Genocyber (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 3 - Global War - full transcript

Open the door! Open it!



Doctor, stop it! Please!

What are you doing? Let me go!

Please! Please, open the door!

Dammit! What's going on in there?!

The door's too damaged to open.

The only way in there is
to cut it off its hinges.

We have no choice... Call the Captain!

We have to get that door open!

We'll burn in from the
air duct in the ceiling.

Go to it!

Sakomizu, I'll expect an
explanation when this is over.

What's happening?!

Give me a status report! Do you read?!

What is this? Is it human?

Have we been carrying
this monster all along?

Is this what killed my men?!

Everything's been nuts
since you people got here!

I want the truth!

What are you going to do?

Until I get a straight answer,
you're all confined to quarters!

Here you are.

I've finally found you, Doctor.

The Captain decided to let me go.

Have you come to pray?

Only if God will answer my question.


About that girl.

Don't be ridiculous!

I won't let you make Laura
remember what happened in there!

Listen to me.

My research has been
thrown back to square one.

The Vajranoid, the ultimate pilot,
was somehow made to run amuck,

and self-destructed as a result.

She had nothing to do with that!

We'll have to leave soon,

but there's still one
thing I don't understand.

Our man in the room was killed

as were the two engineers
in the duct overhead.

So why is that girl still alive?

Tell me! What happened in there?!
You know, don't you?

Did someone save you? Please, tell me!

What are you doing?!

Stop it! Don't you know where you are?!

Let me go!

Father, I don't want him near
Laura! Get him out of here!

Her body's hiding something special!

I have a right to know what it is!

Bastard... You can go to hell!

Laura, it's alright.

I'll take care of you, no matter what.

Don't worry about a thing, okay?


All these "accidents"
have the men spooked, sir.

Should we contact the admiral?

Try and change the mission? Impossible.

But under the circumstances...

Think a moment.

This disarmament movement has
moved a lot of countries to

close US. Bases all over the world.

This carrier was built to
make up for losing them.

Being late could blow
this entire operation.

No, we have to keep to the schedule!

A Vajra aura...


The Vajranoid's cellular structure
was modified by its Vajra energy.

And so its cells couldn't survive
outside of a mind shadow field.

I thought the suit's destruction
would be the end of it.

But there's no mistake!

There's a high-level
mind shadow in there.

But, this arm...?!

The Vajranoid's still alive?!


I don't believe it. It's impossible!

The Vajranoid can't maintain its
body integrity without the suit!

True... Until now.

"Until now"...?

Yes, and I've gotten the proof.

Or rather, you could say
the proof came to me.

What are you talking about?
Can you be a little clearer?

The Vajranoid told me there
was an enemy on this ship.

That's what it must have been fighting.

You're saying...

This "enemy"... What is it?

A life form which possesses Vajra energy!

Not like our Vajranoid,

but one that can spontaneously
generate its own mind shadow.

The Vajranoid attempted to fuse with it

just as it did with
the fighter in the test.

And so it survived inside part of its
opponent when its body was destroyed.

-You said you had proof?
-Of course.

Then let us see it!

You'll see it soon enough,
if I can depend on you.

What do you mean?

Our test was a complete failure.
Several people have died.

What happens when we go
back with such a failure?

Without a doubt,
they'll cancel this project

we've given ten years of our lives.

Can you live with that?

Of course not!

Are you saying we have another option?

Our only remaining course is to
throw the Vajranoid into battle,

and let the world see its power.

With your cooperation, we can do it!

Well, gentlemen?

Tell us what we have to do.

Right, we don't have much time!

Let's do it, Chief!
It's all we have left.

Once again, we'll have
our almighty Vajranoid.

And this will give it to us.

Storm's brewing...


Yes, my son?

I believe in God now.

He finally answered my question.

Before you go, stop by the ship's chapel.

God may yet forgive your sins.

It's begun!

What's going on?

Something's making the
ship's controls go nuts!

And it's not the storm?

I doubt it, sir.

All electrical systems are out,
even the inboard comm system.

We're completely isolated.

Use the searchlight to signal
our condition to the other ships.

And get status reports from all sections!

Oh Lord, please protect
the men aboard this vessel.

What the devil...?!


Get back! Get back or we'll shoot!

Cap... tain...


Chief... Help me...



A monster!

So, you've managed to survive.

You are to be part of
a grand destiny, Doctor.

You... You're alive?!

Of course. I am beyond death's reach.

My body is evolving as we speak.

I can't describe how
extraordinary it feels.

That monster on board...?!

Our research has reached its ideal form.

The Alexandria is no
longer merely a weapon,

but is being reborn as a super life form.

The crew's bodies have
fused with the Vajranoid,

but they still retain
their consciousness.

So I suppose you could
say they still live.

The creature is full of their
desire to destroy their enemy.

When we enter the Gulf of Karain

it will smash the shoreline forces.

We will see them utterly destroyed!

Well now...

Enough of this talk.

Now, come...

To your glorious new life!

You won't fool me! You're a monster, too!

I won't let you lay
one finger on my Laura.

It's dead... We killed it!

Laura and I killed it!

Laura! We have to kill
the monster on this ship!

Kill it for all the men it's killed!


All dead.

Laura, you're calling to me.

All dead... But... I will not die...

And you, Myra... You will not die...



This is helicopter KK-9.
Have recovered one American woman.

No response. What's going on?

What the hell?!

What's happened? Our country...!

-What's that?!
-It's Laura!

Laura's come back! She's an angel now!

Laura, Mama's here!

Come back! Take me with you!

-Stop it!
-Laura, please!

Take me! Take me!

Take me away from this hell!


I want you, and love you Fairy Dreaming.

I lie in bed tonight,
counting the stars above.

And once again, I call out to you.

The bustling town, sparkling outside.

Shining like a dreamy rainbow,

little my dear Fairy.

It was a little lie, an important one.

One that I couldn't say.

The dream I had, on this night,
about you, my darling,

Now I know, I'll never have
that dream again.

I don't have the strength
to stop the hands of time.

So don't forget my dear,
I love you, Fairy Dreaming.

Genocyber: Cyber Monster from
the Imaginary World. Next stage:

The final world war is fought.

A make-or-break battle between
Genocyber and the Kuryu Group.

In the peaceful city of Ark de Grande

people have traded freedom
for shelter from the aftermath.

But the city holds an unknown secret,

and a soulful vision
reveals an undying legend.

Super Cult Animation "Genocyber, Part 4:".

"The Legend of Ark de Grande" Act One.

The seal has now been broken...

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