Genocyber (1994–…): Season 1, Episode 1 - A New Life Form - full transcript

-All set, Kenneth?
-Okay here, Doctor.

All right, start the camera!

In hooking a human subject up
to a PSI-scanner

we can clearly see all sorts
of images and shadows displayed.

This is known as the "mind shadow".

Within this shadow lies
a still unexplored universe.

What we call the "life force" blows
through this inner cosmos like a wind.

I have chosen to call this wind "Vajura".

This device, the "Mandala",
will amplify the mind shadow

increasing the Vajura
component to infinity.

It's finished, Kenneth!

Our Mandala!

How do you feel, Tanya?

It's incredibly exhilarating...
But without being tiring.

As the Vajura level
increases, it will give birth to

a hitherto hidden power of
unbelievable proportions.

From that inner cosmos of creation
and annihilation will come the child.

My child... Genocyber!

The nine day meeting of the
Council of Advanced Nations

ended on a genial note,
with the delegates issuing a

joint declaration announcing the
resolution of the Mid-East question.

The Council president also declared
the final elimination of

individual national armies with the
strong probability of Japan, China,

and Israel agreeing to join
their remaining military might

with the new United Nations Troops.

What's it take to get through
to you, little piece of shit?!

Come on, he just isn't that good yet.

Zip it! How'd he screw up this bad?!

After we work so hard to
get rid of that counterfeit money

you go and let someone
pay you back with it!

Man, is he pissed!

Won't be letting him off easy THIS time!

Never should of taken you on
in the first place.

Now get lost! You'd be doing us a favor.

Come on, let's find us a little tail.

Sounds good to me!

The Council president is
proposing basing the UNT in orbit

in order to facilitate the
delegates' declaration, isn't he?

That's correct.

So, if this plan becomes reality

we've seen the last of individual
national armies, haven't we?

Well, this still doesn't include
all "military forces" in the world.

For example, there's still
the case of the weaponry

held by many of the world's corporations.

He was an assistant instructor at
the Kyuryu Science Institute, right?

Has a motive been determined yet?

Could this be backlash against
Japanese corporations moving in?

No comment!

I may get some clues from an old
friend at the Kyuryu Institute.

For example, take the Kyuryu
Group, a Japanese corporation.

They're a world-spanning conglomerate
specializing in weapons development.

I suppose you can call it a type of army.

Kyuryu Science Institute.

Thank you for being here tonight.

It appears we have a long way to go

before the world can be
completely free of weapons.

Heaven... Gods... War... Nation...

Yes... Most impressive.

Have him moved to
a third-level class tomorrow.

Yes, sir.


Some police officers
wish to see you, sir.

One of them says
to tell you "It's Davey".

I see. Bring them to
my room in ten minutes.

They say there's never any point
looking back at the past in this city.

And it was 13 years ago

14 years, since that "incident"
at the Morgan Institute.

Incident? "Accident" is what you mean.

I was a lot younger then, and not
nearly as careful in my research.

It's a shame we lost Dr. Morgan

Kenneth Reed!

I swear, if you've resumed Morgan's
insane research, I'll shut you down!

I've no idea what you're talking about.

I assumed Ho Lown's death
was fairly cut and dry.

He was involved with the
city's underworld, wasn't he?

Just have to keep jerking me around, huh?

Consider this a courtesy call.
I'll come back here, soon.

And when I do, that'll be it for you!

Get out!

Stop it, Diana!

Get out.

And don't come back, ever!


So, Elaine removed her
Vajura restraint necklace.


I can't complete my research without her.

You, more than anyone, must realize that.

I do...

We have to find her as soon as possible.

And for that, I need you!

But Father...!

We can't allow anyone outside this
institute to see the power of Vajura.

Yes, Father...

Are you turning against me now,
after I saved your life?!

N... Not I'm grateful for everything!

Without me, you wouldn't be alive.
Never forget that.

Elaine Reed. She's our next target.

The file they sent over says
her power's pretty dangerous stuff.

Like we've never had to
take down an Esper before?

Yeah, yeah. This'll be a milk run.

Anyway, once we find her,
we take her back to Tokyo.

She can be minus an arm or a leg,
just as long as she's alive.

Elaine's currently in a peaceful mindset.

She hasn't been this stable
since she escaped.

Good. This is our best chance, then.

Father... Do I exist just to
control Elaine when she goes wild?

That machine was built because only
you can control Elaine's Vajura.

She doesn't understand
how to control her power!

She's dangerous! To you, and to me...

Diana! Start dealing with this!

I need both of you alive. Both of you!

Okay, we're ready.

