Genocyber (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 5 - The Legend of Ark De Grande II - full transcript

In the beginning, God burned
the dead leaves of the earth.

Into their ashes he poured His own blood.

And lo, the ashes hardened
and became the first man.

100 days later, a great storm
raged and smashed the body apart.

And next, God gathered together
the flesh of the beasts of

the earth, and to this
added one of his own bones.

And lo, it became the second man.

And this new body rotted
in the heat of the sun,

and the earth it sank
into became as wormwood.

And so God burned the poisoned ground,

and from it produced a new seed.

And He stilled the motion of the earth,

and fertilized the
seed with His own heart.

And we are that seed!

Who's there?

I know you're here.

Will you tell me your names? Mine's Mel.

I'm Yui! I'm Ren! I'm Mel!

Quiet! Knock it of!

My name's Rocco.

They told me to bring you to
the church when you woke up.

I see.

Know then that we are God's chosen!

Never forget our mission
to build the new world!

Pray for true peace and
happiness for this city.

Ah, you've awakened.

"God's messenger?" ” Me?

Of course. Before the end of times

a messenger is sent by God as a warning.

That messenger is you.

Your falling into this room
was proof enough of this.

Now, please tell me.
What were God's words to you?

"God's words?"

Yes. You heard His voice,
and saw Him with your eyes!

God's form...!

You've remembered?

If that was God, then he's terrifying.

That... That beast must be...!

Dear Lord...!

I... I don't understand.

It may already be too late.

Forgive us our corruption and
guide us to the light of hope!

Master, where is the
other one who was with me?

He must have been in
the same place I was.

No, there was no one.

No... That can't be true!

I swear. When Rocco came in here

he found only you, unconscious.

Ryu... Where can you be?

To all citizens of Ark de Grande:

All participants in the
Founder's Day parade

please file your program
schedule as soon as possible.

In accordance with the Special
Public Safety precautions,

for the event, all those
within the city limits must

carry registration cards in
addition to their normal ID.

What's with you people?!

Letting this happen
with the parade so close!

I want street patrols doubled!

Bring in anyone who looks
the least bit suspicious!

Those terrorists don't get a
moment's peace from here on!


All those moving between
South Area and North Area

are to check in with peace officer teams.

We request the cooperation and
understanding of our citizens.

All those moving between
South Area and North Area...

How... How did I end up here?

-You there!
-Come along quietly!

Dammit, lemme go!

Outta my way!

Sorry to trouble you with this, Chief.

Forget it. It's part of the job.

Can you get up?



What's wrong?

Mel! You have to find Mel!

She's down in the lower sectors. Please!

Hey! What's the problem here?


When good luck comes,
it comes in a flood.

Who'd have thought you'd survive?

Chief! He had this on him.

It's the same as the detonator
used in the bombing yesterday.

I see... So, you're mixed up
with the rebels too, huh?

You poor, unlucky son of a bitch.

If you'd just stayed underground
we'd never have found you.

I don't know...

I don't know anything about them!

Is it you again?


Now you're "it". Try and catch me!

Diana, wait!

Why did you call me?
Why did you bring me here?

Big sister...

You don't like me?

You don't like to play with me?

No. It's just that there's
someone very special to me.

I can't stand worrying
about where he might be.

Diana... Try to understand!


Get up!

So, you remember me.

I'll bet you were one of their men!

I'll teach you to screw around with me!

I'll take my compensation
out of your hide!


What's going on?


A monster!

No... Some sorta statue.

Anyway, I'd better get her to a doctor.

Who are...?

Where are you taking me?

What? To the center of the city?

Do you live up on the surface?

I'm not from around here.

I come from a town a lot
smaller than this place.

I just came to get her sight back.

We were going to leave after that.

Hey! Where'd you go?!

Is that the light from the surface?

It's so bright...

Forget it. No reaction at all.

Alive, but just barely, eh?

Oh well, we got what we wanted from him.

Just wait. You won't be lonely.

I'll bring your girl and
your friends up here to you.

The church is the rebels' base?

Exactly. And I think the girl
with him is hiding there, too.

The slums could become their
main base unless we move fast.

Would it not be wise to
hit them as soon as possible?

All right then... Don't tell the mayor.

I'll take full responsibility for this.

We're raiding the underground church!

We'll take out those
rebels with one shot!

Lovely smell...

There were lots of these
flowers in my hometown.

But, Miss Mel...
Don't you come from Heaven?

Is that what they told you?
Well, it's not true.

I really come from...

Miss Mel, what's wrong?

Miss Mel?!

Somebody help!

Miss Mel's...!

If I could just hide
it a little longer...

Miss Mel!

Has God spoken to you again?

Stay out! Please!

Miss Mel...

Get out! Leave me alone!

Has He been angered?!

I'm not God's messenger!
I can't take this anymore!

She's been possessed by the Devil.

Where are you? Why haven't you come back?

I'm carrying your child, Ryu!

-What the...!
-Look at that!

Listen up, slum rats!

You are to vacate this
area for a refugee camp!

Anyone who resists us
will be removed forcibly.

You're kidding!

-This is nuts!
-Are you serious?!

Additionally! You've a girl here
with strange powers, don't you?

Hand her over to me!


What's he talking about?

Yes, I see! You're the ones!

You're devils! The ones
who possess Miss Mel!

Defiled beasts!
This is a holy congregation!

No place for the likes of you!

Accursed demons... Begone!


Miss Mel! Stay back!

So, you're that guy's girlfriend?

Ryu... You're talking
about Ryu, aren't you?

If you know where he is,
then take me to him!

Where is he?

Very well. I'll let you join him.

Your dear man... IS IN HELL!

Miss... Mel...

Oh Lord...

Deliver us...

Beloved citizens of Ark de Grande City!

I am your mayor, Grimson Rockwell!

Today we celebrate the 50th
anniversary of our city's founding.

And as its mayor,
I wish to thank all of you

who love and work to
build this metropolis.

It began as a seed, sown in the earth

of the ruins of humanity's history.

The great founders of this
city set out to let

civilization grow again,
not knowing if the same

mistakes would be repeated once more.

But their wishes have borne fruit!

And their seed has grown
into a magnificent blossom!

Thank you! Thank you all!

And finally, my friends,
you labor for this city...

You myriad exalted souls
who made it possible

give a prayer of thanks and
appreciation for our fair city!

Glory to Ark de Grande!


Elaine, no!

Stop it! She's different!

It's going to happen again, isn't it?

You're going to become that monster.

Don't you understand?! Our power-...

Our power has no place in this world...


Big sister?

Diana... Am I dead?

No! Please!

Don't ask for the power!
It guides the monster!

The life I carry inside me
will never be born...

Big sister...!

This city... I want this city destroyed!

What's happening?!

Bring out all the weapons
we can to fight it!

Anyone can help! Whoever kills
it gets elite citizenship!

No, please...!

Ryu... Ryu...

You will not die.

I, Genichiro Kuryu,
leader of the Kuryu group

give you this order!

Destroy the target!

I say again, destroy the target!

I, Genichiro Kuryu,
leader of the Kuryu group

give you this order!

Destroy the target!

{\an2}I say again, destroy the target!

{\an2}I say again, destroy the target!

{\an8}Diana... {\an2}I, Genichiro Kuryu,
leader of the Kuryu Group...

give you this order!

Destroy the target!

I say again, destroy the target!

I, Genichi... uryu,
...eader of th... yu... gro...

Big sister...

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