Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 5 - Tenshi to uchûsen - full transcript

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Angels and Spaceships

I hope things stay this quiet
until we make it into deep space.

Things are never that simple.

Captain. I've received a
message from Dolce Saito.

The Shaft has cleared Step C?

Just enough so that it's progressed
from baby steps to racing!

We've only finished debugging
the Yellow Box so far!

We still have our hands full with
the Blue, Red, and Black Boxes!

The Shaft is one tough customer!

But! However!

I'm one person who can teach
an old dog new tricks!

In that case, we will
commence testing.

Get to work, you people!

Get to work!

Work like blazes!

Tests are so boring...

It's not so bad. This means you have
the honor of being the Main Driver.

I'm not like you, Mika.
You want to pilot it.

Hey, I'm not...

See ya.

That little...

Device Unit connection complete!

Shaft, fire it up!

Startup successful.
Launch script is running.

Relax, it's just a test.

I guess you're right.

Quantum signal detected
along the Shaft's course!

Comparing data.

It's a Ring.

Did you read that, Tiki?!

I'm not picking up anything.

I don't see any Rings
around here.

Continue mission.

Activating Phase 3 script.

Stay calm, Tiki!
I'm running a trace from here!

Geez, I'm fine.

You'll end up hurt if you
don't take this seriously!

FRB ignition.

Tiki, can you see anything?

Nah, it's all quiet.

That's strange... This has
never happened before.

Darn it, and here I was hoping
to show everybody how it's done!

Unable to detect shadow
via quantum scan.

Also unable to detect gravity waves caused
by increased elemental particle density.

Retrieve the Shaft.

Mission terminated, FSI.

Aw, I guess that ring was
too scared of me to show up.

Too bad! I woulda made onion rings
out of it and chowed down!

Tiki! Stay alert until you're
back aboard the Bilkis!

C'mon, the thing's on full auto.
I could go to sleep if I wanted to.

You're never going to break those
bad habits of yours, are you?

I hate your guts, Mario!

I hate you, I hate you,
I hate you!


How come Tiki's so mad?

How can I put it...?
I can always tell what Tiki's thinking.

But that annoys the hell out of her.

Is that that "sibling sense"
they talk about?

Could be.


Good job! How was the
program running?


Hey, wait!

She didn't have to blow
me off like that!


Where might I find the Shaft
Device Unit that was just used?

Where?! Where?! Where?!

"Cause: unknown," huh?

Those fluctuations were identical to those
during the Rings' prior appearances.


It's time for your break.

I'll wait until the
data is reinspected.

Hey, now! You're already
at your limit, aren't you?

If the Captain's decision-making
abilities are hindered by fatigue,

it'll cause trouble
for the entire crew.

Very well, I'll take a break.

What about you?

I have my Drops.

Register Candy, huh?

That stuff is what lets your brain
cells work without sleep, right?

That's right...

One time when I was a kid,
I ate one on the sly.

They shouldn't affect anyone
without a Register's physiology.

Hey, I was a kid.
It was purely out of curiosity.

Gimme one!

Excuse me?

I want to try that stimulating
sweetness one more time.

Well, it won't cause any harm
to an ordinary person, but still...

So gimme one.

You certainly are strange.

I get that a lot.

Bridge! It's Tiki!

Is she still pouting?

She was unconscious
inside the cockpit!

They're on their way
to take her to med bay!

Doctor, how's Tiki?!

I'm not sure of the cause,
but she has extreme anemia.

I can't find any
external wounds,

and I don't understand why so much
blood is missing from her body.

Use my blood.


We're brother and sister, so mine
should be the most compatible, right?

Please, Doctor.


How is she?

The doctor says her life
isn't in any danger.

That's good.


What's wrong?

I saw her.
I saw Tiki walking around.


Chief, this program
is acting kinda funny.

"Funny" doesn't tell
me much, now does it?

Be more specific.

Same here, Chief!

Mine, too!

Listen! I'm telling you that "funny"
doesn't explain the situation!

A virus?! There's a
virus in the program!

You're kidding!
All that debugging work...!

It's all down the tubes!


That's the least of our
worries right now!

It may have infected
the Bilkis' OS!


How are you feeling?

I'm okay. My head's still
a little woozy, though.

Everything's gonna be okay.
I'm here.

Right... Now that you're here, Mario,
everything's gonna be okay...

Take your time and try to
remember what happened.


There's no hurry.
Just take your time, Tiki.



The data in our storage
system is disappearing!

That's a...

It's a virus! A virus has
gotten into the network!

They drew too much blood...

That was pretty stupid of me...

Mario was more concerned
for her than for himself.

That can be dangerous, though.

Blood relationships affect your
ability to make calm decisions.

They create inherent
communities within a society,

and those become
a factor for disorder.

That's why the Administration
Bureau doesn't make humans...

...with related genetic coding.

That kind of stuff is
way over my head,

but I just thought it might be nice
to have somebody like that.

That's just because you're weird.

A Ring?!

- That little...
- You're not getting away!

