Glee (2009–2015): Season 1, Episode 19 - Dream On - full transcript

In an episode directed by Emmy Award winner Joss Whedon, Mr. Schuester's former high school nemesis, Bryan Ryan, causes trouble for the glee club. Meanwhile, Rachel struggles with a life-long personal issue, and Artie's dreams take him on an adventure

Last week-Puck had to shave his Mohawk.
People started picking on him.

He started dating Mercedes to seem cool again
'cause she was on the Cheerios.

- But then she quit.
- It's just not who I am.

Finn's mom, Carole, is dating Kurt's dad,
Burt, which was totally Kurt's idea.

- But Kurt got mad that Burt and Finn
started hanging out. - I miss you, Dad.

Rachel hurt her voice and couldn't sing.

- She thought that was the only thing that
was important. - I need applause to live.

Finn introduced her to a friend who showed her
there's worse things to lose than your voice.

I compensate with humor.

And that's what you missed on Glee.

- [School Bell Rings]
- You wanted to see me?

William, there's someone
I would like to introduce you to.

He's the newest member of our school board...

and he'd like to speak to you.

Will Schuester, meet Mr. Bryan Ryan.

- ##[Piano Intro]
- We've met.

[Will Narrating]
Bryan Ryan.

We went to school together,
and he made my life a living hell.

He was two years older,
dated every girl I liked, got every solo.

# Cheer up, sleepyJean #

# Oh, what can it mean #

# To a daydream believer #

- #And a homecoming queen #
- [Kids Exclaiming]

What's the matter, Schuester-
cat got your talent?

- [Chuckles]
- [Kids Laugh]

I'm here to do an audit
of our curriculum, Will.

We may need to cut
some of our district's art programs.

It's really just a formality, William.

- No, it's not. We'll probably cut the Glee Club.
- What?

But-But you were in the Glee Club.
Show choir was your life.

It was, Will.

And after I graduated, I hit the big time.

I was a featured soloist at Kings Island...

in the Doodledy-Do Musical Review.

We were a smash.

Then, for three years,
I did the cruise ship circuit.

And when that dried up,
I realized I had been sold a bill of goods.

Nine years later,
I woke up on a urine-stained mattress...

in the West Lima crack district.

Then... something amazing happened.

I was introduced toJesus.

He was my Honduran social worker.

I straightened up, put down the pipe...

met the love of my life-Wilma...

and now I run a successful
used-Hummer dealership.

Don't make that face.
Global warming's a theory.

And four nights a week...

I run a show choir conversion group.

Hi. I'm Brenda.

And it's been 42 days
since I sang a show tune.

[Group] Hi, Brenda.

Years ago, when I auditioned...

to play Miss Adelaide in Guys and Dolls...

I was asked to take my top off.

Evidently, that is not customary.

And... that's when I started huffing glue.

My name is Russell. I'm a glee club survivor.

Whenever anything bad would happen...

I would just say, "Let's put on a show."
Well, guess what.

"Puttin' on a show"
about your father's prostate cancer...

will actually just make him
more depressed about the situation.

Show choir kills.

I just want to have a talk with your kids...

make sure you're not building up their hopes
just to have them knocked down.

What if I say no?

Just let him speak to the kids, William.

Let Mr. Bryan Ryan contribute
to the marketplace of ideas.

What's the worst that can happen?

Okay, guys, listen up. This is Mr. Ryan.

He's a member of the school board...

and he would like to say a few words.

L-I just want you guys
to listen critically...

and know that what he's saying
is just one of many opinions.

Take out a piece of paper,
and, on that paper...

I want you to write down your biggest dream...

a dream that means so much
you're afraid to admit it even to yourself.

Your dream is never going to happen.

Ninety-one percent of you will spend
your entire lives living in Allen County, Ohio.

So unless you wrote down that your dream...

was to work for a mid-market
health insurance provider...

or find an entry-level job
in an elderly-care facility...

you're going to be very disappointed.

This is really depressing.

I'm going to guess that
a lot of your dreams involve showbiz.

Well, let me tell you...

showbiz dreams
are the most unrealistic of them all.

But... that's what I want to do with my life.

Oh, look, I'm not trying
to hurt your feelings.

