Genocyber (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 2 - Vajranoid Attack - full transcript

Very well. Begin!

Mr. Kuryu, I apologize for
calling you on such short notice.

However, the gravity of
the situation demands it.

You are aware of the kingdom of
Karain's decision to withdraw

from the UN in protest of the
creation of the new UN Troops.

Six hours ago, the military of
Karain entered into a state

of unrestricted war with the
defense forces of its neighbors.

As you see, Karain is bordered
by desert on three sides

while the fourth encloses a deep gulf.

The desert sand is highly magnetic.

This renders modern weaponry useless,

and makes a seacoast invasion
our only viable option.

Two hours ago, a force of
three UNT gunships managed to

penetrate the Gulf and obtain video of

a mysterious super-weapon
we've been receiving reports of.

The video we managed to pull
off the satellite uplink

showed a new weapon
on which we have no data.

Judging from the battle details,
we've extrapolated that

it's faster and more destructive
than our latest F-30 fighters.

The carrier Alexandria is
currently off the coast of Japan

on its way to the battle zone
to support the UNT forces.

Mr. Chairman, I'd like
the Kuryu Group's help

to ensure this crisis ends
with victory for our side.

Very well.

Ferrying these clowns around...
Are they serious?!

The brass don't think we can
win without Kuryu's new weapon.

The President's always talking
about reducing arms in the world.

We shouldn't have anything to
do with these death merchants!

Secure that talk, Mister!
They might hear you...

Get those crates set up ASAP!

We don't have much time
till the test tomorrow.

God damn, this thing's big...

We're training now!
Get that off the deck!

Alright, I'm moving.

Ellis, what's wrong?

Pull up!

Ellis, calm down!

Children... There're children in here!


Children in the cockpit...
They're holding my hands down!

It's been 12 hours
since Karain's invasion,

and supplies from at least
one Japanese corporation are

being sent to support
soldiers on the front line.

Defense Dept. Spokesman Jim Kelly
issued the following statement:

I wish you guys would learn
to be a little more careful.

That does it... Okay, who's next?

God is always watching over all of you.

You must all come to realize that!

We have always done our part
to work for world order.

However, there come times when we must

take the long view of things,
and make difficult decisions.

We must believe in victory...

A victory for all those
who pray for peace!

His Vajra power level's been
spiking ever since he got here.

Relax. He's just a little
nervous before his big debut.

This monster?

I'd been groping for the answer...
How to create the perfect pilot.

In hooking a human subject
up to a PSI-scanner

we can clearly see all sorts
of images and shadows displayed.

This is known as the "mind shadow".

Within this shadow lies a
still unexplored universe.

What we call the "life force" blows
through this inner cosmos like a wind.

I have chosen to call this wind "Vajra".

This device, the "Mandala",
will amplify the mind shadow

increasing the Vajra
component to infinity.

It's finished, Kenneth!

Our Mandala!

No matter how you improve
weaponry, you're limited

by what stresses the
pilot's body can withstand.

So why not try making a better pilot?

That's what the Vajranoid represents.

By breaking down its body by means of.

Vajra energy from Morgan's "inner cosmos"

it can fuse with any
internal engine system,

and achieve 100% control!

Altitude 1000 meters and climbing.

2000... 3000... 5000 meters and holding.

Isn't this a bit dangerous?

The real show is yet to come.

This isn't like any
other type of piloting.

Pilot and plane are now one!

I've created what Morgan couldn't...
A true Vajra warrior!

Mr. Sakomizu! The Vajranoid's
behavior is becoming erratic.

It's flying off course.


What's going on, Sakomizu?!

That's enough, Mister!

But sir...!


Sir, we're receiving an SOS.

This is a UNN observation plane.

I was attacked while
surveying a Karain battle zone.

I'm carrying a wounded civilian and
request emergency landing clearance!

Right, clear him for landing!

And have emergency teams
standing by on the flight deck!

Aye, aye!

Sir! The F-30's pursuing the UNN plane!

Diving fast from 10,000 meters!

You goddamn Jap! What have you done?!

You dirty butcher!
I want you off this ship!

How could you disgrace me like that?

Wake up, you freak!

You can't survive outside of that suit

meaning you live or die on my say-so.

And now you want to start
playing games with me?!

Why did you attack that plane? Answer me!




Are you guys staying there to
ask her for a date or something?

Is this cyber-body of hers
really that strange to you?

She's doing her best
to live, in spite of it.

You know you'll see people lose body
parts in battle. When that happens...

When that happens, it'll happen.

Thing is, that body doesn't
look very complete.

Yeah. Say Doc, you think
she's some sort of sex doll,

for those dick-less wonders
in the Karaini army?

Ooh, good one!

Of all the filthy...!

You son of a bitch!

What the hell?!

You just... How?!

All dead...

You... You spoke!

We were playing together...

Hot light.. Killed them all...

This girl... She's talking to me!
Don't you hear her?

All dead... and then...

More dead...

You must have seen some horrible things.

You did, didn't you?

But you don't have to worry
about anything else now.

Whatever happens, I'll take care of you.

Whoa there, young lady.

Don't go running too far, Laura.

A little gal like you could be
hard to find if you get lost.

Have you heard?
Laura's some sort of telepathic.

But she only talks to Myra, right?

It's probably just her imagination.

Can't blame her, considering how
she just lost her own daughter.

I see.

"Laura" was her real daughter's name,

and she was around this girl's age.

She died in an airline crash.

And now Myra's calling
her by her daughter's name.

Oh yes... It's time for
Laura to take her medicine.


Oh, hello Father.

I didn't mean to startle you.
Are you looking for someone?


If it's Laura, I saw her
playing in section four.

Thank you, Father.

I refuse!

No one said anything about
you prying into my research!

After what happened during the test

it's my duty to make sure your
research won't endanger this ship!

Now, will you let me inspect it?

Laura! Laura, where are you?

Where did she get to?

Stay away from me!

Stop it! Don't be stupid!

Keep away!

The Devil's on this ship, and
he's going to take us all to hell!

I'm not letting him take me... Are you?


Who're you?! How long
have you been in here?


I won't go!

Captain, get out on deck!
Something's happened!


No! Stay in there!

God dammit...

Stop it! No!!!


No answer from storage.

Alright, we'll check it out ourselves.

What's wrong?!

Something on board's
generating a massive power surge!


Genocyber: Cyber Monster from
the Imaginary World. Next stage:

The lost angel, "Laura", has
become Genocyber, and the

Alexandria is plunged into
terror as the huge carrier becomes

a battlefield for the two cyber monsters.

Genocyber vs. The Vajranoid.
The bell for round two has rung!

A bell which tolls the
collapse of all humanity

in a fierce battle which will
reveal the true heart of man.

Super Cult Animation "Genocyber, Part 3."

"Vajranoid Showdown!" Act Two.

The seal has now been broken...

True love always seems
to be passing me by.

Happiness for me never
seems to last too long.

But when I gather all
my stardust tears together.

I think of all the good times,
and long for the moon above...

A cool breeze blows down... To me!

Rather than just staying here

maybe I should try my hand at love.

Cause they say that nobody at all

can know what tomorrow holds.

And so I wipe these tears
away from my eyes

because I want them to see me smile.

All I do is think of yesterday,

and how beautiful it all was.

Rather than just staying here

maybe I should try and risk the pain.

I'm stronger than anyone else I know...

And so, no matter what,
I know I will survive.

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