Genocyber (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 4 - The Legend of Ark De Grande I - full transcript

New York City: Destroyed.

Sydney: Wiped out.

Europe Base: Last division, destroyed.

East Asia Base:
No possibility of survivors.

Middle East Base: 100% destruction.

How did we come to this?

For one hundred years we've fought you.

A battle that will only end
with humanity's destruction.

Who are you...?

When did it happen?

Who brought forth such a creature with

the awesome powers
of destruction you possess?

I don't believe in the "God" or "Devil"

that most people speak of.

Can anyone but me have
the power of creation?

Any reason in knowing that is gone now.

However, as the leader
of the Kuryu Group...

No, as representative for all humanity

shall send you a final challenger.

Even if it takes hundreds of years

it will keep fighting against you.

Until you are buried forever.

There is no escape!

Target moving.

Arrival point 59000, as predicted.

Welcome to Ark de Grande City,
city of progress and prosperity.

Please obey the peace officers to
receive your immigration papers.

All passengers have 24 hours

in which to file their
identification papers.

Violation of this regulation
will result in prosecution.

Welcome to Ark de Grande City,
city of progress and prosperity.

Hey! You two!

Trying to sneak off, huh?
What are you up to?!

Ryu, what's happening? Who is it?

It's... It's nothing, Mel. Don't worry.

Get going. I'm busy here!

To all registered grade two laborers:

It is requested that
you increase your work

by 26% so as to maximize productivity.

If you are found to be exceeding
your allotted labor entitlement

your work permit will be revoked!

I repeat, to all registered
grade two laborers:

It is requested that
you increase your work

by 26% so as to maximize productivity.

If you are found to be exceeding
your allotted labor entitlement

your work permit will be revoked!

I said you would be held responsible,

for putting the city in any danger.

I've no use for incompetents!

Radneck, you are now head
of the Public Safety Office.


I want these rebels who threaten
the city's order removed totally!

The strongest fortress can crumble

from ants crawling in through the cracks.

Smashing those ants is your job!



No mercy for any lawbreakers!

Grind them down!

Kill them! Exterminate the vermin!

People are not insects!

We are all the children of God!

We must not forget that mankind of old

incurred God's wrath,
destroying the entire world!

Our parents prayed that we would
keep the fear of God within us.

That we would never
sin against Him again!

But look at this city!

People struggle, blood flows.

And the weak are kept
in poverty and servitude

while the rich pursue
their carnal pleasures!

And now God's will is reawakening!

Unless we cease our struggles
and walk the path of righteousness.

His day of judgment will
be visited upon us once again!

The fires of hell
will burn for seven days

consuming this city and
all its depraved inhabitants!

Within this holocaust, only those
who allow God's righteous heart

to awaken within themselves
will be spared His wrath!

And only they will survive
to rebuild the earth!

I'd like to cure you, but I just can't.

There are lots of skilled
surgeons in Ark de Grande.

You should be able to find help there.

Red 3... Blue 5...

Light brown hair... Wearing a blue hat...

And carrying a mirror
inside her red coat's pocket.

Now, please. Show us.

Exactly right.

Not a single mistake.

It's true.

-I don't believe it!
-How could you know?

I can see the person's
form floating in my mind.

Can you sense it from anything?

As long as it's something
precious to the person.

Still not enough...

Please... It's okay, Ryu.

But I promised I'd get you cured.

And you heard what the doctor said.

We need a lot of money
to get that operation.

Yeah, I know...

I'm happy the way we are now.

I hate the air in this city.

I know. I don't like this place, either.

I'll earn some more money,
and then we'll go.

The next journey's
going to be a long one.

I'm pleased to see public
order is being maintained.

Well done, Radneck.

My pleasure.

But we have a new threat
growing in our midst.

There's a group going around,
preaching absurd sermons,

and calling themselves the
"Agents of God", is there not?

Yes sir. I've heard of them.

But I don't think they
pose any real threat to us.

They've built a church
in the lower levels,

and are taking care
of the poorest children.

I like them less and less.

They're insects.

Parasites, feeding off of my city.

Never forget that.

Yes sir! Forgive me, sir!

They may lack power,

but they embrace those
who reject the city's laws.

Don't they?

Yes sir. As you say.

The more we let their
dangerous ideas spread

the greater their numbers will become.

I want them taken out.

That is your duty.

The Public Safety Office
has the following request.

Any crimes observed in the
streets shall be reported to

either civil authorities or
the nearest peace officer team.

Anyone found not
fulfilling their civic duty

faces loss of citizenship
and confiscation of property.

Citizens are asked to be
brave and not to yield

to the pressures crime
puts on our society.

Let's all help our peace
officers any way we can!

You'll really pay me that much?

Leave everything to me.

Just do whatever I tell you to.

Master, why did God burn the earth?

Because man forgot the existence of God.

God must be really lonely.

Not at all. He is angered when the Devil

takes up residence in the human heart.

The Devil makes man draw his
brother's blood and keeps us

eternally in poverty and servitude

with the desire for earthly pleasures.

And that's why, for when
the Devil returns to earth.

God sleeps here, waiting to be reborn.

How... How did I get into this mess?

As you can see, even blindfolded

his knives fly true with every throw.

And now, for a new target.

What'd you do to the target?

Don't worry, it's in the same place.

Just aim for the center this time.

Remember all the money you'll get.

Don't miss.

Who's there?! Ryu?

We... We have to leave!

But why? What's happened?

We can't stay in this city anymore!

I... I.

I've just killed a man!

He set me up from the start!

Shit! Just so those fat cats
can get a little excitement.

But, why did they...?!

Because I'm a foreigner!

This way.

You're sure it was him?

Yeah. I was in close, to hit
them up for change, you know?

He looked real scared and
ducked into the lower levels.

He had a girl with him.

He's trying to hide
down there? Poor fool.

No one ever gets out of the ruins alive.

Just let them go.

They'll wander around down
there and kill themselves.

Is something out there, Ryu?

Yeah... We're not out of the woods yet.

But it looks like they've
stopped chasing us.

It's a very old city, isn't it?

What's wrong? What's out there?

Just be glad you can't see this.

We're in the middle of a charnel pit.

I know... I can feel it, Ryu.

Horrible things were done here.

Shit... Is this a dead end?

This way!


Come! This way!

Where? Where are you?!

Hurry! Hurry, come!

Below... She's calling
me from below here!

I don't hear anyone.

Who is calling me? Who are you?



It has to end.

We can't stay in this world.

We can't use our power.

Come with me, far away.

I am... Diana.

Genocyber: Cyber Monster
from the Imaginary World.

Ark de Grande's peace
is a peace of terror.

A peace which is rotten
beneath the surface.

The blind girl, Mel, finally sees this.

And now the time has come for the
earth-smashing angel to awaken!

Genocyber takes its ultimate form
and confronts its enemy in space.

Super Cult Animation Genocyber, part 5.

"The Legend of Ark de Grande" Act Two.

The final seal is now broken...

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