I'm just trying to spare you disappointment.

I think we get your point.

Aw, well, Schuester here's a prime example.

He used to have
that glimmer ofhope in his eyes...

that I can see right now in all of yours.

But... he couldn't make it
happen for himself...

so he now has to try and convince you all
that it'll happen for you.

Guess what. His dream didn't work out.

And neither will yours.


Okay. You're done here.

You would be wise to show me some respect.

You've said your piece. Now get out.

Well, Schuester, I should thank you.

You've made my decision
about which program to cut a lot easier.


[School Bell Rings]


"Godard on Godard"?

He was the master of the French New Wave.

I was figuring that since I'm never
going to become a star as a performer...


Maybe I could become one behind the camera.

You know Christopher Reeve
directed a movie after his accident?

- In the Gloaming.
- I didn't see it.

Me neither. Too depressing.

Is that what you wrote as your dream?

Before Bryan Ryan crumpled it up
and tossed it in the trash? Yes.

Why are you lying to me?

[Tina] After everybody left,
I went back for my book bag...

and something stopped me.

That was supposed to be private.

I don't understand you.

You're always talking about
wanting to get with me...

but you won't be honest with me
about your hopes and dreams.

I'm in a wheelchair, but I'm still a guy.

What's the difference?
I'm never gonna actually become a dancer.

My legs are never gonna work again.

That was stupid.

I was thinking.

Mr. Schue was so busy
dealing with Bryan Ryan...

that he didn't give us
an assignment for the week.

So why don't we do one on our own?
A dance number.

You wanna dance with me?

You were pretty hot in "Proud Mary."

Why don't we try
and kick it up a few notches?




How was your spring break?


It's good to be back.

What were you just rehearsing?

A guy came to Glee Club
to talk to us about dreams.

Luckily, I've known mine since I was four.

I'm gonna play three parts on Broadway...

Evita, Funny Girl
and Laurey in Oklahomal

I was just practicing
her dream ballet with Curly.

- It's what I do when I'm feeling a little stressed.
- That's not a dream.

A dream is something that
fills up the emptiness inside...

the one thing that you know if it came true,
all the hurt would go away.

You singing "Don't Cry for me, Argentina"...

in front of a sold-out crowd isn't a fantasy.

It's an inevitability.


I thought you'd never come back.

And miss all your drama? Never.

[School Bell Rings]

So, what is it? Your dream.

I don't know.

Well, then go inside,
find it and ask it what it's gonna take.

Why are you pushing this?

Because you're my girlfriend,
and I want to know all your secrets.

When you lie awake at night,
what's missing?

My mom.

Your mom?
You mean, like, you want to meet her?

I just would like to know who she is.

I don't really need
to meet her or anything...

but maybe just find out her name
or... something about her.


It's silly.

It's like- It's not like
it's gonna happen or anything.

- Why?
- Just because my dads never told me anything.

And I didn't want to ask them anything...

'cause I didn't want to hurt their feelings.

So let's check it out without them knowing.

Do you know why I came back to school here?

To win another national title
and make all your dreams come true.

If this is one of them,
then I'm not gonna stop until it happens.

- ##[Piano: Medium Tempo]
- [Taps Clicking]

[Taps Click]


## [Stops]

My tap wheels suck.

I thought we sounded pretty good.

Yeah, you did.

I sound like someone
put tap shoes on a horse and then shot it.

Will you bring me those?

I borrowed them from John Hubener.

- The kid with cerebral palsy?
- Yeah. They're his extra pair.

Help me get up on them.

Have you ever used
anything like these before?

No, but I have superhuman
upper-body strength from using my wheelchair.

If I can just get up, I think I can
use my arms to get around the room.

Come on. You said we were
gonna kick it up a notch.

Dreams aren't supposed to be easy.

I'm gonna try take a step.

Artie, you're doing it.

- [Groans]
- Are you okay?

Go away.

Let me bring your chair over.

Just go... away.

You shouldn't have done this to me.
You pushed me to do this.

I'm sorry.

Just go away, please.

[Quietly] Go away.

- [School Bell Rings]
- Hey, Bryan.

Hello, Will.
Just taking stock of the home ec supplies.

