Geneshaft (2001): Season 1, Episode 6 - Kako kara no hottorain - full transcript

Are you wondering how healthy the food you are eating is? Check it -
Cut it out, Larry. I thought those
were your good-luck charms.

The truth is, I've always dreamed
of smoking one of these in space.

Don't let the bigwigs planetside
hear you say that.

Screw 'em.

What's that?

George, you got a light?

Something's coming.

My Zippo's in the cargo hold.

l-It's a ship!

It's huge! The shuttle's
nothing compared to it.

Nothing surprises me these days.

Hotline from the Past

Small vessel detected,
unknown code. Distance, 7500.

Receiving signal.

That shuttle's a pretty old model...

That signal... I think
I've heard it before.

It's a distress signal that was used
through the middle of the 21st Century.

Capture target.

We're being pulled in!

Are they aliens?

Let's pray that their hearts
are full of benevolence.

Hey, they look human to me.

Yeah, they sure do.

But aren't they all women?

It's been such a long time...

I'm Captain Hiroto Amagiwa.


Where did you come from?

I want to ask something first.
What the heck is this ship?

I'm the one asking
the questions.

We were on a mission to ferry some
supplies to the International Space Station.

An enormous ring appeared right
on top of us from out of nowhere.

Everything went white.

When we came to,
we were adrift in space.

We couldn't find the Earth or Moon,
much less the space station.

That's all we can tell you.

So, you're 21st Century humans...

You're in deep space
in the 23rd Century.

Sorry, but we have
to quarantine you.

You don't have much choice.
We're the worst of humanity, after all.

Um, if we destroyed that Ring, do you
think we'd return to our own time?

I have no idea.

So just what is that Ring?

We don't know much
about that, either.

For evolved humans,
you sure don't know much.

Is that sarcasm?

Sorry. We're still a little shaken.

We'll bring you food,
so leave your hatch unlocked.


So, those are Ancients, huh?
But aren't they supposed to have topknots?

You're thinking of
people farther back.

Those are people
from the 21st Century.

They're the people responsible for
the worst period in human history.

Didn't you learn about
them in history?

It sounds kinda familiar...

Humanity almost went extinct
because of them.

I guess so.

They were a hopeless bunch
who didn't carry out...

...the responsibilities or duties
that they were born to,

and just chased after
their individual desires.

Hey, let's go get a closer look.

Forget it! We were told to stay
away from them, remember?

Well, well! Sofia's afraid
of these Ancients!

Sounds to me like the Lunar Grizzly
is more of a Lunar Chicken!

Watch your mouth!

Just let it go, Sofia.

And you, Tiki!
Stop picking fights!

Yeah, whatever.

Fine, then!

This sounds interesting!

Let's go ask our Ancient buddies
down there for a match!

Nobody's ever beaten the
Teddy Bear barehanded!

- Darn it!
- Take that!




Sofia loses!

He's good!

Hey, wait a minute!
Is this a real martial art?

You bet. It's a martial art
called "Thumb Wrestling."

- Right, guys?
- It sure is!

I doubt that...

Don't be a sore loser, Sofia!

One more time!
Let's go!

Why can't you people
follow orders?

What's the problem?
We weren't hurting anybody.

It's cruel to keep them quarantined!

Those people aren't like us.

I'll admit that they might
not be very smart,

but all we need to do
is teach them how to behave!

You think that dealing with people
from the past won't cause problems?

Do you plan on keeping
them locked up forever?

We'll think about that
when the time comes.

And when will that be?

Not now.

Stay away from them
from now on, got it?

That's all.

Wait, Mario!

These are the ship's plans.

As you can see, there are
a lot of unidentified areas.

I think the bridge is probably
somewhere in this area.

It's not like any spaceship
we know, though.

Do you think we'll make
it back to Earth?

Let's not rush things.
We've only got one chance at this.

I'm coming in!


What's up? I thought you weren't
supposed to come here anymore.

Pay attention and remember
what I'm about to tell you.


Just be quiet and listen!

One: Don't get angry
over little things.

Two: Neveruse violence.

Three: Do what I tell you.

Got that?

Sure, we can remember that, but...

Then repeat it back to me!

Don't get angry
over little things.

Never use violence.

And do what you tell us.


I'll give these to you, so you
make sure you obey those rules!


Now, I'm going to ask the Captain
to let you out, so I'll see you later!

I'll be back later!

Treats for being
good boys, huh?

We're no better
than animals to them.

It's okay.
She's a sweet kid.

And now I'm training
those Ancients, Bis.

They're pretty smart.

Of course, you learned things
faster than them, Bis.

So I'm thinking of showing
them around the ship, too.

They seem to be really
interested in that.

Move it! Hurry!

That was the bridge just now.
What else do you want to see?

Are you sure this is okay? Won't they
get mad at you if they see us, Mika?

What are you talking about? You're the
ones who wanted a look around, right?


It's okay! I mean, you're obeying
my rules every day, right?

These people are
the Ancients, aren't they?

The plan's a bust now, isn't it?

Something tells me
you don't mind.

Don't tell anyone!

I thought we weren't supposed
to associate with the Ancients.

That's why I'm asking!

You certainly seem
to be friendly with them.

What about it?

Stop that!

Lady Mir!

Mika! What's the
meaning of this?

You won't believe this, Lady Mir!


She says that she's better suited
to Driver than you are, Lady Mir!

So I said if she thinks she can compete
against you, she doesn't know her place.

She's such a fool!

I wish you two wouldn't
fight over such nonsense.

Especially you.

Shouldn't a Driver have an
unflappable personality?


Who knows?
I guess I just didn't feel like it.

Maybe she's not so bad after all.

Mika Seido...
She's an interesting one.

Mika sure is taking
a long time...