What the hell's this? It's terrible...

There! Freeze it!

I'll try to ID her,
and anything else I can.

So who's this girl?
Looks like she was following Ho.

She almost looks like... Can that be it?

That was pretty sharp detective work

your spotting her in an outtake
from a TV series they were shooting.

She may be the key to this whole case.
We have to alert the entire city.

Right, I'll get on it...

And now it's time for
"Hong Kong Tonight."

We'll start off tonight with
news of a kidnapping case.

One... Two... Three... Four,
and this makes five.

There's your cut.


Keep up the sales and you get more.

Always a pleasure, boss.

By the way, where's that other kid?

He wasn't worth the
trouble, so I got rid of him.

He's probably somewhere pissing in
his pants and crying his eyes out.

Crying? I doubt it.

I saw him yesterday in the city,
going around with an older girl.

No shit?

Yeah. Maybe you guys can get some
pointers from him on picking up women!

Not bad at all...

You hogging the fun all to your lonesome?

So, why don't you dump the little shit
and have some real fun with us?

What's your name?

Common, what's your name?

...Say something!
...You're wasting your time.

Oh well, we can have some fun and then
take her to the boss for more money.

Come on, you!

I want you to get a good look at this.

Should you do it
in front of a little kid?

Let's see how little he really is.

So, feel good? Huh?

What are you wearing?

Now, just be nice and quiet...

What... What the hell?!

Come home, Elaine!

Restrain your Vajura!

One... Two... Three... Four...


She escaped?

She dodged my shock wave and
broke through the barrier I set up.

...Can you locate her?
...Yes, but she isn't alone!


She took a street kid with her!

80, someone's spotted the kidnapped girl?

Confirmed by a bunch of eyewitnesses.

Get some cops to board at the
next station and keep an eye on her.

Until this is over,
don't lose that train!

Shall we go?

What do we want with the kid?

Romeo's our insurance, in case Juliet
decides to be uncooperative.

I get you.

What's wrong?!

Oh God... Get 'them out!

The bugs... They're crawling into my head!

Calm down! What bugs?

Get a hold of yourself!
Where do you see bugs?

They're eating my brains out!

God dammit...

Father, why didn't you
let me go after her?

Elaine's Vajura power is
far greater than we expected.

We have to be careful,
or else you'll be in danger.

So, what do I do now?

Impose your Vajura onto her mind,
and try to take control of her.

What's wrong?!



I'll do it... For you. But why? Why her?!

Do as I say! You and Elaine
were born to a common destiny.

I can't afford to lose either of you!

Now that I'm on the verge
of completing the project

you have to lose sight of your purpose?

I'll do it, Father...

There's something weird about that girl.

Weird? How?

Can't put my finger on it,
but she's special, somehow.

In what way?

I don't know. Maybe you should
ask that other detective.

He hasn't left her side
since she came here.

14 years ago...

That was when I first heard of

Dr. Nguyen Morgan's development
of a new strategic super-weapon.

If completed, it could've upset
the balance of power in the world.

But then the Morgan Institute was
destroyed by an unexplained explosion.

The professor and his wife were killed.

The weapon, and all data on it,
were lost forever.

And then, five years later,
his partner, Kenneth Reed

became director of the
Kyuryu Science Institute.

The head of the Kyuryu
Group, Daijiro Kyuryu, gave him

complete backing to set up an
independent research institute.

Hell of a career break, wouldn't you say?

What's this? His daughter?

Yeah. Now look at the next one.

The face is a little hard to make out

Tanya Morgan?!

Yeah. And obviously very pregnant, too.

Then you're saying...

She didn't die in the explosion,

but after it, giving birth
to a little girl.

So this child is...

The lost posterity of Dr. Nguyen Morgan.

One month later, my informant
unexpectedly died of a heart attack.

All the files he had kept
on his investigation were stolen.

This girl is Morgan's daughter,
kept hidden all these years.

And somehow, she's the sister
of that girl at Reed's place!

She'll be what I need to
take down both Kyuru and Reed!

So I've finally
caught up with you, Elaine.

Come home with me.

We belong in that building...
Don't you see that?

Father is so worried about you.

He's not my father.

What are you saying?

I can't let you into me.

Always the disobedient child, aren't you?

Your body may grow, but you
still have an infant's mind.

Diana... You'd die.

I'd die?!

I'm not going back.

Oh my God...!

Very well, then. I won't ask you anymore.

You little monster

I hate you. I hate everything about you!

Diana, no! Stop it!

You won't cause me any more grief
after I kill you!

It's begun.

So, shall I rip you apart?
80 you can be just like me?!