You see, our home ec program
teaches practical skills...

like food service preparation.

Can't feed a child sheet music, Will.

I suppose you could for a while, but...
they'd be dead in a month.

- I'd like to buy you a beer.
- [Scoffs]

No, no. I want to convince you
that you're wrong.

- You won't.
- [Exhales]

Then... for old times' sake?

[School Bell Rings]

- [Whispering] I found her.
- Your mother? Where?

In the library.

I've been researching her all morning...

and, as I suspected,
my intuition has been proven correct.

My mother is Broadway legend Patti LuPone.

I've always had a deep
connection to Miss LuPone-

her choice of roles and songs.

I decided to do a little math to see ifher
being my mother was even possible.

I was born December 18, 1994.

1994 was a big year for Mother.

She was a sensation in PalJoey.

But that was New York.
I was born in Ohio, you say.

Well, Mother took many breaks
from the show to tour with Mandy Patinkin.

That April found them
at the EJ Thomas Hall in Akron, Ohio...

for a standing-room performance
nine months before I was born.

Are you saying that your fathers impregnated
Patti LuPone in the Marriott in Akron?

Was Mandy Patinkin in on this?

All you have to do
is look at pictures of her...

in her performance in Master Class in 1996.

Look at the pain in her eyes
and the hurt she's feeling...

from giving up
her obviously talented little girl.

One question. What was in it for her?

Mo-Money, a-a sense of charity
for those in need.

No. I guess you're right.

Do you want to hear my research that proves
that my mother is Bernadette Peters?

Why are you so afraid
about finding the truth?

I don't know.
I guess I just don't want to think...

that my mother's some
teenage trollop like Quinn...

or, worse, some skanky girl
who would do anything for money...

including giving me up.

Why does it have to be one of those choices?

Maybe she had a really good reason
for doing what she did.

We need to do a real investigation...

like CSI real.

Do you have any baby stuff in your house-
something that might give us a clue?

My fathers kept every piece of paper
related to my life...

in files and cabinets in our basement.

It's sort of a little Rachel Berry museum.

Perfect. We'll start there.

- [Man] #Oh, dream weaver #
- [Will] You were a big deal at McKinley.

- #I believe you can get me through the night #
- You had all the moves.

You were one of those dudes...

where all the guys wanted to be you
and all the girls wanted you.

Not all of them.

Really? All right, who-
who was the one that got away?

Terri Delmonico. Remember her?


Yeah. Yeah, she was- she was cool.

L- I married her.

- No way.
- Yeah.

It didn't really work out though.

Wow. I'm sorry to hear that.

She was great. I really loved her.

And, you know, just-just grew apart.

Do you know what gave me the strength to...

finally get out of a terrible marriage?


Me and those kids- coaching Glee Club.

No, you're right.

I'm- I'm never gonna be on Broadway.

And maybe the same is gonna go
for most of those kids...

but that's not the point.

Glee Club- it's not just about expressing
yourself to everyone else.

It's about expressing yourself to yourself.


I'm living a lie.


[Crying] I miss it so much.

I am miserable.

Ever since I stopped performing,
I cannot stand my life.

Three times a year, I tell my wife
I'm going off to a business trip.

I sneak out to New York,
I see a bunch of Broadway shows.

I have a box of playbills
hidden away in my basement, Will...

like porn.


- The lit-What are you doing?
- [Coin Clatters]


- ##[Pop Ballad]
- You remember? Sectionals, 1992.

You sang this song alone on stage.
Just you and a piano.

I know this isn't quite as theatrical...

but you're gonna sing it again right now.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

- I can't.
- Yes, you can.

[Singing Along]
# It's nine o'clock on a Saturday #

#The regular crowd shuffles in #

#There's an old man
sittin' next to me #

#Makin'love to his tonic and gin #


# He says, son
can you play me a memory #

# I'm not really sure how it goes #

# But it's sad and it's sweet
and I knew it complete #

#When I wore
a younger man's clothes #

# La, la-la, da-dee-da #

# La-la, da-dee-da #

# Da-dum #

# Sing us a song
You're the piano man #

# Sing us a song tonight #

#Well, we're all in the mood
for a melody #

#And you got us feelin' all right ##

Whatever happened to you in the past,
it's over.