Wanna head back to the
shuttle on our own?

Wake up!
Get up!

There's no time for rest
in our line of work!

Have a heart, Chief...

We haven't slept in days...

The program's revisions
have come a long way,

but it's not perfect by any
stretch of the imagination!

The Shaft can't show
its true potential!

Some debuggers you are!
Some programmers you are!

Please, just five minutes of sleep...

Your only ability is
to move your hands,

so just be quiet and
follow my instructions!

Come, now! Let's continue
revising that program!

You're using a fighter
with untested capabilities?

It's getting better
all the time, though.

No offense, but you ought to go back to
Earth and get things squared away first.

He'd never listen.


The Captain.

He doesn't think about anything
but advancing the mission.

But if you think about it,
it's the obvious thing to do!

His decisions are
always accurate.

How can you be so sure?

Because he's a man.

His decision-making abilities and
sense of duty are second to none.

He was programmed
to be that way.

But that jerk really ticks me off!

When I say things like "Should we
be born with a lifetime of 45 years"...

...or "Should we really die
that simply," he just...

Hey, wait a minute!

45 years... You mean that's
how long you live?

That's right.
Didn't you know that?

Humans make the best use of their
biological abilities up until the age of 45.

After that, the brain and nervous
system just deteriorate, right?

It's because we aren't at our best
as human beings after that point.

You're a good kid, Mika.
You're a good kid.

But you've got to learn that in this world,
there are things worth believing in.

We can go on living because
there are things worth believing in.

Go away!

I don't like to stay beaten.


It's bad for us
to be around you.

Just get out!

Just one match, then.

What's your problem?!

Cut that out! You won't be
able to give birth to healthy kids.

Children? Give birth?
Who do you mean?

What do you mean?
Women have children, you know?

I don't understand
what you're saying.

It's the government's
job to make children.

The governmentmakes children?

Hey, wait a minute...
How do you make babies?

They're made in maturation tubes.
Shouldn't you know that at your age?

And that's okay with you people?

Why not?

If the government didn't regulate it,
the balance would be thrown off.

I'd say it already is!
It's nothing but women around here!

The right balance between
men and women is 1:9.

Then what do you
people live for?!

What do you mean?

That's disgusting...
Why give me mouth-to-mouth?

Besides, the air leaks out
if you don't pinch the nose shut.

Don't you Ancients
even know anything?

You're the ones who
don't know anything.

We should go back to Earth.

Even if we did, everyone
would be just like them.

Do you think it's our fault?

If we'd had our act together
in the 21st Century, maybe we'd...

Talk like that won't
get us anywhere!


Let's do it.

21st Century, 23rd Century,
it doesn't matter.

When you die, it's all over.

That much is the same
for us and those girls.

We need to talk.
Do you have a minute?

I thought I told you
not to leave your shuttle.

You should go back to Earth.

I hear you're being
chased by your military,

but I doubt you'll get
the death penalty.

It's suicide to try to fight
with an untested system.

We won't return to Earth.

I'd expected more from someone
with the title of Captain.

All right, everyone!
Hold it!

Don't move!

Lock all the doors
to the bridge!

Lock them, damn it!

This is pointless.

Why are you doing this?

Why are you doing this?
Things were going so well!


We won't return to Earth.

Why not? Why do you
have to take such a risk?

So that humanity
will continue to exist.

Are you serious?!

Hey, girl, do you agree
with the Captain here?

Someone with old DNA
wouldn't understand.

The survival of the species takes
precedence over that of the individual.

That realization is the big difference
between us and you, our predecessors.

You're saying that
you're superior to us?

You were the ones who pursued
your desires with reckless abandon...

...because you were unable
to restrain them satisfactorily.

Because of that, humanity
wasted its natural resources...

...and even destroyed the environment
it depended on for its survival.

Uneducated humans were swayed
by baseless ideologies and tenets,

and fought and
killed one another.

You are the
lowest of the low.

You're saying
you're different?

We are.

To avert humanity's extinction,
we evolved ourselves.

The result is the genetically
engineered society of today.

In our world, the only humans
who exist are those...

...who possess the abilities
necessary to maintain society.

Superior DNA is more significant
than the individual.

Living can't be
reduced to logic!

And that is why you people
almost went extinct.

We've outgrown that.

And you still call
yourselves human beings?!

Don't move!

W-What the...?

What's wrong with her?

Her brain has gone into
Fatigue Runaway.

Elves... Elves...

Elves and primitive man...

Enough, already!
Just reset us!

Hey, do something!

To heighten their brain's processing
abilities to the absolute limit,

Registers' emotions have
been suppressed.

She'll soon fall into a deep sleep
and return to normal.

This is messed up!
You people are so messed up!

The decision we made
was a sound one.

We're a long way from home...

Hey, is the Earth still blue?

There's no place
for you on Earth.

If the Earth is blue, I'd sure
like to go back there.

I want to stand with solid ground under
my feet and look up at the blue sky again.

35,000 aft!
Quantum signature detected!

It's massive!

T minus 47
to materialization!

A Ring?

Let's go.

Uh oh...



I give up.
I'm not a soldier.


Status report.

No hull damage detect...

Wh-What's happening?!



Listen, Mika.

I have faith that people can believe
in something other than DNA.

I want you to survive.

You're a good kid.

Hadairo bonyari
boyakete shimatte... to no awanai
kowareta kamera,

shataa omoi shi,

shikakui bodii de,

jidaiokure no inatai kamera.

Mou suteyou,

atarashii no ni kaete shimaou.

Shinjitsu dake o...

...oitsuzukuete kita kamera.

Itsumademo itsumademo,

dokomademo dokomademo...

It's dark...

Where's Beatrice?


...but all this time you were hacking.

What's that supposed to mean?

Mika Seido!

Ring World