All right... Elaine, stop it! PLEASE!


Elaine Reed! Stay where you are!

Now come along quietly with us.

That is, unless you want your
raggedy little bodyguard to die.

Get Diana back at once!

We have to get her into the
Mandala before it's too late!

Who the devil?!

Don't fight us, Reed.

Or shall we turn
everyone here into corned beef?

I see... You were sent from
the corporate headquarters.

Properly speaking, we're company agents.

You've made some... arbitrary decisions.

The CEO of the Kyuryu Group is
very interested in your research,

and so a decision was made.

We were ordered here to take
Elaine Reed back with us.

But she's dead. Because Diana,
the only one who could

control Elaine's Vajura,
couldn't exist with her.

Talk, Reed! We couldn't find
Elaine's body anywhere.

What did Diana do with her?!

Diana, in her madness,
tried to kill Elaine.

But Elaine lost control of her
Vajura beyond any predictions.

When that power was released,
it may have transformed her.

Vajura has influenced
everything in their lives.

They were strongly affected
by it since their birth.

It's the reason Diana was
born with non-functioning limbs,

and Elaine has the mind of a wild animal.

I later discovered that Elaine
possessed a multiple mind shadow

although it was
Diana who first sensed it.

She apparently was unconsciously
able to enter Elaine's mind.

That's enough... Stop it, Reed!

That's when Diana began
to control Elaine.

And Elaine began to comprehend
what it meant "to live".

I constructed a new Mandala,
to fuse their powers together.

The fusion of light elements,
as in nuclear fusion

will release incredible
amounts of energy.

Similarly, Elaine's mind shadow
amplified Diana's powers.

That's when I knew
for certain it would work!

If I were to somehow
combine the two of them

they'd produce an incredibly
powerful Vajura level...

You're talking out of
your asshole, old man!

The guy's a megalomaniac
with a Frankenstein complex.

So now what?

We take him and Diana back to Tokyo.

We'll need them to explain
what happened to Elaine.


Why? Why did you kill her?
Why did you have to interfere?!

Why did I suffer all those hardships?

What was the point if you
can't live without my help?

Tell me! Tell me, Diana!

Di... a... na...

Who's here? Who's in here with me?

There, do you hear it?

A boy.

No, it'll be a girl.

Who is he?

What is this?

It feels so familiar, so warm...

Kenneth, what's the meaning of this?!


We need more extensive facilities
for our Vajura research.

Kenneth, you bastard!
You've gone over to Kyuryu?!

Who are you?! You're still inside of me.

What's going on?

Are you saying?!

It's you, isn't it? Elaine.

I'm seeing everything that you saw.

You knew who our real father was.

But, I didn't know! I couldn't know!

I... I

I was born as a part of you!

How can you say that when
you know it's the truth?!

Kenneth Reed is my real father!

He gave me this body because he loves me!

Your body's dead! Stay out of mine!

What the...

That boy?

Stop it! Stop it, Elaine!

I know what you're trying to do.
But I don't want you to!

You're dead! Can't you see it's over?

Stay away from me! Get out of my mind!

This is my body! I WANT TO LIVE!!!

Di... a... na... a.

ATC, we've just spotted
an explosion of the ground.

Can we still land?

I don't know.

Until I can get confirmation,
you'd better hold up there.

Roger. Circling Hong Kong.

Are you kidding?!

What the?

We can't get near the fires
to put them out!

Why? How the hell should I know?!

Just start evacuating
everyone out of here!

Can't... move...

All my systems are locked... But why?

What was?!

Control, can we land or not?
I'm running out of fuel up here!

Stay up there! Don't try to land!

It's beautiful.

What is that thing?

Why are you asking me?
I just know one thing...

I want it DEAD!

So do I.

Oh God, it's so beautiful!

Here I am.

We won't be able to
play together anymore.

I really liked it.

I've never had that much fun in my life.

But, I have to go now.

I'll always love you. Good-bye.






Elaine... Elaine...


We live.

I want you, and love you Fairy Dreaming.

I lie in bed tonight,
counting the stars above.

And once again, I call out to you.

The bustling town, sparkling outside.

Shining like a dreamy rainbow,
little my dear Fairy.

It was a little lie, an important one.

One that I couldn't say.

The dream I had, on this night,
about you, my darling...

Now I know, I'll never have
that dream again.

I don't have the strength
to stop the hands of time.

So don't forget my darling
I love you, Fairy Dreaming.

Oh let it come again, my fading dream.

It drifts away, a sweet night's memory.

But just for now, I know I love you so.

Since that day, that you held me close.

I can finally tell you now,
that tiny, important lie.

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