You've gotta give it another shot.

Lima Theater Guild is doing
a production of Les Mis.

Auditions are Friday,
and both of us are trying out.

All right? That's cool. O-Okay.

[Children Chattering]

[Tina] Hey.

Sorry about yesterday.

No, I'm sorry.

I do a pretty good job of being in denial...

about the hopelessness of my condition.

I think I just kind of freaked out
when I actually had to face it.

Who says it's hopeless?

Like, every doctor I've ever seen.

Maybe they're the wrong doctors.

I went online and did research about
the new treatments on spinal cord injuries.

Did you know that some
doctors are implanting...

electrical stimulators in patients' bodies
to recover hand movement?

My hands work.

They're starting to develop the technology.

But in a year, five years, who knows?

And some scientists at UC San Diego
were actually able...

to regenerate a rat's damaged spinal cord.

There are hundreds of studies going on
right now using stem cells.

I guess I just wanted to tell you
not to give up on your dream.

If you can imagine it, it can come true.

What took you so long?
Your dads will be home soon.

There was so much stuff in the basement.

It's like a shrine.
It's creepy and flattering at the same time.

These boxes
had the earliest dates on them, so...

My baby teeth. [Sniffles]


- Is that me?
- Looks like you.

- I think you're in fifth position.
- Makes sense.

My dad says they used to play Vivaldi
into my mother's belly.

I'll put that there.

[Gasps] My first singing competition.
I came in first place.

- You were eight months old.
- I was very musically verbal.

Cute little baby shoes.

What's this?

"From mother to daughter."

Oh, my God. She wrote this.

She-She held this in her hand.

- What are you doing?
- Playing the tape.

- No.
- Why not? She wanted you to hear this.

[Stammering] I'm not ready.
Look, this is all happening too fast.

What if she's singing on the tape?

What if she's terrible?

Or worse-what if she's better than me?

I can't believe we're so close to your dream
coming true and you're running away from it.

No. It-It's my choice.
It's- It's my life, and...

No, I'm- I'm not ready.

Jesse, I think that you should go.

[Cassette Drops In Box]

##[Piano Intro]


#The minute you walked
in the joint #

# I could see you were
a man of distinction #

- ##[Continues]
- [Blabbering]

[Ryan Vocalizing]

Oh, hey, buddy. Glad you showed up.

Please don't distract me.
I'm trying out for the role ofJean Valjean.

- So am I.
- Really?

# So let me get right
to the point #

What song do you plan on singing?

I was going to sing "The Impossible Dream."

Wow. Really?
Interesting. So am I.

- But then I decided on Aerosmith's "Dream On."
- # Hey, big spender ##

- Yeah, me too. That's what I'm gonna sing.
- Are you kidding?

- Is there a problem out here? - Yeah, there's a problem.
This guy just stole my song.

I don't know this man.
His caretaker just stepped away.

I overheard him mention he's a sex offender.

- You're gonna need a caretaker in a second.
- I run a dry cleaners.

- I can only keep it closed for 30
minutes at a time. - Thank you.

Sing it as a duet.

## [Intro]

# Every time that I look
in the mirror #

#All these lines on my face
gettin'clearer #

#The past is gone #

# It went by #

# Like dusk to dawn #

# Isn't that the way #

#Everybody's got
their dues in life to pay #

# Yeah, I know nobody knows #

#Where it comes
and where it goes #

# I know everybody's sin #

#You got to lose to know #

# How to win #

# Half my life's
in books' written pages #

# Lived and learned
from fools and from sages #

#You know it's true #

#All the things #

# Come back to you #

# Sing with me
Sing for the year #

# Sing for the laughter
Sing for the tear #

# Sing with me
if it's just for today #

# Maybe tomorrow
the good Lord will take you away #

#Yeah, dream on
dream on, dream on #

# Dream it till the dream
comes true #

# Dream on, dream on dream on #

# Dream it till your dreams
come true #

# Yeah, dream on #

# Dream on #

# Dream on #

# Dream on #

# Dream on, dream on dream on #

#Whoa-oh ##

- [Hammering]
- Thank you. We'll let you know.

[Both Panting]

I can't believe I just bought tap shoes.