I'll get permission from the
bridge to use firearms!

Hurry up, Sofia!

It's not opening a channel!

Damn it!

Hey, now...

You piece of...

Look after Remmy!


Her blood's been drained...

Where'd it go?

It's cold...
Climate control must be down.

What's happening?

The virus has entered the server!
It's through the firewall!

It won't hold!

Main battery system down!

Intelligent systems down!

Loading antivirus.
Checking all systems.

Atmospheric systems down!

It's no use...!
It's wiping out the OS!

It's up to Dolce to come
up with something.

What in the world is going on?
What is the Captain doing?

The Captain is on break.

This is hardly the time!

The hotline isn't opening.

Then go bring him here yourself!

You're his Register, aren't you?

I'm well aware of that.

I was just about to go.

My decisions are correct...

What the heck is going
on around here?

Hold it!

Are you the real Captain?

I don't have time to play
your foolish games.

We've been boarded by a Ring
that copies human form.

You might be it.


Prove to me that you're
the real thing!

Very well, I'll answer your
question from before.

It was during training mission 17.

Our Aegis ship's main computer crashed
while we were in Jupiter orbit.

That caused two of her
escorts to collide.

The two ships went down
over Jupiter.

Half of their crews made it
out in escape shuttles,

but they couldn't secure enough
oxygen to last until rescue came.

And that's why you
killed her, isn't it?

To make sure you survived.

No. She took her own life.

That's a lie!

She said she had a Duplicate.

I met her!

Their DNA data is
completely identical.

But it's not Ryoko!

Their mannerisms and expressions
were all the same,

but that person isn't Ryoko!

Ryoko's dead.
And I don't believe it was suicide.

I don't want to believe it!

You killed her.

What's the matter?
I thought you were going to kill me.

You want to, don't you?
Then shoot, white!

So, you can't even
handle a gun properly...

You're going to pay,
no matter what!


You'll pay!

You complete bastard...

This isn't Beatrice.

It's a Ring?!


You'll hit me!

Give it to me!

You're not getting away!

Tell the relief team to
find and protect the Register.

The systems are back to normal!

No virus ever written
is a match for my abilities!

Well done.

The miniature Ring is escaping
from Area E to D via corridor 8.

Destroy it.

Don't destroy it, capture it!

Capture it, no matter what!

Emergency hangar lockdown.

Code E, Level C.

Where are you?!

It's no use hiding!

You little...

This is hopeless, Mika!

Do you want to let
the Shaft get stolen?

Get into the backup
Device Unit.

What're you talking about?!

Get into a space suit.

The Shaft has launched!

Are you ready yet?

I'm working on it!

I've never used this program before,
and you expect me to just pop it open?

I'm sending you out.


I can't get in...

What am I supposed
to do now, Captain?!

Go by yourself.

Are you trying
to get me killed?

You won't die
if you're successful.

I bet you picked me because
you don't care if I fail!

I chose you because I determined that
you had the best chance of success.

Based on what?

Because you're white.

What'sthat supposed to mean?

Show me a white's potential.


Would you mind explaining what
you mean by "potential," Captain?

I don't need to explain
myself to you.

What's he talking about,
"a white's potential"?

Does he think he
can flatter me?

I've had about enough of you!

That isn't Mir...

Don't hesitate. Shoot!


You monster!

I was supposed to capture it...

I'd rather you didn't act
so rashly in the future.

It really got to me.

When I thought Tiki might die,

I couldn't think
clearly anymore.

Her DNA is in the bank, isn't it?

I guess. Even if she died, she
could be recreated with that.

Assuming the Admin Bureau
authorized it.

But she wouldn't be my Tiki.

How would she be different?

You wouldn't understand.

There must still be a way
for both of us to survive.

No. I should take
my own life...

... to ensure your survival,
Major Amagiwa.

You realize your abilities are necessary
for the future of humanity, don't you?

I can't accept that sacrificing
you is the right choice.

That makes no sense.

Why does the death of an individual
bother you so much?


I have a Duplicate.
There won't be any problems if I die.

But a Duplicate isn't you.

You should survive,
Major Amagiwa.


If I take this, there
won't be any pain.


That decision was the right one...

Hiroto Amagiwa... I just don't get him.

Hiroto Amagiwa... I just don't get him.
He talked about a white's potential.

He talked about a white's potential.

What does he mean by potential?

Do you know, Bis?

But still...

But still, this doesn't
mean I've forgiven him.

Bis, I want to see you
again soon, too.

I've got this broken camera
that never focuses...

...and takes blurry,
washed-out skin tones.

The shutter sticks,

and the body's all clunky.

It's an obsolete camera
that's totally out of style.

I think I'll get rid of it...

...and trade it in for a new one,

this camera that's done
nothing but chase after the truth.

Forever and ever.

Anywhere and everywhere.

I'd appreciate it if you two would
stop fighting over such nonsense.

You won't be able to
give birth to healthy kids.

We can go on living because
there are things worth believing in.

Hotline from the Past