thank you.

Subtitles: @marlonrock1986 (^^V^^)