Think of them as an investment
in your future.

- Do you want a pretzel?
- Hell, yes, woman.

They're upstairs. Do you mind waiting
down here while I go get them?

- As long as you're buying.
- [Chuckles]

Wait. I need to tell you something.

I went to the doctor yesterday...

and he started me on all the therapies
that you researched for me.


And guess what- they're working.


Oh, my God.

Artie, you can walk.

I spent so many years
dreaming about what I'd do...

if I could get up out of the chair.

And now that I can...

all I want to do is dance.

##[Electronic Pop]

##[Electronic Pop]

# S-A-F-E-T-Y#

#Safety #

#Dance #

#We can dance if we want to #

#We can leave
the old friends behind #

# 'Cause your friends
don't dance #

#And if they don't dance
well, they're no friends of mine #

# I say, we can go
where we want to #

#A place where
they will never find #

#And we can act like we come
from out of this world #

# Leave the real one
far behind #

- #And we can dance #
- #Dansez #

#We can go where we want to #

#The night is young
and so am I #

#And we can dress real neat
from our hats to our feet #

#And surprise 'em
with a victory cry #

- # Say, we can act if we want to #
- Whoo!

# If we don't, nobody will #

#And we can act real rude
and totally removed #

#And I can act like an imbecile #

# Say, we can dance
we can dance #

- # Everything's out of control #
- Whoo!

#We can dance We can dance #

#We're doin' it wall to wall #

#We can dance We can dance #

# Everybody look at your hands #

#We can dance We can dance #

# Everybody's takin' the chance #

#It's safe to dance #

#Well, it's safe to dance #

#It's safe to dance #

#Well, we can dance
if we want to #

#We've got all your life and mine #

#As long as we abuse it
never gonna lose it #

# Everything will work out right #

# I say, we can dance
We can dance #

- # Everything's outta control #
- #Outta control #

#We can dance We can dance #

- #We're doin' it wall to wall #
- # Wall to wall #

#We can dance We can dance #

- # Everybody look at your hands #
- #Look at your hands #

#We can dance We can dance #

# Everybody's takin' the chance #

#Well, it's safe to dance #

# Oh, yes, it's safe to dance #

#Well, it's safe to dance #

#Well, it's safe to dance #

# Oh, it's safe to dance #

# It's safe to dance #

# It's safe to dance #

# It's safe to dance ##

Are you okay?

- I'm gonna dance one day, you know.
- I know you are.

- [School Bell Rings] - I thought you
were gonna take a hatchet to that Glee Club.

I was, but you may have heard...

I plan on making my return
to the stage next month...

in a local production of Les Mis.

And I've had something
of a personal awakening...

so I've decided to examine all of the
extracurricular activities here at this school.

And, Sue, your Cheerios budget
is out of control.

Let me remind you of something, Mr. Ryan.
The Cheerios sell tickets.

Not enough to offset your costs.

I am very tired of athletics
always taking a back seat.

When daily P.E. Was cut at this school,
no one batted an eye.

But cut a dance program, cancel the school
musical, and suddenly there's an uproar.

I did a little research, Sue.

Did you know that studies have shown...

that reading Shakespeare
might help kids learn physics?

That singing helps you learn pitch...

which makes learning
a foreign language easier.

That when a kid picks up
a clarinet or a trumpet...

every region of the cerebral cortex
is stimulated.

Well, that's all very interesting...

but did you know that a third
of American teenagers are obese?

And only two percent of high schools require
any form of daily physical activity.

Where's your outrage about that, Mr. Ryan?

Sports teach kids how to work together...

teaches problem-solving and social skills.

It improves attendance,
not to mention grades...

particularly among those students
deemed most at risk.

- You've done your homework.
- I'm an educator.

Now, I realize my methods
are unconventional...

but my record speaks for itself.

Is it a tad over the top
to bill the district for skydiving lessons...

to have the Cheerios
parachuted onto the football field?

Perhaps. But what I do here
makes a difference.

Sue, you're an impressive woman.

I can't tell you how much
you turn me on right now.

- You ever heard of the term "anger sex"?
- It's the only kind I know.

- I should tell you I'm married.
- Not a problem for me.

- And I'm still cutting half your budget.
- You win some, you lose some.

- Should I lock the door?
- No.

Got a secret room upstairs.

- Like Letterman.
- [Exhales]

She has the tape.

- She won't listen to it.
- What?

She has to listen to it.
That's the point of all this.

I'm doing my best.
Look, when you told me to seduce her...

"Befriend" her was the word I used actually.

Whatever. The thing is...

I was into it because I thought it would be
a good acting exercise.

But now I think I kind of like her.
I don't want her to get hurt.

Look, one more week, this will all be done.

You can come back
to Vocal Adrenaline where you belong.

I don't understand why you
don't just go up to her and say...

"Hi. My name's Shelby. I'm your mom."

I signed a contract.
I can't contact her until she's 18.

She has to come to me.
That's why she has to listen to the tape.

Once she hears it, she won't be able to sleep
until she finds me.

I answered an ad in the paper.

Nine months' work here
would make me enough money...

to live in New York for two years.

Her dads seemed like nice guys,
so I went for it.

I never got to hold her.

And I only saw her for a second...

when they were cleaning her off.

It was through a bunch of nurses...

but she turned her little head
and she looked at me.

I failed as an actress.

My walls are lined with trophies
instead of wedding pictures.

But through all of that...

I only have one regret.

You get her to listen to that tape.

- [School Bell Rings]
- You know, honestly...

the only students that come and see me
on a scheduled weekly basis...

are ones that have been diagnosed
with psychological disorders...

like a certain junior female
that eats her own hair.

When I start walking, I'm gonna need help...

emotionally adapting
to my drastically altered lifestyle.


There are all these new therapies
for my condition.

I figure, if I try them all,
one's bound to work.


you know, Artie, I've, um...

You know I've read your file before.


the damage to your spinal cord's
pretty severe.

Irreversible. I think you know that.

I used to know that until I saw the research.

Do you know how long the testing process
takes for medical protocols like this?

At least... 10 years...

and- and that's before
they even start human trials.

So, you know, these- these studies
really aren't even in their infancies yet.

Look, l- I truly believe
that there's going to be a doctor...

that finds a cure for what happened to you.

But l...

You know, I don't think
that's gonna be for a long time.

You know what. Um, maybe you're right.

Maybe you should start coming to see me
once a week for a while.

Thanks, Miss Pillsbury.

Don't forget your, um, papers.

[School Bell Rings]

Guys, I've got good news.

I siphoned off funds from the Cheerios...

and I took a little shopping spree
through theJazz Hands catalog.

You know why? 'Cause the arts matter.

And I got custom-made
New Directions jean jackets-


And some rad tear-away dance wear.

Hello. And every piece of sheet music...

from every Broadway show
for the last 50 years...

everything a show choir needs
to become champions.

Wow. That's just amazing.
Let's all give a hand for Mr. Ryan.

Thank you. Thank you.

Congratulations, Will.

I am over the moon for you.

Thanks, Sue. I'm glad you have a good
attitude about your budget being cut.

Oh, no, I'm not talking about that.

I came over here
to congratulate you on your new role.

Local director Herb Duncan, uh,
does the dry cleaning for the Cheerios...

and he let slip that you
just landed the lead in Les Mis.

Congratulations. Oh, I'm ecstatic.

And the good news just keeps coming,
'cause you got a part too, Bry.

The exciting role ofTownsperson.

And you got a line too.

Way back here in the second act,
you get to say...


Congratulations, both of you, really.

I can't wait for opening night.


- [Chattering]
- Wait, Bryan.

Congratulations, Will.
You're gonna be great in the show.

- Can we talk about this? - There's nothing
to talk about. I'm cutting the program.




- Hey, Bryan, can I talk to you for a second?
- Make it quick. I'm rehearsing.

You know, reviewing my single line.

I want to take one last shot
at convincing you not to cut the program.

Give it a rest, Will.
You think you're helping these kids...

when all you're doing is setting them up
to be jaded and bitter.

You're right. Cut the program...

and they're certainly more likely
to turn out like you.

I've grown weary of your insults, Will.

They sting, and they make me
want to punch your face.

You remember high school?
Remember what it's like?

Those kids get labeled the second they walk
through the door freshman year...

geek, punk, jock, queer.

I've seen who these kids
in Glee Club really are.

No labels, no preconceptions.
Their true spirits.

Yes, most of them are not stars.

But they shine like them.

You know what happens
when a star dies, Bryan?

It doesn't just disappear.
It turns into this black hole...

this giant energy-sucking mass
that doesn't just collapse in on itself.

It takes away any light
that comes close down with it.

If you take away Glee...

you're not just putting out
those kids' lights.

You're creating 13 black holes.


I want you to take my part.

You should playJean Valjean.

I want you to understand how important
the arts are for a person's soul.

You're a black hole right now.

Maybe this will help you
remember what it's like to be a star.

So what you're saying is
you'll give me the part...

if I don't cut the program.


Cool. Deal.

Oh, hey. Sir, hi. I'm your new lead.

And I'd just like to set up
some ground rules off the bat.

First of all, I have a lot of ideas.

And next, I don't really take direction.

Jesse, what are you doing here?

I said that I was going to help you
make your dreams come true.

- No. I'm not ready.
- Yes, you are.

##[Piano: Ballad]

Hi, baby. It's your mom.

I think this pretty much says it all.

#I dreamed a dream
in time gone by #

# When hope was high
and life worth living #

# I dreamed that love
would never die #

# I dreamed that God
would be forgiving #

#Then I was young and unafraid #

#And dreams were made
and used and wasted #

#And there was no ransom
to be paid #

# No song unsung
no wine untasted #

# But the tigers come at night #

# But the tigers come at night #

#With their voices soft as thunder #

#As they tear your hope apart #

#As they tear your hope apart #

#As they turn your dream #

[Together] #To shame #

#And still I dream
she'll come to me #

#That we will live
the years together #

# But there are dreams
that cannot be #

#And there are storms
we cannot weather #

# I had a dream
my life would be #

# So different from this hell
I'm living #

# So different now
from what it seemed #

# Now life has killed the dream #

[Together] # I dreamed ##

- Artie, please think about this.
- I have.

You've worked too hard
on this routine to have half a partner.

Fact is, any of the guys in there...

could dance my part better than me
without even rehearsing.

- Well, except Finn.
- But I wanna dance with you.

I can't dance, and I never will.

But... that's okay.

I'm never gonna dunk a basketball
or kill a lion either.

I have to focus on dreams
that I can make come true.

I'm good, Tina. Really.

Will you at least sing the song?


[School Bell Rings]

All right, guys. Listen up.

Tina has something that she wants
to share with all of us.

But first, I have an announcement to make.

You've all been reprieved.

Bryan Ryan isn't cutting Glee.

- Did he die?
- No, he didn't die.

He's gonna be distracted
for a couple months...

making his star turn in Les Mis.

- He got the lead role.
- But I thought you got the lead.

I resigned.
It was the price for keeping the Club.

Sorry you had to do that, Mr. Schue.

I'm not.

I mean, the-the way I see it...

I'm trading my one dream...

for the chance that all 13 of you
might find yours.

I mean, come on,
you can't argue with those numbers.

So, let's start with Tina's dream.
Come on up, Tina.

Tina, I understand that you whipped up
a little dance number for us...

a break-out that we might use at regionals.

- Yes.
- You got a dance partner?

- Mike Chang.
- Chang!

- [Will] Chang.
- [Boy] All right.

[Girl] Okayl

##[Guitar, Pop Ballad]

##[Guitar, Pop Ballad]

# Stars shining bright
above you #

# Night breezes seem
to whisper I love you #

# Birds singing
in the sycamore tree #

# Dream a little dream of me #

#Say nighty-night
and kiss me #

#Just hold me tight
and tell me you'll miss me #

# While I'm alone
and blue as can be #

# Dream a little dream of me #

# Da, da, da, da, da, da #

[Taps Clicking]

# Sweet dreams
till sunbeams find you #

- ## [Chorus Vocalizing] - # Sweet dreams
that leave all worries far behind you #

# But in your dreams
whatever they be #

- # Dream a little dream of me #
- # Dream a little dream of me #

# Dream a little dream of me ##


##[Harmonic Vocalizing]


English - US - SDH